Shoe Haul – MUST HAVE SUMMER SHOES- Oxfords/Kitten Heels -POPPY BARLEY | Jawj

[Music] [Music] [Applause] here she is here’s the mat for all of you on this beautiful morning this is the nut okay hey ladies welcome to another video I am very very very excited to show you what I picked up at the mall I have done some serious shopping

I some serious shopping but you know what I am so happy about it I have found the best shoe store they make really good quality shoes they are so chic effortless comfortable really excited to share with you guys what I have picked up because you’re going to go

cray cray and I named so let me put this fat beautiful nut down this beautiful orange creamsicle nut and I’m going to show you the shoes so I have found the best spring summer shoes other than this you really don’t need much else for the spring summer so

this store that I have discovered is wonderful I do not know if they ship internationally they probably do but this is a canadian-based store that I found and I really I just really like it so the store name is called poppy barley I believe it was started by

two sisters which would who are both supporting my females and the shoes are amazing the quality is mind-blowing and they’re comfortable and there’s so my style I will probably eventually do a styling video for these shoes because I just I want to this is a little receipt it’s

like you got like some freaking luxury bag or something so cute so we take meticulous care and crafting your premium leather goods puppy barley products are not pre treated so before wearing your Footwear for the first time use a water resistant spray to protect them all genuine leather

suede and new bucks protective to improve durability and retain strength highly saturated swedes and new books can believe color onto other objects but applying protector can prevent transfer so the girl did tell me at the store spray this with something before you wear them so I have not

worn these yet and after I found this video I’m going to spray them I mean we’ll show you the product that I’m going to use so I pick this stuff up from Canadian Tire I’m sure you can go Amazon and it is the money’s worth and best Protex

water and stain protector ok that’s your standard Canadian Tire business and this is repellent which is good for all genuine leather suede fabric and new buck do not use on patent or a vinyl so I use this on my Stuart Weitzman black suede boots I don’t know if

you can see them there right there so I sprayed this on that and so far is working good so I’m going to be spraying this on all of my shoes because all three of them are leather first weight so here number one weird rude oh and it’s so

cute too I really like the fact that um show you inside the bag here they didn’t give me any shoe boxes because I’m just going to throw those out they gave me shoe bags for each one of the pair of shoes that I got which I really like

because he’s a really nice soft like cotton II fabric bags which is gonna be great for traveling or just putting stuff in and I really like that it’s kind of wasting less because I don’t need to throw out like three massive shoe boxes I just put everything about

this place I’m just freakin loving so pair number one you guys these are so freaking cute these are so cute they’re adorable they are literally adorable so this is pair number one these are a beautiful pair of pink kitten heel leather and pink suede it’s as beautiful all

kind of medium blush tone like even with this dress this is one of my like spraying English style tea party dresses that I have and just think of how cute these are gonna look with this dress I’m gonna of course do my shots for every single one of

these for you guys I just love these they are so cute and they are so comfortable like I mean like a flat would be more comfortable than this but for a little kind of point pointy toe shoe these are just phenomenal they have a lot of squished like

memory foam feeling leather coated fabric underneath say the sticker they’re phenomenal they are adorable I love that they kind of have this dip here at the front it’s very elongating for your foot and it just makes you look long and lean and it’s very very trendy right like

you know kind of like those deep v on shoes it’s kind of very in right now and this is done in a very kind of classic chic elegant way this will be cute with skirts dresses with jeans like it’s never ending what you can wear these with and

they’re very wearable because they have this really small heel so I mean this is gonna be my go-to heel pretty much all summer if I’m gonna get dressed up and wear heels these are what I’m wearing other than my steer reitman boots but that’s more of like a

funky intense stylish look this is more like classic chic pretty elegance love absolutely love and the bottom is all leather as well so the lady did say the first time you wear these take this plastic bit off it’s like a plastic protector and she said that you can

pretty much get but the whole entire shoe is leather the bottom is leather the top is leather and then the whole exterior is pink suede so she said eventually this will wear down like even the bottom of the shoe feels soft like these just feel so high-quality this

video is gonna be like 20 hours long okay I need it I need to hop to it so we’re gonna the next pair of shoes these I love I’m going to link all of these down below so that you guys can check them out and I will tell

