you're always popping this rich I'm back again with another one this time I got a heater I gotta bang out whatever you want to call it I got it bro you gotta check these shoes out man cuz when I bought them I was like what up like y'all

I'm living in the future right now man you gotta check these shoes out so come follow me on this ride like subscribe share whatever the hell you got to do to get me out there just do it brah do it so let's get to it right come on

let's go so this is the shoe that needs absolutely no introduction because of straight heat it's fire but not a lot of people get it this is if you know you know it is these a leak studio Vibram sole chelsea blue all leather and whatnot I kind of

beat these up I use them up a little great quality smells amazing you know what I say about shoes that smell good you know our machines are expensive truth be told man these are an attention-grabber the big soul you gotta see that big soul man it is crazy

is out of this world something I've never seen and not only that but you could remove it is attachable so let me show you guys real quick this is the vibe it's gonna move it I'm not an expert of moving this but I'm gonna show you guys straight

up Pam that's how it is brah I'll pretty much say 1017 elites 9 sm and then the side this is the vibram sole is made specifically for that boot the star of this shoe is this vibrant sole don't get it twisted man this one off the soul is

also vibe but of course you get to touch it back once it starts flaring outside and you want to hit the club up but you don't want to get your shoes dirty you throw these little bad boys on and the security guard will probably be like you can't

go in with those then you'd be like hold up give me a second plain flex you take it off and they're good you're good to go to the club you're good to go to the Meatpacking wherever the hell you want to go to New York you're good to

go bro one thing I will say about these is they're kind of heavy like three pounds each yeah get those calves workout going cuz these are definitely gonna test you you could definitely rock this with like all black jeans maybe a black outfit so what I did I

threw on these represent building jeans with the boots I also had on acne studio nul sweater 100% wool you know you gotta stay cozy out here but not only that man but if you want to be a little fashioning throwing that little cross bag I got it here

from preen you know submit I look like a shiny material shiny nylon if you want to take it to the next level you could even thrown supreme jacket that I have wrong right there's a little loud yeah that's if you want to be loud you just throwing that

jacket with the boots it looks like you're about to go through the best hike of your life through the concrete jungle aka New York City I went to the size 9 they fit like a glove and the way that the leather is stretching out it's just perfect I

went to the club with these I was dancing with them I'm the vibram so definitely gives you a height increase like 2 to 3 inches depending depending on your foot whatever but they're definitely gonna give you 2 to 3 inches so you know the lady's a big dad

as well you want to see me starting more please like this video comment let me know what you think about these shoes I've gotten us a lot of good reviews in the streets and people in general some people dig them some people don't and it's okay it's okay

to have your own opinion thank you for checking me out I'm gonna be posting more I was going through something with an injury so I'm feeling much better now and I got a new camera so you already know how that go thank you guys subscribe let's go [Music]

Before & After: Color change on KF&S Full Grain Oxfords!

today's video I'm gonna turn this old pair of Goodyear welted made in England Kilgore French Stanbury quarter brogue Oxford's into this and then I'm also going to talk about who this company is that I'd never heard of before and try to determine who's the maker the actual manufacturer

of these shoes all right let's go hello everybody's Robert power one and a half out of five my shoe collection some stains there get a nice lather here is the finished product I'm not a professional type this is that little pair of Allen Edmonds torn apart the gloss

and here they are finished up okay so what I'm talking about today is a this pair of a quarter brogue see the holes there so that's called broguing so this makes it a quarter broke because there's no broguing anywhere else on it cap toe Oxford this is a

brand that I've never heard of before and if you can see it in there it's Kilgore French Stanbury so I'll talk about that brand that label I've kind of researched it a little bit the company and who they are and I had my eyes on these not because

of the brand I'd never heard of the brain before ever but when I saw these shoes I saw a couple things number one you can see they are good your welted and these are looks like 270 degrees 270 degree Goodyear welted you can see the stitch density is

very dense compared to more like look at the stitch density on on Allen Edmonds made in the 2000s okay so that's an indication of high quality generally see the shoes made in English the English don't mess around with their shoes they're pretty serious about their shoes you can

see the quarter rubber leather heel straight cut there with the little mils of big nails little nails and there's also one in the center if you've watched my which Polo Ralph Lauren shoes which polo shoes are best video I'll put a link in the description below there's gonna

be a lot of similarities between that video in this video because what I found out was this brand doesn't make shoes okay by the way we're trying to hurry up and do this video I'm hoping my kids stay quiet I'm trying to finish this portion of this video

while my wife's not home because she doesn't really know I bought these and so here's the thing I couldn't really justify buying these things because well if you seem either allen edmonds dating Allen Edmonds video I already have this pair of nice quarter broke cap toe Oxford and

you know kind of a medium to dark brown I guess that's a I guess at the brown medium brown I guess or is it a dark brown medium to dark brown I have a pair of allen edmonds you know cap toe Oxford here and black I also have

this pair of dark brown Johnston and Murphy cap toe Oxford oh these are corrected grain leather and I'm considering either keeping them just as winter only shoes or getting rid of them then I also have this pair of I guess this is cordovan quarter broke cap toe Oxford

but these are you know they've got a half sole on them the soles have a little wear these are a little too tight on me so I'm also thinking about getting rid of these I almost forgot I also have this pair of John Stanton Murphy aristocrats medallion cap

toe Oxford kind of in a light brown first of all why do I like it because of the benchmade made in England I don't have any made in England shoes you know but I think I'm gonna try changing the color on these to oxblood using this okay mahogany

I guess mahogany not oxblood changing the color with fiebing's and I'm gonna experiment a little bit so the little few second clip you saw there in the beginning was the after result but here's the thing right now that I'm shooting this I don't know what the results gonna

be okay so I'm doing this under the assumption that the result is gonna come out good but at the moment I'm shooting because I really have no idea what the result is I might be about to ruin this pair of shoes but if I do not a gigantic

loss that's actually not what I paid for them and what I actually paid for them was paid as you can see they're 20 20 bucks plus tax for them I think the whole in my wardrobe that these are gonna fail as I really only have one nice pair

of if you call it burgundy or cordovan color you know that burgundy color I really only have one nice pair of Oxford's in that color which is my Ellen Evans McCallister's so I think that's what I want to do is turn these into an ox blood you know

or cordovan color and shine the first step is gonna be the kind of one of the normal things that I usually do with the shoes like this that I get a little alcohol spraying alcohol water inside of them just a you know disinfect generally I think people sometimes

are afraid of that but usually these old shoes for bacteria to grow you need moist and damp and they're always like bone dry so I've never had a problem with you know shoes stinking or anything like that but so alcohol MS insides and then on the outside these

particular shoes look like they don't have much polish or anything on them but I think with this pair what I'm gonna do is first I would usually use rental mat first to strip off any wax then saddle symptoms because saddle soap has not as cleaners but nourishments in

it to get in leather in this case I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to saddle soak them first then I think I'm gonna use the Renault mat because then I'm gonna strip these with acetone okay I want everything off of the surface of these

shoes so I'm gonna use the saddle soap just to clean and like clean up the dirt down in the welt and stuff like that then I'm going to read eye them then I'll do the Polish routine on them and I'll try and keep you guys in the loop

here alright so let's see how this goes okay so first of all who is a Kilgore French and Stanbury well if you go look them up currently they're currently the company name is Kilgore k ilg oh you are and their website Kilgore comm I'm gonna read from you

just a little bit of exactly from their website Kilgore design is the watchword at Kilgore as a Savile Row house with all the hair to do this implies skill and craftsmanship and quality are a given now from what I read about them they did not produce their own

they did not produce their own shoes that's why they say if you look inside of them I don't know if you can see there but what it does say is a bench made in England especially for Kilgore fringe and standard you know for example like if you get

a pair of Brooks Brothers shoes you know you'll see like for example they have one model that looks just like an Allen Edmonds strand and guess what it is a strand with a different heel on it okay so that's very common if you watch my Polo Ralph Lauren

which polo shoes are best polo doesn't make their own shoes either they've had Crockett & Jones you know a lot of different and edward green different makers something Manto's ii but anyway italian makers make shoes for them they don't make their own shoes that's very so if you

look at Kilgore today on their current website the kind of stuff just to let you know their sport coats are like $1,300 just for a sport coat okay a Savile Row it's a Savile Row house what does that mean I'd heard of that couldn't tell you before you

know today what that actually meant but if you looked at of Savile Row is a street in England that was built in like 1735 and it's in the center of England as you know England and Paris France are like the centres of the fashion industry an Oxford style

shoe closed lacing system Oxford is named after Oxford a city in England so Savile Row is this Street it's like the centre of the best tailoring closed shoe making you know people you know in England so they're very prestigious company was founded in 1880 as tnf French business

merged with a H Kilgore in 1923 to form Kilgore in French now here's a key 1925 Fred and Lewis Stanbury joined and introduced in elegance TEDA so in 1937 the business name changed to Kilgore French and Stanbury that was 1937 the brand became Kilgore in 2003 so this

name only existed from 1937 to 2003 so that means issues are bare minimum because it's 2008 2018 and a bare minimum these are 15 years old okay so I thought that was kind of interesting so that's a high-end shoe and as I said I had no idea who

this brand was before I got it but without knowing the brand you know those features I knew this was an expensive not cheaply made you know I knew this is an expensive shoe from a good few manufacturer next shoe manufacturer so now what I'm going to show you

next is not proof on in other words it would not hold up in court okay so this is from style form this is a post from style forum they've got some people on there they're like below my mind as far as how much they know about this stuff

so this is from a post that was literally 250 pages long not 250 posts 250 pages of posts okay so I got there about 50 pages of it I think I started to you know like you know fall out of my head but this guy appears to be

very knowledgeable I blacked out his avatar and his name you could find probably find it if you want but basically he sold a couple pairs of these shoes he really seems like he knows what he's talking about and again that doesn't mean he's right he could be very

wrong but I'm going by my gut instinct saying this guy knows what he's talking about so what's very clear this thread basically was about who makes different makers shoes okay like Kilgore French and Stan Borg came up five six seven times that I saw basically what they're going

by is a style of construction the style of the stamp like for example here if you see the model number inside the shoe okay the way that's stamped you know that's not handwritten you know some of the shoes it's handwritten the way it's handwritten the way it's stamped

it's all evidence based the style of nailing so those kinds of things based on that they're able to conclude you know sometimes with really strong convictions sometimes you know without strong conviction who made what shoes but basically long story short this guy says that Crockett & Jones Crockett

& Jones shoes are way up there I'm just going by memory I think probably six seven hundred probably 600 bucks ranges they're cheapest shoe but Crockett & Jones is one of the best-known shoe makers in England so here's some evidence though based on what he shows so he

says with you know pretty reasonable certainty his door Crockett & Jones you see that label on the inside even the way the that label is crooked you know is just like mine and that must be intentional okay so that you know it's handmade or you know hand-applied or

whatever but bench made in England especially for Kilgore French and Stan lorry stand very just like his and then you can also see here the way that model number and even even the first digits 323 my guess is that's the last the form on which the shoe is

made I'll get to that in a minute the toe shape if you can see here right look at the way that toe shape is it's not real pointed you know and if you look at the toe shape from the top the way it's kind of almond shaped right

if I can try and pull the shoe at a similar angle this is not easy to do you know and if you see from the side the way that toe shape looks from the side try and compare right very cooperative and then also the way the heel is

done so we the heel is done now that stamp is very unusual made in England and it looks like the little it's not you know whiskers by propeller or whatever that little symbol between the little nails on the outside the one large nail in the center you know

that angle cut and if you look at my shoes here it looks like it's gotta have been made by the same maker to me okay mine also has the one nail in the center it has to in the rubber which I don't see on their photograph so more

than likely whoever made that was made these he says Crockett & Jones so I think I have a decent shot that these are actually a Crockett & Jones shoe that's pretty cool right so let's get started here with the cleanup first thing I'm going to do I don't

need a show it on camera I'm gonna remove the laces then I'm gonna come back in no I've got an entire another video on saddle soap and everything you want to know about it I'll link it below but this is just a Kiwi saddle soap and this is

just the lid with hot water in it and a brush specifically just for this only so you know get a decent lather on here okay there might be a little bit too much soap and just gonna start scrubbing saddle soap cleans the leather and conditions we want this

to lather up and scrub really hard with it you know Harder's the brushroll Wow and by the way if you noticed I do have my favorite ala ruh-oh ll ie Roo my favorite British shoe trees in them here I get these shoe trees for about 21 22 bucks

off either Amazon or Ebay interesting isn't it you can tell it little water got in them but you know I should say water you know it did you let some of the water go in but there's a difference this is clean in that one is it I'll do

the other one off camera okay now I've got both shoes washed off with the saddle soap here you know there's some people debate a little bit about oh you know should do this first that first okay you know we're not solving any world problems here and was using

a brush to get the soap out of the brogues and you know some of those areas I'm gonna skip the rental mat because this feels like to me there's really no wax there's not much left on these shoes anyway the acetone is gonna strip that off anyway so

I'm gonna go right to the acetone and I'm gonna take us out to the garage here to do that for this depart what I've got is I got my rubber gloves on I've got acetone here okay acetone is pretty strong stuff it's different this is different than like

denatured alcohol it's gonna take off the color from the shoes as well not sure how much I've messed with it a little bit but I have not done this to this scale um it's a couple other times I've messed removing the finish from a shoe is you'll see

one of my videos Bostonians putting a burnished patina on my old Bostonian loafers I'll link it below there's one other one I did that too when I was kind of fixing a pair of shoe so I've got this I've got an old this is an old piece of

t-shirt that I use as a rag just for stuff like this okay so I want a rag that a nice decent quality cloth with one that I can stuff throw away so again I don't know what's gonna happen here I have not really done this before and I'm

also in the garage and it's a nice warm it's unusually warm for December here's like sixty degrees so I got the Windows draught garage door open and I'm just gonna get a decent amount on the Reg and like I said I might be about to ruin a pair

of shoes but we're about to find out I think I'm gonna start maybe start on the tongue see what it does well this may not remove anything and I'm keeping my head back away because it's the smell is pretty bad like I said I got the window open

the garage door open yes I'm trying to keep away from the dust mask is not gonna keep these fumes out there's really no point in where your dust mask I don't know that it's actually taking anything now there's a couple reasons I'm doing this number one if you're

gonna die the shoes you really want to get waxes off so that's the main thing I want to remove is any waxes if all the waxes are off this will work this is full brain leather if you don't know what that means that the best kind of leather

and it means there's nothing on top of the leather you know what you're seeing is the actual surface of the left so if Phong is there's no wax the dye will work but what I was actually hoping was that some of the color would come off now when

you when they die leather if it's aniline dyed leather the leather it's not a coating on top that it goes into it so I guess that's why if you'd really see there's not much color change on this rag so I don't think any of the color is gonna

come out so hopefully this is gonna be enough like I said to make sure there is no wax on the shoe I think everything is off the surface of them okay so I tested a little area first what I did was I masked off where I didn't want

to get anything on the inside of the shoe here took the shoe trees out and I just hit the very edge of the side of the tongue the color look is very dark almost of black but there's not that much light out here I'm pretty confident that this

color is gonna come out nice but it's really very flat because there's no shine on it I guess I'm kind of past the point of no return now I was debating on airbrushing or swabbing it but I'm gonna think I'm gonna go ahead and swab it on here

and probably what I should also do is I should probably I'm not sure if it's necessary but I'll probably also mask off the welt here okay so here goes and this little sponge holds a lot really nervous right now but here goes [Music] [Music] from what I've seen

um the way this dye works you would think the more of it you put on the darker is yes I have found that to not really be true I mean obviously there's like you know you can see there were you know it didn't take but from what I've

seen like what I would expect is if I missed a point like the points I'm over laughing because I'm using a brush okay and not you know not a spray gun like when you're painting a car what I expected was the areas that I brushed twice in other

words the overlap areas would be darker my experience is it really doesn't do that it seems like the color really comes from this my sometimes hard to articulate the color comes from the dye not the multiple coats of the dye so you can kind of overdo it in

some areas and it'll pretty much still all be the same color that kind of makes sense you don't want to take this lightly because this stuff is very permanent okay it's gonna soak into the leathers you're not gonna come back out I mean also I read some stuff

by feelings that it came hard in the letter I think the dye itself can't have effect you know on the leather quality so that's why I'm doing this on a pair of $20 shoes and not my you know you know two hundred and $45 Allen Edmonds okay I

guess I'm kind of doing two coats I guess you could say [Music] wow look at that huh [Music] no going back now [Music] and I might have to do something to get into the tips of the brogues there was something I hadn't thought about in advance [Music] [Music]

alright I'm gonna let that dry and I'll be back okay and here they are dyed the dyes had a few hours to dry and I am I am really pleased I don't to say stunned but wow if I didn't know what the color of these were before it

