Mirror Gloss Shine | Crockett and Jones Oxfords

[Music] and ladies and gents welcome back and thank you so much for taking the time out to join us today so so today I figured we would do another shoeshine tutorial do it together sometimes if you want to go get your pair of shoes while I shine these

and we shine them together that would be great so grab that cup of coffee grab a drink whatever you’d like and let’s get started so this is a pair of Crockett & Jones cap toes that were brought in to us by Daniel from Alabama we thank you very

much for bringing this into US and what Daniel wants to do is just clean these off really well get them cleaned up condition and then he wants to put a really nice gloss up on the toe area so that’s what we’re going to do so go get your

supplies and let’s get started alright so the first thing we want to do as always we’re just gonna remove these laces from shoes again it’s not always imperative to remove the shoelaces I get asked this question all the time from folks when they see some of our videos

and in some of the videos we leave the laces in there and you know they ask why don’t you remove the laces and it’s just it’s not something that you have to do every time you know when I’m shining my shoes and I’m just doing it basic shoe

shine I’m not looking to get you know cream up here on the toe area or around the laces you know I’m just trying to make the overall shoe look nice you know and just cleaned up a little bit from the previous wear or two and that’s all that

you have to do if you’re getting into a deeper shine kind of like this gentleman wants to do today okay then it makes sense to to go ahead and remove them but it’s just not something you have to do and as Kirby Allison said I’m one of his

videos and I totally agree with him you know and you have a really nice pair of shoes you’re putting a lot of stress on these eyelets not all eyelets have you know a little grommet around here the little metal grommet so you’re putting a lot of stress on

that and it also every time you pull these out these little tabs here on the end of the laces you start wearing those out as well so it’s just again it’s not something that I would recommend doing on every single shoe shine that you do alright so we’ve

got these laces out let’s put the shoe trees in alright now let’s just brush these off [Music] all right so I’m going to use some of this leather soap just to clean these shoes up a tad now as you’ve seen in other videos of ours sometimes we can

use like this leather soap from Saphir comes with this little pad and you can use that or you can use a dollar it’s really up to you just as long as you get that long as you get the soap nice and sudsy that’s all you’re trying to achieve

and it’s a little a little pad applicator pad that comes with it does a pretty good job [Music] again I don’t like to let the soap sit on there long so as soon as I do one shoe I go ahead and dry it off so if you let

the soap sit on there it just turns into like a dry haze and it just doesn’t shine up as well so [Music] [Music] all right after I have cleaned those off with the saddle soap I like to go over it with my brush and just buff this off

again [Music] next I always like to use conditioner because if you’re going to take your shoes and you’re going to strip them down or if you’re going to use saddle soap on them or really if you’re just given any shoe shine even if it’s just a quick you

know five minutes shoe shine like we’ve done a video on before throwing a little conditioner on there definitely cannot hurt and it doesn’t take that long and it’s actually just a really good thing to do to your shoes quite frequently [Music] and you really want to make sure

that you’re getting some up in this vamp area well as well because this is generally where you’re gonna see the majority of your cracking if you ever if you take good care of your shoes and you’re conditioning them regularly you should not have cracking along here along the

fan but since that’s where the flex point is on your shoes you definitely want to make sure that you’re getting a lot in that area again we’ll let this dry to a haze and after it’s done and I like to buff it off as we’ve said before that

renovates who are always does such a good job not only conditioning your shoe but it does have some waxes in there and it does such a good job even bringing out a light shine on that shoe and again I haven’t put anything else on as you saw except

for that ringlet or [Music] alright guys so we have those done now what I’m gonna do is put on some of the Pomodoro cream obviously this one is in black and like I’ve said before always like to use cream when I’m doing a shine because that is what

does the best job putting back into that shoe the color and covers up any scratches or scuffs and then after that I’ll apply the waxes but I just can’t beat using a good shoe cream and like I said in one of our videos before if I were to

choose one product that I just had to have I would choose the the cream and more specifically the this fear Pomodoro cream and a lot of people ask well you know didn’t you say the conditioner is important and that’s probably what I would use first well this cream

has a lot of conditioning agents in it so you’re kind of getting the best of both worlds with this cream not only are you able to put a shine on your shoe you’re able to cover up scuffs but you’re also able to get it really nice shine and

again as well as conditioning so it’s just a great overall all-around product now I also like to get along these soul and welt line as well to cover up any of those scuffs as well as to condition that leather so definitely don’t forget to do that and back

here on this hill block as well plummet ear curtain is a really good job of just putting the coloration back in to that hill block alright now after we’ve allowed that cream to dry to a haze we will once again buff that off all right and then like

I always say after I’ve buffed it off the shoe cream I like to just take a soft rag and lightly wipe over that shoe because it will take off any of that excess pigment that’s on the shoe you don’t want that to one to get on your pants

and – before I start applying the wax I just like to have that excess pigment taken off all right so you can see just from the wax how beautiful that shoe is already looking so if you wanted to stop here you could definitely do that but again this

gentleman wants to have a much higher shine on the toe cap so that’s what we’re gonna do but that does look really nice again just from adding a little bit of shoe cream to your shoe that’s what you end up with so definitely keep that in mind one

thing that we’re gonna do it a little differently today and actually saw this on the elegant Oxford channels as you know we’re good friends with Preston from that channel and I was watching one of his videos the other day and he mentioned that on his black shoes he

often gets a really good shine by using the navy blue pate de luxe wax and I had never heard of that before you know I’ve been shining shoes for years and that’s originally how we started out this business was we were a pickup and delivery shoeshine service here

in Nashville and I had never heard of that little trick so one of the things that we really like about shining shoes or just you know style or taking care of your wardrobe is just gaining tips from each other you know it shouldn’t be some coveted secret that

everyone wants to keep to themselves it’s one of those things we’re all trying to help each other out we’re all trying to help you ladies and gentlemen out there take better care of your wardrobes and your shoes so anytime that we hear a tip or you hear a

tip from from someone else you know pass it along because it’s definitely one of those things that we’re all trying to help each other out to achieve a better us so anyways thanks to Preston for that little we’re going to give that a try on these pair off

Crockett & Jones today so let’s get back to it alright yeah and I just open this 10 of the navy blue patty deluxe I’m going to take my really old worn out t-shirt here that I like to use when I’m using wax and want to apply just a

little bit of navy blue on to the entire shoe because even though the gentleman doesn’t want a shine a glossy shine all over the shoe you definitely want to make sure the entire shoe is protected so again I’m just going to apply a couple of really light coats

all over the shoe [Music] all right so we have a couple coats of this pate de luxe wax all over the shoe if you don’t have the Saffir products definitely feel free to use whatever brain you have out there but again this is just the products that we

use here at our shop primarily alright now what we’re going to start doing is using the mirror gloss which is really going to help bring out that shine here on the toes as I’ve said before because the mirror gloss is made up of a lot of hard wax

a–‘s and does not contain any solvents in it it really fills in those pores a lot better than even the pate Polacks does and it just really helps to bring out that shine quicker and what what you’re trying to do when you bring when you in order to

build a mirror shines you’re trying to fill in all of the little pores inside of the leather and once you fill those pores in then it becomes a very smooth flat surface and that’s where it allows those waxes to begin building up and that is what creates the

mirror show and just as a reminder all of the products that you see us using in our videos we do carry here at our shop as well as online so that website below poverty suns calm we’ll take you to our site where you can find all of these

products alright you just want to work that in really well like I said began filling in the pores of that leather alright so I’ve had a little bit of water on there and as you can see when I do that it really starts to bring out the shine

on that toe [Music] all right what we’ll keep doing is just adding more of this mirror gloss and then every now and then I’ll put it maybe a a coat of the navy blue pate de luxe or if you have black you know of course feel free to

use black if you have neutral wax you can use that as well when it comes to the waxes you know as long as you’re in this this color scheme you know again neutrals always find maybe blue or black would be would be great but we’ll just put you

know a coat or two of that then I’ll go back to the mirror gloss I’ll put a couple coats of that and I kind of just go back and forth until I achieve that shine that I want and that’s what we’re just going to continue to do today

all right guys so as you can see the shine is beginning to show up on the toes and what I’ve just been doing is like what I mentioned I’m just kind of going back and forth between putting a couple of coats of the mirror gloss and then I’ll

mix it up and put a coat of the pate de luxe wax and then in between each time that I’ll rub the rag and try to buff it out I’ll put a little water on there with my finger and then I just lightly rub it until that shine

shows up [Music] alright guys so that’s pretty much it I’d hate to cut it short on you and not go through the whole process but like I said before when you’re trying to get a mirror shine on your toes it can literally take an hour two if not

more I mean you can continue to go and go and go until you know it looks like you’re looking an absolute glass so I had to cut it short but I hope that got across the point of you know what you sort of need to do and like

I said you can check out many of our other videos too where we also go into more depth as to you know what we do on each pair of shoes for each particular shine so feel free to check those out as well so we got this shoe pair

of shoes back the way the customer requested again we just went over them we clean them off we put some conditioner on there followed up with some shoe cream and then I literally worked on these toes for probably an hour hour and a half but I have to

get back to resoling a lot of your shoes I have a lot of work to do so we’re gonna wrap it up for today but I hope you enjoyed this video again please feel free to leave any comments below we like getting back to you folks and answering

as many of those as we possibly can definitely subscribe to our Channel and hit the thumbs up button so that we know that you like this video and until next time have a great day [Music]

$400 Shoes vs $1300 Shoes | A Black Cap Toe Oxford Comparison | Kirby Allison

What’s the difference between a 400 dollar pair of Allen Edmonds and a thirteen hundred dollar pair of Edward greens in today’s video.

I’m going to show you just how different for black cap toe oxfords can be.

I’m Kirby Allison and I love helping the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes.

Join me as we explore the world of quality craftsmanship and tradition.

We’ve got four exceptional black capped two oxfords here with us today.

We’ve got the three hundred ninety five dollar black cap to a Park Avenue from Allen Edmonds.

The four hundred ninety five dollar black cap to Oxford from Carmina a twelve hundred dollar black cap to Oxford from Gazza unknown Girling.

And finally a thirteen hundred dollar black cap toe Oxford from Edward Green.

Now the question you might be asking is just how different can for black captive oxfords be.

And in this video I’m going to go into the details that really separate these shoes from one another.

Whenever it comes to dress shoes a black cap toe Oxford is as classic and as timeless as you can get.

The reason a black cap to Oxford is probably the best selling dress you ever is because it’s a shoe that’s never gonna go out of style.

This shoe looks as good today as it looked fifty sixty seventy five years ago and it will look just as good fifty sixty or seventy five years from today as it does now whenever it comes to dress shoes.

It’s just hard to get a more beautiful more classic dress shoes than the black cap to Oxford.

And it’s because of that reason you’ll find a black cap to Oxford as a part of every Shoemaker’s collection.

We’ve got a huge range of shoes here.

We’ve got the 400 dollar Allen Edmonds all the way up to a thirteen hundred dollar pair of Edward greens and I would tell you that both of these shoes represent a good value at their respective price points.

That’s why each one of these shoes has made its way into our shoe review series because here at Kirby Allison we want to review shoes that we can recommend to you depending on your budget and how much money you have to spend on a pair of dress shoes.

Each of these options is a great value for what they offer at that particular price point the three hundred ninety five dollar Park Avenue is probably one of the best selling dress shoes in America.

Alan Edmunds is a quintessential American shoe brand and whenever people think of their first pair of nice dress shoes we hear more people speak of Alan Edmunds than any other brand.

They’re easy to find available in a huge range of sizes and really represent made in America.

Whenever people email us and ask us what type of shoes that they should invest in or what type of shoes warrant using good polish like the shoe polish we offer here at Kirby Allison I always say that you need to be an Alan Edmunds or better.

And the reason is is that Alan Edmunds is still a finely made leather dress you know.

Is it a pair of gassy Alan girl rings or Edward greens.

And the answer is unequivocally no.

But it’s still a respectable dress you for the money.

There’s a few key details I’ll point out.

First and foremost it’s Goodyear welded.

That means that the outsell is attached to a well with stitching that allows these shoes to be easily repaired and resold.

The reason that that’s important is that if you’re going to invest in a high quality pair of leather dress shoes you need to be able to resell them because the outsell will always wear out before the shoe wears out itself.

So a good pair of dress shoes should easily be able to go through three four or five outsells before they reach the end of its lifetime.

Alan Edmunds is a 100 percent Goodyear wilted shoe and they have something they’ve trademarked as the 360 degree Goodyear well where basically that welding goes all the way around not just the forward part of the shoe but passes the instep all the way around the heel and really 360 degrees around the shoe.

The other thing that’s nice about a pair of Alan Edmunds is that they use a full grain open poor genuine calf skin it’s a high quality capsicum that’s going to produce a great shine and especially with a pair of Allen Edmonds I would recommend that you shine them out of the box because this leather with all honesty needs the Polish really to bring its shine up and look even now is it the highest quality leather No but it’s a good quality leather for what you get at three hundred ninety five dollars and most importantly you can rest assured that the leather is dyed properly and you don’t have to worry about the finished coming off like you do at some less expensive shoes.

It’s a great shoe and it’s a shoe that unequivocally I can recommend here.

Kirby Alison Hanger Project.

Now if you have a little bit more money to spend for only a hundred extra bucks you really jump up a to a whole nother level in terms of quality Whenever you reach Carmina at four hundred ninety five dollars Carmina is an exceptional value.

And if anyone can stretch a little bit above and Allen Edmonds I would absolutely recommend a pair of calmness because you begin to see a lot of the finer points of shoe making that you don’t with a pair of Allen Edmonds just looking at these two shoes together you can really see the difference just in terms of finishing and finesse.

Let me point out some of the technical details of this Carmina that really set it apart.

Now I’m going to compare it just to this Allen Edmonds since we’re working our way up in terms of the price of shoes.

So for four hundred ninety five dollars one of the things that you get that immediately changes the look of the shoe is a higher stitch density on the Outsell.

So with Carmina you’re probably getting somewhere between 10 and 12.

Whereas with this pair of Allen Edmonds at best you’re getting four or five.

Now what I mean by stitch density is what is the density of stitches that is used to stitch the outsold to the welt.

Now this isn’t something that’s obvious.

So if you’re wearing these.

Allen Edmonds and someone’s looking down at your shoe.

Nobody is probably gonna notice the stitch DENSITY OF YOUR outsell and if you have these shoes repaired or resold your cobbler should easily be able to restage the outsell at a higher stitch density than what comes from the factory.

But there’s no question that the stitch density on the outside is one of those things that just creates a finesse to the finishing that you immediately see when you look at these communists.

Now if you look a little bit more closely at the well you’ll notice another detail here that really elevates the level of finish and that is something called wealth fudging.

Well fudging.

Are these small indentations that you see pressed on top of the welt and at Shoemaker uses a wheel to press those in.

Now traditionally the wealth fudging would be used to mark the points at which the outside would be stitched to the welt.

And so that would control the stitch density.

But here since this is a good year welded shoe its primer.

It’s primarily decorative but there’s no question that this elevates the level of finesse.


If you look at the overall shape of the last.

You have more shape of the shoe around the last.

Now this small definition takes a little bit more time and a little bit more skill to produce but it allows you to produce just more shape into the shoe itself.

That again creates a more elegant more beautiful shoe.

Kamin it without question uses a higher quality calf scan for the upper.

And another detail when you look at the bottoms not only are the bottoms finished but there’s another important detail that I think is really important whenever it comes to a high quality pair of leather dress shoes.

And that’s something called an invisible channel stitch.

Whenever you look at the outside of these calmness and you compare that to the alcohol of the Allen Edmonds you can see that the outsells stitching is hidden and that is called invisible channel stitching where basically this leather is sliced peeled back and then the outsell is stitched and then that leather flap is glued down.

Now the result is invisible to most eyes because very rarely does someone else see the bottom of your shoe.

But if you’re someone that really appreciates craftsmanship and love shoes just having that highly finished bottom with no visible channel stitching is just one of those nuanced elements of shoe making that really elevate the shoe itself.

Now again with the pair of Allen Edmonds if you’re having them resold like two hour Kirby Allison certified shoe restoration program we can easily do it.

An invisible channel stitching but from the factory you don’t receive that.

Another detail that you’ll see on the current Mena is just a little bit of tacking at the toe and around the heel.

And again it’s just a small nuanced detail that without question sets you apart.

Also on the Kamin as you have a full leather heel stack whereas on the Allen Edmonds is particle leather.

And then also the heel sits more cleanly and tighter on the shoe itself so there’s less of a gap right here.

So it’s just a tighter cleaner and more elegant finish.

The Goodyear welding goes past where the heel starts up a little bit but then it stops and it doesn’t go all the way around.

Now whenever you compare that to the Allen Edmonds you absolutely see a difference just in the quality of the finish on the rear of the shoe.

Now is this something that everyone notices.

Probably not.

But if you’re someone that loves shoes you probably will.

And one last detail that you only begin to notice whenever you compare these shoes together is not only do you have a higher stitch density across the outsell but you also have a higher standard density across the upper where the patterns are joined together.

And again it’s that precise single needle stitching here in two parallel rows here just in one single row as higher periphery nation rate just produces a cleaner sleeker look and there’s no question the higher in the shoe the higher the stitch density could be so moving up.

We come to Gatineau and Girling there’s a huge jump in price between a pair of Kamin as Gazza unknown Girling and Edward Green’s.

And at this point you really begin to hit the point of diminishing marginal return.

There’s no question that more finishing and finesse goes in these shoes and I’m going to talk to you about that.

But the price difference that you have to pay in order to receive that level of finishing is much more significant than what you get going from a pair of Allen Edmonds to Cardenas.


Kamin as are made off the Spanish island of my orca whereas Gatsby unknown girl rings and Edward Green’s are classic British shoes both made in North Hampton which is the birthplace of really the modern dress you now whenever you get to these Gatsby unknown yearlings you see everything that I’ve talked about with these two pairs really elevated to an even higher standard.

You get a higher stitch density on the outs so you again have well fudging you get an even higher stitch density on the uppers.

You get more definition to the last.

You get a tighter fiddle back waste.

You still have the invisible channel stitching.

But now you have even more finishing to the outside itself.

And as we turn the shoe around you really begin to see some of these finishing details at the heel the heel is smaller and sits tighter on the upper right.

It has more shape to it got cyan on Girling puts a soft pitch into the heel.

You have more shape this back heel and one of the other things you can’t see but you can feel is that there’s more structure and hard countering into the shoe itself and what the hard cantering is is a deep hard piece of leather that is placed in between the upper and the entire lining that produces a stiffer structure that is used to create support and control creasing.

You see all that with this Gazza unknown Girling Oxford shoe.

So like I explained earlier with the good your welding we have the Goodyear welding all the way around the forward part of the shoe but you’ll see that got C.


and Girling is very precise and having it stop right here where the heel begins and then on the back quarters of the shoe you don’t see any of that Weld stitching and the heel sits very tightly or the heel blocks it’s very tightly on the heel itself.

Now the heel is made from 100 percent leather.

And all of the leather on the bottoms are oak bark tanned leather outsells in heels whereas on the Camino is it’s just regular Italian Tanned bottoms.

Now you can’t get J are bottoms and they’re caught.

And if you do there may Daub order program you can specify a jar when the bark bark and leather outsells also.

But on the gassing on on Girling these come standard now Oak Park tanned leather outsells what does that mean.

Well there’s different ways that leather could be tanned and we actually had the privilege of visiting J.


Wyndham back in Germany which is a tannery that specializes in oak bark tanned leather out soles and basically oak bark tanning.

You have the leather outsells sitting in pits for up to nine months and only tree barks are used to tan the leather.

Now it takes a lot longer than what you get and say a fast tan to a drum with Italian leather but the result is a much more durable abrasion resistant and water resistant leather out so that is going to outperform and outlast a normal outsell by several factors.

Now the result is you just have to restore your outsells less often and it’s more water resistant and that makes a big difference.

And just how long your shoes are able to go in between wrestling’s.

It also allows for a much cleaner finish on the bottom and as you can see with these Gazza on Girling as the finishing work on the bottom of these shoes is just as beautiful on the uppers and is really one of the things that set Gazza on Girling apart whenever they first came to the market was this bottom finishing.

And of course this tight waist with the fiddle back now the fiddle back is a small kind of shape an indentation that you get on the waist of the shoe.

Now if you look at these Kamin s you don’t have a fiddle you have something of that is just called a square waist.


