youtubers be like I’m constantly getting asked this question or I’ve gotten so many questions as it pertains to this topic well in this case I hate to break it to you but I have been getting asked a lot of questions as it pertains to Chelsea boots and where

to buy the best pair if you’re on a budget on the high end on the mid end so in today’s video I’m gonna be covering it all I’m gonna be unveiling the ultimate buying guide to Chelsea boots so that apartment I’m currently getting over a closed so that

next time you’re in the market for buying a Chelsea boot you know exactly where to go and I’m gonna be breaking it down by different categories from the quality to the fade incising in to the overall price of the boot so that you have a perfect idea of

what you’re getting yourself into [Applause] [Music] now hold this claimer I obviously do not own Chelsea boots from every single brand that I’m gonna mention but on some of the brand’s I actually do own a pair and on the other brands that I’m gonna mention I’ve done some

extensive research so just know that you’re in good hands and without further ado let’s hop right into it starting off with the low tier this is gonna be your 250 dollars in under Chelsea wheats which is by far the most commonly asked question Federico where can I find

a trip will be Chelsea boom now there’s a saying in Spanish that goes bueno bonito even basically means good pretty and cheap transcended in Spanish so there’s no better way to start than at New Republic New Republic has arguably the best Chelsea boots for the price I’m talking

about a hundred dollars we’ll get you a solid pair of Chelsea boots and the reason why they can price um so low is because they’re direct-to-consumer now the boot it’s gonna be made in China but from what I’ve heard and from other people’s reviews the boots are pretty

decent quality giving that they’re only a hundred dollars in terms of the sizing is gonna fit true to size and they do come in half sizes so for all those people that are in between sizes they got you covered up next we have the kings of hipster shoes

I’m talking about everybody in their mom is wearing them and had you asked me a few years ago would you aware that matter of fact I didn’t even know what they were I’m talking about the Doc Martin Chelsea boots now Doc Martens as you may or may not

know specialize in all different kinds of foods and what’s special about these Doc Martens is the silhouette they have a unique soul and stitching it’s a yellow stitching that sets them apart from pretty much any shoe that’s out there and what’s great about these boots is that they

originate from England I’m not sure if they’re made in England I know some of them are but I don’t know all of them are don’t quote me on that but they’ve been around for at least over half a century and nowadays you can see I mean you go

outside the door and any twelve-year-old and up will be wearing dog Martins they’re Chelsea’s we’d usually started around 150 dollars and they only have full sizes which means you’re gonna want to size down their boots do run a little bit bigger so if you’re on that half size

go ahead and size down in order to ensure the proper fate this next friend I already know it’s a fan favorite and that is Thursday boots I don’t actually own a pair but my buddy just recently bought a pair and I’ve heard a lot of hype on them

but I’ve never really put my hands on the actual boot and I was able to do so a few weeks ago and I just noticed how well constructed and beautifully that boot looked and I have to say I give them all the credit because they have done a

phenomenal job burner on the price of $200 you can get your hands on a pair of chelsea boots and I guarantee you will not be disappointed with this purchase I don’t know exactly where they produce them all I know is that they have the USA hides and they

work with a couple of factories I think one of them one of the leather factory that they work with is the official leather factory for the NFL I know it’s bonkers but that just goes to show the attention to detail and the quality of their product they are

going to be direct-to-consumer hence why they can price them at a reasonable price and according to their website they recommend that you go a half the size smaller than your sneaker size or to go with your actual dress shoe or boot size and a added bonus is that

they’re also water-resistant others that mean you can go and jump in a pond okay it just means that if you happen to be caught in a pickle when it’s raining you’re gonna be okay and for the last brand that I’m gonna talk about as it pertains to the

low tier I think this is the best bang for your buck should I would even put it in the mid tier this is how good they are and I actually own a pair the name is called sclerosis their direct-to-consumer and their products are handcrafted from Italy that’s right

guys and all for the price of two hundred and fifty dollars give or take they actually sent me a pair of black chelsea boots about a year and a half two years ago and have worn them non-stop and for that price point you really just can’t get much

better than that where else are you going to get a shoe that it’s handcrafted in Italy that is Goodyear welted and has that luxe silhouette at a price of two hundred and fifty dollars if you can tell me then I’ll be flabbergasted but if you can then look

no further than Socorro so you will not be disappointed whoa now let’s move into the mid tier this is I think my favorite tier because for a little bit of extra money you can get a whole lot of quality out of it and starting off with one of

my favorite brands of all time mob nutty I’ve been buying the shoes for as long as I can remember I actually own a pair of double monk strap boots which have talked about plenty of times Madani is out of Spain they are family-owned all their products from from

their family factory now I will say one thing is that their boots run considerably bigger and I think this goes for all their shoes I know I bought a pair of my pair of double monk strap boots I bought about a size and a half down so at

least size down one whole size guys they do have half sizes but again if you’re a 12 go for the 11 now that being said though their quality is on point and their price range it’s got a range around three to four hundred dollars you can get in

for as low as like 350 and if I’m not mistaken their boots tend to be on sale especially on department stores so be on the lookout for that because they make a top-notch shoot I’m gonna link all of these boots or as many as I can down below

in case you want to buy any of them you’re gonna find those links down in the description box moving on I know we’ve talked a lot about Italian boots but this next one is also a fan favorite and a personal favorite of mine as well and that is

