Why Chelsea Boots Are The Most ICONIC Shoes Ever!! (worn by The Beetles, Stormtroopers, Kanye west)

it’s been a hundred and sixty-eight years since the original conception of the Chelsea boot and here’s why after so many years it has remained iconic stay tuned let’s talk about it [Applause] [Music] what’s up beautiful people nice to see your shine and faces I’m back at it again

with the brand new installment this time talking about our beloved Chelsea and it is my job and my duty to let you guys know why these boots have been so iconic after so many years in the Maine so with all that being said let’s dive right into it

and then in order to understand why it is that they’re so iconic it is important to note a brief history on the don’t worry I ain’t gotta bore you let’s get right to it it was invented back in 1851 by the boy himself J sparks Hall for the

Queen Victoria now some people would argue that thanks to the invention of the vulcanized rubber sole then J sparks Hall and the kind of rings was able to come up with the elasticized sides that you see in today’s chelsea boots and this is what i mean right here

got that beautiful elastic so once it was invented by the cleane which by the way it was a slightly different silhouette it didn’t have the round toe shape that we all come and love and appreciate back in the days really the only resemblance that they had to today’s

modern Chelsea booth was the elasticized size which is what makes the Chelsea boot what it is and the small heel aside from that it was totally different guys but we’re gonna get that point in the evolution of the Chelsea boots but it’s important to note where they originated

now fast-forward oh I don’t know a century and now we’re getting into the mid nineteen hundreds this is when the Beatles put the boots on the map so much so that they actually called them at one point the Beatles boot so this is around like the 1950s and

1960s when we would see well I wasn’t born but when people started seeing the band wear the boots so this is what it really made a splash onto the market and more and more people started wearing them now where it got the name Chelsey’s is because a lot

of people started wearing them around King wrote and then soon enough people started calling them to Chelsea boots now it was also very popular amongst subcultures more specifically the mod subculture so accommodation and that in the mainstream is what made them extremely popular around the mid 1900s now

that was an iconic enough for you try me nineteen seventies rolling around and guess what the myth the legend George Lucas get this guy’s implemented the Chelsea boots and Star Wars with the storm troopers I bet you didn’t know that obviously they were painted in white to give

it that futuristic look but nevertheless they were exhibited in Star Wars now Star Wars in case you didn’t know has been or is the most iconic movie franchise of all time which makes sense to wear the most iconic shoes of all time uh-huh all right so for all

my people out there that aren’t in the seventies myself included let’s go ahead and fast-forward up to LA 2015 where I think that most of us were born you know hopefully if you’re watching this video at least fast-forward to 2015 and Chelsea boots really really really got a

resurgence especially in the mainstream you saw the likes of Kanye West and David Beckham wearing these chelsea boots and let me tell you this when Calle started wearing that shows if it’s more specifically the Bottega Veneta quite literally crash the server I mean I remember but bottega’s were

completely sold out and you couldn’t find them anywhere and this was also around the time when common projects you know was popping up into the radar and when their boots were also extremely popular because common projects although they’re expensive they weren’t as expensive as the Vivi’s so you’re

starting to see a trend in how they start to evolve and develop but one thing always remain constant and that was that they were iconic and they were worn by icons see all the dots are starting to connect and the pieces to the puzzle are starting to come

together now if that wasn’t enough for you let’s fast-forward to the present day because you know during 2017-2018 they can take a seat in the backseat but nowadays you see guys like Harry Styles Shawn Mendes and the boys a Malick styling these Chelsea was so needless to say

guys they are extremely popular and in my particular opinion are gonna see an even greater resurgence but then we saw back in 2015 that’s just my prediction think about fall and winter 2019 in early 2020 these Chelsea boots are gonna become even more popular than they happened so

guys if you took away anything from this video take this Chelsea boots are not only iconic and not only are they here to stay but they’re gonna be around for centuries to come mark my words and that’s all I have for you I said hopefully you enjoyed this

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after watching this video and as always I’ll see you on the next one [Applause] [Music]