Suitsupply Dress Shoes Unboxing – Compared to Allen Edmonds, Paul Evans, Beckett Simonon

agents today were diving into suits apply dress shoes I’m going to get these guys unboxed talk about the shoes and compare them to a few others in my collection so make sure you subscribe to learn about the best men’s wear on the internet get more videos like this and without further ado let’s dive into the unboxing suit supply is well known for the great suiting and shirting but they also offer Italian made Italian calf leather Blake stitch dress shoes in the 299 price point 2 today I picked up a pair of their brogue Oxford’s and also a pair of their tassel loafers in order to check them out [Music] I also picked up their leather sneakers my popular request if you want a deep dive into these the peak lapel did it right up I’ll link to that below check that out but for today I’m sticking with the dress shoes $2.

99 is a really interesting price point for these shoes there’s a lot of the smaller brands that have popped up over the years in the footwear world have come in at the $1.

99 price point with Blake stitch construction and usually Italian calf leather and so the suit supplied ones a little bit higher than that but they’re not quite as high as the Paul Evans or as the Allen Edmonds so what I did is I brought all of those shoes together because I already have all of them let’s talk about all of those for just a minute or two and then we’ll come back to the beauty shots and the on foot shots and I’ll put a timestamp below if you just want to jump to that while the suits patient ones look so pristine amongst my road worn collection here so I wanted to get a representative sample from a collection of priced lowest to the highest and these are the Beck and Simenon Durant Road Oxford’s I’ve had these for about two years these are under you can get them under 189 they’re marked at 199 but depending on the sales that are going on and it discounts you can get them for lower but you can see well-worn here these are the new suit supply these are my Paul Evans and these are my Allen Edmonds now the Allen Edmonds these are a pair of my factory seconds and actually right now they have a sale going on that they’re like 249 or something but the full price is 425 and just to give you an idea of how they look amongst the group and then the Paul Evan ones 399 so outside of discounts you have $1.

99 $2.

99 399 and 425 first I wanted to get a weight difference with each of them I don’t think it’s an indicator of the quality but it does indicate what level of comfort you might have the Paul Evans ones came in at the lightest at one point one four pounds or 851 grams the back end Simenon ones were 2.

0 two pounds or 969 grams my Allen Edmonds Fifth Avenue came in at two point one two very heavy I’ve always thought that those were one of the heaviest shoes probably my collection at 1249 grams the soup I once came right in the middle there that baby bear 2.

0 pounds 910 grams what I’ve learned from buying stress used from like $80 up to the $400 price range is there’s a huge difference in the quality of the leather based on each price point and you basically get what you pay for in each of them so you can see on the back and simin on one this is the lower quality leather it’s still a nice quality leather but you can see in the way that it’s creased on the toe that it’s just got more of a wrinkle to it than something like the Paul Evans I’ve actually probably worn the Paul Evans now more than the beck and Simenon ones and you can see the way I’ve scuffed it up like driving and things but it has just a very much more supple way of creasing along the toe versus something that’s going to show more cracking on the back and Simenon that’s not to say the back in Simenon aren’t a great shoe it’s just the way that the crease happens looks much different on a leather of a $200 shoe forces a $400 shoe and you can see that in the way that the leather creases on the island admins which is a simmer quality leather to the Paul Evans I would expect with a suit supply shoe it’s going to come right between those but I also like the way that the total cap is right in the middle of the two so I mentioned in my allen edmonds video that the toe cap is very short on this which makes my feet look kind of stubby especially because I wear such a large shoe I really like the way that the Paul Evans make my feet look because of the much longer toe cap on here and the suits apply one you could see kind of fits right in between the two so I think that’s a really nice look for especially for such a large shoe I know that sue supply used to use cross grain leather they now use full Italian calf uppers made in Italy which is similar to the Paul Evans and it’s not a fair comparison because this is right out of the box you can see it has a much higher shine than the Paul Evans but Paul even ones out of the box looked incredible I need to give these a nice polish but these have really become one of my go-to s and Paul Evans have a little bit more of an elegant look you know there’s no stitching you just see the scenes on there and even then the versions that suits apply makes you still get a little bit of stitching and then on the back you’ve got a seam as well versus no seam on the Paul Evans and I think I mentioned this in the Paul Evans review is the leather on the Paul Evans is so deep and rich and I think you get that because you are paying the extra $100 over the suit supply shoes I like the high polished high shine look on the suit supply shoes I would just be really curious how they will look similar to another year of wear with the Paul Evans but out of the box gorgeous construction gorgeous leather and I love the color too I went with a size 45 or us 12 on the suit supply shoes they fit right in line with my other dress shoes like my alum Edmonds something like the Paul Evans Paul Evans actually run huge I wear a 10 and a half or 11 and the Paul Evans but these fit right in line with other dress shoes and I do think a nice feature of the shoe is it does have the rubberized sole on the bottom so you get the leather work of course with the Blake stitch on here and then you have the nailed heels but then you also have the rubberized part which helps with the wear and tear on the leather sole especially for like rain and wet weather you can get either the shoes resoled because they are Blake stitch but having that rubberized insert is probably going to help you last longer it’s not something full rubber like the day-night sole on my allen edmonds but it’s somewhere right in between I’d be curious over time if you might see like peeling on this outer rubber based on the way that the sole wears but that would remain to be seen if you have an experience with that of course let me know down below because these are all very new to me but there are people who have been wearing suit supply shoes for years I would assume you have a similarly gorgeous execution of the Blake stitch sole on the loafer I do kind of wish that it had the same finish as the Oxford in the leather but this leather to me on the loafer reminds me exactly of the 200 ish dollar leathers I’ve seen on the back in Simenon or on something like the Thomas Byrd shoes that I just opened so this does very much remind me of a $200 shoe but it is priced at the tuna in price point so given that range I do think soon supply offers a good value which depends on what you want out of a shoe they’ve really nice blend between like modern Italian looks and the very conservative look sub Allen Edmonds the shoes are made in Italy but I find it really curious that their site doesn’t mention that because for me if I don’t see this made in Italy or Spain or Portugal I just assumed that it’s made in China or somewhere in Asia because the company wants the notoriety or the premium associated with constructing in Italy or Spain or Portugal instead of Asia then they would put that front and center on their website you can also see the heel is nailed right on the seam which will help with wear and tear over time so you don’t break down the shoe as quickly and then nice rubberized heel as well they don’t have a ton of options within their range but they do have from tassel loafers to double monks and the Oxford’s in between the shoes are very comfortable out of the box it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a big break in period the Mirman shoes that I got seemed like those are gonna take forever to break in and as with any other products you are getting what you paid for because the creasing doesn’t look like it’s going to be nearly as bad as the beckoned Simenon but it probably won’t be as supple and nice as the allen edmonds or the Paul Evans as for the loafers I went with a 44 and a half cuz I was thinking size down I want them to be a little bit more snug and you don’t wear socks and everything but that extra half size is just weight much too small so I’m going to end up swapping those but suits apply always gets bonus points for me because they do offer fast free shipping you can order something on Monday and have it like Wednesday or Thursday but then they also throw in the return label on the box which is important to me because I took a chance ordering half size down on the loafers didn’t work out so now I can easily exchange those four different size so overall I think these are a nice step up from the $200 price point you do get that extra bit of quality in the leather and in the construction of the shoe the stipulation there is if you are a standard width if you are on non-standard with you probably have to go with somebody like Allen amends within that range but you can only get standard sizes on the suit supply shoes but they do have up to size 15 shoes in the suit supply which is a nice option which you don’t really get in traditional shoes so there you have a gents if you do have experience with the suit supply shoes for longer than just my unboxing here please sound off on the comments below so other guys can learn from you can also reach out at them to score Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram I’ll put links in my description to suit supply and all the other shoes that I mentioned in this video I’ll put links to the podcast and just an interview with Teddy Baldassare where I talked about just everything and you can put all check all those out below love to hear from you guys anytime and so the next time gents this is the Kevlar sunshine philia bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah sunshine I finished all my videos before the Sun comes up how about that that’s got to go put them together quickly in the editing room it’s my studio this is my commute now there’s my house alright guys see Monday. TIN THOI TRANG

Bottega Veneta Camel Chelsea Boots – Complete Collection + F.A.Q

Joe would obey hey guys my name is Serge in today’s video I’m going to be showing you my final pair of Chelsea boots that I caught to finally finish complete my TV that is by takeover net so Chelsea boot collection and we just pick them all up at

once and see if this is gonna work boom alright done BV connection done and your boy Fitness the plug laughing okay so seeing as I’ve already spoken about these two pairs in my channel I’m not gonna dabble on them because I’ve reviewed this really there isn’t really need

for me to show off the camel pair although it’s a new is from the new season soft water but ever so slightly on it this video is more so to answer some of the questions that you guys may have give you guys my honest opinion on Chelsea boots

in general but definitely the ones from BV and Gemma so sorry had to drop them off and pick up these bangers let me talk to you about the camel colorway which is a recent most recent one that I picked up from them this was released as part of

their spring/summer 16 colorway the two new colors that came out where this camel one and a red burgundy one I believe it was called borrow or Toro basically burgundy color way let me just answer the first question in regards to babies that everyone seems to have sizing me

personally along with a lot of other people size down by one so I’m normally a forty one I went down to size forty I have heard people of sizing down by two if not by one and a half me personally one size is good and for the majority

of people as well I’d say one size is more than enough now specifics about the Chelsea boot I mean you have the elasticated part which is in a tonal color way to the boot itself so it’s not going to screen that you’re not jumping at you which is

in my opinion essential for Chelsea boot I like it when it’s tonal if it’s black to be a black elastic if it’s brown to be a brown elastic if it’s blue to be a realistic I can take a slightly different shade of the same color what bugs me

and it’s not even a bugging she’s personal preference but what I don’t like is when for you I’ll be over a black Chelsea boot and the elastic to be read the contours just too much more for me and I’ve seen that happen a lot if it’s like any

I don’t know like a light brown with a dark brown that’s cool because it’s still within the same color just a different shade so that’s the first detail about the boots now what Bottega are known for is their crepes or I believe that’s how you pronounce it crap

okay whatever I mean I really like it because it feels good like you walk it all soft is great however what people don’t like is this part right here so I’ve worn these three times now and they’re void getting quite dirty and genuinely man there’s nothing you can

do about it unfortunately it’s just yeah wear it and that that’s all there is to say so yeah they do get dirty but it’s cool I’m taking you to a cobbler once it gets too dirty I think what happens is they sand this bit down but then it

goes back to that clean but if you do that man genuinely like there’s no need for it unless the soul is completely beaten up in which I presumed it will replace the crepes all in its entirety or you could go to bodega and hopefully they will be able

to do something about it now moving on to the third detail and what is most common with Bottega is this little panel right here I don’t know to be honest I don’t know if they’ve started it but I definitely know that they’re one that made it more prominent

now we have seen this very feature come across it in various other manufacturers smaller scale brands that have tried to replicate this look now me personally I don’t know if there is a function for this bit of stitching here however what my friend told me and he works

a lot with shoes is that this supposedly it just makes it cheaper which is interesting because obviously you’re paying premium price for this but supposedly this whole panel thing well the way he says it anyway is the fact that it cheapens the production of the boot which is

great for the manufacturers and great for the company I think what they’ve done is they achieved end of their production while also adding an aesthetic value and they’ve smashed it because me personally I really love the way this feels being said though I do like it when it’s

clean to my church was Chelsea boots the black one they’re just clean they look and say that yeah this detail is prominent across all three cha Cebu so they have the camel the elbows and the espresso okay moving on from that the next detail that I have in

my personal opinion but a given into Chelsea boots – suede is of a lot higher quality than the Sun or suede it might be personal preference but I’m pretty sure this is also backed up with a lot of other people I don’t know where this was it from

but it’s incredibly soft not so much on the camel because I don’t know if you’re able to see that the it’s not that thick the suede isn’t that thick but on the underwater on the mmm espresso I’m trying to say not on yes press oh it’s super soft

so yeah I ended up getting the camel pair for sick price and I loved it it’s not like a substitution to your toffee it definitely is a different color and I was after a pair of camel jockey boots so this came in right bang on time vinyl bit

of detailing that I wish to touch upon with Bottega is I often get asked how I feel about the shape itself and for some odd reason it gets compared to Tucson or which I mean I understand you could obviously they’re both high-end designer producing Footwear they both are

amazing at it however Sanna wash is going for a completely different silhouette in my opinion they’re very slick and narrow in comparison to this very pointy better heel is often higher it’s just more of a night-out boot in my opinion this is more of a daytime chilling walk

around town boot while still looking fresh that’s not to say that the other is better than Nestle this is better than the other I just think they serve a different function all together that is that I’ll show you guys on feet of the camel Nell slight white lie

either sound completed it and it’s true however if BB brings out the shadow grades in the Chelsea boots that’s definitely another one that we clock it’s just so sick the suede is incredible on it because it’s not like a soft suede it’s more like a neckpiece way it

looks insane I’ve seen it warn of seeing people have them and I’m like oh my god that era so sick so those which I find interesting anyway oh good how-how-how Sanj how are you speaking about one pair of shoes for about 10 minutes boy so that is that

for this pair of boots and here’s how they look on feet and that concludes this video thank you very much for watching I really appreciate your support I think we’re nearly pushing on to 12,000 subs which is geekiest number man thank you ever so much for watching for

support in follow me on social medias everything is in this corner right here si ng I Eve II oh yeah obviously if you enjoyed the content don’t forget to leave a thumbs up sharing subscribing to your friends to your I was going to say Tommy man but in

that joke was from someone else so I’m going to use it but I just used it but yeah that is it and before I close off in this video I often get asked about what I’m wearing so this is a hydro acumen t-shirt from one of their spring/summer

collections not this one I believe last one so it’s spring/summer 15 their hat is from Gorham Bros and then all my jewelry details are in my jewelry video thank you very much have a beautiful day take care piece size extra-large super oversized I think in general anyway they

fit oversized so even if I got is a floral shirt from a sausage McLain vintage I don’t know how many times we would say

How To Wear Black Oxfords The Only Dress Shoes Men Need

what’s up you too Jeff your style of G you know today’s video we’re gonna talk about how to wear the black oxford and why it’s really the only dress shoe that you need if you move to the channel we release a new video every day at 4 p.


Eastern discussing various men’s lifestyle topics such as style dating I invite you to subscribe and tap the notification bell and join us and to my returning friends like me cry Jeri gus’ salute now have the topic for today’s video actually comes from a question I get quite often and it usually goes along the lines like this Jeff I started to dress up but I can’t afford to buy a whole bunch of new dress shoes where should I start and the answer always give the black oxford this is the dress shoe that’s gonna fit almost any dressy circumstance you find yourself in I’m talking about your job interviews your weddings and God forbid funerals there are other dress shoes that you can grab but this one’s gonna fit the bill in almost any situation and on top of that besides this way with this suit it’s a little more versatile than most guys might think that’s why today’s video not only I’m gonna talk to you about what the black dress Oxford is I’m gonna show you how you can rock it in four different ways in a lookbook so without further ado let’s give it to the breakdown of why that black oxford is necessary in your wardrobe and how to rock it for a different way now first off you definitely want to go with black as opposed to any other color round will work but not in the most formal occasions and specifically you want an Oxford now what is an Oxford that actually has its defining characteristic which is a clothes lace system now what that means is the eyelets are sewn underneath the vent leading to what’s called a closed lace system there’s no opening here as opposed to a derby let’s show you the difference real quick as you can see here I have a sweet Derby notice the difference open lacing with the open lacing in the floor this is a derby you have to have closed lacing to have the Oxford so that defines for you exactly what an Oxford dress shoe is the closed lacing is a much more formal serious type of system so now that you know what an Oxford is and why you need black let me show you how you can rock it in four different ways now when rocking the black Oxford of course you can wear it with the suit get it real dressy but it’s slightly more versatile I think you’re safe going anywhere from formal to smart casual now for this first look I’m showing you one of my favorite ways to rock the black Oxford that’s in a smart casual look as you see I have that black Oxford with a pair of my favourite trousers my light gray wool trousers now you’re gonna see throughout this lookbook I’m a great fan of the combination of black and grey and add a little style of his ass I decided to throw my double-breasted navy suit jacket and tie it in the black keeping a little relaxed I throw it on a black t-shirt underneath the suit jacket to tie in with the black shoes one of my favorite moves is a throne with something a little unexpected which in this situation is a double-breasted jacket with the t-shirt this is a smart casual look that sexy cool relaxed but still dressy enough to write those black Oxford’s now for a second look at today I wanted to show you that you can take the black oxford even a little bit more casual but this is probably as casual as I would go as this look I have the black boxers with a pair of maybe chinos I like this look because it’s smooth and streamlined especially when you throw on an underrated top a nice turtleneck in this case a grave merino wool turtleneck I picked up at Uniqlo probably about a year to go I love the simple clean lines of this outfit presents I definitely will rock this on a nice cool fall date showing that if you do it in a classic way you can dress the animals black boxers but the black actor is a great way to dress up some chinos now if you’re only gonna have one dress shoot such as the black oxford I highly suggest you invest in the most premium high-quality shoe if you company afford like one today’s video spots a Driss who not only spotted today’s video but provide this beautiful handcrafted black oxford you’ll see me rocking throughout the lookbook now whose address addresses a company that spent years traveling around the world to find just the right high skilled artisans to produce handmade high-quality and aesthetically appealing shoe at around half the cost of other premium shoe companies they don’t make the shoes until you pre-order them keeping our inventory cost and waste and what exactly do you get within the jury shoe you get Italian leather that starts from the finest Italian tanneries that all your premium high-quality shoes come from after sourcing the leather they’re handmade by the time in Spain we’re talking about painstaking detail oriented craftsmanship they go through over one hundred and fifty-one steps and pass through 50 different artisans hands before they arrive at your door and on top of having that high quality Italian leather all of the dress shoes are also Goodyear welted the standard for a premium dress shoe this allows you to resole the shoe and it’s a very sturdy water-resistant type of construction now this black oxford is part of a dresses essential collections that include the shoes every man needs in your wardrobe from a black oxford your bros your classic minimal sneaker and loafer and the great thing about a dress these premium shoes that another company could cost you easily five six seven hundred bucks these are the three started under 300 so if you want a beautiful handmade handcrafted premium shoe don’t hesitate to head over today’s video sponsor address I have a link in the description now for our third look at a day I wanted to show you that yes you can wear those black Oxford’s with some jeans but they have to be the right jeans of course I’m talking about two dressiest pair of jeans that dark dinner now this is also one of my favorite smart casual looks I love parents of dark denim with an overcoat when the temperature drops a little bit and once again sticking with the theme I’ve got some gray to pair with the black as underneath the overcoat I throw it on a gray sweatshirt this one of my favorites at Le one for Banana Republic not to mention the camera overcoat from Banana Republic as well he’s definitely our hands down my favorite pair of dark denim grab these from Uniqlo or waves back once again showing you the versatility of your black Oxford’s put it with a couple of different colors the gray the camo rocks well together this is a look I think almost any guy can pull off smooth relaxed but still dressy enough to wear those black Oxford’s and last but certainly on a look book on how to rock those black Oxford’s of course we got to rock the black Oxford’s and their most important role that’s dressing them up putting them with a suit and of course you know I had to go gray as I go with your classic job interview wedding or funeral look with the gray suit and the black it doesn’t get any more simple classic and dressier than this you’re ready for almost any dressy situation you find self in when you throw on your grey suit your white dress shirt and a nice simple black tie love playing off the black in the shoes with the black and the time this is a killer combination one of the most classic looks you’re ever gonna rock the grey suit black Oxford’s white dress shirt you’re ready for anything that comes your way when it’s time to get dressed up okay so there you have it four different ways on how to rock that black oxford and hopefully I’ll bet you know why it can be the only dress shoe me once again I want to thank a dress for sponsoring today’s video make sure you check out the link in the description to check out their fine collection of quality handmade shoes as always I hope you enjoyed the video if so hit that like button helps the channel to grow and of course tap the notification bell so you don’t miss any of the videos we release every day at 4 p.


