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hi guys welcome to accent fashion TV news on the news so they really were talking about Kenneth easy cuz we trending a lot like me in being one of the best designers in section both issue and also know but it wasn’t rented to when he’s out skirts attire

very much before then I want you know send my condolences to those who have lost their lives in South Africa for these inappropriate attacks it’s really sadly I am paint and imitating peen I am angry I’m never fun that there are black people who are calling all the

black foreigners and chasing them all the country as it goes into this unity peace and that should be the major blow for Africans right now don’t you think so as long as we bitch love and unity the government should look for a magic solution to these problems and

this Killeen’s fest so that we can move on in peace and harmony the continent is we can talk about it everyone on today’s news can it even has been going from strength to strength and being one of the best designers for vogue September is to Train tonight and

of course if you look at the story of connect is anything close you see that is a wrist story the boy has been driving lately I mean from being a meter for every imagine now he spawned the books and the cover the music look of a piece was

designed by him this is amazing and anyway she died no I knew you know is connect Africans father a while this is enduring yeah he’s Africa particularly one of us when we talk about events and this time around it is the festival of a shoe or so more

well I guess I’ve heard of I should I should what not really heard of they well they have a festival that has lasted for over 200 years and this term I only specify bought everyone from the blog down to oh sure beautiful it’s amazing we’re going to have

over 1 million peasants brownie cuckoo are in attendance wingman this is a group of brazilian African attire no doubt or the Critical women can they say that is good for the goose is good for the gander in this case it may not necessarily be good for the gander

with men on skirts should I call it short skirts no skirts miscarry and this looks let us cut to me well summer breaks especially spending whether it way has been saying wear these with the likes previous me with them in the car and swanky jury and to some

person I don’t think they might you know we like this in particular this is not about you and then I have personal even sisters I mean what we need man I would never risk it I used to do was a stratagem break now seen the Africans at the

I would not try it I didn’t know about you but this looks stylish and fashionable to every news channels are good enough for me and nobody not for me okay normal combat there’s a lot of talking segments for listening pleasure don’t blow me where to see African fashion

TV news and the we’ll be right back [Music] still avenues mocking the 400 year initiative of Africa Steve Harvey has come back to Donna who is obtained and decides to explore the country foodie and the pair of boots when you take a bowl up it’s very beautiful especially

knowing that equal Steve Harvey would finally come back to Ghana to see you at his place look like I mean I will show video him crying Dodos eventually as pearl explained the conjugate they were very happy about his presence dance parody the money went to the place where

slaves were held and he was moved yes no one Guga and cry it was dark he was cool I mean he’s already kept people who fought for the majors in five minutes it’s amazing the mental he wasn’t possessed he he sent a little bout you know his visits

of course it’s beautiful is that you will start by two men Davidson and thirty Bravo undulating to have cover every time I see a model of the rising yet and we hope to see more of you nearest future please I am always watching what else oh please only

6th edition of the verb is taking along whatever you wanted even is hold of fun I can do that without pleasure no pleasure always wanting to teach in one thing on the other in every [Applause] [Music] sweet I think it’s late you have to loosen up in fashion

TV over there life to show you the best at what happened fashions by each home bitch everything that happens African person to move in their life to report about what you want to miss out on such an opportunity often miss you on food platform for it I say

goodbye I serve in your house [Music] [Applause]

Ecom News | Uber tailors | Knockoff fashion | Amazon accused | Retail + online = baby | 10 cents

the Internet is breaking with confusion about the difference between brick and mortar in e-commerce and where it’s headed and it is costing sellers thousands every day but before I tell you why and how to fix that here’s what you might have missed this week and Amazon and e-commerce

news good American dot-com found a solution to the number one most frustrating factor for any online clothing shoppers what if it doesn’t fit right this has made clothing the most highly returned item in the world a good American found a brilliant solution from petite to plus-sized they feature

a photo of models wearing every size possible for their line of jeans if you are selling clothing you need to be doing this not even Amazon does this for their own fashion brands yet they’re calling it the uber for tailors rich or poor everyone in Nigeria wants a

tailor and in the Economist own words quote roadside stitchers Rove the streets armed with their sewing machines and clicking their large scissors to drum up customers fashion map a new app allows natty Nigerians to find a suit maker at the click of a button see what they did

here they’re building a successful business by just combining two things over here you have the market and over here you have the solution so you have the market the need and then you have solution the product what is the need the tailors what is the solution uber for

tailors and they didn’t just match those two but they borrowed from a completely different industry the transportation industry some of the best ideas are birthed right there if you shop online for clothing I’m going to save you a lot of heartache in the next 45 minutes I’m going

to read a list of over 100 knockoff clothing stores that feature your beautiful women modeling knockoff clothing made in China to make you think you’re buying an American product well at least that’s what michelle either Siddhant did but what if you are an online fashion store yourself what

are you supposed to do with these Friday limb posers instead of playing the defense game and trying to ward off every hijacker and copycat why not go on the offense when you build your brand around the testimonies and faces and stories of real people shoppers will know the

difference for example on your Instagram account they actually see people talking to them on the website they see the pictures of the owners and their stories it’s really hard to fake that and people are smart enough to know the difference between the two because here is a timeless

axiom the fake can never outrun the real to former employees at Amazon just went public on Yahoo Finance stating that Amazon’s own private label team used third party seller data to build their home products put in other words what they are accusing Amazon of is taking data from

your third party cells yes that’s you the third party seller to reverse engineer their own private label products they even accuse them of buying some of these products holding them physically like getting them ordering them as if they were customers to reverse engineer new kinds of products now

of course Amazon firmly denies this now whether or not it’s true this public accusation increases the level of accountability Amazon has to never ever peek into third-party sellers which could put you at an extreme unfair advantage and that is good news I’m gonna watch this story very closely

but in the meantime let’s make some money Amazon sellers take advantage of the fact that Amazon is being held accountable which means you can run hard because if there’s anything I’ve seen Amazon do very intensely it is to protect their assets which is smart and this will only

strengthen that which works in your favor there are ideas about e-commerce flying around the internet and it is time someone called it out for what it really is people are oversimplifying what’s happening in e-commerce it goes kind of like this brick-and-mortar is dead wrong online is the new

wave of the future half wrong there’s some really faulty thinking happening all over the world and one of preneur are jumping into e-commerce because they think if they are in the e-commerce world they are headed for loads of cash in their pockets but e-commerce is not the answer

how you treat your customer is ecommerce is as dead as the brick-and-mortar if the customer experience is not the top priority you see brick-and-mortar is not the problem brick-and-mortar never really died and actually never completely will what’s driving where people drop their cash is not oh it’s brick

and mortar that’s old I’m not gonna buy that no no it’s the customer experience who cares if you’re brick and mortar or e-commerce the real issue is what is the customer want and the only reason brick and mortar is suffering an apocalypse right now is because online stores

are providing an experience that the brick-and-mortar retailers cannot compete with or can they as I watch the online world of e-commerce unfold is like watching an epic saga Melissa pen from parcel pending predicts the future of e-commerce and it goes like this brick-and-mortar and online stores fell in

love they got married and they had a baby the baby’s name is focus focus stands for buy online pick up in store and customers are absolutely loving it if you can get over the fact that this obsession over the customer experience will create some howdy high maintenance customers

out there kind of like the one this week who did not receive their order via fbm from one of our Amazon stores and the response was fix this right now you gotta love those customers you are watching and unprecedented opportunity unfold before your very waking eyes this new

kid on the block named Bo piss is making retailers and insane amounts of money my questions are you in and for awhile people thought a brick and mortar it’s over on lines of the new wave not exactly it’s not the brick and mortar that is breathing its last

one by one it’s the traditional brick and mortar model that is filling up graveyards it’s the model of the brick and mortar so instead of seeing an oversimplified split between brick and motar over here and online stores over here here’s something a little closer to reality first you

have online stores like Amazon eBay or your own Shopify online store second you have pop-up stores like the Tama took my wife on a getaway to Miami and we ran into this little jewelry pop-up shop and an open-air market and yeah we like this so I got it

third you have in mortar stores so you have these three stores and what’s happening is online businesses are finding a massive advantage by combining all three so you launch this clothing brand on Amazon you drive those customers to your Shopify website by the way we teach exactly how

to do this right here you start getting repeat sales on your online store where you are not at the mercy of Amazon because you drove Amazon as a funnel those customers to your Shopify online store and then your online store starts to blow up you have a low

overhead you have a low staff cost if any and you’re very mobile and you can move fast but as your capital grows you set aside some money to launch a pop-up store in Miami during the open market season this brings you another 20 to 30 K each season

a couple years ago by now you have enough cash to open a store in the mall now what just happened you leveraged three platforms to maximize your capital and expand your brand and the direction I just showed you is the direction of successful warrior entrepreneurs who are making

it work that’s my 10 cents [Music]

Meghan Markle launches fashion collection | 5 News

good afternoon everything was going to rain but actually that was a false promise wasn’t it so I hope you’ve had a chance to look around here and hi everyone thank you so much for being here today it’s very exciting and it looks beautiful and I’m sorry if you

were waiting for a bit in this sunshine though it’s pretty nice to have such good weather so I thought that it would probably be helpful for you to understand how we ended up here today and why this collection was so important to conceive based on the visits and

what I was seeing when I was on-site at smart works and let’s maybe go back a little bit should I hold for sound they’re grateful tactic when I first moved to the UK it was incredibly important to me personally to be able to connect with people on the

ground doing really important work and one of the places that I went to very early on with smart works now funny enough and purely by coincidence it was just a year ago at this same time that I was working on a project in Grenville with this women at

a community center called al-manar and that’s when we put together the together cookbook so though this is a year later and obviously this is fashion not food at its core these are very similar projects because they’re about women who are empowering each other me being able to have

the opportunity to meet them get to know them learn from them and then say what can I do in some small way how can I try to help you amplify this how can we make this even better greater and more impactful for the women that you’re trying to

help so on my visits to smart works one of the times that I went I realize there’s a little bit of a challenge in terms of styling for the women because we had a lot of donations but not necessarily the things that women needed to have said okay

well let’s try to work with what we have and make the best of it and then the next time I went you don’t remember this there was a rack of about 40 or 50 lilac colored blazers now don’t get me wrong it’s a great blazer and I sure

for someone it’s exactly what she wants to be wearing but for most women when you’re going in there and you want to have a job interview and you want to feel your very best and you want to feel confident you want to be wearing the pieces of clothing

that make you feel that way and not the leftovers that didn’t sell from the end of a season and I kept thinking about it as I went home and it didn’t track for me and I said we have to do something to change this and a big piece

of this is trying to transform the idea of charity to community and the way that we do that I think is people because when we go into our closet as a woman and you say I’m gonna make a donation you don’t go through your closet and just toss

in a box whatever you don’t care about anymore that’s charity as we know it today community is going through your closet and saying this is the Blazer that I wore when I nailed my first job interview and got my dream job and I don’t need that anymore because

I’m where I want to be but if I’m able to share that blazer and be part of another woman’s success story then that’s community and so when I thought about it in that personal space I said on a bigger level what can we do with brands and what

companies would be helped would be able to help us convene and come together to really build a collection for the women of SmartWORKS that could be the pieces that they need to feel confident going into those rooms this is sort of how we thought of the SmartWORKS capsule

collection the first designer that I thought of immediately was a really good friend of mine Misha nunu who has spent a lot of time with her brand ethos developing women’s empowerment but also specifically a capsule wardrobe so you have key pieces you can mix and match and really

maximize what you have we all know that in your closet right you have certain pieces that you can take from four items of clothing and suddenly you have 10 outfits so that was really important separately I thought if this is going to be classics and essentials what are

traditional and quintessential British brands that I’ve become introduced to once I moved here that for me resonated and I knew would resume with a SmartWORKS customer and that seemed obvious to do M&S and John Lewis which I’ve worn quite a bit in the past year or two since

I’ve been here and they thankfully said yes as well as did me and in the last company that I wanted to have be a part of this project was jigsaw and truth be told that was because I had seen a campaign they had done the year before it

was really highlighting the diversity of the UK and the immigrant culture and how that was part of the fabric of the nation and when I saw that I was so touched by it and I said anyone who’s seeing the world that way and seeing the community that way

is someone that I think would be a great partner to have on this project so they all said yes and that was a great start and so thank you so much for that as we’ve seen this evolve I think what’s been really amazing is to know that these

women will now be equipped in a project that will just be a couple weeks but will give us enough units to be able to have the women at smart works have these key essentials for a year and that in and of itself to be able to have one

small project that has such big impact as something that I’m really connected to this is the kind of work that I’ve been doing for a really long time and to be able to do it here in my new home of the UK means quite a bit to me

it’s also the same vein of work that my husband and I will continue doing really strong community-based projects and this is something that we’ll be excited to be able to share more about next year and we launched our foundation Sussex royal in 2020 so I think at the

end of the day I just want to thank all of you for being able to be here be a part of this success story for these women I think it’s really key in this day and age that we remember it’s not just about the people that you know

that you’re supporting it’s about the people that you don’t know that you may never know you may never meet as women it is a hundred percent our responsibility I think to support and uplift each other to champion each other as we aim to succeed to not set each

other set each other up for failure but instead to really be their rallying around each other and say I want to help you and you may not ever meet that person but you’ll know when you put on that blazer or that shirt or you carry that tote or

put on those trousers of that dress that some other woman on the other side of this country is wearing that piece because you made that purchase and that’s why the one for one model I found was so incredibly important and that’s why I’m really touched that everyone agreed

to do this business model in that way one quick thing that I found out is we were in the car on the way over here was that the totes already sold out online so that’s great and my hope is for any of the brands if you do have

that level of success that you’re seeing really early on – hopefully amplify what you’ve been able to already be so generous in doing with your contribution and extend it for just a little bit more so that everyone can play a part in this shared success story thank you

all so much I really appreciate it and I will hand it over to you on the panel thank you he did nice and cool in machine fantastic it’s okay can you tell us a little bit from the point of view of SmartWORKS what this to me that was

the most eloquent articulation of everything this means roses [Music] she’s everyone’s biggest fan she’s incredibly enthusiastic and supportive and uplifting and I remember she dressed me in this incredibly flattering sort of pencil skirt fitted dress and and I would that’s my interview and I did get the job

because the team helped me and you’re filling the job [Applause] [Music] well right now the collection is to all of our centers there are ladies feet dress it is amazing clothes so it’s just such a wonderful feeling to know that so thank you again it’s to know but

Frank like this really care about them is just wonderful just as the Duchess are saying you might not met this person [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we did the shoe [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] you know it’s really rare all these competitive brands it’s just an another layer

community but a dozen Toy Story hi there so nice to meet you what’s your name nice to meet you [Music] my right why don’t you bring me when I need to GC to I [Music] the worse [Music] [Laughter] [Music] and they look fabulous yeah comfortable yeah so hands-on

[Music] thank you yes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music]

China takes fashion brands to task over Hong Kong | DW News

now with anti-government protests raging in Hong Kong China has become especially sensitive about its sovereignty it’s a forced fashion brands like Versace coach or Givenchy to apologize for t-shirt designs that appear to show Hong Kong Macau and Taiwan as separate territories Amazon faced similar pressure when it was

found to be selling shirts that support Hong Kong’s protesters well Chinese supermodel Li wen terminated her contract with coach and actress young me ended her endorsement deal with visage stating the motherland’s territorial integrity and sovereignty is sacred the contribute the controversy involves two cities that are semi-autonomous have

semi autonomous status that’s Hong Kong and Macau but China also claims Taiwan a democratic island that Beijing calls a breakaway province let’s talk about this a bit more with our resident China washer Clifford Coonan Clifford welcome to this studio doing those examples that we just talked about they

are not the only ones what other companies have been in trouble with China well it’s been a bit like a fashion parade in a way it’s like you know you’ve got Versace you’ve got coach you’ve got Dolce & Gabbana who famously crashed down in flames after making some

very derogatory remarks and Instagram about Chinese people and also running a picture of a Chinese woman eating spaghetti with chopsticks and it was a complete disaster they were forced to retract and apologise but it’s really been just a host of different names we’ve had airlines having to change

their approach we’ve had Korean supermarket chains Amazon as you mentioned so all kinds of different companies have been forced to change their approach or to apologise for things that have happened online how does Beijing apply pressure here sit just market access and our companies are actually giving in

there the companies are definitely giving in what happens is usually there it appears on state media and they’ll make some negative comments and it’s sort of jumped on by this army of web warriors who consumer warriors basically who feel the China’s sovereignty is being threatened and they write

these very patriotic trolls really trolls basically yeah but there’s millions of them and it’s a big patriotic movement or nationalistic movement and then the companies very quickly back down and the Dolce and Gabanna apology was amazing Donatella Versace has come out with a very very fulsome apology the

companies are very quick because they realize that the Chinese market is growing so strongly third of the entire luxury market in the world is now in China had they need it everyone needs to china market and they’re pretty much prepared to apologize for anything even if there’s nothing

happened I mean in one case there was a UBS economist wrote the line in which he was talking about Chinese pigs for some reason this was interpreted as being derogatory UBS put him on on there was a big outcry UBS put him on leave and apologized so it’s

it’s really it’s affecting all kinds of areas of activity well it’s also very much in the online world I should I should think with with people come going on Twitter and all that but these companies these days they should ever have a sort of a notion of what’s

gonna happen if they really don’t watch what they’re what they are doing well is there anything to gain from these controversial ads I don’t think so I think I think a lot of it is the fact is oversight it’s they’ve got these companies that are based in Europe

or in in the States and they’re they’ve got subsidiaries that are coming up with these designs and they just don’t see the back of a t-shirt they really need to pay more attention I mean it was a $425 t-shirt from prasat yeau t-shirt particularly and they’ve destroyed their

entire stock of them but they’re I think it’s an oversight thing rather than anything malicious because the market is too important for them for them to risk it I think at this point because they could be boycotted there was one example was lotted at Korean retail chain they

were involved in a in they gave some of their lands of the Korean government to cite some US missiles and the Chinese government effectively orchestrated a boycott and Lotte had invested six billion dollars in in China and they had to just withdraw all their business is gone so

the risks are very very high so your recommendation for any to any textile business is only plain t-shirts in China that’s right yeah okay cliff hakuna thank you a very much for this inside

Weekly AMA + Fashion News! Aug 6

hey party people can you see me now can you see me can you hear me something something no no okay that’s good so okay I want to start off with just a couple of announcements number one uh next week I will be continuing to do the Tuesday YouTube livestream but I’m gonna do it at a different time so that I can catch people cuz I know that only about 40% of my audience lives in the US and I know that I have like a lot of people watching from Europe and so forth so next week I’m going to be doing the live at 11:00 a.


