How to Style Short Bangs | Hair Tutorials

so I wanted to show you today how to style short bangs as you can see our model has pretty short bangs this tutorial would work well if your bangs were a little bit shorter or a little bit longer too just a great bit of information about how to

style different types of bangs so what I've done is obviously a finished blow-drying the rest of our models hair today and now I'm going to start on the bangs I will say that at home if you struggle at all with your bangs I would absolutely recommend blow-drying them

first and doing it from the wettest part actually rough dried her hair about 90% dry leaving most of the moisture in the bottom however if you had a cowlick or something like that then you would want to leave a little bit more moisture at the root area I've

also prepped her hair using a styling product just something with a little bit of hold and smoothness think a big mistake that we make at home when we're styling our bangs is we leave all the product out of them product doesn't always mean that your hair is going

to get oily it just means that it's going to stay where you put it so what I'm going to use today is I'm going to actually use a very small flat brush if you don't have this you could also use a larger one and this is a Mason

Pearson brush and this is a spore net brush brand wise whatever you can find that's comparable I will say this brush has synthetic bristles and natural the synthetic bristles are going to help grip the hair and hold it into place and the natural bristles are going to help

add a lot of shine and smoothness to the hair so what I'm going to start to do is I'm going to take my brush and my blow dryer and I'm going to do a technique called a wrap I'm going to use the natural bin of her forehead to

add just a slight little Bend to the hair and I'm going to do that by wrapping it I'm going to go from one side to the other side and what I'm going to do is I'm going to have my blow dryer and I'm just going to use my

low dryer and follow that brush wherever I put it this is a point where if you do have some calyx you can take and have a little bit more control over them whatever direction your cowlick is going like so she had a cowlick that was going in that

direction I would start wrapping it in the opposite direction of the Halleck also if you have any kind of natural parting I would definitely start going the opposite way and all this wrapping is going to do is it's going to give you a lot of control at the

bangs it's going to give you a great range of motion they're not going to look too stiff or too straight or too round I'm going to start now using my blow dryer and remember I'm just going to follow my brush wherever it goes you always want to go

in the move in the direction that you're pushing the hair so if you're pushing the hair down you want the blow dryer to go down if you're pushing the hair over you want the hair to go over you never want to go up that's going to puff and

it's going to blow the hair everywhere I also ended my blow-dry with a cool blast from the blow dryer and what that does is it gives it a lot of shine and it actually locks whatever you just did in place but you can see how smooth I was

able to get the bangs just by doing that if you have any trouble with pieces around the side of your face – like if you had one piece over here that always curled you could add that into the wrap pattern – don't be afraid to take as much

as you need so now she has a smooth thing but just a tiny little bend in it which is nice a very natural Bend what you can do from this point is you can add a bit of texture to the bangs so if you wanted to see a

little bit more movement you could do that pretty easily you could either take hairspray and do that or you could take a little serum I'm using an active serum this is a tiny little bit through my fingertips and I'm just gonna go in there move it around the

good thing about using a kind of nourishing oil as a serum is that it always soaks in the hair so should you put too much it'll soak right in you could also use a little paste in there that would be really cute – and don't forget to add

the same texture throughout the rest of the hair also I get a lot of women that will bring me pictures of bangs and want me to cut their bangs to be like that and I'll say a lot of times they actually have those bangs but what they're not

doing is they're not doing the finishing step to the bangs they're not adding texture at the end or they're not pushing it in the same direction so sometimes just a subtle little change to your bangs makes a big difference another really cute thing that you could do to

a short bang which I really love is you could push it off to the side so after you've blown it dry straight down you can pretty easily go in there and manipulate it to the side and I always like that because it gives it such a soft little

curve on the face makes them look really full but they still have a lightness and airiness to them so that's another alternative so that is how you style a shorter bang