you the prices let me tell you the prices if I go along here so these adorable super cute pink kitten heels were the kitten heels slingback cherry blossom nubuck is what those are and they were two hundred and forty dollars honestly a very reasonable price these are very

good quality shoes you can just tell and I got a size nine I think my true size is probably eight and a half so do a half-size up and you should be good and for reference because a lot of you ladies also probably own the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee

boots and those I am a nine and they are very comfortable so if you’re a nine in the Stuart Weitzman boots most likely you’re going to be a nine in these shoes okay so moving on to the next adorable pair oh my god they’re beautiful this guy so

these these are pretty much gonna be my essential every single freaking day shoe because they are comfortable they are classic they are classy chic and let me just show you so again another adorable dust bag I love the store you guys cute so cute okay so these are

like a what is the proper term Oxford’s Oxford yes I freaking love Oxford’s and I have been on the hunt literally for months trying to look on obscure websites like random places that I can’t even try on in person trying to look for a cute 100% leather comfy

good-quality women’s Oxford and I wanted a neutral nude beige color because I want to wear these with jean shorts jeans like every single outfit and I feel like this is gonna go with literally everything I love when girls wear like cute little skirts and dresses and they have

little flat lace-up Oxford’s I love it it’s like masculine feminine in just the most perfect way okay so these bad boys are the soft Oxford in the color sand nubuck ready-to-wear is their description and I got these in an 8 I am true eight and a half and

I wanted to get these in an 8 and a half but they didn’t have any so I tried an e and a half on in the store but I couldn’t purchase that pair so she actually had an 8 and they fit perfect because they are 100% genuine leather

these are gonna stretch out so I think I should be okay and these were a two hundred and fifteen dollars and these are on these are made in Mexico so basically the inside of this shoe is so soft it is so soft hundred percent leather here huh number

some leather sole hundred percent kind of like a like an aged looking leather close up there these aren’t real like I mean they’re real lace is that you aren’t going to tie them up you guys get what I’m saying right these are just slip on slip off shoes

and then the bottom is rubber gives you a little bit of extra grip I love them I I love I love these shoes I am so happy about them and honestly putting these on you guys there is a lot of cushion if these bend a lot like the

you know all sometimes you’ve been your foot and then like the fabric or whatever the shoe is made out of kind of creases and digs into your foot like he’s don’t these are just soft little clouds on your feet and they’re so cute and stylish even with this

dress I could go this dress I don’t know if I’d wear these shoes I could I could and I just love them the last pair of shoes that I bought from this wonderful company and yet again another super cute just big are these beautiful open toe healed sandal

boot mule you get what I’m saying it’s perfect this is so cute to wear with jean shorts and like a nice top or with a dress or even with G’s I cap end style or your little mom G just throw these on with this is literally gonna go

with absolutely everything they are very very comfortable they’re very easy to slip on and I got these in a size eight and a half so okay so these are called the fairyland peep toe blush new buck ready-to-wear shoe and these were two hundred and forty dollars so these

are the most expensive pair of shoes that I got they’re all pretty roughly you know they’re pretty much all too 22-250 and yeah eight and a half my true size that’s what I think you don’t have to size up for these go with your true size and you

will be good to go they are they’re just they’re beautiful you guys they are wonderful they’re so they’re so adorable like if you compare the Pink’s this is more of kind of like a really deep beautiful medium tone rose and this is like a blush nudey pink this

is really gonna go with everything it’s gonna make your legs look really long beautiful perfection I freaking love it and again it’s a hundred percent mother everywhere this is kind of feels suede it’s just really soft soft leather and the bottom is also 100% mother as well like

this part I love it I freaking love it so yeah those are my three pairs of beautiful beautiful shoes from this wonderful company called poppy barley love them so cute and they’re really is the color palette that I am more so drawn to is like blush Moody Pink’s

beiges I don’t really like harsh black everyday shoes I feel like for the spring and summer really that’s all you need you need those runners and then I don’t move you a statement boot or something and you’re literally good oh and rain boots you gotta have some rain

boots you guys especially if you live in the country like me if you enjoyed this little haul give it a thumbs up always let me know down below what you guys would like to see and I will see you guys next time for another video I got a

lot of holes coming up you guys you are gonna love this ok see you guys next time for another season [Music] [Applause] to the [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]