How I Style My Short Hair | Easy Step By Step

Hello and welcome back to my channel So today I'm gonna be showing you how I get not this look but a very nice Sleek polished look that I had in a previous video that you guys had or one of you guys had recommended I do a tutorial for it.

So I washed my hair earlier this morning I kind of woke up a little late jumped in the shower right away It's been air drying for what I feel like is maybe three and a half hours now It takes my hair a really long time to dry I didn't leave some like a coconut leave-in conditioner from Shea Moisture that I will leave linked down below Otherwise my hair would be like up to here.

But I find that that does help it control while it does to dry This is the big mess that we have going on right now We have a bunch of stuff to do so I need to get ready for the day and I figured I might as well show you guys how I do my hair so here We go what you're gonna need is a blow-dryer.

I don't even know what this is from I rarely ever blow-dry my hair.

I think I got this maybe ten years ago.

It's still going It's Baby Bliss Pro TT I don't even know if they still have it around but you're gonna need a straightening diffuser just because it helps to smooth everything out A round brush again.

I never really use round bushes.

But since my hair has been short you kind of need it So I'd say my hair is pretty dry right now.

There's just a lot back here.

That's still Somewhat wet I don't want to go in with any hot tools in it just because it's really harsh on your hair So I'm gonna turn this on it to warm and then turn it high and start smoothing out.

I'm gonna do that about here I'm looking at a mirror behind the camera by the way, cuz I have so much hair.

It's insane.

How much hair So now that we have the first layer of it pretty dry Pretty smoothed out.

We're gonna go up here.

I guess I'm gonna start from the back I'm not sure if you guys can see just how thick And how much hair I have and because it is a blunt cut it shows a lot more so that's why I have to go in and straighten it with the blow dryer and kind of dried up like that or else it would just be the crazy crazy mess if you have straight hair or Just a little bit of a wave then you probably can skip all of that and then just go in straight with your wand I'm turning it on and I think I'm just gonna go up to about 360 I'll leave the link for this one down below as well.

I did another tutorial when I had the long hair It's very similar to that last tutorial that I did However, this technique that I'm going to be showing you is a little bit different and obviously for shorter hair So while that heats up, I'm gonna go in with this hot toddy before ironing heat protectant.

It's from the dry bar I got it at Sephora.

I actually just picked it up I've never used it before but it's cruelty free and vegan and I'm gonna go in Sections I hope that's enough.

I feel like I've already used So much it does smell really nice though, I don't know why I feel like I have to kind of work it into the hair Go in and part my hair and hopefully wear my temple is or eyebrow I'm gonna go in with this front piece first Little piece like this.

I'm gonna open up the clamp My hair in it turn it really fast very gentle Hold it for a couple of seconds, let go and then slide out That little bit of a bend I tried to kind of have my thumb on the clamp for most of the time just so it doesn't Really heat up while the clamp is closed.

I like to have it a little loose So let's go in with a second curl.

Take another chunk This is a bigger piece, but again, please turn it have my finger on the clamp hold it for a little bit Maybe like five seconds Oh turn a bit and then slide it out When we get to this part back here when it's like a bigger section I kind of tend to go with the bottom part first and This part I do a little differently because I don't want it to be pin straight So I kind of just go in and because there's so much shorter.

You're pretty much curling the whole thing And then letting go down so you get that little bit of a bend all right, so where's the remaining hair I'm gonna go on with this top piece and then just do the regular curl like I did with these two front pieces Be very careful with the wand you don't want to burn yourself ever!! Especially your neck because that ends up looking like a hickey everybody starts questioning you whether you're with someone or not.

If you're with someone, oouuu you nasty! If you're not then who you playing with? All right, so let's go in Run it down Half a curl really quick and then pull down All right.

So this side is done moving on to this side a little chunk right here throw this back.

I'm going to go under pull away Do the curl hold it there one two three This piece didn't create the greatest we can bend it up just a little bit You don't want to curl it all the way to the bottom because you don't want to look like Curly Sue This isn't prom we're just trying to make a slight bend In the middle of the hair just to give it a little bit of that beachy wave with the short hair that we go So bottom is all done Move on to the top.