Eastern and I’ll check you out tomorrow.

Taft Derbies & Chelsea Boots Unboxing & Try-On

agent today we are looking at Taft in my latest sin the series of looking at all of the direct to consumer brands especially in the footwear space this is an interesting one they have some of the more unique stylings out of all the brands that I’ve looked at

all the shoes are handmade in Europe and they hit that sweet spot a price point of like two to three hundred dollars and so being able to check these out put these into the context of someone like a Beckett and Simenon or some of the other shoes that

I’ve unboxed here like ace marks I got undie coming up very soon and so today we’ll unbox these take a look give you my impressions and thoughts and then eventually they’ll roll up into the the whole roundup of these shoes as always make sure you subscribe to learn

about the best menswear on the internet and more brands like this give a thumbs up for great Footwear at good prices and as always comments are appreciated below and I can answer to the best of my ability down there without further ado let’s get into the unboxing [Music]

we have two shoes sent over from Taft one is the Chelsea boot in this really nice light cream suede and this is like a quintessential summer color for me I used to have some Clarks that I would wear that we’re in the desert boot in this kind of

suede and I really like this second we have a pair of Oxford’s which is in this really unique wools so it takes the best thing that I like about all birds which is the durability breathability of wool but then throws a traditional sole on it which is pretty

interesting and what I always try to do with these companies is to look directly between them in order to you know figure out where they sit but Taft makes that a little bit challenging because they don’t offer just like a straight Oxford they have these unique designs like

they have that one boot which is all wool and I have the leather accents on the heel and on the toe as well so you an idea for their construction and their build quality but I can’t do a direct comparison of the leather which is what I like

to do although I think that’s way that Taft really differentiates them self from the dozens of other Footwear companies that are in this space and let’s take a look at these wool Oxford’s first so here I just have them pair to the light Chino I think these would

look great with any pair of like dark denim but I think they also look good with these chinos by the nature being this wool they have just a very casual look to them but I think it’s perfect for you know everybody’s general business casual environment I love the

contrast that comes from the wood colored sole of the shoe against the wool on top and that rich wool texture gives it this character that I really like it also has this really unique soul design where it has the characteristics of a day-night soul where it’s got those

like puckered inserts but then it also has the leather on the outside speed the best parts of having a leather sole but then you also get the traction of having some of that rubberized element in there and they feel extremely sturdy and well built and of course handcrafted

in Spain also some solid wax canvas laces on these and then you have an alternate pair that comes in the box for a different color and then the shoehorn it’s a Blake stitch you’ve got the wool on the exterior and a calf lining on the inside and then

Komarovsky call this out on back and Simenon which i really like in these shoes which is this rougher version of the calf leather on the back of the shoe which helps to prevent your foot from slipping out of the heel especially in the brand new pair of shoes

very comfortable out of the box looking forward to seeing how these we’re in overtime and working these into my wardrobe as kind of a unique looking piece the Chelsea boots I’m really liking the look of these not just the color but the silhouette is this very slim European

look to it you know I have a pair of Thursdays which you’ve seen my previous videos and I think of those more it was like my fall winter they’re a darker color they’re kind of a more rugged look to them both of them are Goodyear welted so these

are Goodyear welted a pair of Chelsey’s and they that similar sole design that I really liked on my suit supply shoes which is to have the leather and then have a little bit of rubberized here for traction control and I’m curious to see how that kind of works

in over time it’s a small thing too but I like how the elastic matches the color here that gives it a much cleaner look my Thursday boots have that dark brown with a black elastic on here but extremely comfortable on the box this is definitely one especially the

Goodyear well where you know your that cork sole we really work in and give you a good fit over time and you can see in the Tryon video I think they look good with the light chinos that I have on you pair these with like a light summer

denim and you have a really killer look so as we wrap up here style quality fit value and overall experience the quality is very sturdy on these a Goodyear welt in the Chelsea boot at this price is great in the unique wool on the Oxford with that calf

leather lining and a solid stacked leather heel and sole on those as well really dig in those the fit is right in line with other dress shoes that I have so you know 45 in European sizing has really been my sweet spot and all these companies I’ve been

ordering and then usually works out to be a 12 US I don’t think taps will be for everybody as far as style goes if you want to go more conservative I don’t think they have any real conservative looks and their lineup if you want that conservative look there’s

tons of other brands to go to if you want something that’s a little more unique and stand out that’s what taps are really for for value they sit really uniquely between that two or three hundred price point which is right where a lot of these shoes end up

they are handcrafted in Spain which is great not totally handmade but they do use Blake stitching in the Oxford’s Goodyear well in the Chelsea so you’re definitely getting your value above a typical like cemented shoe like something from Johnson and Murphy experience is great they have fast free

shipping free returns as well and they have all the inventory on hand so whatever you see on the site you can order I’m become starting to become a little bit jaded by the site’s kind of like Gustin or in a way Kanaan where you order that takes a

while to get them you do save money that way but I’m still figure out my opinions on those but I’d love to hear from you guys have any questions comments about taft or waiting for shoes that you order on something like Gustin because i’ve been trying to get

a pair of their sneakers but just takes forever sometimes and uh that becomes I’m willing to pay a little bit more in order to get it now versus waiting a few months but that’s neither here nor there that’s all that’s a whole different topic I’ll tackle that on

a different Wednesday video so I was always gents comments below you can also reach out happiness score Cavalier on Twitter and Instagram so as I try to document all these shoes I still read every single comment and so thank you to everybody who subscribes watches and supports until

next time gents this is the Cavalier [Music] sunrise 6:30 I got to bcurtin it’s gonna go up and block that so it’ll only be a only big problem for a little bit longer

Repairing TORN Mezlan Woven Leather Oxfords

hello everybody today I’m working on a pair of nesland woven leather oxfords now at first glance they may look perfect to you and you may recognize these shoes from a very bad scratch repair video I did but the owner of these shoes has created some damage here can

you see that and some of the leather is actually torn so I’m gonna see if I can repair these things and get them back to their former glory okay so let’s go hello everybody its Robert power and a half out of five my shoe collection these are made

of shell cordovan can you tell the difference now here they are finished up I’m not a professional look how tight this is though very clearly here I just cut the thread and here goes here they are completely finished up so let me highlight here exactly what we’re dealing

with because you know I’m not a professional abyss this is actually something I’ve never done before so I messed around with this off-camera a little bit so first let me show you the damage okay so as you can see the leather right is completely ripped there this strip

right here is completely torn okay and it’s actually damaged back to here I already had this out tucked it back in to go on camera one interesting thing about this is it lets you see how the shoe is actually constructed that piece is completely ripped as well okay

and it comes back through here so at least these two strips need to be repaired so and I can see there’s another one that’s torn here okay but if you look at the way this is constructed you can see it’s actually a sheet can you see that it’s

actually a sheet of leather and then there’s vertical pieces of leather woven through it and then the horizontal strips are woven through the vertical strips it’s kind of interesting so so I’ll show you some of the supplies what I have here just a bag of scrap leather I

bought that at a Hobby Lobby a while back and I found appropriate strip that’s like close to the same width and color but as you can see this leather is very very thin can you see that compared to the strip that I purchased right is about four times

of the thickness I don’t have any proper tools to skive the leather down that’s what I have here is just an old cutting board you know that of my wife got new cutting boards for the kitchen I kept this utility knife and I actually sharpened it on a

you know sharpening stone I’ve got my exacto knife and if you can see here compared to I don’t think it started just that was actually quite tedious I just sat and thinned it down on the cutting board so I did that basically manually right it’s actually still thicker

than the leather that’s on here but I think this is gonna work okay so let me reposition the camera here and let me show you how I plan on repairing this so what I want to do if you can see the very ends of the pieces of leather

I tried to skive them down what that means is I made them thin at the very end and I’m gonna I think what I’m gonna do for the solution is I’m going to glue them together probably to use superglue but I want the glue joint to be under

here okay or like back on this piece let’s see I’ll probably glue it I’ll probably glue it I guess either here yeah probably underneath this piece here okay so let me show you I’m gonna try to stay on camera which it’s not that easy something to hold the

shoe the right need something to hold the shoe at the right angle so that I can see and you guys can see so trying to slide it under there now there is a hole in here so what happens is if you’re not careful it doesn’t like this obviously

connects okay but you see that’s a slit in a second I was wrong about the way explained the way this is constructed and by the way my fingernails are wrinkled both of my thumbnails grow that way it’s not it’s not fungus I’ve already had it looked at by

doctors okay I apologize I get some you know real bad criticism about that occasionally so what this is is it’s I was wrong this is not a sheet of leather this is not a sheet of leather with two sets of leather this is one sheet do you see

this here so this is part of the sheet isn’t that pretty cool can you see that this so what they do is this basically punch – well I guess three slits in the sheet to create a loop which makes it look like you know a woven piece of

leather does that make sense I’m having trouble articulating it so in others what this is is one sheet of leather with holes cut in it and then strips woven in the other direction so you don’t have two sets of strips you only have one that’s kind of cool

this thing needs a little more yes I know I’m doing this on my finger no I won’t cut myself I don’t think I’m a thing that down [Music] [Music] [Music] so this part isn’t so easy remember feel it dives inside the shoe [Music] let’s make a baby dedication

[Music] they did it was before I can see the tip of the water you see that once you get it up that’s it [Music] so I think what we do cut cut this piece back and or maybe leave it there if I just glue this [Music] it doesn’t

lay quite as flat but are you really gonna notice that I don’t think see maybe if I can use the exacto knife was like a guy yep that works that piece see I already cut it along that piece it’s going to end underneath this piece I think this

is gonna work [Music] he doing [Music] it just could be things do a little better [Music] No drop of the world how we gonna do this it also needs I almost need something to get me to hold this back should I tuck it under and then glue or

glue and then tuck it out there [Music] [Music] I’m pushing I’m pressing down with this nice I’m not making sure the knife is not on top of the shoe I don’t want super good at spilling my shoe I think I can use this piece that I removed surfaces

daily have to create another repair piece no other website and they measured it off so basically it took a small piece of leather here I measured it off and as you can see right there it’s maybe just a hair too long I can always cut a little shorter

but I want to do they want it to go under those two straps you see that’s I want the the joint to be under the leather straps now I’m pinning down the edges of it a little bit it’s hard to get this up this one up Sam actually

sharpen the exacto blade a little bit the leather is fibrous it doesn’t just cut clean see now it looks kind of smushes over because I don’t know if you can tell but now on the front side the leather fibers are kind of hanging over the end so I

gotta flip it over and cut them off another thing I’m finding is this this part of the blade I kind of need to go to the edge of the table because this part of the handle I should say doesn’t let the knife close enough to the cutting board

so realizing that I have to go to the edge of the cutting board to get that part of the handle off does that make sense I’m just figuring it out huh how do you see what just happened and cut a little bit too much and you see I

tore through some time gonna shorten this piece a little bit a little bit too greedy checking out there’s two ways to do this you can cut you can scrape scraping is horrific ly slow but has more control so I think that’s what I’m gonna do let’s see the

leather is actually stretching changing shape because I’m pulling so we’re trying to do here this is the strips this is the strip I just cut trying to cut it our back enough it’s out of the way otherwise that leather gets too thick but leaving a little bit too

blue on figure you got about 10 seconds I think they’ll enjoy before I got it I think I found the technique now let’s see if let’s check the length of this piece it ends right in the middle of the next piece which is perfect so I’m gonna go

ahead and do oh you know what this technique isn’t gonna work through the side difficult it’s how am I gonna get the glue under there out of it [Music] I got it one more piece this is gonna be difficult just a piece right here it’s supposed to be

sewn right there that gives me almost nothing to work with I’m just gonna cut it out this piece here this piece need to be cut at an angle because you see how there see how they’re coming up at an angle so I need to cut angle or else

I’m just going to approximate see how many things are to think about it once so I might have missed recording some of that so I got this piece and glued it right under there I think I thought I had the camera on and I didn’t saw this piece

at an angle like would I don’t under there now I’m filling tiny cracks I felt a tiny crack there and one here I really probably should replace this piece of leather from here this piece but I’m just gonna fill the cracks if this doesn’t work I can always

go back and replace the piece a little less invasive [Music] I’m trying to roll it what other thing I’m gonna do as you can tell these vertical pieces are actually cut so there’s two strips the horizontal ones have like an indentation they’re not cut all the way through

so I’m gonna try and duplicate that I just want to score the surface so I need to hint of a woman this is the medium brunt of the second load there this is the staff here the down your cream polish and I’m just gonna more part of the

test will be when they’re brushing if everything stays in and I think I know I have a decent repair [Music] a little bit myself here this is neutral this is a pot a deluxe looks like a couple of those strips I added on and pretty don’t [Music] I

can see where it is I honestly don’t think anybody will ever notice again right now how far am i right now I am one hand with one right now in light I don’t know four inches from the shoe the tailor lens is like four inches from the show

it’s not perfect I think we got it I think it has been saved there we go [Music] thank you so much for watching feel free to subscribe hit that little talent so that when new videos come out you’re notified and go check out my channel got a lot

of other videos if you like this kind of content all right god bless have a safe day everybody take care of the adventurous try new stuff but you know also be sensible don’t destroy a great pair of shoes alright [Music] both buddies today I’m going to work on

a pair of Maslin woven line up on what [Music] [Music]

Shoe Haul – MUST HAVE SUMMER SHOES- Oxfords/Kitten Heels -POPPY BARLEY | Jawj

[Music] [Music] [Applause] here she is here’s the mat for all of you on this beautiful morning this is the nut okay hey ladies welcome to another video I am very very very excited to show you what I picked up at the mall I have done some serious shopping

