The First 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy & In What Order | Upgrading Your Shoe Collection

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

All right.

Quick question for you.

What are the most expensive shoes that youown? Let me know down in the comments, I want tohear from you guys.

Now, believe it or not, I bet I can guessthe most expensive shoes in your closet.

How can I know this? Because, guys, it’s easy.

The most expensive shoes you own are the onesthat you never wear.

Make sense? If you go out there and you buy $100 pairof shoes and you wear it once.

You go out there and you buy $350 pair ofshoes and you wear them 350 times, guess what? $100 per wear, a $1 per wear, which one wasthe better deal? Gentlemen, shoes are one of those items thatyou want to get right because good shoes are expensive, however if you get the right pairin the right order, you’re going to get your money’s worth out of them especially if youtake care of them.

In today’s video, I’ve got five pairs of shoesI’m going to recommend you guys and the order to purchase them.

We’re talking about dress shoes here.

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Now, this is just going to be, you know, alittle quick part of it, but the article that supports it is in that free e-book.

And, really quick I’ve got about twelve sampleshere that I’m going to be running through to give you guys an idea of the five shoesthat you need to own and variations of each of them because when it comes down to it, gentlemen, you need to make the right decisions for your lifestyle, your professional need, your personal need, and your style wants.

So, those are things I’ll going to go intothis.

There isn’t an exact right five pairs of shoes.

However, I want to get you thinking aboutthat.

When you start to think about this and youpay a little bit more attention, you’re going to make sure you make your own smart purchasingdecision.

All right? Let’s get into the first pair of shoes thatyou want to own.

We’re talking about balmoral oxford, somethingthat has closed lacing.

Now, this is a wholecut dress shoe, not technicallyin there, but I put it here because guess what? It’s pretty much got the elegance simple look, but here it’s going to be a more classic one with the closed lacing system.

This one has cap toe, it’s in dark oxbloodcolor.

This will work fine for wearing with a suitand that’s what you want your first pair of shoes dress shoes to be able to is to wearthem with a suit for a wedding, for a funeral, anytime you’ve got to wear that.

You’re meeting with the president, meetingwith the CEO of your company, you’re simply getting dressed up for your little girl’scommunion.

This is when you want to look your best andyou need to have that pair of shoes that works with it.

Now, black is going to be the de facto colorfor a lot of you guys.

Be careful though even though you’ve got closedlacing on this pair of shoes, we start to see a little bit of broguing here.

So, once you start getting into cap toes broguing, all of a sudden the formality of it is going to start to go down, you could still pullthis off with a suit though.

Guys, by the way, this is Paul Evans.

Most of the samples here I’m going to showyou were Paul Evans.

This one right here is made by Church’s, I’vegot some Cheaneys, I’ve got Alden.

There are great companies out there.

I go into a lot more detail in that e-book, but the first pair of shoes that you want to start with balmoral oxfords.

Next, let’s go on to Bluchers.

So, the second one and the big differencehere is going to have an open lacing system, not a closed lacing system, so that’s thekey differentiator.

You’ll find that these shoes in general aregoing to have may be broguing or they’re going to have ornamental stitching, they’re goingto be lighter in color oftentimes.

So, these are going to be your more casualdress shoes.

These you can still sometimes pull off witha suit, but they’re going to look better with occasionally dark-colored jeans at the probablythe most casual.

And then, but you can always dress them upwith a pair of, you know, gray flannel trousers, just regular dress slacks maybe with a sportsjacket.

These are going to be very versatile.

These are great and I think should be thesecond pair of shoes in a man’s wardrobe.

Next, let’s go to the slip-ons.

So, I’m going to have a wide variety of slip-onsI’m going to show you.

The reason I love slip-ons is that they’recasual, they’re comfortable.

Guys, when you are traveling you’re goingto the airport very easy to take on and off to be able to go through that metal detector.

They come with a wide range and most men don’tthink, I mean the monk strap.

Not technically a loafer, but I’m going tolump into the slip-ons because you don’t have to lace anything up.

And I love, I mean single, double, it doesn’tmatter where you go.

Again, I like to go with in general darkershoes and I know I’m not talking about color a whole lot there.

Again, I go into color in the e-book, so youcan go check that out.

Tassel loafer.

Now, this is going to be a little bit lessformal than the monk strap, but I find many men especially in the United States will pullthis off with a sports jacket, odd trousers combination.

You can wear it with jeans, it’s going tolook great.

Occasionally if it’s in a very dark color, maybe a black color, you can actually even pull it off with a suit although you wantto be careful in bigger cities.

Now, all of a sudden we’re having more fun.

So, this is a suede penny loaders.

This suede right here is going to give ita much more casual feel.

We’ve got the old driving shoe, comes fromthe moccasin.

Notice this right here, it’s going to havethis is something that you can wear around in your car.

When it has a bottom like this, you’re notgoing to want to wear it, you know, walking around too much because it will wear quicker, but if you want something that, you know, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle andyou’re or around your house and you want a nice slipper, this is going to work out great.

The fourth shoe style that I’m going to talkabout, gentlemen is the dress boot.

So, right here I’ve got a chukka.

So, chukka comes out of the English, I believeit’s the word time desert boot.

It has since changed quite a bit.

This one right here as you can see is in adark brown.

Again, Paul Evans is the company that madethem, but checking this out right here.

It does have an open lacing system, so thatright there is going to make it much more casual.

I think this looks best with a pair of, youknow, gray flannels maybe trousers with an odd jacket with jeans that looks great.

You’re also going to see Chelsea boots andthose look really good with everything I just mentioned.

And because they’re going to be simpler indesign, they actually sometimes can be worn with a suit.

Now, I know many of you guys are saying, Antonio, I can’t believe you’re recommending wearing boots with a suit.

However, if you live in New York City, youlive in Chicago, you live in an area in which you get some bad weather, you understand whatI’m talking about.

Because you want to wear boots whenever theweather is just not really cooperating with you, you’re getting rain, you’re getting somesleet, you’re getting some snow, you still need to wear a dress shoe and you want somethingthat’s going to go up a little bit higher on the sides and protect your ankles and socks.

All right, gents, so you’re wondering whatis the fifth dress shoe that I’m going to recommend.

Guys, I want you to go back and look at thefour that I just mentioned, find out which one you’re wearing most often and repeat itmaybe in the slightly different style slightly different color.

So, not to fully repeat myself, but, guys, within each of these categories, I gave you about three examples not just in color, butin small variations and size.

So, as we’re going through I didn’t reallyeven talk about brogues, wingtips, but these would be a great addition as a fifth shoe.

Gentlemen, when it comes down to it, you gotto find the right shoe for your need.

In general though, I like to go simple, Ilike to go in darker colors and I like to stay within one color for most of my shoes.

For me, it’s going to be oxbloods and darkbrowns.

I find that those are going to match mostof everything I have in my wardrobe, I can dress them up, I can dress them down.

I’m not necessarily a black shoe man, howeversome of you guys are going to love the color black and if that’s your case, then make surethat all of your shoes kind of work there and the reason is that is also and you’rebuilding up your interchangeable wardrobe.

Gents, as mentioned all the support my freee-book 85 pages of solid information.

Go grab it here.

That’s it.

Let me know what you think in the commentsand I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Take care.