OXFORDS NOT BROGUES Maybe Derbies | Which Dress Shoe Type Is For You?

what’s up guys it’s quite from gentlemen within and you may have seen the movie Kingsman in which the phrase Oxford’s not brogues is used as code words for their secret service oxford words to do but this implies that Oxford’s are a classier shoe technically they are but there’s

much more to it than that and what about derbies anyway so in this video I’m gonna talk about three different types of men’s dress shoes specifically the difference between the often confused Oxford’s derbies and brogues alright so let’s start off with the Oxford’s also known as Balmoral in

the United States and so a hole cut Oxford is going to be the most formal of the three shoes and as you start adding decorative features such as a cap toe right here is a cap toe or a Brogue then it’s going to start to dial down the

formality of the shoe and so how was an Oxford distinguished well Oxford’s are a formal shoe as you can see and is distinguished by this closed lacing system and so what this means is that the two sides of the leather upper that are drawn together by the laces

they are sewn under the front part of the shoe otherwise known as the vamp and black Oxford’s are pretty much the most formal pair of shoes that a man can own besides opera pumps all right so onto the brogues so the term brogue is derived from fro the

Galea quirk for shoe and brogues are characterized by the unique punching or decorative perforations along the shoes leather uppers so this decorative punching that you see they are called brogues and technically both an Oxford and a Derby can be considered brogues if they have a distinctive broguing along

the leather uppers and also there are different types of brogues and so this pair right here in this dark Chile is a quarter broke there’s just minimal broguing across the cap toe here and then you have a semi or half brogue which introduces a whole lot more broguing

along the shoe uppers and then finally you have a full wingtip which is also known as a full broke and so this is a full on wingtip and that is distinguished by this winged pattern across the front of the shoe here and the thing with brogues and full

wingtips this is another wingtip and it is just black but the thing with brogues is that it really can dial down the formality of a shoe give it a more casual vibe so this one right here is black leather and it’s also got a rugged sole here and

so broguing really lends itself to more of a casual vibe but it’s still formal as you can see this shoe right here is a pretty formal looking shoe and this one as well but it can also be worn a little bit more casually and something that you may

not know about burr Oaks is that they were originally added to leather shoes to serve as drains for muddy water and so that’s pretty cool right so personally I love Brooks so much so that they come in at number one on my list of shoe essentials for men

so lastly we’ve got the Derby and Derby shoes they’re just slightly less formal than their oxford counterpart and although most people can’t really tell the difference nor do they care but derbies are described as formal shoes within open lacing system and so this means that the leather uppers

containing the shoelace eyelids are sewn on top of the shoes vamp and not under as with Oxford’s and so here’s an illustration taking a look here you can see the difference the oxford is just a little bit more clean and streamlined compared to the derbies open lacing system

and so I would say that the Derby is more versatile than the Oxford because it’s a little bit more relaxed yet it’s still a formal shoe and think with derbies is that you can actually pair them with more casual outfits especially if you have a pair of suede

derbies and so they can be worn a little bit more dressy and a little bit more casual as compared to a more formal oxford and so in a nutshell Oxford verse derbies you know if there’s one illustration that I’ve shows someone looking to distinguish the two you know

I’m gonna put that up so yeah which of these dress shoe types is for you well you know that I don’t think that’s the right question to ask as all three can be right for you depending on the situation that you find yourself in and so my number

one element of timeless style is to dress for the occasion and you know depending on where you’re going and with whom you know that’s gonna help to determine whether or not an Oxford a derby or a brogue is gonna be post appropriate so yeah what is your favorite

shoe type to wear you know there’s a lot going on here for me it’s either a pair of burrows right here nice casual win tip or a casual suede Derby but yeah on to you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new here

please consider subscribing put out new videos like this once a week and so yeah that’s all I got cheers to your style and I will catch you on the next one peace