I some serious shopping but you know what I am so happy about it I have found the best shoe store they make really good quality shoes they are so chic effortless comfortable really excited to share with you guys what I have picked up because you’re going to go

cray cray and I named so let me put this fat beautiful nut down this beautiful orange creamsicle nut and I’m going to show you the shoes so I have found the best spring summer shoes other than this you really don’t need much else for the spring summer so

this store that I have discovered is wonderful I do not know if they ship internationally they probably do but this is a canadian-based store that I found and I really I just really like it so the store name is called poppy barley I believe it was started by

two sisters which would who are both supporting my females and the shoes are amazing the quality is mind-blowing and they’re comfortable and there’s so my style I will probably eventually do a styling video for these shoes because I just I want to this is a little receipt it’s

like you got like some freaking luxury bag or something so cute so we take meticulous care and crafting your premium leather goods puppy barley products are not pre treated so before wearing your Footwear for the first time use a water resistant spray to protect them all genuine leather

suede and new bucks protective to improve durability and retain strength highly saturated swedes and new books can believe color onto other objects but applying protector can prevent transfer so the girl did tell me at the store spray this with something before you wear them so I have not

worn these yet and after I found this video I’m going to spray them I mean we’ll show you the product that I’m going to use so I pick this stuff up from Canadian Tire I’m sure you can go Amazon and it is the money’s worth and best Protex

water and stain protector ok that’s your standard Canadian Tire business and this is repellent which is good for all genuine leather suede fabric and new buck do not use on patent or a vinyl so I use this on my Stuart Weitzman black suede boots I don’t know if

you can see them there right there so I sprayed this on that and so far is working good so I’m going to be spraying this on all of my shoes because all three of them are leather first weight so here number one weird rude oh and it’s so

cute too I really like the fact that um show you inside the bag here they didn’t give me any shoe boxes because I’m just going to throw those out they gave me shoe bags for each one of the pair of shoes that I got which I really like

because he’s a really nice soft like cotton II fabric bags which is gonna be great for traveling or just putting stuff in and I really like that it’s kind of wasting less because I don’t need to throw out like three massive shoe boxes I just put everything about

this place I’m just freakin loving so pair number one you guys these are so freaking cute these are so cute they’re adorable they are literally adorable so this is pair number one these are a beautiful pair of pink kitten heel leather and pink suede it’s as beautiful all

kind of medium blush tone like even with this dress this is one of my like spraying English style tea party dresses that I have and just think of how cute these are gonna look with this dress I’m gonna of course do my shots for every single one of

these for you guys I just love these they are so cute and they are so comfortable like I mean like a flat would be more comfortable than this but for a little kind of point pointy toe shoe these are just phenomenal they have a lot of squished like

memory foam feeling leather coated fabric underneath say the sticker they’re phenomenal they are adorable I love that they kind of have this dip here at the front it’s very elongating for your foot and it just makes you look long and lean and it’s very very trendy right like

you know kind of like those deep v on shoes it’s kind of very in right now and this is done in a very kind of classic chic elegant way this will be cute with skirts dresses with jeans like it’s never ending what you can wear these with and

they’re very wearable because they have this really small heel so I mean this is gonna be my go-to heel pretty much all summer if I’m gonna get dressed up and wear heels these are what I’m wearing other than my steer reitman boots but that’s more of like a

funky intense stylish look this is more like classic chic pretty elegance love absolutely love and the bottom is all leather as well so the lady did say the first time you wear these take this plastic bit off it’s like a plastic protector and she said that you can

pretty much get but the whole entire shoe is leather the bottom is leather the top is leather and then the whole exterior is pink suede so she said eventually this will wear down like even the bottom of the shoe feels soft like these just feel so high-quality this

video is gonna be like 20 hours long okay I need it I need to hop to it so we’re gonna the next pair of shoes these I love I’m going to link all of these down below so that you guys can check them out and I will tell

you the prices let me tell you the prices if I go along here so these adorable super cute pink kitten heels were the kitten heels slingback cherry blossom nubuck is what those are and they were two hundred and forty dollars honestly a very reasonable price these are very

good quality shoes you can just tell and I got a size nine I think my true size is probably eight and a half so do a half-size up and you should be good and for reference because a lot of you ladies also probably own the Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee

boots and those I am a nine and they are very comfortable so if you’re a nine in the Stuart Weitzman boots most likely you’re going to be a nine in these shoes okay so moving on to the next adorable pair oh my god they’re beautiful this guy so

these these are pretty much gonna be my essential every single freaking day shoe because they are comfortable they are classic they are classy chic and let me just show you so again another adorable dust bag I love the store you guys cute so cute okay so these are

like a what is the proper term Oxford’s Oxford yes I freaking love Oxford’s and I have been on the hunt literally for months trying to look on obscure websites like random places that I can’t even try on in person trying to look for a cute 100% leather comfy

good-quality women’s Oxford and I wanted a neutral nude beige color because I want to wear these with jean shorts jeans like every single outfit and I feel like this is gonna go with literally everything I love when girls wear like cute little skirts and dresses and they have

little flat lace-up Oxford’s I love it it’s like masculine feminine in just the most perfect way okay so these bad boys are the soft Oxford in the color sand nubuck ready-to-wear is their description and I got these in an 8 I am true eight and a half and

I wanted to get these in an 8 and a half but they didn’t have any so I tried an e and a half on in the store but I couldn’t purchase that pair so she actually had an 8 and they fit perfect because they are 100% genuine leather

these are gonna stretch out so I think I should be okay and these were a two hundred and fifteen dollars and these are on these are made in Mexico so basically the inside of this shoe is so soft it is so soft hundred percent leather here huh number

some leather sole hundred percent kind of like a like an aged looking leather close up there these aren’t real like I mean they’re real lace is that you aren’t going to tie them up you guys get what I’m saying right these are just slip on slip off shoes

and then the bottom is rubber gives you a little bit of extra grip I love them I I love I love these shoes I am so happy about them and honestly putting these on you guys there is a lot of cushion if these bend a lot like the

you know all sometimes you’ve been your foot and then like the fabric or whatever the shoe is made out of kind of creases and digs into your foot like he’s don’t these are just soft little clouds on your feet and they’re so cute and stylish even with this

dress I could go this dress I don’t know if I’d wear these shoes I could I could and I just love them the last pair of shoes that I bought from this wonderful company and yet again another super cute just big are these beautiful open toe healed sandal

boot mule you get what I’m saying it’s perfect this is so cute to wear with jean shorts and like a nice top or with a dress or even with G’s I cap end style or your little mom G just throw these on with this is literally gonna go

with absolutely everything they are very very comfortable they’re very easy to slip on and I got these in a size eight and a half so okay so these are called the fairyland peep toe blush new buck ready-to-wear shoe and these were two hundred and forty dollars so these

are the most expensive pair of shoes that I got they’re all pretty roughly you know they’re pretty much all too 22-250 and yeah eight and a half my true size that’s what I think you don’t have to size up for these go with your true size and you

will be good to go they are they’re just they’re beautiful you guys they are wonderful they’re so they’re so adorable like if you compare the Pink’s this is more of kind of like a really deep beautiful medium tone rose and this is like a blush nudey pink this

is really gonna go with everything it’s gonna make your legs look really long beautiful perfection I freaking love it and again it’s a hundred percent mother everywhere this is kind of feels suede it’s just really soft soft leather and the bottom is also 100% mother as well like

this part I love it I freaking love it so yeah those are my three pairs of beautiful beautiful shoes from this wonderful company called poppy barley love them so cute and they’re really is the color palette that I am more so drawn to is like blush Moody Pink’s

beiges I don’t really like harsh black everyday shoes I feel like for the spring and summer really that’s all you need you need those runners and then I don’t move you a statement boot or something and you’re literally good oh and rain boots you gotta have some rain

boots you guys especially if you live in the country like me if you enjoyed this little haul give it a thumbs up always let me know down below what you guys would like to see and I will see you guys next time for another video I got a

lot of holes coming up you guys you are gonna love this ok see you guys next time for another season [Music] [Applause] to the [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Dimitri Gomez Bespoke Shoe Unboxing | Kirby Allison

Hi I’m Kirby Allison founder of the Hanger Project and here in the Hanger Project welove helping the well-dressed take care of theirwardrobes.

In this video, I’m going to be unboxing or in this case revealing a new pair of bespoke Dimitri Gomez shoes I picked up while in Paris in October.

For those of you that have beenfollowing our YouTube channel you may have seen the videofrom my most recent fitting in Paris and you’ll probably remember thatthere were some adjustments that needed to be made to the shoe in order for them to fit perfectly.

Dimitri being an incrediblecraftsman, of course, took those shoes back and completely remade them in order for them to fit perfectly.

On this last trip through London and Paris I was able to stop by and pick those up and I couldn’t have been any happier with the results.

So I have worn these in Paris but I’m going to be showing them toyou for the first time in this video.

So as many of you know from thefirst video on Dimitri Gomez he actually shares a small workshop at Crockett & Jones.

So all of the delivery kind ofcollateral is actually Crockett and Jones.

And so these bags as you can see are embroidered Crockett and Jones- there’s really nothingspecial about these bags.

He offered me a box but because I was flying back with these shoes I didn’t want tocarry the box so instead I asked for him to just give me two shoe bags so that I could double bag these shoes.

Here we are beautiful shoes.

Absolutely beautiful.

So one of the things that you’ll remember I was speakingabout in the original video from my fitting at Dimitri Gomez is what I was going for my first pair of Gomez shoes of course it’s black pair this is a cap toe Oxford.

It’s a semi brogue.

It’s not a full brogue which wouldbe a traditional wingtip and you know I went with black because again I’m a firmbeliever that if you’re spending the money ona bespoke pair of shoes you’re going to get themost lifetime out of a black pair.

And so I don’t know how many pairs of Dimitri Gomez shoes I’m gonnahave the privilege of owning but I did know that with my first pair I wanted black.

The second thing I wanted was a completely different shaped toe than what I get with my Cleverley shoes.

Anyone who knows Cleverley knows that they’re best known for theirsuspiciously square toe shape on their shoes it’s iconic Cleverley so with my Dimitri Gomez shoes I knew for certain that I didn’twant anything square because I’ve already got those with my Cleverley.

I also knew that I didn’t wantanything too round just because I’ve never been ahuge fan of a particularly round toe just because I think that it’s not that modern.

One of the most enjoyable parts of commissioning these shoes and collaborating with Dimitri and having them made was actually working with him to determine the proper toe shape.

And from those that have watched ourfirst fitting video you’ll see that we actually set out several differentpairs of shoes each with slightly different almond shape toes.

Before we settled upon this toe shape.

So as you can see it is just a perfectly beautiful almond shaped toe.

And so this is my first pair of bespoke shoes with an almond shaped toe it’s funto add these to my collection and they were an absolute pleasure to wear.

Now one of the other details you’ll remember is we did six eyelets.

You know that was more of just asimple stylistic detail.

Dimitri would normally do five but I wanted six because it was aslight kind of American detail.

And again just one of those otherelements to signal that this was a bespokepair of shoes.

Now the craftsmanship is absolutely incredible.

You know nice tightwelt, absolutely stunning and beautiful heel, you can see how this curves intothis shoe and actually follows the shape oflast.

It is absolutely not what you would expect from a ready to wear shoe.

And one of the other things thatagain is hard to show on the video.

But another bespoke detail is that the inside edge always pitches in slightly more than the outside edge.

As you can see Dimitri spent a lotof time finishing the soles of theshoe.

So the entire sole – the out sole – is dyed black and polished and you can see whereI’ve worn them.

He installs the Lulu metal toe taps just to give theshoes some extra durability.

And you really see this from a lotof European makers because in Europe you’re doing so much more walkingthan you have in the United States so it’s just a detail that is quite consistent.

Now since Dimitri for all intents and purposes is a one man shop, one of the benefits that you get with Dimitri Gomez versus going with the proper shoemaking firm is that there’s no specialization.

Dimitri does all the work himself and that includes the shoe trees which is incredibly rare.

You can see these are fully lasted which means that he basically copies the shape of the last in order tocreate the shoe tree.

So it is perfectly mimicking theshape of the last on which the shoe wasbuilt and it’s quite difficult to get outof the shoe.

So, beautiful shoe tree, you can see you know it cuts out an area right here to lighten thetree.

It’s hollowed out and you can just see how this is perfectly following the shape of the shoe.

You know you can also see that theshoe tree is hinged.

You know that’s an important detail because if you have a hinged shoe tree you have no give, you know for the length and of the actualshoe tree.

So it has to fit absolutely perfectly in order for the shoe tree to be effective atstretching the shoe back down.

And so if you see a hinged shoe tree almost every single time it is a bespoke shoe tree becauseit’s really the only way to pull this off and for it to work.

Now bespoke shoes, again because they fit so tightly, you always want to loosen the shoe laces really all the way down the vamp.

And the reason is because you needas much kind of give here as possiblein order to slide your foot in.

With the ready to wear shoe, you can really get away with you know not loosening theshoelaces completely because you know theydon’t ever fit perfectly tight like a bespoke shoe would.

So there’s always a little bit ofextra play and give in the shoe itself.

But in a bespoke shoe even to get the shoe tree out.

So again one of the other detailsyou’ll see here is that on the inside of the shoe it’s embossed Dimitri Bottier – which is you know”shoemaker” and I’m probably mispronouncing thatso those of you who speak french pleasego easy on me – for Crockett & Jones.

And again you know that just is reflective of the fact thatDimitri has a special relationship with the Crockett and Jones brand as being kind of the residentbespoke Shoemaker in the Parisian store.

Before I actually put them on myfeet there is just one thing I do want to point out and that is that I’m wearing a really fine dress sock.

Now, the thickness of your dresssock is incredibly important in terms of how a shoe fits.

And the best type of dress sock, a proper dress sock is as thinly knit as possible.

The reason you want thin dress sock is one it helps you feel the shoe better.


So if a shoe fits properly it should be fitting your foot, not your sock.

So the thinner the sock, the better the shoe fits, the less room there is to movearound and it allows the shoe to actually be more comfortable.

The other benefit of a really thindress sock is that they all but disappear on your feet because it’s not suffocating or you know clamming your feet up because you’ve got all thismaterial.

So all of the socks we carry on thehanger project are sovereign grade socksthat we have made in Italy are knit from the highest possible needlecount to be as thin as possible and that’s how you know you’rebuying a really high quality dress sock.

Of course take a look at our YouTubechannel.

We have other videos going in depth into what actually makes aquality dress sock and the theory there.

If I was trying to try these shoeson with a thicker pair of socks they wouldn’t fit well at all.

And I might not even be able to getmy foot in there.

But let’s go ahead and try these out.

So of course I’ve got a shoe horn here.

This is one of our Hanger Projecthorn shoehorns.

I’m just going to pull he top of that tongue.

Put that on, let’s do the one.

Insert my foot in there.

So you can certainly accuse the shoelaces of being a little short onthese shoes because it is a 6 eyelet shoe so I’m probably going toreplace these with a pair of my 80 centimeter unwaxed sovereign grade cotton shoelaces just to go a littlebit longer end.

But otherwise look at the shoes.

I mean they fit absolutely beautifully.

You don’t see any wrinkling acrossthe vamp.

You know, my arch is as well accounted for.

One of the things that I can tellyou is that I walked extensively around Paris with these shoes the first day thatI picked them up and it’s probably the only pair of bespoke shoes that was completely comfortable and didn’t give me any typeblistering on the heels during the break inprocess and this is probably one of thestiffer if not stiffest pair of bespokeshoes that I’ve picked up.

Now one of the things that you mayhave picked up on is whenever I was putting the shoes on you could actually hear the air escaping and kind of made a noise and so I have a really funny story about that that I think does such a great job to illustrate a lot ofways the indescribable essence of a bespoke pair of shoes.

And that’s I wore these shoes to my final fitting with Julien de Luca at Camps de Luca for a Stark and Sons piece that I was having made.

Julien hands me the garment, the suit, sent me into the fittingroom and I closed the curtains and then I go in and I’m changing by myself of course.

And so Julien’s waiting for meoutside and I put on my shoes and you hear the you know as the air is pushed out of a shoe that fits so tightly Julian heard that and he remarked from behind thecurtain, he said: “Ah, the sound of a bespoke pair ofshoes!”.

And so I just thought it was so great that he wasable to pick up on that you know from not even in the same room with me and it just went so far to describe one of those indescribable characteristics of a bespoke pair of shoes and that is the sound it makes whenever you put them on.

They fit so well that whenever you slide your footinto that shoe you can actually hear the air rushing out.

And so it really just kind oftickled me, if you will, to have him comment on that, and made me feelgood about wearing these shoes.

You know these bespoke Dimitri Gomez shoes are really special to me, because they, for one, were my first pair of bespoke shoes not made by Cleverley, with whom I have a fantasticrelationship.

And second they’re special because of the fact that I really had totravel out of my way to have these shoesmade.

Cleverley travels to the UnitedStates quite frequently.

If I don’t see them in London I can almost certainly see them in Dallas twice a year.

But Dimitri Gomez does not travel.

You have to go see him.

The only way that you can have apair of Dimitri Gomez shoes isn’t just going to see him once but it’s going to see him two, three, or four times so that you can perpetuate or continue that bespoke process of fittings and delivery.

These shoes really just have a special story.

I mean whenever I put these thingson I’m going to think about travelingto Paris.

I’m going to think about that time, you know, I was there with a goodfriend who helped me select this almondshaped toe.

I’m going to think about Dimitriworking with me, to really kind of craft theshape of this last and his commitment to do that despite it being the more difficult thing to do and I’m certainly going to remember sitting there at Camps de Luca putting these shoes on in thechanging room and having Julien hear them from outside.

And so those memories create such rich meaning here that I know that I’m going to think of every single time I wear theseshoes.

So I look forward to breaking theseshoes in.

I’m going to wear them for the firsttime in Dallas tonight.

I’m going to go have adrink with my wife at the Mansion and I can’t wait to wear theseabsolutely beautiful, incredibly elegant shoes.

You know I love this almond shapedtoe.

And I couldn’t be any more happy.

I look forward to seeing how theseshoes break in.

You know again they fit incredibly comfortable asit is now.

But it is a very stiff shoe because of the quality of materials that Dimitri uses.

And so I know that as they break in over the next eight to 12 weeks they’re only going tobecome even more comfortable.

Make sure that you check out thatother video from the last fitting, you’ll get to meet Dimitri and kind of see inside of his shop – incredibly special video.

And lastly if you have any questionsabout these shoes please feel free to ask them in the comments section.

I get back to all those commentsmyself.

If you liked this video, give us the thumbs up or better yet subscribe to ourchannel so that you can receive notificationswhenever we release all of our new videos and please remember to visitHangerProject.

com where you’ll find the largestassortment of luxury garment care and shoe care accessories in theworld and other products for thewell-dressed.

I’m Kirby Allison, founder of The Hanger Project, and thanks for joining us.


Quần short nam một trong những phụ kiện thời trang hot nhất ngày hè

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How to Lace Dress Shoes | Straight Bar Lacing Method

I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project.

Today in this video I’m going to be showing you how to lace your leather dress shoes the proper way.

So there’s two different ways that you can lace your dress shoes.

The first way is the crossed of method as shown on these Allen Edmond’s.

This is a great example of how a worn pair of shoe laces, laced correctly, can disproportionately affect the overall look of the shoe.