I've never believed that actually changed colors and I think they look amazing so I'm going to nourish them now with some with some leather lotion and then with the Sapphire which also nourishes the leather and keeps showing you the progress [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] laughter this is the

soft cream polish it's gotten wax in it cream color and this color actually is mahogany number nine it's a feared by most people in the shoe industry is regarded to be the best [Music] you [Music] I think I normally wouldn't want you guys to see this but you

see I am uh I'm sweating so um I guess I just want you to know this is a little bit effort in this [Music] and here they are completely finished up I'm very pleased I'm happy with the color I like the tone it is definitely a reddish hint

to it you can see that it's not brown and the toe-caps look great the edges of the heels look really good as well I'm happy with that if I can get it to focus there we go you can see it's got that little a little bit of wheeling

around the edge of the heels too you can see the stacked leather construction of the heels okay I did clean up the soles just a little bit basically just in this middle portion where there's no where I did put a little polish on those two all right remove

the sticker so there we go they're all done one thing I just did is I went to the hanger project comm Kirby Alison's website he has a great YouTube channel they ordered new releases number one these are brown I don't think they match anymore so I ordered black

number two they're actually a little bit frayed and they could be slightly longer these are not waxed number three so I don't they may not even be the original laces but I ordered a very narrow flat laces you know versus these being round and I got a little

bit longer and I got the black so I'm can't wait to get those in I'll probably update you by putting a link to my Instagram when those do come in so thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that I hope you guys have an awesome

day god bless [Music] [Music] you

The Best Chelsea Boots for Men: 5 Tips to Know Before You Buy

even though this looks even though this stripe looks wow I can't speak hey guys what's up welcome back at the channel all about experimental style with a bit of a subtle flex I am Anthony if you're new here on my Instagram stories I tease that I recently made

a purchase and picked up the 80s Nikita black boot people were asking me to do an unboxing and I thought instead of just doing a traditional unboxing I could actually give some of my favorite tips that I'd like to think about when buying chelsea boots because I have

a nice variety I've got about 4 pairs that are currently owned they're all very different from each other and I feel like the traditional idea of what a Chelsea boot is has really started to change over the years like I have a pair of prada Chelsea boots that

I got a couple years ago that really in my mind resonated a little bit more with what a traditional Chelsea looks like whereas now we're starting to see major differences in the inclusion of heels steel toe-caps which then became really popular with the Calvin Klein collection with wrath

and you're starting to see this blend of styles that I think make Chelsea's really interesting so today's videos really gonna be all about that if that even sounds remotely interesting to you make sure to you know like this video and subscribe so make sure to hit that bell

if you want to be notified every time I upload Chelsea's are distinguished by a couple of characteristics though some of those characteristics have changed typically chelsea boots have a low heel they will have two pieces of leather that are joined by a vulcanized rubber or strap of some

kind they will usually have a rounded toe a lot of those aspects usually differentiate them from a jodhpur boot Chelsey's in this case are really starting to I think move in an interesting step forward because we're seeing an elongated heel we're seeing an interesting design element on the

toe a good Chelsea boot will have most of its flexibility near the straps so not near the instep if you find that there's a lot of flexibility here that's a sign of poor construction this way you need to make sure that you're true to size and that way

the shoe properly fits you and that the strap can go wide enough so that your foot can slip inside one thing I think you should also look for in line with that thinking is that the rubber or strap has to be really solid quality because that's the thing

that's gonna be stretched out continuously every time you pull the shoe on and off so it's definitely something to think about and that way even the leather will keep intact better – because if this was really flimsy then the front panels are gonna fall forward and it'll be

a whole mess the aesthetic of the Chelsea boot I also think is really important because you want a Chelsea boot that's going to work in your wardrobe they're very versatile they're one of my favorite shoe styles because you can do so much with them and I have four

very different looks here but they all kind of fall in line I would say my brown boot AGA's are a little bit more casual and I think Chelsea's that have a suede material are gonna be a little bit more relaxed naturally when you compare them to other but

like these Nikita boots from Matisse like they almost pull like slightly gothic Western especially with the steel toe cap but the in fact that is not an exact pointed toe really separates it from a western-style boot so it's not gonna really have that sort of aesthetic I think

color is a really interesting thing to think about when buying a Chelsea boot because for instance the way I would style this sort of like camel colored boot would be very different from the way that I would style a black leather or a more dark chocolate option or

a gray option I think based on your wardrobe you want a Chelsea boot that's going to be as flexible as the clothes you're wearing so if you're really into neutral Zoar really bright colors and you only have a Chelsea boot that can be worn a specific number of

ways based on what you own then that lacks versatility so I mean for me personally black and brown give you the most wide range of options and then if you want something that is a little bit more personal to your style or something that's a little bit more

unique you can go into a cream you can go into a grey you can go into a light blue or burgundy it's really up to you but I do think color plays a factor especially if you're new to buying chelsea boots because you want something that you can

wear with a lot of pieces there are chelsea boots that are sold with a zipper and the zipper is the way to fast and move around you that's actually not a typical chelsea and that is not sort of characterized by the style regardless if that's the sort of

brands aesthetic that they want to include a zipper on the shoe that's up to personal interpretation I would say that you if you decide to go that route and buy a Chelsea with a zipper one people may say to you that it isn't a Chelsea boot and that's

really up to you to decide if you agree or disagree but also if that is the case really make sure that the zipper quality is solid it can be really flimsy and I find that with chelsea boots the fastening of the rubber and elastic is really important so

regardless if you're you zipper as its closure option it's gotta be solid quality this is a shoe you're gonna be moving constantly and since it's around your ankle and your ankles gonna be moving back and forward it's gonna put tension and torsion on that zipper so that's something

definitely to think about as well and I think last but not least material really makes a difference as well not all leathers run equal I do think certain leathers and certain brands are more equipped to produce a better quality leather that's why I certain Chelsea's are much more

affordable than others obviously the design aspects that go into a brand that make it intrinsically that brands also can increase the value of the piece but I think there is a sort of balance between going really expensive and going really high-end there's a lot of middle ground with

Chelsey's and I've seen some really great options and the 150 to $300 price range I think once you start going above $500 you're looking at some more top tiered materials or you're just really looking to buy into a brand's heritage that's really up to you but these are

certain things I look for when buying a Chelsea for me the heel sole material and the sort of durability of the elastic fastening are really important and then design some people are gonna look at this and think this is a little a little unique and maybe wouldn't feel

comfortable wearing something with such a high heel but I actually really like a high platform shoe I think that's really cool I would traditionally style these with a white crop pant maybe something a little bit more high-waisted you can play with the different proportions of your body these

are super comfortable I would highly suggest if you do order online to you know shop from a website that offers a return policy so I purchased these in essence I will link them down in the description box below if you want to check them out yourselves I really

like essence because if you do find that they're not your style you can definitely return them for a full refund but if you can test out a pair of shoes in store that's always the easier option but I know sometimes that we're based on wherever you're living those

options are around yeah so that's how I like to think about Chelsea boots I think they're really unique and interesting there's a lot of really cool variations coming out that are sort of breaking the stereotype of what a Chelsea could be I'm open to expanding my like boot

selection I love combats that's probably my favorite style but Chelsea Falls pretty close second if you liked today's video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe as always if you're new here hopefully you are enjoying the videos that I've been putting out and I will

see you guys in the next video remember if you know you know peace

REVIEW: TAFT Boots | Dylan Chelsea Boots Are Taken Apart and Reviewed

[Music] welcome back y'all today we are gonna do a review over Taft we've gotten a lot of requests through your comments and emails want to hear a little bit about and see what the inside of Taft's look like and we were lucky enough to have a pair coming

to the shop and while we've got them we're gonna crack them open and see what they're all about yeah guys so tap is a company that I believe was started in 2013 so they've been around for seven eight years now they've really hit the market and done a

great job most of their boots and shoes are in that 200 dollar price range it kind of fluctuates to 290 so that's where the ballpark of their shoes and boots are now if you go to their website and we'll put a link down below they are overwhelmingly APE

a boot company right now they do have a hand selection of shoes but overwhelmingly their boots I believe they're just men's yes and from what we've seen there only a men's shoe company right now and one of the things that also makes tapped a little different and you

when you coat their website their shoes and their boots are very unique different patterns different textures just different looks to them that really sets them apart from the rest of the boos boots and shoe brands out there but anyways like he said what we're gonna do today as

we usually do take these apart come back show you guys sort of breakdown of what we like and don't like and we'll go from there so we'll be back all right y'all we have cracked these things open and we're gonna kind of just go down the line and

tell you about each of the parts thanks realize things that we didn't like start us off so after we got them apart one of the things that I liked was the I do like the top lips it has that leather rubber combo it has a little decorative tax

in it so it's a nice touch for a shoe particularly at this price range he'll block he'll block is I was not impressed with the he'll block it is kind of more of a Johnson and Murphy style he'll block where it's kind of a pressed paper it it's

not at in the block aspect of it is not as repair I mean it's not as repairable friendly should we say but it did come off easily not more it's gonna fall out but if they come off easy but for if you wear to the block it's not

as repairable yeah the soles studded injections it's a it's a nice leather Blake stitched came off fairly easy and the welt you know here's your Blake well it's got large teeth on it so yeah so one of the things I did like when you go to their website

one of the things that they have underneath most of their shoes when it's describing the shoes is resold and a lot of times manufacturers will say that so we like to get in and actually see how reso level it is um like he said I do like the

fact that on Blake stitch shoes you never really know what you're going to get these when I took the sole off it came right off scored it with my knife to pop the stitches and what I like on a good Blake stitch shoe is when that welt stays

on there so you can see I'm kind of tugging at it now and it's not moving in comparison to some of the other brands we've looked at like ace marks todd's some of those that are even more expensive than these the well came right off or when I

took the sole off so I had to put a big ding on both of those brands because of that this one I like they're well one of the things that I it's comfort but for repairability I gotta make a comment about it is and you've heard us say

this on other ones when it's blake stitched we like to have a solid leather insole and the liners are only a three corner so they're coming up only about two here and then the four part of it is just all smooth this has the comfort pore on inside

with the liner on top now the problem i would have to say with that is when it's blake stitch the stitches are on the inside and a lot of times the pore on is actually gonna get shredded when the machine is going around and then trying to get

it all out and getting a new piece in there that's not always the easiest so a lot of times you may ask yourself – well why don't you just take the liner out so like Heath was saying when you have this pore on in here while it makes

it comfortable that pour on is really gluten adhered to the inside of that shoe so we might be able to peel the leather liner out but that pour on is not going to just come out it is in there so Ron is very fragile yeah very fibrous also

a night here is easily and when that needle goes it in there and start stitching it sometimes will grip that poor on and start peeling chunks out so then when you you try to put that liner back in you know you can kind of feel it so like

he'd said I'm going to have to dien them on that because of the repair ability and because it feel like he's I wish they'd put a 3/4 liner yes but for comfort for you yeah you're gonna love it so you know as far as their their Goodyear welted

shoes and boots now that's completely different again you know you can have poor on you can put whatever you want on the good your welted because that needle is not touching the inside that shoe so just because we may kind of Dean this one does it mean if

we're dinging all of you know TAFEs shoes they're good you're welted may be completely different it does have a little bit of a fiddle waist to it and pull that off that's just that little piece that it's glued in and so when you put the sole own it

kind of gives that elegant shape to it like you would own a cowboy boot or some high-end handmade shoes but that's it this is not your shape though the shank is down on the inside and we'll see if we can it's a little bit gonna be held glued

in here and we can't get to it yeah it's gonna be real glued in and I don't want to I don't want to pull this off because you know we can really use it and as you can see they do use a little bit of padding in here

they don't weigh down yeah they don't put cork a lot of Italian made shoes won't put anything so it is leather on leather but they do put a little bit of padding in there and even when we took the sole off it came right off without ripping out

the padding so and we say Italian just because that's kind of where that originally there that's Thailand these are made in Spain and a lot of those are made in Spain and Portugal I believe yes I'm in Portugal but there's that low profile we kind of this italian-style

okay use of cork and a lot of those black stitch shoes overall though I think it's pretty good we think price comparison yes so again these these shoes are in the $200 price range when Heath and I were trying to talk and discuss what we thought about it

you know you're getting for a lot of those direct consumer brands there's a lot out there that we haven't mentioned to you but and just to compare it to a lot of the big ones out there that you guys are probably familiar with back at Semin on hits

right around 200 very very similar construction to the Merriman is in that $200 price range but I'm going to put Mirman you know a little bit ahead of take Taff just because they're using all leather core Goodyear welted it's hard to go wrong especially with Merriman's higher price

point shoes the only thing that I will give these guys over Mirman is the comfort factor right Alabang so these look like they're very comfortable shoes the leathers are very soft uppers and you know Mirman there are a lot of folks out there saying that Mirman has a

higher break-in period yes right getting on they should be a lot shorter probably on Merriman but when I get a pair absolutely yeah I love the fact that they have so many different kind of unique styles and when you go to their website which we're gonna put down

in the link below you're gonna notice like they kind of jump outside the traditional box of styles and now I got to give him some kudos on that that's pretty cool yeah so there you go folks this is the Dylan from Taft main Spain and Blake stitch we're

like I said we're gonna put all the information to their website down below it but if you like this then give us a thumbs up make sure you hit the subscribe button tell your friends we have more videos more repairs more reviews how-tos headed your way make sure

you hit the bell as well so you get those notifications until next time have a good day [Music]

Saint Laurent chelsea boots and denim (outlet steals!)