Pacific time which is seven hours earlier than today so I can catch some different people with their questions number two it has been brought to my attention that I made an error in my fashion history video there was this part where I said divided skirts or divided trousers and I meant to say divided skirts not divided pants cuz pants are already divided so you know that part where I was talking about how women when they wanted to ride bicycles they had to wear special skirts because they weren’t allowed to wear pants yet yeah they’re divided skirts so there’s that Germany it’s 3:00 a.


here hello Germany I’ll be in Berlin in September doot-doot-doot how often do you travel to the fashion capitals it is so are you planning on doing any meetups near these cities have too many fashion students listen I was gonna talk to y’all about that today anyway so I’m glad I caught that so oh hello husband when did you quietly sneak it I bought stuff for salad because you wanted it if you wanted to make it alright so I’m gonna be in Paris and Berlin in September I’m going to Paris for premiere vision so I will be there September 14th through when are we going to Berlin the 24th and then we’re taking the train to Berlin on the 24th and so I’m gonna have a meet-up in Paris at some point there and then culottes yeah I guess the divided skirts end up being culotte ish in the future and then I’m going to be in Berlin September 24th for the 28th and I don’t know how much of an audience I have in Berlin but if there’s a lot of people who want to meet up I’ll have a meet-up in Berlin eyebrows on fleek listen you know who has the best eyebrow pencils in the world Japan a go to any Japanese drugstore and pick up whatever cheap eyebrow pencil and it’ll be the best one you ever used okay let’s scroll up and let’s get to some early questions how do you get inspirations for your designs it’s pretty random and you’re gonna have to be open to it and if you’re in a design rut you need to go do something that you don’t normally do go see things that you don’t normally see ghosts go watch a movie that is totally not your style of movie that you normally enjoy go to a museum exhibit that is not a fashion exhibit like I love fashion exhibits but there’s so much more out there that you can learn from dude oh no no no Brazil hello Brazil did you do natalie.

b aren’t you in Japan what time is it over there now pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom pom you wanna be a fashion youtuber okay eh go for it dududu no no no no I’m just like scrolling through the questions good evening from Ireland wow that mic looks professional yeah this is this is the mic that I bought a few months ago because my husband was annoying me every single day suggesting I do a podcast and so I figured I should have like a fancy podcast mic so that I could have that fancy podcast voice you know that NPR voice good evening and welcome to NPR so I got it but it works really nice for voiceover if you haven’t noticed my my most recent videos I think the voice-over sounds a lot nicer because this mic is so much nicer I like your shirt yes my little pony the OG my little pony who’s old enough here that they watched and played with OG my little pony like eight hundred years ago okay and yeah so this mic is like super nice and let’s see right looking official with the podcast mic I don’t have anything to do with fashion but I love all your I get that a lot thank you thank you Houston Texas oh my god are you is it like a hundred and set like sweaty degrees over there dude to do 3 a.


in Germany wait wait why is this rolling so fast if you had to work in something else other than fashion what would it be ah I really like cooking it’s very relaxing but people say that if you really love cooking then you shouldn’t do it for a job because it will SAP all your joy because working in a kitchen is super hard work and I have my best friend he owns a food truck and sometimes he’ll get hit with an emergency and he’ll ask me to work on the truck and yeah I’ll I’ll typically run the cash register in the the front of the truck or sometimes I’ll make sandwiches and when it gets busy it’s kind of nuts so I don’t really know I’ve wanted to do fashion since I was a little girl and there was a brief period I wanted to be a lawyer and my dad was so excited cuz he’s like you’re so good at arguing but that kind of didn’t last very long and then one time when I was in junior high so you know I had the typical Asian parents who want your kid to be either a doctor or a lawyer and one time in junior high I got a double nosebleed and I passed out at the side of my own blood and my dad was like hmm I guess you can’t be a doctor then so yeah that’s that doo doo doo okay so back to the fresh campus I’ve been to London three times already so I as much as I love London I doubt I will be going back to London just because there’s so many amazing places to go in the world that I’ve never been I’ve been to Paris once but I was 19 years old so I don’t remember much at all and I’ve never been to Germany except the airport and I’m sure Germany is lovely but your airports have not impressed me Frankfurt Airport was like so frustrated anyway not the point but uh and I’ve never been to Milan I’ve never been to Italy it’s like my fantasy is for some Italian school to email me and be like hey do you want to come visit Italy and teach a workshop here and I would be on a plane like that dad doesn’t done with the itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face yes only two people caught that joke and I am disappointed in all of you did you have a designer that you looked up to was your inspiration to be like when you were younger Gianni Versace and not and not necessarily because I thought his aesthetic was the best or that he I thought that he was the best designer but you know I grew up in the 90s and Gianni Versace had created this whole world that was just his world and everything he did from like bedsheets to menswear to his ad campaigns and his runway shows and the models he’s such a world he created this perfect like Versace world and I would fantasize about creating this you know my own world like that and you know I wish that more of you would understand the way he approached his brand and how it just went throughout like he had such an understanding of who he was and what he was all about and what he had to offer the world and everything he did was just so purely saturated and this research enos so yeah dude did he do I have a million favorite designers oh how did your career in fashion start at what age were you interested in fashion I started fashion like super like as a baby I was drawing since I was a kid and I started taking art classes in high school so that’s where I started getting like any kind of formal education was when I was fifteen and then I went to fashion school my first internship was a year-long internship at my hometown Opera House in the costume design department and that opera season we did three opera two of them we borrowed costumes from other shops and a lot of operas and theater productions do that because they don’t have the budgets to create new costumes for every single thing that they do and so costume shops are constantly borrowing from other costume shops and so we did Pirates of Penzance and Aida borrowing and so we worked on fittings and that’s where I learned about corsets I learned how what courses should look like in order to really like I mean opera singers is where you test horses right where they are like busting through the scenes and the lacing and they’re singing and I would work backstage and that’s where I learn how to lace corsets properly and then throughout the year we were building costumes for La Sonnambula so we’re like dyeing silks and making these big poofy skirts and yeah so that was fantastic and that was all throughout my senior year of high school then I went to fashion school I did a couple of internships while I was in school but you know I was poor I you know I was a broke college kid and so there were some internship opportunities that I didn’t get to participate in because I had to make money and I did private tutoring gigs a lot because private tutoring made a lot of money and I need to pay for things like fabric so much fabric and I worked all throughout college whether it was internships or the paid tutoring and then I also worked in the liberal arts office at the school I attended and then I started working in the industry right after school and I graduated I worked yeah like late the summer after I graduated in May and then I started working a couple months after that that was how I got started September 14th is my 18th birthday wow you’re like a baby it is so hot in here oh hey Zoey I’m a senior in high school I’m really stressing what would I what should I do about my portfolio for college fashion major a person have any tips yeah I have a portfolio video that you could watch but really if you have any questions the best person to ask is the admissions department at Parsons because they’re the ones that are going to be reviewing the portfolio and it’s really their opinion that matters keep this a fashion channel and not makeup it’s not really a makeup Channel due to its 4 a.


here in the Middle East oh my ah why does this keep scrolling by itself do you wait Zoe any comments on Barney’s filing for bankruptcy I have a million things to say about that I already said a lot of snarky things on barn about Barney’s on Twitter today that’s really where I get the most snarky so Barney’s for those of you who don’t know Barney’s has filed for bankruptcy and they have 27 locations and they’re going to close 22 of them and according to my source they are the five stores are going to do in New York one in Vegas one in Boston and then one more that I can’t remember but yeah they’re shutting down 22 locations that is a lot of jobs and if you are with me at my live stream last week I made the comparison with blockbuster and Netflix and how if you are a company that has been around for a long time and you refuse to change with the then what is gonna happen is you are going to be the blockbuster of your industry you’re gonna be that laughingstock who didn’t keep up with the times who didn’t make the necessary changes who saw competitors like Netflix coming at them and they didn’t do anything about it because they were it was hubris a lot of it is hubris okay I was mocking Barney’s earlier on Twitter today because they’re after they had announced the bankruptcy like all over the news their tweet today was about how they were an institution and it’s like it’s that kind of thinking that will ultimately fail them hey have you heard that if you’re in the if you are from the US and you’ve probably heard that term too big to fail and they think that institutions they think that they are too big and too well-respected to fail but here’s the thing consumers they don’t care about saving institutions okay when Sears went out of business a serious file for bankruptcy and all of that everyone and their mother started waxing poetic nostalgia about how bad it was as serious was going out of business and I remember shopping at Sears and I remember this blah blah blah but it didn’t there it was all about memories from 20 years ago no one was shopping there anymore because Sears was not giving anyone a reason to shop there and so I feel like unless Barneys does something really crazy the next upcoming months to convince us they’re worth saving it’s gonna be another round of oh I remember Barney’s Barney’s used to be so cool and Barney’s used to be the place we went to to discover new designers you know but the nostalgia it’s not enough to get us in the stores it’s not even enough to get us in the stores at Sears price points think about how cheap Sears is no one’s gonna shop at Barney’s price point out of nostalgia okay so these institutions I think they’re so too respected and too brilliant and too like iconic to fail need to wake up okay [Music] you’re attending premiere vision I’d love to hear an interview with the wholesale sales rep or something related to breaking into the wholesale trade as a small brand ah those it’s my understanding that most of the people at premier vision are going to be fabric and trims like more services as opposed to design brands that was my understanding if you want to see that I did talk to some people at the LA textile show that is on a video on a sourcing video that my little pony t-shirt reminds me of your comment on golpes teddy bear collection no I liked it I like I don’t know if it if I made it sound derogatory I didn’t I thought it was very I thought it was cute like how very whimsical she was she had so many freaking teddy bears how do I get into contact with sewing factories just call them email them I mean I know it sounds gay it sounds scary but it’s not don’t forget that as much as factories like to you know be boastful about oh I don’t need to take that job is too small for me blah blah blah there are plenty of factories out there who are like yeah you know you need work so you know have I ever met in who me campbellton though hello from California how do I get into contact with some factories when I want to start my own business but they’re a couple of things I still don’t know well that’s kind of a vague question um I think that reading some books on production and product development and not fashion design process is a good way to start Kathleen fasten Ella wrote a book on basically it’s a how-to guide for fashion entrepreneur so anyone who wants to start their business in the soft goods soft goods being anything that is made out of fabric so that’s a good place to start for sure and whoa [Music] but it’s definitely you want to read resources about production so when you go to Amazon and or whatever bookstore and you start looking for books think about books for production but Kathleen fast in Ella’s blog which is Fashion Incubator calm let me just write that on the chat – incubate or calm that is a good website to read tons of blog posts and they have a she has a search engine that you can look up things and then go ahead and order her book her I have read her book I love her book I recommend it to everyone and that’s a really good place to start you’ve been to Amsterdam right are there any textile fashion related workshops that you attended while you were in there no but you know what when I was in Amsterdam I went to the fashion for good Museum and it’s like real central in Amsterdam and I learned so much by just walking around and reading all the boards that’s the key is like it’s not an exhibit like a museum exhibit like look at all these pretty things the it’s divided into three floors the bottom floor it talks about how wasteful government construction is currently today and then the ground floor that you enter from that floor has all these displays on displaying fashion design lines that are currently very sustainable and you can buy from them right there and then the top floor is my favorite floor and that one has all these displays on innovations and inventions and just new products being developed and sold all over the world that pertains to a more sustainable fashion industry so like leather being made from fruit waste biodegradable clear bag for like shipping clothes you know how a lot of the time clothes get shipped in these clear plastic bags so instead of those this is really company created these bags that look just like those clear plastic bags but they literally biodegrade in three months so different ways of dyeing fabrics that use less water you hear this read up on all this stuff people are making clothes out of mushrooms and it’s really cool so I highly recommend you go to that museum do you do so white Raven thanks for the tip I hope that was helpful you should definitely go to Fashion Incubator dot-com hello Columbia do you do mo mo mo mo are you still at your friend’s house stealing their Wi-Fi can you do a series on Hollywood costumes I am we did touch on that last week I am gonna throw up a poll on the community tab so people can vote but that is that does sound like it’s gonna happen doo doo doo doo doo zowie regarding your book recommendations do you happen to have an Amazon affiliate link or library where you can find all of them yes you can go to any of my recent videos and if you click on the description box they have a link on store link do do any advice for someone who is hoping to pursue fashion journalism I’m currently a junior in high school there are some schools that offer a fashion journalism degree I would say that you would need to you would really need to learn fashion history especially I mean you would have to learn fashion history as well as journalism history your language skills depending on what language you use mainly and you are going to use to write in I’m always careful about that because I have such an international audience but you know your language skills really need to be on point and this is gonna sound really rude but you’re gonna need a day job in the beginning because journalism is a kind of a dying industry right now and you’re probably going to be making like really small change freelance articles for a long while you know someone I left me a comment the other day saying Zoe do you feel like you are discouraging students from pursuing fashion you know when you talk about kind of like the negative aspects of the industry and to me I think that it’s misleading students if I’m not being as realistic as possible about the way the industry is now and so while I think that fashion always needs journalists we always need people like Kathy horn and Suzy Menkes who do speak their minds who are not afraid to get kicked out of fashion shows because they gave a negative review and things like that is gonna be tough and you need to prepare for that you need to be the best of the best doo doo doo ah the apparel industry board Inc in Chicago can help designers connect with small minimum factories and pattern makers oh that’s very cool y’all should take note of that from Debbie Kat how can I get better researching when it comes to design aspects of fashion don’t use just one source don’t just go to the internet and assume that you can get everything from the internet there’s so many things on the internet but not everything is there and go to the library and get some books and maybe you need to go look at things yourself I cannot express to people enough how important it is to go out in the world and just go look at clothes and I mean that in a lot of ways go people watching in a busy area and see what people are actually wearing in your city and go shopping and pay attention to the price point that you’re shopping at and look at the quality of the clothes look at what trends are selling go look at the sales department I’m always telling students to go check out the sales department because that’s where stuff didn’t get sold so one or two pieces is fine but if you see the same shirt like eight of them in the sales section there is something wrong with that shirt and you should go pick up that shirt and try to figure out what is wrong with it that nobody wanted it this thing is the worst it’s always scrolling so fast without me hi from Mexico Oh that was helpful white white Raven good um saw the mushroom fabric don’t go a fashion school very cool right yeah how do you feel about fashion brands using each other’s patterns I heard it’s common for brands to order clothes and use those patterns for their own lines do you mean print design or pattern drafting I’m not really sure what you’re talking about hi from Mexico hello Mexico I love Mexico I go every January it’s the best what is the feature fashion the future of fashion the future of fashion is sustainability okay because we don’t have another choice in the matter the feature of fashion is for one it means sustainable materials making organic cotton transitional cotton organic linen recycled fibers from polyesters and nylons and stuff like that sustainable also means more sustainable production processes like the new waterless dyeing go look it up co2 dyeing and it also means fair labor laws across the world you know kind of depending on the labour laws of each country and sustainability also means not designing crap that’s gonna end up in a landfill because you don’t know how to design you know there’s a lot of people who are just constantly shoveling stuff out there in the world without any regard for who’s going to buy it and it is your responsibility as designers to create quality product that people want okay what is the this whole like recycling and reusing and upcycling that’s really good but the number one thing is don’t make stuff that no one’s gonna use or buy okay so that is part of the future of fashion the second future of fashion thing would be fiber technology which is tied to sustainability but fiber technology and fabrics and things like 3d printing the reason why 3d printing is sustainable is because you are printing the sections of the garment in and not cutting away things that leads to fabric waste okay so 3d printing is part of it fully fashion knits by its very nature is more sustainable than cut and sew anything because it reduces fabric waste like you just plan out the knit stitches and you put in the yarn for those stitches and it’s you don’t cut and remove things later on so fiber technology developing new ways to be sustainable and still be sexy because fashion it still has to be sexy right and yeah fiber technology interesting ways to incorporate technology with our clothes that sort of thing people are thinking I’m a thief but I don’t care I will necessary because this life is important Momo is a Wi-Fi fee you can’t deny it you already DME I have the proof what is your opinion on print on demand regarding relating to fast fashion and consumerism print on demand t-shirts and apparel print on demand isn’t the worst thing ever because the whole on demand part which means there is no excess inventory it’s not like a bunch of pre-made t-shirts sitting in a factory somewhere it’s only made to order so in that way it is helpful like these companies they just have like a million blank t-shirts and then they print whatever gets ordered so in that way that is not the worst way to make t-shirts depending on you know what materials the t-shirt was made out of and what kind of inks are using can you do a series on accessories design no because that is not an area of expertise for me and you guys know I don’t talk about stuff I don’t know about doo doo doo Stella McCartney is using spider silk I definitely want to do some research for that type of fiber yeah yeah there I’ve read some like super dry like kind of obscure Studies on where they study spiders and spider silk because it’s some of the strongest stuff in the world and you know you don’t have to kill any spiders for it mmm very very interesting I come from the cultural management background which is pretty difficult in Mexico right now I’m starting to get into sustainable fashion industry I wouldn’t like to completely detach myself from culture what is your recommendation to combine those two areas I don’t know what cultural management means is that something like tourism and you specify in the chat to meet up in Mexico at some point please here’s the thing is I don’t know where I’m going to be in Mexico for a like the Mexico thing is a thing I do with my husband for a few days and I usually end up going to a really touristy town like Cabo or part of IATA but you know I’ll keep you guys posted dude I mean like clothing patterns the shoe the cut the shape I think that that happens when you have the same clothing manufacturer creating patterns for different companies and I mean that happens sometimes it’s just like for example when I used to work at a leather jacket company we worked we had production facilities domestically in the US like literally like across town and also in China and in India and when we contracted pattern-making services in China and in India you know they had these basic menswear styles for like a bomber jacket or for a motocross style jacket and they have these patterns sitting around and I’m sure they use them for other companies but it’s just like a basic style and it was up to us to choose interesting leathers to choose the best trends for us to make it our own with interesting linings because if you think about what people wear this t-shirt I love this t-shirt does it have a unique pattern and fit no it does not that’s not what it is it’s the it’s how incredibly soft this fabric is it’s how fun this this print is I think about the things that are in your own wardrobe it’s like it’s not always about proprietary fit for some brands it is every brand has their important thing and some brands important thing is their proprietary fit and so they won’t they will invest in pattern making services and that is part of their intellectual property and some people like whoever made this t-shirt they don’t care about proprietary fit so it is about focusing what is important to your brand and making sure that that part is flawless [Music] I absolutely love your channel I really want to pursue a career in fashion but I’m not a great designer what are some other jobs in the fashion industry that I could consider okay first of all Elina thank you so much for this question because a lot of people want to work in fashion and a lot of people assume that they should be a designer that they have some ideas and they can be a designer and that’s not necessarily true and that doesn’t mean that they should not work in fashion but you know being a designer is not for everyone and that’s okay people think that the designer thing is the most important and the best thing no the most important and the best thing is to find a career that makes you happy that lets you sleep at night and things like that so there are a lot of things that can be done in fashion depending on your own skill set like if you’re a little bit more money and numbers and business oriented fashion merchandising is kind of like design meets business and they’re the ones who do a lot of the planning and they make a lot of the business like kind of they’re the bridge between the business and the design decisions in the design room and studying fashion merchandising in school really opens you up to a lot of different kinds of design meet like artistic meets business sort of careers like buying if you want to become a buyer you study merchandising and if you’re really a people person and you are more extroverted and you really know how to that you have the gift of gab and you really know how to get with people maybe fashion marketing PR those are more your things where you are working with fashion companies and you are helping create this image for them that is like the most positive and you know sellable thing is so you can go into that there are a lot of marketing degrees out there and there are some even fashion marketing degrees that you can pursue so that’s two Biggie’s and if you just like making stuff powder makers make good money in the design room powder makers make the most money so if you love making clothes you can go into sewing you can go into pattern making product development if you are into like data entry which always reminds me of my sister but if you’re in the data entry and details you can go into tech design tech design is an area that always lacks people mm-hmm it’s sustainable a trend now in fashion no it’s a way of life in fashion now sustainable clothing and sustainable production practices are never going to go out of fashion now that’s just our life now because of the state of the planet and how wasteful the fashion industry is how do you personally utilize the principles and elements of design do you use the print elements if you’re designing your critiques and of other design works yeah you know I did teach I taught the principles and elements of design throughout several court weeks in my color and design classes at the university because my color and design classes were focused on color and design for fashion and it’s kind of tough not that it’s I mean it’s not light and fluffy it is a little bit more intense and so I never felt that it was right or I never found it like the right time to teach it in my videos if there’s a lot of interest in it I might uh it is really important and the key is like balance I would say is the most important principle where you are trying to find a balance within the garment of embellished and not embellished and contrast colors and and things like that so I do utilize it it’s like one of those things where it’s like backburner like constantly whenever I look at the proportions of a landscape of an outfit of a lineup I start automatically repositioning things in my head what do you think is the most sustainable fabric uh there are a lot of categories on that but currently I think that the research shows that mechanically recycled polyester and nylons are the most sustainable and by mechanically recycled in me I mean mechanically versus chemically like the less chemicals used the better for our water wastage problem so mechanically recycled polyester and nylons followed up by organic hemp and linen y’all are having all these crazy intense conversations in here that have nothing to do with me and I love it you should keep doing that you should keep making friends hello from China hello to China this thing just like Scrolls by itself do to do I should look into academia Rio Chi they need better teachers I don’t know what that means I here’s the thing this is my personal goal and fantasy so if you all want to help me reach my goals this is this is the deal I love teaching more than anything like people ask me all the time why I quit my design house it’s because when I was designing full-time and I had my own line that’s when I started teaching at université I got a I got offered this university teaching job and I did one class a week because that’s all I had time for while I was running my own business and it was Tuesdays at 8 a.