I think I'm gonna split it in one more section.

So we're gonna go here All the way back to like half the crown Tie this up.

If you have a hair clip even better cuz this is gonna cause some bends in your hair split it down the middle.

I Go in with my wooden comb So this part I'm gonna start from the back.

I'm gonna go in a under from the root pull Do a curl Wait there for a couple seconds if it's more hair in this then you might want to wait maybe count up to eight Hold down just a little bit So you have enough room to slide down and while you slide down continue rolling to the same section You see how there's still a little bit of a curl left there because the hair here is a little longer at the top Do the same thing pull up and then slide down and then that's what you're left with So I'm gonna go and put this right in the middle Now I know a lot of you might be thinking like damn this is a lot of time This is a lot of effort in doing your hair.

Do you really do this all the time? and Honestly, no, I typically do my hair like this on Sundays when I wash it.

I don't wash my hair often I don't like to put so much heat on my hair So I only do this Like once a week if I do it But yeah doing your hair like this will last you quite a few days if you're someone whose head gets Oily really fast and just grab some dry shampoo Try not to use the dry shampoo like every single day because it will make your scalp dry But whatever you can to like not wash your hair Like I was saying I don't wash my hair every single day just because I do have a little bit of textured hair being Hispanic super thick curly hair your hair is naturally drier when it's curly So you washing it will just continue stripping the oils off your hair.

All right.

So now that we're at the front piece Smooth it out just a little bit and I'm kind of bringing it forward and set it to the side Like I was with the other pieces and now that I have her and it opened from under There you go And that's it! You see over here how there is a lot more curl than over here There's some pieces that are still somewhat straight You can always go in like I showed you before and kind of touch up the curls Really fast don't keep it on there for too too long to curl it Sometimes I do go in with a little bit of argan oil or grapeseed oil I really like grapeseed oil for everything if you guys have seen a video that I did of how grapeseed oil even helped out with Pigmentation you should definitely check it out.

It's an oldie but a goodie, but yeah, I usually go in with some oil Kind of do this with it There you go See how it just gives you like that little bit of bend and then just make sure you really fluff it up in the back just because you kept splitting it down the middle It's gonna look a little funny if you just leave it like that So I go in with this a little bit from the root of the crown And I just wiggle it up.

I don't go all the way down.

Sometimes you can ruin the bends like that So just do that and then push it back up to give it that little bit of a fluff.

You know what I mean? So what I'm doing is when you're like this I find that this also helps Get in to the hairs that were stuck on your scalp pretty much and laying really flat and then just boosting it up And that's it.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're someone that doesn't have textured hair or a lot of volume to it And it's just the complete opposite straight thin hair.

You can definitely go in with some Texturizing spray just lift it a little bit go in like this.

This is my pretend Ouai texturing spray that it's in my closet I just don't need it right now.

So I'm not gonna use it however, you want it.

I tend to go in and smooth the front pieces out a lot more than in the back and that's it for Today's video.

Don't forget I have videos that come on every Thursday for 7 p.


Eastern Time based on food fashion skincare I think I'm gonna start adding some home decor on here if that's something that you guys want to check out Leave me a like down below.

Don't forget to subscribe right over here, and I will see you guys at the next one.

Cite a Short Work from a Website in MLA (8) Style

Hi this is Jessie at the HelenaCollege Library.

I'm going to show you how to cite a web page or a short workfrom a website in the updated MLA style.

When you include outside information ina paper or project, you must cite where the information is found in two places.

The first is the in-text citation, which is a brief note to the reader that youare using outside information.

For a website you generally only need onething: the author's last name.

MLA only requires page numbers for documents thathave stable page numbers, like a book, article, or PDF.

Printouts from a websitevary from one computer to another, so there are no stable page numbers forwebsites.

In short, if you cannot find stable page numbers do not include any.

Here is a direct quote from a website.