[TIN THOI TRANG] hey what’s going on folks JP hanging back at you again it’s been a minute life what can I say I’m about to start creating content for you guys again I know a lot of people have been hitting me up on Instagram on here kind of asking like hey what has the videos where as a video elephant I got something for you today so I hope you enjoy it don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and if you liked the video with that like but I’ll deliver some content that that you’ll enjoy so today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about I know in the past I talked to you a lot about boots and I got some boots for you today but uh my recent pickups from me from an outlet I went to believe it or not an outlet in San Marcos Texas Saint Laurent an outlet and I believe they opened up in November of 2019 so if you haven’t been yet you’re missing out and I heard that there was only four stores in the country don’t butcher me if I’m wrong but I was talking to the salesperson and she said was four stores and San Marcos Texas happened to be one of them it’s right in between Austin and San Antonio so it’s not too far from Houston where I live I’m going to show you two pickups a pair of boots that I got for a killer price I’m gonna show you some boots I’m gonna show you a pair of jeans of all I’ve always wanted a pair of Saint Laurent jeans but I’m a big nudie fan and a PC so I’ve always stuck to those brands but they had a pair in there I said let me go ahead and try them on see what they they feel like and hey see if it’s worth purchasing I just I really just couldn’t justify the price tag for what they go for a regular price but you best believe I didn’t pay regular price price for so so anyway here they go first up we got the got you know what this box is those of you singing the wrong fans you know the infamous blacks 30 box I haven’t worn them yet I’ve been waiting to show you guys but of course the implements dust bags and here they go BAM so we got the Saint Laurent leave it’s chelsea boots and the black colorway I haven’t I don’t own a pair of these most of mine have you know the heels on but uh but these you know hey I got plenty of suede boots with crepe sole but for the price which I’ll tell you in a minute couldn’t beat couldn’t beat it so you talked about all black and you put them on feet I’m telling you they just feel like like a glove on your feet does that make sense or glove on your foot but uh but anyhow here they go these shoes retail man for 795 USD so 800 bucks all right well at this outlet the price is 350 still a great deal but I didn’t pay 350 for I walked out of that store paying two hundred and twenty-six dollars for these shoes can you believe so I couldn’t pass them up couldn’t a very comfortable shoe you know shoes that I couldn’t some boots that I can beat up and they’ll still look good eventually I know this soul won’t be this bright they’ll eventually get darker and to me I like them when they’re darker I don’t like that light color on here but but anyway you could do a lot with these you can dress them up dress them down I’ll probably wear them with some jeans oh I know I’m gonna win with some jeans it’s not a problems but I was excited about this about this pickup so again that San Marcos outlet they have a Gucci store there Ferragamo I want to say Fendi all high-end brands you name it Armani definitely got a check out all right so I got these in the size 43 which is a US 10 a UK 9 but uh they fit I would say go half size down from your sneaker ship from your sneaker size you’ll get that proper fit that comfortable fit that you that you’re looking for in a boat so next up we got the sailor on jeans and again guys don’t butcher me if I’m saying the name wrong yeah if some people on here is st.

we’re all like we’re all so long and I’m not I’m not teasing the way that they speak out in France but I’m just saying I’m American I’m American so I say st.

Laurent saying the wrong area of Paris whatever you want to say anyway you get the point you know what I’m talking about the head of Jean you got some some distressing here on one side and the other side is just you know kind of playing here you got that infamous that chain on there and a little letter attack here’s a back so these are their skinny fit so the d02 skinny low waist that’s what that code stands for a lot of people who are wondering like what was the coast and forest d02 you know I’m assuming that’s for men SK skin e LW low waist now with these I’ll say I’d say go down a whole size on these for sure this is a 31 and with jeans they’re gonna stretch anyway so definitely go a size down now these retail for 890 I didn’t pay a 94 I want y’all to guess what I paid for these but uh but anyway I like them you know you got some cool distressing here like the Crouch area pretty sweet pants but uh but again after after purchasing them I will say this because I have other other jeans where I didn’t have to do a lot of tailoring but with these and they’re coming to 34 lengths and so they’re gonna stack I like the stacks when I’m wearing sneakers stacks with boots to me you don’t really live to look too hot but you know you do you whatever you feel looks good do it but for me I don’t too much care for stacks with boobs but anyway that’s what I got for you so again don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you like the video go ahead and hit the like button and I’m gonna continue to try to be more consistent with my videos so stay tuned for the next one talk to you later.

Thursday Boots Chelsea Boots: The Cavalier vs The Duke

Hey gents today we are going to answer what tends to be one of my most frequently asked questions you decided you want a Chelsea boot you decided you want Thursday boots but what is the difference between the Duke and the Cavalier the excellently named Cavalier Chelsea no relation

to the channel it’s Kevlar with a/c but looking at these two different boots they tend to be extremely popular and they are slightly different and I want to dive into the differences between those because the middle name of this channel is detail and minutiae and you guys seem

to love it so today we’re gonna dive into these two Chelsea boots and talk about their differences so let’s dive in to set the stage my experience with Thursday boots I did an entire video dedicated to these dukkha chelsea boots that i have had for about two and

a half years in the weatherproof suede huge fan of these if you want more on that I will link to that below also I have worn their executive shoes for a while as well so I’ve had experience with their leather with their suede with their full rubber outsole

and with their leather TPU studded outsoles as well so feel very well-versed to speak to Thursday boots quality in general even though these boots are both very new there are materials that I’ve had experience with I just want to talk about the different fits and feels about these

two boots and who they might be right for Thursday boots in general though made in Mexico there’s a new sticker on this shoe where it says designed in New York handmade in Mexico which is pretty interesting they also have a made in the USA line so you can

check that out as I discussed in my video with Trenton and Heath where we compared Thursday boots to Allen Edmonds I’ll link to that video too I think this is an amazing value for $200 it’s a Goodyear welted shoe it’s going to last you a while there is

you might have to replace the cork in the middle which we talked about in that video but very nice the first and most notable thing between the two is the sleeker more dressier look to the cavalier then the duke and comparing the cavalier to the executive shoe it

seems to be the same outsole and a similar last it fits very much like their dress shoes so if you wear Thursday boots dress shoes you want to make sure you get that size because I do find the Duke is slightly larger it’s not enough that I’m an

11 and a half in the Cavalier and a12 and the do I do find the Duke ends up running slightly larger than this one because it’s also when you see the toe shape on here the Cavalier sits a little bit lower and so if you like the fit

of the Duke you might want to stick with that if you are looking for something that maybe fits a little bit better to your foot or you find that the Duke fits well in the length of your foot but it’s a little bit of room above the toe

that’s where the Cavalier will come in you also have slight differences in the opening of the shoe you can see on the Cavalier just a slightly different design around the elastic and to me this is much more of a dress look versus the Duke which is more utilitarian

and I would say rugged has the pull tab on the back where you do not have that on the Cavalier not a make-or-break thing I do like having pull tabs I did that video in RM Williams and home I do like those shoes but the rugged look goes

straight through the Duke here you can see the Goodyear welted stitching all around the outside of the shoe which gives it that rugged durable look versus the Cavalier much more subtle and even on this gray suede model you have black stitching around this black outsole just for a

much sleeker look as far as wearing them dressed up I definitely found these Dukes shoes these are like a go-to with jeans I wouldn’t really wear them with slacks I’d be okay wearing the leather with slacks but you will know if in your office environment if a boot

is going to be too dressed down and a lot of places so many people are sneakers anymore that you’re gonna look good because you’re wearing something that’s a leather shoe what I am really impressed with and I talked about this my extended review of the Duke is the

weatherproof suede and that’s what you have here on the Cavalier as well so you can basically get this suede in either of the shoes it just depends on the color you’re looking for but the way that it repels snow water rain any sort of elements you’re going to

be running into is super impressive and so I would say start with the suede I also find suede because it is a little more casual a little more versatile that’s a really nice place to start and then if you really like the look and feel of chelsea boots, BUY NOW :

because you also get that slip on comfort it’s like it’s very much like a slipper you just kind of twist and slide it onto your foot versus lacing up shoes like it’s a small thing but it ends up being big in the aggregate and so the the suede

is very impressive on these shoes or how rugged and durable it is because usually don’t associate those qualities with suede there was most of a winter where these became I like de facto snow boots because they are so good at looking good no overall it’s going to come

down to what is the look that you are going for do you want that slightly more elevated and elegant look that’ll give you the Cavalier or do you want something that’s an all-around really good looking boots that you’ll mostly wear as a casual piece with jeans that is

going to be the Duke and then where a lot of my recommendations end up coming back to you guys is which one has the color and the combination that you’re looking for are you looking for a full rubber outsole that’s mostly gonna be the Duke are you looking
for a leather or do you really like the gray in the Cavalier then go for that one I really don’t think you can go wrong between the two I’d say this is your very first Chelsea boot I did a great video on how to style chelsea boots but

I think the Duke is an easier entry way into the Cavalier the Cavalier is definitely a more unique boot I think the Duke will serve most guys really well but I think you pull them both off and especially this is your entry into really well made shoes and

Goodyear welted shoes you’re in good hands with Thursday I will link to both of these colorways down below but there are many more options on the site you can go and check them out for yourself there you have a gents I will put links down to Thursday boots

I am anxiously anticipating calm arouse Keys video where they interviewed the founders he has been one of their most outspoken critics it seems like he has some really good information he’s ready to share with us so I will put that video link in there once it is live

but as of recording this it is not so I’d love to hear you out your comments as always it really excited for a big 2020 for you guys you can also reach out at the new score Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram love to hear from you guys as

always until next time gents this is the Cavalier .

Asos Design Stacked Heel Western Chelsea Boots on feet review | Studded boots diy

[Music] okay so I'm listening to Rich Dad Poor Dad on audible and while I do that I'm spiking my boots right here is terrible I apologize but actually what I'm probably gonna do is take my light and switch it to the other one and then during the time

lapse I'll show you guys how I did this so yeah this is also like a additive video to my harness boots thing cuz these boots are kind of boring and now they're pretty spicy if I do say so myself right I'm gonna add more to it but for

now this is all I need you okay so it's the next morning from yesterday when I was putting the studs in the shoe for lit in the boots but that's because I was waiting for this go down per usual grab a package so you give me a second

well for the first time they actually put the package in the back of the house so I got to go around and then go grab it but the Mail's here started when I guess I didn't waste my time boom ASOS box so I'm gonna run upstairs and show

you gosh oh my god and it's hella messy up here cuz moving stuff around okay so I'm about to just unbox this really quick and yeah so let me set this little stand up pretty sure there's a better way to do this for a pension just in cases

you don't never know if these things are gonna be the wrong size and then I have to return it and get another one go through all that so yes sorry cool ankle is sleek colors nice it's like a really light tan color the bottom of these they feel

pretty good the zipper YKK so see yeah that's not bad at all pretty fluid zipper and then keep stuffing out and we're going to being flat-footed we'll get these things to fit all right so there's a shoe like in the you know it is not back oh wow

these are actually really nice but the toe is kind of narrow so I already know this is gonna be a slight issue most likely Oh weird the toes like super round so just get your foot in it's kind of weird cuz you gotta like push your feet to

the front give me one second okay so after a little bit of a struggle I've got it on so it's a pretty cool looking boot and then how narrow it is it makes it give it like a pretty light I don't know it gives it like a pretty

cool look but the only thing so as you guys can probably see right there so have wide feet so it kind of looks like my foot ends here but my toe is actually right here it's like pretty weird but cool I'm pretty sure I'll stretch what yeah these

are actually not bad at all the soles cannot come out and then the back zip also gives it like a pretty cool look like it just I don't know something these are actually these are actually like pretty nice and then I'll just throw these recent brand ones on

because I put the spikes on these ones are super easy because these are wide so come up and then yeah with the spikes on it it gives it like a really sick look and hopefully the lights good enough should've just brought the light bar but you know I

was just like too lazy can't be asked to do that but boom spikes on some $20 boots and they look completely different like they look really really nice I'm pretty sure I'm gonna start wearing these markets these look really do they look mean so yeah overall these ASOS

boots are pretty sick I do like the silver Jean boots better but the price point is more than double cuz these go for 200 retail and these gopher I bought these for like 80 bucks shipped so yeah then as you guys know my Louis Vuitton ones are they're

just they're they're just too big like I miscalculated the size and these boots fit a little long so they're just way too big for my aesthetic and that's just that and then just to add a little bit to this video I picked up this uh Louie Vuitton Rondon

AGM so this is like a backpack and it's pretty sick I bought so a long time ago funny story with this is that I bought a Louis Vuitton palm spring because I didn't actually know how little they were and then in comparison the Palm Springs bag is literally

like this big and it's not wide at all like you can fit like a phone in a charger in it or like a sony a6000 or something maybe that but anything else not really fitting it in um Palm Springs bag so yeah this bag is sick I really

like it I'm a big Louie Vuitton guy but I'm most likely just gonna sell it because it's just like this is a really frivolous purchase and I got it for a good price so I'll be able to flip it and reinvest my money cuz that's the type of

time of Monterey now so yeah hope you guys don't like the boots for these ASOS boots the size thing is if you feet are wide you can go through the size but it'll be pretty tough to get in make baby horse half size up like if you're any

like depending on your build but if you're anything like like six feet tall and above and the boots don't look too big like too big on you then cool but if you're sure and your feet are big then your best bet is to go through the size and

just squish them in wear them around and then naturally they will fit to your size because you're not you go in half size up and the boots gonna look really long so yeah thanks for watching

Blundstone Boots (500) Review – (CUT IN HALF) – What's inside Blundstones Chelsea Boots