and I learned throughout the the course of the semester that I look forward to Tuesdays so much because I love teaching so much like it was terrifying because I’d never taught my own class before and it was at this huge massive University where the fashion school was over 3, 000 students and yeah but it was the best and so I asked for more classes the following semester and I close up shop because I found teaching was the best and I always wanted to travel the world and teach and by that I mean like week-long workshops or three-day master classes and maybe even like one semester somewhere so I don’t plan on moving I love where I live and stuff like that so that’s that’s what I’m about cultural management is related to museums cultural centers funding for nonprofits managing artists galleries etc okay so how would you merge cultural management with fashion that’s your question if you are I mean the first thing that comes up that comes into my head is funding for nonprofits if you can figure out a way for you to create like I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and one of the reasons why our fashion industry isn’t bigger is because we don’t have the infrastructure for it and we don’t have a mayor or who is interested in growing that and so if you are into cultural centers and funding for nonprofits then maybe you can work on the infrastructure in your city for fashion designers to help them get started to you know if you had training centers for sewing facilities there used to be a nonprofit in San Francisco where it was basically this one massive room full of machines all kinds of machines for all kinds of making things and not just fashion and clothing but just all kinds of machines and that was really popular for a long time for people who wanted to get started couldn’t afford these giant industrials or they just didn’t have room in their house or you know they all these other reasons and so people would rent these machines they would schedule themselves and rent them by the hour you could do all these kinds of services to increase the infrastructure of fashion and help fashion and clothing making in your city grow and maybe tie that in with some museum exhibits where you bring things in and mmm I don’t know there’s a lot of things I think you can do there where you are helping lesser known designers grow their businesses maybe between teaching and YouTube and Etsy are very busy yeah I know I think about that every time I work on my book do you use a particular organizer or temp time management system I don’t I’m so I’m really analog an old-school about certain things I will show you this thing I print these calendars on iCal every week and I write my weeks goals and I have a list of like my weeks goals in terms of I would love for all these things to happen and then I have a list of these things have to happen unless you are on death’s door so the YouTube stuff it has to happen it has to happen and then I have other things like well I have to finalize the the syllabus for the workshop that I’m teaching oh yeah if you don’t know in San Francisco I will be teaching a fashion sketching workshop August 20th and the Eventbrite link is all over my twitter my facebook my Instagram excuse me so go check that out if you live in the Bay Area or you’re going to be in the Bay Area August 20th but yeah I just I learned time management when I was in school than working three part-time jobs and so I have a list of I got a dues and the list of I would like it to happen this week and then I have a list of like long-term projects that are just kind of going on and here’s my secret okay here’s the thing that helps me is crossing things off that is the reason why I write these things down on paper I cannot even tell you how many to do apps and organization apps and things that I’ve tried out over the years but nothing beats taking my sharpie which is always on my desk and just the feeling of accomplishment and so I bust my butt so that I can have that moment or I have my Sharpie moment I know that sounds dude but it really works for me I lived in Asia for a couple of months and worked with one on one with a tailor who would make all of my designs after I sketched them up and sourced my fabrics do you have any advice on how I could do that similar here in the States I don’t see why you can’t do that in the States it’s just a matter of finding a tailor just wanted to say I love you Zoey you’re amazing artists fashion designer illustrate keep up the great work Thank You princess wait is that Jane is that you Jane you do what’s your favorite fashion era personally to wear the 60s and the 70s professionally that changes all the time do you think is okay to have a multi- style meaning you switch from many styles or just one step because I love all kinds of style I’m always judged as weird because I switch it up this is why freelancing works really good for me because I get bored easily and I am constantly switching up styles so when you have your own brand it is important not to confuse your customer and if you’re trying to figure out you know what is different enough season to season my suggestion is for you to go look up some designers that you like if you go to Volcom and you click on runway and you click on whatever designer they’ll you can see they’ll have a whole page where you see all their seasons so go look at other seasons and go look at how different things are collection to collections season to season and what things are similar and you know test yourself on how you can keep things within one customer but still play around with different themes season to season and actually one of the videos coming up is where I talk about customers and really nailing that customer and that came out all wrong but you know what I mean and market research and stuff like that but it the reason why figuring out who your customer is is so that you can focus your design efforts so that when you want to kind of go off and do a different kind of collection you’re still serving your customer Michael Taft asks when our parachute pants finally going to come back in style dear Michael Taft they may come back in style but I will never let you wear them because I know where you live that’s the end of that can you talk about knockoff fashion what’s there to talk about this is one of those things that as long as people are buying them people are going to make them okay people who do knock off fashion they’re not in for the love of fashion they’re in it for the love of money and so the only way to get them to stop is for everyone in the world to stop buying them and how is that going to happen how do you feel about Zara’s claim of becoming a hundred percent sustainable in the near future do you think it’s greenwashing or is there a chance for them I think it’s a little bit of both I think that they I think that some people do understand that it is a dire situation I do think that this whole idea of being a hundred percent sustainable is impossible for a company that just spits out so much crap there was that article where the like the creative director or somebody was like it doesn’t feel like we make that many clothes and it’s like like as soon as I read that I said I don’t care about your feelings the numbers and the landfill’s say that you are making that many clothes so I don’t I don’t care about what you feel you are making okay so no company can be a hundred percent for sustainable unless they make a lot of moves to reduce their landfill donations so I don’t care if all your stuff is biodegradable this term biodegradable it gets waved around a whole lot but it’s like yeah if it eventually degrades in a hundred years it’s still a hundred years in a landfill and that’s there’s got to be a limit for that right how did I miss you do in live weekly fashion news you did and this is only my second week don’t feel bad [Music] thoughts on Rihanna’s new fashion hi I talked about that last week I’m not excited I love her make up I hear amazing things about it Daryl Martha do not encourage Michael he is the worst like literally the worst he’s also my building manager but he’s still the worst are you saving these live videos yes I am the one from last week was saved and I will be saving this one from what you’ve told us fashion design is hard especially in college it’s hard because it’s hard so how do you keep a good mental house and so many designers get burned out so frequently having good people around I’ve always had lots of friends who are not in fashion to keep my head in check and by that I also mean cultivate relationships where you can be honest with each other my best friend is someone who does not work in fashion who does not work in education and teaching and we are not and I don’t work in his industry food and we’re just really honest with each other I mean in a loving way but we are very honest with each other where when we have a problem it’s like is it a problem or are you just you know blowing it out of proportion because you’re emotional you know we can vent at each other and not take it personally I mean don’t don’t use people as punching bags but just like develop good friendships with people both within and out of to keep your head on straight and get a hobby I mentioned this before but cooking is my hobby and just like puttering around the kitchen is very zen for me and I like throwing on a podcast I’m just puttering around the kitchen you know huh okay there’s okay so we’ve been at this for an hour and so I’m just gonna do like a 10-15 minute rapid rapid-fire question round before I close up but keep in mind I will be back next week at 11 a.


on Tuesday for more questions so did you do I love wrinkles where did that come from y’all marry someone rich I’m insane eed to marry someone rich I do need to say don’t marry someone who’s going to be a financial and emotional sinkhole in your life hmm Oh linen wrinkles and wrinkles can be part of the design yeah go talk to sa Miyake about that and look up tensile yea tensile is very interesting do you have any more fashion documentaries recommendations uh I haven’t watched very many recently I watched the yellow is forbidden which is the guap a documentary and I mean if you’re really into her I recommend it but the film itself is not interesting I only recommend it to major guapa fans okay oh I think I finally found where I was if I wanna I want to start my own label but I like fashion knowledge to start my own brand if I could choose a fashion position that could give me knowledge to start my own brand which one would you recommend I would recommend any kind of fashion position in a small company because when you work at a small company you have to put on a lot of different hats and so you end up learning a lot more different aspects of the business and one of my first jobs what I worked at a company that was just six people and that’s how I got my feet wet in product development and production because I had to do doo doo pattern making work is too hard that’s why people get paid so well that is doo doo would you talk a little bit about your August 28th workshop okay so my August 20 20th workshop it’s all about fashion sketching for designers quick sketching your ideas this is not gonna be about fancy elaborate rendering we’re going to be working weighing with markers and miR and the San Francisco incubate uh excuse me Fashion Incubator San Francisco is who I’m partnering with for this workshop and they are providing all the materials the paper the pencils and the markers and I will be bringing some of my figure templates and we’ll be going over how to sketch on the figure templates and how to get your design ideas down on paper and not and not it’s not watercolor it’s not elaborate rendering it’s about getting your design ideas on paper so that you can move on to getting flats made and getting patterns made it’s open to all levels of expertise so I’m expecting some drawing beginners in the group so tickets are $50 but all materials are supplied and all experience levels are welcome it’s three hours we’re gonna have like a little 15-minute break in the middle but it’s a three hour class with you truly I am Mexican when a study fashion design cannot afford to say abroad what advice would you give me to not stay in Mexico forever and learn from different places you know schools do have online programs so school at the University I used to teach at the Academy of Art University they have an intensive like completely online bachelor’s of fashion design course I’m sure they’re not the only ones so if you want to get started with your education that way you can look into online programs and I went to Peru a couple months ago had the opportunity go meet a place full of manufacturers it was amazing to see that they can produce any idea yeah Peru Peru does a ton whoa I just smacked my glasses prove does a ton of garment manufacturing um I have a girlfriend who used to work at Guess jeans and she used to go to Peru all the time also Peru has amazing food yeah their classes are short intervals and people go there from outside of Italy they have Italian and international teachers do they teach in English because I speak zero Italian y’all are having this intense debate about linen and sustainability in the chat and I love all of you how do you protect your designs and creative work you can’t that’s the short answer can you do more biography video on Asian fashion designers I’m planning on traveling the world and genders in terms of designers I think a lot of people voted on Iran her burn for the last one but seriously if you have ideas on who you want to hear about next go to the guap a video and comment on that the crossing out on to-do lists is incomparable I’m telling you it’s just like it’s an emotional it’s a rush it’s a high it’s like yes I did this I finish I’d have to look at it anymore that’s that’s good for your fashion emotional well-being mmm can you do another corset tree video what would you like to learn about course a tree I love the emojis in here they look because they’re squished on the bottom they look like little yellow gumdrops favorite go to fabric store in the Bay Area like I if I want leather I go to hide house which is up in Napa and if I have like a Dyer fashion emergency I’ll go to one of the discount places but bright X is overpriced didn’t they go out of business if I and I actually save up a lot of fabric shopping for when I’m in LA and I go down to the garment district and I shop Michael Levine be black and Sons all the job airs down in LA International silks and woolens on Beverly Boulevard and FNS fabrics which is in West LA that’s where a RuPaul and drag race shop for fabric I used to shop there when I was in school do to do what is the most thankless job in the fashion industry janitors like we would be swallowed up alive by thread bunnies if the cleaning crew were to quit sub – PewDiePie the Nazi no thanks vivienne westwood has nylon parachute pants this season Michael Taft if you’re still in this live chat like what is going on here and any new art supplies you’ve been loving lately I always buy what your Armand well okay so if you want to know about what products I recommend to other people you can go look at my Amazon store I mentioned before that my Amazon store link is on the description box of all of my videos so go look at the more recent ones and even if you don’t show up on Amazon you could just go and look at what I’ve been enjoying what am I using lately you know I tried out that Hannon mule bamboo paper in my freelance tips and tricks video and I didn’t love it it’s so absorbent uh it’s very spongy and I did not enjoy that and so there’s that mm-hmm what I mean that’s the new thing I tested and I did not love it and I think that’s it for new things lately hi I just started out in sewing where should I start with your videos my garment / dharmic construction playlist Zoey you should do smaller QAS on your Instagram stories uh it’s a lot it’s a lot like I’m trying to work on my book to be honest I don’t know Selena in her fashion I don’t know too much about that [Music] what are some new unique art supplies that you recommend here’s the thing that somebody has mentioned to me the other day and I have been talking about it a lot but nobody really talks about it just like the stupid thing it is a little spray water bottle and you can get those in any like any place where they sell toiletries and empty bottles for travel toiletries it’s like a little spray bottle full of water and you know when I paint with gouache and watercolor I leave it on my palette and then I reuse it later and then I also have like a traveling watercolor palette that I also use just in my studio and I love the little water squirt bottles I just spray all over my palette and let the water soak into my gouache for a few minutes while I’m setting up all of my other painting supplies and then my gouache is written old dry watercolors and washes are ready to use by the time I sit down they teach in English he sent me a link to that it’s a teaching a Zoey Hong com thank you when do you have a group meeting in NYC I had one last year I do not know when I will be in New York next there is this amazing exhibit that is happening at the Met not the camp exhibit there’s another exhibit coming into the Met in November that I’m hoping to check out I’m a fashion design student New Mexico is wondering if I could show you one of my jobs and could you give your opinion I do fashion design and fashion illustration critiques on my scale about page so go to and that’s where I do the reviews do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do okay trying to get to yes I will always save the live feed yes what would you say are the major differences in between having a background in fat and product development versus fashion design well it it always of course depends on the school that you attended but in general that when the industry sees that you you majored in fashion design they think that you spend a lot of time in design process in design classes and then also some basic sketching classes so they are assuming that you have an understanding of the whole mood board color fabric design kind of process that you understand how to draw flats that you understand how to draw flats in Adobe Illustrator that you have some basic photoshop skills and that you understand like how to take a creative vision and thread it throughout the design process to the end and that you have some understanding of trends and shopping and what’s going on in the world in terms of the garment industry like the look of things and then in product development the assumption is that you studied more about pattern making and sewing and I know most fashion design degrees also study pattern making and sewing but the product development degrees they study more of the software and there they should be familiar with a couple of different kinds of pattern making software they should have studied grading grading is not something designer study and a lot more sewing and production processes learning the more of those things and not so much sketching Adobe Illustrator you know things like that and maybe more like also tech packs and that is it last week you mentioned that people only want to buy clothes I feel like pajamas I mentioned that comment to a few people and they agreed yeah people just want to feel super comfortable in their clothes that’s really the kind of life we live now a friend would shoot water into all the drugged water color tubes using a hypodermic I do you have an eyedropper for more focused things so yeah what’s the best way to store fabric in the dark in a place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate too much I mean if you’re getting into like long-term storage but most definitely store fabric in a dark place do you see my this is my big I don’t know let’s see if we can you see like my giant table over here this table is six feet by eight feet I think it’s about the size of my bed it’s because my husband is very tall and on the others like on this side are all my teaching things like boxes full of lesson plans and demos like and stuff that I used in university and actually like all my old grading and stuff and then on the other side our rolls of fabric because my windows are over here so even when my shades are open like my fabrics are protected because there’s like all these boxes in the way and then I have no windows on that side of my studio and so no sunlight is touching my fabrics and then I have more boxes of fabrics but they’re all in boxes with lids for things that are not on the roll on the fabrics and that’s the number one thing okay it is 717 we have been here for a long minute and thank you so much for joining in thank you I love the fact that you all are having conversations with each other in the chat thread I love it I love all are you helping each other which is why I started that Facebook group because I wanted you all to like get to know each other and in network and make friends and also again like whoever asked that mental health question which is a very good one you know having friends also in fashion who understand where you’re coming from and just being able to unload sometimes and share some laughs that is all part of you know working on your mental health so if you want to link to the Facebook group so you can join in that link is also in the description box of my videos so go join the Facebook group make some friends like you did in here and come back next week remember next week I am doing Tuesday 11:00 a.


so that I can hit all the European people who have been wanting to join in but they don’t have the luxury of staying up until 3:00 in the morning some of y’all are like the good kind of nuts Oh any fashion design school recommend around the Los Angeles area yeah Otis okay I’m gonna sign out I am gonna save this live I will see you all next time okay [Music].


