Suitsupply Dress Shoes Unboxing – Compared to Allen Edmonds, Paul Evans, Beckett Simonon

agents today were diving into suits apply dress shoes I’m going to get these guys unboxed talk about the shoes and compare them to a few others in my collection so make sure you subscribe to learn about the best men’s wear on the internet get more videos like this and without further ado let’s dive into the unboxing suit supply is well known for the great suiting and shirting but they also offer Italian made Italian calf leather Blake stitch dress shoes in the 299 price point 2 today I picked up a pair of their brogue Oxford’s and also a pair of their tassel loafers in order to check them out [Music] I also picked up their leather sneakers my popular request if you want a deep dive into these the peak lapel did it right up I’ll link to that below check that out but for today I’m sticking with the dress shoes $2.

99 is a really interesting price point for these shoes there’s a lot of the smaller brands that have popped up over the years in the footwear world have come in at the $1.

99 price point with Blake stitch construction and usually Italian calf leather and so the suit supplied ones a little bit higher than that but they’re not quite as high as the Paul Evans or as the Allen Edmonds so what I did is I brought all of those shoes together because I already have all of them let’s talk about all of those for just a minute or two and then we’ll come back to the beauty shots and the on foot shots and I’ll put a timestamp below if you just want to jump to that while the suits patient ones look so pristine amongst my road worn collection here so I wanted to get a representative sample from a collection of priced lowest to the highest and these are the Beck and Simenon Durant Road Oxford’s I’ve had these for about two years these are under you can get them under 189 they’re marked at 199 but depending on the sales that are going on and it discounts you can get them for lower but you can see well-worn here these are the new suit supply these are my Paul Evans and these are my Allen Edmonds now the Allen Edmonds these are a pair of my factory seconds and actually right now they have a sale going on that they’re like 249 or something but the full price is 425 and just to give you an idea of how they look amongst the group and then the Paul Evan ones 399 so outside of discounts you have $1.

99 $2.

99 399 and 425 first I wanted to get a weight difference with each of them I don’t think it’s an indicator of the quality but it does indicate what level of comfort you might have the Paul Evans ones came in at the lightest at one point one four pounds or 851 grams the back end Simenon ones were 2.

0 two pounds or 969 grams my Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue came in at two point one two very heavy I’ve always thought that those were one of the heaviest shoes probably my collection at 1249 grams the soup I once came right in the middle there that baby bear 2.