So it still has a little bit of shape but it doesn’t come in as much here at the waist as the get gotten on on girls do.

And it’s flat right across that it doesn’t have this fiddle built up right here.

Now does that affect how the shoe wears.

Absolutely not.

But it’s just one of those finishing details that really separates a beautiful well-made pair of got down on girls really from other shoes out there that are generally available at lower price points and it’s just one of the details that really brings people to Gazza and on Girling now this shoe is absolutely beautiful.

It’s made to the highest standards the upper is hand clicked.

So that means that it’s being cut out by hand.

They use the same grade calf skin for the uppers that they use in their bespoke shoes which is the highest grade.

And because all the pattern pieces are hand clicked they can move those pattern pieces around the hide to ensure that they are using only the best parts with no blemishes.

Now if you want to see everything about how a pair of got down and girls are made we were given exclusive access to their factory and we have an entire factory tour that we’ve filmed that goes through step by step how they make their Goodyear welded leather dress shoes.

I could speak about all the details in this shoe for an entire hour but this is an overview so I’m going to move on to the next pair of shoes.

Next we have the Edward Greens.

This is their black cap toe Oxford Edward Green is without question probably one of the most iconic luxury English shoemakers and they’ve been around a lot longer than Gazza on Girling.

And a pair of shoes from Edward Green is a pittance with luxury English made dress shoes.

They’ve been around for a long time and they have really separated themselves with the highest Commitment to Excellence whenever it comes to making their shoes.

And there’s no question that a pair of shoes from Andrew Green is an investment piece that will be sure to last decades if.

Cared for properly.

Now what you get with a pair of Edward greens is an incredibly well-made English dress you.

That is good your wilted.

It’s a factory made shoe just like the rest of these but you can be certain that they’re using the highest quality materials and really the best techniques to make their shoes.

Edward Green and Gazza unknown Girling really are in the same class that upper echelon of factory made Goodyear welded leather dress shoes.

A lot of the same details that I discussed in these gutsy girl girls you find in the evergreens also you have a high stitch density to the outsell its fudged.

You have of course only the highest quality smooth calf skin being used.

It has a beautiful shape to the shoe.

Great last definition a high stitch density to the uppers a beautiful heel that sits tightly on the back of the shoe.

The welding stops at the heel.

You’ve got great definition you’ve got hard countering.

Of course they use Oak Park tanned leather outsells in heels.

Also you can see that the outside in the heel is finished and it has an invisible channel stitching.

This is an absolutely beautiful shoe and just like got down on Girling they have several different at last that you can have this you made on with a wide variety of sizes and widths to ensure that whenever you invest in a pair of Edward Greens that they are gonna fit your foot is as close to perfectly as possible without going bespoke and for twelve hundred and eighty five dollars.

Of course it is an expensive shoe but it is well worth the investment if you want something that is going to look beautiful for decades.

One of the things that you’re paying for with that question whenever you invest in a pair of Edward greens is for the heritage that none of these other shoe makers have now got S.


to a lesser extent because you know these are still incredibly well made.

You know English Northampton shoes with a pair of lower priced dress shoes you just don’t get the provenance that you get with a pair of gassy unknown girl things and especially a pair of Edward greens.

So as I mentioned earlier one of the things that you see in terms of differentiating one of these really high end pair of leather dress shoes from some of the more standard ones is the amount of last definition.

Now the last definition is how much shape that is given to the shoe as it is lasted whereas the leather is pulled over the last when it’s being constructed and it’s a really really really important characteristic that just produces the sculpture that you would expect from a really finally made pair of leather dress shoes and one of the best ways to illustrate that is to just set the shoe down.

And then to take a pencil and just drop it straight down on the arch right so you can see the amount of space you have right here between the pencil and the arch is quite significant so look how much shape is being built into this arch as it comes underneath the shoe so you compare that to this pair of Allen Edmonds.

We drop this down and you see that there’s almost no shape here at all right.

So look at that.


Can even fit my finger in there.

You look at this.

It’s huge.

You know I can put two fingers in there and so that again is just a sculpture.

You know we see it to a certain as you know on these Edward Greens.

Now Edward Green has a slightly more square waist but we still have quite a bit of definition right there at the waist.

And then to a lesser extent but certainly still there on these Kamin is also.

So again it’s just those small details that kind of all combine together to create a beautifully sculpted pair of shoes that really provokes.


So the amount of last definition that you get and some of these higher end shoes are.

And and it’s not just last definition but it’s just a really beautifully inspired last shape that then they’re able to produce last definition in as just one of the things that all combined together to create beautiful shoes that are striking elegant and that you enjoy wearing at the end of the day.

Now I’ve spoken about the technical differences between these shoes and if you have any questions or anything to add by all means please ask them in the comments section below.

I enjoy getting back to as many of those questions as possibly.

And I really enjoy hearing your thoughts on these different shoes.

But next I want to speak a little bit more personally about just my opinions in terms of the style differences of these shoes.

Technically they’re different but in each brand’s approach towards shoe making.

There are certainly differences in terms of style.

And then there’s also just practical differences in terms of how the patterns are done.

So we’re going to start here and work our way up and you know these are really my opinions.

And so you know you may disagree and that’s totally fine and if you disagree let me know in the comment section.

So Allen Edmonds there’s no question that these Park Avenues are great shoes.

But what you’re really missing here is the finesse that you find in the rest of these.

They’re great shoes and they’re a fantastic value.

If all you have is three hundred ninety five dollars or if you want to shop one of their sales where these go on sale this is an excellent quality leather dress you have that if properly polished and care for it will last decades and look great.

There’s no question that with a pair of Allen headbands you are looking better and wearing better footwear than ninety five percent of all the guys out there.

And so if you’re a professional that wears a suit and you haven’t invested in at least a pair of Allen Edmonds or better I would encourage you today go out and buy a proper pair of shoes because it’s one of the first things people notice.

Now whenever we talk about the pattern I find a certain degree of heaviness to this pair of shoes from Allen Edmonds the triple stitching across the facing the double stitching across the toe cap and the spacing just produces a heavier look.

Now I enjoy some of this stitching as I’ll talk about whenever we get over to these other shoes because you want some visual separation between the pattern pieces because this isn’t a whole cut Oxford but I just find that the combination of number of rows of stitching in the stitch density just produce a heaviness to this shoe.

Another thing is immediately whenever you look at the outsell the low stitch density of the outside stitching again just lacks the finesse that I really appreciate.

And a leather dress shoe.

Another thing is that if you look at the positioning of the cap there’s it’s pitched slightly forward especially whenever you compare it to these calmness.

And so I’ve always thought that the Park Avenues were slightly out of balance because the cap was too far forward.

Now there’s benefits to that because you don’t have to worry aboutcreasing the cap because it gives you more room in the vamp and you might need that room for the trademark six islets which you get on the Paramount and Edmunds.

But to me you know this facing right here is too long and this is too narrow.

So that’s my opinion on this issue.

These comments are absolutely beautiful and I think they’re expertly made here you’ll see a double Rose stitching across the facing and across the cap single stitching here with the traditional arc and there’s really nothing I would say about this I really enjoy just the aesthetic of the pattern.

This is a great shoe and you know it’s really nothing I would change.

Now looking at the Gazza honor’s you’ll see that Graziano took a slightly different approach to the way that they constructed the wrapper where they used just a single rub stitching at a very high stitch density that did a lot of ways reflects the ethos of the brand.

They’re sleek slightly fashion forward British aesthetic.

And so I like that.

But I think that it lacks a little bit of the visual separation that you get with the double roses stitching between the calmness and the Edward Green’s.

Now when we look at the Edward Greens again you’ll see the same double stitching that you have in the calmness which again I think create nice visual separation.

This is a slightly larger shoot than the other one so it’s a little bit hard to compare apples to apples but the pattern here just has an incredibly beautiful well-balanced.

Aesthetic between the different pieces the pattern the cap the vamp and then the quarters.

But another visual cue that you get on the Edward Green’s that really separate this from the rest of this shoe is this little pattern piece right here.

It’s not a pattern piece it’s actually just stitching into this pattern element that’s called a swan’s neck.

Now this was resurrected from shoes that Edward Green had made in the 1930s and it’s just a nice little subtle visual cue that separates the shoe it gives a little bit of slickness and elegance to an otherwise very conservative classic dress you need to be totally honest.

I liked the swan’s neck so much that my bespoke cap to oxfords that Dominic Casey made for me incorporate the same element into them.

Now the swan neck isn’t a unique or proprietary to Edward Green because there’s really nothing you can do in shoe making these days it hasn’t been done before but as far as these shoes that I have here today it is the only pair of that’s one mix and it is a detail that I like.

So each of these four pairs of shoes I have today are really excellent examples of a black cap to Oxford.

Each is at a different price point.

We have a three hundred ninety five dollar pair of Park Avenues from Alan Edmunds.

We’ve got a four hundred ninety five dollar pair of shoes from Carmina.

We’ve got a twelve hundred dollar pair of shoes we’ve got to go on Girling and we have add thirteen hundred dollars or one thousand two hundred eighty five dollar pair of shoes from Edward Green.

Now are these the same shoe.


And that’s one of the things that I love about shoe making is that each of these each have their own uniqueness that are going to appeal and just connect with you differently.

So someone might prefer the slightly fashion forward classic English aesthetic of a Gatsby on on Girling.

They’ve got twelve hundred dollars to spend on a pair of shoes and they want the best and they love the fiddle back waste in the detail and you know maybe they really enjoy GoT Seattle’s made order program got Seattle and Girling is a fantastic shoe.

Maybe you want a more classic English shoe that’s safe for the boardroom but you still want to walk into that boardroom knowing that you’re wearing one of the finest pair of shoes in the room.

You can’t do anything better than a pair of Edward Green’s maybe you don’t have that much money to spend on a shoe or you’re a little bit more budget conscious but you still want really finally paid made pair of dress shoes that has a lot of the same elements that you see in these for less than half the price what Carmina is fantastic and they do an absolute great job making their shoes.

Or maybe you’re someone that just needs a good high quality pair of leather dress shoes and don’t want to blow the bank really a pair of Allen Edmonds is a completely respectable fine shoe that I don’t want to disrespect my first high quality pair of leather dress shoes was in fact an Allen Edmonds and not just one pair.

I had four pairs of Allen Edmonds in college.

The other point I want to make about the Allen Edmonds is again what’s important about this issue is that they use a non corrected grain on a calf scan.

It’s a full grain open paw leather that’s the small indentations you see in the leather.

The reason that is important is because it means that the leather is open and is able to be fed with good quality Polish so a pair of Allen Edmonds polish with high quality polish like what we sell here at Kirby Allison is a totally different pair of shoes than the Allen Edmonds you get out of the box.

These aren’t polished but if I were to polish these shoes which every new pair of shoes need to be polished the finish of these would elevate even farther.

And then the other thing is that whenever you go to have these shoes resold if you know the way that the bottoms are finished is really important to you you know through the Kirby Allison certified shoe restoration program.

You know for as little as you know two hundred twenty five dollars we can replace this otherwise generic leather out sole and heel with it.



Wyndham Bok oak bark tanned leather out soul which is the same quality you see used in the Gatsby on on Girling and Edward Green’s if you want the inking in the invisible channel stitching on our sovereign great certified shoe restoration program we can take that jar in the back.

Leather outsell and we really can make it look almost just like this pair of shoes from Edward Green on the bottom.

So there’s no question that with proper reselling again we can rework this heel and we can change the leather out so and we can elevate this even further.

But that may not be important to you.

And that goes back to one of my fundamental philosophies which is to be really important not to get into a moral conversation about shoes or clothing or anything because there’s nothing good or bad or right or wrong about any of these shoes.

Both are fantastically made and of a high quality for their respective price point and depending on who you are where you like to spend your money.

How you’re gonna wear these shoes one might be right for you.

Versus the other.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of these four black cap toe oxfords.

I really enjoyed seeing all four of these shows here together because it allows us to juxtapose a lot of the things that we’ve been discussing in our shoe review series.

If you haven’t checked out our shoe review series we have an extensive series of videos that we’re filming reviewing shoes at various price point by various makers where we point out some of the differences that go into the construction in the make of the shoe.

Do you have any questions about anything we discussed in this video.

Please ask it in the comment section below.

I enjoy getting back to as many of those comments and questions as possible and if you have any opinions about these shoes or if you have any other shoes that you think we should review by all means please offer them in the comment section.

I love reading those comments.

I’m Kirby Allison and I love to help the well-dressed inquire and care for their wardrobes while exploring the world of quality craftsmanship and tradition.

Thanks for joining me.


Kiểu cách với quần short nam cho ngày hè thêm mát mẻ

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Shoe Showcase: Mezlans! Woven Oxfords shine & Suede Rovigos

hello everybody today I’m going to highlight a couple pairs of nesland shoes as well as talk about the company this pair that I scored at a thrift store we’re gonna go through the full clean-up on I’m gonna show you another pair one pair is blake stitched one pair is good your welted i’m also gonna talk a little bit about the company words come from here okay so let’s go everybody’s Robert power and a half out of five my shoe collection some stains there get a nice lather here is the finished product I’m not a professional type this is the impaired Valentine men’s torn apart that to me is a proper mirror shine so here goes and here they are finished up okay so the pair of shoes that I’m actually gonna clean up a pair of nylons and this is an Oxford style of shoe Oxford means that the eye stays are sewn underneath the vamp see the closed lacing system the wingtip the swoosh here okay makes it a wingtip and this is woven leather and by the way this isn’t actually you think it looks like leather that goes both ways but it’s really not what they do is they take a sheet of leather and then they basically just cut slits in it okay then weave leather through it so then what you have is an effect that looks like a basket weave with two strips of leather when it’s in really it’s a sheet of leather with a strip woven through it but at any rate the soles on these shoes are in very good shape and you can see there it says Made in Spain and the size 9 M by the way with maslin’s I’m guessing there’s an older mez lawn shoe just because I haven’t seen the logo that looks like that I come across a lot of Meza loans in the thrift store which means they obviously must sell a lot of shoes and they’re very you know they’re made in Spain – they’re very European style they might have a slim slender sleek look they also have some that are not necessarily slick sleek and slender as I’ll show you but they’re more of the European more the fashion-forward design very definitely not traditional I think the quality of their soles are pretty good just because they feel tough and I find a lot of them where the soles are in very good shape so that doesn’t I know that’s not proof but I’ve also read online somebody else said they use very dense leather on the soles and a lot of them are Blake’s stitched by the way okay so there’s advantages and disadvantages you can see here the Blake stitch there’s a the stitching you don’t see stitching on the top side because it doesn’t come through the top and I’ll try to get this into the light I’ve shown this in another video that I just recently released but can you see down in there you should be able to see there are the white see those are the stitches okay so in other words what that means is these stitches go straight into the interior of the shoe okay makes a sleeker slimmer a thinner sole but it’s really not as rugged not as easy to resole okay so I’m gonna clean these up but first let me talk a little bit about the history of the company so who is mezcla Maslin is a Spanish company and they’re based out of Almanza Almanza la ma and sa Spain and according to their website I printed this directly off of my mantel on website I’ll read you some of the things that it says almansa Spain is the birthplace in the home of Maslin located in the air in but fertile plains one of us so basically it’s like in the you know the southwest side of Spain and in the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by the breathtaking 14th century Moorish castle the castle of Almanza da da da the Maslin factory took root in the mid 20th century so that mean you know 1950s give or take ancestor roots go back to the time-honored traditions of the craftsman of it so basically it’s saying it was saying that the that region I guess you know was like a shoe making Mecca I guess in Spain okay and the shoe markets opened up internationally during and after the first world war now that would have been 1914 to 1918 and then during the 1960’s a shoe making industry that would have been you know 9th world war 245 1945 the shoe making industry in our months I begin to redevelop at a more rapid pace great number of small factories are being staffed once again by the traditional artisans shoemakers many of whom were returning back to the area through many economic ups and downs of the last half century strength of almanza’s Footwear production and that of mez lawn in particular continues to be the production of high qualities men’s shoes worn by very discerning gentlemen who enjoy a sense highlight heightened sense of fashion their lives now the owner is Antonio Sanchez okay Antonio Sanchez grew up in a farming family in almansa Spain arrived at the u.


