Taft Derbies & Chelsea Boots Unboxing & Try-On

agent today we are looking at Taft in my latest sin the series of looking at all of the direct to consumer brands especially in the footwear space this is an interesting one they have some of the more unique stylings out of all the brands that I’ve looked at

all the shoes are handmade in Europe and they hit that sweet spot a price point of like two to three hundred dollars and so being able to check these out put these into the context of someone like a Beckett and Simenon or some of the other shoes that

I’ve unboxed here like ace marks I got undie coming up very soon and so today we’ll unbox these take a look give you my impressions and thoughts and then eventually they’ll roll up into the the whole roundup of these shoes as always make sure you subscribe to learn

about the best menswear on the internet and more brands like this give a thumbs up for great Footwear at good prices and as always comments are appreciated below and I can answer to the best of my ability down there without further ado let’s get into the unboxing [Music]

we have two shoes sent over from Taft one is the Chelsea boot in this really nice light cream suede and this is like a quintessential summer color for me I used to have some Clarks that I would wear that we’re in the desert boot in this kind of

suede and I really like this second we have a pair of Oxford’s which is in this really unique wools so it takes the best thing that I like about all birds which is the durability breathability of wool but then throws a traditional sole on it which is pretty

interesting and what I always try to do with these companies is to look directly between them in order to you know figure out where they sit but Taft makes that a little bit challenging because they don’t offer just like a straight Oxford they have these unique designs like

they have that one boot which is all wool and I have the leather accents on the heel and on the toe as well so you an idea for their construction and their build quality but I can’t do a direct comparison of the leather which is what I like

to do although I think that’s way that Taft really differentiates them self from the dozens of other Footwear companies that are in this space and let’s take a look at these wool Oxford’s first so here I just have them pair to the light Chino I think these would

look great with any pair of like dark denim but I think they also look good with these chinos by the nature being this wool they have just a very casual look to them but I think it’s perfect for you know everybody’s general business casual environment I love the

contrast that comes from the wood colored sole of the shoe against the wool on top and that rich wool texture gives it this character that I really like it also has this really unique soul design where it has the characteristics of a day-night soul where it’s got those

like puckered inserts but then it also has the leather on the outside speed the best parts of having a leather sole but then you also get the traction of having some of that rubberized element in there and they feel extremely sturdy and well built and of course handcrafted

in Spain also some solid wax canvas laces on these and then you have an alternate pair that comes in the box for a different color and then the shoehorn it’s a Blake stitch you’ve got the wool on the exterior and a calf lining on the inside and then

Komarovsky call this out on back and Simenon which i really like in these shoes which is this rougher version of the calf leather on the back of the shoe which helps to prevent your foot from slipping out of the heel especially in the brand new pair of shoes

very comfortable out of the box looking forward to seeing how these we’re in overtime and working these into my wardrobe as kind of a unique looking piece the Chelsea boots I’m really liking the look of these not just the color but the silhouette is this very slim European

look to it you know I have a pair of Thursdays which you’ve seen my previous videos and I think of those more it was like my fall winter they’re a darker color they’re kind of a more rugged look to them both of them are Goodyear welted so these

are Goodyear welted a pair of Chelsey’s and they that similar sole design that I really liked on my suit supply shoes which is to have the leather and then have a little bit of rubberized here for traction control and I’m curious to see how that kind of works

in over time it’s a small thing too but I like how the elastic matches the color here that gives it a much cleaner look my Thursday boots have that dark brown with a black elastic on here but extremely comfortable on the box this is definitely one especially the

Goodyear well where you know your that cork sole we really work in and give you a good fit over time and you can see in the Tryon video I think they look good with the light chinos that I have on you pair these with like a light summer

denim and you have a really killer look so as we wrap up here style quality fit value and overall experience the quality is very sturdy on these a Goodyear welt in the Chelsea boot at this price is great in the unique wool on the Oxford with that calf

leather lining and a solid stacked leather heel and sole on those as well really dig in those the fit is right in line with other dress shoes that I have so you know 45 in European sizing has really been my sweet spot and all these companies I’ve been

ordering and then usually works out to be a 12 US I don’t think taps will be for everybody as far as style goes if you want to go more conservative I don’t think they have any real conservative looks and their lineup if you want that conservative look there’s

tons of other brands to go to if you want something that’s a little more unique and stand out that’s what taps are really for for value they sit really uniquely between that two or three hundred price point which is right where a lot of these shoes end up

they are handcrafted in Spain which is great not totally handmade but they do use Blake stitching in the Oxford’s Goodyear well in the Chelsea so you’re definitely getting your value above a typical like cemented shoe like something from Johnson and Murphy experience is great they have fast free

shipping free returns as well and they have all the inventory on hand so whatever you see on the site you can order I’m become starting to become a little bit jaded by the site’s kind of like Gustin or in a way Kanaan where you order that takes a

while to get them you do save money that way but I’m still figure out my opinions on those but I’d love to hear from you guys have any questions comments about taft or waiting for shoes that you order on something like Gustin because i’ve been trying to get

a pair of their sneakers but just takes forever sometimes and uh that becomes I’m willing to pay a little bit more in order to get it now versus waiting a few months but that’s neither here nor there that’s all that’s a whole different topic I’ll tackle that on

a different Wednesday video so I was always gents comments below you can also reach out happiness score Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram so as I try to document all these shoes I still read every single comment and so thank you to everybody who subscribes watches and supports until

next time gents this is the Cavalier [Music] sunrise 6:30 I got to bcurtin it’s gonna go up and block that so it’ll only be a only big problem for a little bit longer