The citation appears in parentheses atthe end of the sentence, after the closing quotation marks and before theperiod.

When there are two authors, include the last names for both, with anand between.

Look carefully near the top or bottom of the content for anyindication of who wrote the page.

If you cannot find the name of an individual, also look for the name of an organization taking credit for thecontent.

Each of your sources will also be included in your list of works citedat the end of your paper.

This list provides the full citation for eachsource, with enough information for a reader to find it.

You will usually findthe information you need at the beginning or end of the webpage ordocument, though it may take some careful searching to find.

Let's look at thebasic citation for a short work from a website and, of course, pay carefulattention to all punctuation, spacing, and formatting that you see in the examplecitations and use them in yours.

The authors are listed first.

For thefirst author enter the last name, followed by their first name, and thenmiddle name or initials if you know them.

Enter the second author after the firstin normal order, as in: first middle last.

If you cannot find the name of anindividual, also look for the name of an organization taking credit for the page.

This would be the same as you use in your in-text citation.

Place a period atthe end of the author's names.

The title of the short work – the article or pageyou are reading – is written in quotation marks in title-style capitalization.

Aperiod goes at the end of the title inside the ending quotation mark.

Next is the name of the website on which the short work is found.

Find this at thetop or bottom of the page.

The URL or web address can also give you clues aboutthe name of the website.

This is sometimes the same as the author.

Thename of the website is typed in italics, title-style capitalization, and ends witha comma.

The sponsor of the website is listed next.

This is often the same asthe title of the website or the organizational author.

If it is the same, do not include it in your citation.

But look carefully at the copyrightstatement on the bottom of the website to see if another company ororganization owns the website.

The URL can sometimes provide a clue as well.

The name of the sponsor is followed by a comma.

Next is the date, followed by aperiod.

Look carefully at the top and bottom of the article for the date theinformation was published, edited, or updated.

Type the date month and year.

When no date can be found type “n” period d period in lowercase letters andend it with a comma.

You may be asked to include the URL or web address for thesite.

This is optional but can help the reader to find your source.

Copy it fromthe address bar but do not include the HTTP or HTTPS part.

End it with a period.

Finally you may enter the date you accessed the website.

This is optional and, again, written as date abbreviated month and year, with a period at the end.

Sohere is our complete citation.

Again the author is the same in the in-textcitation and the full citation, as this will help your reader identify yoursources.

Your citations may look a little different depending on the webpage ordocument that you cite.

Refer to A Pocket Style Manual or the Purdue OWL websitefor more guidelines and examples.

And you can always contact the Helena Collegelibrary with questions.


Fresh New Look: Short Hair Style

[Music] we're talking spring cleaning this week on PTL and that could also mean cleaning up your look now is a good time for a fresh new look I'm the hottest trend maybe yeah some people don't want to do it but it's okay the hottest trend for spring is

to go short and I love my short hair do you love your short hair salute appropriate is live at a Zazu salon spa and blowout bar and Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh and she's looking at different ways to rock the short style hey Selena hey Heather and David

good morning that is absolutely right we are live at a Zazou salon spa and blowout bar on Fifth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh this is one of two of their locations their newest spot opened up and north in the Wexford location and that's where we want to bring in

Richard seeds he is the artistic managing director at their salon up north Richard thank you for joining us let's talk about these short looks it's the hot style for spring it is good morning good morning everyone we have four models to share with you today we're springing forward

or four new look so we have two short looks we have two medium short looks which Emilio will share with you in a few minutes but I want to start with Lynn Popish Lynn's a director with United Way and we gave her a very short chic look that's

fun that's easy that's professional and we accented it with some color and we gave her a really nice platinum blonde and Lynn being a cool season we wanted to stay away from the warm and gold tones because we want to accent her skin tone and bring out her

eye color now you could see it she's she's blown out she's finished but that completely finished her look we're gonna put a little gloss on this get a little separation a little shine so I put a little bit in my hand I rub it around and this is

what really is going to give Lynn that finished look bring the top up a little bit bring the front down balance it out in the mirror but you could see by just adding a little bit of these azov gloss how that really completed her look and I wish