in 1985 would adopt a touring schedule basically this says he was selling issue to them through places like a Neiman Marcus Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s you know I’ve tried their shoes on at doorjambs although I’ve you know had quite a few pair that I’ve seen Oh basically most of them either you know sold to somebody else you know at my office or something or you know put a few on eBay or something like that I don’t have any that fit me and part of the reason by the way is and I still believe they don’t I looked at their website I believe they don’t make a wide width shoe so like my Allen Edmonds 65 last size is 11 and a half Tripoli I can wear like you know 12 EE I mean but basically you know so I’m like the widest width shoe they just don’t make them I can’t fit into I’m try to 12 medium you know that they make you know just can’t fit into it so unfortunately there’s a lot of brands like that out there so and so they were selling them through those you know boutique places and then in 2008 Antonio launched the retail division of mez line by opening its first company own boutique in las vegas and then they opened so this Vegas and they opened Atlanta Chicago Illinois Arlington Virginia Houston Texas Santa Clara California in the new york city in 2017 okay so that’s kind of a basically a history of where the company came from okay so actually the first thing I always do when I get shoes is I actually put shoe trees in them and I found that that’s you know I can see here there’s still a little bit smushed like the way I got them out they’re much worse that’s gonna start to bring them back into shape even if you just leave them that way and you know then obviously I’ve removed the shoe trees I’ll show you why in a second but I’ve also removed the laces I didn’t need to do that on camera and now what I’ve got is one of the early parts of my process I’ve added in is basically it’s just 50 percent isopropyl alcohol you know in a spray bottle that I got from a Dollar General I’m just give them from squirt or two okay and not even have to worry about germs some people are really freaked out about that but like I said before these old shoes you need bacteria to grow you need moisture and these old shoes are always bone-dry I’ve never even gotten a pair that actually smelled now next part is yeah the lid of the saddle soap I’ve got a whole nother video on saddle soap if you don’t know what that is or how to use it the tin warm water in the lid and then there I’ve got the saddle soap itself this is just Kiwi saddle soap and I’ve got a little brush that I use only for this okay there’s a Kiwi brush I do not cross contaminate because I don’t want polish on this okay so well by the way I’m going to put the shoe trees back in now make sure I get them in the right way these shoe trees are a little on the tight side but that’s okay I kind of want them a little bit tight too you know stretch these shoes back out so get the wet and a little bit of lather here stope I should say that’s gonna create the lather okay and I usually start with the left just to keep some kind of order you can scrub pretty hard with this you want to get anything off the surface because these shoes you know came from a thrift store I don’t know what’s on them or what they’ve been through they don’t appear to have a ton of wax on them but like I said this is also disinfectant and you know just gonna clean them up real good here so I’m gonna scrub quite a bit in the know what the weave I’ve got a whole nother video on sadelstein okay so they’re both done and they’ve had a chance to dry out a little bit and next I’m going to use this is SAP here and this is a run off a tour and this is a mink oil based conditioner so I’m going to put some nourishment back mmm is it interesting smell smells like women’s makeup almost like a lotion it smells very nice I’m gonna put some nourishment back into the leather you know this old leather can be very dried out so it was a very important step for longevity just give a little bit on there and probably have to rub a little bit more here because of the basket weave let’s say it’s very important here right across here with the leather flexes [Music] by the way here’s another tip older shoes don’t forget to get here around the heel but around the edge of the heel here and I would even go so far as to try and get even not down inside the shoe there but on that lip there like right around here the piping ok the leather right around there because it’s often gonna crack you know get dry and cracked you know when people are putting their their their their shoes on and they may not use a you know shoehorn or something like that so that’s gonna really help us a longevity there okay so there we go so that one’s moisturized we can let that soak in while I do the other shoe and the mink oils have a few minutes the staff here have had a few minutes to set in and I’m just gonna specially here because of the weave I’m gonna brush and I’m gonna brush this way then I’m gonna brush this way I might even go to an angle this way and then you know angle the other way just to kind of make sure it’s there’s no liquid you know product okay I think this also helps to drive it into the leather okay now to tell you the truth if you have the time I’m not going to take the time with these but if you I don’t have the time but if you do I think it’s a great idea to let the shoes I’m at this point you know just soak in the the nutrients that you put in it after the saddle soap and the you know the new moisturizing and that’ll you know let them all set in but you know if you let this set up a little bit you can continue on like I’m coming to so the next step here is gonna be to polish them with the sapphire so what if God is a staff here cream polish right and this is the I’ve been corrected on the pronunciation so I guess the correct pronunciation but my day I took French and I’m three years but I’m at done in 20 years I’m a day door I think everybody in American calls it modality or though but anyway but this is the soft cream wax okay I don’t know if you can tell from the video but it’s not the hard paste wax out of a Kansas your stuff okay I’ve got my old cotton t-shirt here and just get a little bit on there okay and and I’m gonna start working it in there’s a little trickier being with the basket weave I will say that feel like I have to press really hard to kind of make sure that it gets down into the low spots [Music] okay so the Ceph here here on the left shoe has had a few minutes to set up here dry up a little bit it’s winter time as I’m producing this video so the air is very dry so stuff tends to dry out really quickly in this time here and a nice horsehair brush here yes I keep one for darker polish and I keep one feel under speed pressure [Music] not bad huh look at that [Music] okay now both shoes have been polished with the sapphire cream paste wax and now what I’m going to do is what’s called the spit shine just really more on the toe caps you see here you can see where they crease where you walk we have to be careful this stuff the shiny shiny stuff does flake off of there I’ve you know had a lot of videos where I show this bitch fine but I want you to see is look at the texture of the leather right now I can get into light like look around the edge of the shiny spots and just look at the texture and you’ll see that the pores and the leather will fill in and what I’m going to use on these the Ceph here this is the mirror gloss this is a very hard this is Mira gross gloss you can see it’s already cracking right that’s perfectly fine but this is for just for doing a spit shine right and you can kind of take those little pieces by the way you can push them back down into them okay this ideal time to do this I can overload the rag because this is the first coat and I want too much on the subsequent coats but so and great there’s a piece of dog here for my dog in that but anyway so load it up and this first coat I will go all the way back I’m going to cover the whole area the next coats I will not I don’t want to get too thick I’m gonna make sure to try and get down into that close to the sole there this is just a first coat to cover it right get a little more really want to load it on there pretty heavily for the first coat okay and like I said I can go make sure to get on top of the broguing there rub it in really good okay well I’m also gonna do the back of this heel too like I said you’re gonna pretty much avoid the areas that flex okay don’t do multiple coats on the areas that flex okay I’m gonna let that set up and I’m gonna do the other shoe okay now got the little dish of cold water just take one drop see there you can tell ya know can’t tell but you just take one drop of water they have not put any more wax on this rag this is more speed and less pressure [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s good for the first coat it’s a feel thing you just got to get some experience and it’s kind of hard to mess this up you know the worst case scenario you have to take the wax off and start over but you know sometimes you may have to get a little more wax if it’s too dry sometimes you know you need more water if there’s too much wax like I said not real hard pressure for the most part the speed if you can tell just starting to fill it it’s still rough but that’s gonna smooth out okay okay [Music] and now I’m just gonna focus on this front part mainly [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I think is this I lost jack is a seven or eight I don’t know [Music] and here’s the finished results I mean I actually could go further with the mirror gloss it’s not perfect but I’m actually kind of going to be doing the owner of dis services I know he’s not going to keep it up that much but I’ll cut in here before not too shabby huh I notice the detail on the edge of the heels there that wheeling bar laced they could use new laces new laces would really spruce these shoes up these aren’t bad but they could use new laces hanger project has some amazing beautiful sovereign grade cotton laces use a unique pair of shoes here that I wanted to highlight now for example what we have here this model of shoe always prints the model of shoe inside there I don’t know how you pronounce that Rho V Rho V go Rho V go I don’t know how you would even say that in Spanish but so this shoe is a split toe you can see the split there split toe Derby Derby meaning has these open flaps and check out these laces with the wrapped leather ends on them that’s really unique I have seen that before but never in person so actually if you think about it that means you really can’t unlace the shoes without taking out that little stitch okay there’s a little stitch holding the you know loop of leather on there so I imagine if you unrolled that that piece of leather or get wider and the narrow or like that so unique feature there obviously and look at the detailing on the shoe first of all it’s got double stitching all the way around very nice very neat notice here on the the moccasin toe it’s got a little I don’t know what you’d call that it would be the same thing as that piping I know this is called piping so I think that might be piping is well but that little detail just that little detail there now look at the welt so this is a you can see here where the welt starts right there and then goes all the way around the shoe it does not stop before the heel since it goes all the way around that is a 360 degree good your welted shoe but look at that you’ve got wheeling there on the side of the heel and we can see the stitching it’s just very why this is very noticeable in a more wheeling very very large wheeling around the edge that’s actually a technically a storm welt the way it see the way that wealth folds up the original reason for that storm wealth design was to protect water from getting between the welt and the upper obviously it’s so small it doesn’t do much but it’s more of a decorative feature you see the toe has a it’s a little squared off their right and the sole obviously overhangs the shoe quite a bit right so the bottom side even here if I flip it over right look at the bottom side so by the way you’re gonna see this word quite a bit on the shoes from Italy and Spain vero okay I don’t know how to pronounce it I’m sure I’m mispronouncing bávaro so it’s V er o qu e o see you Oh IO all that means is genuine leather because I’ve seen people list shoes on eBay where that they think that’s the bran because sometimes it’ll just say that alone on the bottom that’s not that just means genuine leather I think it’s the same in Italian in Spanish I could be wrong on that the maslin’s on the original soles always have the mez LAN logo like that in script just like on the inside printed and they’ll always have the sole on the size on the sole too in this area here so M is for medium I think you know I take back what I said I do believe they probably do a wide I’ll double check that but so the M there’s two ways that people will gauge widths basically there’s a standard well there’s a few other ways but the standard u.


system is that letter where D is a standard width and if you go up to e EE Triple E that’s wider if you go down from D to C be a double-a triple-a that’s narrower or they just have em for narrow M for medium and W for wide okay and you can see here it’s got a quarter leather rubber heel notice there’s black I touched that up but there’s black around the edge of it and you can see one two three four or five nails in it okay isn’t it awesome beautiful pair of shoes isn’t it this would be an awesome shoe for going out on the town I can definitely see this where you’re wearing like a like a pair of darker you know dark blue like nice jeans you know with some kind of odd sport coat you know then some kind of maybe wearing a dress shirt untucked under it and then these on your feet and ah just awesome gorgeous shoe isn’t it and look how the heels look when you get them polished up a little bit there don’t that look good so very nice detailing on the mess lawns and obviously they’re lined as well you can see they’re lined with suede on the back and the rest of the shoe is lined you know with leather so I do not believe any of the best loans you don’t have you know like the cork filling I don’t I honestly don’t know what’s in the middle but they don’t seem to have as much event that kind of cushioning and you I don’t ever have I’ve never seen maslin’s where they really had a lot of a tremendous amount of foot indenting so I don’t believe they have that cork foot bed that’s just a guest like the allen edmonds do but so for whatever that’s worth mez lon right made in Spain way in case you’re curious how do you what do you do with suede how do you clean it because it may get stuff on it this is called the suede brush right this is called the suede brush you just pick them up for a few bucks and they actually have I don’t know if you can tell the bristles I believe are actually made of brass right so you just you know you get stuff on and you basically just kind of brush them off like this you know if you get a spot you may do it in a circle right because suede actually has a nap to it you know that’s really all you need to do with them and finally here just want to show you a couple more examples of some nestled ons what they have there’s a pair of derbies with a perforated vamp and you can see the rich color in the full-grain leather and as we zoom in here do you see they are good your welted you can see the wheeling around the edge of the sole there these shoes actually were picked up at a thrift store for $4 and you may recognize these videos for my 10 best thrift deals of video and just love this pair of shoes just awesome beautiful unique without being tremendously obnoxious there’s a couple more nice shots of them and we’ll just let this run here next I have a pair of woven leather oxfords so the Medlin’s are the pair on the left the pair on the right are a pair of a príncipe shoes and again in this shot they’re the pair on the bottom again just a gorgeous gorgeous shoe last shot here there on the left so you can see that has a cap toe without a medallion versus the black ones which were a wingtip so hopefully you guys enjoyed that and hopefully that expanded your horizons a little bit maybe turned you on to a brand that you had not heard of or didn’t know much about so everybody again thank you for watching stay safe out there and God bless [Music] [Music] [Music].

Những chiếc quần short nam lựa chọn sao cho phù hợp phong cách

Quần short được may bằng bất cứ chất liệu nào cũng không phải là món đồ dành cho môi trường công sở, trừ khi quý ông khiến việc tại doanh nghiệp về sáng tạo và công việc của quý ông công sở hoàn toàn chẳng phải chạm mặt hay giao tiếp sở hữu ai. Bên cạnh đó, hãy mua kiểu quần short cho các ngày cuối tuần hoặc cho các chuyến đi chơi dã ngoại.

Về đông đảo mọi trang bị thời trang như túi xách nam cao cấp hay thắt lưng da nam từ quan điểm của nhị những người đàn ông chẳng hề là người cao nhất trong.

Trò chơi có tầm vóc khiêm tốn Tôi cảm thấy như nó 1 chút bụi ở đây dù rằng chúng ta trải nghiệm đi ở một nơi khác vâng, hãy ra khỏi đây đi Thế này phải chăng hơn nơi thấp đẹp quý ông công sở đã tới đây yeah người đại trượng phu cảm ơn nam giới chỉ trong giả dụ có 1 cặp bà xã chồng của các người sở hữu thể ko quen thuộc có các chàng trai công sở chưa hiểu tại sao bạn ko mở đầu bằng lý lẽ kể chúng tôi 1 chút về phái mạnh là ai và những gì quý ông khiến vâng phải tôi tên .

Tôi điều hành người đại trượng phu khiêm tốn khởi đầu như một blog như một trang web và sau ấy là kênh Tin Thời Trang và tôi về chủ quản nỗ lực để xuất bản chất lượng cao như thực sự dễ ợt để làm theo lời khuyên đẳng cấp cho phái mạnh và phần nhiều được thuyết trình từ tôi quan điểm quý ông công sở biết tôi là 1 người thấp hơn năm sáu và dùng giày tăng chiều cao nam vì thế tôi item quần short nam bạn bè mọi thứ từ quan điểm ấy đúng là người đàn ông lanh lợi và lúc nào các chàng trai công sở lần thứ 1 mở màn vào thời trang quần short nam ko ở trường trung học ko ở trường đại học, nó không giống như tôi giữa những năm 20 tôi khiến việc như một cửa hàng công việc và tôi nhớ tôi đã đi tới nhà cửa này gặp mặt và tôi đã có trường đại học của tôi ba lô và ông chủ của tôi đề cập sở hữu tôi sau gặp gỡ anh đó như ko mang điều đó ba lô để anh đó thích quay về và do vậy nam giới biết ấy là một cuộc gọi báo thức và tôi nhớ những người như một chàng trai tại văn phòng của tôi người luôn ăn mặc vô cùng sắc sảo yeah và Tôi đã hỏi anh đấy một ngày như các gì của bạn rất dị và ông đề cập mang tôi nơi ông đi bán buôn và tôi giống như tôi mua sắm ở cộng một nơi và sau ấy anh đấy chỉ nói rằng anh ấy chiếm được thợ may quần áo của anh đấy và nó giống như 1 bóng đèn và tôi nhận ra rằng không với quần áo của tôi tán thành đúng và đó là lý bởi vì tại sao tôi không nhìn rẻ, đó là xây dựng tôi mở đầu sớm hòa nhập sở hữu quý ông như khởi đầu lấy gần như áo choàng của nam giới đến thợ may và đưa họ ra khỏi cửa giống như một công đoạn như tôi đã làm như một cặp quần jean quý ông biết và sau đó tôi thấy khiến cho thế nào nó say mê và các chàng trai công sở biết tôi là thành quả hooked .

Công trình tôi xong lại tập trung rất nhiều vào việc thích thương hiệu nào và thích chi bao nhiêu tiền và hơn nữa tôi thích qui định tôi gần cận có nó Điều ấy thật tuyệt và tôi đã tấn công vần được bao lâu ‘bẩn như phái mạnh bao nhiêu tuổi hiện nay tôi 34 34 được rồi, đúng rồi trên hành trình phong cách đấy tất nhiên rồi đấy là một marathon ko phải là một nước rút bạn biết vâng, hoàn toàn là 1 chàng trai thấp bé nhỏ Tôi thấy rằng đặc trưng là lúc to lên trong những năm thiếu niên tôi thường cảm thấy như chiều cao của tôi là vật dụng gì đấy giữ tôi lại và nó bị ảnh hưởng sự tự tin của tôi quý ông biết tôi đã nhìn vào các đứa trẻ khác trong trường và cái mong muốn Tôi chỉ cao hơn bạn một chút biết vâng, chiều cao của phái mạnh có bao giờ ảnh hưởng sự tự tin của nam giới vâng chắc chắn ý tôi là khác biệt là trong trường trung học như mọi người khác bắt đầu tiến công những người đấy giúp đỡ thúc đẩy và tôi chỉ ở lại giống nhau và bởi vậy tôi trông rất trẻ quý ông biết và tôi là nhỏ bé hơn so sở hữu các người khác và vâng, nó kiên cố là uh đấy là một nguồn bất an nhưng phái mạnh biết không giống nhau là trong các năm thiếu niên nhưng mà tôi nghĩ tôi càng béo tuổi và Càng mập tuổi tôi càng nhận ra rằng bạn biết rằng bạn không thể sống với các trang bị đấy do quý ông công sở không thể kiểm soát quyền của phái mạnh với quần short nam ko thể làm cho bất kỳ điều gì về nó yeah tôi tìm mọi cách thực sự tập trung vào những thứ mà tôi chiếm hữu thể kiểm soát như kiến thiết tôi ăn mặc yeah tôi nghĩ ấy là một kiến thiết thấp để đi về nó đó là xây dừng duy nhất yeah yeah vì thế tôi muốn kể thêm 1 chút về đẳng cấp của nó và chiều cao của các chàng trai công sở liên quan như thế nào hôm nay vậy sửa tôi nếu tôi sai mà với tôi ở ấy là tứ chi tiết mà phái mạnh mang thể loại chơi bao quanh để bạn chiếm hữu thể nhìn trực quan hơn tâng bốc hình bóng của bạn con số của nam giới .

Tôi ấy là màu sắc hoa văn ngưỡng mộ và tỷ trọng yeah những thực hành rẻ nhất trong mỗi là gì các nhân tố nhưng nam giới mang thể loại chơi ko kể để tăng cường hình bóng như một chàng trai và quần short nam vâng tôi nghĩ quý ông công sở kiên cố sở hữu thể phá vỡ nó thành những.

Bốn thành tích màu và nam giới biết phái mạnh chẳng phải làm theo những vật dụng này vì bề ngoài như tôi chỉ muốn kể như tôi đặc trưng là chiếm hữu phong cách của các chàng trai công sở như nam giới thấy quần short nam mặc thích bóng lỏng hơn và quý ông công sở biết một số như màu sáng hơn táo bạo hơn và tôi nghĩ điều ấy thật tuyệt và thích rằng nhân đó là thấp nếu các chàng trai công sở muốn mẫu thử nghiệm với đẳng cấp của các chàng trai công sở nhưng mà trường hợp quý ông muốn ăn mặc theo kiến tạo mà nam giới biết vật phẩm khiến bạn trông cao như càng tốt và nạc Tôi nghĩ rằng chiếm hữu màu sắc phái mạnh phải đi cho trang phục tương phản rẻ

How Should Dress Shoes Fit? – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide – Oxfords, Brogues, Derby, Loafers, Monkstrap

hi I’m Ashley Weston I’m a celebrity Munz were stylist if you don’t know anything about me click right here this video is part of my men’s clothing fit guide so I want to talk to you about how your dress shoes should fit I’ve seen so many articles and

videos discussing all the different measurements you need to know regarding your feet like the length the width the arch your toe hair length every little measurement that you need to know in order to find the proper fitting dress shoes and here’s the thing you don’t need to know

any of that I work with shoes every day and all you need to know is your general shoe size and that’s because every designer has a different definition of their sizing so you can be an 11 in one brand but a 10 in another just know your general

shoe size and from there we’ll figure out and adjust to get the proper fitting dress shoes so there’s really only four things you need to know before trying on your dress shoes first is knowing your shoe size I’m assuming that you’ve worn shoes before and you should have

a general ballpark of what your shoe size is and that’s what we’ll start with when you try on the shoes because like I’ve said earlier each designer each brand makes their shoes differently the second point is your dresses should fit perfectly the first time a big misconception is

that your leather dress shoes will stretch over time so if they feel a little tight then why not just go get them leather over time it softens it gets a little softer so it’s not as stiff but it only gives just a little bit so you need to

make sure that when you first try them on that they fit already perfectly the third point is your feet swell throughout the day so if you can when you try on your dress shoes make sure to try them on in the afternoon that way you get a more

real stick picture of how your shoes will fit the last and final point that you need to know before you shop for your dress shoe is your feet are not the same size there’s always going to be one foot that is larger than the other make sure that

your dress shoes fit the larger foot it’s better that your shoes are slightly larger then slightly smaller now that we discuss the points you need to know before trying on your dress shoes let’s go over the things you want to know and do when you’re trying on your

shoes number one the first thing that I cannot emphasize enough is try on your shoes with the socks that you would be wearing them with so I hope they’re not athletic socks white athletic socks and I hope they’re not also thick wool socks or thin socks you want

to try on the the shoes with the socks that you would normally wear that’s a key key key in order to make sure and get a realistic picture of how they’re going to fit the second point that you’ll want to know when you’re trying on your dress shoes

is the length so I have this allen edmonds oxford dress shoe right here to help me demonstrate this point so when you have your dress shoe on you want to make sure that your feet so your toes hit about right here so you never want your toes to

fill up this entire space so if that happens if you feel any kind of pressure on your toes like your toes are pushing up against something then size up half the size and if that still feels cramped then size up half the size again and that should definitely

fix your problem the next point is figuring out the right width of your shoe most men are I’m gonna get a little technical here they are ad width so that’s the width right here there are D width you don’t really need to know this because most shoe brands

don’t even specify this and when they don’t it’s usually because it’s just a d width it’s the average width that most men are when you put on your shoe you should not feel any pressure or scrunching around your feet so nothing here nothing anywhere if you’re starting to

feel pressure here that means the shoes are not wide enough for you so what I would do is size up half the size because you don’t want to throw off the length of your shoe see if that fixes the issue if it doesn’t then what you want to

do is either try a different style in that brand or you’re just going to have to try that same style in other brands the beauty of dress shoes is most designers all make similar styles in the inverse if the shoe when you have it on if your feet

feel like they can literally slide left to right if there’s a lot of room in there then the shoes are too wide for you so try sizing down half a size so that it’s more narrow the width is more narrow that does not work and there’s still plenty

of room then again you’re gonna need to try another style in that brand or go with another brand one more thing on width when they’re tied if the two pieces right here touch each other I know a lot of articles say that if they touch that means the

shoes are too wide in my experience sometimes some men just have not a lot of meat on the profile of their feet the top of their feet and so that’s why it’s touching I don’t think that it’s an issue at all as long as the width over here

by the ball of your feet right here this is where it should fit as well as the length so if these two pieces are touching when you lace them it’s not an issue it doesn’t matter the last and final point that I think is worth mentioning even though

it should be a non-issue if you’ve gotten the length and the width of your dress shoes right is the heel of your dress shoes when you have your shoes on laced up ready to go start taking a walk take a couple steps and your heel should not feel

like it’s slipping out of your shoe if it does then it’s too long there’s too much room so then go down half a size and that should fix the issue cheaply made dress shoes have this weird stitching and layering on the back that can really rub at your

heel do not get the shoes you do not want to have to go through blisters and all of that uncomfortableness it will not soften over time it will never get better instead save your time your money your sanity and go with another pair another style another brand of

dress shoes you don’t ever want to feel any uncomfortableness on the heel when you’re walking alright so that’s it that’s all you need to know in order to find the perfect fitting dress shoes I know a lot of guys out there are definitely hesitant about dress shoes because

they feel like they’re uncomfortable and that’s not the case you have to make sure the first time you try them on that they are comfortable and if you hit these points you will find the perfect fitting pair like I said in the beginning this video is part of

my men’s clothing fit guide thanks so much for watching check out my website for a more in-depth article that goes over all of these points in more detail and I also include my favorite dress shoes that every man should own subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos

like this and if you like this one give it a thumbs up alright guys I’ll see you in the next one

