Repairing TORN Mezlan Woven Leather Oxfords

hello everybody today I’m working on a pair of nesland woven leather oxfords now at first glance they may look perfect to you and you may recognize these shoes from a very bad scratch repair video I did but the owner of these shoes has created some damage here can

you see that and some of the leather is actually torn so I’m gonna see if I can repair these things and get them back to their former glory okay so let’s go hello everybody its Robert power and a half out of five my shoe collection these are made

of shell cordovan can you tell the difference now here they are finished up I’m not a professional look how tight this is though very clearly here I just cut the thread and here goes here they are completely finished up so let me highlight here exactly what we’re dealing

with because you know I’m not a professional abyss this is actually something I’ve never done before so I messed around with this off-camera a little bit so first let me show you the damage okay so as you can see the leather right is completely ripped there this strip

right here is completely torn okay and it’s actually damaged back to here I already had this out tucked it back in to go on camera one interesting thing about this is it lets you see how the shoe is actually constructed that piece is completely ripped as well okay

and it comes back through here so at least these two strips need to be repaired so and I can see there’s another one that’s torn here okay but if you look at the way this is constructed you can see it’s actually a sheet can you see that it’s

actually a sheet of leather and then there’s vertical pieces of leather woven through it and then the horizontal strips are woven through the vertical strips it’s kind of interesting so so I’ll show you some of the supplies what I have here just a bag of scrap leather I

bought that at a Hobby Lobby a while back and I found appropriate strip that’s like close to the same width and color but as you can see this leather is very very thin can you see that compared to the strip that I purchased right is about four times

of the thickness I don’t have any proper tools to skive the leather down that’s what I have here is just an old cutting board you know that of my wife got new cutting boards for the kitchen I kept this utility knife and I actually sharpened it on a

you know sharpening stone I’ve got my exacto knife and if you can see here compared to I don’t think it started just that was actually quite tedious I just sat and thinned it down on the cutting board so I did that basically manually right it’s actually still thicker

than the leather that’s on here but I think this is gonna work okay so let me reposition the camera here and let me show you how I plan on repairing this so what I want to do if you can see the very ends of the pieces of leather

I tried to skive them down what that means is I made them thin at the very end and I’m gonna I think what I’m gonna do for the solution is I’m going to glue them together probably to use superglue but I want the glue joint to be under

here okay or like back on this piece let’s see I’ll probably glue it I’ll probably glue it I guess either here yeah probably underneath this piece here okay so let me show you I’m gonna try to stay on camera which it’s not that easy something to hold the

shoe the right need something to hold the shoe at the right angle so that I can see and you guys can see so trying to slide it under there now there is a hole in here so what happens is if you’re not careful it doesn’t like this obviously

connects okay but you see that’s a slit in a second I was wrong about the way explained the way this is constructed and by the way my fingernails are wrinkled both of my thumbnails grow that way it’s not it’s not fungus I’ve already had it looked at by

doctors okay I apologize I get some you know real bad criticism about that occasionally so what this is is it’s I was wrong this is not a sheet of leather this is not a sheet of leather with two sets of leather this is one sheet do you see

this here so this is part of the sheet isn’t that pretty cool can you see that this so what they do is this basically punch – well I guess three slits in the sheet to create a loop which makes it look like you know a woven piece of

leather does that make sense I’m having trouble articulating it so in others what this is is one sheet of leather with holes cut in it and then strips woven in the other direction so you don’t have two sets of strips you only have one that’s kind of cool

this thing needs a little more yes I know I’m doing this on my finger no I won’t cut myself I don’t think I’m a thing that down [Music] [Music] [Music] so this part isn’t so easy remember feel it dives inside the shoe [Music] let’s make a baby dedication