I have a confession TV news on a sidenote we want to express our deepest condolences to the families affected in the recent crash of a building concerned the school and leaders we understand that these are hard times and we are deeply deeply sorry and feel your loss trust me it’s a bad time Judy this is quite suddenly and especially now in the fact that they may a lot of parents on the internet and we saw pictures of them crying here and there that their kids did most of them love the kids and actually give kudos to those who actually tried saving more of the kids they were trapped and congratulations to those of you two who donated blood for the kids to survive of course these are hard times but trust me we’ll keep pulling forward and whatever one that comes to us on the news today he comes near limited edition is a major really home he teamed up with designers architects on artists from five African countries two years ago and of course it was really really interesting because he made importance to play a major role in the home and for creative together Ness I like the name of the collection overall there’s something abstract about into something calling me above me I love the fact that he pulled the old typical African into the modern African it’s a sort of modernity into them like that I think the collection is really amazing there’s something that the things that you would need to decorate your home manager it’s cool stuff I feel like when I get into a parody I understand his foul as far as action is not close by now move on and tell you that the fashion a mix initiative of African Development Bank that a public and private enterprises and initiatives have come together in a collaborative effort to find a pan-african fashion initiative this is good news for the African fashion industry really amazing because I know the plan is to trade barriers between countries and I hear there’s money in it too isn’t it I tell a little of castamere now estimated revenue of about thirty five billion dollars in a way can be generated if this posed 2.

5 billion dollars now it magic money saitec half and half and happen and many half of it and I give them to myself okay then from that amount I take a maybe a lead to talking about ten seventy seven to five thousand how much is an iPhone 7 is my money you don’t get to choose I’m gonna give you a small token who got married in to buy a tent on Monday and of course she got married to herb you Adam King and she didn’t disappoint us your own fashion brand by mother Pater back in Italy that’s amazing you know bang on burning down it’s a pet name for baby my husband yeah I also having the husband then that held his own as he wore a bespoke suit from communal collections well that’s a bitch sounds rich already for the way you sound which came nominal collections are imagine myself and that’s about Dubai is far away and I would not worry outsell it what would you sell that many all the suits honest I’m not we renounce that the all 157 passengers on board a Boeing 737 must it have been confirmed dead in a plane crash that happened recently few minutes after the plane took up on the airport it crash and he would everybody on board every single person is a lap times really sad times Africa this is rates very disappointing I will keep for the past weeks now open here wake-up calls morning and what’s what my interest is the fair he took off right on my body to actually check out a plane now you see that’s a dicey pad before he took off there were no technical beach okay nothing everything was checked out now he took a few minutes after taking off you know he started noticing decision many : today I’m not some stuff with the plane and it’s okay turn back and land and in turning back be crushed every single person on what 35 different nationalities weird canyons where it to pians we had Americans where the Italians we have Germans importantly we members the UK Parliament not want to so logically the life these are is a really sad time for us and I pray there so rest and peace and God give their loved ones the grace to keep holding on hey man tada amen well better go on the break and when we come back we’re gonna give you more juice to segment than our confession years [Music] launched have ready-to-wear line and it’s awesome because the brand is futile races of pieces to showcase and shoot everybody style and taste I like the collection actually with the style and the pattern she used in building creativity into life yeah I also like the name Kishan by add a dummy I like that a build a new pattern body it was attractive and this is good stuff the cloths that she said the other stuff that she makes you can see I I think that from the 70k I gave you earlier about 10, 000 and I’ll get you some of this it’s not like it I didn’t know you’re you’re saying I should my nuts from the one you gave me yeah good one I’m watching success instead instead of seven I’ve come down a little bit and go for a success but even if I cannot afford the material then I would refer you to my crush I said about the crushing teeny happens there sa damn see which happens a few things today one she’s my crush – she’s an African celebrity for today now basically she’s a the minion sir African songwriter singer and actress quite a career sometimes amudha of course the outfits give her a perfect fitting hold more events she wears them on stage – you’re passionate no I’m kinda like it me when she sings just put in this outfit so basically if I’m not her I should be so writer model presenter and the singer also the top of the matrix I’m sorry I didn’t quite get here was a too busy looking at her she’s beautiful [Applause] is a brand on its own and also a officially outside but our Creed circles altered and fashioned influenza my name’s Jennifer Oh sir describe the brand asks they’re ready to learn and of course a fashionable and wearable outfit and guess what I spotted wearing a wild culture tell me Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was a floral pen she sure looked young and chicken little cheeky but is very very true oh yeah the other thing that is not making her one of the persons on my crush this is the crush this marriage so seeing that Tim we cannot afford this because of the plenty money in our possession we will take out the ten thousand now from big seventy I give you initially what so we can get you are you know it’s abusing yeah I’m trying to manage the funds so that I can know the billion patters mine the thousand that is yes so now you can even will do these various outfits yeah we can definitely not get married never don’t don’t take it personal okay I was hopin about Browns and their collections being released the Safari band has released a recent collection titled birds of prey wow this is quite impressive you know the name is a little bit dicey he’s a bit intensive he’s all sure you’re not peeling it’s sounds nice meant of three now indicating there was inquire what did you choose bet of where he said that is inspired by the dynamic nature of life the name alone dynamic nature Oh sentences cute and not just that he ever said that is inspired by the fact that something beautiful Kahneman it out of the darkness oh that is deep yes yeah designers and anything inspire them well I think it’s creativity they’re quite good with that but what I cannot say is afraid I had to talk about entrapment most of us – pitcher nice him I’m sure this outfit is gonna look so nice and you yeah look very much stricter very much absent in you promised to bring you the best of up-and-coming fashion weeks and of course we don’t and we want to deny your word that fat but this is where I draw the cotton till then I still remain your host and Lori and I would never have a change because I will always be hope by nine [Music] [Applause].

FASHION NEWS( Accra Fashion Week 2019)

hi guys welcome to African fashion TV news on the news today in Mordor let me do the little got featured in a creative project to Vogue Italian online show star blazer frontier and shots was taken by Gianluca from China and of course another creative project the magazine photographic channel is tagged I took the crowds with me and according to the team trenchcoats full and raava is an interpretation of feminity so basically that’s a lot of caption that gets to me every time I hear it I addict the clouds with me is no exception like this is not a caption to dress your attention I feel like it’s a it’s a kind of luxury blend in the sex way and it’s amazing continuing that also alum media Wimberly sounds Nigerian I know you know how I’ve been proposing to you over the ages and they refuse to accept me because if I’m I don’t have many be I don’t have that sure there’s somebody who’s accepted somebody and with confidence I can tell you that one of everyone’s favorite couple jeno and Jared engaged finally basically we took them JLo and do it but Jennifer Lopez and emanuelle we’re the best luckily me Manuel because it makes me sound close makes me sound like a broad yes yes but the point we’re looking at as much the couple blazing are looking very fantastic eyes on the ring what ring valuers have saved and that wing has ten to twenty five diamond care now between you saying that I can create events yes the dress in a black dress by little abide and of course minute kg attend that the show and put your pad your the final villain nj.

com I think I should pick one of them to propose to in the coming weeks you know you need to have like much more money than dangoty should pass the money I’m speaking about world in 2013 if cosmetic labeling took it some business to banner yeah no there after two years later they brought it down to Nigeria okay after a mold of tactical reasons and ever P event in 2018 which is lastly we gonna watch the way we read the best makeup brand of the air Africa is really beautiful this this is really amazing into the fluid which are exclusive and I just concluded Paris Fashion Week Janet Jimbo Jeanette to another small like this their language group together Gigi we still cannot judge actually were very good friends and memory very good friend the music is a wooden teaser or call that jump and then she is that teasing me rather and this is the lives yeah over 150 people died as tropical idea yes and 2, 000 prices missin in Zimbabwe really really really really really painful I didn’t chew the night involved here triggered any well fati a part of my lover was affected part of Mozambique was affected I really pray that gives them less and general drills their hearts of carrion what is it I knew that every week that passes by there’s always a tragic story that follows it and with this other train tonight in Atlanta has been happening when it comes to rise and it’s really painful because not every media take this top youngest and I think it has been the centerpiece did we do something wrong you offend caught oh god it’s been it’s been bad it’s been bad please forgive us amazing please please forgive us anyway is there somebody who maybe needs Femina so maybe doesn’t but took us back home for our recent album is Solange yeah of course what she does is in business back home she walks us through the career path of a black woman child:yeah talent seeking to pursue his career music you know how difficult it is in an African to him yet over the hot dogs and the challenges presented in your career pack just steel overcomes and only that I mean that she pays tribute to those who fought a good fight for Africa oh that scared finally she should be heard she launched as always been for them someone who stays down in my life and it’s not funny anymore I’m really glad you had to do this much really great the product is nice I’ve listened to all the songs and they’re amazing they would we take you back home where it gets Gucci races Bella clavata happen in February yeah a little of a little trolls going on Gucci a little focus on us Austin Simon definitely mm so the initiative to help them move forward say who’s gonna make up a Gucci boss and the CEO Matt Colby sorry once you know the meter was all about tell me educate in the place well after dapper then announced via social media she who should oppress release describe the global program saying to to support a industry that was not all the first project was a five million dollar change make informed to support social change by investment community programs around North America I do a lot of live yeah in my life definitely and I also heard that that’s not all there’s also the part where if you want to pursue a career in fashion you wanna study fashion they giving you twenty thousand dollars out of whatever you want to use it for definitely true now even if you did not want to pursue fashion twenty thousand dollars is enough money to convince you to have a career in fashion even assuming make sure I’m ready in fashion so wonders but and pursue it in a $20, 000 style you know I pray for you too oh yeah what that means yeah so you don’t push you should pursue for yourself and then bring the money to me just in case 20, 000 to make up always bring in the money to you why do you always insist on bringing in the money I couldn’t leave $20, 000 I repeat for me return and I’m pursuing so give me the money will be enough to buy em for to pursue it actually that’s a good point yeah fashion celebrity for the week we have not just one person but two persons in other one we have a suspect of twins a pair of twins in our fashion celebrity for the week hi yes the piper Donnell and Chantelle normal beautiful pirate who’s not basically as much as we are born not here in other one in New Orleans but then they’ve had their life and roots all in Venice OD of African decent what’s amazing about them is how they incorporate the anchor fashion into their own style and they do even if they’re putting on a total Daisy touch of entire and as you can see very amazing good-looking girl this is really beautiful but what is it a mentality where African would dress up in something like this underwear on the Sun people just look at it like what did you worry what do you have that touch though I don’t know it’s more of their business and its mission is to look good their name we are going to do which is good business and basically my my point is my fear actually is how would you know which is which it doesn’t concern you I don’t think it doesn’t you want to date one of them yeah sort that out yourself well speaking of fashion that crafts fashion we just concluded it was awesome oh and of course you promised you that I’ve been positive is gonna be our life Rachel where my trailer Casta disappoint here that of course one promised down and more to come we keep our promises you know Zell if you’re not Patna water keep our promises promised you a profession make we have the needed and remember that they are all our upcoming fashion weeks which we would also bring to your table definitely sure sure definitely and of course you shouldn’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube channel African fashion TV you’ll be doing yourself a favor and also being a subpoena to search cabinet tonight anyone know the open our eyes is we have a drop of cotton I still AM L helped blow ins their on-screen husband of Ella okay here and of course your favorite host Ellen Larry bye for now bye for now bye yeah [Music] [Applause].

Anna Wintour Talks Rihanna’s Designs, Flip-Flops, and What People Get Wrong About Fashion | Vogue

what he asked the queen of fashion does it have to be like a smart question we’ve got to think of something good I [Music] just caught you in oceans eight that you look very good are you going to do more films hello Glenda you look fantastic I think

the only way I would ever do another film is if you were in it with me hey Anna Rihanna just launched her line with LVMH Kenna pop sir really be a designer well obviously if anyone can be successful at designing clothing it’s going to be Rihanna so I

am certain that that will be a huge success for LVMH but there are other pop stars over the years that have had equal success look at Pharrell or Victoria Beckham or indeed Kanye West when we look at Rihanna’s collection one might be surprised how simple it is she’s

not looking to be the trend of the month she’s looking for clothes that have a life and that you can wear again and again which is very much in step with I think the way that fashion is going right now with sustainability and as always with Rihanna she’s

completely in step with the moment hey Anna wondering what your favorite shoe is and why Manolo Blahnik and I like it Anna I have a question for you I wonder how you decide what you’re going to wear in the morning well I’m have a Wardrobe full of print

dresses so every morning I just go to one of my print dresses of choice and put it on it makes decision-making a lot easier hey Anna what’s the biggest misconception about fashion I do think there is a misconception as indeed sometimes there is about women that because they

love fashion they might be frivolous not someone to be taken seriously what it’s so thrilling to me about working with Angie Bolen that the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is that he puts costume into an historical context that can show how important fashion is in

terms of being a reflection of our culture because I feel that helps explain to people that there’s so much more to fashion then maybe that’s just they see on the surface exercise exercise and exercise again and drink lots of water hey Anna what are your favorite handbags for

spring to be honest I rarely wear a handbag but I am told by my team here at Vogue that it’s all about the crossbody handbag which makes a lot of sense to me because it’s practical hands-free you can bicycle around Manhattan and enjoying Central Park and it also

come in every shape size fabrication so that would be my tip for the season hey Anna is there a way to be casual in your dress but still be perceived as professional and put together personally I’m not too big a fan of casual I think I always prefer

when someone is on the side of dressed there was a member of our team that turned up at the Met Gala recently without a tie and wearing a hat and I’m not sure that I approved hi Anna how do you feel about flip-flops outside of the nail salon

I love a flip-flop hey Anna who do you think are the most inspiring people in the world today well I’ve recently been very inspired by the prime minister of New Zealand I think that she led her country through a terrible terrible tragedy with enormous grace and a message

of hope and then I also have to cite Serena Williams who to me has faced defeat and triumph with equal grace and charm and humility and humor I’m also a big fan of Mayor Pete I think it’s wonderful that a young man from South Bend Indiana who speaks

a hundred languages was a military vet went to both Oxford to Harvard and just happens to be gay is part of the conversation in the Democratic race and I hope that if not in my lifetime in my children’s lifetime or my grandchildren’s lifetime that there will be a

moment in politics when you are not defined by a label you’re just a good candidate [Music] you

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 26th May 2019 | Mumma Goth

[TIN THOI TRANG] welcome to alternative fashion news with so many discounts flying in this week due to the long weekend this week’s episode will mainly consists of only deals and offers currently available in the world alternative fashion their brands and online stores so make sure to check back next week for their latest and newest products to ensure you don’t miss out on the very latest subscribe to this channel with the notifications turned on and give this video a like thank you beauties and remember keep fashion weird you might remember Curie ology release in a Christmas advent calendar last year well this week they announced the release of their Halloween yes I said Halloween advent calendar and yes of course I am definitely going to be getting my hand on one to open on this channel it’s a bit of a wait sadly but we love a good spoiler to get us excited for the spookiest time of the year they will go and sell on the 1st of September it’s in our diary so we can remind you on our episode just before a release date the calendar will include 20 pendants 10 pin badges and a special little pumpkin containing something special for Halloween day as well as the little envelope containing chains of your pendants price of the advent calendar is still to be confirmed but I am terribly excited for this little boutique have a creepsville 666 Tuesday cell currently running on their Facebook group with clothing accessories bags and more recommended retail price is stated on the items as well as sizing available but please be aware before making an offer little boutique need to pay a minimum of 50% of the RRP for the items plus 20% v80 the cell is currently running until Sunday their auction sale has also recently launched also on their Facebook group featuring brands Disturbia spin-doctor band innocent clothing restyle and more ending monday 8 p.


as always their sales also have a competition attached for a chance to win simply comment on the albums who was it that said gothic and alternative branded clothing was expensive little boutiques lucky dips are back and they have been reduced to just free pounds slices small to extra large an item is guaranteed to be worth between 15 and 50 pounds all for those that like the lifestyle Gamble’s they also have 90 pence lucky tips on the more random items of their stock for the link check out their post on their Facebook page or I have shared it on mama Goths Brogan wolf have free for 2 site-wide sell all weekend until Tuesday cheapest item is free and minimum product price of 3 pounds or 1 pence no code needed and discount is automatically applied but cannot be used of any other offer disturbia also have a free for two site wide holiday weekend flash sale currently running on their website although excludes mystery boxes ends midnight Monday – fasts have 24% of everything in their memorial slay sale and in Tuesday 4 p.