How to Match Belt With Shoes (2 Simple Rules)

what’s up guys my name is Brock you’re watching the modest man and today I’m gonna talk about the two rules you need to know to match your shoes to your watch and your belt okay before we get into it I want to thank my sponsor Anson belt buckle

for supporting the modest man in making this video possible you guys already know that when it comes to holus micro adjustable belts for men I think that Anson is the best brand out there and to makes it super easy to match your belt with your shoes and your

other accessories because their belt buckles just pop right off and then go right back on so that makes it really easy to make sure that you have the right strap and the right buckle for whatever shoes and wash and other accessories that you’re wearing your outfit so if

you haven’t yet checked out Anson belts or you’re in the market for a new belt check the link down in the description thanks for more time to anton for supporting the modest mint so the rules about matching your belt to your shoes are like a lot of menswear

rules they’re kind of outdated and pretty flexible so you know the important thing is to understand these guidelines but then also understand that you can definitely bend and break them to fit you know your preferences your personality so let’s talk about the rules they’re pretty simple rule number

one is you want to match your leathers okay so brown leather shoes brown leather belt and rule number two is you want to match your metals ok so silver belt buckle silver watch pretty simple let’s look at some real world examples so example number one let’s say you’re

wearing black shoes like black cap toe Oxford and a watch with a silver jubilee bracelet in that case your best bet is a black leather belt with a silver buckle on the other hand if you’re wearing brown leather shoes paired with a watch that has a brown leather

strap and a silver case we’re going to want to wear a brown leather belt that has a silver buckle but say you’re wearing a brown leather shoes and a brown leather watch that has a gold case you’re going to want to swap that silver buckle out for a

gold buckle okay so a brown leather belt with a gold buckle that matches your watch and your shoes obviously that’s really easy to do if you’re wearing an answer so it’s pretty simple right but you might be thinking well not all shoes are brown or black what about

grey shoes or blue suede shoes well good question I love both of those colors so let’s go with that example let’s say you’re wearing dark blue suede shoes like say like midnight blue suede chukka boots and let’s say your watch is a gunmetal case and it has a

Navy leather strap in that case a dark grey canvas belt with a gunmetal buckle would look awesome see the key here isn’t to match perfectly just because you have blue suede shoes it doesn’t mean you need to own a blue suede belt the key is just to coordinate

with colors that look good together so for this combination you could also wear a black on black watch and a black belt or that gray bow with a black buckle Navy gray charcoal black these all work really well together so any combination of these colors is going to

look pretty good pretty put together ok so I think you get the point let’s just recap on those rules real quick so rule number one match your leathers and rule number two match your metals and remember these are loose guidelines not hard and fast rules so understand them

you know play around with them and then feel free to break them alright big thanks again to Anson for sponsoring this video if you haven’t checked them out click the link down in the description check out their current collection if you have any questions about matching your shoes

and your belt and your other accessories leave a comment down below and until next time stay stylish [Music] you hear that there’s a cricket in here am i boring [Music]


men’s dress shoes come principally in three different styles Oxford’s bleachers and derbies in today’s video I’m going to discuss the differences between the three and share some insights into which might fit your lifestyle best let’s get started this is the elegant Oxford with your host Preston sotto the

first thing I noticed when making this video was and I didn’t actually own a pair of derbies myself so Coast us at the nobles shoe is my first stop to find some and I ended up with these beautiful cap toe derbies by carlos santos and a rich tan

shade with an amber patina if you’ve never visited the noble shoe the owner costa’s is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful when selecting a pair he’s been really great with all the information I needed on UK sizes and different lasts now you might remember the noble shoe from a few

videos back where I reviewed the field boot by carlos santos and chocolate suede and calf that i bought for myself well let’s quickly become my favourite boot and I really really mean it it just looks great all around and fits even better check out the noble shoe if

you haven’t already I’ll leave the info in the description of the video and if you haven’t watched my unboxing or shine of the field boot I’ve left a link there as well as always everything is perfectly packaged the shoe bags and the shoehorn are always a nice inclusion

and the shoes look absolutely phenomenal right at the box I love the gentle amber shading it kind of reminds me of the finished wood you might see on a nice guitar or even a soft sunset everything is stitched evenly and the soles are clean and pristine overall the

shoes really impressively made and is just as high-quality as my field boot some severe end of a tour will help moisturize the leather which is always a good idea on a brand new pair [Music] [Music] okay so here I have three different men’s dress shoes an Oxford a

blue Chur and the Derby for those who are just getting into the world of men’s dress shoes these three might seem very similar but they actually have subtle differences that set them apart and even change their formality level depending on color and detail for starters an Oxford is

a dress shoe with a closed lacing system what I mean by that is that the area where the eyelets are usually sewn is under the vamp right here which is the front part of the shoe leading to the famous the gap notoriously seen with Oxford’s Oxford’s are the

most formal style with black cap toes being the traditional standard of formality with some exceptions as you can see this part right here the V gap the eyelets are sewn right under the vamp so it goes under and this piece goes on top that is an Oxford a

Blue Chair and a derby look very similar since they both have open lacing systems instead of closed ones like oxford but have one difference which sets them apart from each other the Blue Chair has one small piece of leather here that serves as the section where the eyelets

will go right here it’s sewn on top it’s usually quite small this one just extends to the back since it’s a long wing but this is what makes a shoe of Bleacher this small piece the Derby on the other hand has a much larger piece that extends all

the way to the back of the heel of the shoe and it serves the exact same purpose but as you can see it’s much larger and it’s sewn on top of the vamp right here so it goes all the way to the back so remember there is a

difference between a blue shirt and the Derby the bleachers have a small piece of leather right here that servers where the eyelids will go while that Derby has a much larger piece of leather sewn on top here that goes all the way to the back so you’ll see

companies interchanging them today and I think it’s appropriate to do that but objectively speaking there is a difference they are two different styles so it’s just for your information so you know the difference between the two now despite these real differences both of these shoes fall under the

category of being less formal than the Oxford but style is not the only category that gay formality the other two are color and detail for example black and dark chocolate brown are more formal than tan and light brown more over shoes with broking the small holes seen along

here are less formal than shoes without them of the three color style in detail I believe color is the main indicator of a shoes formality hence a black cap toe Derby with brogues is still more formal than at an Oxford the color is just too formal and drowns

out the other two indicators in my opinion now there’s one more category by which you might gauge a shoes formality but if it’s more of a casual subject so we’ll discuss it here and I’ll give some cursory examples but that category is a shoes sole okay now there

are generally three types of solos although there are others but in this video only be discussing three I mean the first one our single oak soles made of leather now these are traditionally the sole you’ll find on most men’s dress shoes that are of a higher quality the

next type is a double oak sole so essentially it’s a double sole and it’s a lot thicker it’ll last a lot longer but they’re a little bit less formal okay they’re a little clunky or a little chunkier and that’s usually more for a less formal shoe it’s still

a really great look these vintage floor shines do have a double oak sole and they are extremely sturdy and extremely strong they even have 50 nails per 50 nails per per shoe and the famous V cleat which was supposed to help with with how fast and you go

through the sole but I just found they’re really slippery and finally there is the day-night sole okay now this is still Goodyear welted but day-night is actually really really popular with many shoe brands today like Crockett & Jones Allen Edmonds uses them and you know Carmina uses them

they’re used by basically all major shoe manufacturers they last a really really long time they’re really great for not slipping I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a slip in one of these but it can get a little bit slippery on carpet day-night doesn’t slip as easily it’s

great if you live in a cold environment or it’s wet where there’s a lot of salt I mean Dana it’s a really good option it’s not as dressy but to be frank no one’s ever really gonna see the sole of your shoes some people absolutely hate them I

absolutely love Dana I think it’s a fantastic option for for those who use their shoes a lot so the three types of souls that you might find single oak double oak and then day-night and that can really change a shoes formality single oak is probably the most formal

double oak is a lot more casual it’s also a lot thicker and a lot you know chunkier and then we have day-night which I think you can you know it can go on most dress shoes and you should be fine overall all three shoes are a good option

for you in these lighter colors they pair really well with earth tones such as olive green tan and other brands they can also be worn with more casual suits such as light gray ones or khaki [Music] thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video

please like subscribe and share for more content in the future make sure to check out my other videos as well if you’d like to learn more about shining your shoes look for me on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at the elegant Oxford for more remember to care for your

shoes so that they’ll last you for years to come always put your best foot forward the small details matter most so don’t forget to hashtag shine your shoes see you next time

What Men’s Dress Shoe Brands Are Worth Their Money – What Shoes You Should Buy – Gentleman’s Gazette

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!In today’s video we discuss what shoe brands you should invest money in and which onesto skip.

The idea came because we have another live session where we talk about brands ingeneral, but shoes are a little more specific and it’s just a very intricate topic and thereare lots of brands out there and lots of differences.

So today we are going to answer all of them.

So I’m just going to go through the questions.

Please put them in the live chat.

My wifeand business partner is moderating them and she feeds me the ones that actually fit.

Soif you’re question doesn’t show up it’s because it’s not on topic.

Okay let’sget rolling! Stacy Adams, several comments about a greatvalue for the money (sub $100).

Sorry, I’ve never heard of Stacy Adams.

And sub $100 is a shoe segment where you just have to compromise heavily.

There’s no wayyou could get a quality shoe for $100 retail.

What do you think of Lottusse?Lottusse is Spanish and they have been around for a long time.

I used to have I think 2pairs of Lottusse back in the day.

They were interestingly quite thick soled.

It was aderby style in black with wingtips.

I always found them a little stiff in the sole becauseof its thickness.

I think they’ve changed their look overall.

I’ve visited their storein Barcelona once.

I think it’s a good value brand.

Their styling is not quite whatI aspire to but if you like the styling, I think it’s a good brand.

Fratelli Rosetti?Italian brand.

Again, it has been around for a while.

They on the other hand have verythin soles, very soft leathers, not much structure, more design elements.

I’d say that FratelliRosetti shoes don’t last as long as maybe some you know English made or Goodyear weltedshoes.

They are generally blake or blake rapid stitched.

If you want to learn what theseterms mean we actually did a video about it – about the specific construction.

Shoe constructionterms.

Let me just grab – I brought some shoes here.

So, the big difference is when you havea blake or blake rapid stitch shoe, you can go on the inside of the shoe and see if thereare stitches.

If you feel stitches that means it’s a black stitch shoe.

If you go insideof your shoe and you feel in the front and there are just slight ripples but not stitchesthat means you actually have a Goodyear welted shoe.

Now don’t make the mistake and justtouch the inside of the shoe if there is a leather insole that is glued on.

So you haveto see if there is kind of a lining glued on or not.

Usually you can figure it out byjust going to the edge of the shoe and see if it pulls up or if it’s a little harder.

But Fratelli Rosetti are blake stitched shoes.

So for my money I would probably go with differentbrands because you get a better value.

Prime Shoes?Not familiar with them.



Not familiar with them.

Ace Marks?Kind of a new kid on the block.

It’s an American brand but all their shoes are made in Italy.

I would say that are very good value.

This is actually I think and Ace Marks shoe thatI have right here.

It’s blake stitch construction.

Thinner soles.

Not chunky.

Some nice finishes.

They do something where they have a lot of shoes where the seam is folded in.

It’s nota traditional style but it’s something that they do.

They also have I think louder shoes.

So if you’re a fan of bold two toned shoes and you don’t want to go custom or madeto measure or anything that would be the place to look.

Is it the best shoe in the world?No, but it’s a good value shoe, I’d say.

Expensive heritage brands like Gucci, Ferragamo?Santoni? Well it’s interesting like Gucci you knowit’s like you said, it’s a heritage brand but ultimately it’s a fashion brand.

It’snot a shoe brand.

And because of that you pay for either the Gucci logo or the stylingbut the quality in my opinion is not worth the price tag at all and I don’t have a singlepair of Gucci shoes in my collection because of that.

I think the other brand was Santoni?I would say Santoni is a higher level shoe than Gucci in general.

They have also beenaround for a while.

You know you can buy them at places in the US like Nordstom and theyhave like a return policy where you can return the shoes even if you have worn it for 6 months.

My father in law likes them because they are softer.

He has some issue with his feet andso he likes Santoni over let’s say Allen Edmonds because he feels they are softerand so more comfortable for him.

If you are looking for a soft soled shoe or if you haveissues with your feet and you find other Goodyear welted shoes too hard on your feet, it maybe the right choice.

Be prepared to pay more for what it is.

I think most Santoni shoesare also blake stitched.

They have some Goodyear welted ones, but then you know you pay astronomicalprices.

JM Westons is a French brand and it is actuallya status symbol in France.

Outside of France they have never really been that popular.

I like their styling.

They have like the elongated French last.

They are generally Goodyear weltedand it’s a good shoe.

I’ve been in several of their stores in Paris and checked out theirshoes.

I’ve never owned a pair that I have worn for extended periods of time.

Base on what I haveseen in terms of their construction, it’s all solid.

Again, you pay a little more because it isa status symbol.

It is a brand that is well known and that’s what it is.

Best brands for loafers?Now if you check out our loafer guide on the website you’ll see there are all kinds ofdifferent loafers.

You have a driving moc, you have a tassel loafer.

Not all things aremade alike.

So there is not one brand that is best for loafers but I would check specificallyfor individual shoes.

Then there is not even one brand that is right for everyone becauseeveryone has a different budget.

Everyone has a different style and kind of understandingof what they want in terms of quality so you have to consider that.

Any good brands for widths – wider or narrowerfeet? In general I would say French shoes in myexperience are narrower.

I you go with popular brands usually what they’ll have is thatthey’ll have different lasts and some are wider and some are slimmer.

So it pays tokind of either talk to the manufacturer or look at catalogues or go to the store andlook at them and see what fits.

Some brands you know like Allen Edmonds they have a specificlast that comes in different widths and so that can be quite helpful especially if youhave extremely wide feet or slim feet.

Corthay?Another French brand.

I actually visited them first in I think 2004 when they weren’treally on the map.

I had a friend who had heard of them and so we drove to Paris andchecked out their store.

At that time it was just Pierre Corthay and his brother and onelittle shop.

They had great shoes.

I mean looking at them they look like art.

They hada nice patina which at that time not many people or even Berluti would do.

They are veryextreme lasts.

It’s a very Parisian look in my opinion.

Ironically when I put theshoes on and I had a pair of Corthays for a while and I look down I always felt likeI was wearing cobbler boots because they have a very pointy chiseled toe.

So it’s notpointy but it’s chiseled usually.

I think they also have a rounded toe.

But for me personallyit was just not a look that work for my style.

Otherwise, Goodyear welted shoes, qualitypatina, high price tag.

It’s not a bargain shoe.

Are Paul Evans shoes worth it?I think I talked about them before.

I really think it’s an overpriced shoe.

I think initiallythey started out at the lower price point and then they added all the marketing andspent a lot on marketings so people kind of on Youtube or internet would learn about them.

Then they added a higher priced shoe because they realized hey if I have higher pricedshoe, I make a bigger margin, I make more profit.

They have very loud polishes and patinas.

I think for the same money you can find a better shoe.

Not loud enough.


Well you got to turnup your microphone.

I can maybe go up with the sound a little bit.

Let’s go to thisso it’s maybe slightly different, I hope.

I hope that works.

Is that better? I hopeso.

So, yes.

Are Paul Evan shoes worth it? No, in my opinion.

I have owned one pair and I got rid of it because I didn’t like it.

I’ve seen probably – I don’t know, 7-8 pairs at Antonio Centeno from Real Men RealStyle who worked with them and he likes them but I don’t.

Crockett and Jones? Bench grade?Crockett and Jones are one of those brands that has been around for a very long time.

They know what they do.

I saw their factory in North Hampton in England.

It’s a qualityshoe that you can’t go wrong with.

I think their regular line is already very high standardand the difference to Bench grade is not that much.

Although the price tag is quite significant.

I have a bench grade pair and I also used to have a regular pair and they’re good shoes.


Do you pay for them?Yes.

It’s a better value though than let’s say Santoni in my opinion.

Best brand for oxfords?Again you know, there’s not – people like simple solutions but there are no such thingas just simple answers and shoes that work for everyone.

So I’d rather suggest yougo to our Oxfords Guide and learn about the different styles there are, learn when theyare appropriate and then we also talk about different brands and different price ranges.

So you just get a better idea of what’s right for you.

Allen Edmonds?Allen Edmonds you know, American brand, made in I think Port Washington Wisconsin.

Thecompany has been around a long time but the owners have changed.

The last time I was outthere at the factory and saw everything, they were owned by an investment company in Minneapolis.

They’ve sold I think a few years back.

In the past you know they always have a consistentquality level.

I don’t know if things have changed.

I would assume they probably didn’tchange too much but what was interesting in Allen Edmonds was that they kind of changedtheir styling.

They used to have this old shoes.

“Old” in terms of you know formen in their 50s maybe.

Then there was a time when they tried to be more modern kind ofupdate their last and become more modern which almost bankrupted them because their coreaudience didn’t like the new styles.

People who were looking for something new would gofor other brands.

So they went back bringing more traditional styles and then having Ithink some you know some football shoes or just special editions and customizationoptions out there and they are doing quite well.

I think it’s a good value shoe madein the US.

They use good leathers.

They test their stuff.

It can look a little bit likeclunky.

So if you don’t like that look, Allen Edmonds isn’t probably the right brandfor you.

I have a very nice pair.

It’s a pair of spectators.

I think the model wascalled Bel Air and they don’t make it anymore.

The last I thought was very elegant and refinedbut again it didn’t sell for them so they got rid of that.

I also have pair of AllenEdmonds that is you know a pair of boots that is cordovan so that’s nice.

I have one pairthat is kind of lined with sheepskin and it’s really weird because the leather is like ascotch grain and it actually squeaks when you walk so the quality control on that onewasn’t great, like they didn’t think about it.

It looks like it’s a pigment coatedyou know embossed scotch grain pattern.

I don’t like those shoes very much becausethey just squeak.

Shoepassion?Interesting brand based out of Germany.

They have solidly grown over time.

It’s not likeI would say like Paul Evans or Ace Marks.

They didn’t just come on the scene and youknow had huge success.

They built it slowly but consistently.

They have lots of storesthroughout Germany.

Shoes are made I think mostly in Spain.

They have a wide rangeof things.

Sorry about that.

They have wide range of things so for example if you wanta white pair of buckskin shoes.

Shoepassion has it.

If you want some boat shoes, theyhave it.

If you want those kind of not so nice looking Llyod style, Lloyd is a Germanbrand shoes, they even offer that in a higher quality level.

They also have all sorts ofother shoes.

They are a solid product.

Good value Goodyear welted shoe.

You’d be hardpressed to find a better value than what they offer.

I think they also have a dedicatedwebsite now where you can order directly so it’s easier with customs and stuff, so youcan check that out.

Loake L1 range?I’m not specifically familiar with the L1 range.

I think it was a lower end range? Ithink they had a more higher end heritage line.

So for Loake I would always go for thathigher end line because Loake itself is rather affordable grade value.

So I try to go moreup than down in their different lines.

Made in England and they do a lot of private labelshoes too.

Sometime you may not know it, it’s a different brand and it’s actually madein a Loake factory.

Best brands under 200 Euros?Boy, that’s hard to tell.

I think, sometimes you know a brand starts at that price leveland then they kind of go up and change simply because they realize they can make more moneythat way.

I’d be hard pressed especially you know because it depends on the kind ofshoe.

But we have I know in our guides, in our shoe guides like the Oxford Guide forexample has a segment under $200.

So I would check that out.

Meermin?Spanish company from Mallorca.

I visited their factory.

Very nice, very knowledgeable people.

It’s a very high end production.

It’s not cheap by any means.

It’s really good.

They have heritage.

They have nice styling.

They have beautiful leathers.

They have greatconstruction.

Overall a good shoe.

It’s not cheap but you know sometimes when youhave sons in the company they want to do their own thing so they went off and created a brand- a sub brand that was actually.



Wait a second, Meermin? Yeah, I think Meermin.

Well, thesame family created a brand of shoes and I have a pair of them which is made in China.

It’s the Albaladejo family and I visited them in Mallorca.

I’ve never visited theChinese plant but they used the know-how they had from their Spanish making shoes and transferredit to made in China wages.

So you get a quite good quality level.

I think Meermin thoughand I misspoke earlier, Meermin is the Chinese brand.