Now these George Cleverley shoes are laced with straight across method with one of our Sovereign Grade pair of dress laces and you can see how it’s just neater, cleaner and looks better.

So that’s why here at The Hanger Project I really strictly prefer straight across method.

The reason is, that when compared to the criss-cross method, it’s just much cleaner, neater and formal.

So if you have any questions or comments during this video feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Let us know how you prefer to lace your dress shoes.

Do you use black and brown laces or do you prefer colored laces.

Let us know because I’m always interested to hear what other people are doing.

Today in this video I’m going to be lacing my shoes with our new sovereign grade laces.

Now we have these laces made specifically for us and North Hampton which is really the center of the UK shoe making industry.

So these laces are as fine as any lace you can find anywhere.

We carry them on HangerProject.

com in a variety of sizes, lengths and colors.

So if you need laces check these out.

So there’s two different ways that you can lace your shoes in order to create the Barbell method.

There’s the straight up and the cross method and I just want to show you both of these.

Now the most common one you find on the Internet is the straight-up which I’m going to show you right here.

So again you start on the first rung and then you just are bouncing your way up.

Crossing again skipping your way up.

Crossing and then skipping your way up.

And then there you are.

And then again on the other side you would be going up crossing you’d cross once and then you go out.

Now the problem with this method is that because you’re just kind of.

Jumping up your laces it’s difficult to cinch the top of the shoe.

Close very easily you just don’t have much leverage.

So that’s why I prefer the criss-crossed method.

So again you start the same way but you’re crossing over.

Right going across.

You’re still skipping up but you’re crossing over going a cross crossing over.

And then you end.

And then again here you’re crossing over.

Going across.

And then crossing over, ending.

So because you have this kind of crossed pattern whenever you go to pull the shoe laces tight you just have more leverage that actually tightens the vamp of the shoe.

But it’s good to know that two different methods you can experiment with both and see which you prefer.

But personally the cross method is my favorite.

OK so the first step is going to be to remove your shoelaces right.

Untie your shoe laces and then you need to take the shoe tree out so I always recommend loosening the shoe laces all the way down the front of the shoe before you take the shoe tree out because if the shoe tree fits tight you don’t want to put too much pressure on the shoe itself.

So I’m gonna set the shoe tree aside.

And then, you know, here are the shoe laces right.

So I’m just going to unlace these.

Now you want to be careful when you’re unlacing your shoes because any time you’re releasing them or unlacing them you’re putting a lot of strain and pressure on the islets themselves.

So the more gently you can do this just the better condition you’re going to keep those eyelets in.

It’s actually one of the reasons that I personally prefer not to unlace my shoes whenever I polish them.

Just because if I did that every single time I polished my shoes I would just put an incredible amount of strain on the eyelets themselves.

I’m unlacing them, jsut going one by one.

Now you can see on these cleverly use the tongue is actually sewn into the upper which makes it easy to clearly define especially in this last eyelet.

So if you’re doing this at home and have time this would be a perfect opportunity to shine your shoes since you have the laces removed.

OK so once it’s in there.

You want to roughly equalize the length of the lace.

There’s always an opportunity at the end to adjust them so that they’re equal.

And I find that as you’re lacing your shoes you know regardless of how many times you do it they’re always going to end up at slightly unequal lengths so you can end up having to adjust anyway.

I’m going to start with the first lace.

Take it across.

And then up.

And out and then back in on the same level from the top down.

To create that second barbell.

So then I switch to the other lace.


And that lace is coming in through right here.

I’m going to take it across.

To the next eyelet.

Up and then back in.

Now, I’m using round laces just because I think that they’re slightly more formal than like fatter flat lace.

But if you’re using flat laces this is a great opportunity that as you’re lacing them in to make sure that they’re lying down flat.

So if you see the lace twisting it you’re pulling it through, correct that because you want to do that as you’re lacing the shoe.


So I’ve got this one and I’m going to go back to the other lace.


You’re always crossing over.

Before you go up.

And then creating the barbell right.

There we go.

I’m going to go to the other lace.

I’m almost done.

So this is going to go on just again across and up through and we’re done on that side.

And then the other one is going to be again across, up and through.

So to check the length again I’m going to loosen them a little bit.

I’m going to insert the shoe tree back into the shoe.

And let’s see how he looks.

Shoe tree is back in.

After you’re done you always want to pull those tight to make sure that you know there’s no extra slack.

Pull those through and then tight them.

So here I’m going to tie this using the Parisian Knot method.

We actually have a video showing you how to do this but you cross your laces form a loop.

And then you wrap the other least twice around your finger.

Pull your finger through.

And then pull that down and then just tighten it.

So there we are.

That’s how you lace your leather dress shoes you can see that the straight across method looks great.

It’s a fresh clean and it’s how we recommend that you lace your shoes the proper way.

Now some of the questions we get here at The Hanger Project are “why should I use a waxed cotton dress lace”.

The reason you want to use a waxed lace is just because the wax just creates a shinier kind of more formal lace that looks neater right.

So a worn lace that’s kind of lost its wax coating is honestly a shoe lace that probably ready to be replaced.

How often should I replaced my laces? As you are lacing your shoes in the morning and you’re inspecting your lace.

If you see at all that the woven pattern is beginning to fray at any of the eyelets we would say that you need to replace those laces as soon as possible.

Now a trick is, and this is for comfort, whenever you’re lacing your shoes you don’t want to pull it too tight because as your foot swells throughout the day it’s going to create a really uncomfortable kind of pressure point across this vamp.

So you want to tighten them kind of moderately just so that they’re closed.

And then again the parisian method is you take one loop.

Right you wrap the other end around twice.

Take it through.

And then you just kind of pull this tight and you’ve essentially double knotted this.

So this knot just guaranteed to not come undone.

So there we are.

This video showed you how to lace your leather dress shoes the proper way.

If you liked this video please give us a thumbs up.

And if you haven’t already please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can get notifications whenever we release new videos.

And then lastly if you have any questions about how to lace your shoes or about this video or if you just want to let us know how you prefer to lace your shoes.

Comment below in the comments section.

I get back don’t question myself personally and we always love hearing from customers.

I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project and here the Hanger Project.

We love helping the well-dressed take care of your work.

Thanks for joining us.


Allen Edmonds McAllister oxfords Unboxing | American Dress Shoes

Hello friends and familiesI am JR LEE and welcome to my channel in this Youtube video I will unbox my Allen EdmondsMcAllister shoes so let’s get to it! Okay guys here’s thebox, so we usually open a door using a key but you can also open this boxusing the same key.

So let’s open it now! So with this delivery I am using my Aramex shop and shop account because Allen Edmonds is from the US and it wasestablished in the year 1922 by its founder and his name is Elbert W.

Allen and right now it is still in the us in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

I will just keep this aside.

So here is the box it says Allen EdmondsPort Washington and established in 1922 and it says here my McAllister walnut.

Alright, so let’s see what is inside.

I will put this down, so I ordered theMcAllister in walnut color so their walnut color is basically in the shade or family of the color brown as you can see and I am gonna be honest with you it reallysmells good smells like genuine no not genuine leather full grain or top grain leather because that is the quality were Allen Edmonds is at and just like I discussed on my previous video and I am gonna leave a link on thedescription of this video that they are using a good year welt so what it means is that you can see a 360 degrees stitch here under the outsole some shoe companies they only actually do 270 degrees they will stop right here in the heel sectionbut for Allen Edmonds they are really committed to high quality that’s whythey do it 360 degrees and their model in McAllister it’s actually in anoxford, in an oxford shoe So an oxford shoe is basically a closed lacing system as you can see from here so the eyelets it’s sawn into the vampjust like this and one of the characteristics that I love about AllenEdmonds is that I’ve learned that they do the patina by hand meaning to saythey hand paint the color of this shoe by hand.

According to their website it takes them 200 steps to make a shoe so imagine that 212 steps just for them to make one shoe.

One of the things that is unique about Allen Edmonds is that they do a they do a six eyelet right here (counting 1 to 6) because unlike other British companies they only do usually five eyelets, that is one thing that separates Allen Edmonds from the rest and likeI said the type of leather that they use is a full grain or top grain leather it is a durable type of leather it will really last for five to ten years but of course it alsodepends on the care and maintenance that you will do with the shoes so right here underneath it says Allen Edmonds Port Washington bench welt 1922.

Okay guys let’s go into the details of the shoe.

This McAllister shoeis like I said it’s an oxford shoe characterized by its closed lacing system and it has a tremendous amount of broguing in it broguing is the design that you see in here or the perforations it is basically the holes on top of the shoe and this right here on top, on the toe box this called the medallion and this called the wingtip shoe simply because you can see the letter W (wings) right here and to bemore specific it is a semi wingtip because as youcan see it ends somewhere on the middle the lines here, it ends, somewhere in the middle and what I really like about this shoe is also the color of course black is a universalcolor you can wear it with almost any type of shade when it comes to yourtrousers or pants, but in my opinion next to that brown is also a versatile colorbecause you can also wear this in any color of your pants or trousers.

Another thing that I would like to share with you and I believe that you’ll be interested is theprice or cost of this shoe.

Allen Edmonds on retail will sell this shoe at 425 USdollars, but since these factory second shoe I got them at 200 hundreddollars.

So there’s like a significant difference between a factory first and a factory second shoe.

So what is a factory second shoe? A factory second shoe of Allen Edmonds it will definitely have defects on it okay.

But don’t be scared when I say defects it’s a small defect so like for theother shoes that I had the usual defect that I see is like there is an excessstitching underneath, but personally for me it’s really negligible because once Iuse them, and I use them I won’t be able to see them so it’s really negligible.

Someother effects will be on the broguing that there might be a certain misalignment and that is also negligible because from a far you won’t be able to notice that.

All of my Allen Edmonds shoes I actually got them and I’ll be honest with you atfactory seconds.

I believe that every gentleman deserves to have a quality shoebecause in my experience in the past I would buy two to three pairs of shoesespecially when they are on sale, but later on what I’ve realized is that just after onetwo years you know those shoes will have a crack on it and it’s really not thesame, but with Allen Edmonds this kind of quality will definitely last five to ten years if properly taken care of.

And what’s really good about Allen Edmonds as well is that they also offer a recrafting program.

So whatis a recrafting program? So say for example you’ve totally worn out the outsole of your shoe so at a $125 what they will do is entirely replace this with a new outsole and they will keepthe upper of the leather exactly the same but they will replace this and the end result will still be a brand new looking shoes and then if you are going to ask me, ifI’m going to pay $125 where in fact I bought them at $200 why would even do that? Now to answer that question because for some people maybe theirshoes have a like sentimental value maybe they’ve worn it on a very special occasion / event and instead of just throwing away those those shoes or that pair of shoe what they do is give it a second life.

For a good year welt, I understand that acobbler can do the recrafting or resoling for three to four times.

And another goodthing about Allen Edmonds is that they offer their shoes in a wide range ofsizes and I’m not just talking about the length of the shoe, but Allen Edmondsoffer a wide range of sizes in terms of width.

Personally I wear a sizeD, so D being a standard width but for other people who have a wider feetAllen Edmonds offer sizes from E, double E and Triple E.

And I guess thenext obvious question is that if I’ve finally decided to buy my first pair ofAllen Edmonds what color should I choose or select? Personally I would suggest the color of walnut or brown because brown is a versatile color and Ican almost guarantee you that it will match any color or dress pants, trouser or jeans and I’m planning to create a new video that will show thewalnut color in different color of pants that I will be wearing so I hope guys thatyou’ve enjoy watching this video.

If you have any questions please write it downin the comments section below.

And to help grow my channel pleaseSubscribe, Like and even Share this video with your friends.

So that’s it for todayI hope you like it bye-bye for now.


3 Rules On Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans | Pairing Different Pieces of Your Wardrobe Seamlessly

23hi I’m Antonio Centeno I’m the founder of real men real style today I’m going to be speaking about the three rules on wearing dress shoes with jeans yes guys wearing dress shoes with jeans it’s possible but you need to follow a few rules I’m going to try to lay that out pretty simply so that in various situations you can apply these rules and you can make the right decision now this is brought to you by Lee jeans I’m going to be using some of their jeans as examples and they’re a great premium sponsor that have been with me for about a year now and I’ve been really impressed with the way that one you can find these jeans all over the world and the way that they have been going from you know let’s just say a type of Jean that I remember as a kid but I always thought actually was more geared towards women however they have reinvented themselves you oughtta go check out their new modern series this is a company with a storied history almost a hundred years I’m really impressed in fact I’m wearing a pair right now and this salvaged denim that they’re making right here very impressed with it but let me get let me get into those rules so number one gentleman is you need to wear the right type of jeans and there are various types of jeans out there various out believe it or not all jeans are casual but there are dressier jeans and there are really ultra casual jeans so if it’s distressed if it has holes if it’s a lighter shade most likely you’re not going to want to wear it with dress shoes however you get that fit right and what do I mean by good fit okay I’m going to link to an article but you want it to fit well in the waist area and the hips the length is very important so don’t let those jeans get too long especially if you’re getting fraying in the back guys that is a no-no those are way too long make sure to get them hemmed you don’t want to go with bootcut you want to go with something that’s a bit more tapered at the bottom do not go with the baggy fit go again with a slimmer too a trim to a regular cut that’s going to work with dress shoes the best in addition I was talking about dressy so what do I mean by dressy well I have those selvage this is a great example of a very dark indigo now this color right here again salvaged denim dark denim this is what you’re shooting for with your jeans it’s going to have a little bit more of a dressier look and I highly recommend now there’s a couple other things you can do with jeans and so on this black pair of jeans again made by Lee jeans and black is isn’t something I’m going to recommend for all men but if you’re comfortable with this if you’ve got the right complexion usually going to be a little bit darker colored you can possibly pull this off especially if you wanting to wear black dress shoes this actually will work I will also work if you possibly dark gray suede chuckers or something like that you could also possibly wear with black now color denim dark color denim especially you can find a way to pull this off and this actually can work possibly with black with dark Browns with other colors that you don’t want to get too close and try to be too we don’t want to make it match but I think there’s a number of shades of brown that will actually work with this okay so we’ve talked about the jeans and just giving so I’m going to move in to num rule number two and that’s actually wearing the right type of dress shoe so what do I mean by this okay let’s look at if this was all dress shoes from the most dressy to the least dressy down here and these were jeans over here from the most dressy jeans to the least dressy you see how there’s a bit of overlap right here that’s the area that we’re shooting for and so when I’m talking about dress shoes we’re going to be going for more casual dress shoes now let’s talk about some examples of dress shoes that you most likely would not want to try to wear with jeans they’re just going to be too formal and that’s going to be basically Oxford’s they’re going to have clothes dishing I’ve got two examples right here and what do I mean by clothes stitching so look right over here notice how this part right here goes right underneath the vamp up they’re going to have very very smooth darker colors usually black burgundy it’s probably gonna be a bit too dark although I did mention and if you are wearing black jeans you can wear sometimes a bit more casual maybe a black loafer or something like that but the style right here the Oxford the bow more this is not what you want to go for instead you want to go for what’s called a blue Chur or a derby and this is where it has the lacing basically is out here so notice how this leather is like slapped on top of the vamp this is the type of shoe you’re looking for also notice the color it’s a lighter colored Brown Tan’s loafers are going to work as well a wide aarti of boots choucas slip-ons all of those are going to be options when you’re looking at dress shoes that you can wear with jeans so rule number three is to remember when you’re pairing dress shoes with jeans even though it is a casual look it’s a dressier casual look so you’re going to want to make sure that you accompany with a collared shirt that you look at the accessories you keep them to a minimum you keep them simple possibly if you know you’re a fashionable stylish guy maybe you can pull off some type of a hat with that but you want to make sure you’re bringing in everything you bring with it actually matches with a dress you want one of the thing with dress shoes in jeans you’ve got to think about is it the dress shoe makes your foot look a little bit smaller unlike large boots or any other type of Footwear out there it’s a bit clunky er it can actually cause it makes you feel look a tad smaller proportion wise you want to be careful of this combination if you’re a large man so if you have a pretty big midsection guys be very careful about this combination and in fact if you have a big midsection I would highly recommend you look to throw on a jacket and that is a great accessory to really finish off the look I think sports jackets go really well you can even possibly possibly bring in a blazer but you really need to know what you’re doing alright guys hopefully you found this video useful again go check out the support article I have images and I’ve got that little info graphic that kind of shows the overlap and I go into a lot more detail there so got any more questions go check out realmenrealstyle.

com and I would love to hear from you guys in the comments what you think on this video take care bye bye you.

Men’s Leather Dress Shoe Type Overview Video – Balmoral Oxfords – Bluchers – Slip-ons – Dress Boots

Men’s Leather Dress Shoe Type Overview Video- Balmoral Oxfords – Bluchers – Slip-ons – Dress Boots Hi.

Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMen, Real Style.

Iím going to be going over a basic overviewof menís dress shoes.

And for those of you that want excruciatingmore detail, go visit my website at tailoredsuit.


I go into a lot more detail over there.

In addition, weíll be breaking out and talkingabout each of the shoe types in particular.

But I prepared choosing the four categorieshere.

And I know that they can be broken down infurther categories.

But for this basic overview, weíre goingto stick with four of the categories.

The four categories are Balmoral, Bluchers, slip-ons dress shoes, and dress boots.

So, starting off with Balmoral.

This is going to be your dressiest dress shoe.

And you normally would wear a Balmoral witha suit, if itís really nice polished black tie.

Here, in fact, let me grab an example of one.

The big thing youíll notice with the Balmoralis the closed lacing system.

So, you have the leather here on top, whichgoes on top of the lacing system.

Theyíre going to be in dark, conservativecolors such as black, dark brown.