I could rock this style it looks so good I don't know if I could though I think you could you know some of the short looks we're doing today are kind of Kate Hudson inspired with her new short look and that brings me it's my next model hey

patty this is patty looking good now patty finished you know we did her up gloss on hers already patty is a director with United Way and she also is a co-author of a book called it's gonna be alright it's gonna be alright so we finished her with a

gloss but after we put the gloss on just to make sure it stays throughout today we put the accent just a little bit of hairspray on here to keep it in place and you can see how pretty this brings out our eye color and this will talk about

our color a little bit one second it's the color is beautiful it's so rich oh it's beautiful you know she's a cool season as Linzer cool season so we wanted to use whole red tones so we put on a row deep rich auburn mahogany tawny and you could

see with her skin her eye color and natural color how it really brings out the haircut and everything just kind of works together for a complete look yeah linen paddy you guys both look beautiful I love it look great and I have to say real quick to Emilia

use the work at baby hairspray on me right before I went live I love it so I agree with you ladies it's the perfect hairspray well we have a lot more to come here at a Zazou salon spar and blowout bar and that'll be in our next live

shot I'm gonna be talking to Emilio and we'll tell you all about the medium looks that you could find this spring we'll talk about their partnership with the market district you could actually find some of their products now at select Market district locations and will also tell you

all about the happy hair our and that's coming up on March 31st so we'll give you all those details Heather and David coming up sounds fun thanks Lena

How to Style Short Bangs | Hair Tutorials

so I wanted to show you today how to style short bangs as you can see our model has pretty short bangs this tutorial would work well if your bangs were a little bit shorter or a little bit longer too just a great bit of information about how to

style different types of bangs so what I've done is obviously a finished blow-drying the rest of our models hair today and now I'm going to start on the bangs I will say that at home if you struggle at all with your bangs I would absolutely recommend blow-drying them

first and doing it from the wettest part actually rough dried her hair about 90% dry leaving most of the moisture in the bottom however if you had a cowlick or something like that then you would want to leave a little bit more moisture at the root area I've

also prepped her hair using a styling product just something with a little bit of hold and smoothness think a big mistake that we make at home when we're styling our bangs is we leave all the product out of them product doesn't always mean that your hair is going

to get oily it just means that it's going to stay where you put it so what I'm going to use today is I'm going to actually use a very small flat brush if you don't have this you could also use a larger one and this is a Mason

Pearson brush and this is a spore net brush brand wise whatever you can find that's comparable I will say this brush has synthetic bristles and natural the synthetic bristles are going to help grip the hair and hold it into place and the natural bristles are going to help

add a lot of shine and smoothness to the hair so what I'm going to start to do is I'm going to take my brush and my blow dryer and I'm going to do a technique called a wrap I'm going to use the natural bin of her forehead to

add just a slight little Bend to the hair and I'm going to do that by wrapping it I'm going to go from one side to the other side and what I'm going to do is I'm going to have my blow dryer and I'm just going to use my

low dryer and follow that brush wherever I put it this is a point where if you do have some calyx you can take and have a little bit more control over them whatever direction your cowlick is going like so she had a cowlick that was going in that

direction I would start wrapping it in the opposite direction of the Halleck also if you have any kind of natural parting I would definitely start going the opposite way and all this wrapping is going to do is it's going to give you a lot of control at the

bangs it's going to give you a great range of motion they're not going to look too stiff or too straight or too round I'm going to start now using my blow dryer and remember I'm just going to follow my brush wherever it goes you always want to go

in the move in the direction that you're pushing the hair so if you're pushing the hair down you want the blow dryer to go down if you're pushing the hair over you want the hair to go over you never want to go up that's going to puff and

it's going to blow the hair everywhere I also ended my blow-dry with a cool blast from the blow dryer and what that does is it gives it a lot of shine and it actually locks whatever you just did in place but you can see how smooth I was