British summer time and code is required spiral direct have their Mayday SOS flash sale and have marked down hundreds of products to stock up on your rock gear for this summer everything in their cell is reduced by at least 30% and includes clothing they’re very cute plush toys accessories home wear and cheese and remember free UK shipping on all orders over 50 pounds at Kate’s clothing you can get up to 30 pounds off your order with each 50 pounds you spend you get 10 pounds back maximum discount of 30 pounds when you spend 150 this is a multiple use code until 12:00 p.


the 29th of May jawbreaker had 25% off everything for one week only in their Bank Holiday Sale running until the 31st of May no code is required hell bunny have an extra 15% off in their sell items this bank holiday weekend using the code extra 15 offer ends in midnight Monday video vixen have there may bank holiday sale with 25% of everything on their website again no code required kill star have their Memorial Day sale running with 20% off site-wide including their clearance section remember if you are self proclaimed kill star addit join our Facebook group link is in description below attitude craving have their midseason sale running with up to 75% of selected clothing footwear and accessories plus for this weekend you can get an extra 30% off when using the code cell 30 ends midnight Sunday tuck Footwear have 25 percent off selected best sellers plus an extra 25 percent of all items in their sales section using the code best 25 sale ends Monday south us have a 20% off site-wide cell running on their American and EU online stores between the 23rd and the 30th May using the code memento not valid or gift vouchers or ammonia products as always thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to this channel which of notifications turned on so you don’t miss each episode as well as even more videos from Mama Gough and a massive thank you to the awesome people that assist in the research of this series you are all amazing links their social media handles are all in the description box below and if you are interested in also assisting please do get in touch to me via one of my social medias and until next time bye beauties.

Vivienne Westwood: Dressing Up Showcase on Tokyo Fashion News 101 | FashionTV

on this month Tokyo fashion news Yoshiki from legendary rock band X Japan’s released new collection of Yoshiki jewelry Yoshi keys really special party from UK vivienne westwood dressing up showcase special accessories wrote high-class celebrity party when’s Tuesday’s in Tokyo [Music] pechonkina googliness [Music] adios King and he keeps

evolving with many phases and activities woman and man in different generations support him strongly the artists Yoshiki one of his creativity’s Yoshiki jewelry’s new collection was released at mercedes-benz connection in Tokyo Roppongi the true memories what’s decorating the models chest is the key motif jewelry with cross and

roses Yoshiki presented his view of the world for new collection as gorgeous and elegant passionate but delicate the theme as deliberation key the key to unleashing he has strong message as one bearing mistakes in the past however to have potential to carve out the future Yoshiki drove mercedes-benz

to make surprising appearance to the venue this species love from this day [Applause] [Music] they had a tardy auction of Yoshi kids personal belongings [Applause] the secularism [Music] it was an exciting reaction by professional auctioneer his piano and to jewelry or other belongings were sold for high price

all the money from the foundation [Music] [Music] it has the same message as his jewelry clear a path for the future um that’s great it was great I’m kind of surprised that auction items been very high it was a lovely night with Yoshi keys dedicated theme in his

joy hi I’m Ellie Rhodes and I love fashion TV representing from UK the world famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s one night only latest spring/summer collection for various line of accessories such as bags leather items and want [Applause] once this into the venue guests where welcomes with Turkish interior

of umbrellas visitors were filled with excitement and satisfied with the position of the world of Vivienne Westwood’s the reception was like a sicut filter decorated with vivienne westwood stickers in exchange for invitation card the guests will see the coin which they can play to get the capsule toys

[Music] there’s space you can see berries bags displayed on rush out it looks like Vivian’s factory elegant silverware on dining table on the dishes you can find collaborated smartphone designed by Vivienne Westwood waiting to be eaten in the center of the room there is a huge cage sexy

dancers were dancing very new watches cigarette girls ignite fire with or chase riderless modal le rose after yes Yuki Mikawa appeared for this special event to highlight the atmosphere [Applause] Gregg Vivian and also I’m wearing her new Union Jack price with the collaboration Melissa collaboration shoes a bit

of a ballerina style why don’t you keep it pretty not so girly but elegant fellow snow cheeky put some really dark lipstick on to sort of like yes Timothy guru to them American food or I’m in the back nope not an OC she graduated tax and math can’t

agree with the premonitory ready to go young women taking a party this you see a girl got a model I can do this main event for the night was warm Auto Show at Grand Staircase moto spaces were painted with hearts they were new collections of belt underwear sunglasses

well you know we wanted to do an event we’ve done many fashion shows in in Japan and we wanted to do something different that wasn’t just about models walking up and down a catwalk or just doing a party we wanted to do something that was in between the

bow but we just decided you know we would just think of her of something that had never been done before to do a happening where we showcased everything that we do and it’s all our accessories both what we produce in Europe but it was so ugly produce locally

here in Japan because as a brand we have always seen our local licenses as part of our our offer they’re very important to us and we keep a tight control of them and we we’re very proud of them that’s the important thing so tonight is about our accessories

Paulin fascinating event dressing up made a great success [Music] lenka a particular style I have push on TV Prince Tuesday’s is the social networking service organized events this time we discovered an event in Tokyo Roppongi ke a Kazakh in Roppongi decorated with beautiful illumination there is the entertainment

cafe called color and members of the party and guests line up at the entrance strictly Members Only party the glittering Hall welcomes the guests after they pass the high security branch Tuesday started in New York about ten years ago two French guys put together a meeting of great

friends twice a once a month and they are focused on very premium image they wanted only the French feeling of premium champagne Perrier Schrock vodka in a very classic vodka and everything needs to be very premium and everybody gets together and very a very good time and enjoys

[Music] good theatrical performance of saxophone player and cool DJ’s liven up the party career C rock and food were served creating a comforting environment it was the best atmosphere to enjoy conversation the first part is cocktail time where people go around and they meet people very relaxed then

we have a show around 9:30 and let me introduce the people who have put this thing together and then from 9:45 on we have party time people can really relax and enjoy so in 1 Tuesday night we have three parties in one it seems like [Music] [Music] you

can find many parties these days but this is the one of the high-class party for socialites to enjoy gathering and relaxing the party color tonight in Tokyo splendidly Tokyo’s fashion news but I am Ashok [Music]

Kim Kardashian & Kylie Jenner Top Fashion News for the Day!

hey hey guys it is Tuesday August twenty-eighth and I’ve got all your fashion news let’s jump right in Kim Kardashian went blonder over the weekend and it looks fantastic so we absolutely love this it’s such a great spin on her normally dark locks so her sister Khloe just

went super duper dark and totally lost the ombre so they were less traded places and Lady Gaga just did the brown too she calls it louisvuitton brown but she went from blonde brown and Kim is going dark to brown I guess darker to a more chocolate like gorgeous

brown like a little bit more summery but we’re kind of moving into fall so that’s interesting but nonetheless it looks great now Venus Williams is set to wear her own line during the US open so she won Olympic gold wearing her pieces her line is called eleven by

venus williams and she’s going to be wearing from her second collection at the US Open which kicked off yesterday but Venus hits the courts today her first outfit will be this pink and white rose print dress and also venus is going to be showing at New York Fashion

Week next week that is awesome alright moving on nicole richie’s new fragrance we’ve got the inspiration behind it so it’s her first fragrance it’s called Nicole it release describes this scent is very soulful nicole says quote I was inspired by the sense of my childhood I knew exactly

what I wanted to do because my mom would combine different oils and lotions and the blend of sense became very special to me so the ad campaign for the fragrance is super Hollywood glam and the scent is available tomorrow for $55 all department stores will be carrying Nicole

and dsw is set to debut a Cinderella shoe so they are following in the footsteps of christian louboutin who partnered with disney to create this like way designer glass slipper but now dsw has come together at Disney for the glass slipper collection and it’s going to be a

limited edition of shoes and they’re available October first the price range goes from $59 all the way to eighty nine dollars and that’s definitely way less than Christian Louboutin Cinderella shoe and Airlines having a dress code who knew so while back we talked about a woman who couldn’t

get on the airplane because of cleavage which was really scandalous but now assure its with potty words aren’t acceptable so this has been a long time date whether or not airlines can refuse passengers for what they’re wearing so let me know in the comments what you think about

this which side do you guys lean on so Kim’s clothes that she cleaned out our set to be auctioned off to charity so if you saw the latest Keeping Up with the Kardashians or our show right here on clever style you saw that Kanye made Kim Kardashian clean

out her closet but you got rid of all this stuff and where is it going while we went to Twitter to find out all these clothes are going to life change community church and it’s going to be an ebay auction and all the proceeds are going to that

church for charity way to go Kim Kardashian and keeping it in the family Kylie Jenner is set to walk into your fashion week so she’s walking for Avril Lavigne’s line a be done and this is gonna be a little bit awkward because Brody Jenner is her ex in

which makes kylie her little her ex’s little sister up eek but Kylie made her debut last year while Avril was still dating Brody in the same show but she musta done so well that Avro wants her back despite the awkwardness and NeNe Leakes debuts her shoe dazzle shoe

so all proceeds from the shoe are going to charity a charity called saving our daughters which helps bullying date abuse hate crimes and all sorts of bad things so the shoe is available for 39 99 it’s going to be hitting stores this fall and it’s a black and

gold strappy lace boot and it’s really rad I love it so if you need a little retail therapy definitely pick that up this Tuesday morning and that’s all I’ve got for you will see you on Wednesday with more fashion news bye guys you

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 2nd February 2019 | Mumma Goth

[Music] / and kill stars YouTube channel you can catch a sneak behind the scenes action of that latest photoshoot in Portugal showcasing their new forcefield collection which is coming this month head over to their channel to see the full video alternative subscription boxes are now only available to purchase of in the UK unless you currently already have a subscription with them this is unfortunately due to the high postage costs also sign ups their new dark curse box and now closed until March due to be full for the first quarter you can however see the first dark curse box opening on this channel very soon or new orders from violet moth now come with a scratch card you could be lucky enough to win free postage 20% off final stickers or even prints there is limited availability while stocks last also head to find out more website see all the latest products have recently been added including a spiderweb collar necklace final stickers prints some very cute hand knitted witches and lots of very unique jewelry pieces [Music] kill star had given us a massive drop introducing us to their new look bloodlust range the range includes women and men’s wear as well as handbags and clutch bag also new home we’re including wallpaper and a comforter sets kill star are also taking pre-orders for the stunning dead silent shirt dress in plus sizes which is available in both red and black I purchased this dress especially for London edge and I can personally highly recommend is of amazing quality and looked stunning on there is also another beautiful dress in their new range which is also available in plus sizes called bloodless midi dress much-praised kill star for stepping up on their plus-sized fashion game we are also loving their online exclusive crystals now available for those interested in crystal healing or for those that just want some added prettiness around the home curio Logie has added loads of new jewelry pieces to their website featuring their own stunning brand collection as well as items from punching pins alchemy gothic WorldCat freestyle rune and Ravens and always alternative how funny have released some beautiful new clothing items that really get us hoping a sunny spring is coming our way soon as always many of their clothes are also available plus sizes and with the beautiful diversity of their products offering so many choices there is always something for everyone from our retro 50 rockabillies to our classic Goths and remember you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up to their newsletter Punk grave have given us even more amazing designs this week particular mention to their military court goth and steampunk designs that have really caught my eye however if you are tempted to make an order please note that Punk rave team are currently away until the 10th of February so if you do buy anything make sure you don’t urge Utley require it that’s all after this date black craft cult have announced their February mystery box which is tarot card filled boxes include free limited edition t-shirts two limited edition mystery items and a sticker packs they are priced at 65 u.


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GMT for next week’s episode for eternity of fashion news until next time bye beauties.

How fast fashion adds to the world’s clothing waste problem (Marketplace)

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: This is”Marketplace.

” >> Whoa.

>> Pajamas, old dresses.

>> Oh, my gosh! >> Charlsie: Where do allyour old clothes really end up? >> Ultimately, it is goingto end up in a landfill.

>> Charlsie: We followthe trail around the world.

The high cost of fast fashion.

This is your “Marketplace.

” I’m here checking out some ofthe biggest fashion chains in the world but I’m notshopping for new clothes.

I’m actually trying to getrid of some of my old ones.

So these are myall-time favourite sweat pants from college.

These, I washed them andthey totally shrunk.

These were also super cheap.

This is just likean old tee-shirt.

It was black at onepoint in its life.

Some retailers are on a mission.

They want your unwanted clothes, and some are competing with charities for it.

There’s a new bin in town andthe message is clear: Don’t throw old clothesin the garbage, dump them here.

They’ll take curtains, they’ll take jeans.

They’ll even takeyour old underwear.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: Drop off oldclothes and get a coupon to save money whenyou buy new ones.

>> Charlsie: But before Ipart with my old clothes, I’ve got a few more questions.

These bins suremake us all feel good.

But are they doing asmuch good as we think? Look at this! Look at these bags! Most of us are like theBretons and the Palmas in Markham, Ontario.

Somehow, we end upwith too many clothes.

>> Emily, what’s in here? >> Old clothes thatare too small for me.

>> Charlsie: They purgea few times a year, normally dropping theirhaul in a charity bin.

>> Whoa! >> Stuff like thesehave, like, holes in them.

>> Charlsie: This isn’tjust a pile of clothes.

It’s now a pileof textile waste.

And we want to show the kids just how big theproblem really is.

[ ♪♪ ] Are you guys ready to go insideand see what happens to all those clothes that you donate? >> Yes.

>> All right.

Let’s go inside.

[ ♪♪ ] Go on in, take a look.

>> Whoa! [ ♪♪ ] >> Clothes!>> Clothes! >> That’s clothes.

>> Clothes.

>> Do you see that? >> Oh, my gosh.

>> Clothes! >> That’s a crazy pile.

>> Charlsie: And get this, all of this is what’s leftover, the stuff no one wants.

The stuff thatthrift stores can’t sell.

All those clothes youguys piled up yesterday, this is where it can end up.

>> It’s a lot of clothes.

>> It wasn’t what Iwas expecting to see.

>> Charlsie: One warehouse, more than 200, 000 pounds of textile waste each week.

And that’s just fromin and around Toronto.

>> Across the country, we’ve gotnine other locations similar to this one.

The last year or two years, probably a 15 to 20% growth in the overall volume oftextiles that are coming in.

>> Charlsie: Tonny Colyn is thehead of donations for Salvation Army Canada.

So, how do you think fastfashion has impacted.



this? >> All of this.

It’s had a massive effect.

And all of that stuffhas to go somewhere.

>> Charlsie: The dadsof these two families, Michael Palma and NormanBreton can’t believe it.

>> Their coats orboots might be okay, but they want something new.

>> If they need or if theywant, it’s a big question.

A lot of times they wantstuff but they don’t need it.

>> Charlsie: Still, we can’tseem to get our hands on fast fashion fast enough.

Cheap, trendy, disposable clothes.

And we’re evenbragging about it.

>> And I ended up witha bag full of clothes.

>> Charlsie: We’re allbuying too much, 400% more, since the 1980’s.

>> The quality isn’t allthat great but the prices are fantastic.

>> Charlsie: But not all ofour old clothes make it to the donation bin.

Most of it, 85%, ends up in landfills.

In North America, it’s estimated to be at least 25 billion pounds a year.

In Canada alone, imagine amountain three times the size of Toronto’s Rogers Centre Stadiumwhere they don’t biodegrade easily because many are madewith fabrics that can’t be broken down.

Releasing chemicals and dyesinto our rivers, soil.

That’s part of the reason whyfashion is one of the world’s top polluters.

So in the last few years, someof the biggest names in the business, Levi’s, Nike, Adidas, Zara have startedrecycling programs.

All retailers with donation binsin stores calling out for your old garments.

But none go as far as H&M, they will take anything, jeans, curtains, even underwear, just check out their ads.

>> The thing that you neverwore, this and this and that.

The thing with the colour thatwasn’t your colour, bring it on.

>> Charlsie: This is one ofH&M’s latest ad campaigns.

>> Cut your jeans into piecesand make new jeans out of them.

>> Charlsie: “Cut your jeansinto pieces “and make newjeans out of them.

” >> With your help, we literallyturn your old clothes into new garments.

>> Charlsie: “We literally turnyour old clothes “into new garments.

” >> Garments in the worstcondition can be transformed into insulation material ortextile fibers woven into cloth, reborn as fashionablenew clothes of every conceivable kind.

>> Charlsie: What do youthink about recycling clothes? >> I think that’s amazing.

That’s a great plan.

>> Charlsie: We’re talkingabout recycling clothes.

What does that make youthink is happening to the stuff? >> I think maybe it’s, like, like, refurbish the clothes and, like, get themto look new again.

>> Charlsie: What do youthink happens to that stuff? >> Doesn’t it get recycled tomake new clothes from the old clothes? >> Let’s shred it into fibersand stitch it into something new.

The only thing wewill not do it waste it.

>> Charlsie: Boldrecycling claims.

They sound great, but are they really? [ ♪♪ ] [ Flight AttendantOver Intercom ] >> To try to find out, we head to New York City, one of the fashioncapitals of the world.

[ ♪♪ ] >> With jackets, you alwayshave to check the lining.

>> Charlsie: MeetElizabeth Cline, an anti-fast fashion crusader.

Because of what she knows, she only wears used clothes.

It’s made her a pro atassessing cast-offs.

>> On a coat, the first thingyou would do is make sure the zippers work.

Especially fast fashion, like alot of the fasteners will break and chip really quickly.

>> Charlsie: We show her H&M’smarketing and ask her what she thinks about making newclothes out of your old ones.

>> Shred it into fibers andstitch it into something new.

>> The reality is that currentlyonly about 1% of clothing is actually recycled and thevery literal sense of the word.

>> Charlsie: 1%? >> 1%.

>> Charlsie: 1%.



is recycled? >> If you’re talking aboutrecycling in terms of taking fibers and breaking them downand turning them back into new fibers, it’s 1%.

>> Charlsie: Why is it so hardto just take my old shirt and turn it into a new one, whycan’t you just do is that? >> A lot of our clothes are madeout of blended fibers, so maybe this is acrylic and wooland cotton mixed together, maybe my tights arecotton and elastin, that makes itdifficult to recycle.

The other challenge is that whenyou recycle cotton and wool, it diminishes the quality ofthat material so it weakens the cotton and wool strand andgives you a lesser product.

>> Charlsie: Bottom line, thetechnology just isn’t there yet.

It’s way too expensive andtoo time consuming to make new clothesfrom old ones.

>> It’s also a more skepticalside of me that knows that the reason why H&M is focusing ontextile recycling is because it’s an easysustainability win for them.

It doesn’t involve them changingtheir production model at all to collect clothes and make surethat they get a second life.

