How I Style My Short Hair | Easy Step By Step

Hello and welcome back to my channel So today I'm gonna be showing you how I get not this look but a very nice Sleek polished look that I had in a previous video that you guys had or one of you guys had recommended I do a tutorial for it.

So I washed my hair earlier this morning I kind of woke up a little late jumped in the shower right away It's been air drying for what I feel like is maybe three and a half hours now It takes my hair a really long time to dry I didn't leave some like a coconut leave-in conditioner from Shea Moisture that I will leave linked down below Otherwise my hair would be like up to here.

But I find that that does help it control while it does to dry This is the big mess that we have going on right now We have a bunch of stuff to do so I need to get ready for the day and I figured I might as well show you guys how I do my hair so here We go what you're gonna need is a blow-dryer.

I don't even know what this is from I rarely ever blow-dry my hair.

I think I got this maybe ten years ago.

It's still going It's Baby Bliss Pro TT I don't even know if they still have it around but you're gonna need a straightening diffuser just because it helps to smooth everything out A round brush again.

I never really use round bushes.

But since my hair has been short you kind of need it So I'd say my hair is pretty dry right now.

There's just a lot back here.

That's still Somewhat wet I don't want to go in with any hot tools in it just because it's really harsh on your hair So I'm gonna turn this on it to warm and then turn it high and start smoothing out.

I'm gonna do that about here I'm looking at a mirror behind the camera by the way, cuz I have so much hair.

It's insane.

How much hair So now that we have the first layer of it pretty dry Pretty smoothed out.

We're gonna go up here.

I guess I'm gonna start from the back I'm not sure if you guys can see just how thick And how much hair I have and because it is a blunt cut it shows a lot more so that's why I have to go in and straighten it with the blow dryer and kind of dried up like that or else it would just be the crazy crazy mess if you have straight hair or Just a little bit of a wave then you probably can skip all of that and then just go in straight with your wand I'm turning it on and I think I'm just gonna go up to about 360 I'll leave the link for this one down below as well.

I did another tutorial when I had the long hair It's very similar to that last tutorial that I did However, this technique that I'm going to be showing you is a little bit different and obviously for shorter hair So while that heats up, I'm gonna go in with this hot toddy before ironing heat protectant.

It's from the dry bar I got it at Sephora.

I actually just picked it up I've never used it before but it's cruelty free and vegan and I'm gonna go in Sections I hope that's enough.

I feel like I've already used So much it does smell really nice though, I don't know why I feel like I have to kind of work it into the hair Go in and part my hair and hopefully wear my temple is or eyebrow I'm gonna go in with this front piece first Little piece like this.

I'm gonna open up the clamp My hair in it turn it really fast very gentle Hold it for a couple of seconds, let go and then slide out That little bit of a bend I tried to kind of have my thumb on the clamp for most of the time just so it doesn't Really heat up while the clamp is closed.

I like to have it a little loose So let's go in with a second curl.

Take another chunk This is a bigger piece, but again, please turn it have my finger on the clamp hold it for a little bit Maybe like five seconds Oh turn a bit and then slide it out When we get to this part back here when it's like a bigger section I kind of tend to go with the bottom part first and This part I do a little differently because I don't want it to be pin straight So I kind of just go in and because there's so much shorter.

You're pretty much curling the whole thing And then letting go down so you get that little bit of a bend all right, so where's the remaining hair I'm gonna go on with this top piece and then just do the regular curl like I did with these two front pieces Be very careful with the wand you don't want to burn yourself ever!! Especially your neck because that ends up looking like a hickey everybody starts questioning you whether you're with someone or not.

If you're with someone, oouuu you nasty! If you're not then who you playing with? All right, so let's go in Run it down Half a curl really quick and then pull down All right.

So this side is done moving on to this side a little chunk right here throw this back.

I'm going to go under pull away Do the curl hold it there one two three This piece didn't create the greatest we can bend it up just a little bit You don't want to curl it all the way to the bottom because you don't want to look like Curly Sue This isn't prom we're just trying to make a slight bend In the middle of the hair just to give it a little bit of that beachy wave with the short hair that we go So bottom is all done Move on to the top.

I think I'm gonna split it in one more section.

So we're gonna go here All the way back to like half the crown Tie this up.

If you have a hair clip even better cuz this is gonna cause some bends in your hair split it down the middle.

I Go in with my wooden comb So this part I'm gonna start from the back.

I'm gonna go in a under from the root pull Do a curl Wait there for a couple seconds if it's more hair in this then you might want to wait maybe count up to eight Hold down just a little bit So you have enough room to slide down and while you slide down continue rolling to the same section You see how there's still a little bit of a curl left there because the hair here is a little longer at the top Do the same thing pull up and then slide down and then that's what you're left with So I'm gonna go and put this right in the middle Now I know a lot of you might be thinking like damn this is a lot of time This is a lot of effort in doing your hair.

Do you really do this all the time? and Honestly, no, I typically do my hair like this on Sundays when I wash it.

I don't wash my hair often I don't like to put so much heat on my hair So I only do this Like once a week if I do it But yeah doing your hair like this will last you quite a few days if you're someone whose head gets Oily really fast and just grab some dry shampoo Try not to use the dry shampoo like every single day because it will make your scalp dry But whatever you can to like not wash your hair Like I was saying I don't wash my hair every single day just because I do have a little bit of textured hair being Hispanic super thick curly hair your hair is naturally drier when it's curly So you washing it will just continue stripping the oils off your hair.

All right.

So now that we're at the front piece Smooth it out just a little bit and I'm kind of bringing it forward and set it to the side Like I was with the other pieces and now that I have her and it opened from under There you go And that's it! You see over here how there is a lot more curl than over here There's some pieces that are still somewhat straight You can always go in like I showed you before and kind of touch up the curls Really fast don't keep it on there for too too long to curl it Sometimes I do go in with a little bit of argan oil or grapeseed oil I really like grapeseed oil for everything if you guys have seen a video that I did of how grapeseed oil even helped out with Pigmentation you should definitely check it out.

It's an oldie but a goodie, but yeah, I usually go in with some oil Kind of do this with it There you go See how it just gives you like that little bit of bend and then just make sure you really fluff it up in the back just because you kept splitting it down the middle It's gonna look a little funny if you just leave it like that So I go in with this a little bit from the root of the crown And I just wiggle it up.

I don't go all the way down.

Sometimes you can ruin the bends like that So just do that and then push it back up to give it that little bit of a fluff.

You know what I mean? So what I'm doing is when you're like this I find that this also helps Get in to the hairs that were stuck on your scalp pretty much and laying really flat and then just boosting it up And that's it.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're someone that doesn't have textured hair or a lot of volume to it And it's just the complete opposite straight thin hair.

You can definitely go in with some Texturizing spray just lift it a little bit go in like this.

This is my pretend Ouai texturing spray that it's in my closet I just don't need it right now.

So I'm not gonna use it however, you want it.

I tend to go in and smooth the front pieces out a lot more than in the back and that's it for Today's video.

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