50,000 subscribers I never would haveguessed that we could get double the subscriber base in like two and a halfweeks so thank you guys so much for all your support and for subscribing and ifyou're new to seeing my channel consider subscribing because I think we're doingsome cool stuff where

we're really analyzing what's inside a lot of theseproducts so you can see for yourself what you're spending your hard-earnedmoney on and kind of determine if you're buying a really high quality brand nameor if you're just buying a brand name so today we're doing the blundstonesbecause originally work we're

gonna do the RM Williams but there's a seven weeklead time on all their orders and so we wouldn't I'm not gonna get them untilprobably February mid February so we'll pro bably get to those as a wraphopefully around like 60,000 subscribers 65-69 thousands I don't know but so today's

the blundstone and then what do you guys want to do for a hundred thousand like a Itrying to think of some cool things to do so let me know what you want to dofor a hundred thousand if there's a particular boot out there that's justlike crazy or a

particular product it doesn't have to be leather but let meknow what you want to do for a hundred thousand and then next week we're doingthe classic vans got these in today I love these shoes and I'm reallyinterested to see how they're built and what's inside of these so

considersubscribing if you want to see those next week but let's get to these blundstones let's cut them in half these are the 500 not 500 dollars the model is the500 blundstone boots these are the most affordable versions of their Chelseaboots chelsea boots are basically like the type of

boot that doesn't have anylacing it has kind of the elastic on the side so it's easy to slip on and off RMWilliams is a similar style and you know it's just kind of a really popular styleright now a lot of people requested these and a lot of people

a lot of myfriends wear these because they like how they're a little bit more dressy but youcan still as a work boot lightwork boot and for agarden boot you know they're really versatile boot they are a hundred andeighty-five dollars on the site at least the US version of

the site with shippingand everything it got to me for about $200 even it says it's a premium leatherthat's waterproof and they say it's an oil treated leather – that's how I getthe waterproofing and the sole is a TPU soul it's which stands for thermalpolyurethane and if you guys

are interested in knowing the differencesbetween each type of sole whether it's like the PVC on the Doc Martens or aurethane or a TPU or PU sole I can do some research and kind of I could do asmall video on different types of soles if that's something you're interested

inbut let's cut this thing in half before my voice disappears also toasters asleepin the office and I don't want to wake them up so you might not make anappearance in this video but let's cut this open okay we got it cut in half and I need anew bandsaw

because my Walmart brand bandsaw struggles through these boots soif you guys if anyone knows of a compact powerful bandsaw it's gonna be ideal forcutting boots in half let me know this one cut a little bit easier than thetimberland boots but still kind of struggled but let's check out

what'sinside these look so freaking comfortablethere's like two inches of foam and then like on the bottom is a higher densityurethane and then all through the sole that midsole is just like super softfoam and I want to live in these I don't know if they're actually comfortablebecause I didn't

wear them before I start cutting on half so I might buyanother pair or reach out to blood blundstone like hey hook me up I want to wear apair but they look super comfy so now I'm just gonna cut out the insole andkind of figure out what's going on

here at the heel if this is what theyconsider the SPS the shock shock protection system if it's just thiscutout and what kind of shank it has and then we'll kind of talk about theleather and the structure of it and do a little more in depth so let's tear

theguts out of it if I can now that we got all the guts torn out ofit let's kind of go through the parts of the boot and look at them and kind ofsee what is how this boots structured so from starting from the ground upyou've got the TPU

outsole and then it goes to this really soft supple reallythick layer comfy layer of foam on it for the midsole and then it goes to asteel shank which is a really nice feature a lot of boots like thiswouldn't put a steel shank in there and another interesting thing

is it'sactually molded to the midsole I think the way they do these is they theyprobably have some sort of injection process and then the shank goes in whileit's still malleable I like that because sometimes in a boot where the shankisn't fastened or somehow structured into the boot well

as the boot flexesthat shank will ride back and forth and start scraping inside of the boot so Ilike that it's kind of molded in there and then we go to the insole it's aTexon fiber board insole just like kind of all the other boots that we'velooked

at pretty standard for this price range of boots and then the interestingthing about these boots is you've got that little square right at thecenter of the heel that doesn't have that hard fiber board and it basicallyyour heel basically sits on a little pad of memory foam and then

sits on thatreally thick midsole so I think they do that for comfort let me know if you'veif you've had these boots how has that held up do you ever have any rippingright here what's your experience with these and that particular part of theboot and then from there it

goes to the insert just a typical insert nothingspecial nothing bad I like that these are easily removable because a lot ofboots they put a line of glue in it and if you need to put orthotics in there oryou need a different type of liner on the inside it

can be a huge pain to getup but with these blundstones they're really easy to get which I really likedand the counter the counter is just a typical like compositecounter not leather just you know it's pretty standard for everything and thenwe get to the upper of the boot the

leather is it's not a super high qualityleather it's a chrome tanned leather but you can see there's some bluing on theinside which usually means that during the re-tan process they didn't leave itin the tanning the re-tanning process long enough but that being said blundstone is a pretty big

company I don't want to discredit their leather based onmy opinion maybe there's something in their tanning process and maybe thewaterproofing that they keep it in the blued state for a particular reasonI'll reach out to them and kind of see if they can comment on that because myinitial thought

would be if I saw this bluing it would be a poor leather thestretchy fabric seems like it's pretty heavy-duty thick stuff the pull tabs arefastened really well the stitching is really nice and even and I like thecontrast of it so I think it's pretty well structured I am

actually prettyimpressed with this boot this is another one where I was going in thinking like Idon't know I might I might not like this boot some people gonna be upset but Ithink it's a pretty good boot is it worth $200 I don't know it looks prettycomfy so that's

the thing with some of these boots lik e a really handmade fullleather boot it might not be as comfortable as a blunt like as like ablundstone boot that has tons of foam in it so on one hand maybe you don't get asmuch quality for $200 but if the

quality is not comfortable is it really worth itfirst it's like a $200 pair of Blundstones ultra comfy from what itlooks like is it worth the $200 maybe you'd rather have a more comfortableboot than a higher quality boot so let me know what you guys think and let meknow

if you have any experiences with these boots and how long they last arethey comfortable are they more comfortable than other bootsthat pretty much wraps it up for the review and the cut in half next we'vegot the Vans video coming up we'll cut that out we'll cut those open

next weekso those should be out probably Thursday next week and we're on our way to100,000 subscribers so let me know what you guys want to do andconsider liking and subscribing because this video is super fun I love beingable to show the inside of the boots and products so

that you guys can not justtake my word for it based on my bias opinions you can look at these boots andanalyze every square inch and every layer of it to kind of decide foryourself our blundstones worth $200 so it's a really powerful thing to be ableto do that

I appreciate all your guys's support and I'm gonna edit this videoand try to go to bed and recover from this cold my voice made it throughtoaster still asleep in the office so no toaster cameo this week but maybe I'llput a little maybe I'll put a little image of

him rightright here there you go all the toaster fans out there I've appeased you hopefullysee ya

5 Outfits From 1 Pair of Chelsea Boots (Men's Style Lookbook)

[Music] yesterday there was Sun there was rain beauty in Monday start with our eyes be the orb disguise something in the air and a sparkly shimmer on our skin [Music] everything [Music] [Music] [Music] what's up guys travel I tear welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna

be showing you five outfits from one pair of chelsea boots the boots that I wore for every look wear these boots they are the TAF Jude boot in tonal this video is not sponsored by Taft they're just one of my favorite brands any Chelsea boot will do for

you this is just my preference because I really like the last first of all it's haft is pretty well known affordable and equality brand so chances are you've heard of them and you may even own a pair and if you haven't well then I will link to them

down in the description the second reason is that the Jude Chelsea boot in tonal is one of their bestsellers so that increases the odds that you might already own this pair or a similar pair in that color and finally spring is coming up and it's a great color

for the spring/summer season that light that Camel bringing in a lot of brighter colors so one more thing is that every watch that I wore in each of these outfits are from original grain I love their unique blend of wood grain and stainless steel and I'm actually doing

a giveaway in this video for one of their watches and all you have to do to enter is subscribe to the channel drop a comment and I will announce the winner in a future video so be sure to hit that notification bell so you know I'm missing on

sment cuz it could be you so with that in mind let's get into the outfits so these outfits going to be a combination of layering for colder weather and lightweight layers for warmer weather outfit number one is a casual Navy suit and this is dressed down with a

crewneck white t-shirt from League of rebels which is a local store here in Austin and the suit itself is from lb m1911 but they're kind of difficult to find online I've only ever found them in store and Nordstrom I'll link to something similar that's available online from suit

supply in the description so this suit is very casual as it's it's unstructured it's unlined which is a great option with the warmer weather approaching for spring/summer additionally the casual nature of this suit matches a casual color of the boots and the original grain watch I'm wearing is

from their minimalist collection it's the cognac gold and it has a 40 millimeter case diameter which is a really good middle size for the majority of men's wrists it has a unique mahogany bezel so this outfit is a classic combo for any guy to wear in the spring

summer you can wear it to a wedding you can wear it to a business casual office party or on a first date moving on to outfit number two I went a little more urban in an all-black monochrome look to help the tonal color of the footwear really pop

and the shirt is a drop cut black t-shirt from Bilt basics the jacket is a lightweight bomber from theory and the jeans are black skinny jeans from 5 4 which were exclusive to menlo Club one accessory I did add was this 14-karat white gold chain from Zephyr collection

which is my buddy Daniel Wong's jewelry and clothing line and I don't often wear jewelry in any of my outfits but when I do I prefer subtle minimalist pieces to compliment and when I say jewelry I mean like necklaces I'll wear a watch and I'll wear my wedding

ring so when I do wear necklace I do like it to be that subtle minimalist piece and that's why I liked this chain the original grain watch that I paired with this look was the Blackwood minimalist from their minimalist steel collection it also has a 40 millimeter case

size and the bezel is from their Blackwood collection so it's subtle but it sticks with the monochrome theme of the outfit and this is a great option for guys who are more on the avant-garde side or looking for more chromatic minimalist style so alpha number three this one's

a bit more edgy I added the camel hoodie from ever forward and I swapped the bomber jacket from the last look for a black leather double Rider with the gold hardware from voda skins and I brought in some Street style edge with the ripped black skinny jeans those

are from Abercrombie and I kept the same black wood minimalist swatch from the last look I think this is a good outfit for guys we're a bit more into street wear and it's good to just walk around town you're grabbing coffee you're going shopping you're running errands or

even headed out for the night you're into that Street where a vibe this is a look for you moving on to outfit number four this one is my personal favorite this brown suede jacket from theory is probably my favorite jacket in my whole wardrobe it looks good with

literally everything that I've worn it with and it gives every outfit just an added layer of badassness so the jeans are from J Brand and I really love that they covered the knee rips with a little bit of fabric I think it gives a bit of Yves saint-laurent

feel to it this shirt is a Calvin Klein slim fit and looking at it now I probably should have opted for a white button-down that didn't drop as much in the front as this is more meant to be tucked in but luckily I do have a long torso

so I can kind of get away with it I would suggest swapping the white button-down for one that's shorter in the front maybe from a brand like untuck it or something similar moving onto the watch the original grain watch is a bit larger and thicker with the 44

millimeter casing and this one is from their brewmaster altaira chrono collection so the really cool thing about this watch is the wood is reclaimed from German oak beer barrels which I thought was pretty neat so it's a really cool design I'll link to it in the description moving

on to the fifth and final look this one is the simplest and the lightest I am wearing a salmon chambre button-down with the contrasting buttons I got that shirt from Fury the slim fit stretch jeans are from lead jeans so we actually makes some of my favorite fitting

jeans in my whole wardrobe so if you're looking for something that fits great and is affordable don't sleep on lead I'm telling you they have some pretty good stuff the watch again from original grain is the Rosewood black and it's from their classic collection and I kept this

outfit really simple because I think it's the most versatile for every guy who's watching this it's just a symbol button-down and jeans and chelsea boots and a watch and you know sunglasses but it's something that every eye can wear and if you get the fit right it's gonna

look amazing so I I see guys being able to wear this on a date I'll work brunch to a happy hour you're running errands you'll be turning heads left and right if everything fits well so that's it guys I hope you enjoy these outfits and we'll recreate some

of them on your own all the pieces will be linked in the description and don't forget about the original grain giveaway I'm giving away that koa stone washed watch from their minimalist collection and all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber leave a comment and

I'll announce the winner in a future video so be sure to hit that notification bell and stay tuned for uploads so you can see if you won that's it guys stay stylish peace [Music]

How to Wear Chelsea Boots and Jeans – Menfashion

TIN THOI TRANG – Bring a retro feel to your look by styling a pair of basic black Chelsea boots with fitted suit. Don’t overlook tan and brown types can look unbelievable in opposition to completely different shades of blue. The toes are burnished to the purpose the place the nap of the suede is almost fully worn away. Look, burnishing can look good on smooth leather-based costume shoes, with a slight darkening at the toe, however when it’s carried out to this stage on suede, they end up looking damaged. Or, worse yet, they appear to be they’ve been pre-distressed (because they have been).

Featuring a black vegan suede upper, elastic sides and a durable rubber sole, these are conventional without being boring. Opt for a forgiving hue like this jet black quantity and also you’ll end up pairing these boots with every thing. Bonus factors for such a stylish boot that does not require animal hides to make happen. Rain boots have been significantly reinvented over the 12 months, and types are releasing even trendier takes each minute, or so it appears.

I would definitely not wear Chelsea’s in the snow, if they salt the roads you might get this salt/snow combination on the leather-based of the sneakers which will stain them actually badly. Too massive they usually’ll make your feet seem like they’re drowning in clown sneakers, too small and they’ll feel such as you’re squeezing your ft through a keyhole with each wear.

In particular, brown suede Chelsea boots venture a cool informal look that pairs perfectly with other essential gadgets out of your wardrobe. Try sporting a pair with some skinny jeans, a white T-shirt, and denim overshirt for a up to date weekend look. A Chelsea boot is a footwear style that dates all the way in which back to the Victorian period.

Follow this step-by-step process to keep up your boots correctly. Paired with Chelsea boots, this outfit delivers a glamourous but grungy look. Chelsea boots don’t always need to be flat- when you’re going out, merely select a pair with a bit extra of a heel. The elasticated facet panel helps keep this a detailed match, so there must be no hole here.

It is, therefore, important to get the proper dimension to match your foot. It is finest to try them out quite than depend on standard shoe measurement charts.

Shopping for an funding wardrobe piece could be a challenging activity — how do you determine? Here at TFG, we recommend sticking to basic styles and colours if you’re investing (significantly) in your wardrobe and draw back from stylish designs and shapes. You can’t go wrong with including some sleek elaborations to your wardrobe by attempting a Chelsea boot that has a number of details that set it apart. While it could not have the lifespan of some of the different greater-high quality boots on this listing, these infants should get you few you subsequent one or two seasons. Plus it is available in a handful of colours, so you possibly can really select your fashion.

Perfect for these days whenever you need to gown casually and need something easy to wear, brown leather-based Chelsea boots work with a multitude of seems and colors. You can both go for a pair of blue denims, navy trousers or even again denims or trousers, as the Chelsea boots will work both means. Throw on a easy T-shirt or button down and you’ll be good to go. All of us here at The Idle Man love a pair of jeans as a lot as the following man, but generally you have to give your favourite pair a new lease of life.

Black, or navy, is taken into account the “traditional” colors of Chelsea boots, but additionally they come in virtually every color. As with any shoe or boot, getting the proper match is necessary with Chelsea boots. Make sure that you’ve got enough flexibility in the facet panels, however not so much in the instep. Polishing your leather boots no less than weekly helps them look properly-oiled and clear. The excellent news is that there’s a big selection of leather polishes to select from they usually are available liquid and paste kind.

Boat sneakers, which are like loafers however much less versatile, provide chinos with a distinct look. Perfect for days spent on a yacht or at a polo match, boat footwear carry a preppy aesthetic that is each elevated and relaxed. Although the look is too informal for semi-formal types, it could possibly work nicely for informal and sensible casual seems. Try partnering your boat shoes with white chinos, a light-weight button-up and a linen blazer for the right take on this stylish mixture. It’s essential to purchase a suede brush to brush out the surface of the suede.

For such instances, black leather Chelsea boots will work greatest. You also can select a elegant or patent type for an additional touch of sophistication.

Available in impartial colours and naturally the basic black, Chelsea boots are the right footwear to wear with skinny denims! These are definitely a extra informal type of boot in your wardrobe.

Chelsea boots are one of the shut-fitting kinds of footwear, so should match snugly around your feet. In this fast Chelsea boots fitting guide, comply with these three tricks to get the right match.