0 pounds 910 grams what I’ve learned from buying stress used from like $80 up to the $400 price range is there’s a huge difference in the quality of the leather based on each price point and you basically get what you pay for in each of them so you can see on the back and simin on one this is the lower quality leather it’s still a nice quality leather but you can see in the way that it’s creased on the toe that it’s just got more of a wrinkle to it than something like the Paul Evans I’ve actually probably worn the Paul Evans now more than the beck and Simenon ones and you can see the way I’ve scuffed it up like driving and things but it has just a very much more supple way of creasing along the toe versus something that’s going to show more cracking on the back and Simenon that’s not to say the back in Simenon aren’t a great shoe it’s just the way that the crease happens looks much different on a leather of a $200 shoe forces a $400 shoe and you can see that in the way that the leather creases on the island admins which is a simmer quality leather to the Paul Evans I would expect with a suit supply shoe it’s going to come right between those but I also like the way that the total cap is right in the middle of the two so I mentioned in my allen edmonds video that the toe cap is very short on this which makes my feet look kind of stubby especially because I wear such a large shoe I really like the way that the Paul Evans make my feet look because of the much longer toe cap on here and the suits apply one you could see kind of fits right in between the two so I think that’s a really nice look for especially for such a large shoe I know that sue supply used to use cross grain leather they now use full Italian calf uppers made in Italy which is similar to the Paul Evans and it’s not a fair comparison because this is right out of the box you can see it has a much higher shine than the Paul Evans but Paul even ones out of the box looked incredible I need to give these a nice polish but these have really become one of my go-to s and Paul Evans have a little bit more of an elegant look you know there’s no stitching you just see the scenes on there and even then the versions that suits apply makes you still get a little bit of stitching and then on the back you’ve got a seam as well versus no seam on the Paul Evans and I think I mentioned this in the Paul Evans review is the leather on the Paul Evans is so deep and rich and I think you get that because you are paying the extra $100 over the suit supply shoes I like the high polished high shine look on the suit supply shoes I would just be really curious how they will look similar to another year of wear with the Paul Evans but out of the box gorgeous construction gorgeous leather and I love the color too I went with a size 45 or us 12 on the suit supply shoes they fit right in line with my other dress shoes like my alum Edmonds something like the Paul Evans Paul Evans actually run huge I wear a 10 and a half or 11 and the Paul Evans but these fit right in line with other dress shoes and I do think a nice feature of the shoe is it does have the rubberized sole on the bottom so you get the leather work of course with the Blake stitch on here and then you have the nailed heels but then you also have the rubberized part which helps with the wear and tear on the leather sole especially for like rain and wet weather you can get either the shoes resoled because they are Blake stitch but having that rubberized insert is probably going to help you last longer it’s not something full rubber like the day-night sole on my allen edmonds but it’s somewhere right in between I’d be curious over time if you might see like peeling on this outer rubber based on the way that the sole wears but that would remain to be seen if you have an experience with that of course let me know down below because these are all very new to me but there are people who have been wearing suit supply shoes for years I would assume you have a similarly gorgeous execution of the Blake stitch sole on the loafer I do kind of wish that it had the same finish as the Oxford in the leather but this leather to me on the loafer reminds me exactly of the 200 ish dollar leathers I’ve seen on the back in Simenon or on something like the Thomas Byrd shoes that I just opened so this does very much remind me of a $200 shoe but it is priced at the tuna in price point so given that range I do think soon supply offers a good value which depends on what you want out of a shoe they’ve really nice blend between like modern Italian looks and the very conservative look sub Allen Edmonds the shoes are made in Italy but I find it really curious that their site doesn’t mention that because for me if I don’t see this made in Italy or Spain or Portugal I just assumed that it’s made in China or somewhere in Asia because the company wants the notoriety or the premium associated with constructing in Italy or Spain or Portugal instead of Asia then they would put that front and center on their website you can also see the heel is nailed right on the seam which will help with wear and tear over time so you don’t break down the shoe as quickly and then nice rubberized heel as well they don’t have a ton of options within their range but they do have from tassel loafers to double monks and the Oxford’s in between the shoes are very comfortable out of the box it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big break in period the Mirman shoes that I got seemed like those are gonna take forever to break in and as with any other products you are getting what you paid for because the creasing doesn’t look like it’s going to be nearly as bad as the beckoned Simenon but it probably won’t be as supple and nice as the allen edmonds or the Paul Evans as for the loafers I went with a 44 and a half cuz I was thinking size down I want them to be a little bit more snug and you don’t wear socks and everything but that extra half size is just weight much too small so I’m going to end up swapping those but suits apply always gets bonus points for me because they do offer fast free shipping you can order something on Monday and have it like Wednesday or Thursday but then they also throw in the return label on the box which is important to me because I took a chance ordering half size down on the loafers didn’t work out so now I can easily exchange those four different size so overall I think these are a nice step up from the $200 price point you do get that extra bit of quality in the leather and in the construction of the shoe the stipulation there is if you are a standard width if you are on non-standard with you probably have to go with somebody like Allen amends within that range but you can only get standard sizes on the suit supply shoes but they do have up to size 15 shoes in the suit supply which is a nice option which you don’t really get in traditional shoes so there you have a gents if you do have experience with the suit supply shoes for longer than just my unboxing here please sound off on the comments below so other guys can learn from you can also reach out at them to score Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram I’ll put links in my description to suit supply and all the other shoes that I mentioned in this video I’ll put links to the podcast and just an interview with Teddy Baldassare where I talked about just everything and you can put all check all those out below love to hear from you guys anytime and so the next time gents this is the Kevlar sunshine philia bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah sunshine I finished all my videos before the Sun comes up how about that that’s got to go put them together quickly in the editing room it’s my studio this is my commute now there’s my house alright guys see Monday. TIN THOI TRANG