able to get the bangs just by doing that if you have any trouble with pieces around the side of your face – like if you had one piece over here that always curled you could add that into the wrap pattern – don't be afraid to take as much

as you need so now she has a smooth thing but just a tiny little bend in it which is nice a very natural Bend what you can do from this point is you can add a bit of texture to the bangs so if you wanted to see a

little bit more movement you could do that pretty easily you could either take hairspray and do that or you could take a little serum I'm using an active serum this is a tiny little bit through my fingertips and I'm just gonna go in there move it around the

good thing about using a kind of nourishing oil as a serum is that it always soaks in the hair so should you put too much it'll soak right in you could also use a little paste in there that would be really cute – and don't forget to add

the same texture throughout the rest of the hair also I get a lot of women that will bring me pictures of bangs and want me to cut their bangs to be like that and I'll say a lot of times they actually have those bangs but what they're not

doing is they're not doing the finishing step to the bangs they're not adding texture at the end or they're not pushing it in the same direction so sometimes just a subtle little change to your bangs makes a big difference another really cute thing that you could do to

a short bang which I really love is you could push it off to the side so after you've blown it dry straight down you can pretty easily go in there and manipulate it to the side and I always like that because it gives it such a soft little

curve on the face makes them look really full but they still have a lightness and airiness to them so that's another alternative so that is how you style a shorter bang

3 Short Man Style Secrets | How to Dress Taller | Stylish Advice For Not-So-Tall Men | Peter Manning

Have you ever gone into a clothing store andask the employees if they can help you find something that fits and have them point youto the boy�s section despite the fact you�re a 35- year old man? Have you ever found a brand, a lifestyle brandthat suits your style, you love the patterns you love the colors you love whatthey represent, try on their size small and it�s still too big? Is everything in your closet subject to thetailor tacks? Guys, if this sounds familiar, you�re partof that demographic, the men who are shorter than average who go out there and it seems likethe fashion the clothing industry has completely ignored you.

In today�s video, I�m going to give youthree style secrets that short men can use to not only look taller, but I think justsimply look better.

Now, all the clothing I�m going to be showingyou in this video, guys, comes from Peter Manning.

I want you to go check him out, a great company.

And, I love Peter Manning for two reasons.

Number one I�ve been around short guys wheneverthey receive this clothing and they go nuts because it literally fits them rightout the box.

Now, they sent me some clothing, guess what? I am too big.

I am 5�9� 170 lbs.

How often can you say that about a brand that literallyif you�re average in size you are too big? They make everything specifically for the man who�s5�8�, 5�7, 5�6�, 5�5�, 5�4�.

When you all of a sudden started going down below 1.

7 meters and everythingis built for you, that�s awesome.

The second reason I love Peter Manning isthey focus in on core wardrobe pieces.

These are investment pieces that you can feel good spendingmoney on knowing that you�re going to be able to fit this into your wardrobe and wearagain and again.

All right, guys, let�s get into the threemain points.

Short man style secret number one.

Nail the proportion.

Guys, proportion is incredibly important, but most people don�t think aboutit, but let me give you an example.

Why is a baby cute? A baby is cute because its head in proportionto its body is actually very large.

Opposite end, let�s look at a giant, a giant hasa small head and a very large body, so these things we noticed, but we don�t necessarily we�renot able to always articulate them.

You want to make sure in your clothing asa shorter man that you�re not wearing your shirt that was actually designed to fit a man who is6�4�when you�re a 5�4� because the problem is going to be the cuffs are going to be way too large.

The collar is going to be way too large, the placement even of the buttons, the placementand the size of the pocket is all going to be overly large.

2 So, when you�re looking at a shirt and, again, this can actually apply to jackets can apply to trousers can apply to coats, all the otherpieces of clothing you got out there, but you want to make sure this is designed for a short man, not clothing out there designed for large man that they went ahead and just made smaller in certainareas.

Otherwise, you�re going to have something that looks clownish.

So, when you�re looking at the collar, youwant to have something that�s about two-and- a-half inches from the point length.