It doesn’t make the fast fashionsystem anymore sustainable.

>> Charlsie: Experts agree fastfashion needs to change if we really want tomake a difference.

Remember when fashionhad four seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall? Now the trendschange almost every day.

Here’s how this Swedishclothing giant CEO explains it.

>> They have new garments cominginto the stores almost every day so if you go to an H&M storetoday and come back two days later, you will alwaysfind something new.

>> Charlsie: H&M salespeopletell us new clothes come in every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

That works out to half abillion products a year.

And it’s why H&M’s recyclingcampaign makes Claudia Marsales so mad.

>> It really is aform of greenwashing.

>> Charlsie: She’s the headof Markham, Ontario’s waste programs, one of the few Canadian cities to actually bantextiles from landfills.

>> In order for the fast fashionoutlets to recycle what they make, it would take12 years to recycle what they sell in 48 hours.

Like it’s just– it’s just–so that sort of tells me it’s really more aboutfoot traffic, marketing, greenwashing than about reallyaddressing the broken business model of fast fashion.

>> Charlsie: We asked H&M tocome on camera and talk about their recycling program.

They declined, assuring usthey don’t want to encourage a throw-away attitude.

Their clothes are goodquality and made to last.

And they are workingtowards a business model where, eventually, all theirclothes can be recycled.

>> At least they’re trying? >> Yes, well, but they’re acause of the problem so fast fashion retailers, theirbusiness model is the problem.

They’re making too much, they’re selling it too cheap, it’s disposable clothing.

Doing a bit of back-endrecycling and a bit of commercials reallydoesn’t address that issue.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: And ask somecustomers one of the things they love most about the program? It’s the discount.

That incentive to keep buying.

>> I put it in the bin andthen they give me a discount, I saw it and it’s like oh, snap.

You know, um, it’s a way to, like, you know, like, help me andhelp them at the same time.

>> Charlsie: What do you meanwhen you say help you and help someone else? >> Um, help me by, you know, saving money and help them by providing freeclothing for them.

>> We just chuck it inthe bin and they did offer, like, a $5 discount.

>> Charlsie: H&M might becollecting your old clothes.

More than 55, 000 tonnes so far, but if they’re barely making new clothes from yourdonations, where do they all go? These shoppers have a theory.

Where do you think thoseclothes go that you put in H&M? >> They probably go to, like, people who need them, probably like shelters or otherplaces that use the clothes.

>> Probably give it for free, or something, to, like, thepeople that need it.

>> Charlsie: Where doyou think that stuff goes, what do you think happens to it? >> Hopefully to justsome needy people.

>> Yeah.

>> Mmm-hmm.

>> Who still wantto be fashionable.

>> Charlsie: Many of us thinkour old clothes are given to the less fortunate.


And maybe you’re tellingyourself that to feel better about buying more, too.

Well, Cline coineda term for this.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: What’s theclothing deficit myth? >> So, the clothing deficit mythis the idea that when we give clothes to charity, they’regoing to go to someone locally in our community in need.

But in the era of fast fashion, there’s far more unwanted clothes than thereare people in need.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: The Salvation Armyknows all about that.

Remember, this is all the stuffthey can’t sell at their stores.

So what do they dowith all these leftovers? They sell it– to a middle man.

And the retailers do thesame thing with all your donations, too.

In Canada, H&M gives the moneyit makes off your donations to UNICEF.

Here’s the thing.

All textiles are worth money.

The stuff that’s in really roughshape is shredded for painter’s cloths or insulation, forexample, then sold.

But the majority of all donatedclothes are shipped overseas to developing countriesand they’re sold there, too.

Not donated orgiven to needy people.

And if you think that meansit’s not going to end up in landfills, think again.

We follow the trail ofyour old tee-shirts.

Around the world.

>> The black stripeshere are from Canada.

>> Charlsie: You can’tafford to miss this trip.

This is your “Marketplace.

” [ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: The realdeal on your “Marketplace.

” [ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: We loveour clothes.

Now so cheap, you can make adifferent statement every day.

These things are $3? $5.

But they come with a huge cost.

Part of the reason whysome fast fashion chains, like H&M, say they’ve gotrecycling programs like this.

>> The Earth simply cannot bearso many clothes ending their lives as waste.

H&M has a far better answer.

>> Charlsie: But we learnt lessthan 1% of the world’s used clothes are turnedinto new ones.

The majority of those donationsfrom retailer and charity bins are baled and sold overseas.

[ ♪♪ ] >> This is Nairobi, Kenya, thecountry at the top of the list when it comes tobuying your old clothes.

Kenya is one ofCanada’s best customers.

In a given year, they buy morethan $20 million worth of our old clothes.

>> All the rest withthe black stripes, the black stripeshere are from Canada.

These are a varietyof kids clothing.

This one is a jacket.

Ladies tee-shirts.

>> Charlsie: Maina Andrewis a used clothing importer.

>> People fromCanada and America, they are actually a bit huge.

>> Charlsie: Sceneslike this aren’t isolated.

You’ll see them all over Africa, South and Central America.

A lot of this is stuffCanadians donated for free, only for it to be sold herefor profit to vendors like Alice Nyansarora Anunda, whobrings it to her local market.

They call the clothes, “Mitumba.

” >> No, that one, it’sjust a nickname we gave it, “Mitumba” means, “Old”in our culture.

>> Charlsie: Nearly13, 000 kilometres away.

But take a closerlook and there they are.

The names you know.

AEO, Zara, Adidas, H&M.

>> The way we open bales, weknow plans where there’s new clothes, especiallythose which come from Canada.

>> Charlsie: But Andrew noticesmany of the clothes are low quality, tough to sell.

>> We just dump them.

If people don’t buythem, we just dump them.

[ ♪♪ ] >> They do go inthe piles of garbage, very many of them.

>> Charlsie: He says thishappens regularly right behind the market, discarding andburning clothes Canadians don’t want and neither do Kenyans.

>> Sometimes they packeven very old items.

You can even pack itemsthat are not even good, and they end up dumpingthem in Africa or in Kenya.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Yeah, we burn them and it isa lost work because we have already bought them.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: All those popularbrands in the crowded markets, Elizabeth Clinehas seen them, too.

She’s been to Kenya.

>> There are a lot of differentcompanies around the world that are working on textile recyclingin the truest sense of the word, but it’s really inthe very early stages.

Whether it stays in the UnitedStates or if it ends up in Africa, ultimately it isgoing to end up in the landfill.

>> Charlsie: We tell H&Mabout this Kenyan market and all the fires.

They say its middle manI:CO, which handles pickup and distribution of their bins, has really high standards.

But they are still workingon building a better tracking system so thisdoesn’t keep happening.

>> Dumping is always cheaper.

It’s always the cheaper option.

There’s only one solution.

The producer of the clothingis responsible cradle to grave.

So they make the tee-shirt, they sell the tee-shirt, the tee-shirt comes back, theyhave to recycle that tee-shirt.

They can’t put it in athird world country.

>> As far as SouthAfrica is concerned, we banned secondhand clothing.

>> When a countrysurvives on secondhand things, secondhand clothes, it meansthere’s something wrong with that system.

>> Threatening the survival ofthe local textiles industry.

>> Charlsie: And now manyof those countries are fighting back.

East African countries sentthe world a message recently.

They don’t want ourhand-me-downs and tried to ban them.

Their government saidit was destroying their own textile market.

>> Secondhand clothes arequite cheap and any manufactured textile would not beable to compete with them.

>> Charlsie: And despiteeverything you just watched, Cline says H&M group is afrontrunner in sustainability efforts.

>> Compared to otherbrands, they are leaders.

I don’t know what that saysabout the rest of the fashion industry, that a fastfashion chain is at the top of that list.

Just know that your textilewaste is an environmental issue.

Textile waste in landfillsis one of the fastest growing categories of waste, andit’s such an easy thing to do something about.

>> Charlsie: So what should youdo with all your old clothes? The answers, coming right up.

Do you have a story youwant us to investigate? Write to us, Marketplace@cbc.


[ ♪♪ ] >> The high cost offashion on your “Marketplace.

” Do you ever impulse buy? >> Absolutely.

>> Charlsie: What was the lastthing you bought that now you see, and you’re like, “What was I thinking?” >> Clothing always.

>> Charlsie: On average, we buyalmost 70 clothing items every year.

That means we’re buyingnew clothes every week.

What did you buy? >> A lot of stuff.

>> Charlsie: Didyou need anything? >> No.

>> Charlsie: Just looking aroundand you bought a few things.

>> Yes, I bought lots of things.

Leggings, shirts, socks, underwear.

>> Charlsie: Most of thesestyles will end up trashed in landfill.

Fast fashion is a bigpart of the problem, but we don’t have to buy in.

So this is 50%polyester, 50% cotton.

It’s really hard to separatethose fibers and make new stuff.

>> You bet.

>> Charlsie: Do you know howmany litres of water goes into making a single pair of jeans? Almost 4, 000 litres.

>> Wow.

>> Whoo.

>> That’s crazy.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Charlsie: And sometimesjust seeing the waste makes a difference.

These families swearthey’ll change their ways.

>> They want to lookat the cute things, things that look good butnot necessarily good quality.

>> We have to– we try to teachthem to use their stuff until it’s worn out.

>> Charlsie: Speaking ofwaste and consumption, I’ve still got my bag ofclothes to get rid of.

I don’t really know wherethe best place is to go with my stuff.

And I think people at home whosee this are probably going to have the same question.

>> Some people liketo swap the clothes, so that’s thefirst line of defence.

If it’s in reallygood condition, you can take them toa consignment store.

You can also donate toa reputable charity.

Do your research on whoyou’re giving your clothing to.

Don’t buy so much.

>> Charlsie: So bottom line, when it comes to your used clothing, don’t throw it away, try and give it to somebody who can actually use it.

Hey, girls, doesanybody need a tee-shirt? No, you sure? Black dress pants? Hardly ever wore them.

This is cool, right? Zipper in the back.

>> I think I’m okay.

>> Charlsie: Any chance youwant to return yours and take these ones.

>> No, thank you.

>> Charlsie: They’re asize small.

I wore them, like, twice.

>> No, thank you.

>> Charlsie: No?>> No.

>> Charlsie: Do any of you needa pair of pajama pants or know someone who might want these? >> I’ll take them.

>> Charlsie: Tee shirt? >> I’ll take them.

>> Charlsie: Any chanceyou want a pair of Levi’s? >> Sure, size 6, me.

>> Charlsie: Awesome!>> Awesome.

>> Charlsie: There you goand they won’t go to landfill this way.

>> No.

>> Charlsie: Maybe there isno perfect solution to this complicated problem.

But if there’s something I’velearned throughout this process, it’s that there issomething I can do and, for me, that willmean buying less.

[ ♪♪ ] >> Announcer: A special, yearlong Marketplace investigation.

We go undercover, inside nursing homes.

>> I was.



>> Announcer: Familiesfighting for better care.

>> Die, die.



>> Woman: My poor mother.

>> Announcer: Has long term carereached a crisis point? >> Oh, we’reway past that.

I think we’ve beenin crisis for years.

>> If this happenedin a day care, that day care would beshut down in five minutes.

>> Announcer:How to fight for better care, On the next Marketplace.



hi guys welcome to African fashion TV news on the news today you can become a recently held the moving apart event and it was awesome because a lot of people attended rituals model extraordinaire and it was the first and most successful movie in the park events that people actually show the port and I read a movie prima that stand outside you know in an outdoor setting but basically I liked the fact that he probably puts it out oh so there’s something different something crazy when I hear I hear that he actually plans to impute the made in Ghana out of Japan locations as much as the movie shows not as killing two birds with one stone that’s amazing yes amazing yes so eventually now if we’re going to see a movie we would have to make a Danny on a time yes you have no other choice but to wait at any time it’s cool you know how we keep talking about more bells being harrassed being meted out on hash treatments for the models in the modern industry no keep talking about it over in the news for all the wrong reasons yes again this time the modeling industry is also in the news for the room who is it particularly because the manager of Nigerian scope model management’s has been booked behind bars for issues pertaining to sexual harassment of modern Russian brought into the modern industry it’s high time we actually address these issues you need very embarrassing the models have to go do their jobs and then the same people or the managers have to refer them sleep over them before they can do work the top three modes that is really embarrassing maybe we’ll have to give this to the fitt segment versus amongst you have to investigate them on this sure I think she would under the perfectly well but seeing that it’s also a model we have 200 logs and speaking of more than a mom a stylist and a murder mr.

Donna by Neymar and power should be stuck Donna and she gave us variation of looks which was her every day away and more of it is that this kind of fact that she wears this she was still looking shame in just laying style yes I love the father she came down to Ghana and then for every day she stepped out for his putting on in Ghana and after that his creativity and its top-notch form and I think that she brought their own outfit and then she fallen that you could see how that fits so well I think I should have a crush on her I’m thinking I don’t know K is having a crush I’m not saying I’m that man to her all right basically yeah sometimes miss Academy Awards Oscars has come and when we cannot stop talking about it because we tell you that this time around they’ve got a big fan be more to get a different style and about celebrities with different ethnicities under the same platform under the same roof no as much as white passes in the food and we could also look out for our favor right after King celebrities the ones involvement and media opt in young is my favorite I don’t know one before we talk about that some will talk about it music by the name Vanessa Indy which is into a lot of things but first a new fiction with over seven years spent in the music industry oh that’s amazing this first Allegan female who made edgy style look so attractive yes she’s really awesome she’s been doing good Lady Queen tonight it has been an earlier to have but yet she’s still on top of the game I think I should have another question when you say I’m gay question oh yeah big commas the good it is a beautiful women I should caution them you know well you see you’re told you would also have a course on the person that I love and that for every time she steps out in the music video it’s over-the-top much dressing like a fashion sense is very detailed and I like that about how the more a better overcome by mr.

Lovejoy still interesting segments talk about Angola where to distill African fashion TV news [Music] the new Black Panther theme that seems to show me into frenzy that rock chats in the box movie award that talks the whole nation invented that movie who can tell you in 2090 first Oscar Emmy Awards has won be definitely out of seven nominations as we said that history it is the best Marvel movie to actually win an Oscar award interested in Jesus Africa you scream because I tell you pieces now so you see as Black Panther one everybody that was involved movie also one it’s in the same vein if eventually the future you win maybe election about seventeen million or so since I know you I also want no there’s no way no you’re taking my money I don’t why I’m not really 6040 yes you see me you say hello hi how you doing been a while yeah great to take a big day you leave my side the beach I’ll go to the brown folder the morning then we can say the social media flash so we just start African gamers have fashion international icons we may have some button mushrooms personated man I’m talking about car let the fear come down on your impersonation is very detailed like she stepped into the character of Africa fashion I know a love them and I love them to Micah Dawson polls and all that you love it because he’s a dancer very yes it’s a dancer that’s why it’s something that we’ll learn when it gets in there so they step by step now hear this a change will not come every week for another passing honor the moment we are the ones we are waiting for where the change we want to see there I just look like X Y President of the United States Barack Obama XY no II did not sound like him something like hope learns we are the ones we want to see hope learns come on give me an update should I do something like man have you met Barack Obama not really it’s not like anybody has met him in an English in time I think they have ah please it’s not about me it was about peer panel but putting director of valence in the home we simply released a collection called Couture basically what he means is bringing cultures together mm-hmm I’ve been interested about is he did not release this collection alone he eventually involved the Libyan model Lea Kabaddi oh now you see how we keep talking about Africans exporting the fashions that are more distant around we have exported our fashion to reseat take a chill pill and a fashion to come any regular person you see every day on the street mmm that is impressive it isn’t fast it is fine though please from a man about some more demand models in the news again but this time for the right reasons as we tell you that after quite an intense session we finally have our waiter switch 2019 edition of sa model all right all right and you wouldn’t test you think that a guy actually came first runner-up isn’t hopefully I’m not care the fun day he said diamonds I connect with him and the masculine won’t say he’s a guy I’m a guy he wins I weeds but a winner is a lady though right it does not matter oh look at him so dressed in his black and black of time I love that I’m up to date with that open common fashion which eventually will disappoint on our policies and we tell you that the fashion weeks are protein and it would be wise for you to invest your money in those fashions one of them absolutely coming up and please do well to attend I will promise you guys we’re gonna disappoint you in any way as arrogant fashion – we’ll bring you the best you scream Oh hope you look good though say it again please you’re welcome thank you have you said it again yes well you’re looking good looking good not better than me but you look good eventually I see yeah you look good my appreciation thank you so much well guys this is where we draw the courts in I then remain your humble host and a lorry Oh lowens hat on screen Hospital feel then see you next time bye for now [Music] [Applause].