The styling is going to be very limited.

The example I just showed you had a cap toewith the broguing on it.

In fact, pull this up really quick.

Weíve got the cap toe with a little bit ofthe broguing.

The more formal versions will have a plaintoe.

Again, a very simple, a very sleek shoe.

Something that you wear with a suit, you canwear with black tie, but you do not wear with denim.

Donít wear it with jeans.

It just doesnít look right.

Itís too formal of a shoe.

So, letís go on to Bluchers.

Bluchers are going to be less, less dressy, although in the United States, you see men wear them with suits all of the time.

So, you can get away with it.

Iím not going to say, you know, itís thebest thing to do.

Theyíre a little bit of sensitive to it inEurope.

But if youíre in American [chuckles] youcan probably, again, get away with it.

Besides being less dressy, youíre going tosee that Bluchers come in a wider range of materials.

So, youíre going to see them in suede, youíregoing to see, you know ñ and theyíre often called derbies, called saddle shoes, spectators.

These are all variations of Bluchers.

And Bluchers ñ the big thing is that itísan open lacing system.

So, this part of the leather has been thrownon top.

And when it comes to colors and styling, theyíregoing to have a much wider variety of it.

The example I showed you, those were lightbrown.

Youíre not going to see those in BalmoralOxfords but in Bluchers you going to get ñ I mean, just ask Elvis, blue suede shoes.

Youíre going to see a wider range of stylesand options.

I think Bluchers are pretty versatile whenit comes to what you can wear with them when it comes to casual wear.

So, I think Bluchers go perfect with grayflannel trousers or with odd trousers with a nice sport jacket.

When it comes to navy blazers, those workas well.

But again itís not as dressy as Balmorals.

Now letís move on to slip-ons.

So, slip-ons obviously, no laces on theseand these are shoes that you can sip on and off.

Examples are going to be tassel loafers, monkstraps, Italian moccasins, Penny loafers.

All of these are shoes, which are made towear with ease, so, with that they got a more ñ a much more casual flair.

I would not advice wearing them with a suit.

Although, you know, they work fine with apair of dress slacks with an odd jacket or a sports jacket.

They look great with ñ you know if you wantto go for a laid-back Mediterranean, especially in the summer, I love Italian moccasins somuch better, a lot better than sandals.

And I know for some of the experts out there, this is not a true slip-on but the monk strap.

The monk strap, youíll notice, this is thestrap that gives it its name, but this can slip on and off the foot.

And Iím going to right now, classify thoseas slip-ons because I do not see monk straps as something that you should normally wearwith a suit.

And I think there are many cases of Bluchersthat are going to be more formal than the monk strap.

The last one is the dress boot.

The dress boot is ñ it actually has an olderhistory than other shoes because if you think about it, boots and shoes, especially at thetime when men rode horses, it was something that you wore to protect your feet and yourankles.

And it wasnít until that we, in a sense, became civilized, and got away from having to be outÖ Öin the environment so much, that we wereactually able to wear shoes which didnít have to be protect us as much.

But dress boots, theyíve kind of fall intoa position of ñ you wear them if theyíre going to be functional.

Otherwise, theyíre in the same category Iwould say, as slip-ons.

So, you donít want to be wearing them witha suit, unless, itís bad weather conditions outside.

And you want to actually be protecting yourankles.

So, dress boots ñ an example of them areChelsea boots.

This [chuckles] is not example of a dressboot.

This is a Western boot.

So, there is a difference there.

So, weíve covered dress boots.

Weíve covered monk straps.

Weíve covered Bluchers.

And weíve covered the Balmorals.

So, that is a quick overview of menís dressshoes.

Thank you.



Allen Edmonds Review | Popular Shoe Styles

Hi I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project.

In today’s video I’m going to betalking about one of the most popularAmerican shoe brands; Allen Edmonds.

Customers call us often saying I’m looking to buy my first pair of really nice dress shoes what should I invest in? And what I tell customers is thatyou really should be at the Allen Edmonds level or better.

At 395, these aren’t cheap shoes; they are certainly an investment.

But with Allen Edmonds you can knowthat you’re buying a shoe that is really substantiated with quality that’s well made from quality components and that if taken care of properly can easily last you a decade or more.

And in this video I’m goingto show you some of the most popular dressshoe models and talk about the constructiontechniques that really make this a shoe that is worthy of your investment and that can last decades if taken care of properly.

If you have any questions duringthis video please ask them in the comments section below.

I make a point to get back to all of those questions personally and I always love to hear whatviewers think of our videos.

Let us know, do you own AllenEdmonds? Do you enjoy wearing these? What’s your favorite shoe? Do you think that there’s adifferent shoe that someone should be investing in to start outwith? Let us know.

Allen Edmonds is one of the fewremaining Great American dress shoe companies.

Manufactured in Wisconsin, they’re still made today less than10 miles away from the originalfactory.

They use a 360 degree goodyear welt, which means that it goes all the wayaround.

And the reason that that’s importantis it allows the sole to be easily replaced without having to deconstruct the entire shoe.

So it’s certainly one of the mostimportant hallmarks of quality and certainly any shoe that is going to last more than a decade needs to be goodyear welted so thatthe sole can be replaced easily.

One of the other hallmarks ofquality you find with an Allen Edmond shoes is thatthe uppers are made from high quality open grain leather.

What that means is that the leatherhasn’t been excessively treated in order to correct for any blemishes or unsightly characteristics.

And so what you have with an open grain leather, is a leather that one looks better and then is going to last longer and look better as the shoe ages.

It’s a hallmark of durability and quality.

Allen Edmonds also applies all of their finishes by hand whichcreates a beautiful natural variation from pair to pair; so you could rest assured that yourAllen Edmonds are completely unique.

And one of the best things aboutowning a pair of Allen Edmonds and something that will keep yourshoes looking fantastic for a very long time is that they have a comprehensive re-craftingprogram.

Where for $125 you can send your shoes back toAllen Edmonds, they’ll replace the sole, replace the corking which goes underneath the sole to create kind of a soft cushion and then they re-last the shoe where they stretch theleather back over the original last, re-welt it and then strip, refinish the shoe, replace the shoe laces and replace the heels.

One of the other things that’sreally cool about AE’s crafting program is that you can replace the soles with a completely different kind.

So let’s say that your shoesoriginally had an all leather dress sole, but you wanted something that youcould wear in the rain or in the snow.

You could have that replaced duringre-crafting with a day night for as little as a $30 up-charge.

Shoe cobblers can do great work, but no shoe cobblers ever going tobe able to do the restoration work that the factory can.

So if you have the time to send your AE’s back to the factory forre-crafting, I absolutely recommend that.

Allen Edmonds has an extensivecollection of models.

But the four that you see here today are the most classic traditional dress shoes offered by Allen Edmonds.

The Park Avenue, the Fifth Avenue, the Strand and the McAllister Wingtip.

If there’s four shoes that every man needs in their wardrobe these are probably the ones to look at.

The Park Avenue is easily Allen Edmond’s most iconic traditional dress shoe.

Shown here in black, It’s the first dress shoe any man should invest in.

The reason is because it’s easilythe most versatile.

It’s that lowestcommon denominator that you can wear in almost any occasion.

You can wear it: during the day towork, for an interview, you can wear it in formal occasions after 6 o’clock.

If you have a proper high shine onthe toe, you can even wear it with a tuxedo or a morning suit.

This shoe is a shoe that is never out of place.

And so although it’s available in many finishes, if you were to have just one dressshoe the black cap-toe Oxford Park Avenue would be the one I would invest in.

One of the other design elements that’s quite unique to Allen Edmondsis that they use six eyelets in all their dress shoes and it’s really kind of the Americanway.

A lot of the European companies yousee with five eyelets.

And so the six eyelets of AllenEdmonds, they’re one of a few companies still committed to doing six eyelets, is a small subtle detail that you’re wearing Allen Edmonds.

If you’re looking for a slightly less formal shoe maybe something that’s got a little bit morecharacter.

The Allen Edmond’s Fifth Avenue is a great choice.

This is almost exactly the same as the Park Avenue, except there’s a little bit ofbroging across the toe-cap.

Now any time you add broging to a shoe the less formal it becomes.

So the more holes you put in a pair of shoes the lessformal it is.

So this is a great shoe.

Equally as appropriate during theday but isn’t something that you’dnecessarily want to wear after six o’clock to aformal dinner and you really couldn’t get away with that properly with a tuxedo.

But if you’re looking for a littlebit more visual interest you want somethingthat isn’t just plain then this is a fantastic shoe.

Even slightly more casual, is the Allen Edmonds Strand.

So this is still a cap-toe Oxford, but as you can see it’s added amedallion and even more broging detail to just create an even more formal shoe.

This is a great shoe to have in an light brown like this Walnut pictured here, because you can easily wear it on the weekends with jeans or with a more casual suit.

And finally we have the McAllisterWingtip.

Now there is very few morequintessentially American dress shoes than a wingtip.

Most of the sales people for IBM inthe 1960s all wore black wingtips.

Now as you can see here it’s got a tremendous amount of broging.

And so it is the least formal of all these shoes even though it’s the most closelyassociated with formal business dress.

This shoe in black is a perfect day time formal dress shoe.

But in a dark brown like this chili, or even a walnut It’s a beautiful dress shoe that iscertainly not out of place in anywell-appointed wardrobe.

Now Allen Edmonds has way more shoes than the four models that we have pictured here but these represent the core of any business dress shoe wardrobe.

You’ve got your plain cap-toeOxford, you’ve got a cap-toe with a little bit a toe-cap broging, you’ve got your less formal cap-toe Oxford with a medallion and full broging, and then you have your Wingtip.

These are fantastic shoes that will be as timeless and as classic today as they will be 20 or 30 years from now.

So if you’re really looking toinvest in something of quality I always recommend going with those timeless classic stylesthat you can be confident you’ll enjoy wearing just as much in 20 years as you do the day you buy them.

The five standard finishes that you can find at Allen Edmonds Black, Oxblood, Brown, Walnut and Dark Chili.

Each of these four models that Ijust showed you are available in any of these five finishes.

Another great benefit of buyingAllen Edmonds shoes is that they have one of the widest selection of sizes and widths of any stocked dress shoe program that I thinkexists.

So you can find everything from a B to a triple D width, from a six and a half to a size 15.

So you can walk into an AllenEdmonds store and trust that you can find a pairof dress shoes that is going to fit you well.

The other thing that I really likeabout Allen Edmonds is that they manufacture all of their shoes in a variety ofdifferent dress sole options.

You can get a full leather sole.

Right, which is the most traditional dress shoe sole.

You can get a B tread, which is what they call it where thefront half is rubber.

So if you’re someone that walking alot or often times is walking in rain or snow, the rubber soul is just going toprovide that additional protection to theshoe.

And if you really need durabilityyou can go with the day night.

Now this is a great sole for people that either live in bigcities where you’re oftentimes walking in the rain or if you live anywhere with snow.

Because it’s a fully rubber sole, you don’t have to worry about anysalt or water getting into the shoe and delegating the construction.

A question we receive often here TheHanger Project, is that I just bought a new pair of dress shoes, do I need to polish them? The short answer is that absolutely.

If you just bought a new pair ofshoes, polishing them with some Saphir Medaille d’Or cream polish and a little bit of Pate DeLuxe wax polish is really going to make those shoes look great.

The reason is is any factory made shoe does not receive any type of actual polishing at the factory itself.

So there’s no protective waxes, there’s no nourishment that a cream polish is going to providethat leather and they just don’t look as polished as a properly polished pair of shoes.

If you want to learn how toshine a new pair of shoes, take a look at How To Shine New Shoes video on our YouTube channel.

The other thing I recommend for any new pair of shoes is to buy a pairof shoe trees and to always use a shoe horn.

That when combined with regular polishing would ensure that your shoes continue to lookgreat for years.

Another question we receive often is how do I know if my shoes need to be resoled? One, you want to see whether or not holes are beginning todevelop in the dress sole itself.

If you see any type of round holes developing that definitely means it’s time to sendthem in the be resoled.

The other thing is if you’re pushingdown on the sole and it seems soft, then that means that the corkfilling on the inside of the shoe has been worn down.

Another tall tale sign that it’s time to send your shoes in forresoling.

This pair of Allen Edmonds, which was part of our $50 eBay challenge, you can see has a worn sole but doesn’t have any holes and still is quite firm to thetouch.

This shoe easily has several years ahead of it before the solesneed to be replaced.

And of course there’s always thequestion of how often should I polish my shoes? The short answer is that you shouldpolish them as often as they look like they need to be polished.

One of the first things people will notice when they meet you for thefirst time is your watch and your shoes.

And for that reason, it’s very important to not only invest in a high quality pair of dress shoes, but to take care of them with regular and proper polishing.

So a great story a friend of minerecently shared with me was how his mentor took him into his closet to show him an area on his floor that was worn down and black.

And he asked his mentee, you know do you know why my carpet looks like this? Of course he said no and he said this is where I have polished my shoes every morning for the last 40 years.

I thought it was an incredible storybecause oftentimes in this day of age you know we forget how professionals always polished their shoes as a sign of integrity.

Showing up to work having polished your shoes and having shoes that are well-made and well looked after is a sign that you take care of the details that are oftenoverlooked by other people and therefore you can be trusted.

So anyone that’s serious about theircareer, their identity or their profession, looking after your shoes is as critical to that as showing up to work wearing appropriateclothing.

So I challenge you to shine yourshoes regularly.

Either on Sunday while you’rewatching football or even during conference calls atthe office, polishing your shoesregularly will ensure that they continue tolook great and last a long time.

And if you’re shining your shoes.

tag The Hanger Project or hashtag #ShoeShineSunday and we’d love to feature you on ourInstagram page.

I’m Kirby Allison founder of The Hanger Project and here we love helping the well-dressed take care of theirwardrobes.

If you had any questions about anything we discussed in this video, feel free to ask them in thecomments section below.

I love getting back to thosequestions personally.

If you like this video give us thethumbs up and subscribe to our YouTubechannel so that you can receivenotifications whenever we release our next video.

I’m Kirby Allison thanks for joining.

Trang phục nam chất liệu denim và những món đồ thời trang nam cao cấp

Tạo trang phục tương tự như phái mạnh khiến có denim và những chiếc quần short trước lúc chúng ta khởi đầu một lời cảm ơn bự quý ông công sở đòi hỏi tài trợ ngày hôm nay như phái mạnh mọi người biết tôi chỉ bao gồm những phần nhưng mà tôi tình yêu và tôi thực sự sẽ đi ra kế bên và tự marketing, hãy mở đầu với phụ kiện quần trước tiên mà tôi muốn giới thiệu chiếm hữu người mua hôm nay tôi không nghĩ rằng họ đề nghị rộng rãi lời giới thiệu họ chiếm hữu lẽ là điều thứ 1 nam giới nghĩ về lúc phái mạnh nghĩ rằng quần âu và không phải quần jean và đó là cô đó biết đúng bây chừ mặc một đôi chinos tí hon từ sản phẩm thời trang một trong tầm thường địa chỉ nơi quý ông công sở có thể chọn chinos họ thực sự giống như trong mọi nhà hàng và trong thực sự thấp đẹp mỏng mảnh và đống ý có nhỏ do đó bất cứ điều gì nổi thuyền của bạn, bạn sẽ sắm thấy 1 tác phẩm gì đó tin cẩn tôi các tài nguyên màu xanh lá cây chinos vượt trội sở hữu tôi.

Tôi thực sự thích màu nó là 1 chút của một pop nhưng tại đồng thời họ bị tắt tiếng đủ để lợi ích đi chiếm hữu một vài trang bị và cô đấy biết phái mạnh mang thể đối xử trung thực giống như denim là điểm của ngày hôm nay video bắt buộc nam giới có thể bàn thảo chúng mặc áo thun pop và mang giày lười nam tăng chiều cao của các chàng trai công sở xuống bên dưới quý ông chiếm hữu thể cuộn chúng lên trường hợp quý ông công sở muốn bạn chẳng phải thích nghi có quý ông nhìn sở hữu thể mang chúng tới những thợ may chúng vừa vặn và đẹp quanh mắt cá chân nếu ấy là những gì nam giới đang tậu kiếm nhưng tôi nghĩ rằng Geno là vô tận đa năng và chúng ta cũng sẽ thì thầm về sự khác nhau giữa năm túi quần chéo vải bông và cổ điển Chino bởi vì tôi nghĩ có 1 chút 1 chút nhầm lẫn ko kể kia chinos lựa sắm số một của chúng tôi lên hàng đầu mặc áo dài cần phải có trong này cổ áo kem tôi hoàn toàn thích điều này tay áo dài tôi cũng chiếm hữu nó trong cá hồi màu hồng Tôi đã mặc quần lót nam nó bè cánh và chỉ sự yêu quý là cực kì đẹp, nó giống như một một chút của một công trình mở rộng khiến nó đẹp trường hợp các chàng trai công sở muốn mặc 1 tác phẩm gì ấy dài hơn một chút nhưng mà đồng thời phái mạnh với thể đẩy nó lên và chơi sở hữu sự rủ rê của vải mà tôi luôn nghĩ là rẻ chạm trang bị nhì lên chúng ta có đồng minh trang phục từ các thiết bị cần phải có và ở phía dưới mặc quần jeans nam đấy là của chúng tôi thay thế thứ nhì cho quần jean denim bây chừ người chạy bộ đã chiếm hữu một phong trào mập khoảng 4 hoặc 5 nhiều chủng loại năm trước nó đã chết đi 1 chút nhưng 1 điều luôn luôn thắng lợi làm phiền tôi về họ là bao nhiêu vải chụm lại ở dưới cộng của quần chân này đã chấm dứt sạch như chinos họ đẹp và tí hon họ mang 1 vài phi tiêu không tính đầu gối cho phép thêm một phòng trong đầu gối làm họ cực kỳ công bình cũng được vật dụng trong suốt đùi và trong suốt xe taxi đồng tình như thế này ra khỏi hộp lên Tôi đang mặc các gì nhãn hàng là với lẽ nổi tiếng nhất là của họ áo thun tre cực vô tư vừa vặn sở hữu một số tiện nghi cho loại vải này chẳng hạn như bản lĩnh chống mùi và độ ẩm thấm hút do vậy nó thuận lợi là 1 trong các mặt hàng chủ lực bậc nhất của tôi trong tủ quần áo của tôi ngay ngày nay Tôi xong xuôi thành phầm nhìn có một cặp sạch cú đá từ thương hiệu của riêng tôi toàn vẹn những có mặt trên thị trường được hoàn thiện có màu trắng bánh chỉ để đơn thuần và giữ sự tập trung vào quần hôm nay là 1 ngày khác nhau – ngày 24 tháng 8 chiếm hữu nghĩa là khi 10 giờ sáng, giờ miền Đông mới bộ sưu tập đang giảm từ nhu yếu phẩm chiếm hữu nghĩa là đẳng cấp mới màu sắc mới và giả dụ người dùng biết nhãn hiệu và đã bán buôn họ trước hoặc nỗ lực sắm sửa cho phái mạnh biết rằng khí cụ bán hết cực kì nhanh trong vòng 24 tới 48 giờ đi để đảm bảo quý ông kinh doanh nhanh chóng và nếu quý ông công sở muốn tiết kiệm 10%, phái mạnh sở hữu thể tiêu pha áo .