The reason being is that actually this isgoing to determine the height of the collar which you want to haveabout an inch-and- a-half back here.

Anything larger than that is probably designed for a largeman.

A lot of times companies, they�re goingto actually just to slap on a collar and keepit the same whether, again, it�s for a man who is 5�4� 140 lbs or who is 6�4� 240 lbs.

Big difference here and you need a differentsize collar.

Now, I talked about the pocket size.

One way is actually just to get shirts withno pockets, I think that looks great.

But if you want to go for a pocket, make sureit�s the right size.

Some of the pockets, again, you�ve got somethingfor a guy who�s may be 350 lbs 6�8�, he�ll have the same size pocket as a man who�s 5�3�130 lbs.

It�s just not going to work it�s goingto make the pocket look too big.

Another thing and this is very � very rarelyever looked at.

But, look at the distance between the actual buttons.

I think this was about three inches on thisone, but a lot of shirts you�re going to start to see something like closeto four inches maybe even three-and- a-half, but let me double check that.

Yeah, that was about three inches right there, and this is just shirt.

This also applies to jackets.

Jackets, you want to be out there lookingat a two-button jacket at a one-button jacket.

Avoid three-button jackets and avoid four-buttonjackets like the plague.

Small things like that, getting the proportionsgetting that silhouette correctly is going to make a big difference.

Short man style secret number two.

Nail the fit.

So, guys, if you don�t know the name ofyour tailor, you need to.

I assume if you�re a shorter men, you probablyare already paying the tailor tacks which is basically everything you ownyou need to get adjusted.

And, I�m not going to say there�s going to be one brand out therethat�s always going to solve that problem, you�re probably going to still have to get some thingsadjusted depending on your body build, but I will say that this is money well worth spent.

You want to probably own less and make sure everything you own works well together andfits well together.

And what do I mean by that? I mean your shirts, they should show a littlebit of cuff when you�re wearing them with your suit jacketwith your sports jacket, you want to make sure that your jeans are hemmed and that they are not� you don�t have all that excess material.

But, when you�re putting things on, the bestthing that you can do is make sure that they fit you really well right off the rack because youare limited to what you can adjust based off of proportions.

[0:05:09] 3 I know going back to point one, but if you�regoing to bring in a pair of trousers you�ve got to think, okay, the back pockets are going toactually limit how much I can bring them in.

If you�re going to bring in a jacket, understand thosepockets right here in the front, they are going to limit how much you can bring in on the sides.

Now when it comes to fit, there are threespecific areas I want to talk about in clothing that I think short men have a big issue with.

Number one is the crotch area in a pair oftrousers.

So, you want to avoid any trousers that have excessmaterial and has � have a crotch basically that�s hanging down too low.

What this does is it shortens your leg line.

All of a sudden, it makes your legs look shorter.

You do not want this.

The final two fit problem areas that I wantto cover, guys, apply to outerwear and it�s an issue because outerwear oftentimes uses heavierweight materials.

We�re talking leather, we�re talking of heavier canvas and seamstressesand tailors don�t always have the tools to make the adjustments.

So, you want to make sure you pay attentionto the actual jacket sleeve length and the actual coat length.

So, I�ll talk specifically right now aboutthe sleeve length.

If it�s just off a bit, you can get away with it, but all of a sudden if it startscovering half your hand, covering up your entire hand, you probably don�t want to get that.

Now, when it comes to the length of the jacket, there are jackets that fit in and around the waist areathat, you know, like a bomber or something.

In that case, make sure it falls there it doesn�tgo too far low.

The worst look I see on a short man is whenhe�s trying to wear a jacket or a coat that is just way too long and it ends up cutting into hisleg line.