Albaladejo and Carmina are the Spanishmade brands.

So Carmina and Albaladejo are higher end.

Meermin is the lower end.

Meerminfor example I think I have a cordovan loafer and rather than using Horween leather theyused the leather from I think Japan.

So they used lower grade leathers.

They used the lessexpensive wage or factory and therefore there are more saving for the consumer.

J Fitzpatrick?I’ve looked at his shoes before.

I think he does a solid job you know he’s reallyinto shoes.

He likes what he’s doing.

He grew his brand over time.

He started as ablogger similarly to us.

We’ve worked with him in one point in time and whenever we wouldpost pictures he would always complain that we did not properly attribute his – that itwas from his blog or we tried to and so I think we you know kind of taken a step back.

I don’t want to do anything with him as a person but his shoes I would say are goodquality.

Church’s? Are Church’s shoes worth the money?As good as Crockett & Jones? Church’s shoe you know used to be I rememberwhen I first got Bernhard Roetzel’s Gentleman book at that time it was the first Germanbook out there that was more comprehensive on classic men’s clothing and shoes andhe praised Church’s at that time.

Now at the time it was a traditional English shoemanufacturer and they make good stuff.

Eventually I think they got bought out by Prada and theystarted adding you know lots of rubber soles and stuff.

The price stayed high even a littlehigher, the quality went down.

So I’d say Church’s today is not the level of Crocket& Jones today.

I have some old Church’s shoes that were you know before the Italianownership time.

They were actually quite solid.

What they did and I really like that – theyhad a linen lining.

Most of the time now you have a leather lining and they had it in theback of the heel but the front was linen lined and because of that I think my feet sweatless thank in an all leather lined shoe.

Magnanni?I haven’t had a chance to buy a pair.

I don’t like the styling very much.

It’sone of those Italian shoes that’s you know out there and I just don’t think it suitsmy style and I can find better value elsewhere.

Cole Haan?I think modern Cole Haan are definitely not worth the money.

I wouldn’t wear them ifI got them for free.

They are more you know, middle of the road supposedly shoes.

I thinkthey are more you know, I think they did collaborations with Nike and stuff and whatnot.

But if youwant a quality pair of shoes, don’t but Cole Haan’s.

Tod’s?Is well known for their driving mocs that they popularized.

Well they have a cool stylingand we talked about them in our Driving Moc Guide.

So check out that video because it’sall about Tod’s and what I think about them and we show them.

I think it’s an overpricedshoe for me personally but you know it’s an iconic style if you want a status symbolit definitely works.

Cheaney London shoes are they worth 500 pounds?Back in the day you know Cheaney was independent and I think then they were bought by Churchbut they were carried on as that.

I have a few pair of old Cheaney shoes.

I think thingschanged in recent years and I haven’t been you know up to speed on what they have actuallydone and changed so I couldn’t tell you if the Cheaney quality is worth 500 poundstoday.

I’d have to look at a current model and I haven’t done that.

John Lobb.

Well you know there is an old story.

There is John Lobb St.

James which is the bespokeshoe maker in London and then there is John Lobb the ready to wear brand which is JohnLobb Paris.

They are two separate business entities.

You know the rights for the readyto wear line was sold and so when we’re talking about John Lobb you have to distinguishbetween those two.

Probably these days because of the ready to wear line there are stores, when most people say John Lobb they mean John Lobb ready to wear.

I think they have a veryelegant styling.

They use very good leathers.

Very good construction.

They are made in NorthHampton and there is an outlet there too.

I checked it out.

I think they are very niceshoes at a very high price tag.

So great quality, value not so great.

Borgioli?I’m not familiar with that brand beacuse you know there are lots of brands out there.

Carlos Santos?And you say Santos because it’s a Portuguese brand.

I visited their factory as well.

Ithink they produce – they have different levels and they produce a very good shoe at a verygood value.

Herring shoes?That’s a little more difficult because Herring shoes started as a shoe retailer in Englandand they make their shoes in different places.

Sometimes they make it in Portugal, sometimesin England.

So you have to look at the specific model I guess and look at that.

Overall fromwhat I’ve seen it’s probably a good value but I haven’t had Herring shoes in a while.

I had a pair way back in the day.

I think it was a made in England model that they sentto me and it was a nice cognac monk strap.

Sometime you know I could see that some ofthe patina finish will just come off or like peel off which I thought was quite weird.

They must have sprayed it on or something.

I haven’t had any Herring experience inthe last probably 5 years so I can’t say too much about them.

How to buy quality shoes if you’re broke?Well, I actually bought quality shoes when I was broke.

I bought them used on Ebay whenI was you know a poor civil servant in 2003 because that’s all I can afford.

The firstpair I bought I went to a vintage store it was like a brand.

It was a brand new pairof shoes for I think 100 euros at that time.

So that was cheap.

If you are broke, try tolook at vintage stores, gently worn shoes, sanitize them and then polish them properly, take care of them and wear them.

That’s the best way to go, in my opinion.

I wouldrather spend $100 on a lightly pair of Allen Edmonds maybe or you know seconds sometimes.

I remember you can sometimes find things like that like a pair of Allen Edmonds for $150that’s a very good deal for this kind of quality.

It’s much better than a new pairof Cole Haan’s or Johnston Murphy or anything like that.

What are the most high end shoes you own?Were they worth the price? I have some St.

Crispin shoes which are veryyou know expensive.

I think it makes sense to spend a lot of money on shoes if you gobespoke because that just gives you a fit for your shoe that is one of a kind, at leastin theory.

In my experience the first modeling you know doesn’t quite turn out that welland then with the second maybe you can refine the last then you’re getting there.

So Iwould say if you go bespoke it’s worth it.

Otherwise let’s say St.

Crispin ready towear, maybe if you have feet that are very conformist with the last or there’s a lastthat fits you very well, it’s a great way to get shoes because bespoke is very expensive.

If you don’t have to go that route it’s great because you get something for a muchbetter value.

El Corte Ingles?Well that’s that big Spanish department store.

I checked them out when I was in Barcelonabut it was a few years ago.

Honestly I haven’t looked at their store brand shoes so I couldn’ttell you anything about that.

Are Berluti overpriced?Yes.

Now that being said, Berluti has been kind of on the forefront of shoe patina.

Iremember 10 years ago, 15 years ago not many people would have these patinas and Berlutiwould always come up with crazy stuff.

They would like tattoo leather and you know engraveit and polish these really nice colors.

I had a pair of shoes they had like a layfine in between soles.

They always charge a high price at that time they were like 800-900euros.

More in dollars even.

I never felt they were worth it.

But if you like the patinaif you like their unique outlandish styling it may be the right shoe for you.

What are your thoughts on Russel & Bromley?I found them to be great cheaper alternative to Church’s or Crockett & Jo.

Honestly, not familiar with Russel & Bromley.

Never seen their shoes, never heard of themso I can’t tell you.

Crockett & Jones we discussed them before.

Please how can we identify a good leatherin a shoe? Well actually I talked about that in our $100vs $500 shoe I think it was.

Basically, you look at the leather and see whether it’sopen pore or closed pore.

Basically without it you can correct the grain which means youcan take the leather and sand it off and then emboss a grain back on the leather that lookslike it’s actually higher quality leather or not.

So when you take the leather and youkind of bend it in here and you see the crinkles, it can give you a good idea especially if you see a slightcolor change it’s an open pore leather that was aniline dyed that wasn’t coated withanother layer such as a Johnston Murphy or Cole Haan or whatever cheap shoe out thereyou take.

I suggest sometimes you know go take a cheap shoe and look at it.

When youcrack it when you move it and the cheaper leather will get creases much more quickly.

You will see that there is a top coat of layer just hides whatever is underneath.

Check outthat video and the guide on our website to learn more about shoe leather quality.

Can you tell me what you think about R.


Williams? I just bought my first 500€ Chelsea Boots from them.


RM Williams, Australian brand, chelsea boots is I think is their bread and butter.

They make boots and chelsea boots if that’s what you want if you like their style I thinkit’s a solid shoe, the construction is solid.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of theirstyling necessarily.

I think they are often a little clunky but if that’s the styleyou are going for, if you are more like a rugged, wear a lot of jeans and flannel shirtsthat’s may be a better look for you.

I rather prefer to wear combinations, jackets and suitsand stuff and I think it doesn’t fit very well with that aesthetic.

How do you rate Johnston Murphy?Vintage Johnston Murphy were much better quality.

Modern day Johnston Murphy I wouldn’t recommendit.

I think they’re stiff, cheap leather shoes.

From what I’ve seen I would not wearit for free.

How long do you suspect a shoe for $400 wouldlast without shoe care? Well first of all I think that is an extremelydumb idea to have a $400 shoe without caring for it because it will not last as long asit could if you have taken proper care of it.

That being said it also depends on howoften you wear it.

If you wear any pair of shoes every day it will degrade much morequickly even if you polish it a lot.

So if you have a $400 pair of shoes and you wearit everyday and you don’t take care of it.

You walk through rain, you don’t let itdry properly, you don’t use shoe trees.

I think it can break after a year probably, maybe a little longer.

It’s going to look like crap so don’t do that.

Edward Green?Edward Green is another English maker.

They are on the higher end of the spectrum.

Theycharge more for their stuff.

They use a lot of I think aniline dye open grained leatherand then polish it at the factory.

They are quality shoes.

They are very kind of sophisticatedstyling very English.

I think a lot of Italians like the style because for them it is quintessentiallyEnglish.

It’s also a very high priced shoe.

You know it’s higher than Crockett & Jonesfor example.

You have to be the judge if you want to pay extra for their styling but definitelya good quality shoe.

Value for me personally more like in the middle somewhere becauseI think you can find other brands with very similar quality at a lower price point.

What can you tell me about R.


Williams?We already talked about that.

Raphael what is your favorite shoe brand?I’m really curious! Well it’s such a hard question because Ican see you know there are good brand out there at certain price levels.

I wouldn’tsay I have one favorite brand.

I’m always a fan of good value in any price category.

I’m not someone you know who wants to spend money on a John Lobb bespoke shoe.

I’d rathergo to a small bespoke maker in Spain or in Portugal and have something made there becauseI don’t need the name.

I just want more the quality and that’s just who I am.

Carly shoes?Don’t know them.

Who do you get to resole your shoes? Do youalways send back to the manufacturer or use a local cobbler?I always found that sending them back to the manufacturer is you know takes some time.

Luckily, I also have a lot of shoes at this point in my life.

I really haven’t resoleda shoe in years.

Simply because I can wear so many different pairs that I don’t haveto, they just don’t wear out.

When I used to resole shoes I would go to local cobblerand usually they did quite good stuff.

I have some shoes that were resoled many times andthey are still good.

I always have it done at the cobbler.

If you have a high end cobbleryou can actually with a Goodyear welted shoe take out the double stitching and go throughthe same holes that cost you a lot more.

If they just take the machine and go throughit you can maybe just resole it 2 or 3 times before they’re just too many holes and itwon’t hold anymore.

Some companies have really great programs.

I remember it was at AllenEdmonds, that way it works it that you can actually ship it there and then they takepictures of your shoes beforehand and take pictures along the way of how it’s resoledthen you get it back.

Advantages you know they use the original last on the shoe, getit in there and you get a proper redo.

I always found a local cobbler was less expensive.

Sometimes you know some will just glue them back on but if you have the right glue todayit can last as long or longer as stitches.

So like glues that can glue together housesand bridges, it’s going to work for shoes.

It’s more of a tradition of what you want.

Basically your call.

I think going with he manufacturer is not a bad idea.

If it costyou $250 maybe you want to think it over, maybe go to your local cobbler where you pay$60 or $80 have to think of that.


Crispin?I think I talk about them.

Made in Romania.

It was started by one man and then it waskind of sold on.

High quality.

You know they shoe trees.

They carve out a hole so thatair comes out.

I think it takes just a day to create shoe trees.

Romania has a very lowwage country and their shoe prices are very high.

They always have a very nice stylingvery sophisticated stuff.

It’s a high end shoe where ready to wear you can made to orderyou can get bespoke if you are in Austria for example or Vienna shoemakers.

It’s upto you, you may not get the same styling so high end styling, creative, good quality onSt.

Crispin but also pricey Thursday Boot Company? Are they really Goodyear?You know what they contacted me and wanted to work with us.

I mean I think their pricepoint is like 199.

They never sent me a pair of shoes so I haven’t looked at their stuff.

I can’t tell you.

I don’t know if at this price point you get the highest quality, usuallyyou can’t.

I don’t know if it’s a good value because I haven’t seen them in person.

Peter Huber shoes?Don’t know them.


Sperry boat shoes?I suggest you check out our Boat Shoes Guide which also has a video.

I have a pair of Sperryboat shoes.

They work for me.

I got a version where they use like a Horween leather.

I thinkthey were made in Dominican Republic.

I don’t know where they make all their shoes.

Solidvalue for the money.

I think can’t go wrong.

Alden?Alden is another American brand.

Very specific styling.

They use a lot of cordovan.

I havenever been a huge fan of them.

Like the styling didn’t quite work with me.

I once took shoeapart though with Alden and they had like plastic heel caps and toe caps which surprisedme because I always thought of Alden as a little more higher end.

I don’t know ifthey still do that or if they made changes.

If you like the styling that’s great.

But we are over the 30mins mark actually.

So I’m going to wrap it up here.

Just a few more questions.

OCHNIK leather shoes from Poland.

Never heard of them but would like to learn more about them.

Are there any good Bespoke shoe companiesin the US? What are they? I think there is like E.

Vogel is one of thefew remaining ones left.

There are not many bespoke makers in the US left.

There are afew you have to search, I think there is a guy out in Washington or in Oregon.

I wantedto visit them once but I didn’t end up going to that city.

So there are a few I have nothad any personal experience with them.

Be prepared to pay like $3000-$4000 minimum becauseUS is a high wage country and so you are going to pay for it.

Describe your outfit today.


I am wearing a it’s kind of an open weave shirt.

It’s white.

I am wearinga Fort Belvedere knit tie.

It’s kind of this mottled blue which I really like forsummer.

It’s more of a casual look.

My jacket is part of a green suit.

Single breasted, 2 button.

It’s a fresco material which is very breathable it’s a wool it’s verycoarse and it’s wonderful for summer.

For pocket square I am wearing a white Fort Belvederepocket square with an X handrolled stitch.

It’s very difficult to do.

We just added themto our line up not too long ago.

We found some ladies in Italy with really very highquality and consistency of hand stitching and only they can do it.

I talked to othercompanies in England and so forth and they couldn’t.

They would refuse to do it because they justcan’t do it consistently.

I was very glad to find them.

Boutonniere is a small lightblue boutonniere from Fort Belvedere as well which all of those accessories you can findin the shop.

Then I think I have seersucker pants.

Polo Ralph Lauren.

Not sure if youcan see them or not.

I’m wearing a pair of green tassel loafers from I think Scarosso.

Matching leather belt.

Socks I went with light gray and light blue striped socks from FortBelvedere.

Simply because they kind of pick up the elements and they go well with theshoes and the pants.

And then a ring, sterling silver with malachite.

No cufflinks becauseit’s warm outside so I like the barrel cuffs because it’s cooler.

No wristwatch becauseI’m not a big wristwatch guy.

I like pocket watches sometimes but usually I like to wear themwith a vest because I have the pocket and I like the style of it.

I hope that was helpful and useful.

If youwant to learn more about shoes, I really urge you to check out our guides.

We’ve createdvideos about them for different styles and the construction and I’m really sure youwill like it because there’s a lot of information in there that would have taken us hours to discusstoday.

So if you’re interested in shoes and want to find something check out our websiteand you can find all the information there.

Thank you and stay tuned for our next livesession and Friday’s video which I think may be about — nah I’m not going to sayyet so stay tuned! It’s going to be a good one.


Meermin Black Oxfords Unboxing… and a Return?

hey gents today we’re going to dive into easily my most requested company this is going to be Mirman and we will unbox them we will take a first look and then we will put them through the paces in the next coming months but I don’t really know how to start this video out because I try to adhere to all the requests that you guys put in the comments and on the Google Doc and everything and I ordered these shoes on July 12th of last year they shipped out on 13th and they came 2 weeks later and they sat in my studio for months unbox I don’t know if it’s feeling a pressure to review them or I don’t know what it was but they sat in my studio and now I’m here to get them open so you guys asked I ordered and sadly I procrastinate delivery on that will not happen again and I’m starting to get much better in the groove of getting these things out there and so I apologize for that in the beginning if you do want to learn about more micro brands like this make sure you subscribe to learn about the best mints on the internet killer thumbs up for high quality low not low price but high quality fair price choose in this awesome new market we’re at in the menswear and let’s jump over to the unboxing Mirman is mostly an internet famous company they’re well known in small circles of menswear enthusiasts but rarely do I meet people that know who they are otherwise that may change soon they just opened their first store in New York City which is a big step to starting to gain recognition in the u.


Mirman makes shoes out of European source leathers they are hand welted in China using what’s known as the Goodyear well which is traditionally associated with the highest end shoes and then they are hand finished in Spain so it’s a company based in Spain but a portion of their manufacturing process is done in China to keep costs down this allows them to sell these black calf Oxford’s that I purchased at $175 and then with shipping and there’s like a processing fee all in I was at $220 and 75 cents on this order straight of the box these things are gorgeous they have a very nice silhouette not too bulky there’s a little bit it’s a little bit wine upon the soles here but my feet tend to be that way they have a nice pointed toe and they have a beautiful soul on the bottom you can see here Mirman my orca Goodyear welted they have a channeled sole so all of the seams blend in very beautifully and this leather sole should break in over time very nice they have these brass nails on the bottom which helps to alleviate some of the wear and tear on the heel and then actually the back is entirely rubberized heel which should also wear down a little bit less than some of the other things sometimes they’ll put like a metal plate on these whenever you go to a cobbler in order to keep this thing in my shoes that’s what wears out the most a nice capsule leather interior as well and so we’ll put these bad boys on and get some beauty shots problem with the beauty shots guys I’ve got some bad news there’s actually a staple sticking out of right around the ball of my foot in my left shoe so the right shoe I can put on I can wear I can see how feels feels nice but there’s a staple sticking out of the thing it’s gonna be really tough to see so it’s like down underneath there so I get an email Mirman and see what to do so I’m gonna have to come back to this in a couple days this is about the best I can do on lighting but you can see to the left of that marker there that’s where the staple sticks out it sticks out about a quarter of an inch and then I noticed a marking on the right foot basically in the same spot where it looks like it might have been cut out and so this one might have just missed it but that’s the staple and I gotta send it back so when email them but I’ll talk about the shoes as much as I can while only wearing one of them and then we’ll come back to this so as I mentioned in first impressions gorgeous leather sole on the bottom the calf skin upper is beautifully finished nice stitching very subtle and for $175 this is a very deceiving shoe because I’ve seen shoes of this price range that don’t look quite this good I will be most curious how the leather wears then over time I mentioned in a previous video you know all leather creases but it’s the the way that the crease ends up setting in on the shoe which makes it show either that’s a more expensive or less expensive shoe and so that can only be shown over time one of the hallmarks of the video Wilton shoe is the cork insole which helps set over time in the shoes break-in and become more comfortable but initially slipping them on they feel very good a little bit stiff that’ll softened as you wear it and your foot the shoe up and then kind of molds to your foot over time and so I’m looking forward that break-in period so a quick update on the customer service I emailed them let them know about my situation they were understanding and the fact that I had these shoes unopened for a number of months so essentially what I have to do is box these up ship them back to Spain I have to cover the shipping and then if they do find that it is effective which they’ll find the staple if they look at all sticking out of the left shoe they will exchange it and then refund me for the shipping and so not exactly a straightforward process and you know a lot of these smaller brands now will put the return label directly in the box which is best for the customer not always best for the company but that is the return exchange process I don’t want to lay this video anymore so instead of waiting another six weeks for this whole process to play out I will update you as I ship it and give you dates and everything on there so that is the first look at Mirman sorry I didn’t work out this time but I know there’s a lot of other smaller companies in this space like a smart staff ton dandy and a number of other companies that I want to take a look at and so that will be coming very soon now that I’ve got the new studio set up you know I’m still working on lights and the sound and everything but we’re getting there there you have a gents that is the mere man of black Oxford maybe I’ll pick up a pair of their loafers and some of their other stuff I like the shoes I like the price and it’ll only benefit me to buy more pairs and pay for the shipping once right well think about that but a clothing check this is a missing the main shirt the shirt in the beginning was amazing to me with a spreader box tie and so I know you guys always asking and of course the Seamaster this is pretty much my idea where so I know you guys always ask about those comments questions anything below you can also reach out at the underscore Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram and in the future if I do this kind of stuff I’m just gonna start giving away things I’ll give away some of the shoes that sit here for too long so I’ve got to punish myself to a degree lug hear from the guys more suits shirts pants all that stuff is all coming up now that I’m back up and running in the studio and I look forward to bringing that to you guys till next time gents this is the Cavalier you [Music] this fan we said to cut out like that it’s not me.

