Fresh New Look: Short Hair Style

[Music] we're talking spring cleaning this week on PTL and that could also mean cleaning up your look now is a good time for a fresh new look I'm the hottest trend maybe yeah some people don't want to do it but it's okay the hottest trend for spring is

to go short and I love my short hair do you love your short hair salute appropriate is live at a Zazu salon spa and blowout bar and Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh and she's looking at different ways to rock the short style hey Selena hey Heather and David

good morning that is absolutely right we are live at a Zazou salon spa and blowout bar on Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh this is one of two of their locations their newest spot opened up and north in the Wexford location and that's where we want to bring in

Richard seeds he is the artistic managing director at their salon up north Richard thank you for joining us let's talk about these short looks it's the hot style for spring it is good morning good morning everyone we have four models to share with you today we're springing forward

or four new look so we have two short looks we have two medium short looks which Emilio will share with you in a few minutes but I want to start with Lynn Popish Lynn's a director with United Way and we gave her a very short chic look that's

fun that's easy that's professional and we accented it with some color and we gave her a really nice platinum blonde and Lynn being a cool season we wanted to stay away from the warm and gold tones because we want to accent her skin tone and bring out her

eye color now you could see it she's she's blown out she's finished but that completely finished her look we're gonna put a little gloss on this get a little separation a little shine so I put a little bit in my hand I rub it around and this is

what really is going to give Lynn that finished look bring the top up a little bit bring the front down balance it out in the mirror but you could see by just adding a little bit of these azov gloss how that really completed her look and I wish

I could rock this style it looks so good I don't know if I could though I think you could you know some of the short looks we're doing today are kind of Kate Hudson inspired with her new short look and that brings me it's my next model hey

patty this is patty looking good now patty finished you know we did her up gloss on hers already patty is a director with United Way and she also is a co-author of a book called it's gonna be alright it's gonna be alright so we finished her with a

gloss but after we put the gloss on just to make sure it stays throughout today we put the accent just a little bit of hairspray on here to keep it in place and you can see how pretty this brings out our eye color and this will talk about

our color a little bit one second it's the color is beautiful it's so rich oh it's beautiful you know she's a cool season as Linzer cool season so we wanted to use whole red tones so we put on a row deep rich auburn mahogany tawny and you could

see with her skin her eye color and natural color how it really brings out the haircut and everything just kind of works together for a complete look yeah linen paddy you guys both look beautiful I love it look great and I have to say real quick to Emilia

use the work at baby hairspray on me right before I went live I love it so I agree with you ladies it's the perfect hairspray well we have a lot more to come here at a Zazou salon spar and blowout bar and that'll be in our next live

shot I'm gonna be talking to Emilio and we'll tell you all about the medium looks that you could find this spring we'll talk about their partnership with the market district you could actually find some of their products now at select Market district locations and will also tell you

all about the happy hair our and that's coming up on March 31st so we'll give you all those details Heather and David coming up sounds fun thanks Lena