new year new me I’m just messing with you man new year the same me intro your weather my name is Vladimir rachet from chase and rider calm a few months ago I did a video on the most important shoe that every man should own which is the black cap toe Oxford in that video I had mentioned that I wanted to make a series out of it to whack and tell you different black cap toe Oxford that you can get depending on your budget well this is the first video in their series this one is the top ten black cap toe Oxford under $500 but before we get to it man why my way and I had inside I thought it was a good idea at first but I’m starting to get really hot so let’s lose the Hat you know now before I stop with the countdown there are a couple of things that I wanted to clarify although I’m a shoe-in thews ears I don’t know every shoe brand that exists you know so a lot of time in the comments you guys are teaching me just like I’m teaching you so some of the brands that you guys mentioned I never heard of and I would end up looking them up and some of them are actually pretty decent brands so thank you for putting me on to some brand that I don’t know and number two more importantly there are a lot of brands that some guys ask me in the comments like how come I don’t mention those brands I recently got a comment well guy said how come you’re not talking about the big guns and he mentioned like three brands and I’m saying to myself the big guns are you serious so he allowed these brands it’s not that I don’t know about them it’s more like I don’t like those type of brands I don’t feel like their shoes are nice I don’t feel like their shoes it’s worth the price they happen to run yeah but each other I would like those breads missed so instead of talking bad about them I’d rather not mention them at all so hopefully me bringing up the brains that I talked about you can kind of read between the lines see the one that I don’t like one thing about this countdown every brand that I’m going to talk about is either Goodyear welted or and well actually I put they’re pretty much all good your water except for one more on that later let’s get to number ten number ten is the 86 27 from Carlo Santos Carlo Santos is a brand at a Portugal the shoes are also made in Portugal and the shoes retail for 350 dollars you can get them from a fine pair of shoes out of the UK that’s one of the stock is that carries Carlo Santos I’ll include on the links in the description as well so you guys can check them out the 86 27 is made on the 4:01 last the four zero one last is an almond shape last personally I feel like the four zero one last is a little bit too long and I might be the way that it looks in the pictures because I’ve never actually seen the forty or one last in person but it still a really nice pair of shoes and at $350 that’s a pretty good buy the 86 27 also has an open channel sold open channel so shoes typically not always cost a little bit less than a shoe that has a closed Channel roll number nine is the Magnolia from J Fitzpatrick Footwear J Fitzpatrick is an American brand but the shoes are made on in Spain and retail for 395 diamonds the shoes are made on the CMG lass which is around last the reason why it’s not higher on the countdown I feel like the Magnolia is not as plain as most black cap toe Oxford or like for example D or some triple stitching going on across the vamp and on the side so I feel like it has more design work on it compared to a typical black cap toe Oxford the plain of the shoe the dressy of the shoe so I feel like when we’re talking about black cap toe Oxford which is a dressy shoe that kind of knocks it down a little bit but it is a pretty nice shoe I definitely do recommend them so do check out the Magnolia from j fitzpatrick footwear number 8 is the gilbert from love and tong at three hundred and thirteen dollars these shoes are an absolute steal i believe that a lowest price one on the countdown they are made on the s last which is their round last and all up in front shows are made in spain one thing that i really like also about the gilbert it has the gooseneck design and all other guys do like that on their black Capital Oxford and not $313 those shoes are pretty hard to be and number 7 is the Richard from cobbler union cobbler union are also made in Spain at 395 dollars that come with a fiddleback waist which is really awesome actually when cobbler union first came out one of the features that they used to always talk about was the Phaedo back waist but recently they started going away from making their shoes with a fiddleback waist but the richard is one of the shoes that still actually has that but one thing that cobbler unions still having all their shoes is the put red hair cup which looks like the seeds of a luxury sports car so that’s definitely a nice feature the richard is made on the city last which is around last they’re one of the few shoes on the countdown where you can actually walk into a store in the US and try Lemoine or be able to stores only in Atlanta but we do have one in the u.