Brogues & Wingtip Shoes Guide : How To Wear, Buying Tips & Style Advice

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about brogues and wingtips.

Full brogue, half brogue, quarter brogue, you name it, we’ll cover it. TIN THOI TRANG

First of all, what exactly is a brogue? The brogue shoe has its origins in Ireland, Scotland and it was meant to be an outdoor shoe.

Originally, the brogue shoe was basicallyan untanned piece of cowhide which had holes to drain the water from rain or when you worked.

if you want to learn more about the historyof the brogue shoe, check out our in-depth guide on our website.

Basically, the brogue has hole perforations, that means, no matter what style of shoe you have, a brogue is a brogue if it has holes.

Oftentimes, people get confused between theword “brogue”, “Oxford”, “derby”, “wingtip”, but it’s actually quite simple.

An Oxford, is defined by its close lacingsystem.

A derby shoe is defined by its open lacingsystem.

To learn more about Oxfords, Derbies and differences, check out this video.

Basically, it doesn’t matter what kind ofOxford or Monk or Derby you have, it will be a brogue as long as it has holes.

All the pairs of shoes I’m going to show youin this video are going to be brogues.

When you buy a brogue shoe today, these arethe hallmarks that you should look for” One, it should have heels.

It should have a toecap and a heel cap.

Most importantly, what you always need isthe hole perforations, the broguing.

Now that you know the basics, let’s get alittle more specific.

One of the most well-known shoes is the so-calledfull brogue.

It’s called that way because it has a veryspecific cut and layout and it has lots of hole perforations.

As you can see here, this is a spectator shoebut it is still a brogue because it has the hole perforations.

Now a full brogue, always has this kind ofwinged toe cap and it looks like a W.

It also has perforations at the back of the shoe andthe side of the shoe and sometimes you find more broguing in some shoes than others butat the end of the day, it is still called the full brogue shoe.

Sometimes the full brogue is also called thewingtip because of its winged tip, the W.

Now a variation of this shoe is the so-calledLong wingtip where the cap extends all the way to the back.

Compare it to the regular wingtip where thewing actually ends somewhere in the middle of the shoe.

The next famous kind of brogues is calledsemi brogue or half brogue.

As you can see here, a semi brogue or halfbrogue is defined by a cap toe that is straight across with what is called a medallion onthe top which is the hole punching and it’s decorative.

The next kind of brogue is the so-called quarterbrogue and as you can see here, it has the cap toe and lacks the medallion, but it hasthe hole perforations along the edge.

The fourth brogue is called Ghillie brogueand it’s from Scotland and used today for formal evening wear and sometimes people alsowear it outside of that but it’s very special because it’s a lace up shoe but it doesn’thave a tongue so it has a very unique look and it’s usually something you add to yourcollection once you have all the basics covered.

Definitely not something to start out with.

Now these are the classic styles of brogueshoes but there are many more.

Lately, one model has been popular is theso-called U cap or U tip brogue because it has this U shape.

Sometimes, it’s further down or further upand it’s just a variation of the wingtip and it looks different but it is till consideredto be a brogue.

As I said, brogues can be Oxford, Derbies, or Monk straps.

They can be very elegant, work with lots ofoutfits so don’t shy away from these somewhat more unusual styles, they’re really greatand also very classic.

To learn even more about brogues, please checkout our guide and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to subscribe to our channel andsign up for our free newsletter and I’ll give you the book, 15 style mistakes and how youcan avoid them.

Click here to sign up.

Now you may wonder, how do I wear brogue shoes? Basically, there are a few rules to consider.

Rule number 1: The more broguing a shoe has, the less formal it is.

For example, a wingtip full brogue in brownis less formal than a quarter brogue brown.

Makes sense right? So if you have a gray, three piece businesssuit, you’re not going to wear a brown or red full brogue.

Usually you wear a black quarter brogue orsemi brogue because they’re much better.

The seond rule to bear in mind is, do notwear brogue shoe with evening wear.

I know Prince William did it and it lookedterrible.

He is not a good dresser and you should alwaysstay away from broguing with evening wear.

If you have suits, especially more formalsuits, try to go with less broguing than more.

of course, there are always exceptions tothe rule.

For semi formal combinations such as blazersor sport coat outfits, I recommend you wear a full brogue shoe or you can go with a halfbrogue.

Try to go with more browns or red.

Black, maybe but only if you wear gray flannelpants with it.

For jeans and chinos, I suggest you go a stepfurther.

You can take full brogues and wing tips witha thicker leather sole.

You can also do boots with it.

You can really experiment with different colors, you can go with suede, leather textures.

Overall, just emphasize the more casual characterof your outfit.

With brogues, you should definitely avoidexotic leathers, simply because you already have the hole perforations and the more holesyou have, the more texture and structure you get.

Now you add in a crocodile leather, alligatoror ostrich, it just is too much and you cannot really see the holes any more and it’s notreally elegant and stylish.

So if you have brogues, try to keep the leatheras simple as possible, box calf leathers, may be scotch grain but not more than that.

Overall, every man should have at least onebrogue shoe in his shoe closet and if you don’t have one right now, please check outour videos on the first three men’s shoe you should start with.

Thank you!.

Review: Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" Cap-Toe Oxfords, Men’s Dress Shoes

hello and welcome once again to stuff in things where I like to discuss stuff and occasionally even things I’m your good friend Bradley and today I’m going to be reviewing these what are these well you can see the name brand on the box here Allen Edmonds the great American shoe company this is a pair of Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap toe Oxford this is a very classic shoe design made by one of the few companies which still produces shoes in America there are about seven companies left supposedly which still produce the majority of their shoes in the u.


Allen Edmonds is one Alden as another name you might have heard of they’re even more expensive Allen Edmonds is fairly expensive but kind of mid-range in terms of men’s dress shoes that are made in the US Alden is kind of more of a Beverly Hills sort of company but let’s just take a look at these shoes here this is the Park Avenue I don’t know if we can actually see inside there my lighting yeah Allen Edmonds Park Avenue this is a very classic lace-up Oxford but it’s a cap toe so some might call this a cap toe Balmoral but a very very classic shoe style since pretty much the turn of the 20th century Allen Edmonds has been in business since 1922 they started in Belgium Belgium Wisconsin in 1922 they’re now located in Port Washington Wisconsin pretty much all their production is still in the u.


they have a production facility in Costa Rica I believe or no I think it’s the Dominican Republic where some of their boat shoes and things like that some of the sewing is done there and then it shipped back to the US for complete assembly for the most part their shoes are made in the US and some are wholly made some are partially made as far as I know these Park Avenues this high range line of theirs are still completely made in the US they have a 212 step production process which they outline on their website just go over some of the features of these shoes though these are full-grain leather uppers so this is full grain leather this is not split leather much of their leather comes from the whore wing leather company which has been around since 1905 again one of the only companies left in America that tans leather they produce I think the leather for footballs or maybe it was for NBA basketball as I can’t remember but they’re one of the best better leather companies still around have some excellent cordovan leather and things like that so they get their leather from whore ween and these shoes are produced using a good good year welding process I don’t know if you can see that but basically what that entails it was a process developed by Goodyear I believe it was his son Charles Goodyear I can’t remember and again that was around the turn of the last century or a little before and it’s a process whereby the uppers are sewn onto the soles there’s a seam or a welt that goes all the way around the upper and what that allows you to do is sew the upper on one piece to these Souls so if the soles wear out it’s a much easier process to remove all this stitching here remove the sole from the upper and just put a whole new sole on it and what allows it to do is the shoe is much more easily recraft ‘add repaired so these shoes are meant to last a very very long time take another look there that I chew the left shoe these are size 10 and a half d medium width and from what I’ve been able to tell so far Allen Edmonds shoes fit very very true to size I have a very average size feet and a half medium like I said these fit me perfectly I also have a pair of their loafers Intendant 1/2 D and they fit me really well also the loafers you have to go a little tighter so when I get the 10 to 1/2 in the loafer they feel tight but then you wear them in and you want them to fit close so they don’t slip on the heel full leather sole they do have a rubber insert on the heel leather lining if you can see that fully lined in leather all the way around this is quality craftsmanship again the lighting isn’t the best you can see the stitching all around it’s quite nice and this quality the quality of the leather it’s it’s hard to pick it up on the video but just feeling those compared to some cheaper shoes I’ve owned it’s just a cut above no pun intended when I’m talking about leather but it’s something where if you you pinch this you can feel the width of the leather and it’s a full width full cut of leather it’s just I don’t know it just feels amazing it wears amazingly I’ve had these for a little over a year and obviously I don’t wear them a lot you can see they’ve worn in a bit but they just the retention of the shape and everything is just amazing they don’t crack they don’t split this is really really high quality leather and of course I take pretty good care of them and I use shoe trees these babies I highly recommend if you spend money on a good pair of leather shoes by shoe trees when you’re done wearing your shoes you place these within and that prevents the shoes from curling up it makes them retain their shape much better and also the fact that these shoe trees are made of cedar they also help dry the shoe out which is also important when you have a full grain leather shoe these shoes are available quite a few different online retailers Zappos amazon.

com you can get them from the App allen edmonds website there are 385 retail and from what I’ve been able to tell I haven’t found them any cheaper anywhere léa but when I got these I got these almost 50% off and I believe it was on Amazon so occasionally you might find a retailer or something that has a sale so you just have to check I I would say these are worth three eighty five I don’t have the money to spend on a pair of shoes but the fact that I was able to find these half off made it worth my while I definitely am the kind of person who believes that you should buy something once pay a little more for quality for an american-made shoe like this Allen Edmonds shoe and only purchase it once don’t buy a thousand crappy pairs of shoes buy one really good pair of shoes and you can get these wreak rafted if you have a local cobbler in your town or in your neighborhood you could take them in but also the facts and the fact that they’re Goodyear welted as I described makes them easy – it makes it easy to replace the soles replace the heels if you have to but Allen Edmonds also provides a recraft exert a have several different levels there’s just getting a Polish there is a new heel service it’s $50 they were refinishing polishing services $50 they have a standard package where you get new soles you get new welting they replace the cork layer these actually have hot cork that’s in the inner sole here and when that dries and you put the shoes on for the first time it does feel a little stiff but as you wear it in the cork conforms to the shape of your foot and they actually become insanely comfortable after you’ve worn the for a while but they do require a little bit of a break-in period so they replaced the cork layer they replace the laces and they refinish the uppers so they strip all the old wax and I’ll die off and they completely refinish that then there’s the prestige package that’s 150 where they do all the all that they do in the standard package but they also include some shoe care products and they throw in a pair of their allen edmonds shoe trees these cedar shoe trees and shoe bags these felt bags keep dust off your shoes when you’re storing them these shoes actually came with the bags but I don’t know if every pair of allen edmonds does I think some of the lower end styles do not but these are handy as well these are in the black obviously but there are quite a few different color options available we have the oxblood calf Bob’s chili bourbon calf dark brown burnished calf Merlot burnished calf and the walnut cloud finish so let’s take a look at these babies on now I’m wearing odd athletic socks but I thought I could just throw these on and I am wearing jeans as well right now but I don’t think that you necessarily have to wear these with dress pants there are maybe older stuffier people who would disagree with me people who are experts in sartorial matters but I think these actually look pretty cool and a pair of maybe skinny jeans I wouldn’t wear these with baggy baggy jeans but you know I’m a little bit of a hipster anyway so I think they work and always always you just use a shoehorn with shoes like this you do not want to destroy the back of your heels so you can see very classic wonderful silhouette beautiful Sheen’s from the leather I think they look absolutely fantastic even in jeans even making them a little casual I think they look superb and here you can see them on with a pair of slacks which is probably the situation in which most people will be wearing them they are a very very dressy dressy shoe as I said that’s pretty much as dressy as you can get the style very classic Oxford style in fact I believe George Bush Senior George Bush jr.

Ronald Reagan as well all wore these exact shoes for their inauguration Clinton did too I believe Obama did not he wore cole Haans which are not made in the US don’t know why but anyway you cannot get any better than these in my opinion absolutely gorgeous magnificent and if you are a man of taste and intelligence and you decide to pick a pair of these up make sure you protect your investment as I mentioned earlier by a pair of cedar shoe trees allen edmonds makes these they are 2495 I believe from the Allen Edmonds web site by shoe trees you shoe trees they are necessary they are not a frivolous thing they are completely necessary Allen Edmonds also has a range of shoe care products you can get their shoe polish and any color that Allen Edmonds has they have a shoe polish for that color here is in black get the Allen Edmonds conditioner and cleaner there you get the Allen Edmonds heel and sole edge dressing so as you wear these the heels and the edges of the soles can get scuffed up this is actually very handy applicator you squeeze it out and you can apply dye to the edges quite handy you can also get the horse hair brush quite necessary one of these little detail brushes I use after I’ve put on the Polish I use this to kind of get the details and all the stitching and things like that sometimes you’ll get gunked-up shoe polish in there this is quite handy for that and of course some nice microfiber polishing rags all quite useful so there you have it the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap toe Oxford a classic and classy style beautiful full-grain leather uppers leather line throughout leather soles Goodyear welted construction made in America made to last if you purchase these shoes they could very well last you for the rest of your life if you take proper care and I think that’s all there is to say about these shoes they are absolutely impeccable so thank you so much for watching I have been your good friend Bradley you have been the audience this has been stefan things reviewing the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue cap toe Oxford until next time good day.

Becket Simonon Dean Oxfords First Look

hey guys how’s it going my name is Austin and thanks for watching Austin reviews now in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about a company that recently sent me a pair of shoes and that company is called Beckett Simeon and I do want to apologize if I’m saying

the company’s name wrong but with all that being said let’s get started now before I show you guys the shoes that they sent me I want to tell you guys a little bit about the shoes that they make first of all they have a one-year warranty and that

is awesome to have it in a shoe because any manufacturing defaults by the company they’ll help you out and make sure that you’re taken care of the other cool thing that they say is that they do include a little bag along with the shoes that they send you

and to me those little details and things that they add to me are really cool another interesting fact is that all their shoes are made one at a time they don’t produce their shoes like Nike does so they make sure that they’re producing quality shoes they’re also using

real leather which is nice for these types of shoes because I feel like it makes them stand out and make some look very luxurious so enough with that let’s start opening the package to see what they sent me I also want to tell you guys exactly what pair

they sent me they call these the Dean Oxford’s and they’re in a tan color as well I’d also got these in the size 10 so I’m gonna give you guys a review exactly how they fit and just how they feel as well and just off the bat this

box it looks really cool and really nice I also like the branding right here alright so let’s break into the box and see firsthand how these shoes look ok so already they’ve already got some cool information right here to tell you exactly on each piece of the shoe

what it’s made out of which is really cool so I’ll show you guys so I think these details are really cool because that way you can know exactly what your shoe is being made out of and it also came with these insoles now I’m not sure if I

have to put these in or if they’re already in so we’ll have to check and see I’m gonna get a little closer so you guys can see exactly more inside the box remember the bags that I was talking about will each individual Shu comes in a very luxurious

feeling bag it’s got the silky smooth feel to it and it feels really nice but let’s see what’s actually inside the bag Wow all right so this is the shoe right here and like I was saying before it is in the tan color and they also do have

a lot of different colors in a wide variety and let me tell you guys this leather feels really nice also in the box that came with extra laces which is something nice because sometimes the laces that come on the shoe will break down and so it’s nice to

have some new laces on hand so like I said I did get these in a size 10 and in Nike shoes I usually do wear size 10 so these fit just in line with how I buy my Nike shoes also something I noticed is the details on the

bottom of the shoe so I do like these small details and how they put the shoe size and this also under here says handcrafted in small batches under epic ‘el and fair working conditions and I think that’s a great cause and a great reason to support a company

and I can’t get over how luxurious this shoe feels like even the bottom of the shoe feels very nice and yes these shoes do cost a little bit more than you know what you’ll see at normal places but you’re definitely gonna get that quality that you want and

it will also last you a long time so you can almost look at it like an investment also something nice is that this shoe will not go out of style I also want to put in the insole – told you guys and see if that makes a difference

now after inserting this into the shoe I can feel a little bit of a difference there’s a little bit more cushioning to the bottom of the shoe so I think I’ll leave it in and see how it feels later on now that you know a little bit more

about the sizing let’s talk about if these shoes are worth it or not now these shoes do cost around $200 which for some people can be a little bit pricey and I don’t blame you but with shoes like this that you know will not go out of style

and you know have a lot of great quality in them plus you know that they were made ethically I don’t see how you can turn them down in my opinion I feel like these shoes are very worth it for the price that they’re sold at so if you

guys are interested in trying out any of the shoes that they have I’ll have a link down in the description below and just so you guys know they offer free returns free shipping and free exchanges so this video was just a first reaction of the shoes that they

sent me I’m going to later give a more detailed description after wearing the shoes for about a month or so and let you guys know the good that I find in them and maybe some things that they can improve on so thank you guys so much for watching

if you guys did enjoy this video make sure you hit that like button and as always I know that I always bring this up but I’m really trying to expand this channel so please subscribe to my channel I’m really trying to get to a hundred subscribers by the

end of the year and if you haven’t done so already make sure you hit that notification bell to the side that way you’re always going to be notified when I upload a new video thanks again guys for watching have a good one

Necessary Realness: Golden Globes Fashion Flashbacks | E! News

my favorite part about the Golden Globes carpet is it’s just fun you know it’s more of an intimate dinner party that we’re all invited to or you guys are excited invited to those things anyway there’s tables there’s drinks there’s food so it just feels more exciting and when

you watch everyone and walk on they seem like they’re happier because it’s nice pressure it’s not like the Oscars really like I hover under your turn and it works and I another special from Germany with Snell Sam it on too fast to make me look younger should we

sing should we sing okay so it is Golden Globes weekend and I want to talk about the past looks from some of this year’s Golden Globes nominee this I love Taylor Swift in 2014 in the Carolina Herrera dress I love the dress I thought it was so old

Hollywood and so old glamour but I felt like it was still very youthful I love the red I love the black top of it I love the way it scoops down I think it looks really flattering on her I love that it’s strapless I feel like the decollete

and the clavicles just showin off for the world to see which i think is obviously very sexy stylist tend to always put a necklace or statement piece if there’s a bare neck and I think the sexiest part about a woman is her bare neck okay zoe kravitz 2018

custom sailor on I died for it the black velvet I love the black shoe I’m all about a shoe I like I’m very very very that matters a lot I love that it was strapless I love that it was black velvet I know that a lot of people

tend to stay away from black velvet I loved it paired with the emerald green earrings I’m a huge fan of emeralds I think they’re so gorgeous my birthstone obviously he’s on my next ring he might just be a Big Mac green rolls oh I love the double platform

shoe with the satin I thought this very elegant this is a look that only a very I feel like in my opinion a young fresh girl in zoe kravitz can pull off she looks so beautiful I love it Leonardo DiCaprio 1994 dad de I mean God why was

I not born in a different time I just feel like leo was just so cool he was like the Timothy Shiloh made before Timothy challa made I love it with the vest nothing says 1994 like a satin vest you know what I mean a little jazz piano player

outfit at the club Reese Witherspoon 2012 Zac Posen was a moment first of all I feel like hi emulate her hair every single day it was so voluminous Palomas volumous voluminous can you look up the words again it’s like we’re trying to make a show sorry was weird

I love the color it was like a very vibrant red but like a little bit of an ox what undertone it wasn’t like a bright red I love the hair it was a toss old and sexy I loved it with this sort of diamond bracelet it was sleek

and sophisticated it wasn’t trying too hard I thought she looked great she look effortless Billy Porter 2019 and Randy ROM I’m sorry this man just shut down every for a carpet he was on that look alone I would wear from top to bottom and I would have worn

it with meal excuse me the satin pink underneath with the Cape and they’re just the embellishments but it’s also detailed but not over-the-top he knows what the he is doing he brings fashion alive it’s exciting to see him massive fan 2012 Charlize Theron and Christian Dior can we

talk about that I mean like the blush pink it was like every bridesmaids dream to get that dress and I was like your friend sell that rich I died for it was sort of like the high-low I love the Train I love the plunging neckline I feel like