However, he would not have been profitable without the development of vulcanized rubber. Beatle boots, as had been Chelsea boots, had been regularly adopted by mods and worn with tailor-made suits. The Beatles, seen right here in 1963, helped to popularise Chelsea boots. Chelsea boots and some of its variants had been thought of an iconic factor of the Sixties in Britain, significantly the mod scene. The sole is what issues, and so they’re usually dressy and never meant to be powerful boots.

Black Chelsea rain boots are certain to turn into your new go-to this winter, and this outfit is proof. Pick a pair of heeled rain boots for a barely elevated tackle the shoe. Just throw in some textured tights to up the heat of this look. We love the combo of a snug sweaterdress with a pair of chunky rain boots.

To dress up the boot, feel free to pair them with a go well with and tie. So you’ve got found your first pair of Chelseas, congrats — the toughest part is over. Chelsea boots are the epitome of simplicity and can be paired with nearly any outfit. If you’re the type of man that prefers a classy uniform method of dressing quite than busy outfits that require rather more planning, these boots will be your new best good friend. If you’re jumping on the Chelsea boot bandwagon for good and are able to drop a bit additional cash, contemplate investing in the next quality leather number.

While Chelsea boots can easily work for casual outfits, they can also swimsuit smart casual styles nicely. Thanks to their sleek appearance, these boots will help elevate your basic closet items to seem extra polished. Simple items, such as black jeans, a rollneck sweater, and a double-breasted coat, will all appear critically suave when worn with Chelsea boots. Although both suede and leather-based styles can be used to create this smart casual look, a black leather-based pair shall be finest for attaining a modern urban vibe. Chelsea boots are as dynamic as they’re timeless, and they are often found in all kinds of supplies to fit your wants.

This is the defining character and an integral part of its form. The high quality of the elastic is necessary for the shape, comfort, and longevity of the boots. London’s theatrical shoemakers, Anello & Davide, re-interpreted the Chelsea boot within the early 1960s by becoming it with a Cuban heel. Their version was often known as the ‘Baba boot’ and entered the world of rock & roll.

Cover the entire boot floor with the polish, including the perimeters of the bottom sole. Use a separate material to remove excess polish and to buff the boots. Here are some suggestions for caring for your Chelsea boots the right way. Based in St. Louis and Nashville, Crevo is a division of Elan Polo and markets itself as a footwear firm for at present’s man.

There are lots of issues we predict you’ll like in regards to the Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot, including their superior comfort. Of course, comfort is at all times important when choosing a Chelsea boot, the Segment-Dorton is great for walking due to its light-weight nature. You’re assured of fantastic comfort even when you spend long portions of your day on your feet and moving around.

Evenings out.For a cute and quirky look on a night out or night on the pub, Chelsea boots look great teamed with bare legs and a black dress. Add a fedora hat and chunky jewelry to decorate the search for. Super smart and sleek when teamed with a swimsuit, Chelsea boots for the office give you a fashionable look that harks again to the swinging sixties. A extra fashionable alternative to wellies, Chelsea boots work perfectly at a competition. The iconic, elasticated Chelsea boot design is credited to Queen Victoria’s private shoe maker J.

If you’re on the lookout for an authentic look, Chelsea boots could be the answer. Chelsea boots are “elasticated boots,” which means they’ve a large elastic element that keeps the boot attached to your foot. There are not any laces to tie and no straps to a button, which makes them quite simple to put on or take off.

Whether you select to wear a easy T-shirt and sneakers or a button-down and Oxfords, chinos can always look great. It’s because of this ability to pair with both informal and formal styles that chinos are perfect for sensible informal, semi-formal, and cocktail events. So, whether you’re heading to lunch, an evening operate, or perhaps a seaside wedding, chinos can make a fantastic selection.

My go to footwear are both my brown oiled leather derby boots, darkish tan oiled leather derby shoes and brown suede derby footwear. If you suppose your Chelsea boots are just for after-hours and on the weekend, you need to suppose again.

As for cocktail costume codes, both leather and suede Derby footwear can work exceedingly properly. Likewise, suede Derby shoes, along with brogues, may also be helpful for creating good casual looks due to their sophisticated but relaxed look. Also, do not forget that colour could be useful for conveying whether or not an outfit is formal or informal. For example, black shoes with beige chinos will appear more elevated than brown sneakers with khaki pants.

While lots of gents choose to wear a go well with for cocktail occasions, chinos can present a great various. All you have to do is choose a high quality pair and associate them with the best pieces.

Boots with a bit of a heel are one other trick to elongate your legs. Chelsea boots work great with every little thing from jeans to a go well with – or if you would like one thing a bit extra casual go for work boots.

Pointed toe-cap, suave design and fully wearable throughout the year. The pointed toe Chelsea boot is an important for every trendy man’s wardrobe.

TFG readers love Sorel boots, which is sensible, considering the corporate’s nicely-structured brand and history of constructing heat, snug boots for cooler weather. Shoe tendencies ebb and circulate, and barely do any stick round longer than a number of seasons. This cute boot type has become greater than only a trend, ingraining itself as a full-on bootie obsession.

Chelsea boots have turn into one of the well-liked kinds of ankle boot sold within the UK in the past few years. It’s easy to see why — their easy but sleek design makes Chelsea boots extraordinarily versatile. They could be worn with virtually any style of clothes from informal wear to tailored fits.

Blacks and tans are nice traditional choices, particularly should you’re going for a elegant, city look. Brown suede is best for informal wear, whereas brown leather-based may make for an excellent office-acceptable addition. If you’re on the lookout for an workplace-appropriate shoe that’s not black or brown, you’ll be able to by no means go wrong with burgundy. Additionally, different colors like indigo, inexperienced, and copper are nice options to add to your wardrobe if you’re trying to make a statement. Originally invented as using boots, the fashion was later popularised by the Beatles and became a mainstay of the British mod motion in the Sixties.

Boots and booties trends are arguably a few of the most enjoyable to play around with as a result of they don’t differtoo a lot from 12 months to year. I mean, purchase a good black Chelsea boot and also you’re pretty much set for years to come back. However, the 2020 boot developments will give us all a chance to try out one thing new.

Chelsea boots could make a surprisingly good footwear option for semi-formal occasions. An excellent different to Oxford shoes, brogues, and loafers, Chelsea boots can match well with a suit. If you’re sporting a black or grey swimsuit, stick to black boots for a formal feel and consistent color palette. If you’re donning a navy or brown suit, you possibly can select between both black and brown boots to fit your style.

If your buying finances is tight this season or you’d quite save your onerous-earned money for your journey, you’ll be happy to know that you could get a budget Chelsea boot. These glossy black boots are one hundred% leather, with a flexible rubber sole, and heel that’s not too tall, but not too brief, both. While we, too, love the TFG readers’ pick, the TFG editor’s pick is a sleek black Chelsea boot by Blondo. If you’re in search of a boot to invest in or one that can stand the check of time, look no additional than a basic Chelsea. FRYE Melissa boot is a good example of basic Chelsea fashion.

Most males will like the fact that they’ll combine the identical pair of trainers with denims or a suit. Their easy and clean traces compliment most outfits. Most Chelsea boots come in black with a leather lining. While Jodhpur boots are nice in brown, Chelsea boots look better in black.

The boot became well-liked for horse riding in addition to walking. Cover performance first, then branch out into some extra stylish boots for lighter weather. They are waterproof and do fairly properly with a nice thick pair of wool socks. Anything greater than four or 5 inches of snow, and I would probably want correct snow boots though. Plus, when the boot inevitably creases with use, a nice leather pair will look dignified and worn in quite than merely worn out.

Get these basics first and when you like the fashion a lot, you can get no matter you want. It was additionally during this time when the image-conscious Mods began carrying tailored suits, drove personalized scooters, and wore Chelsea boots.

Keep in mind, nevertheless, that traditional black or brown Chelsea boots by no means exit of style and work properly with whatever you’re sporting. Chelsea boots are extremely versatile and may be efficiently worn with each informal and extra formal kinds. Their easy and clear design signifies that they can complement a variety of outfits without clashing or seeming uncoordinated. So, whether or not you put on them with jeans or a go well with, these footwear can look great.

While the Chelsea boots share their first 4 characteristics with the Jodhpur boots, the remaining three distinguish them from the Jodhpur boots. In 1839, Charles Goodyear, an American inventor, developed a course of to vulcanize rubber in Springfield, Massachusetts, which was patented in 1844. The similar year, the British Thomas Hancock claimed to have additionally invented vulcanization independently for which he acquired a British Patent in 1844. The boots that are actually generally known as the Chelsea boot have Victorian roots. The design and invention of the Chelsea boot is attributed to J.

Anything too tight or saggy will seem inappropriate and, as such, ought to be avoided. Instead, persist with slim and straight-leg kinds to keep up a sophisticated look. Doing so may even assist to create a flattering look with a streamlined aesthetic. Chinos that are too long will appear messy, so stick with cuffed or barely cropped kinds to benefit from these fashionable pants.

And the removable leather-based reminiscence foam insole provides maximum consolation and support, a function that our readers rave about. I’ll favor Brown Chelsea Boots as I can costume them Up and Down. Are you sure these are the Beatles attempting on Chelsea Boots?

For one, their sole is made of a powerful rubber materials as an alternative of leather, while the stitching around the sole isn’t as visible as it is with a Chukka boot. That’s also one purpose why they have a extra informal look. Your Chukka boots should have a light, snug fit so long as you’ve sized them correctly. Chukka boots work nicely with almost any style, although fashion consultants say they look better with slender-legged pants.

Creating a high Chelsea boot outfit comes right down to dressing for the event and going from there. Whether you’re aiming for an informal, sensible informal, business casual or semi-formal look will affect which Chelsea boots you must wear and the items that you should wear with them. The second sort of Chelsea boots out there is the suede variety.

The just lately replaced Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, always wears black boots and both a black or navy blue swimsuit as do many businessmen in the City. In nation cities, brown RM Williams boots are seen everywhere, notably on older gentlemen, in all sorts of settings from social, sporting or farm to informal put on. Last, however not least, is the standard of the elastic fastening.

This makes Chelsea boots the proper alternative for busy folks looking for a shoe that they can kick off in seconds or leap into before they rush out the door. Chelsea boot specialist for both women and men is a great place to start out exploring the wide range out there of types.

Some sources state that they were initially used for horse driving; however, driving breeches in these days had been designed to be worn with tall boots. J.Sparkes-Hall was the primary to design a vulcanized rubber – or shall we say ‘elastic’ – sided ankle boot. Read on to see our tips about tips on how to wear Chelsea boots. I actually have a pair of chelsea boots with a studded rubber sole, they’re good for light snow.

Sparks-Hall claimed that “She (Queen Victoria) walks in them every day and thus gives the strongest proof of the value she attaches to the invention”. In his advertising of the period, he refers back to the boot as J.

Hence, they’re also known as desert (or turf) boots. You also can take away stains out of your suede boots by using a kneaded eraser or an emery board to “sand” off the scuffs and stains. If this methodology flattens the suede, you’ll be able to deliver the feel again by scrubbing with a terry cloth towel, and even a clean toothbrush. Don’t use water when cleansing your suede boots because water can change the feel and shade of the floor.

Chelsea boots are available quite a lot of types that keep up with right now’s trend’s trends – whether it’s pointy toes, excessive-shine patent leather-based, or coloured soles. You shouldn’t have a tough time discovering a pair that fits your trend sense.

Since then, the boot’s appeal has broadened even further with a huge variety of both fabrications and price points. Here, we explain the way to style and choose this staple, so that it could take you from a weekend getaway to a night in town and again again. Sometimes it has a zipper, however normally it has a stretchy facet panels that permit you to pull them on and off simply. Marc Fisher Yale boot will assist you to play up simple denims and white tee combo with this unexpectedly daring Chelsea boot. One of the great issues about the selection-however-similarity of the Chelsea boot is that it has some commonplace features, like a heel that may be as tall or short as you want.

When you have a well-liked basic design like slip on, manufacturers will proceed discovering ways to tweak it. Although conventional ankle boots could have a low heel, there are women’s Chelsea boots with platform heels and excessive-heels. There are also Chelsea boots made from different materials including fake snakeskin and various plastics.

There are a number of manufacturers, but Ariat was at all times my favourite. Chelsea boots have been featured in the collections of most main designers, and you need to be happy to experiment with whichever fashion you’re comfy with. Although chunky, thick soled Chelsea boots can be found, slim soled kinds are preferable in line with their traditonally sleek form. With a slimming ankle design, it’s like these footwear are constructed to be worn along with your favorite slim match jeans.

Chelsea boots generally generally known as Dealer boots exterior London, are shut-becoming, ankle-excessive boots with an elastic aspect panel. They usually have a loop or tab of material on the back of the boot, enabling the boot to be pulled on. The boot dates again to the Victorian era, when it was worn by each women and men.

When travelling from work to the bar, pair your pointed Chelsea boots with skinny denims. With the slim silhouette on the legs, do not be afraid to have the hem over your boots, or tucked in – whichever is suited to you. To end the look and to create an outfit which is seasonless with a touch of grunge. Create a mixture of textures with a roll neck jumper and black leather jacket. The mixture of textures will all the time be the centre of detail, elevating a simplistic look.

Paddock boots are identical to most Chelsea boots however often have a spur relaxation on the back of the heel. I actually have a closet filled with paddock boots which have put on on the uppers but just about no sign of wear and tear on the soles as they spent almost all of their time in the stirrups.

While the boots have been originally made for the Queen, their popularity grew so much that males of the time finally adopted the trend as well. Nearly a century later, the boot received its iconic title from socialites within the Chelsea neighborhood of London who incessantly sported the sneakers day in and day trip. Its recognition grew even more as soon as the Beatles started carrying them.

Moreover, the boots are waterproof though you don’t want to expose them to fixed moisture. Now that we’ve coated a number of handy buying ideas, it’s time to maneuver on the best Chelsea boots for 2020. A Chelsea boot is shut-becoming and could have extra flexibility in the aspect panel than in the instep. You want to discover a boot that matches snugly but isn’t too tight, so discovering the correct dimension is everything. The final thing you need is in your feet to feel sore and pinched.

Sparkes-Hall, who claimed back in 1851 that the queen herself wore them each single day making them an immediate hit with the rest of Great Britain. However, they only grew to become part of mainstream style in the Nineteen Sixties and 70s. These cultural developments helped them turn into a wardrobe staple. I personal brown, black eight″ tie-ups , Chelsea black and brown and tan leather-based chukka. But typically brown with a dressy look if any a part of the outfit is brown.

They have a traditional, toe design and open lacing system. Many Chukka boots consist of suede or calfskin, though leather is used too, particularly for use in the course of the winter months when durability is important.

During the 1970s Chelsea boots had one other new lease of life wen they made a surprise appearance in the Star Wars trilogy. Worn by Darth Vader’s Stormtroopers, they were in the identical fashion but in the futuristic color white. With the mod scene taking off, development followers soon adopted this boot type as a part of their smart and slick uniform. They became even more in style in 1961, when the Beatles had their very personal Chelsea boot type made often known as the ‘Beatles Boots’. These boots had a barely completely different look to the traditional Chelsea design, that includes a pointy toe and high Cuban heel.