[Music] they did it was before I can see the tip of the water you see that once you get it up that’s it [Music] so I think what we do cut cut this piece back and or maybe leave it there if I just glue this [Music] it doesn’t

lay quite as flat but are you really gonna notice that I don’t think see maybe if I can use the exacto knife was like a guy yep that works that piece see I already cut it along that piece it’s going to end underneath this piece I think this

is gonna work [Music] he doing [Music] it just could be things do a little better [Music] No drop of the world how we gonna do this it also needs I almost need something to get me to hold this back should I tuck it under and then glue or

glue and then tuck it out there [Music] [Music] I’m pushing I’m pressing down with this nice I’m not making sure the knife is not on top of the shoe I don’t want super good at spilling my shoe I think I can use this piece that I removed surfaces

daily have to create another repair piece no other website and they measured it off so basically it took a small piece of leather here I measured it off and as you can see right there it’s maybe just a hair too long I can always cut a little shorter

but I want to do they want it to go under those two straps you see that’s I want the the joint to be under the leather straps now I’m pinning down the edges of it a little bit it’s hard to get this up this one up Sam actually

sharpen the exacto blade a little bit the leather is fibrous it doesn’t just cut clean see now it looks kind of smushes over because I don’t know if you can tell but now on the front side the leather fibers are kind of hanging over the end so I

gotta flip it over and cut them off another thing I’m finding is this this part of the blade I kind of need to go to the edge of the table because this part of the handle I should say doesn’t let the knife close enough to the cutting board

so realizing that I have to go to the edge of the cutting board to get that part of the handle off does that make sense I’m just figuring it out huh how do you see what just happened and cut a little bit too much and you see I

tore through some time gonna shorten this piece a little bit a little bit too greedy checking out there’s two ways to do this you can cut you can scrape scraping is horrific ly slow but has more control so I think that’s what I’m gonna do let’s see the

leather is actually stretching changing shape because I’m pulling so we’re trying to do here this is the strips this is the strip I just cut trying to cut it our back enough it’s out of the way otherwise that leather gets too thick but leaving a little bit too

blue on figure you got about 10 seconds I think they’ll enjoy before I got it I think I found the technique now let’s see if let’s check the length of this piece it ends right in the middle of the next piece which is perfect so I’m gonna go

ahead and do oh you know what this technique isn’t gonna work through the side difficult it’s how am I gonna get the glue under there out of it [Music] I got it one more piece this is gonna be difficult just a piece right here it’s supposed to be

sewn right there that gives me almost nothing to work with I’m just gonna cut it out this piece here this piece need to be cut at an angle because you see how there see how they’re coming up at an angle so I need to cut angle or else

I’m just going to approximate see how many things are to think about it once so I might have missed recording some of that so I got this piece and glued it right under there I think I thought I had the camera on and I didn’t saw this piece

at an angle like would I don’t under there now I’m filling tiny cracks I felt a tiny crack there and one here I really probably should replace this piece of leather from here this piece but I’m just gonna fill the cracks if this doesn’t work I can always

go back and replace the piece a little less invasive [Music] I’m trying to roll it what other thing I’m gonna do as you can tell these vertical pieces are actually cut so there’s two strips the horizontal ones have like an indentation they’re not cut all the way through

so I’m gonna try and duplicate that I just want to score the surface so I need to hint of a woman this is the medium brunt of the second load there this is the staff here the down your cream polish and I’m just gonna more part of the

test will be when they’re brushing if everything stays in and I think I know I have a decent repair [Music] a little bit myself here this is neutral this is a pot a deluxe looks like a couple of those strips I added on and pretty don’t [Music] I

can see where it is I honestly don’t think anybody will ever notice again right now how far am i right now I am one hand with one right now in light I don’t know four inches from the shoe the tailor lens is like four inches from the show

it’s not perfect I think we got it I think it has been saved there we go [Music] thank you so much for watching feel free to subscribe hit that little talent so that when new videos come out you’re notified and go check out my channel got a lot

of other videos if you like this kind of content all right god bless have a safe day everybody take care of the adventurous try new stuff but you know also be sensible don’t destroy a great pair of shoes alright [Music] both buddies today I’m going to work on

a pair of Maslin woven line up on what [Music] [Music]