Charlize started that plunging neckline it just looks so good on her I loved it with the shoes and the headband and it was the right amount of accessory I just thought she looked beautiful and really delicate and feminine and it was just sexy but not trying too hard

I love Jennifer Lopez 2009 Marquesa that gold sort of draped Grecian goddess moment no one does it look like that other than JLo the makeup is always pristine the hair back who can wear their hair back like that only JLo cause she has the face to go with

it she pulls off that silhouette better than anybody obviously Brad Pitt is nominated but I just want to talk about mm to Brad and Jenna when Jen came in the power suit and the choker and like the two pieces of hair in the front that like where nobody’s

doing any more because it doesn’t work but it tries they were the couple for me I know everybody loves Bradley Angelina well I shouldn’t know people love Brenda Angelina but I thought you prefer I’ll always stand for Jennifer I thought they were such a chic couple I wish

they would get back together they might he was at her fiftieth Beyonce 2007 Elie Saab gorgeous she was glowy her face is stunning the hair looked amazing I like the gold dress I like the plunging neckline she held it together very well the only thing I would say

is I just didn’t love the shoes but I loved obviously she’s Queen B we love her I love her dress Kate Blanchet 2014 Armani Prive black but intricate back she’s giving us see through but shoulders and a line and fabulous and turtleneck and earrings and Caitlyn shut to

me is number one Julianne Moore Caitlyn hood Paltrow Turner for Aniston these are my bit choked we’re all having dinner soon I’ve been so busy it’s hard for us to get together there’s a new episode of necessary realness every single week so make sure you subscribe to keep

up with all of our new videos plus all of the videos that enews post cuz those are also really good and you should make sure to check out all of the playlist on necessary illness to see all the episodes bye

Best WTFs of 2019 | What the Fashion | E! News

one thing we’re never short on here at what the fashion is drama and nothing brings the drama like the what look check out some of our favorite WTF reactions from 2019 wow what whoa ooh don’t play with scissors I love that he’s like I love the suit I

think it’s great I also love the courage that he was like you know what would complete this outfit a pair of blunt scissors Thanks Ming’s name as someone with good hair good hair and her oh my god this is what Jonathan Van Ness wanted to wear so this

is what he wore I appreciate that he’s in a dress I like that he’s in an ankle bootie I just think the dress is ugly so that’s the only problem I don’t care that you’re a psycho you’re in an ugly dress that’s what I’m saying I’m all about

self-expression you want to wear a dress do it this just looks like you’re going to like a spring formal in Iowa I knew this guy was a psycho Cody Fern has camel toe shoes on okay first of all I take offense to this year you don’t like camel

toes one out of ten I get this a six six six Oh God get out of here this suit is obviously nice it’s Christian Dior pants were a little snug I could have done without that and I don’t know why he needs an umbrella there’s just one shoe

though maybe she’s older no I think is 21 you can’t be older and make decisions like this chloë grace moretz and Joan of shark she looks like she’s in a storage unit she could be anywhere she’s at the Louvre is my show she’s in a Home Depot [Music]

[Music] that lady gaga no this is bad Lady Gaga cosplay yeah it does look like a cosplay outfit this is why it’s called our weekly what the because what the actual maxi pad this look is to get the up up and away out of here like it’s giving

me like child actor Burning Man supervise she’s 16 she sings she’s a singer she’s like a 16 year old girl it’s just too much she looks like she’s going to a Kidz Bop rave worms making me an angry bird she needs to get the puck out of here

oh no that Christina but what the actual wait wait wait maybe there’s some context in which we can process this the robe is actually kind of chic and it’s a nice color I just think with the corset in the middle and the black boots it just brings such

a heaviness to it that’s not necessary it’s not good no it’s not good it’s not good not good put the genie back in the bottle she looks like a sea monster who had sex with beans oh please Mae West Baines she’s bein West come up and see me

sometime why would you wear something that you can’t drink it oh my god hey I’ve ever seen I have to give her credit the dollar bill really does look accurate but what is she holding is that her clutches in there what money clip she should be arrested for

money laundering this look is bankrupt taxes she needs to Wells Fargo is that it’s cardi B yeah I’m positive okay my bedspread from when I was 12 she wore this at Paris Fashion Week I was to London I see France I don’t see curtain yep this bitch I

knew it I knew it I knew it I knew it her dresses man yarn Yoshi cat she’s that bitch she’s that bitch I ran out of bronzer her face is bronze her chest is runs her feet are broads yeah but she forgot the legs she’s a hoarder she

has 55 catches one feather for each cat’s when she goes home they’re all [Music] [Music] oh all the asian teddy bears it’s kind of like sugarplum fairy on man she looks like a creepy old lady just like a lady who pees in the snow and then licks it

up you cannot unsee this thanks for watching did we hit all of your faves comment down below and don’t forget to catch more videos every Monday on what the fashions IG TV hey everyone Justin Martin ill here thank you so much for watching you can just click on

the subscribe button to see more of what the fashion and the rest of all the latest breaking headlines for me news we have new clips every day

ABC Weekend Breakfast Fashion 29/12/19 – The biggest fashion news stories of 2019 and the decade

while 2019 has been a big year in fashion from new trends to an endless stream of controversies erupting online and after years of increased scrutiny issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility are slowly becoming industry norms here to discuss the biggest fashion news stories of the year and the past 10 years we’re joined now by fashion journalist patty Huntington patty good to see you thanks for coming in let’s start with sustainability we are seeing brands becoming more conscious of this and I guess it makes good business sense because the rest of the population is becoming more aware of this as well absolutely and I mean it’s been referred to as the new BAU business-as-usual of the fashion industry ten years ago I mean there were certainly people outliers in the industry Stella McCartney brands like Patagonia that were very interested in their sort of environmental footprint but it’s really just accelerated to the point where it’s it’s it’s you know it’s a tectonic shift really in the industry of course on the human rights labor front I mean the Ryan applies a tragedy in 2013 is something that really brought the industry you know and you couldn’t ignore the labels in the rubble of the Rana Plaza disaster in in in Bangladesh where over a thousand people died and over 2, 000 were injured couldn’t that spit up things but really in the past few years I mean this has been just packed after packed you know formed we’ve got the United Nations fashion reduces chart of a climate action that was launched in December fashion pack that was launched before the g7 and the still only 12.

5% of the industry is committed to sustainability goals but it’s better than nothing and I will ask you about that is it rhetoric more than more than practice because I mean 10 years ago we also didn’t have such incredibly cheap clothes from so many fast fashion exact outlets exactly that cut that spot to have an unsustainable footprint and then talking about cheaply I mean on the on the you know the living wage front I mean fast fashion has had to address a lot of things including you know the it’s disposability and the quality of its garments but you know as the world continues to expand the fashion world and cheaper you know countries keep coming online you know like Ethiopia now is the got the world’s cheapest as I think it’s $26 a month which is you know in Bangladesh it’s $97 a month and in China it’s something three hundred and forty dollars a month so I mean the company’s the government’s come on you know we want your business we’re cheaper than everyone else but at what cost so yeah the other thing we’ve seen change a lot over the last ten years is diversity we’re seeing more of it yeah incredibly so and it was always a you know a major criticism of fashion that it was a kind of whiteout on the runways but we’ve seen it on all fronts not just racial diversity which has dramatically increased over the past year really but you know in terms of you know gender fluidity and gender I mean you know Australia’s andreia page transgender models I mean led by andreia in 2011 and in the body diversity issue as well I mean that there’s less less body diversity on the runways but we’re starting to see I mean we talked about this on weekend breakfast and it’s always quite a controversial topic on social media because you’ve got the people saying thank heavens the fashion industry is recognizing us and the rest who are saying you’re normalizing obesity so yeah and in terms of racial diversity I mean 10 years ago Australia’s biggest models were the sort of blonde you know blue eyed beach babes like Jim award ebony Kershaw or people like our Miranda Kerr and Catherine McNeill who you know with dark hair and fair skin but now our biggest models are Sudanese Australians topped by auditor cash so it’s really quite a dramatic turnaround you mentioned social media and of course that is one of the if not the biggest change over the past ten years and it’s impacted fashion as well in the sense that you used to just advertise on Billboard’s and so on and now the role of influencers and Instagram and so on and not to mention all of the snafus and the bad press that you can get if you accidentally trigger a social media outrage campaign has revolutionized the way the brands and interface isn’t it has obviously changed the world but in terms of fashion you’re right and I mean the magazines have been some of the biggest victims because you know before their influences there were bloggers and and but you know as soon as the Instagram came around in 2010 I believe in its first couple of weeks in October 2010 it had a hundred thousand users by December that year so two months later it had a million now it’s got a billion users and it really could have democratized it put the bloggers who were trying to monetize their blogs by a third party sort of you know sales agents and things taking 30 or 50 percent suddenly could start selling things and I mean and that has not obviously come without its own controversies about we know it ethical that you know whether or not they’re disclosed at their ads but I mean it’s quite extraordinary I mean you have the biggest ones or the kardashian-jenner clan we’ve had you know hundreds of millions of followers and you know a couple of years ago about five years ago we talked about you know the first million dollar influences or any a million dollars a year Kylie Jenner became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire earlier this year you know they came from reality TV of course but then leverage daddy Assaf made with a grain of salt of course I mean it really has it has been an extra the other side of that is that you know citizens are now empowered and and anything I mean and particularly this year we’ve just seen a never-ending series of things I mean for example the blackface controversy at Gucci with arm now let’s show past without much much sort of you know to do earlier in the year but as soon as the the images emerge online of those sort of that the models in these these balaclavas with the red lips suddenly there was an outrage and it’s you know it’s prompted as a huge turnaround by the companies with diversity initiatives we’ve also seen over the past ten year a bit of an explosion in menswear and interestingly the growth in menswear is outstripping women’s wear means we has been probably one of if not the biggest sort of a fashion story of the past decade I mean it’s really interesting it was always there much smaller than women’s wear it’s on it’s becoming on par and it’s some say it may even Eclipse women’s wear sales which is fascinating in terms of the amount we spend on it absolutely yeah in terms of the overall market I mean it’s growing that the growth has been faster there are companies like Christians your that have said that their women’s are their menswear business is growing at twice the rate of women’s wear because remember women’s wear is a mature market we’ve had a new generation of male consumers I mean the Millennials obviously now jeans did coming through celebrities I mean and social media has also empowered them so I mean it’s been quite extraordinary particularly sneakers sneakers yes I mean we saw this kind of an obsessive behavior with women with things like eight bags and waiting lists and suddenly that the sneaker became the it bag for men where I mean you know we’ve all seen the news footage of the kids doing camp outs outside sneaker stores are very expensive areas are now traded like stop yeah it’s a it’s an industry that’s almost doubled over the past three years to 100 billion dollars it’s quite extraordinary just very quickly patio today would be remiss of us not to look up the past ten years of fashion without also isolating one of the worst trends in fashion which is wearing gym wear out I was I feel so old I was a shopping center just yesterday and these three young pretty something’s came along wit like dressed like I think it was young no it was like they were going into a yoga has just boomed over the past decade I mean I was added to the merriam-webster dictionary in 2016 the word I don’t I think it’s an inescapable force I mean certainly fashion tailoring has come back on the runways but athleisure I think is here to stay it’s comfortable it’s generally less expensive and you know I mean if you can add that with going to the gym and versatile you say thanks Patti good to see you again my pleasure ten years and see what that brings then see you two months to talk about menswear again Thursday then thanks.

14 Best Kardashian-Jenner Looks of 2019 | What the Fashion | E! News

it’s the end of the year and time to reflect on the best and the worst fashion moments from 2019 today we’ll be running through our picks of the best kardashian-jenner looks featured on the show this year see if you can guess our number one Kendall Jenner and why

project pants and Paris Texas boots does anybody do it better than Kenny mm-hmm you just wear it anaconda as you do I love those Paris Texas boots I love that they’re yellow and think it’s such a fun color to add to a snakeskin print and wait for her

to like rock a fall outfit during spring kendall Jenner in a Casablanca jacket and pants with an Hermes bag through Sergeant Pepper oh yeah she’s never basic she’s always so high fashioned oh cool looks like a magic carpet should I even need an airplane she’s Kourtney Kardashian Annika

liquid G on top and redone jeans it’s like when you go swim with sharks you know where that chain metal typically you think of mash and see-through it has to be super sexy or a lot of skin showing she’s covered head to toe so I guess I think

it’s a really effortless way to pull off the trend I love it too I think she looks really good I think this is the best corn he’s ever looked I just want to keep thinking that she’s swimming with sharks her sisters that is Kendall Jenner and a leather

jacket and pants with Adidas sneakers I love it she looks like a chocolate fondue fountain I just want to dip my strawberry into her like that the trench is long and sort of fans out at the bottom instead of being stream like she just does it in a

sneaker she’s like whatever if she ran a chocolate factory I love it she is Oompa Loompa du petit doing it right now Kendall Jenner in Le I jeans and velvet Canyon sunglasses I like the jeans I like the way they fit I like the brown I love the

shoes I like the cropped top it just it all ties together all I see is dick and balls on her jeans right there the dicking ball is the DMV right there on our jeans look where’s the dick right there it’s like one of those posters you stare up

for a bit you’re like oh I see the dish Kylie Jenner in a dewy goo I dress and gucci sunglasses this is cute it is so cute the perfect vacation dress not trying too hard I love it it feels like she’s walking onto a yacht right now it’s

very 16th century were walking to a guillotine I am NOT Amy reef Antoinette of this outfit Kim Kardashian in a Dior skirt and bag with Yeezy pump this look was ripped right from the tabloids and turned into a fab a Lloyd Vicky your newspaper is back I don’t

care what you think about this woman she does not look bad I mean it looks great this is hot off the presses up page sex [Music] kendall Jenner and a long sharp dress I like it I like it she looks like a nurse in Denmark actual look of

it I like it with the cut different color blocking I love the yellow and it’s kind of a lime green just it’s on and I think it’s it is it’s like the Martian airline hostess [Music] Kim Kardashian in a leather Tom Ford top I can’t say anything wrong

about this outfit I love the time for toppings that aren’t necessarily flattering on a lot of people look really good on camera very few people could pull off all leather head-to-toe and summer but Kim does Kourtney Kardashian and a Jean Paul Gautier suit I mean we in the

boardroom can’t do that anymore it’s sleek and sophisticated it’s a play on what she normally does I love the cutout I love she’s giving it a little bit of boob a little bit of boob she’s giving us an entire over here yeah and then typical Kourtney on the

other side it’s per could be Lil Kim – yeah Kylie Jenner in a David coma talk I’m loving this look she is giving me villain in a telenovela [Music] kendall Jenner inner ami caddy dress and a levy he’ll when you look like Kendall Jenner why would you not

wear something like that that she loves to give a little vag action on the side yeah there’s underwear under here she has to squat over the toilet with that Kylie Jenner in a matching match suit with Alexander Wang pumps it’s so well done I love the sort of

sophisticated blazer style on top with the funby it’s just like kind of hanging at the box she doesn’t need a resume for the interview because she is the resume in the red way she’s getting the job and she’s not getting written up glammed up everything was perfect can

you not with the Sports Talk kendall Jenner in a richard quinn dress this is a month in fashion she is in a latex what condom and then she moves over it freaking out over it feels like a dominatrix that Betsey Johnson yeah that’s what I want to be

wait I just realized some things until Jenner’s don’t want anymore yeah when I was like I know thanks for watching do you agree with our list comment down below and don’t forget to catch more videos every Monday on what the fashions IG TV hey everyone Justin Martin oh

here thank you so much for watching you can just click on the subscribe button to see more of what the fashion and the rest of all the latest breaking headlines for me news we have new clips every day

Fashion News: Denim Première Vision

hello and welcome back to my channel today we’re at the denim premiere vision event and we’re gonna be chatting to people here about what they do and getting a feel for it really can you introduce yourself and tell me what you do sure my name is Julie Amelia Sheila Halden okay my name is Judy meal yet I’m Italian and I do specialize on chain stage it’s from an illustrator by trade and I started which is did she well I started I was a cancer a kind of natural consequence I was doing illustration and then I’ve always been into tank and patches and so this was the next step to be able to do something that wasn’t able I wasn’t able to find around so such a niche style at the clink and so I thought I’m gonna do it because nobody else is doing it around here so I’m just not doing it yeah and makes it my illustration style with the click everything is freehand so there’s no computer around I I draw my own illustrations and then I essentially just just blast it on a machine this is a very specific old-fashioned machine is about a hundred year old and it’s called post bed and allows you to do this technique on sleeves and trousers legs and very niche and small parts I do lots of tenement as well as other type of fabrics and I do collaborations with brands have recently done a collaboration with dr.

Martens where I was doing a chain stitch over boots which is something that nobody’s done with so yeah it was a very limited edition and we’ve done a chain stitch tour so I would basically walk in a store for a London Manchester Edinburgh and Dublin and whoever was the first come first and would get a new pair of boots with the initials yeah it’s really fun yeah super fun [Music] [Applause] hi I’m so can you chat to me about what it is that you do and about the recycled leather of course we are doing different materials about just labeling and we have a lot of sustainable products like chrome free leather which means there is no chemicals in the leather then we have recycled leather which is made from old shoes and old bags we have paper dragon which is also recycled and we have also some kind of PU which is animal free ecological PU and for example microfiber leather which is also made from plastic so we have a lot of sustainable product which you also can see on our web page custom leather label amazing and you think a lot more brands are moving towards using recycled materials now yes definitely definitely it’s not it’s all the brands are asking for it we are we started with chrome free like four years ago and in this time it was not that’s not that innovational new but now nowadays like six months or one year ago everybody just started to ask for sustainable products so that’s why we are just every day and every time looking for something new and for example we have we have also some kind of material which is called apple con so it’s made of apple trash yeah so there is there’s always something new and we are trying to use these news for our materials you can call it remate it’s made by an artist her name is dana cottage and this is all the leather labels we had in our our chief what we are not using so she just she had a project about using leather for for kind of this so we told her we have a lot of leather in our church so she just used these and made an amazing stuff so you can call it remade art [Music] we are a fashion art we are a maker in in Italy in the north of Italy in Padova especially and we are focused on production and collection for government in on denim but not only in denim and all our supply chain is in in Italy and so with the production is completely certified amazing I can he told me through some other pieces that you’ve got here yeah and this case is a garment that is completely done in the denim washed and then is completely the compaction and we apply in this case down with the degraded over dying and we rebuild together including the denial on to the to the Denham so anyway idea of jacket a winter jacket and in this case also we use the instant of and he’s just a washing particularly washing it like a snowing on the government I’m from a design branding company called fourth avenue graphics we have a textile design studio and a graphic design studio team of ten designers and we do we work with all kinds of different brands lot brands in the States and we design their prints and also hang tags as well as like graphics packages for people so sign is the sort based all over the world and we all work just over the internet and some of them are in the States summer in Europe and then we all just connect together and can you tell me about your favorite or most exciting project that you’ve ever worked on um well we we really like working on branding so we like put together like packages of branding people and also when we work on projects this is I can we did some work with True Religion so we designed a whole group of like graphics and prints for them but also when when when we work on projects with people it’s really good yeah [Music].