10 chỉ để làm cho nó 1 giá cả phải chăng hơn một chút cho các bạn để mua sắm vận chuyển nhãn hiệu là không tính tiền trong nước nó không tính tiền quốc tế nếu quý ông công sở chi hơn 150 đô la mà thậm chí cần phải có hơn trường hợp quý ông marketing năm những người đang sắm sửa thế hệ bộ sưu tập được tìm cho 1 chuyến đi được thanh toán toàn vẹn tầm giá tới Los Angeles tới đi chơi ko chỉ có tôi và Jose nhưng mà cũng với Alex Casas và 1 loạt ảnh hưởng của bạn khác và youtuber do đó giả dụ khách hàng muốn đi chơi chiếm hữu chúng tôi tại một công ty pop-up vào ngày 26 tháng 10 xem tiếp Los Angeles đảm bảo chặn đứng bộ sưu tập về căn bản là mục nhập của các chàng trai công sở cho giveaway hãy bắt đầu nói chuyện về lựa mua trang bị ba tôi có cho nam giới hôm nay và đó là năm túi bông twill vì thế trước lúc chúng ta nói về họ, chúng ta trải nghiệm tách denim là gì Quần Tino và những thiết bị ấy là tôi có trên cơ thể của tôi ngay hiện giờ chính sự không giống nhau giữa denim và đây là chỉ vải năm túi bông quần thường gần sở hữu Chino hơn vải nhẹ hơn 1 chút nhẹ nhàng hơn một chút linh hoạt nhưng mà mọi thứ khác vẫn là cộng quý ông công sở chiếm hữu năm túi đúng rời khỏi lưng ở cả nhị bên và sau ấy thành tích túi nhỏ nhắn đấy hay bất cứ điều gì bạn muốn tiêu dùng nó cho túi bên đòi hỏi với phần cứng trong trung tâm do đó, sự đặc biệt giữa denim và Cotton 5 túi là vải bây chừ vải là những gì làm cho năm túi bông và chinos gần giống nhưng cô biết sở hữu 1 phong cách khác lạ ngoài eo quý ông công sở sẽ thấy túi xéo trên bên quý ông sẽ thấy nút khác.

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Monk Strap Shoes Guide – How To Wear & Buy Single & Double Monks

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about Monk strap shoes.

We discuss the single monk strap as well asthe double monk strap, boots, we talk about history, how to wear them, what to do, whatnot to do, and anything else you need to know.

First, let’s start with the history.

Supposedly, in the 15th century, a monk inthe alps modified a pair of sandals which is why the monk got its name.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find records fromthe time and the kind of earliest evidence we have as a brand came in 1901.

That being said, if you want to learn moreabout the monk strap shoe history, please check out our detailed guide here.

Traditionally, the monk strap shoe had a singlebuckle and that’s what the shoe looked like for years.

Over time, men wanted to create a differentstyle so they added a second buckle.

Sometimes, you can even see shoes with threebuckles, maybe more.

In my experience, everything that has morethan 2 buckles is very trendy.

You want to stay with a classic look, go witha single or a double monk.

No matter if you have a single monk or a doublemonk, the construction is very similar.

You have an upper vamp as well as a bucklestrap and then the heel.

In this case, the shoe has some broguing, wingtip but that’s entirely optional.

The same is true for the double monk shoe, the only difference can be that the buckles in the straps can be in different positions, either here or there, the spacing between the buckles can be different and the anglesand the style can be different.

Personally, I think the spacing of about 2inches is ideal because if it’s too narrow, it looks odd.

If the buckles are too parallel, it looksunadvantageous too.

Simply get a more dynamic look with strapsthat are not aligned or parallel.

Most monk strap shoes have a little part ofan elastic, right behind here because it’s a very inflexible shoe and you still haveto get in and out of it.

Naturally, not all feet are alike and thereforeyou can find certain holes in the strap to adjust it to your foot.

For a single monk strap, that’s basicallythe only adjustment you can make and therefore it’s more difficult to fit them right.

Because you have 2 adjustable straps on adouble monk, it’s a theory easier to get the fit right though in practice, it doesn’t makethat much of a difference.

It’s just important that you try on the shoeand make sure it’s as close as possible, otherwise, it will be an uncomfortable shoe that youdon’t end up wearing.

In terms of buckle designs, you find all kindsof shapes.

Thicker square ones, rectangular, round, halfround, octagonal, hexagonal, you name it and it will probably exist.

Off the rack, these buckles are usually madeof brass and then either plated with chrome or palladium or with a natural patina whichis actually quite attractive.

If you go bespoke, sometimes they’ll alsouse sterling silver or even solid gold which makes the shoe more expensive but it’s usuallya collaboration with a goldsmith and it allows you to get a very unique buckle design.

Ideally, you want to match the metal colorof your monk strap buckle to your tie bar, your cuff links, or your rings although, it’snot always possible and you shouldn’t stress out about it.

In terms of material, of course, classic, plain calf leather is the number one choice.

It’s easy to take care of, even get a nicepatina and it’s quite robust.

In terms of colors, I would suggest you startwith something with a dark brown range or maybe something reddish like burgundy becauseit’s versatile and you can wear it with so many outfits.

Once you’ve mastered dark brown and reddishbrown, you can think about other colors such as tan.

On top of that, a dark brown suede monk strapcan be very good for a casual and business casual wardrobe.

Personally, I don’t have one because I havemany other suede shoes but if I wouldn’t have them, I would probably invest in a dark brownsuede monk strap.

A black monk strap shoe is only recommendedif you wear greys and charcoals, otherwise, I really suggest you stick with brown or burgundy.

Of course, once you’ve got these colors covered, you can play a little more and get a spectator monk strap either with linen or with leather, you can even use tweed, basically, the possibilities are endless.

Another somewhat popular monk strap shoesis exotic leather such as alligator and lizard.

If you go that route, ake sure you get a mattealligator leather or lizard because it looks much more sophisticated and the shiny finishlooks rather cheap and it’s definitely something you want to avoid.

Apart from the classic monk strap design witha single buckle, there’s a style that evolved in the last couple of years where the strapspint towards the heel, for the lack of a better word, they call it the cutaway monk strap.

It’s an entirely different look once you wearit and I think it works better with slightly shorter pants so you end up seeing the buckleand it’s basically a matter of personal choice.

Of course in the shoe world, you always wantto be classic yet different and so someone had the idea to do a double cutaway monk strapand it can look quite elegant although it’s a shoe that you can buy once you have allthe basics covered.

Apart from shoes, you can also invest in monkstrap boots which can actually look quite elegant especially with one buckle.

Becaue it’s a boot, the strap is slightlyhigher but you can also add a second or sometimes a third strap and unlike with the shoe, itlooks quite good.

At the end of the day, I would suggest youbuy those only if you already have a chelsea boot, johdphur boot, and maybe a balmoralboot because it’s slightly more advanced.

So how do you wear a monk strap shoe? Basically, it’s a slightly less formal shoethan an oxford or a derby, that makes it very versatile in today’s day and age.

It pairs well with casual outfits, businesscasual outfits, blazers, sport coats, especially combinations.

I also like to wear it with tweed and apartfrom that, it always gives you a unique look because there are way more oxfords and laceupshoes out there than there are monk straps.

You should always stay clear of monk strapshoes for formal events, when you wear a three piece suit, black tie or white tie, funeralsor stroller suit.

it’s simply not suited for the type of garment.

Even moreso than with regular shoes, it’sextremely important to use a shoe horn to put on monk straps.

Why? A monk strap is cut higher on the foot andthere is no real opening unlike with a lace up shoe and so ideally, you should unbuckleyour monk strap, get in with the shoe horn and close it.

So with the double monk strap shoe that canbe quite time consuming so if you’re in a hurry, use a shoe horn and pull so you getinto the shoe easily without damaging it.

Let’s recap.

If it’s your first monk strap shoe, go withsometing in dark brown, burgundy, or chestnut brown.

Saty clear of black unless you wear a lotof grey and charcoal suits.

Buy shoes before boots and start with calfleather and then move to suede.

If you want to be particularly non-chalant, you can actually leave one buckle unbuckled when you wear it and it gives you that sprezzaturaand flair that you usually see at Pitti Uomo.

Because the monk strap is more casual in itsnature, it’s a perfect shoe to pair with unusual socks, either striped, dotted, or patternedand in different colors.

Also make sure not to wear it with formalattire and always use a shoe horn when you put them on.

If you’re in need of s shoe horn, head overto our shop where we have like a 25 inch, 15 inch and travel size version so you canhave a shoe horn with you wherever you are.

If you enjoyed this video, please subscribeto our channel and for more details, nice pictures on how to combine monk straps andinspiration, please head over to our full fledged guide here.



new year new me I’m just messing with you man new year the same me intro your weather my name is Vladimir rachet from chase and rider calm a few months ago I did a video on the most important shoe that every man should own which is the black cap toe Oxford in that video I had mentioned that I wanted to make a series out of it to whack and tell you different black cap toe Oxford that you can get depending on your budget well this is the first video in their series this one is the top ten black cap toe Oxford under $500 but before we get to it man why my way and I had inside I thought it was a good idea at first but I’m starting to get really hot so let’s lose the Hat you know now before I stop with the countdown there are a couple of things that I wanted to clarify although I’m a shoe-in thews ears I don’t know every shoe brand that exists you know so a lot of time in the comments you guys are teaching me just like I’m teaching you so some of the brands that you guys mentioned I never heard of and I would end up looking them up and some of them are actually pretty decent brands so thank you for putting me on to some brand that I don’t know and number two more importantly there are a lot of brands that some guys ask me in the comments like how come I don’t mention those brands I recently got a comment well guy said how come you’re not talking about the big guns and he mentioned like three brands and I’m saying to myself the big guns are you serious so he allowed these brands it’s not that I don’t know about them it’s more like I don’t like those type of brands I don’t feel like their shoes are nice I don’t feel like their shoes it’s worth the price they happen to run yeah but each other I would like those breads missed so instead of talking bad about them I’d rather not mention them at all so hopefully me bringing up the brains that I talked about you can kind of read between the lines see the one that I don’t like one thing about this countdown every brand that I’m going to talk about is either Goodyear welted or and well actually I put they’re pretty much all good your water except for one more on that later let’s get to number ten number ten is the 86 27 from Carlo Santos Carlo Santos is a brand at a Portugal the shoes are also made in Portugal and the shoes retail for 350 dollars you can get them from a fine pair of shoes out of the UK that’s one of the stock is that carries Carlo Santos I’ll include on the links in the description as well so you guys can check them out the 86 27 is made on the 4:01 last the four zero one last is an almond shape last personally I feel like the four zero one last is a little bit too long and I might be the way that it looks in the pictures because I’ve never actually seen the forty or one last in person but it still a really nice pair of shoes and at $350 that’s a pretty good buy the 86 27 also has an open channel sold open channel so shoes typically not always cost a little bit less than a shoe that has a closed Channel roll number nine is the Magnolia from J Fitzpatrick Footwear J Fitzpatrick is an American brand but the shoes are made on in Spain and retail for 395 diamonds the shoes are made on the CMG lass which is around last the reason why it’s not higher on the countdown I feel like the Magnolia is not as plain as most black cap toe Oxford or like for example D or some triple stitching going on across the vamp and on the side so I feel like it has more design work on it compared to a typical black cap toe Oxford the plain of the shoe the dressy of the shoe so I feel like when we’re talking about black cap toe Oxford which is a dressy shoe that kind of knocks it down a little bit but it is a pretty nice shoe I definitely do recommend them so do check out the Magnolia from j fitzpatrick footwear number 8 is the gilbert from love and tong at three hundred and thirteen dollars these shoes are an absolute steal i believe that a lowest price one on the countdown they are made on the s last which is their round last and all up in front shows are made in spain one thing that i really like also about the gilbert it has the gooseneck design and all other guys do like that on their black Capital Oxford and not $313 those shoes are pretty hard to be and number 7 is the Richard from cobbler union cobbler union are also made in Spain at 395 dollars that come with a fiddleback waist which is really awesome actually when cobbler union first came out one of the features that they used to always talk about was the Phaedo back waist but recently they started going away from making their shoes with a fiddleback waist but the richard is one of the shoes that still actually has that but one thing that cobbler unions still having all their shoes is the put red hair cup which looks like the seeds of a luxury sports car so that’s definitely a nice feature the richard is made on the city last which is around last they’re one of the few shoes on the countdown where you can actually walk into a store in the US and try Lemoine or be able to stores only in Atlanta but we do have one in the u.


number six is a brand that I’ve never spoken about on the countdown before it’s a brand called Embraer there the house brand from the Sabbath the Sabbath is an online shoe brand out of Sweden that’s actually where my web got me Joe work shoe so I talked about the Sabbat before I did an unboxing of the jewel work shoe that I got from them if you’ve never seen it I’ll link it somewhere up here and also include in the description but mblair is the brand from the Sabbath those guys been around shoes for a long time and those shoes look really really nice the black capital Oxford is called Ashton and they retail for three hundred and ninety dollars and one thing that the Ashton offers that come with lasting shoe trees so after three hundred and ninety dollars not only are you getting a really nice pair of black cap toe Oxford you’re also getting lasted shoe trees to go along with that the shoes are made on the BG zero one last which is a brown last and if I didn’t mention it before every year are also made in Spain now let’s get into the top five of the ten black cap toe Oxford that I recommend under $500 number five is the Carmina 732 call me no shoes or made out in Spain there used to be 450 the prices went up a little bit and now that costs four hundred and seventy five dollars even at $475 call me now still one of the best shoes that you can get currently on hundred dollars the forest last is around last with a high-end step I highly recommend Carmina as you guys already know if you’ve been paying attention to this channel I don’t know if you’re paying attention but number five six seven eight and nine on this countdown we’re all made in Spain Spain has a great history of excellent shoemaking so it’s no coincidence that have the shoes on this countdown were made in Spain number four is the first shoes on this countdown that are made in England the shoes are called the Hanover and they’re from look 1880 export grade line all the export great shoes retail for four hundred and ten dollars the export grade line is the highest line that you can get from lope and Luke’s been making shoes since 1880 so they’ve been around for years the handovers are really really beautiful shoe it’s made on the tower last which is an almond-shaped last and when you look at the shoes it’s kind of hard to wrap my head around how they can only be four G than ten dollars because those shoes just look like something that should be costing you like 600 or 700 dollars one way that Luke is able to keep the costs so low on the export grade the export grade shoes all come with open channel Sol and open channel so doesn’t mean that the construction is not as good he’s just that aesthetically a closed channel so looks better because the stitches are hidden but I highly recommend the handover unfortunately I’m in the US and Luke currently does not ship to do us so I haven’t been able to get my hands on them yet but from what I can see and from everything I heard the export grade namely the handover is one of the best-looking ones on the countdown now let’s get to the top three number three is the patter from the armory they’re one of the most expensive shoes on the countdown the patter retails for four hundred and ninety five dollars so pretty close to that $500 price point the armory is a company out of Hong Kong the shoes are actually made in England the last is a soft square last called the Hajime and the last was made in collaboration with your head for CUDA during Fukuda is on the top bespoke shoe makers in the world out of Japan one thing about those shoes they are made out of one piece of leather so that’s supposed to make them more comfortable and it also minimizes decreasing so that’s one thing that the issues offer that no other shoe in the countdown does number two is the 112 from TLB Majorca and artista line CRB Majorca as the name indicates is a branded strain they retail for three hundred and ninety five dollars the 112 is made on the gorillas which is around last and at three hundred and ninety five dollars they’re one of the best bang for your buck that you can get in the entire shoe industry and the reason why the number two is because it’s very hard to understand how they can make such beautiful shoes under four hundred dollars as it stands right now having at the pleasure of seeing them in person yet some people that I trust tell me that to them the assister line is actually even better than Carmina and it retails at almost $100 less than Camila I can’t confirm that myself because once again I’ve been held of shoes in my hand yet if your budget is $400 those would be the shoe that I would recommend the most on this entire countdown now last and definitely not least the number one show on the countdown is the fifty fifty two from Vash Budapest now if you guys are not familiar with Vash Vash is a company at a Hungary the 50:52 is my personal pair of black cap toe Oxford I’ve done an unboxing on them before if you haven’t seen it I’ll link it somewhere up here and also including in the description back when I talk about the shoe they were over five hundred dollars but somehow prices actually dropped to four hundred and ninety five dollars so along with the shoes from the armory the vast shoes are the most expensive shoes on the countdown but you definitely getting a steal because even when the bass shoes were selling at night 550 those shoes were an incredible value for the price first is because of the last the F last to me the F last is undefeated in the shoe industry when it comes to a round toe shoe it’s one of the best class that you can get the proportion of the last is unlike anything that I’ve seen before and around but the feature that really takes a vast your next level is that vast shoes actually handmade so every single shoe that I’ve mentioned on the countdown so far has been Goodyear welted when we talking about handmade shoes under $500 it doesn’t even make any sense man like once again when I got my shoes I think I got a full bow around 525 550 and that was a still at that price like there are certain companies that sell vast shoes for about $700 the same bad shoes that you can get directly from fash at 495 you know say so I highly recommend these shoes once again I’ve included a link to all the shoe that I spoke about in the description of this video and black-op to Oxford is a shoe that belongs in every well-dressed man’s wardrobe so you really cannot go wrong with a black cap toe Oxford so now the first video on the series and the next one I want to make is the top 10 black up to Oxford’s arm above $500 so so let me know the comments which black cap toe Oxford do you like or which one that you’re looking to get especially after watching this video so that was my top 10 black cap toe Oxford under $500 hit the thumbs up if you like this video subscribe everybody gonna think that you’re hater and I’ll catch you on the next video peace [Music].