For those of us who believe you can by no means own too lots of the stylish shoe, the 2020 boot developments are a welcome addition to our boot arsenals. You’re going to need to make some major room in your closet—or shoe rack, or beneath your bed—as a result of the upcoming boot developments got here to walk throughout earlier years. Expect to see your favourite kinds updated for 2020, as well as some new seems in the mix.

Here is every little thing you need to know in regards to the Chelsea boot. It appears fantastic when paired with a suit, notably when polished to a excessive sheen.

While the Chelsea boot is a method that’s over 150 years outdated, it is turn out to be a recent favourite for guys at present. They’re not waterproof out of the box, however Kiwi’s Suede & Nubuck Protector takes care of that.

You don’t want salt and other chemical compounds eating away at them for months at a time. Chelsea boots need a bit of TLC to help them look their greatest every time you set them on and stroll out into a new day.

Whether it’s a brilliant pop of shade, some metallic glam or letting your socks do the talking, 2020 is certain to be full of the chicest boots. Below, you’ll find eight boot trends you possibly can count on to reign within the new 12 months. These boots and booties have been made for both walkingand wanting fashionable as hell. If there’s one thing acceptable for pretty much any season (even summer time, should you’re brave sufficient), it’s boots and booties.

If you spill liquid in your boots, apply a layer of talcum powder or cornmeal after first patting the realm dry with a clean fabric. Allow the layer of powder or cornmeal to set overnight after which use a suede brush to remove it gently the following day. Never store your suede boots in a place with direct exposure to daylight. Excessive sunlight will cause the suede to fade while extended exposure to humidity may cause dampness that leads to mildew. Store your suede boots in a spot – corresponding to a clothes closet – where they’ll stay cool and dry.

They feature a decrease heel, so that they’re a nice, extra casual various. Plus, the aspect zipper and tassel add an ornamental and cute touch to this style. But those toes are going to be a big turn off for various. That grinding down of the suede appears unnecessary, and almost certainly adds to the price of the manufacturing course of. But should you winced when you noticed the toes, you may want to strongly consider the Jack Erwin Ellis instead.

Loafers make a very good footwear option for cocktail events due to their dressed up yet unstuffy appearance. Choose between leather-based and suede types or, alternatively, try some Derby footwear. For the highest half of your outfit, a crisp white shirt and sharp blazer will work well. Just don’t overlook to tuck your shirt in and put on a belt. Chukka boots are distinctive for his or her ankle-size and pairs of eyelets for laces.

Although it’s not always our first alternative, swapping out your trainers for Chelsea boots is a great way to revamp your type and keep your look present. The Chelsea boot’s simple fashion means they’re really versatile and could be worn for numerous different events- at totally different occasions of the 12 months. Here are a few of the hottest methods to put on your Chelsea boots.

Including black or darkish blue denim white or grey t-shirt and black leather jacket. Coat your suede Chelsea boots with a waterproof spray to maintain them looking sharp throughout any climate. Chelsea boots have quickly become vital within the leisure wardrobe of any discerning gent. Whether for a vineyard weekend of a casual dinner, they’re the ultimate shoe in terms of style and versatility. And with an illustrious ancestry extending again to the British monarchy, it’s no surprise that they’re so well-liked today.

The major reason for this was the fact that The Beatles have been fairly often seen carrying them. Australian work boots are a variation of the Chelsea boot. Charles Goodyear’s growth of vulcanised rubber enabled the invention of the elastic gusset boot.

It is best to group them with a Hacking Jacket or a tweed sports coat to go with the wingtips. This is more of a rustic look, and this type of Chelsea boot will stand out from the rest. Brown Chelsea Boots – Suits in medium and lighter colours and varied fabrics including tweed. Straight leg denims, with casual or gown shirt or a Polo shirt.

Although the easy design works with many forms of outfits, it’s typically “too” easy to drag off certain kinds of seems. This is especially true for girls excited about sporting Chelsea boots with formal clothes. A pair of heels remains the higher choice for many night robes and celebration dresses. They are thought of so versatile due to their clear and elegant design. Chelsea boots are also available in a range of leathers, from rustic roughout leather-based via to lovely suede.

And the pre-ripped jeans, or machine-frayed baseball cap just don’t appeal to many anymore. Maybe we’re all mendacity to ourselves, asking for an $eighty pair of boots to look clear and simple out of the box, however this carrying down of the suede seems like a ineffective affectation. Unlike different boots that you can simply lace up tighter if they’re a little free, Chelsea boots want to suit completely so as to be comfortable.

Tilly’s has Chelsea boots and they’re a fantastic possibility for under $30! Not everyone’s type of daring consists of bling, and Chelsea boot styles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, for the travel fashionista in all of us. Alma Chelsea boot is perfect for all types of weather. The waterproof membrane construction with sealed seams and microfiber lining will keep your ft cozy and warm.

Before you’ll be able to even think about what shoes to choose, you have to know the way to wear your chinos.Choosing the perfect chinos is essential to rocking this look the proper means. While color is of course an necessary determination, the fit is essentially the most crucial component.

Knowing how to wear black suede Chelsea boots is straightforward, identical to knowing what to wear with black jeans, their versatility and ease of damage communicate for themselves. Another traditional method to wear a pair of Chelsea boots; a brown leather pair of Chelsea boots are versatile and simple to wear.

I don’t recognize Lennon, McCartney, Starr, or Harrison. The seated customer all the way to the left looks a bit like a young Eric Burdon. Wingtip / Captoe Chelsea Boots – A bit extra casual than plain Chelsea boots. These could be worn each denims and fits, depending on the colour.

Điểm thú vị của các dòng dép da nam cao cấp

Dép da cao cấp có đa dạng điểm hấp dẫn khiến đa dạng người bị thu hút. Điểm thu hút là gì? Tại sao nó lại được đa dạng người bị thu hút đến vậy?item dép da này sở hữu xây cất bên ko kể trẻ trung, năng động đam mê có những người trẻ tuổi. Do thiết kế có 1 không hai ấy làm rộng rãi người ngày càng bị lôi cuốn, thu hút do sản phẩm dép da này hơn.

Những đôi dép này xây dựng theo cách thức đặc biệt vì vậy sẽ ko có hiện tượng lỗi mốt. Bạn sẽ không bao giờ vươn lên là người lỗi mốt trường hợp như bạn sắm cho mình đôi dép da chính hãng này.

Đôi dép khiến từ chất liệu cao cấp
khi dân công sở đi tìm dép da cao cấp kiên cố bạn không thể bỏ lỡ chất liệu đôi dép. Đôi dép với chất liệu tốt đều toát lên sự chắc chắn, chất lượng. Những đôi dép làm từ chất liệu phải chăng sẽ có độ bền cao hơn các đôi khiến từ chất liệu giả.

Bởi vậy, các chàng trai công sở hãy kỹ lưỡng trước lúc tậu đôi dép nếu ko bạn sẽ bị tiền mất tật với. Chất liệu – yếu tố để tạo bắt buộc đôi dép chất lượng và bạn bắt buộc thật chăm chú lúc chọn lựa. Các đôi dép cao cấp sẽ sở hữu đa dạng hình thức khác nhau. Do đó, bạn có thể lựa sắm loại phụ kiện mình say mê. Chính các điểm ấy khiến đa dạng người bị lôi kéo do chiếc item này hơn.

Trên thị trường bây giờ các chàng trai công sở sẽ thấy có hàng trăm, hàng ngàn loại dép da chất lượng, vẻ ngoài không giống nhau. Ngoại hình phổ biến đề nghị ai cũng có thể tìm được chiếc ưng ý nhất mang phiên bản thân.

thể hiện được sự năng động, cá tính của bản thân
Dân công sở đề nghị tậu cho mình một đôi dép da cao cấp để biểu hiện sự năng động, tự tin của bạn dạng thân. Điều này khiến đa dạng người bị thu hút vì mẫu vật phẩm dép này hơn. Các đôi dép này với thi công đơn giản nhưng mà ko thiếu phần chân thực. Làm nhiều người cảm thấy tự tin hơn khi đi đôi dép đó.

hiện tại những đôi dép da đều với tầm giá tốt, không quá đắt. Vì vậy, dân công sở có thể chọn cho mình đôi dép này mang tiêu dùng phải chăng nhất. Tiêu xài rẻ – điều làm cho rộng rãi người bị thu hút do sản phẩm này. Khác có các sản phẩm khác đôi dép này mang tiêu dùng logic nhất dân công sở yêu cầu có.

Tiêu chuẩn mua ra ra cơ sở chọn dép da cao cấp uy tín
Lúc các chàng trai công sở tìm dép da cao cấp, bạn hãy chọn ra cơ sở mua uy tín. Cơ sở để sắm vô cùng cần phải có trường hợp bạn muốn mang được vật phẩm chất lượng. Cơ sở sở hữu nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong việc hỗ trợ dép da

Dân công sở muốn có item dép da chất lượng, dân công sở hãy tới có cơ sở mang đa dạng kinh nghiệm trong việc cung ứng dép da. Vì vậy, các chàng trai công sở hãy lựa mua chú ý trước lúc sắm sản phẩm cơ sở ấy. Nơi nào với chuyên nghiệp kiên cố cơ hội dân công sở mang được item tốt tăng lên.

Xem thêm các sản phẩm thời trang nam: ví da nam thời trang, giày công sở nam đẹp, giày tây nam giá rẻ, dây lưng da đẹp

Vật phẩm ngày càng được rộng rãi các bạn đón nhận nhiệt tình phổ biến hình thức dép da cao cấp những cơ sở chất lượng sẽ đem lại cho bạn phổ biến chiếc dép da cao cấp. Cơ sở nào có phổ biến ngoại hình dép chứng tỏ cơ sở đấy chất lượng bấy nhiêu. Vì vậy, bạn hãy mua nơi nào mang nhiều mẫu mã để hòa bình lựa tậu. Nơi nào mang đa dạng dòng các chàng trai công sở có thể tậu những đôi các chàng trai công sở cảm thấy.

Đội ngũ nhân viên chăm nom quý khách tận tình
Các cơ sở uy tín đều sở hữu đội ngũ nhân viên chăm sóc khách hàng tận tình. Cơ sở nào có đội ngũ nhân viên chăm nom các bạn chứng tỏ cơ sở ấy uy tín bấy nhiêu. Chăm nom khách hàng tốt như điểm để chứng tỏ của cơ sở ấy sở hữu khách hàng của mình. Các cơ sở uy tín sẽ đem lại cho các chàng trai công sở những cái dép da cao cấp có mức giá thấp. Các cơ sở không uy tín sẽ hét giá trên trời cho dân công sở và sở hữu giá quá đắt so sở hữu giá thị trường dép da hiện tại. Các chàng trai công sở hãy chăm chú tiêu dùng của dép da sao cho tuyệt vời nhất để sở hữu được đôi dép như ý muốn của bạn dạng thân.

Bỏ túi những cách cơ bản để mua được đôi giày da vừa đẹp vừa bền

Người khác luôn có thể bình chọn các chàng trai công sở thông qua đôi giày bạn đi, có nam nhi thì đôi giày càng cần thiết 1 phần vì điều đấy, thế cần bạn sở hữu thể ẩu khi tìm các phụ kiện thời trang khác nhưng riêng với giày thì chớ bắt buộc. Bây giờ thị trường biến thành vô cùng sôi động vì sở hữu vô vàn hãng giày nức danh cộng cả triệu mẫu mã đa dạng cho dân công sở lựa sắm, nhưng song song mang đó giày giả da với chất liệu kém cũng không hề ít. Điều này thường gây ra các khó khăn cho anh em khi lựa tìm. Bài viết này chúng tôi xin dành riêng để chỉ dẫn bạn 1 sô mẹo kiểm tra chất lượng đôi giày da nam mà các chàng trai công sở đang với .

Nguyên lý nhận biết da thật – da giả

Tậu giày da nam nhưng mà ko sử dụng rộng rãi tới da thì quả thật thiếu xót. Tiêu chí kèm theo bắt buộc là da thật 100%. Không hề người chủ nào cũng làm việc vì loại tâm và không phải khu chợ nào cũng mang thể vượt qua cám dỗ của lợi nhuận do vậy buộc phải việc các chàng trai công sở chọn cần 1 đôi giày nhái da cũng là chuyện khó tránh. Phải chăng nhất đừng quá tin vào quảng cáo nhưng hãy tới tận nơi sờ tận tay thế hệ sở hữu thể biết được.

Giày chất da thật thường thì người ta ko dùng keo dán nhưng sẽ sử dụng chỉ may. Nếu sở hữu sử dụng keo thì chỉ mang để dán thêm phần đế và thân cho thêm cứng cáp hơn. Còn giày nhái thì sẽ được dán gần như những lớp lại với nhau trên hầu hết đôi giày.

Không chỉ sở hữu thể các chàng trai công sở với thể xem thân giày, thường giày thật là các phần da nguyên miếng. Để biết với yêu cầu da thật hay không dân công sở với thể sử dụng một số mẹo như sau :Lấy ngón tay ấn vào bề mặt lớp da, giả dụ da thật sẽ để lại vết lõm kế bên chỗ bị ấn nhưng mà lúc bỏ tay ra chỗ lõm sẽ mất đi bởi da với độ lũ hồi. Qui định này được nhiều người biết và dùng nhất. Da thật sở hữu thể chịu được ngọn lửa từ 5-6

Và giả dụ đốt thêm sẽ với mùi bốc lên đầy đủ mùi dân công sở nướng thịt cháy. Còn kém chất lượng da sau lúc đốt lửa 2-3s đã bị sun lại và sở hữu mùi nhựa cháy. Da kém chất lượng thì ko. Nhỏ thử một vài giọt nước thử lên da . Ví như da thật thì sau vài phút chỗ nước tiếp xúc mặt da sẽ ngấm loang da. Còn giả da nước sẽ trôi dần đi. Đốt hoặc hơ vật phẩm qua lửa. Bí quyết nữa đó là quan sát item, màu của của giả da luôn tươi sáng hơn, những vân da đều tăm tắp như 1 bởi được dập công nghiệp bằng máy. Còn da thật với màu tối hoặc sẫm màu hơn, vân da trông tự dưng .

Về phần đế giày của một đôi giày nam tốt

Đây được xem là bộ phận nhu yếu nhất của đôi giày thật vì nó quyết định độ bền, tài năng chống thấm, và độ vô tư của đôi giày. 1 Đôi giày bị bong đế đồng nghĩa với việc nó là thứ vứt đi.