3 Short Man Style Secrets How to Dress TallerStylish Advice For Not-So- Tall Men Peter Manning [0:00:00] Have you ever gone into a clothing store andask the employees if they can help you find something that fits and have them point youto the boy�s section despite the fact you�re a 35- year old man? Have you ever found a brand, a lifestyle brand that suits your style, you love the patterns you love the colors you love whatthey represent, try on their size small and it�s still too big? Is everything in your closet subjectto the tailor tacks? Guys, if this sounds familiar, you�re partof that demographic, the men who are shorter than average who go out there and it seems likethe fashion the clothing industry has completely ignored you.

In today�s video, I�m goingto give you three style secrets that short men can use to not only look taller, but I think justsimply look better.

Now, all the clothing I�m going to be showingyou in this video, guys, comes from Peter Manning.

I want you to go check him out, agreat company.

And, I love Peter Manning for two reasons.

Number one I�ve been around shortguys whenever they receive this clothing and they go nuts because it literally fits them rightout the box.

Now, they sent me some clothing, guess what?I am too big.

I am 5�9� 170 lbs.

How often can you say that about a brand that literallyif you�re average in size you are too big? They make everything specifically for the man who�s5�8�, 5�7, 5�6�, 5�5�, 5�4�.

When you all of a sudden started going down below 1.

7 meters and everythingis built for you, that�s awesome.

The second reason I love Peter Manning isthey focus in on core wardrobe pieces.

These are investment pieces that you can feel good spendingmoney on knowing that you�re going to be able to fit this into your wardrobe and wearagain and again.

All right, guys, let�s get into the threemain points.

Short man style secret number one.

Nail theproportion.

Guys, proportion is incredibly important, but most people don�t think aboutit, but let me give you an example.

Why is a baby cute? A baby is cute because its head in proportionto its body is actually very large.

Opposite end, let�s look at a giant, a giant hasa small head and a very large body, so these things we noticed, but we don�t necessarily we�renot able to always articulate them.

You want to make sure in your clothing asa shorter man that you�re not wearing your shirt that was actually designed to fit a man who is6�4�when you�re a 5�4� because the problem is going to be the cuffs are going to be way too large.

The collar is going to be way too large, the placement even of the buttons, the placementand the size of the pocket is all going to be overly large.

2 So, when you�re looking at a shirt and, again, this can actually apply to jackets can apply to trousers can apply to coats, all the otherpieces of clothing you got out there, but you want to make sure this is designed for a short man, not clothing out there designed for large man that they went ahead and just made smaller in certainareas.

Otherwise, you�re going to have something that looks clownish.

So, when you�re looking at the collar, youwant to have something that�s about two-and- a-half inches from the point length.

The reason beingis that actually this is going to determine the height of the collar which you want to haveabout an inch-and- a-half back here.

Anything larger than that is probably designed for a largeman.

A lot of times companies, they�re going to actually just to slap on a collar and keepit the same whether, again, it�s for a man who is 5�4� 140 lbs or who is 6�4� 240 lbs.

Big differencehere and you need a different size collar.

Now, I talked about the pocket size.

One wayis actually just to get shirts with no pockets, I think that looks great.

But if you want togo for a pocket, make sure it�s the right size.

Some of the pockets, again, you�ve got somethingfor a guy who�s may be 350 lbs 6�8�, he�ll have the same size pocket as a man who�s 5�3�130 lbs.

It�s just not going to work it�s going to make the pocket look too big.

Another thing and this is very � very rarelyever looked at.

But, look at the distance between the actual buttons.

I think this was aboutthree inches on this one, but a lot of shirts you�re going to start to see something like closeto four inches maybe even three-and- a-half, but let me double check that.

Yeah, that was aboutthree inches right there, and this is just shirt.

This also applies to jackets.

Jackets, you wantto be out there looking at a two-button jacket at a one-button jacket.

Avoid three-button jacketsand avoid four-button jackets like the plague.

Small things like that, getting the proportionsgetting that silhouette correctly is going to make a big difference.

Short man style secret number two.

Nail thefit.

So, guys, if you don�t know the name of your tailor, you need to.

I assume if you�rea shorter men, you probably are already paying the tailor tacks which is basically everything you ownyou need to get adjusted.