The First 5 Dress Shoes Every Man Should Buy & In What Order | Upgrading Your Shoe Collection

Gentlemen, Antonio here.

All right.

Quick question for you.

What are the most expensive shoes that youown? Let me know down in the comments, I want tohear from you guys.

Now, believe it or not, I bet I can guessthe most expensive shoes in your closet.

How can I know this? Because, guys, it’s easy.

The most expensive shoes you own are the onesthat you never wear.

Make sense? If you go out there and you buy $100 pairof shoes and you wear it once.

You go out there and you buy $350 pair ofshoes and you wear them 350 times, guess what? $100 per wear, a $1 per wear, which one wasthe better deal? Gentlemen, shoes are one of those items thatyou want to get right because good shoes are expensive, however if you get the right pairin the right order, you’re going to get your money’s worth out of them especially if youtake care of them.

In today’s video, I’ve got five pairs of shoesI’m going to recommend you guys and the order to purchase them.

We’re talking about dress shoes here.

I support this with a great free e-book.

Go check it out, guys.

You can download it, it’s absolutely free, 85 pages of solid information, Man’s Ultimate Guide to Dress Shoes.

Now, this is just going to be, you know, alittle quick part of it, but the article that supports it is in that free e-book.

And, really quick I’ve got about twelve sampleshere that I’m going to be running through to give you guys an idea of the five shoesthat you need to own and variations of each of them because when it comes down to it, gentlemen, you need to make the right decisions for your lifestyle, your professional need, your personal need, and your style wants.

So, those are things I’ll going to go intothis.

There isn’t an exact right five pairs of shoes.

However, I want to get you thinking aboutthat.

When you start to think about this and youpay a little bit more attention, you’re going to make sure you make your own smart purchasingdecision.

All right? Let’s get into the first pair of shoes thatyou want to own.

We’re talking about balmoral oxford, somethingthat has closed lacing.

Now, this is a wholecut dress shoe, not technicallyin there, but I put it here because guess what? It’s pretty much got the elegance simple look, but here it’s going to be a more classic one with the closed lacing system.

This one has cap toe, it’s in dark oxbloodcolor.

This will work fine for wearing with a suitand that’s what you want your first pair of shoes dress shoes to be able to is to wearthem with a suit for a wedding, for a funeral, anytime you’ve got to wear that.

You’re meeting with the president, meetingwith the CEO of your company, you’re simply getting dressed up for your little girl’scommunion.

This is when you want to look your best andyou need to have that pair of shoes that works with it.

Now, black is going to be the de facto colorfor a lot of you guys.

Be careful though even though you’ve got closedlacing on this pair of shoes, we start to see a little bit of broguing here.

So, once you start getting into cap toes broguing, all of a sudden the formality of it is going to start to go down, you could still pullthis off with a suit though.

Guys, by the way, this is Paul Evans.

Most of the samples here I’m going to showyou were Paul Evans.

This one right here is made by Church’s, I’vegot some Cheaneys, I’ve got Alden.

There are great companies out there.

I go into a lot more detail in that e-book, but the first pair of shoes that you want to start with balmoral oxfords.

Next, let’s go on to Bluchers.

So, the second one and the big differencehere is going to have an open lacing system, not a closed lacing system, so that’s thekey differentiator.

You’ll find that these shoes in general aregoing to have may be broguing or they’re going to have ornamental stitching, they’re goingto be lighter in color oftentimes.

So, these are going to be your more casualdress shoes.

These you can still sometimes pull off witha suit, but they’re going to look better with occasionally dark-colored jeans at the probablythe most casual.

And then, but you can always dress them upwith a pair of, you know, gray flannel trousers, just regular dress slacks maybe with a sportsjacket.

These are going to be very versatile.

These are great and I think should be thesecond pair of shoes in a man’s wardrobe.

Next, let’s go to the slip-ons.

So, I’m going to have a wide variety of slip-onsI’m going to show you.

The reason I love slip-ons is that they’recasual, they’re comfortable.

Guys, when you are traveling you’re goingto the airport very easy to take on and off to be able to go through that metal detector.

They come with a wide range and most men don’tthink, I mean the monk strap.

Not technically a loafer, but I’m going tolump into the slip-ons because you don’t have to lace anything up.

And I love, I mean single, double, it doesn’tmatter where you go.

Again, I like to go with in general darkershoes and I know I’m not talking about color a whole lot there.

Again, I go into color in the e-book, so youcan go check that out.

Tassel loafer.

Now, this is going to be a little bit lessformal than the monk strap, but I find many men especially in the United States will pullthis off with a sports jacket, odd trousers combination.

You can wear it with jeans, it’s going tolook great.

Occasionally if it’s in a very dark color, maybe a black color, you can actually even pull it off with a suit although you wantto be careful in bigger cities.

Now, all of a sudden we’re having more fun.

So, this is a suede penny loaders.

This suede right here is going to give ita much more casual feel.

We’ve got the old driving shoe, comes fromthe moccasin.

Notice this right here, it’s going to havethis is something that you can wear around in your car.

When it has a bottom like this, you’re notgoing to want to wear it, you know, walking around too much because it will wear quicker, but if you want something that, you know, you spend a lot of time in your vehicle andyou’re or around your house and you want a nice slipper, this is going to work out great.

The fourth shoe style that I’m going to talkabout, gentlemen is the dress boot.

So, right here I’ve got a chukka.

So, chukka comes out of the English, I believeit’s the word time desert boot.

It has since changed quite a bit.

This one right here as you can see is in adark brown.

Again, Paul Evans is the company that madethem, but checking this out right here.

It does have an open lacing system, so thatright there is going to make it much more casual.

I think this looks best with a pair of, youknow, gray flannels maybe trousers with an odd jacket with jeans that looks great.

You’re also going to see Chelsea boots andthose look really good with everything I just mentioned.

And because they’re going to be simpler indesign, they actually sometimes can be worn with a suit.

Now, I know many of you guys are saying, Antonio, I can’t believe you’re recommending wearing boots with a suit.

However, if you live in New York City, youlive in Chicago, you live in an area in which you get some bad weather, you understand whatI’m talking about.

Because you want to wear boots whenever theweather is just not really cooperating with you, you’re getting rain, you’re getting somesleet, you’re getting some snow, you still need to wear a dress shoe and you want somethingthat’s going to go up a little bit higher on the sides and protect your ankles and socks.

All right, gents, so you’re wondering whatis the fifth dress shoe that I’m going to recommend.

Guys, I want you to go back and look at thefour that I just mentioned, find out which one you’re wearing most often and repeat itmaybe in the slightly different style slightly different color.

So, not to fully repeat myself, but, guys, within each of these categories, I gave you about three examples not just in color, butin small variations and size.

So, as we’re going through I didn’t reallyeven talk about brogues, wingtips, but these would be a great addition as a fifth shoe.

Gentlemen, when it comes down to it, you gotto find the right shoe for your need.

In general though, I like to go simple, Ilike to go in darker colors and I like to stay within one color for most of my shoes.

For me, it’s going to be oxbloods and darkbrowns.

I find that those are going to match mostof everything I have in my wardrobe, I can dress them up, I can dress them down.

I’m not necessarily a black shoe man, howeversome of you guys are going to love the color black and if that’s your case, then make surethat all of your shoes kind of work there and the reason is that is also and you’rebuilding up your interchangeable wardrobe.

Gents, as mentioned all the support my freee-book 85 pages of solid information.

Go grab it here.

That’s it.

Let me know what you think in the commentsand I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Take care.


OXFORDS NOT BROGUES Maybe Derbies | Which Dress Shoe Type Is For You?

what’s up guys it’s quite from gentlemen within and you may have seen the movie Kingsman in which the phrase Oxford’s not brogues is used as code words for their secret service oxford words to do but this implies that Oxford’s are a classier shoe technically they are but there’s

much more to it than that and what about derbies anyway so in this video I’m gonna talk about three different types of men’s dress shoes specifically the difference between the often confused Oxford’s derbies and brogues alright so let’s start off with the Oxford’s also known as Balmoral in

the United States and so a hole cut Oxford is going to be the most formal of the three shoes and as you start adding decorative features such as a cap toe right here is a cap toe or a Brogue then it’s going to start to dial down the

formality of the shoe and so how was an Oxford distinguished well Oxford’s are a formal shoe as you can see and is distinguished by this closed lacing system and so what this means is that the two sides of the leather upper that are drawn together by the laces

they are sewn under the front part of the shoe otherwise known as the vamp and black Oxford’s are pretty much the most formal pair of shoes that a man can own besides opera pumps all right so onto the brogues so the term brogue is derived from fro the

Galea quirk for shoe and brogues are characterized by the unique punching or decorative perforations along the shoes leather uppers so this decorative punching that you see they are called brogues and technically both an Oxford and a Derby can be considered brogues if they have a distinctive broguing along

the leather uppers and also there are different types of brogues and so this pair right here in this dark Chile is a quarter broke there’s just minimal broguing across the cap toe here and then you have a semi or half brogue which introduces a whole lot more broguing

along the shoe uppers and then finally you have a full wingtip which is also known as a full broke and so this is a full on wingtip and that is distinguished by this winged pattern across the front of the shoe here and the thing with brogues and full

wingtips this is another wingtip and it is just black but the thing with brogues is that it really can dial down the formality of a shoe give it a more casual vibe so this one right here is black leather and it’s also got a rugged sole here and

so broguing really lends itself to more of a casual vibe but it’s still formal as you can see this shoe right here is a pretty formal looking shoe and this one as well but it can also be worn a little bit more casually and something that you may

not know about burr Oaks is that they were originally added to leather shoes to serve as drains for muddy water and so that’s pretty cool right so personally I love Brooks so much so that they come in at number one on my list of shoe essentials for men

so lastly we’ve got the Derby and Derby shoes they’re just slightly less formal than their oxford counterpart and although most people can’t really tell the difference nor do they care but derbies are described as formal shoes within open lacing system and so this means that the leather uppers

containing the shoelace eyelids are sewn on top of the shoes vamp and not under as with Oxford’s and so here’s an illustration taking a look here you can see the difference the oxford is just a little bit more clean and streamlined compared to the derbies open lacing system

and so I would say that the Derby is more versatile than the Oxford because it’s a little bit more relaxed yet it’s still a formal shoe and think with derbies is that you can actually pair them with more casual outfits especially if you have a pair of suede

derbies and so they can be worn a little bit more dressy and a little bit more casual as compared to a more formal oxford and so in a nutshell Oxford verse derbies you know if there’s one illustration that I’ve shows someone looking to distinguish the two you know

I’m gonna put that up so yeah which of these dress shoe types is for you well you know that I don’t think that’s the right question to ask as all three can be right for you depending on the situation that you find yourself in and so my number

one element of timeless style is to dress for the occasion and you know depending on where you’re going and with whom you know that’s gonna help to determine whether or not an Oxford a derby or a brogue is gonna be post appropriate so yeah what is your favorite

shoe type to wear you know there’s a lot going on here for me it’s either a pair of burrows right here nice casual win tip or a casual suede Derby but yeah on to you guys liked this video please give it a thumbs up if you’re new here

please consider subscribing put out new videos like this once a week and so yeah that’s all I got cheers to your style and I will catch you on the next one peace

Carmina Cap Toe Oxford in Black Boxcalf – Shoe Review | Kirby Allison

hi I’m Kirby Allison in today’s video we’re gonna review the carmina black cap toe Oxford as part of our dress shoe series today we’re gonna take a look at Spanish shoemaker carmina’s best-selling model their number 80386 black cap toe Oxford in the forest triple he last recognizing us is one of the leading authorities on luxury men’s dress shoes worldwide Carmina has graciously agreed to give us access to their entire collection of shoes to review for you on our youtube channel if you have any questions or comments please ask them in the comment section below I try to get back to as many questions personally as I can and remember subscribe to our Channel and turn on notifications so that you can learn whenever we post new videos a cap toe Oxford especially a black cap toe Oxford is the most versatile and elegant shoe a man can own it’s simple design lack of Brogan and clothes Oxford lacing combined to create a silhouette of unparalleled beauty’ this shoe is not subject to the whims of fashion and will be in style forever easily worn with the suit a tuxedo or jeans a simple black cap toe Oxford is never inappropriate in the most versatile shoe a man can own carmina’s number 80386 black cap toe Oxford respects the sacred design elements well-dressed men have come to expect in their cap toe Oxford well-balanced traditional proportions and a clean elegant pattern these carmina black cap toe Oxford Zin black box calf retail for 450 US dollars with free shipping anywhere in the United States for those who live internationally the shoes can be purchased for 395 euros on carmina’s EU website based on the Spanish island of Majorca Carmina is best known for their cult-like following amongst shoe aficionados for their ability to combine extraordinary softness and comfort with sturdy Goodyear welted and elegant last designs for those who enjoy the more nuanced elements of shoe making Carmina offers an excellent value with most of their calfskin models beginning at just 400 50 dollars with free shipping to the United States carmina shoemaker can trace its origins back to 1866 when artisan Matias puja has opened a workshop in Inka Majorca where he began crafting handmade shoes the family continued working in the shoe making industry until 1997 when pooja dozes great-grandson jose de haut realized their dream to create their own family-owned Factory dedicated to making some of the world’s finest handcrafted shoes today the company is still very much a family affair with no fewer than five family members directly involved it is important to note that because Carmina is both the factory and the brand and that the majority of their sales are direct they are able to integrate mini shoe making elements into their shoes that one would not necessarily expect to see at $450 all uppers are hand clicked the channels are closed on the out soles welts are hand fudged full leather outsoles and heel blocks are used and brass tacks are hand nailed into the toes of every pair for added durability the company also offers an extensive range of stock models and one of the easiest to use online made to order web interfaces for anyone looking to design a totally one-off shoe it is this wide range of styles and the ability to turn out a high number of individual made order shoes that is one over shoe aficionados this carmina black cap toe Oxford is built on the company’s extra-wide forests Tripoli last one of the company’s oldest and most traditional lasts the forest last has a soft round toe that gives the shoe a very conservative traditional shape this is perfect for a business shoe subtly striking and its elegance and beauty without being exaggerated or out of place with the high-gloss mirror shine it would be hard not to immediately recognize the quality of these shoes the cap is quite large and balanced with the long vamp the five eyelet in step shortens the tongue of the shoe allowing the focus to be on the vamp in the toe-cap this along gates the silhouette of the shoe and achieves a nice balance and aesthetic the upper features double stitching along the cap and around the vamp with single needle stitching along the facing of the shoe and edge of the pattern the stitching is executed with the high stitch density that elevates the finesse of the silhouette it is clearly carefully and skilfully done by hand the forest Tripoli last offers a roomier fit and more volume than the same model from other makers and even the same shoe made on other lasts the shoe features a nice square waist with good definition where the upper is pulled over the last this is one of the elements that really separates a beautiful well-made shoe from less expensive models the additional work required to pull the upper over the last helps add shape and elegance to the upper and prevents the shoe from appearing square you can really appreciate the definition that’s added to the last along the long edges of the shoe here on the exterior you can see how the upper is pulled over the last giving it definition but even more so on the inside of the edge where the upper rolls over the toe in the instep to the heel the single needle stitching across the facing of the instep features a soft arch that is elegant and easy on the eye while the vamp pattern sweeps back almost one centimetre before the beginning of the heel the quality and construction continues around the shoe to the heel the upper sits nicely and tightly on top of the heel base without any unsightly gaps between the heel and the upper the Goodyear welted ends where the waist meets the heel allowing the heel to be more precisely and tightly fit to the upper this is an important element of craftsmanship and quality that translates to a more elegant sculpted look at the heel the heel also features a nice shape and definition and a slight pinch at the top other important elements of design include decreasing with laces with the beautiful Crescent arch precise single and double needle stitch construction with high stitch density and proximity to the edge a three-piece pattern with the toe cap vamp and rear quarters waxed and polished edges and heels and a finished outsole welt fudging and a closely trimmed soul edge carmina’s black cap toe Oxford are made using black box calf or chrome tanned leather from the German tannery vine heimer leader chrome tanned leather has died and finished at the tannery which guarantees an even stable finish that you do not have to worry about fading or coming off when you polish your shoes the leather is of course opened pore and features an even grand structure the patterns are clicked or cut out by hand allowing the pattern to be positioned to avoid any undesirable blemishes that are unique to every hider full leather out soles are used with full leather heel blocks and metal toe taps can be added at an additional charge [Music] Carmina is so well known amongst shoe enthusiasts because of how well their shoes are constructed all of the elements of quality and craftsmanship that one would expect and a high quality pair of factory made Goodyear welted shoes can be found here beyond this price point you begin to hit the point of diminishing marginal return but the value here is quite exceptional first the shoe is completely Goodyear welted which is the de rigueur of high quality factory made shoes Goodyear welting is the process whereby a leather strip is sewn to a linen ribbing which is attached to the insole the outsole is then stitched to the welt this is important because a high-quality pair of shoes like these if taken care of properly will easily out last the lifetime of the outsole and heels by several orders of magnitude a high-quality leather outsole like the ones these are made with should easily yield three to five years of regular use however the upper if properly polished and not destroyed by water or snow could last twenty to thirty years what it allows us for a pair of shoes to be easily resold without disturbing the footbed the integrity fit or shape of the shoe the outsoles can be easily pulled off and new ones sewn back on by a skilled cobbler like with our kirby allison shoe restoration program carmina uses a 3/4 not a 300 60 degree weld which ends right at the heel base this is the preferred method on higher quality shoes because it allows the heel to sit more neatly on top of the heel block the outsole also features a high stitch density which further adds to the finesse of the shoe these carmina black cap toe Oxford Tsar available stock from a UK size five to a UK size 14 and both an E and a Tripoli width UK sizes are a half size smaller than the equivalent u.


shoe size so if you are a 9.