Tokyo Fashion News #96: Fendi Baguettes in Tokyo // TAGHeuer’s "Link Lady" Watches | FashionTV

on this month Tokyo fashion news 15th anniversary of Benny’s icon bag bag at the anniversary party bagging mania in Omotesando pack holy release new collections of watches called blink lady collection in Daikanyama the debut collection of four year Paris Amsterdam the party was held at creme de la creme in Shibuya [Music] fashion TV with us [Music] I love MTV luxury brand Fendi’s I came back baguette representing from Rome this bag designed by Sylvia Fendi in 1997 has been deeply loved by woman around the world ever since baguette mania celebrating party of the 50th anniversary of forget was held at Fendi shop in Omotesando forget has attracted iconic woman of each era over many years you can see many of the get at the shop with many colors different designs and full of variations of baguette were lined up many guests and celebrities that are big fan of again ran to the shop and of course there Beckett’s on their wrists vaquita jugo genetic Oh too bad Kanaka kou Zhu de yo no baguette Anatomy then I know de Vega superb emotional semester kawaii is it on ago graduating festival can you give us Chico Gramercy rev a super-busy Gaga Tokina Paquito not scared anymore what they receive woman Paquito the mantle of their canada muscle hi Fendi preserves their craftsmanship over years with respect from 2011 friendly expanded to the whole world the project fatto Amano in 2012 collaborate with the traditional handicrafts from Kanazawa called Pahinui also for supporting Tohoku Vandy will release Kohaku limited edition [Music] so dynamic ascaris a question ITA an open e mo toy yo yo put ammonia over sikorsky’s there kiddo kazoo commodity to see party toka remote sky Russia also they release the collectors book Fendi baguette Buddha’s anniversary [Music] it’s going across the world Tokyo being one of the most important location for this event Japanese client Eloqua get they love whatever is timeless whatever is quality so that’s right there is a very special feeling between French and Japan and today with this event we want to celebrate not only the baguette but the bucket and the chopper can see the chopper market being : let’s get them or never you got any cool you don’t know anymore oh yes their sky to this man yo Noah and Gordo they cross communi you saw in mousey kwhitaker monotone no so anymore ha ha come on Bobby not a big crevasse Edano de muchacho Sara’s Kostecki na de Soto Karass forget to sign up by myself the yet has fascinated woman timelessly woman will be in love with it forever you will change our questionnaires innovative in a vanguard but sophisticated to wear it anywhere tag heuer released new items link lady collection and reception event was held in Daikanyama nice and game with the swing a lot of guests had appeared with whole year on sue Aragon Dona Concha de todo por nada gas efficient accounted a s te llamas [Music] come on baby sing with me [Music] [Applause] the after nuclear cheetah made an entrance link lady collection was selected to her fashion of the night pink ready collection this tiny scrappy gracias you could eco-mat dr.

ooh to Americo cata tiga kid sweetie kanji moniker yo yo can you have a neematoad the creditor can say business don’t know I forgot that was started stuff so listen I know but you don’t know that someone on stickiness Godot I know Cara Mia no hero I said there Cano I know okay well Sarita no more I cannot oh oh my witness so it’s a very comfortable and very ergonomic timepiece I watched dedicated for a woman and we all that the Japanese woman will love his new work Sunday morning rain is falling [Music] Renato Corona unico Tejada traitor no de mas oyama Tasha Connie Anarkali Yucatan obtained famous men suffer gather here twisted bubbles that but these guest guests are crazy the party was brilliant as rich as tie for year to cherish pop and stylish brand for you Paris Amsterdam they release their debut collection at creme de la creme in Shibuya the collection was full of enchanting designs but especially the items inspired by Jimi Hendrix and exotic leggings were standing out honestly the nigiri Ricky so chooses the stuff around Ananda skiddo my anatomy and all night I think I said the must be true economy animal is happy the very MUC take the modularity the countenance a skiddo Khan Academy on spoken esto cosas de carne adovada yo-yo ma t toka [Music] [Music] – get off – then talk josè with us to be my stop the party was held in a photo studio with jazz models in the photo session all the guests were fascinated by the items our four-year Paris Amsterdam worn by the models [Music] they were following Kula Niihau a circuit born ago Donna play country is away or selling that like Exxon you need the stuff though I’m a karateka sayaka’s we go achillion you definitely stand against Nikita Nunnally Sycamore so going to walk a bit to see what does not define after us in a bad state that I cannot even a snake on the psychic ax you know like animal attacks are on the Mishima Vulcano media wanna coordinate hasta maana tyrannous gather more who come on butter’s Konami receipt of the Chi Thien ominous a box right and also there he must go [Music] [Music] is an economy with you go through the street and fit with the night scene check out for you Paris Amsterdam [Music] Tokyo’s fashion news catch you later [Music].

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 16th February 2019 | Mumma Goth

[Music] [Applause] [Music] urology will be taking on free marathon hikes in July and are currently raising money towards these with all the proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support they have designed their very own nobody fights a loan necklace to help raise the money needs it if you’re interested in purchasing and donating to this much worthy cause then I have added a link into the description below Kuehl star have released another much-needed plush toy from their creature collection a vampire bat standing at 30 centimeters or 12 inches tall although he looks small he definitely meets up size-wise to his predecessors and regular viewers will know how much I love my creepier collection so yes I did order him the day of release and he will be joining the rest of his family in my studio very soon tuk shoes have released their new spring collection Prince declared metallics and more Plus as a massive bonus all are vegan friendly and something that gets a massive thumbs up from Mumma goth and for our pastel goth subscribers you might find a new love for the hearts and rainbow platform creepers which I can’t even deny are a little cute creepsville six-six-six have released their own Vincent Price collection including shirts and pins for our vintage horror fans love the classic 50s house and Haunted Hill or the 17th British horror madhouse then make sure you get an a creep surf website for some awesome designs lush wig seven beautiful new styles now launched on their website everything from natural to bright colors available in a variety of lengths all at their usual affordable prices doles kill have added new items they’re gothic-style collection widow included some stunning new items some with a very romantic and new golf feel highly recommended if you haven’t already to check out their whole Widow collection [Music] kate’s clothing have 20% off all their home where section using the code home 20 items included from brands such as kill star therapist alchemy gothic nemesis now and so much more freestyle have a current cell running on their website offering 15% off using the code cell 2019 with an additional discount on sale items the code expires this Sunday at you clothing have an extra 20% off this weekend on their massive winter cell using the code extra 20 everything available is now half price or less and there are still some awesome bargains to be had sappers have their guys sailor now on with 20% off all guy stuff until the 18th of February using the code dudes at checkout some restrictions apply but there are some awesome items available on sourpusses website including shirts hoodies socks beard balm bags hats pins and so many more if your Valentine’s Day was lacking in chocolates and candles reinstall have a great discount to cheering you up until midnight Sunday they are offering 10% off everything on the website using the code love a perfect reason to get a gift for you from you disturbia have an extra 20% off on their final reduction cell using the code XX x 20 offer ends midnight Sunday the 17th of February dolls kill can’t you have a buy one get the second 50% off sale offer ends Tuesday the 19th of February 7:59 a.


here at Mama golf we are having our channels first-ever giveaway I have teamed up with alternative subscriptions to offer one of my lovely followers and all subscribers a chance to win at their own trick or treat subscription box one of the scription boxes I open monthly on my channel head to my Instagram page at mama Gough make sure you are following all tensive subscriptions and me repost the image using the relevant hashtag and if you are subscribed to my channel with a comment under the giveaway video you get an extra bonus entry giveaway ends 23:59 28 for February and winner announced on the 1st of March phantasmagoria have a giveaway running for a men’s long sleeve top by Punk rave the top is available in two XL and free XL sizes to enter you must be following their page like their post and tag Punk rave brand so they can see you comments with your size and tag a friend the winner must take a photo of them opening it and/or wearing the item it doesn’t have to be a professional photo when it announced the first of March phantasmagoria are also looking for male and female style models if you have an active Instagram account and want to receive a free item and clothing in exchange for taking photos posting and tagging then direct message them with a link to your profile your email body size and the name of the product you want to model most craving items are only available in certain sizes as always thank you so much for watching this week’s alternative fashion news to support this channel please ensure you have subscribed with the notifications turned on and if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give it a like remember to check back Wednesday for my latest video and next Saturday 9:00 a.


GMT for next week’s episode of alternative fashion news until next time bye beauties.

Curvy Girls By Melissa McCarthy, Upcoming Fashion Trends & More Fashion News | BHL’s Fashion 411

the following is a present network the first online broadcast network dedicated to african-american entertainment Hollywood redefined from Los Angeles California streaming live thanks to akamai technologies this is black Hollywood live fashion 411 featuring the week’s roundup of fashion news black Hollywood live hollywood redefine and now the host of black Hollywood live fashion 411 fashion oh yeah oh yeah what’s up what’s up everybody we’re fashional today love it we love it put them up out there welcome welcome welcome this is black Hollywood lives fashion 411 it’s fashion Friday y’all and we bout to bring you all the news and juicy gossip that was going on in the fashion world this week and join me in the studio this week is lovely with another new hairstyle i got our hair style of the week girl like you have a different hairstyle every week and mitchell halo y’all didn’t build it guys I’m trying to like try new things yeah my brainers she’s like let’s do some purple in there I was like not too much more people already living together like it is fun right makes me so mad I like it I like it guys check out on Instagram and on YouTube right now cuz she look up real live with a purple braids giving us something new I’m gonna change up one day I want all these for your Monday can we switch we could switch I want you don’t understand how bad I’ve wanted to put braids in my hair but because of auditions I can’t because I don’t look like that in my pictures so I’m like I really want it like cuz the braves game like this is me and 9th grade all right that was my hair so anyway we will move on to some fashion news and gossip for you guys this week so biggest biggest biggest thing in the entertainment industry this week of course was straight out of Compton they made where my she wore shirts yes very cute very cute and it made 60 million dollars in box office and everybody’s talking about it everybody was tweeting about it and apparently so were all those diehard baseball fans because they went saw the movie and they called out the Straight Outta Compton wardrobe stylist really on Twitter and all over social media because for those of you that haven’t seen the movie in the opening scene you see eazy-e he’s doing some stuff up in somebody’s house I won’t give it away but he is rocking the black and white white sox cap Chicago White House plus he was wearing the hat but he was wearing the one that has the lettering in the Old English letters that used to seeing now and everybody’s accustomed to the logo for this White Sox but y’all this was supposed to be taking place in 1986 and what the real truth is that that logo was not adopted by the White Sox until 1991 so the actual hat that he should have been wearing was that ugly one so we’re kind of calling them out like a they got the wrong hat on him it’s funny how people like find this stuff and like pay attention to it as I realize it but it’s true I mean it’s a historical piece so you’re supposed to as a wardrobe stylist like match up with that went on and what he actually would have worn and he would not have had that hat on guys even though he’s very well known for wearing that particular hat later on just stick with the Raiders yeah then we rock sorry that was a little football but who really cares because y’all made six million dollars and one weekend they’re still winning speaking of winning for those of you out there that no Fashion Week’s coming up it’s coming up in New York and then of course it travels it’s New York and then London and Milan and a goal on Paris etc but so on the market right now is a really cool new book for those of you that love chanel and y’all love some Karl Lagerfeld hey there’s a new book coming out basically it’s kind of like a children’s book maybe you guys were familiar with where’s waldo yes okay well now we’ve got where’s Karl oh it’s gonna be owning that cat you’ve got his cat in the book I can add it um so Stacy Caldwell who is actually the vice president of tikkun I hope I said the right I always get it wrong to Coon and she met with her friend who’s a fashion video producer named a Giri aki they got together and like decided to put this book together because she found that every time she was going to like Fashion Week in Paris she played a little game with herself like where can I spot Karl because she would like randomly spot him in boutiques and she’d randomly see him like walking on the streets of the Seans Elysee or whatever and so she decided to make it a whole book they’ve like illustrated all these like moments from the met gala and every fashion shows like lots of events that they’ve been to over the years and basically it’s just a whole book about spotting workers it’s fashion and it’s kids it’s kids you can introduce your kids to a lot of fashion that it’s killing me that is hilarious but you will see like all kinds of fashion in this book they’ve got the Karl like in the Hong Kong pop up with phoebe philo Riccardo Tisci so like all the like names of fashion and stuff like your little kids can be like looking at the book like oh and then I go I don’t smell oh that’s Riccardo Tisci and then there’s obvious over here so like you can learn all kinds of things about fashion through where’s Carl so you guys can check that out it should be on the market and a couple ways exciting so that’s exciting also exciting this week we got some sexy lady walking around the city home for a week she is hot and she is fire everybody we found for outfit of the week we have holly berry coming from Jimmy Kimmel show she was in a really really cute sheer black rape rag-and-bone pole turtleneck shirt from Saks Fifth Avenue black tailored trousers showing her for printed black bra and black stilettos this was paired with a gold belt with gold earrings in a nice simple gold ring and she did not have her wedding ring on they said so it was coming causing like a little controvert not controversy but just not really inside you ain’t gotta walk go into some country because you ain’t got no reason I have really interesting oh this look is really hot I think she looks amazing for her age she is she pulled her hair back with braids on the side and you know of course Jimmy Kimmel have to talk about her flaunting her nice breasts she said she has to wear a bra she can’t just go oops of course not she’s had two babies she woke up for two babies I’m glad she didn’t even put on the tank top has it shown like in the ad picture that you put on a bra and said you can look at my belly button y’all she showed everything uh-huh no I mean not to be all up in your business but maybe she didn’t have a c-section she went the whole way I just know that stomach looks amazing for two kids and for her age she is rocking it she looks great all black everything like everything and if you guys want to find this item you can either get the look i’m all about sales you want the discount so the discount at least I’m 17 90 trousers at express and you also go and find the shirt for 2940 I mean twenty nine dollars and forty cents from last call if you are about that life with the you know expensive buying you can get it from rag oh no Ross sheer polo from sex and Nick there you go I will go for the discount disc I’m not gonna wear that all the time I’m not gonna wear it with a bra but uh you go promise oh I’m a girl imma have to wear a tank top you at the oven direction Oh like you are about that life right now that little guy not and no nobody won’t see that I don’t want to see it myself but I’ll be definitely like to hear thanks out in a minute like that’s cute I just I don’t think I would do the bra like well I might do the bar look like a highway we put a nice little dinner for like a heart what I would have a high-waisted pant or like a high-waisted pencil skirt or something with you I’m not into bellybuttons I think it’s weird like I get it like she looks cute regard let me she’s amazing but like I think it’s weird when we’re baring our belly buttons that were not at the beach like I just don’t want to see bellybuttons I don’t like belly buttons I just think it’s you’re like you don’t like me juris top hikmah dresses that are like the you know that length to everything on empty right now where the skirts are coming up a little bit higher and then it’s like just a little bit sort of that rib cage sexy but I can’t get with the belly button I just can’t I’m sorry but you look great Holly thank you thank you for that outfit of the week it was fabulous drinking of being fabulous guys apparently your eyebrows can do more than they’re doing they’re mine did you know that please don’t zoom in on mind right now because I had to try to correct him with mako always like to dart people on Instagram oh my god can you stop a little heavy no it’s just because you’re so light girl a little bit of pencil when you already got me super dark it takes nothing but it’s okay you have beautiful full brows which is lovely so along with your beautiful full brow you can follow in the trend of her darte who last season sent down models on the runway with like Pierce browse and all kinds of like wild things happening with their eyebrows so the makeup artists that came up with that look forward our days on runway show his name is James Colley aduro’s he decided to like put some things together and now you can get decals fake rings and all kinds of brow kits that give you lots of options to do wild with your brows it’s called eyebrow bullying from benefit cosmetics you can get it for twenty-five dollars available at Ulta or sephora and basically like you can find all kind of cool stuff to put sparkles on your brows and you can put I don’t know if I really want to see people walking around with more than eyebrows on the runway yes fashion it’s like you know what just so like in regular lives like if you were at the movies and you got spunk why are photo by looking ear no I’m trying to like I don’t know I I can’t I mean maybe like I’m at night okay I admit it like my oh girl we did a little she was a party it was a rock star party so i put i had like little rhinestones that i liked it but they were colorful but that’s for a party yes so maybe like for special occasions yes special occasion may be a special occasion not like regular daily I think this too far ladies in June but i will say for 25 bucks it’s pretty you know cost effective and it’s got a few options in it benefit cosmetics check it out halloween is around the corner you never know what you’re gonna do maybe you’ll be like the weird eyebrow lady for halloween is that actually like existed alright so we also have some style scoop this week for you guys and there’s some exciting things happening we’re all sitting on the edge of our seats like ready for fall season to come back with the television shows and biggest show on TV guys Empire they are capitalizing on the success of empire like in every possible way because Saks Fifth Avenue has basically done a deal with Fox to come up with a whole clothing line based on the series so similar to what the limited did with Kerry Washington but they specifically worked with her wardrobe stylist to get those looks together for the limited but this one is like a huge collaboration you can basically get a whole cookie Lyon fashion starter kit which you guys I I don’t know like I love the show I love what could you live we have a go at all but I’m just laughing thinking about the people that are going in Saks Fifth Avenue like oh my god I want to look like cookie Lyon like where they could be like yeah like lover Frankie and they’re like okay I can’t even imagine like there’s some old lady that’s like Stalin for Jimmy oh I’m gonna be like cookie Lyon okay look like their demographic is is what me Saks Fifth Avenue so anyway basically there’s gonna be like a slew of designers they’re doing like a whole collection of clothes or doing shoes or doing accessories and they’re doing it for multiple characters so of course cookie is like the number one that is like super excited about but they’re also doing it for Lucia’s and the boys so you they will have pieces in the vein of those characters and on the list of the designers who are going to be designing for the Women’s Wear are cushiony and ox we got jimmy choo doing some shoes specifically issues election uncomfortable too yes jewelry designer alexis bittar and handbags and accessories from MCM so you guys can check that out it will be in the collection will be available looks like September 10 through September 23rd so you want to be like freaking go and say cold i am going to be displayed by sep tember tent to sep tember 23rd so it should be available in different cities New York City and looks like Beverly Hills are the main places that it will be available at the end of sep tember so you can go and black out also cooking outfit i miss u 100% that people are gonna be cookie Lyon for Halloween I’m walking it for sure for sure she’s on the side for sure for sure I just can’t wait to see like like I said the sex with Avenue customer if this is in the window and they’re like okay let me get my cookie Lyon hat like I the leper is gonna kill me the leopard everywhere and though she love the hats and the big earrings like I I will I will be fascinated so keep your eyes out guys you’re gonna see cookie lions walking all over the street okay all right speaking of amazing collaborations and excitement for free stuff because we all like free 99 okay so j.

crew apparently is doing a new challenge on Instagram for their loyal shoppers basically as a way to promote their shiny ponies collection which is a collection of happy inducing heels as they call it the brand is going to award five people with 12 months of shoes handpicked by Jenna Lyons the designer and the only thing they ask of you is to Instagram your flyest ponies with the hashtag hashtag shiny ponies hashtag j.

crew contest and you can win a year is worth of shoes so how do they know if you’re like a super loyal customer I mean the x your page or is about your credit card I mean they’re probably just going to pick people who have like the highest Instagram followings so you should totally watch it we should definitely do it those of you out there you got a big instagram following like get on it yeah they’re probably just looking for people who have like amazing followings and I would be only waiting yet but hopefully yeah trying out I get in there so it’s really simple to hashtag shiny ponies and hashtag tegra contest and you might be one of those select five people that gets a year’s worth of shoes there’s a little nelson those I mean my name isn’t free you can’t really complain right here really complain oh my god i think the side p was not as exciting I think that they could be working for something just not for that that right there but I mean you know whatever their basic they have interesting I like mostly j.