number six is a brand that I’ve never spoken about on the countdown before it’s a brand called Embraer there the house brand from the Sabbath the Sabbath is an online shoe brand out of Sweden that’s actually where my web got me Joe work shoe so I talked about the Sabbat before I did an unboxing of the jewel work shoe that I got from them if you’ve never seen it I’ll link it somewhere up here and also include in the description but mblair is the brand from the Sabbath those guys been around shoes for a long time and those shoes look really really nice the black capital Oxford is called Ashton and they retail for three hundred and ninety dollars and one thing that the Ashton offers that come with lasting shoe trees so after three hundred and ninety dollars not only are you getting a really nice pair of black cap toe Oxford you’re also getting lasted shoe trees to go along with that the shoes are made on the BG zero one last which is a brown last and if I didn’t mention it before every year are also made in Spain now let’s get into the top five of the ten black cap toe Oxford that I recommend under $500 number five is the Carmina 732 call me no shoes or made out in Spain there used to be 450 the prices went up a little bit and now that costs four hundred and seventy five dollars even at $475 call me now still one of the best shoes that you can get currently on hundred dollars the forest last is around last with a high-end step I highly recommend Carmina as you guys already know if you’ve been paying attention to this channel I don’t know if you’re paying attention but number five six seven eight and nine on this countdown we’re all made in Spain Spain has a great history of excellent shoemaking so it’s no coincidence that have the shoes on this countdown were made in Spain number four is the first shoes on this countdown that are made in England the shoes are called the Hanover and they’re from look 1880 export grade line all the export great shoes retail for four hundred and ten dollars the export grade line is the highest line that you can get from lope and Luke’s been making shoes since 1880 so they’ve been around for years the handovers are really really beautiful shoe it’s made on the tower last which is an almond-shaped last and when you look at the shoes it’s kind of hard to wrap my head around how they can only be four G than ten dollars because those shoes just look like something that should be costing you like 600 or 700 dollars one way that Luke is able to keep the costs so low on the export grade the export grade shoes all come with open channel Sol and open channel so doesn’t mean that the construction is not as good he’s just that aesthetically a closed channel so looks better because the stitches are hidden but I highly recommend the handover unfortunately I’m in the US and Luke currently does not ship to do us so I haven’t been able to get my hands on them yet but from what I can see and from everything I heard the export grade namely the handover is one of the best-looking ones on the countdown now let’s get to the top three number three is the patter from the armory they’re one of the most expensive shoes on the countdown the patter retails for four hundred and ninety five dollars so pretty close to that $500 price point the armory is a company out of Hong Kong the shoes are actually made in England the last is a soft square last called the Hajime and the last was made in collaboration with your head for CUDA during Fukuda is on the top bespoke shoe makers in the world out of Japan one thing about those shoes they are made out of one piece of leather so that’s supposed to make them more comfortable and it also minimizes decreasing so that’s one thing that the issues offer that no other shoe in the countdown does number two is the 112 from TLB Majorca and artista line CRB Majorca as the name indicates is a branded strain they retail for three hundred and ninety five dollars the 112 is made on the gorillas which is around last and at three hundred and ninety five dollars they’re one of the best bang for your buck that you can get in the entire shoe industry and the reason why the number two is because it’s very hard to understand how they can make such beautiful shoes under four hundred dollars as it stands right now having at the pleasure of seeing them in person yet some people that I trust tell me that to them the assister line is actually even better than Carmina and it retails at almost $100 less than Camila I can’t confirm that myself because once again I’ve been held of shoes in my hand yet if your budget is $400 those would be the shoe that I would recommend the most on this entire countdown now last and definitely not least the number one show on the countdown is the fifty fifty two from Vash Budapest now if you guys are not familiar with Vash Vash is a company at a Hungary the 50:52 is my personal pair of black cap toe Oxford I’ve done an unboxing on them before if you haven’t seen it I’ll link it somewhere up here and also including in the description back when I talk about the shoe they were over five hundred dollars but somehow prices actually dropped to four hundred and ninety five dollars so along with the shoes from the armory the vast shoes are the most expensive shoes on the countdown but you definitely getting a steal because even when the bass shoes were selling at night 550 those shoes were an incredible value for the price first is because of the last the F last to me the F last is undefeated in the shoe industry when it comes to a round toe shoe it’s one of the best class that you can get the proportion of the last is unlike anything that I’ve seen before and around but the feature that really takes a vast your next level is that vast shoes actually handmade so every single shoe that I’ve mentioned on the countdown so far has been Goodyear welted when we talking about handmade shoes under $500 it doesn’t even make any sense man like once again when I got my shoes I think I got a full bow around 525 550 and that was a still at that price like there are certain companies that sell vast shoes for about $700 the same bad shoes that you can get directly from fash at 495 you know say so I highly recommend these shoes once again I’ve included a link to all the shoe that I spoke about in the description of this video and black-op to Oxford is a shoe that belongs in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe so you really cannot go wrong with a black cap toe Oxford so now the first video on the series and the next one I want to make is the top 10 black up to Oxford’s arm above $500 so so let me know the comments which black cap toe Oxford do you like or which one that you’re looking to get especially after watching this video so that was my top 10 black cap toe Oxford under $500 hit the thumbs up if you like this video subscribe everybody gonna think that you’re hater and I’ll catch you on the next video peace [Music].