5 and an American shoes such as an Allen Edmonds you’d want to purchase a UK nine from Carmina the only challenge to Carmina is that they don’t have an extensive brick-and-mortar network of stores here in the United States however Carmina does have a boutique in New York City as well as several boutiques throughout Europe and carmina offers free international shipping on orders over $180 and flat rate return shipping for $35 the forest Tripoli lasts on which these are made features a regular end step in more room across the four part of the foot the style 80386 is also available in the rain last and both caps can cordovan and patent leather the rain last features a slightly squared off toe which is more modern in its aesthetic compared to the forest tripoli last i really have to say that I love Carmina and can understand why they have such a strong following amongst budget conscious and quality seeking shoe aficionados Carmina is able to deliver a shoe at a higher quality than the comparable shoe from American brands because Carmina is both the factory and the brand and because a majority of their distribution is direct they’re able to pack a higher amount of quality into their shoes than what is commonly found at this price point Carmina is passionate for shoe making and everything about how these shoes are constructed and finished is superb at $450 they’re an incredible value in a shoe that anyone could be proud to wear anywhere we hope that you enjoyed this in-depth review of the carmina black cap toe Oxford and the forest Tripoli last click the link in our video description to view our full playlist of videos from our shoe review series if you enjoyed this video please visit our website hanger project comm where we have collected and curated the finest assortment of luxury garment care and luxury shoe care accessories in the world as well as other products for the well-dressed I’m Kirby Allison and we love to help the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes thanks for joining me [Music].

Cập nhập về trang phục mùa hè sành điệu và tiện lợi cho nam giới

Trong bài viết hôm nay, các quý ông, chúng tôi đề cập về đôi giày mùa hè logic. Trước tiên, các đôi giày là linh hoạt. Quý ông có thể mặc chúng mang một bộ đồ, nam giới sở hữu thể mặc chúng sở hữu 1 vật phẩm quần short nam. Những đôi giày này sở hữu cục bộ chất liệu, màu sắc và nguyên tắc. Và, hãy để rỉ tai theo đẳng cấp vượt thời gian. Sản phẩm giày da nam dục lỗ này đã nằm trong tủ quần áo của những người con trai mặc đẹp nhất trái đất trong hơn một trăm năm mươi năm vì vậy, tôi đang đề cập về cái giày nào? Các các chàng trai công sở, hãy để tôi giới thiệu phái mạnh với người đi rong. Do vậy, theo định nghĩa, loa đi là 1 đôi giày sẽ trượt và tắt mà ko đề nghị giá thành của ren. Thân thương ở đây đôi giày này sở hữu dây buộc? Đây chẳng hề là 1 người đi rong. Bây giờ, hãy để đề cập về các vật liệu được tiêu dùng. Cục bộ các đôi giày lười chất lượng cao sẽ được khiến cho từ da. Điều ấy đang được nói, chúng tôi cũng sẽ thấy da lộn không tính kia. Da lộn là 1 qui định da cho thấy kết cấu nhiều hơn. Hiện giờ, tôi biết tổng thể chàng trai giảm thiểu mặc da lộn do họ lo ngại rằng nó sẽ đi bị hỏng. Nó tinh tế hơn các thành phầm da khác bên cạnh kia, nhưng mà nó vẫn là một thắng lợi bằng da và lúc được để mắt và để mắt, tôi nghĩ đấy là một sự vấp ngã sung mưu trí cho một người đàn ông tủ quần áo. Hiện nay, gents, bè cánh các đôi giày lười nhưng quý ông công sở sẽ thấy trong bài viết hôm nay có thể được tìm thấy tại Jay Butler. Tôi đã biết về công ty này nhắc từ khi nó mở màn hơn năm năm trước. Nam giới tôi, Justin Jeffers là người sáng lập. Ông cũng là một vlogger, 1 người sáng tạo nội dung. Năm năm trước, anh đó đã gửi cho tôi một thành tựu và tôi trải nghiệm thừa nhận rằng tôi đã mặc chúng mặt đất, những đồ vật này đã đứng vững trước thách thức của thời gian. Tôi đã mặc chúng mỗi mùa hè. Bây giờ, một điều tôi thích về đôi giày của Jay Butler, khi phái mạnh nhìn vào công trình giày ngay mua luôn, nam giới sẽ nhận thấy rằng họ chiếm hữu một vamp ngắn hơn. Khi các chàng trai công sở muốn mang một nhà cửa loafer nhưng Lọ sẽ nhìn và cảm thấy hoàn hảo trong suốt mùa hè, quý ông muốn để lộ thêm bàn chân. Một chút lịch sử khác chiếm hữu người đi rong là họ đến từ hai trường khác nhau. Họ đến từ moccasin và giày công sở. Vì vậy, điều thông minh của Jay về Jay Butler là họ đã khiến cho phải chăng nhất cả nhì trái đất. Do đó, họ đã lấy chế độ giày công sở và họ với nó ở ngay phần dưới của giày cực kỳ tuyệt bởi vì nếu quý ông công sở đã từng chiếm hữu 1 đôi giày da đanh thẳng, bạn nên thực sự thân thiết, chúng sẽ bị hao mòn rất nhanh ở phía dưới. Bởi thế, tôi đã thử nghiệm những thiết bị này, như tôi đã kể tôi đã với một vài trong số các cặp cũ này họ giữ lên lúc bạn mặc chúng chung lần. Đây đúng mực là những gì quý ông muốn. Mà hiện tại, hãy để thì thầm về cấp trên. Đây là nơi anh ấy lấy gần như kiểu dáng từ moccasin và làm cho chúng công bình tới ko ngờ. Vì thế, anh ta đã đi vào đấy và họ đã khâu tay trong và ngoài. Cực kỳ cần phải có, bí quyết duy nhất để đặt những đôi giày da này lại với nhau và khâu giữ lên. Và khi đề cập tới đẳng cấp cổ đại, thiết kế cổ xưa, họ đã giúp quý ông được bảo vệ. Họ muốn đảm bảo rằng bạn có thể với được đôi giày lười công sở nhưng nam giới mang thể mặc, phái mạnh có thể ăn mặc xuống, bạn với thể thêm 1 chút đèn flash vào trang phục của các chàng trai công sở. Chúng tôi đã mang 1 mã giảm giá có lí nhưng mà tôi câu kết để xuống trong phần miêu tả. Nó sẽ chỉ ở không tính các chàng trai trong 1 vài tuần. Item này sẽ bặt tăm. Đi kiểm tra đi, các cậu. Sử dụng hòa hợp đó, giá thành mã giảm giá đó và chiếm được một thỏa thuận hợp lý trên đôi giày lười. Vì vậy, phong cách loafer thứ 1 mà chúng tôi sẽ nói tới là loa penny cổ điển được khiến tầm thường hơn một trăm năm trước. Ban sơ nó được gọi là wegian, một cách chơi chữ Na Uy bởi vậy thực sự nó đến từ châu Âu, nhưng nó đã trở nên tầm thường vào các năm 1920 trong những năm 1930 mang các sinh viên ở hợp chủng quốc Hoa Kỳ. Và, ý nghĩ đó là các chàng trai công sở chiếm hữu thể đặt một đồng xu vào đây, nhưng các gì nhưng LÊ sẽ là không giống nhau tính năng là dây đeo bằng da đi ngang qua. Những cụ thể hiện tượng khác nhưng mà bạn muốn để ý cho 1 thành quả loa chất lượng là đảm bảo rằng nam giới mang 1 miếng da đi khắp nơi. Tại sao vậy? Bởi một miếng da béo được mức giá về chủ chốt thưởng thức không được khắc ghi, nó sẽ đi trở nên một phần đơn độc của da và do vậy, nó sẽ có giá cao hơn giá bán. Rộng rãi, những nhà hỗ trợ bậc nhất sẽ chiếm hữu thể làm điều đấy, các nhà phát triển khác sẽ thường ghép những mảnh lại sở hữu nhau. Hiện nay, khi quý ông nhìn thẳng vào đây, phía trên, đây là nơi quý ông sẽ thấy bàn tay khâu và bạn muốn thân thiết tới khâu. Bạn muốn đi vào và kiên cố rằng những đường thẳng, đường khâu đó chẳng hề là trọn vẹn trên vị trí nhưng mà họ đã chi tiêu 1 mũi khâu duy nhất và đường khâu đấy nằm sát nhau. Bởi thế, ngày nay, hãy để nói về các tài liệu. Ngay tại đây, chúng tôi đã mang một lớp da hầu hết. 1 Miếng da số đông sẽ được lấy từ da ở bên kế bên của nó, nó sẽ là um tùm nhất của da ko kể đó và giả dụ được lấy từ phần bên trải nghiệm của sự che giấu, nó sở hữu thể mềm nhũn, nó mang thể dẻo dai. Nhưng, điều cơ bản để đi cộng sở hữu ngũ cốc lũ là nó sẽ thực sự chiếm hữu thể đẹp thấp về việc chống lại những chi tiết. Không w, tôi đã đề cập về da lộn sớm hơn, nó tinh tế hơn da nguyên hạt, nhưng mà không do đa phần giả dụ bạn đối xử có điều này, trường hợp quý ông không lạm dụng giày của mình, phái mạnh sẽ tậu thấy quý ông sẽ có thể chiếm hữu được 1 thập kỷ mài mòn 1 đôi giày như thế này. Và, hãy để nói về đẳng cấp nhưng mà 1 thứ như thế này đem đến cho tủ quần áo của quý ông bạn đi sở hữu màu xanh ô liu cho dù phái mạnh đi sở hữu một màu xanh đậm, điều này ngay xem tiếp sẽ lên cấp lên vừa đủ thành quả nhìn của phái mạnh Và bây giờ, hãy để nhắc về sự linh hoạt của việc với thể mặc quần áo xuống giày, Điều tôi yêu dấu ở các đôi giày đế cao su và dây lưng da nam thời trang là đây là 1 vẻ ngoài cổ truyền thực sự ko sở hữu gì thu hút đồng đội sự kỹ lưỡng đến chính nó, vì vậy nó với thể dễ dàng được mặc quần áo xuống. Hiện giờ, màu sắc nhẹ hơn của các đôi giày này, họ sẽ làm nó trở nên giản dị hơn một chút, nhưng ví như Đây là một màu nâu sẫm ví như chúng là một màu đen, quý ông với thể dễ dãi mặc chúng có 1 bộ đồ. Bây giờ, hãy để rỉ tai về loa đi bit.

Điều này sẽ thu hút tầm thường sự kỹ lưỡng và niềm nở hơn ngay tai day, chúng tôi đã chiếm được bạc bit quý ông công sở cũng sẽ thấy nó bằng quà, thực sự dựa dẫm vào sở thích của bạn. Tôi thích cấu kết kim dòng với kim thắng lợi. Nhưng mà, mẫu này được phổ biến trước tiên vào năm 1953, 1 anh chàng tên Gucci đã xuất hiện cộng mang anh đó mở đầu khiến nó biến thành tầm thường hơn và điều này đã trở thành 1 cổ đại.Ví như phái mạnh sở hữu 1 chút buồn chán hoặc nam giới chiếm hữu thể nam giới đã mang 1 đôi giày đế xu, sau đó có 1 đôi giày như thế này, các chàng trai công sở với thể mặc chúng màu tối hơn ngay tai day. Và, một lần nữa, chúng tôi đã với 1 lớp da rắn đẹp, ngay click here sở hữu thể dễ chơi mặc quần áo, nam giới thậm chí với thể mặc nó xuống chiếm hữu một thành tựu quần short. Và, tôi cần có chiến thắng này lên vì tôi yêu toàn thể da đục lỗ. Đây là 1 trong các kín đáo đẳng cấp mùa hè của tôi là sở hữu các đôi giày nam hoàn hảo Nhìn đẳng cấp 1 ngoại hình cổ xưa, nhưng mà chiếm hữu các lỗ nhỏ xíu nhưng bạn ko nhận thấy từ 1 khoảng kiến tạo, mà quý ông mang thể biết khi nào phái mạnh mặc các thứ này vào 1 ngày lạnh giá vì họ đồng đội mát hơn. Tiếp theo, hãy để nhắc về phong cách moccasin. Do vậy, tôi biết tôi đã kể không sở hữu dây buộc, nhưng mà trong moccasin trong lịch sử đấy, những dây buộc đấy đã thực sự công việc. Hiện giờ, điều nhưng mà quý ông công sở sẽ thân thiện trên đôi giày moccasin là chúng thực sự ko hoạt động. Những dây buộc ở đây là dành cho hình thức. Đây là một phong cách cực kỳ giản dị. Các chàng trai công sở cũng sẽ nhận thấy rằng họ sở hữu dây buộc trong và ko kể đây. 1 Lần nữa, từ một ý nghĩa lịch sử, da đanh thực sự cực kì với công dụng, họ chi phí điều này buộc dây buộc quanh bàn chân để nó ở lại lúc bạn đang chạy. 1 Đế moccasin sẽ chỉ sở hữu 1 đáy bằng da, bởi thế quý ông thực sự với thể cảm chiếm được mặt đất nhưng mà nam giới đang chạm vào. Tôi đánh giá cao rằng họ thực sự với một chế độ cổ đại hơn ở phía dưới. Tiếp theo, hãy để thủ thỉ về loafer tua. Vì thế, điều này đã được nhiều chủng loại vào các năm 1920. Harry Truman là 1 fan thích thú to của các đôi giày này. Điều nam giới nhận thấy ở đây là tua ngay trên đầu, đây là một vật dụng siêu sạch sẽ rất phong cách thành quả loafer. Nhà cửa này bạn chiếm hữu thể tiện dụng ăn mặc, nó sẽ trọng thể hơn đa dạng so có moccasin loafer. Một người đi loa khác nhưng quý ông sẽ thấy đấy là loa Wildsmith. Hiện giờ, loafer này trông vô cùng giống sở hữu loa penny, nhưng chiếm hữu nhì đặc điểm những tác dụng đặt nó ngoài. Đầu tiên, loa Wildsmith sẽ sở hữu hình bóng hẹp hơn. Điều này sẽ mang lại cho nó 1 diện mạo thanh lịch và long trọng hơn. Tác dụng đồ vật nhị là mang thể bố trí theo chiều dọc. Mặt trước của hộp ngón chân. Tiếp theo, chúng tôi đã mang 1 vật phẩm loa Bỉ được vững mạnh bởi một người tên là Henri Bendel vào năm 1954. Vì vậy, rõ ràng ông đã tìm các nhà máy này hàng trăm năm tuổi, ông đã biến chúng ngoài và loafer Bỉ là một trong các xây dựng khác biệt của họ. Lúc nam giới thấy một người đi rong ở Bỉ, các chàng trai công sở sẽ với thể phát hình thành nó do thân thương tới cây cung ngay trên mặt trước của giày. Hiện tại, một trong các điều hấp dẫn về một người đi rong cổ kính của Bỉ là thành tựu nơ được may từ trong ra xung quanh để cung cấp 1 đường may cực kì thấp. Được rồi, gents. Vì thế, chiếm hữu bạn với nó. Hãy cho tôi biết trong phần bình luận phong cách mê say của phái mạnh, đôi giày nào sẽ quý ông công sở sẽ khuấy động mùa hè này Và, 1 lần nữa, giả dụ phái mạnh muốn mày mò thêm về Jay Butler, hãy xem những đôi giày logic đấy. Tôi liên minh với họ trong phần mô tả sở hữu mã giảm giá tốt nhất nhưng mà bạn đang đi để sắm ra chiếc nào sẽ không sinh tồn lâu, các bạn, vì thế hãy phung phí nó hoặc mất nó. Tôi liên hiệp có nó xuống trong diễn đạt. Tôi đề nghị thừa nhận, tôi yêu những màu xanh ô liu này. Như người mua đã biết tôi yêu các sản phẩm giày nam da lộn màu nâu, tôi đã sở hữu một công trình áo khoác như thế này và tôi thấy rằng nó chỉ hoạt động có đông đảo trang phục của tôi