Paul Smith Paul Smith last time I checked it’s still privately owned which is very rare to see in today’s big fashion labels you got you know conglomerates like LVMH who own a bunch of different stores but not Paul Smith they’re still family owned or he owns it himself

and what’s great about that is quality control which means you’re gonna guaranteed to get a good product there would usually start around three and can hover all the way up to about five one hundred dollars and in terms of the sizing they are going to run a little

bit big so I would say go down about a half a size no more than that because then they’re gonna be too small and that wraps up the middle tier now let’s get in to the cream of the crop is that how you say it the cream of

the crop the creme de la creme you get what I’m saying the highest of the highest of price Chelsea boots and we’re gonna start off with arguably the company that started boots themselves and that is churches churches in case you don’t know is out of England and what

makes these shoes so special is that they’re all gonna be good here welter which means you can resold them with ease and they’re gonna have the best construction in quality possibly and get this guys their boots are actually made of on a and last which basically means a

structure with the specific heel height the width the toe I mean pretty much down to the T and what’s that’s gonna do is say you go into the store and you buy a boot that you like Chelsea boot in this case well with churches once you buy a

boot that you like each one is gonna come with its last number it’s gonna be a specific number that you can they use the next time you go into the shop and buy the same exact measurements so that right there is worth the extra money that you’re gonna

be paying for these shoes and speaking of money you’re gonna get in for around $600 for these shoes but trust me it is well worth the investment and it’s gonna be a shoe that it’s gonna last you for decades to come another great plus is that if you’re

new with the brand or simply want that extra attention you can actually book appointments to go into the store where they’ll take you and give you a guided tour of the store as well as a heritage and the history behind the brand and just give you that one-on-one

interaction and for 600 bucks hey I would expect anything less this next brand is arguably not arguably it’s my favorite brand of all times for chelsea boots and that is baby Bottega Veneta if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times I do not regret purchasing

these boots they’re gonna start at around eight hundred and fifty dollars before sales tax so you’re looking at around nine hundred and fifty dollars give or take but let me tell you this it’s like walking on the memory foam pillows that’s how comfortable these boots are but I

think the reason they’re so expensive and they got a lot of height is because celebrities with the likes of Kanye West and David Beckham have actually styled them and wore them themselves I believe they came out in an issue of GQ a few years ago and they just

went viral everywhere but with good reason the boot handmade in Italy the materials top-notch quality the comfort don’t even get me started on the comfort the sizing though I won’t talk about the sizing is that they run extremely big I’m talking about a size two even a size

and a half to be following on with the Italian trend I’m gonna outline the Italian or monsters these are gonna be the heavy hitters I’m talking about Prada boom made in Italy sizing a half a size too big so go ahead and size down they do have all

different sizes up to like a 12 or 13 and the roots are gonna start out around $800 on the lower end I’ve seen some of their boots go for over a rack LaRue so be careful when it comes to product and they’re not playing around with their pricing

speaking of not playing around another heavy hitter on the lineup its antler run as we all know Santa Loren has popularized this style of boots for the last five or so years with that it’s gonna come a hefty price tag I’m talking at least a rack or roof

to get yourself into the brand I’ve seen some of their boots go for in the upwards of that high 1000 so they’re definitely not playing around their boot is gonna be more on the sleeker more on the edgier side of things their boots however are gonna run a

little bit big think about a half a size too big so definitely size down when it comes to these boots and for the last brand on the list I mean these guys are absolutely ludicrous when it comes to the price but they are the none one and what

they do I’m talking about the bespoke experience okay this is no other than Berluti Berluti has been around for over a hundred years and the reason they’re so expensive which by the way I’m gonna get into it a little bit is because the nicest of materials and paints

and craftsmanship that exists in the industry they actually came up with a thing called the venecia lender which basically means it’s the finest the most supple leather out in the market which allows them to paint and to have these beautiful colors with their shoes I mean I can’t

even describe me you have to see them in person to really appreciate the art because that’s for today’s at the end of the day this is not even a shoot this is art that you’re wearing just know that if you want the bespoke experience then look no further

than Berluti sizing I’m not gonna get into the sizing because I’ve never actually even worn a pair but from what I’ve read you know the little that I know is that they run true to size but like I said it’s bespoke s– so they can do whatever you

ask them to do as long as you come up with the big bucks and speaking of big bugs these are gonna start act goo thousand that good news that’s right guys that is the creme de la creme the caviar of boots and with that I’m going to conclude

today’s video hopefully you guys enjoyed it and got a little bit more of an insight on the world of chelsea boots i know that it can get a little bit complicated but hopefully with this guide the ease of buying your next pair of chelsea boots would be a

lot easier the ease of binder the process of buying the template which would be a lot easier if you enjoyed this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already follow your boy on instagram and link will be down in the description

and as always i’ll see you of an excellent [Applause] [Music]