Người ta thường dùng nhị dòng chất liệu để phát hành đế giày ấy là gỗ , đế phíp và cao su. Điểm cộng của đế gỗ là nhẹ, nguyên tắc điệu và dễ tạo dáng với chân người mua cũng như là làm đôi giày dễ thoáng khí hơn, mà nó lại sở hữu 1 nhược điểm là độ bền và kĩ năng tạo ma sát ko được cao, như kiểu thời tiết nóng ẩm của Việt Nam thường cực kỳ khó bảo quản. Đối mang đế cao su thì tuyệt vời hơn do nó tạo ma sát phải chăng, đầy đủ trường tồn sở hữu thời gian về độ bền kể cả sở hữu thời tiết nào đi chăng nữa, nó ko chỉ bền cho chính phiên bản thân nó mà còn gián đoạn lớp lớp da có nước trên mặt đường tránh gây ngấm nước lên giày. Nhược điểm duy nhất đó là ko thoáng khí cho lắm.

vì điều kiện thời tiết của nước ta nên tại Giayhuymanh chúng tôi vững mạnh những lớp đế giày cao su tối ưu giảm thiếu đến mức tối đa độ bí khi tạo các lỗ hổng mini quanh viền khâu lúc gắn đế vào thân giày, ko chỉ vậy một số chiếc giày còn được thử nghiệm ghép hai mẫu đế giày trên lại sở hữu nhau cứ vài lớp cao su bọc ko kể 1 lớp gỗ, theo kiến thiết thì dòng đế này vừa bọn hồi vừa gia tăng được sự thông thoáng cho đôi giày.

Để mắt tới về chế độ bảo hành khi tìm giày

dân công sở tậu giày da về đi được 1 thời gian trường hợp hỏng đồng nghĩa với là vứt luôn, ko đề nghị có đi sửa lại. Như vậy quả thật là tiêu hao vì 1 đôi giày chất bây giờ cũng với tiêu xài kha khá. Thêm 1 khía cạnh nữa là vì thời tiết của nước ta mưa đa dạng, nóng ẩm thế buộc phải buộc phải nên được chăm sóc phải thận.

Thế đề nghị 1 đôi giày với chi tiêu dao động dưới 1 triệu luôn đề nghị được bảo hành ít nhất một năm và đổi trả tha hồ ví như phát hiện lỗi nhà phân phối như vậy mới xứng đáng với giá trị của 1 đôi giày rẻ. Chế độ bảo hành cũng như một tờ giấy cam kết và lời khẳng định tự tin về chất lượng hàng của mình sở hữu người dùng, đảm bảo quyền lợi cho khách và tăng uy tín, độ an tâm của người dùng.

Nguyên tắc phân biệt giày da nam thật giả này chúng tôi kì vọng các chàng trai công sở sở hữu thể chọn cho mình 1 đôi giày da tốt nhất và mến mộ nhất dành cho các chàng trai công sở nhưng mà ko gặp bắt buộc đa dạng khó khăn. Và chúng tôi có thương hiệu Giayhuymanh đã với đa dạng năm trong ngành giày da cam kết chuyên dụng cho toàn diện những yếu tố trên cho người mua. Có mỗi đôi giày chúng tôi dành cả sự tâm huyết và tình yêu nghề vào trong đấy, bởi chúng tôi không chỉ bán chất lượng mà chúng tôi còn bán cả yêu thích của chính mình. Mọi thông tin yếu tố và đặt hàng người dùng với thể liên hệ qua

Xem thêm các sản phẩm giày da nam da bò thật: giày lười namgiày tâygiày sliponchelseaboot. Mọi thông tin liên hệ:

Những gợi ý khi mặc áo thun trắng để kết hợp với những loại giày nam

Chiếc áo thun trắng của nam giới là 1 món đồ vừa bộc lộ sự mạnh mẽ và cuốn hút vừa đảm bảo được sự thoải mái cho người mặc. Tất nhiên tùy vào sở thích các chàng trai công sở mang thể kết hợp với những món đồ khác nhau tuy nhiên hãy thử xem các gợi ý dưới đây và thử tạo sự khác biệt xem sao nhé.

Phối có áo khoác blazer: thường đi cùng áo sơ mi hoặc những cái áo thun polo mang cổ lịch sự. Nhưng mà áo khoác blazer cũng là 1 món đồ linh hoạt và vì thế các chàng trai công sở sở hữu thay đổi đẳng cấp đôi chút bằng cách thức sắm một loại áo thun trơn màu trắng để mặc bên trong đấy. Chọn một cái áo blazer xanh hoặc đen cho nguyên tắc hài hòa này nhé, dòng áo thun trắng sẽ làm nổi bật màu sắc của dòng áo blazer đó. Cách thức kết hợp này sẽ làm hình ảnh của dân công sở trở nên tươi trẻ hơn mà vẫn không khiến cho mất đi sự thanh lịch của mình. Set đồ này hoàn toàn với đôi giày tây nam HM018 và bạn có thể mặc tới nơi khiến cho việc hoặc đến dự các bữa tiệc đúng không nào? Giả dụ thời tiết vào thu với nhiệt độ se giá lạnh hơn, những chàng trai hoàn toàn mang thể diện set đồ thời trang mùa đông nhưng mà vẫn đảm bảo ấm áp chỉ bằng 1 nguyên lý đơn giản khi thay thế loại áo ngắn tay bằng áo thun dài tay trắng trơn.

Mặc áo thun độc lập: Đây là 1 loại áo chung và chắc chắn là việc mặc hòa bình là hoàn toàn với thể. Hãy tậu những dòng áo thun trắng có độ ôm vừa yêu cầu và chứng tỏ mình với một thân hình cân đối, săn chắc đi quý khách nam. Trong nếu này hãy sắm cho mình 1 chiếc áo thun trắng trơn nhé và đôi giày lười nam công sở HM 231, thân hình của bạn sẽ được khoe trọn trong dòng áo này đấy. Với dòng áo thun này các chàng trai công sở với thể diện để đi cùng đồng đội, trong những dịp du lịch cộng người yêu và thậm chí dân công sở cũng có thể diện tới trường đấy.

Phối áo thun với áo sơ mi: bạn đã quá nhàm chán mang đẳng cấp lịch lãm với các dòng áo sơ mi rồi. Hãy khiến cho mình trở thành năng động và trẻ trung hơn bằng nguyên tắc chọn 1 loại áo sơ mi kẻ ca-rô hoặc áo sơ mi Jeans và để thả cúc áo sau đấy khoác bên cạnh 1 dòng áo thun trắng xem sao. Chắc chắn các chàng trai công sở sẽ thấy ngạc nhiên có bí quyết hài hòa này đó. Thỉnh thoảng chỉ là phối cùng một món đồ cực kì quen thuộc thôi bạn cũng mang thể trở thành thật phong cách rồi.

Trên đây là những nguyên tắc mặc loại áo thun trắng sao cho đẹp với những đôi giày nam đẹp của Giày Huy Mạnh . Kèm theo bạn hoàn toàn mang thể tìm những qui định mặc áo thun khác cho mình. Tuy nhiên nếu vẫn chưa tìm ra phong cách khác hãy thử các nguyên lý kết hợp trên xem sao nhé.

Lựa chọn loại dây lưng nam đẹp phù hợp cho quần âu

Gắn ngay tắp lự hơn, những chiếc dây lưng nam luôn đi kèm sở hữu quần âu thanh lịch. Và toàn bộ đây là vật phẩm không thể thiếu của trang phục này. Để mang một set đồ hoàn hảo nhất đề nghị loại dây lưng nam thích hợp. 1 Loại dây lưng nam lạc tông sẽ làm cho bộ vest kém sang và khiến cho quý ông mất đi nét nam tính và lịch lãm. Vậy quần tây dùng dây lưng nam gì?

Dây lưng nam được chia làm cho nhì loại: dây lưng da và dây lưng vải. Mỗi cái sẽ sở hữu những hình dạng và tính chất khác biệt bắt buộc bí quyết phối đồ cho những chiếc dây lưng nam này cũng khác nhau. Đây là item nhưng bạn với thể bắt chạm mặt ở bất kỳ cửa hàng thời trang nam nào. Nhận dạng được chiếc dây lưng nam da ko khó. Những dòng dây lưng nam này sở hữu dải thân được khiến bằng da và nhị màu sắc đa dạng là đen và nâu sẫm. Nhiều lúc bạn cũng với thể nhìn thấy các cái dây lưng nam da nâu sáng.
Với 3 điều chúng ta cần ưa chuộng lúc xét tới ngoại hình của một loại dây lưng nam. Ấy là: mặt dây lưng nam; chiều dài và bề rộng; họa tiết. Mặt dây lưng nam sẽ với đa dạng loại nhưng mang 3 cái nhiều đó là: mặt kim cái trượt, mặt móc cài, mặt khóa kim. Và để tìm ra 1 mẫu dây lưng nam say mê cho quần tây và các bộ vest thì mặt kim chiếc trượt là thích thú nhất. Dây lưng nam mặt trượt sẽ đem lại cho bộ trang phục kết hợp và sắc thái long trọng cùng với đôi giày da nam .

Dây lưng là vật phẩm còn khá mới mẻ mang rộng rãi người. Mà chúng lại được đa dạng người sử dụng rộng rãi do sự dẻo quẹo lúc được diện trên những bộ đồ thường ngày. Dòng dây lưng nam này ít được dùng cho những set đồ trọng thể. Nhưng mà lại rất nổi bật lúc phối hợp có quần áo năng động trẻ trung ngày thường. Dây lưng nam phổ biến về họa tiết và màu sắc yêu cầu lúc phối chúng với trang phục sẽ thoải mái hơn dây lưng nam da.
Giữa muôn vàn đẳng cấp, lựa tìm 1 loại dây lưng nam yêu thích cũng ko dễ. Tuy nhiên sở hữu các chiếc quần tây đứng dáng và lịch lãm, loại dây lưng nam duy nhất phải sắm ấy là các chiếc dây lưng nam da. Đây là loại dây lưng nam cùng đôi cùng cặp có những mẫu quần tây. Và việc lựa mua dòng dây lưng nam da chất lượng cao sẽ giúp thời gian dùng vật phẩm được lâu hơn và lúc phối đồ sẽ mang đến hiệu ứng đẹp hơn. Dây lưng nam là item ko thể thiếu khi đi với các trang phục sang trọng hay đi khiến dành cho phái mạnh. Ko chỉ vậy, ngay cả những bộ trang phục thường ngày cũng luôn đề nghị đến một loại dây lưng nam.

Còn chiều dài và chiều rộng của mẫu dây lưng nam. Các chàng trai công sở sở hữu thể dễ dàng tậu cái dây lưng nam mến mộ lúc dựa vào đỉa quần tây. Một loại dây lưng nam tuyệt vời là loại dây lưng nam có bề rộng vừa cần và chiều dài vừa tới con đỉa trang bị 2 tính từ điểm giữa khóa quần. Thêm điều cẩn thận về họa tiết là chúng ta phải lựa chọn dây lưng nam trơn để yêu thích với sự lịch lãm và sang trọng của quần âu, áo vest và đôi giày tây nam .

Màu sắc cũng góp phần cần phải có trong cả một set đồ. Ví như dân công sở mua một loại dây lưng nam lạc tông so mang cả bộ vest thì xin chúc mừng bạn đã thất bại hoàn toàn trong cuộc chiến đoạt được dòng đẹp. Một cái dây lưng nam được cho là thích thú là sở hữu màu sắc liên hiệp sở hữu mẫu quần tây. Mang ba màu sắc chính: đen, nâu sẫm, nâu vàng. Quyết định sắm màu gì hợp là bởi vì dân công sở quyết định dựa vào màu sắc của mẫu quần tây. Hãy luôn thông thái để có các trang phục tuyệt vời nhất.

Trang tin tức thời trang khác: phong cách thời trang nam, thời trang mùa hè, thời trang mùa xuân, thời trang mùa thuphong cách thời trang, thời trang cao cấp, mua sắm thời trang, thiết kế thời trang

Trang phục gì đều có thể kết hợp kết hợp sở hữu Giày Da Chelseaboot nam

Trang phục gì đều có thể kết hợp kết hợp sở hữu Giày Da Chelseaboot nam sáng giá nhất cho phong cách này là các chiếc sơ mi, đây cũng là mẫu áo mà bất kỳ chàng trai nào cũng mang trong tủ đồ của mình. Áo sơ mi cực kỳ dễ phối đồ. Trong đẳng cấp này, các chàng mang thể kết hợp Giày Da Chelseaboot mặc bên trong mang sơ mi sọc caro khoác ngoài, thêm vào đó là quần jeans xanh mài và một đôi giày thể thao. Trông bạn sẽ vô cùng nổi bật có đẳng cấp và cá tính của mình.

Để thêm sự phóng khoáng và mạnh khỏe, các bạn hãy nhớ mở tung các cúc áo ra để khoe dòng Giày Da Chelseaboot cá tính của mình. Cho đến thời điểm bây giờ thì đây vẫn là set đồ được những chàng trai say mê nhất và ko với dấu hiệu hạ nhiệt.
Đôi #Giày_Da là một item ko thể thiếu trong tủ giày của mỗi chàng trai, vậy thì tại sao các chàng trai công sở lại không thử kết hợp chúng sở hữu các loại Giày Da Chelseaboot? Khác với áo sơ mi, áo khoác jeans mang lại vẻ đẹp tiên tiến, sự nam tính và phóng khoáng cho đấng mày râu, chính bởi vậy, hãy thử hài hòa để với được hiệu quả bất thần.

Đây cũng là dòng áo khoác có thể kết hợp thật đẳng cấp mang blazer. Cộng mang đấy là quần jeans để mang được gu thời trang phá phương pháp, tuyệt hảo. Có set đồ này, dân công sở vừa có thể vươn lên là một quý ông lịch lãm và sang trọng, lại toát lên cá tính bụi bặm và năng động của mình.Đừng quên dùng 1 đôi giày lười và phụ kiện thời trang như mắt kính, thắt lưng hoặc đồng đại dương để làm set đồ của mình thêm tuyệt vời nhé
Và 1 số sự hài hòa đồ sở hữu Giày Da Chelseaboot trên đây chắc hẳn sẽ giúp những quý ông bất biến được các đẳng cấp thế hệ cho riêng mình, hãy thử để biết được mình mê say nhất với đẳng cấp nào nhé.

Các phong cách thời trang với áo sơ mi nam cá tính cho các chàng thêm phong cách

Các phong cách thời trang với áo sơ mi nam cá tính cho các chàng thêm phong cách. Bạn hãy thử đẳng cấp này ngay hôm nay để phát triển thành năng động hơn nhé.
Hình ảnh dòng áo sơ mi chỉn chu lịch sự trong môi trường công sở. Nhưng mà bạn cũng sẽ mang thể làm mẫu áo này trở thành năng động hơn bằng phép tắc biến nó thành một chiếc áo khoác để mặc ko kể áo thun ấy. Hãy xem qui định kết hợp thế nào cho đẹp nhé!

Áo sơ mi kẻ ca-rô khoác ko kể áo thun trơn
Áo sơ mi kẻ ca rô là một món đồ thời trang cực kỳ thông dụng và bạn biết rằng ví như mặc mẫu áo này các chàng trai công sở sẽ phát triển thành cực kỳ trẻ trung và năng động. Chính bởi vậy đây sẽ là mẫu áo vô cùng đam mê để khoác không tính áo thun trơn.