crew shoes I’m yeah the most part they’re cute check that out guys online now apparently you can start that immediately okay also in the clothes making world we talk to you guys a little few weeks ago a few months ago maybe about Melissa McCarthy who was coming up with doing a fashion line for plus-size women but like it’s it’s a line for all women it’s not just a plus-size line because she’s one of those people’s like I’m tired of like plus-sized being separated and something else like we want to dress and look hot like everybody else so it’s official the line is ready and it’s out there guys so it’s called Melissa McCarthy seven indicators to women of all sizes and the collection is available in nordstrom lane bryant and may seize the price point ranges from $54 to 169 dollars so it’s very affordable and everything in the collection is like everything basic that you would ever like we’re in life with skinny jeans she’s got printed blouses track pants pencil skirts and more basically anything you would want in your fall wardrobe you can get it with Melissa McCarthy’s collection sizes for 228 so you can check her what about a size 2 ok you should send you to scanning you can’t get it sorry sorry you gotta get a 4 and then go get a tailored if you see something cute I mean mean I make those pants though oh you know it looks likes your friend her face she does that model yeah that’s interesting beautiful but they’re gorgeous and it’s a great ad I like the black and the white and the gray and Melissa McCarthy’s actually lost a substantial amount of weight recently so funny she’s hilarious and it’s funny because they also say that if she had not been acting she would very likely just be working in fashion because she went to fi t I wonder if like when she does her movies are is she gonna be riding her own wardrobe I mean and perhaps you know if it fits with the character I would imagine like that’s a great way to sell your stuff now but this I like that she’s like so involved and like she’s not just like I’m putting my name on a fashion line like she’s actually into it but she studied it and she attended MIT along with apparently her best friend Brian Atwood oh I mean can you imagine like if that was your best friend I know I’m like why did I I mean I have a great best friend but I’m just like that’s meant to but he does not make sure exactly and not like that that would be amazing okay well good luck most McCarthy you guys check that out in the department stores across the country all right so we’re gonna close out sauce scoop this week with a little bit on what’s going on in the magazine front because I don’t know about y’all but I still get excited about my thick fall magazines that come every second well they come at the end of August 4 sep tember and vogue Beyonce making history again beyonce’s on the cover guys it was official they like released all kinds of videos of her behind the scenes for the photo shoot and she with the babies the picture of the baby she’s got this black dress on at one point with no undies and the booty is just perfect and it’s just looking all kinds of perfect and she is the third black woman to land the cover solo and the first female african-american artist to do it so congratulations to Beyonce check out Vogue magazine but speaking of magazines and fall magazines we had an interesting little thing happened yesterday happen we’re going to slide in I don’t know if you heard about this but Elle magazine in Canada caught all kinds of flack from black Twitter y’all all day yesterday happy atomistic Elle magazine tweeted a picture of a beautiful girl wearing a beautiful dashiki and they said de shiki’s the new it item so black Twitter got in their feelings immediately as they do sometimes and came for elle magazine and dragged her across the road and threw her out the side and basically coming for the cultural appropriation thing like everybody’s really sensitive about like what do you mean the new it think she could have been around forever like we’ve been where people across the world have been wearing these and nobody cared before and now you put this the girl was gorgeous I don’t know what her ethnicity is but she looks like she probably is of the Caucasian but she could be you know something else but regardless they’re saying like Western culture right accepts it and that somehow makes it the it thing and the great thing and they were really upset about it sour they immediately they literally took that tweet down like 5 12 hours later okay it was by the end of the day it was like gone too much find itself Oh Canada be careful don’t bomb alors don’t become a velour but I mean are you offended by that because I kind of feel like they didn’t say it was like a new item they were saying that I knew it thing right now so whereas I get it like once a white girl puts it on somehow that legitimizes things often I don’t necessarily feel that from that tweet well I didn’t see the tweet and I don’t personally like take it that way but sometimes it gets a little sensitive for our people man we just feel like we don’t get enough credit for stuff and then every buying when somebody with a Caucasian or anything they posted in it’s like oh it’s fabulous it’s fabulous just like apparently white girls I’ve been in cornrows and then probably for a life and all of that so yeah yeah well be careful guys when you are fashion it doesn’t mean that you get to forget the culture that’s behind it alright so let’s go to something a lot more fun what do you have for haha see you some hot and hot mess my girls India I love her at the Magic Johnson I mean Magic Johnson what am I talking about magic fashion and apparel trade show in Vegas showing off their new line of her new line of shoes day yeah it is I think it’s daiya daiya be wearing white button-down distressed boyfriend jeans in her own blackberry strap sandals I want hers and all her shoe collection I’m sure it’s not actually excited about it then I first heard I was like here we go so cheesy like but she works with a stylus but like they’re they’re like her doll and I love that she’s like open to it because she looks amazing and she’s gorgeous she’s a freaking model she’s 510 and like thin and beautiful but I was kind of concerned like the shoes were gonna kind of like okay here we go but I haven’t seen them in person so quality was is what I’m interested in finding out about but when I saw the pictures from her being at magic which I’m mad I was supposed to go on Tuesday but I couldn’t um but I kind of got excited and was like okay girl you might have some stuff because like you know the fun that little and as simple as that we all love a white shirt and some jeans like it just works and then to throw those little sandals on but the fur and she’s got a little black glasses on I was like you’re hot honey and you make me want to buy your shoes just from that picture so you two congratulations yes congratulations and best of luck next we have Jamie Foxx so at the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ in galaxy note 5 at launch event wearing a long ham chambray button-down top with preacher collar and lighter denim jeans and a white embellish boobs and silence my man just over the jeans like top with the white I think we hit that color what’s with them I did he’s looking he’s aging which is fine he’s like 50 he should be aging we might wear like some more you know but those shoes everything of ugly like I don’t want like it’s ugly the pants don’t fit the shoes are ugly the necklace like what are you I you’re too rich to look that janky and then there’s like a pocket but not a pocket I don’t even like it looks like oh I didn’t even think of that it looks like they like so the pocket on and then took it off after I got washed if you said like stained it was nice to be cool maybe the iron stain I just need it to not be like button collar the preacher collar thing is good night man I don’t get it I don’t get it at all and it makes me think cuz these the idea of this week was sort of like street wear where people are kind of wearing out and that like you showed up to event and something he probably had like that’s what you were wearing in life and like that’s what you were in life why are your shoes somebody explained the shoes you know what people are wearing those like painted throws like that’s fine but what is that looks like it looks like jelly bean stuck to shoe Oh Jamie this is a hot man hot hotness like hot hot double Hut’s thank you Miss boo well speaking of hot mess Angela Simpson pastor Graham what’s yours Instagram is black and white button-down shirt dress with Chuck Taylors and black Sonny’s I love Chuck’s because you can kind of wear them up and down but this outfit I do not want feeling it unless I don’t know like if it reminds me like of the Pillsbury Doughboy like it’s supposed to be fat like you know like it could be pumped up and have something in between I don’t know back and forth cuz at first I was like what in make sure to the first time yes agree no it looks like she’s have you seen oh that car soon i just watched with my little cousins where’s the white little big thing in the pom-pom oh I just don’t know whether she’s I don’t know i think it’s just ok you’re right like in the first picture that’s when I was like oh that’s kind of cute like you know keep it simple throwing some cakes I get it but then when you see the side angle and that the dress is probably a billowy shaped like it’s that weird shape that’s tighter covering up a pregnancy or something or something she’s gaining if she was pregnant I think I’d be fine with it right but she ain’t pregnant her face looks gray ponytails sleep I like the checks but that dr.

trucks and I like the Sun buses but I’m thinking no on the dress I don’t like that that’s enough sorry boo didn’t work didn’t work didn’t worry yeah alright well thank you for hot hot mess who do we have on Stella we have Toki mckean wad she’s a Nigerian radio personality television host in blogger she is known for co-hosting the morning drive on rhythm 93.

7 you can catch her on at toki mo quinoa and you also can follow her on youtube and subscribe if you guys like her videos and everything and she’s talking about a lot of stuff I love this piece right here where she has like the phase does she like she ladies colour I like so and I like her page bright and fun and it looks like really like she’s just having a good time all right so check out the colors and the wonders at Tokyo a quinoa talking like all right guys well there you go that’s a fashion for the week that really quickly I know we’re really hungry here today so cool i don’t r you guys well thank you out there so much for joining us for fashion 411 this week make sure that you download us on iTunes give us a rating give us your comments let us know what you’re thinking let us know what fashion you’re looking at tweet us make sure you follow us on instagram @bhl fashion 4 11 and work in your fans follow you miss Camilla I can follow me on instagram at the real community or Twitter I am Camilla p and you guys can find me on Twitter and Instagram at Stewart Charlotte and also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page because we need your subscribers we need your comments there to let us know what’s up what’s going on in suite us during the week and let us know what you think and we appreciate you we thank you you guys have a wonderful weekend from executives Keven Undergaro Dario Kristin Tiana Hobson and the entire vhl stash we would like to thank you for supporting black Hollywood live the first online broadcast network dedicated to african-american entertainment for questions and comments contact us info @ black holly was on facebook.

Billboard TMI Fashion News w/ Onch

all right my friends I got to move things on because we’ve got quite a busy show today it’s time to get styled as we go from headlines to hemlines and you know what that means right I’m so excited you’re gonna recognize my first guest as the stand out contestant on Paris Hilton’s my new BFF reality series which I gotta tell you was my very mic one of my guilty pleasures that I watch all the time absolutely adore this guy please welcome jewelry designer God you look absolutely stunning let’s so much I came Jessop just for you this is beautifully lit up the couch like no tomorrow and what is this my rainbow pussy oh this is actually by my friends so dunno Tomo and Nicki Minaj Award for the VMAs oh my what are you my famous pretzels we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about because that’s what you do you’ve been you’ve been lacing our wonderful celebrity ladies out there with all your beautiful fashion I make fun wacky jewelry inspired by Hollywood people and inspired by the starlets and just weird stuff how would you describe it um attention-grabbing you love attention I love attention so I think you definitely need a piece of lunch when jewelry oh my gosh I would love everybody talks about it when you go out wearing it I was actually you know I saw the piece on Nicki Minaj yes the pink Fried Chicken pink right should have insecurities you know oh it’s my bag of shit I needed to bring a bag of shit here cuz that’s okay actually I call it poop it’s okay don’t worry here this is our pink Fried Chicken that’s it that’s the straight-up barbie food in article look at that that is delicious awesome now Nicki weighs a ton of your design set how did she first get introduced to your jewelry what team Nicki Minaj actually contacted me and you know we would love something exclusive fun and out there for Nicki Minaj so I bet I made her some pretzel necklaces and we kind of came up with the pink Fried Chicken idea with her team because we know that she loves the fried chickens and for a performance on good day America she actually pulled out a full-on fried chicken leg and ate it on stage so I thought you know what we got to make her something different something special and make it pink because she’s a Barbie my god you’re a little magical too well thank you so much I’m gonna I’m gonna put it over here for dinner well speaking of dinner let’s get to the yummy bitch shall we and take a look at some of New Year’s Eves get-ups with some celebrities there’s no tragedies around them beautiful I don’t know it’s beautiful disaster that’s why we’ve got that’s why we’ve got a new couch and we’re gonna start off with your girls yeah Nicki Minaj New Year’s Eve she was at the Dick Clark New Year’s Eve in New York Wow and I always think she looks like a little swag so gorgeous so we’ve seen her in every hair color mm-hmm and what do you think about the blonde I think finally her carpet matches no like I love the blonde on her I think she’s gorgeous she looks like a straight-up Barbie um this is definitely go active chick and this outfit is by my friend Johnny Wujek right and the only thing I have to say that’s missing from this outfit movement jewelry hi Johnny contact me because I can make that outfit ten times better with a nice piece of necklace exactly oh she looks great look at those glittery balls I love it how would I know that you like glitter evolve that’s just so cute also celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York was the one and only gag oh very good she is with her little silver beaded gown with a matching it’s a Versace outfit and it’s you know it’s very intricate I love the design I think it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve but my only problem is I want to see her mug I need to see that gorgeous face at first why cover it up I I know I mean she does that sometimes with the hats and this and I always don’t like her covering her mug we need the mug she’s so beautiful pretty mug show it gagger and she doesn’t have any of your jewelry on I know so missing out midnight and Lady gaga actually gave Mayor Michael Bloomberg a New Year’s Eve suite which could explain the look on his face but I want to see the look on your walk mr.

mayor looks so sexy in this ugly sweater I mean mr.

mayor needs the word there’s all the time and I actually neither ask them where to buy one because I have a glee sort of party to go to and this will make me win the contest I’m so excited he has such great taste how would you wear this differently um you know I think something to spice it up maybe booty shorts and leggings you gotta show more skin or legs booty shorts um yeah so so man if you can send that sweater in the mail we can get it yes we can we can put it in all different like different styles and makes atmosphere next year if you can wear it but I’m sure I’m sure that’s not a new sweater do you think he’s had that for a while I don’t know I mean white next up Rihanna’s celebrating 2012 in Miami at Puff Daddy is a big bash another friend of mine was there at that party it was pret great besides her animal print sleeves sleeves you see the NIP did you see the no no actually I missed that like okay my only concern about this outfit is it’s not showing enough skin because you know we see her nip but she needs to do her jazz hand so we could see her princess castle I mean she’s already showing so much she might as well go all the way don’t you agree well yeah she’s gone that’s a shiny thing right that right that’s a what a nipple ring that’s hot okay and ending the year with a bang or should I say bangs is Kim Kardashian and Kat Kardashian she’s backing it up there she is she needs a beep on that bumper don’t you think beep beep beep I call this outfit a tighty whitey I actually think she looks like a bangable angelic virgin um she the only say that again a bangable fruit oh my god angelic virgin a bankable angelic birds perfect and I mean it’s a white canvas which i think is great she needs some color on her but she also blends into the background which i think is really perfect because I think all of us secretly wished I mean it’s secretly wet she’s got great assets so you have a great and you know the only thing she’s missing is a big ass and I have something exciting is happening for you right yes yes yes okay so ant movement is exclusively gonna design something special for the My Little Pony project for Hasbro it’s gonna be friendship it’s not – hey listen I love I love I love to see people get rich and me like right there shirttail know I like that no I think you’re a creative person that’s why you like me I do like you is there anything in that bag oh yes I do oh my god Julia I actually made something supposed to see for you it’s a nice nice whirl but it’s special colors for Julie brown no gag on it is delicious just like your booty hole I think I’m gonna have to put this so cute that’s it now your fashion of light my mic man is going crazy look at that check me out so cute I need to like you I love you is know where they can get licked I mean where they can find you well you can find all the delicious yeah at launch movement calm or you could contact me on Twitter at on thank you so much thank you you can take that bag of poop poop with you like a shadow thanks for stopping by.

ALTERNATIVE & GOTHIC FASHION NEWS 25th November 2018 | Mumma Goth

you ologies Christmas shopping style starts Saturday the first December for 24 hours only with some absolutely stunning items available as well as their winter collection being launched and additional brands added to their range although mentioned in last week’s video please sure to check out macabre ‘s Christmas online

market on Facebook Saturday the 1st of December also ensure you have entered their competition available on all the pages of the sellers participating in at this season sale if you remember my first ever alternative fashion news episode hell bunny announced they had a boyfriend and now all has

been revealed check rocked clothing is now live and offering 10% off your first order using the code h BB o YF through all the Black Friday madness Punk crave has some beautiful new items out this week including some stunning dresses outerwear and tops christmas has come to irregular

choice with as always it’s an absolutely breathtaking designs now available on their website plus with all orders over 50 pounds a free bag is included in your order the coffee shop still have their 25% off everything with their Black Friday sale running until 23:59 tonight using the code

Black Friday 25 at the checkout little boutique have their Black Friday sale currently running on their website we have more to be added as well as a cyber monday sell coming tomorrow that auction is up tonight on their Facebook group punk rave are currently offering 30 euros off

your order including free DHL shipping with a minimum order of 150 euros using the code Punk Raven there are still a few hours left of kill stars Black Friday sell offering 20 to 85% of all their products site-wide disturb ears Black Friday sell is still on until midnight

tonight with 25% off all their products it’s mad Sunday over at EMP with offers every hour so be quick including free shipping on all orders over 30 pounds it’s the last day of dolls kill Black Friday sell with the entire site markdown groin stores Black Friday sale is

running until Monday weave up to 60% off free delivery on all orders over 35 pounds and students get 10% off creepsville has some awesome deals running their Black Friday sale ends today getting 25% off using the code black 18 and for today only buy a nice cool necklace

get a bracelet free and reduced-price on two of their exclusive bags they also announced their own version of cyber monday is coming updates will be found on our Instagram page attitude craving have 15% of everything using the cloud black 15 offer in Snite 23:59 therapist cravings Black Friday

sale continues until today with 25% off everything using the code black do you fast have 27% of all orders until tonight using the code shop small hell bunny have the 20% off their Black Friday category using the code Black Friday 20 off the ends from midnight Monday the

26th of November black Rothko continue to have their Black Friday sale with 40% of everything using the code evil at checkout ends today angel clothing currently have buy one get one free on their Black Friday sale section with some awesome stocking fillers or Secret Santas style gifts available

from home where to clothing definitely worth given our website of you Rogan wools Black Friday sale with up to 70% off is still running until Monday the 26th of November Black Moon have 25% of all single items and 15% of audios and bundles in their Black Friday sale

which ends tonight iron fists have a massive 80% of everything in their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale cumulative have two competitions running on their Instagram page they are offering a chance to win 100 pound store credit heart their image and tag a friend over on their Facebook

page they are offering four tickets to the Body Worlds London exhibition valid for December or a 100 pound store credit voucher like the post and leave a comment to say what you would prefer to win competition ends today default clothing have a giveaway running on their Instagram and

Facebook page to win one of their Christmas jumpers tag to friends in their post repost and tag creepy giveaway and ensure you are following too fast and rat baby clothing ends 29th of November Brogan wolf are offering one of their followers a chance to win one of their

midnight mugs on their Instagram like and comment any of their posts using the tag love rogue and wolf every comment counts as one entry as always thank you so much for watching this week’s alternative fashion news to support this channel please ensure you subscribed when the notifications turned

on and if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give it a like remember to check back Wednesday for my latest video and next Sunday for even more alternative fashion news until next time bye beauties