Fashion News With Vladislav Valentine | Jean Paul Gaultier | Victoria’s Secret | Raf Simons | Prada

hi everybody I’m already suffering today I decided to start my first rubric on my youtube channels a fashion use with lifestyle Valentine here we were absolutely informally to discuss the fashion use with you so take a drink and let’s die as a fashion who’s with me if you’re special use this is Jean Paul Gautier in his last fashion show I think that everyone who is a interesting confession saw on Instagram help was fantastic his last fashion show and so if you haven’t seen I believe you link under the video who doesn’t know john paul Getty – 67 years old French fashion designer who start his career at 18 years old at the Pierre Cardin fashion house and after six years he creates his own collection which one was really successful a decision pocket I created car seat with a cornice on the chest for Madonna in this is also john paul Getty as a first fashion designer who includes the plus size and age models on his fashion show and now after 15 years in 22 junior john paul Getty announced in his farewell fashion show as a shuttle theater as a part of high fashion week and John Paul gets a set up really in Changwon show his work always become an performance and mini revolution and last show was no exception – ass fantastic fashion show with music dancing it was really amazing and I think it’s important to be ugly to get out of fashion beautifully and john pogue really believable let’s discuss with you what do you think about last fashion show ocean or Garcia I’m waiting queue in my comments and continue into the next special news and the next news that Brent victory secret has changed the image of the company in response to requests from the most consumers as a company releases a new campaign but first I have to tell you the story has happened before because maybe not everyone knows the address exact casting director of literacy with who found so many beautiful angels he gives that any of you to work magazine after your last fashion show one years ago and the Vogue magazine asked him does listing to include plus-sized and transgender models the work is answered is that they’re trying to do some similar show with plus-size models but this was not successful answer and what about the transgender model he says that he doesn’t think that this good idea to include their own gender models in Victoria’s Secret Show and after this interview advaithic left Victoria’s Secret and Victoria Secret said that they cancel fashion show and also take a little break for two decides a new promotion strategy and this is a new promotion strategy and they just release it a new campaign with completely different models with different skin color age and body type and this response to requests from the public to include our type of models because the brand Victoria Secret often accused of discrimination goes bad body size and this is what they fix it in you campaign this show completely different models but I also think this may be just marketing and you know what interest me when will be show and I think it’s interest everyone who saw the new campaign and if they will include our type of models so let me know your position what do you think what do you like to see in Fashion Show or victory sequel plus-size models and transgender I am really interesting to know your position in the last news which one is not hungry percent confirmed mrs.

Roth Simmons may become as a creative director in Prada I remember that while Simmons have been creative director in New York and Calvin Klein and also he have his online it was absolutely brilliant creative director of the special house and also talented designer so what do you think he was really invited to product for opposed to creative director it’s really interesting because all this time you brother work it in new Miu and brother buy yourself a bush have a team of designer who helped her and what do you think this is appropriate because I think now brother collection are more Swan gifts in the last few years and if you can tell your rap Simmons is a good choice please can you share your opinion in comments because I’m sincerely interesting to know water you sing and thanks for watching I hope you are enjoying my video and see you soon.

70s Sewing Fashions! A Look at November Simplicity Patterns Fashion News from 1969 to 1981

[Music] hi everyone I’m Sharon with Sharon Stone’s welcome and glad you’re here it’s getting to be close to the month of November and I’ve been thinking about what am I going to so as the weather gets colder you may or may not be aware that I’m a recent transplant from Minnesota to Texas it’s pretty chilly the Minnesota let me tell you and not so much here in Texas granted I’m in East Texas so there’s definite changes in the weather here but I don’t have to worry about being freezing all winter long when we moved one thing I had to do was think about what sewing supplies am I really gonna bring with me what am I gonna leave behind as we downsized we went from a large home with a lot of storage to smaller home one thing that I had to give up because we just didn’t have room to store it was my fabulous collection of the tender encounter books you know what I’m talking about those quite big counter books that you get in the store you flip through they got the illustrations and the pattern of Marissa and that fabric requirements all those lovely things it’s such a great collection probably 20 of them from the mid 70s to the mid 80s and I would just pull them out every once in a while and flip your own you know I hope that somebody found them in the thrift store and they have a new home where they’re big well-loved just as I love them one thing I did not have to give up with my little simplicity fashion news leaflets as we’re going into November at that would be fun to look at what the pattern offerings were from simplicity in the 1970s I have a pattern booklet from 1969 1970 1970 to 1975 let’s put these down 1974 1975 1976 1978 and 1981 yeah I’m missing a few years I wasn’t able to collect all of them but why don’t you grab a cup of coffee cup of tea some hot chocolate and sit down and let’s flip through these I give you the pattern numbers and I would go left to right just in case you might be interested in looking for one of the patterns on Etsy or eBay or your local thrift store enjoy [Music] simplicity fashion news from November 1969 – so now fabulous fakes new cover-ups the latest fashions for day and evening on the cover is pattern 84 96 the dress and seventy eight seventy two the jaunty beret the jumper is pattern eighty four ninety nine and it also includes a bluffs pattern the green and the yellow dress as also pattern eighty four ninety six which was on the cover the blue and the yellow oh that’s not yellow blue and red dresses our pattern 84-82 it’s a step in waistline dress with a flared skirt [Music] 85032 rap coat the pattern also has a skirt with rounded patch pockets 85004 is a cape and a long dress is also included with the pattern and there are tips too so a great cover-up 85:12 is a jewel trimmed dress 8500 is a dress with a jacket 84-88 is a Juliet dress with ribbon trim 84 92 is a fairytale velvet dress with rust ruffle cascade sleeves I’d so there’s sleeves today how about you 84 93 is a velvet dress with bullion trim it’s a designer fashion I got a pause here for a moment there’s something about the gold trim and the green velvet that reminds me of the old Carol Burnett sketch the Gone with the Wind where she comes down wearing the drapes little side note but that’s what I think of whenever I see this dress moving on 84 97 is done in soft chiffon that’s also a designer fashion pattern the click turn it is a jiffy pattern 84 94 the glitter bodice is pattern 84 95 and the pink one is 84 98 which is an ace shaped gown with trim [Music] 8500 five is a lace tunic with pants I would wear that today I actually really love that look I’d wear this one 285 14 is a red jumpsuit 8506 a gold jumpsuit with bolero and sash tie 8520 is described as a modern devastating at-home trio satin pants sheer blouse velvet vest [Music] 8515 is an empire waist dress with slavery asians 85 17 the blue has rice puff sleeves and the black has contrast sleeves 84 89 is a slip with sheer lace dress moving on to patterns for the young set 85 27 is a tunic and pants 85 23 is a jumper and blouse 8530 is a quaint Victorian dress and 85 22 is bell-bottoms and a blouse now we’re going to show the sophisticated top stitch dresses starting with pattern 84 86 which is which is a high-waisted dress with tab trim 84 85 has a petal Collard collar [Music] I think I said that wrong petal colored dress there we go ami 491 has angled seams from the neck to the hem with button trim and then there are also tips included on how to top Stitch the back page 85 31 is a pocket pattern with pocket pets 8472 is a zip-front jumpsuit and dress just like Martians wear and those were the fashions in the fashion news from simplicity November 1969 simplicity fashion news from November 1970 look fabulous for the holidays so the young contemporary fashions on the cover is nine zero eight zero a high-collared tuck bodice dress this fashion booklet starts out with an ad from simplicity there’s a new look this year is called eeny meeny miny moe mini MIDI or maxi if you’re worried that you have to be a computer to figure out what’s the style this year no worries this is the year that anything goes and then the skirts for the patterns are nine zero zero two eighty nine fifty seven eighty nine seventy six and eighty nine sixty five and this pattern is also the cover pattern 9 0 8 0 this isn’t a maxi version [Music] 9:06 0 is addressed with the center front seam that gives way to please 9:05 9 is a princess seams dress with yoke and contrast collar and cuffs 9:06 2 is a sleeveless tunic with bold crisscross seaming in pants this little green dress has contrast mini pockets and they say that it adds is surprise note 9 0 85 is a dress with a high band collar and the pattern also had a tunic and pants 9 0 8 3 has zigzag trim I guess I’d call that rickrack a zigzag zigzag trim goes glamorous on the pretend tab opening so smashing Velveteen step Reds starting with 9 0 6 8 which is for long-sleeved blouses 9 0 65 a midi skirt with braid trim 9 0 7 7 is pattern head pants curved vest and a blouse like tunic and 9 0 7 0 which is a wrapped maxi skirt but you also had the option of a mini and a midi skirt [Music] again we’re sewing smashing separates [Music] these are jiffy patterns nine zero seven five is a change MIDI vest skirts and jumpsuit 86 14 is a blouse and dress nine zero seven one is a MIDI Bastion jumpsuit 90 102 is gacho’s invest nine zero six six is a fringed poncho can jump suit and then we have the little ones knives ero nine eight is five toy and blue sized stuffed animals 9:08 nine is a torso dress with gathered skirt and nine zero nine zero is a smock top with pants it’s time to sow presents neither oh nine three is a mini dress in pants that’s the blue the yellow and the red now zero line fixed is a maxi dress and nine zero nine seven is eighteen board robe or eleven a half inch dolls they say 11 a half inch doll such as Maddie Maud I have no idea how many mod is I’m guessing that they did not have the license or permission to mention that other famous eleven a half inch teen fashion doll that I won’t mention her name but I think you all know who it is let’s move on cliff can act nine zero nine three is a robe it also has a short view with trim ideas nine zero nine for this is pajamas that has detachable booties 9100 is a maxi robe with rounded collars it also has a mini view available and it is designed to have this pleated lace trim nine zero nine five is a maxi nightie with old-fashioned styling and the current sewing publications they talk about the simplicity fashion news magazine simplicity hum catalog and simplicity sewing book and then getting into the patterns nine zero six seven is a mini-dress midi skirt and best 89-53 is the best in skirt that’s actually over here nine zero six six and nine zero seven zero is a jumpsuit and a set of skirts and then they include a oh this is the fourth in a series it’s a three minutes sewing lesson updating minis so they would have given advice on how to make your miniskirt look current with the trend being Mideast and Maxie’s and on the back so the separates in the young contemporary fashion nine zero eight eight is a three button mini jumper pants and blouse ninety one sixty one is a rep mini dress and pants and that is the fashions from the simplicity fashion news November 1970 simplicity fashion news 4 November 1972 new in this issue pick a niche patterns on the cover is 51 285 and 50 308 both of these will be shown later in the fashion booklet [Music] Dolman sleeve dress in two lengths is pattern number 52 9450 286 is a turtleneck Dolman sleeve top for knits and this is called for room at the top a new sleeve [Music] for young romantics the mood setters 53:17 is a contrast bodice dress with ruffle in two lengths one of them has ribbon trim at the waistline along with bow suspenders 52 97 is a Lord Byron best vows and skirt 50 to 99 is a Victorian dress with contrast lace yoke and 52 96 has a keyhole neckline double cab and flared sleeves on a maxi dress new the seemed dress 52 92 is a B seems tunic and pants and it has a dress available in the pattern also 53:24 is a dress with a stand-up collar and long fitted sleeves 52:31 is a mandarin collar dress with button trim 50 to 93 is a scoop neck dress with a curved bodice the pattern also has tunic and pants [Music] introducing the helpful niche picker I guess in 1972 this was brand new and I think are they still on patterns now I’m not 100% sure anyway let’s move on to the patterns that are available we’re going from the cover and the cover pattern 5308 is a jumper available in two lengths it’s a jiffy pattern and 51 85 is a turtleneck top 50 306 is a pattern for a top skirt and pants this is also a jiffy pattern 50 to 98 is a pattern for niche dress tunic and pants jiffy pattern designed for all ages classics 5307 is a double-breasted blazer with flat braid trim straight leg cuffed pants and 5325 is a men’s shirt and 5327 is unisex pants unisex pants with cuff 50 185 is a turtleneck top 53 16 is a cardi skirt and pants [Music] and moving on to the little ones nifty designs – so for tots and toys 53:35 is a pattern for a tunic with lace trim and : pants 53:33 is a pattern for dresses with lace trim apron available in two lengths 5 3 3 1 is a set of stuffed toys you get a pattern for a whale a sea turtle a baby turtle and a steal 5 3 3 6 is the best in skirt or bell bottoms substitute the pattern and 53:28 it’s a pattern for plush pillows there’s a ball of Q and a triangle [Music] 53:21 is addressed with buttons and 5350 5315 is a pattern for two captains this has a lesson on three minutes only lesson on knit nagged tips for sewing with knits and the back page is elapses so 5309 it has ruffles and lace trims long-sleeved blouse and 5310 is a poet blouse with Raglan shoulder the pattern also has evening pants and skirts and that was the fashion is from simplicity for November 1972 [Music] simplicity fashion news from November 1974 on the cover is pattern six six six nine which is a flared jacket with wide leg pants that have a detachable bin [Music] change your fashion outlook change your fashion outlets the fall by sewing clothes that make a big fashion impact start with pattern number six six eight one which is a flared topper with pouch pockets and yoke six six five o is a pattern for hat and six six eight o is a swinging cape available in two lanes paced setting jiffy shapes or fast paced sewing jiffy’s zero in on three trend-setting shapes six six five six is a hooded pullover that also has a keyhole neck six six five five is a Raglan sleeve sweatshirt with a flared skirt and it also comes with the pants pattern and six six five three is the Covenant pullover top and pants this also comes available as a long dress soft dresses for day gentle dressing is on the scene this season six six five eight is an empire waist jacket dress dresses v-neck halter and it also comes with a long view six six six four is a softly bowed shirt dress it is also available in a maxi length and a tunic top and pants six six six six is a slit neckline dress that also has short sleeves and also has a version with quilting at the hand sleeves and neck stopped for late-day the spotlight is on pretty dresses with lots of inventive top detailing six six seven – this is a design your fashion it has a slit neckline bodice gathers and also comes with a long view six six six three this is a two-piece dress with lettuce edging this also has a long view six six six one this has an inset midriff bust out dress with a back tot six six five – this is a two-piece dress it has a square neckline with a gathered front and it also comes with top and pants the pajama party for the soft nightlife so Luud pajamas for stepping out six six six six this is a two-piece lace trimmed pajama pattern also has addressed six six five nine this is a front wrap top wide-leg pants and it also has a long skirt six six seven six is a mandarin collar tunic and pants six six five seven is a three-piece pajama set that includes a shirt halter and pants [Music] the young romantics six-six or zero is a jumper trimmed bodice and blouse six six three seven is little sisters matching jumper and blouse six six zero zero long romantic dress with band ties in the back six six seven four along dress with the contrast collar this also comes as a top and with pants party scene tops six six seven three is a popover top with a sweetheart neckline six six seven nine is a high next at in laos with a Victorian look and six six seven eight is a v-neck top that ties in front and it has lace sleeves and peplum the three minutes long lesson in this fashion booklet is all about tips with sewing on lace and in the back page [Music] this is country looks with city – six six to zero is an unlined western jacket with pants and six six nine three is the western shirt with embroidery transfers and these were the new patterns that were featured in the fashion news or simplicity november 1974 [Music] simplicity fashion news for November 1975 investment clothes on the cover and on the first page the fake suede jacket investment clothes howl at the million with a small investment this is pattern 71 84 it was a single breasted jacket wrapped and belted and also had skirt and pants at the Velveteen blazer blue chip fashion this was patterns 7 1 to 9 it’s an unlined to button blazer which also had culottes pants and a skirt the gray flannel dresses you can bank on 71-75 is the v-neck or the V yoked smart dress and had circular pockets this also had a top pattern with it and 7180 too is a yoked jumper dress but also included a scarf top and skirt and then we have the corduroy merger pattern number seven zero seven zero was they go everywhere pattern it had an unlined shirt jacket with shirt tail detailing also included pants pullover top and a bias skirt [Music] the body watchers slender budget slender Lord 71 31 was a designer fashion pattern and it featured a dress in two lengths Deepthi with buttons band unlined cardi and again it was a designer session the best company pants and partners so 7171 is a top stitched jumpsuit with a vest and a novelty pouch 70 0 94 is a thick front unlined about the jacket put it or not with pants and skirt and then you can see that there are many saving tips included money savers to stretch your clothing dollars 3 in 1 the complete wardrobe coordinates coordinates pattern 7132 has a Raglan sleeve smock top banded neck long or short skirt and pants and on the back cover evening separates 71 73 had a long skirt this one is sown in boba teen and a capelet collar wrap top it also included pants and this was the designer pattern and those were the fashions featured in simplicity fashion news for November 1975 simplicity fashion news for November 1976 jiffy the time-saver makes the best fall fashions on the cover is 765 to yoked vest front flip straight skirt seven seven one nine a knit color on the top and six six two four a turtleneck top jiffy a time-saver shortcut sewing methods simplified tailoring uncomplicated sewing thats what jaffe patterns are all about seven 704 is a pullover tunic and pants seven seven zero seven is a rep jumper or dress and pants jiffy versatility adaptability jiffy’s have both five eight oh two is a classic shirt with Escott tie seven seven zero three is a skirt pant dropped shoulder cardigan top [Music] jiffy the fashion extender 65 17 is a blouse with classic collar and cuffs 76 56 is a pullover top contrast facing pocket detail skirt and pants you’ll see there’s also a section on time-saving sewing techniques [Music] Jupe new breed of pantsuits all of these turtlenecks are pattern number six six to far pantsuit the blue 176 15 is an unlined Raglan sleeve cardigan with pants 76-14 is an unlined drop shoulder jacket with pants and 76 53 is a yoked shirt top with pants a new sport dress the freedom of pants the neat look of dresses 65 17 is a blouse with classic details 77063 is a zip front pantsuit with tie belt and patch pockets and this also continues more time-saving sewing techniques a wrap as if a tie for jiffy dresses seven seven oh five is a wrap dress 76 17 is a tucked bodice dress with an Obi time and it also has a long dress and talk 75-71 is a zip front shirt dress there’s more time-saving techniques in the booklet and then we have a two-for-one jiffy six six too far is the crewneck or turtleneck knit top in 76 99 is the reversible front wrap skirt it also comes in a long version and finally this jacket is a jiffy this is a hooded jacket sewing from double-faced quilted fabric these are the fashions as Simplicity patterns put out in November of 1976 [Music] simplicity fashion news from November 1978 simplicity answers a beginners dream yes I can patterns a sewing success story it could be you yes I can patterns 8472 I mean 8742 is a pole over top which includes a short sleeve you 87 58 is a back wrap skirt it has two lengths 87 41 is a pullover dress with a drawstring waist and a drawstring neckline it also has a long view 87 46 is straight leg pants and this pattern includes bust prefect instructions 87 44 is a long or short gathered waist skirt 8750 9 is a front buttoned shirt and the pattern includes tips on matching plaids 87 45 I like this side would wear this today I think it might be the fabric though okay 87 45 is an unlined jacket and the pattern also comes with a coat and tie belt moving on to home decor we’ve got 8760 which is chair pads napkins reversible placemats now remember back in 1978 you could not find information on how to make a simple napkin or simple placemat on the internet you had to buy a pattern or you had to look it up in a sewing book figure it out yourself and moving on we’ve got pattern a 762 which is an apron with a really cute little watermelon pocket and on the back it’s a captain with adjustable drawstring sleeves and that was the fashion news from simplicity for November 1978 simplicity fashion news from November 1981 in this little booklet they had a special pattern offer two for the money three – so back then they did not have the dollar 99 or 399 patterns things that they have now and being able to get one pattern free for buying two patterns was a good deal so what patterns are they advertising this month November nineteen eighty one ninety nine twenty four is an unlined jacket and pants for men 97-80 is a reversible jacket and skirt 51 seventy is a fisherman knit pullover sweater for him and her fifty to eighty three is a blouse with a flunk’d skirt and petticoat nine eight eight six was a western shirt for men [Music] sewing outerwear fabrics and there’s a section here with some tips on sewing with outerwear fabrics the patterns are 50 to 85 a duffle coat with button outlining 95 88 a front wrap skirt $51.

99 an unlined cape that comes in two lengths 52 88 a fitted jacket five zero nine zero a skirt five 225 a fast and fabulous jacket 52:12 a fair isle knit pullover best for him and her and 52-36 pants with abandon bottom women on the go featuring fast and fabulous patterns 51 68 5304 5173 was the sweater 5 – too far as the shawl and skirt 52 51 and 53 oh – a jumpsuit and then we have busts free fit patterns number one measure number two compare number three adjust featuring patterns 5202 a tailored mind best 52-43 is shirt with neckline variations and 5205 straight leg pants here’s that offer they mentioned for the buy two patterns get one free you can either go to your retailer and redeem it or you can mail it in and have it sent you and this is interesting inside this pattern booklet for fall/winter 1981 they offer a personalized fashion advisory Oh it’s called simplicity personalized fashion program questionnaire so you fill out these questions they ask them into your preferences your colors things like that and then what you get is a personalized fashion program kit so a simplicity staff member who they describe as a highly trained fashion expert will go over your questionnaire and do the work for you and you’ll get a recommendation on colors and styles and wardrobe coordination fabrics accessories cosmetics and more and I find it interesting that they also included diet and nutrition information for good health yeah well I’m curious do you know anyone that did this I was unaware of this program find if any interesting anyway this was the fashion news booklet for November 1981 from simplicity patterns [Music] you [Music].