Hãy mở tủ lấy một dòng áo sơ mi kẻ caro và một mẫu áo thun trơn. Ví như muốn mình biến thành sành điệu, nam tính hơn thì hãy tìm cho mình một loại quần jeans rách gối. Sự hài hòa này sẽ làm cho nổi bật đẳng cấp của các chàng ấy.
Đây quả là một set đồ năng động trong mùa hè cần không? Tuy nhiên nó cũng vẫn yêu thích khi thời tiết se lạnh ngắt ấy bạn hãy lựa chọn một đôi giày dr martens sẽ vô cùng hợp lý. Vào mùa thu hãy thay đổi chất liệu hoặc vẻ ngoài set đồ trên để say mê hơn nhé. Thứ 1 hãy tậu áo sơ mi caro chất liệu dạ, sau đấy là loại áo thun dài tay vừa cá tính lại đảm bảo ấm áp
Áo sơ mi jean khoác bên cạnh áo thun trắng

Các mẫu áo thun màu mè phá nguyên lý, áo thun trắng trông vẫn cool ngầu và sở hữu đậm đẳng cấp đường phố lúc được phối cộng áo sơ mi denim. Tao nhã và thanh lịch nhưng vẫn ko khiến cho mất đi sự năng động, trẻ trung cho những chàng chỉ sở hữu thể là sự hài hòa giữa áo sơ mi denim và áo thun trắng. Nhì món đồ này thực sự là 1 cặp ăn ý để các chàng sở hữu thể thay đổi phong cách của mình.

Mix cùng áo sơ mi trắng cộng áo thun họa tiết cá tính
Cách thức kết hợp trên chắc chắn sẽ mang lại sự sành điệu , thời trang cho bạn rồi. Tuy nhiên ví như các chàng trai công sở thích phong cách khá bụi bặm 1 chút thì hãy đổi mới một chút màu sắc và họa tiết áo và kết hợp cùng một đôi giày mọi nam năng động đầy cá tính là được. Mua 1 cái áo thun được in hình 3D vượt trội, phối các gam màu sắc màu, chắp vá… Sau ấy khoác lên mình một chiếc áo sơ mi trắng. Trừ 1 dòng áo thun trắng thì sơ mi trắng ưng ý mang tất cả các mẫu áo thun và áo thun họa tiết cũng như vậy. Sự hài hòa này sẽ tạo nên sự nổi bật cho cả set đồ và dân công sở vẫn có thể biểu thị cá tính của mình.

Các chàng trai công sở sẽ biến thành thật đẳng cấp và gây tuyệt hảo

Các chàng trai công sở sẽ biến thành thật đẳng cấp và gây tuyệt hảo mùa hè là khoảng thời gian dành cho vui chơi giải trí, các trang phục và phụ kiện đi kèm cũng cần tối giản để khiến cho vượt trội sự mạnh mẽ và năng động cho những chàng. Hãy cộng chúng tôi tìm hiểu một số lý lẽ phối trang phục nam cho chàng đón hè nhé. Một sự hài hòa đơn giản và dễ lựa chọn nhất cho những chàng trai trong dịp hè. Để thêm phần vô tư mà vẫn đảm bảo tính thời trang, hãy lựa chọn những dòng áo thun hoặc phông trơn 1 màu, kết hợp với short jeans hay kaki thể thao và Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp. Mang những anh chàng mang vóc dáng chuẩn thì hãy tậu các mẫu cổ tim để khoe body, còn sở hữu anh chàng tương đối bé dại con thì cổ tròn là lựa tậu ưa thích.

Tưởng chừng như mùa hè nóng giãy thì set đồ này sẽ ko thể sử dụng. Tuy nhiên trường hợp dân công sở biết lựa sắm và hài hòa khéo léo thì đây cũng là 1 set đồ vô cùng đẳng cấp cho mùa hè đấy. Các chiếc áo sơ mi với túi, chất liệu vải lụa hài hòa có quần kaki hoặc vải rộng sẽ khiến cho các chàng trai công sở sành điệu và năng động hơn đa dạng. Đừng quên hài hòa trang phục có những phụ kiện khác như Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp để gia tăng vẻ cuốn hút. Bên cạnh đó các chàng trai công sở sở hữu thể ngã sung thêm một số phụ kiện như kính mắt, Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp hoặc mũ đi đại dương để hoàn thiện cho set đồ của mình thêm chỉn chu và phong cách.
Giày Lười là 1 item vô cùng quen thuộc với những chàng trai trong ngày hè khi đi du lịch. Vừa có thể dùng đi chơi, lại mang thể tắm biển nhưng vẫn vô cùng thời trang, cá tính. Hãy hài hòa thêm mang những dòng quần dù sắc màu, quần vải hoặc kaki, Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp, mũ vành.
Mùa hè là mùa của du lịch, thoải mái, chính vì vậy, các chàng đừng quá kỹ càng đến các quy tắc phối đồ đã biết, hãy mix một cách thức trùng hợp các món đồ nhưng mà mình thích từ Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp áo thun, áo sơ mi đến quần tây, kaki, short… Chỉ buộc phải nhớ phối thế nào cho mình thật khỏe khoắn thôi nhé. Bên cạnh đó, hãy lưu ý 1 chút tới chất liệu vải, bởi mùa hè cực kỳ nóng, phải những trang phục sở hữu kĩ năng thấm mồ hôi tốt Mùa hè đang đến rất gần rồi, hãy nhanh tay bỏ túi cho mình các mẹo trong bài viết trên để sở hữu thể phối Giày Mọi Nam Đẹp được những trang phục phong cách và cá tính nhất.

Những mẫu quần nam khác nhau thì quần jeans là mẫu trang phục ưa thích nhất sở hữu Giày Nam Đẹp

Những mẫu quần nam khác nhau thì quần jeans là mẫu trang phục ưa thích nhất sở hữu Giày Nam Đẹp các mẫu quần phối cộng có Giày Nam Đẹp
Giày Nam Đẹp là cái trang phục siêu dễ phối đồ, nhưng phối sao cho chuẩn để nổi bật được đẳng cấp cá tính của bạn dạng thân thì lại chẳng hề là điều dễ dàng. Khác lạ là có các mẫu quần, là trang phục quyết định đến đẳng cấp dân công sở sẽ theo đuổi lúc kết hợp sở hữu giày. Dưới đây là một số gợi ý cho các chàng.

Quần kaki là chiếc quần mang thể dùng cho rất nhiều phong cách không giống nhau, từ thanh lịch, sang trọng cho tới năng động phóng khoáng, dân công sở có thể sử dụng cả lúc đi khiến và đi chơi. Nếu đi làm cho, hãy dùng quần kaki tối màu, kết hợp sở hữu Giày Nam Đẹp trắng trơn, bên ngoài khoác giày vest hoặc blazer, đừng quên một đôi giày da nam để gia tăng lịch sự và sang trọng.
Còn lúc đi chơi, đi dạo phố thì hãy dùng quần kaki hài hòa sở hữu Giày Nam Đẹp, bên không tính khoác bomber hoặc giày khoác jeans đều đam mê. Giày cũng dễ lựa tậu hơn, từ giày thể thao, giày lười cho tới boots cổ lửng. Hãy thêm các phụ kiện như kính mắt hoặc đồng đại dương để trông nổi bật hơn.
Chỉ đa dạng người sẽ nghĩ rằng quần vải chỉ ưng ý có giày sơ mi, hoàn toàn sai lạc đấy nhé. Sở hữu thời trang ngày càng phá cách thức và cá tính như hiện tại thì mọi sự kết hợp đều mang thể xảy ra được. Các chàng trai công sở hãy thử hài hòa quần vải có 1 mẫu Giày Nam Đẹp trơn, màu sắc không quá nổi bật, Hình như là 1 đôi giày da nam, trông dân công sở vừa với nét sang trọng, lại vẫn có sự năng động và hiện đại.
mang thể đề cập trong đa số . Là loại trang phục điển hình cho đẳng cấp đường phố, giúp những chàng tăng thêm vẻ nam tính và cuốn hút với những nàng. Hãy thử kết hợp Giày Nam Đẹp trắng sở hữu quần jeans, giày lười, có thể sử dụng thêm giày khoác jeans hoặc ko. Bạn sẽ thật nổi bật trong đám đông đấy.
Là chiếc trang phục điển hình để kết hợp sở hữu những mẫu hoodie sành điệu cho mùa đông. Còn mang mùa hè, dân công sở vẫn mang thể dễ dàng sử dụng vật phẩm này khi kết hợp có Giày Nam Đẹp. Hãy dùng gam màu đối lập như Giày Nam Đẹp trắng đi có jogger đen hoặc xám, kết hợp với một đôi giày thể thao sắc màu nữa. Các chàng trai công sở sẽ ăn điểm tuyệt đối lúc sử dụng set đồ này để đi chơi hay du lịch. Chờ đợi sở hữu các gợi ý trên đây sẽ giúp những chàng sở hữu thêm được các kinh nghiệm để phối đồ thật đẳng cấp cùng sở hữu Giày Nam Đẹp.

Đối với các chàng trai ưa thích sự năng động và trẻ trung

Cái áo này vừa làm những chàng ấm áp, vừa trẻ trung trung sang trọng cá tính mạnh khỏe hơn lúc ra đường. Hãy cùng xem gợi ý về nguyên tắc phối đồ này nhé. Ví như các chàng không muốn cần mặc quá nhiều lớp áo mà vẫn đảm bảo sự ấm áp vậy thì đừng bỏ dở áo len cổ lọ và áo dạ dáng dài. Đây là một trong các cách thức phối đồ đa dạng nhưng mà các chàng ko cần bỏ qua trong mùa đông này. Loại áo len cổ lọ có phần cổ ôm vừa cổ điển mà không kém thời thượng sẽ làm áo dạ dáng dài của dân công sở trở thành vượt trội hơn bao giờ hết.

Với những bộ suit hay vest luôn khiến các chàng vươn lên là lịch lãm sang trọng đúng không? Tuy nhiên vào mùa đông ví như chỉ mặc suit hay vest vững bền là không đủ ấm rồi, vậy tại sao ko khoác bên ngoài một chiếc
Thay do chỉ mua mặc áo sơ mi sở hữu phần đơn điệu và không sở hữu gì vượt trội, tại sao dân công sở không thử bí quyết mặc layer cực đơn giản dưới đây nhỉ? Chỉ phối thêm 1 dòng áo len cổ tròn hay cổ tim với áo sơ mi bên trong, các chàng trai công sở đã biến set đồ sở hữu áo dạ dáng dài không còn nhàm chàn chút nào. Quần âu dáng suông là vật phẩm không thể thiếu trong tủ đồ của mọi đấng mày râu bởi vì sự lịch lãm và tài năng kết hợp đơn giản cộng những món đồ khác. Mix áo sơ mi, quần , GIÀY DA và khoác bên bên cạnh chiếc áo dạ dáng dài.Set đồ này quả thực đơn thuần nhưng mà ko bao giờ lỗi mốt.
Đối với các chàng trai ưa thích sự năng động và trẻ trung thì buộc phải hài hòa quần jean cùng áo phông để đi kèm với GIÀY DA NAM dáng dài. Xẻ sung thêm đôi giày thể thao, bạn sẽ sở hữu được set đồ lý tưởng. Đây chính là phép tắc phối đồ được số đông đấng mày râu ham mê do tính dễ dãi. 1 Vật phẩm khác chẳng phải kém ấn tượng chính là quần da tuy nhiên dòng quần này chỉ thích hợp với các chàng trai với body chuẩn. Chiếc quần da với thiết kế ôm sát sẽ khoe được cơ bắp nhưng đấng mày râu vẫn luôn tự hào. Hãy thử mix áo khoác dáng dài cộng quần da tất nhiên đôi boot hầm hố, bạn sẽ sở hữu đẳng cấp sành điệu và cực ngầu đấy! Đọc những cách kết hợp trên bạn nghĩ gì? Cứng cáp các chàng trai công sở sẽ lấy ngay GIÀY DA NAM dáng dài và thử kết hợp đồ ngay hôm nay yêu cầu không?

Vậy thì còn chần chừ gì mà không mix kèm có GIÀY TÂY nhỉ?

Chỉ ngoại trừ quần Jeans, quần âu thì GIÀY TÂY cũng là trang phục ko thể thiếu đối những chàng trai. Nhiều lúc, chỉ yêu cầu có 1 chiếc GIÀY TÂY màu kem là dân công sở đã với thể đa phong cách rồi.

Trông bạn thật bảnh bao và nam tính lúc diện GIÀY TÂY nam đẹp với áo sơ mi trắng trơn tay dài. Tuy nhiên, trong những ngày hè nóng bức trường hợp các chàng trai công sở ko thích mặc áo sơ mi tay dài thì có thể thay thế chúng bằng áo sơ mi tay ngắn hoặc áo polo nam cũng không kém phần sang trọng và lịch lãm. Hơn nữa, có chiếc áo sơ mi mặc kèm bạn với thể biến hóa với hầu hết đẳng cấp chẳng hạn như mix có áo gile, sở hữu pull hay đóng thùng. Để trang phục của dân công sở phong cách hơn thì dân công sở đừng quên các phụ kiện đi kèm như giày thể thao, giày lười nhé.

Áo sơ mi và GIÀY TÂY nam thường được những chàng lựa mua để mặc tới nơi khiến cho việc. Chúng là set đồ lịch sự lại cực kỳ linh hoạt. Ngoại trừ giờ khiến cho việc, các chàng trai công sở cũng có thể mặc chúng đi dạo phố, tán gẫu cùng bằng hữu tại quán xá ven đường. 1 Kiểu phối đồ khác các chàng trai công sở sở hữu thể tham khảo 1 vài qui định phối GIÀY TÂY NAM màu kem mang áo sơ mi màu xám. Với set đồ này có thể tự tin đến nơi khiến cho việc sở hữu đẳng cấp năng động cộng giày thể thao hoặc đi học cũng vô cùng mến mộ.

Tận hưởng đầy đủ một buổi hẹn hò hay bữa tiệc cuối tuần trong loại áo vest thanh lịch với sự kết hợp xuất sắc của dòng GIÀY TÂY nam cao cấp màu sáng cùng áo màu xanh trang nhã, và 1 đôi giày tây cao cấp sáng bóng. Cũng giống như jeans, siêu hợp với vest, các chàng trai công sở với thể mix kèm sở hữu áo pull, sơ mi hay áo len chui cổ đều rất ổn. Không chỉ sở hữu phong cách quần ống ôm gập gấu mà ngay cả với đẳng cấp quần baggy bạn cũng có thể mix cùng vest.

Và nếu dân công sở có một loại áo pull dài tay trong tủ đồ cần không? Đảm bảo bạn sẽ với bộ trang phục cực kì năng động, khỏe mạnh. Nhưng mà mang bí quyết mix đồ này các chàng trai công sở hãy kỹ lưỡng đến màu sắc của trang phục đi kèm nhé, hãy chọn những gam màu tương phản để trang phục thật vượt trội.

GIÀY TÂY NAM MÀU ĐEN thực sự là món đồ tuyệt vời, xứng đáng mang mặt trong tủ đồ của mọi chàng trai. Có những chia sẻ trên, mong rằng các chàng trai đã có thêm những gợi ý để có thể tận dụng triệt để các loại màu kem quen thuộc này và biết phương pháp phối GIÀY TÂY màu kem mặc mang áo màu gì để luôn xuất sắc trong mắt các cô gái.