And, I�m not going to say there�s going to be one brand out therethat�s always going to solve that problem, you�re probably going to still have to get some thingsadjusted depending on your body build, but I will say that this is money well worth spent.

Youwant to probably own less and make sure everything you own works well together andfits well together.

And what do I mean by that? I mean your shirts, they should show a little bit of cuff when you�re wearing them with your suit jacketwith your sports jacket, you want to make sure that your jeans are hemmed and that they are not� you don�t have all that excess material.

But, when you�re putting things on, the bestthing that you can do is make sure that they fit you really well right off the rack because youare limited to what you can adjust based off of proportions.

[0:05:09] 3 I know going back to point one, but if you�regoing to bring in a pair of trousers you�ve got to think, okay, the back pockets are going toactually limit how much I can bring them in.

If you�re going to bring in a jacket, understand thosepockets right here in the front, they are going to limit how much you can bring in on the sides.

Now when it comes to fit, there are threespecific areas I want to talk about in clothing that I think short men have a big issue with.

Numberone is the crotch area in a pair of trousers.

So, you want to avoid any trousers that have excessmaterial and has � have a crotch basically that�s hanging down too low.

What this doesis it shortens your leg line.

All of a sudden, it makes your legs look shorter.

You do not wantthis.

The final two fit problem areas that I wantto cover, guys, apply to outerwear and it�s an issue because outerwear oftentimes uses heavierweight materials.

We�re talking leather, we�re talking of heavier canvas and seamstressesand tailors don�t always have the tools to make the adjustments.

So, you want to make sure youpay attention to the actual jacket sleeve length and the actual coat length.

So, I�ll talk specifically right now aboutthe sleeve length.

If it�s just off a bit, you can get away with it, but all of a sudden if it startscovering half your hand, covering up your entire hand, you probably don�t want to get that.

Now, whenit comes to the length of the jacket, there are jackets that fit in and around the waist areathat, you know, like a bomber or something.

In that case, make sure it falls there it doesn�tgo too far low.

The worst look I see on a short man is whenhe�s trying to wear a jacket or a coat that is just way too long and it ends up cutting into hisleg line.

You want to make sure if it�s a jacket that�s made to just barely cover your buttocks area, then it doesn�t go below the bottom covered your other buttocks.

And, if it�s a style that�smade to go lower maybe it�s on, you know, on a regular size or a taller guy, it actually would goslightly below the knee, in your case, you want this to go just above the knee.

That�s going to bea great look for a shorter man.

So, to illustrate this third point, let�splay a game.

Guys, look at the lines right here, which one is longer? Is it the top one? Is it the bottomone? Let me know in the comments.

Now, if you�ve seen this before you know the answer is bothlines are the same length.

Pretty amazing, huh? So, the point there is that are our eyes canbe fooled by what is around them.

So, this leads right into short man�s secret number three, lengthen vertical lines.

Anything you can do to allow the eyes to go up and down on your lookis a great thing.

So, one thing you want to look at is monochromatic looks.

It doesn�t matterif you go light, it doesn�t matter if you go dark.

What you want to do is find something thatworks with your skin tone and go with it.

So, if you like dark-colored jeans, then weardark-colored socks, wear dark-colored shoes, and, yeah, I understand you may have some lighter-coloredshirts, but bring � make that work with a dark-colored vest, all of a sudden you�regoing to allow someone�s eyes to go up and down and it�s just simply going to work.

4 All right, guys, that�s it.

Let me knowwhat you thought about this video down in the comments and make sure to go check out Peter Manning, a great company.

Guys, I have seen people who are much shorter than me receive their clothingin person and just love it.

And, having a number of their pieces here in the officeI can tell you these guys do not skimp when it comes to the details.

On a pair of trousers, I�m looking at allthese excess fabrics they have here in the backend of a pair of trousers.

I can tell you a lot ofcompanies don�t do this anymore.

They don�t have the excess material because it costs money, butthis excess material allows you to bring in let out the trousers and to me, these small detailswhen I�m looking at their shirts, I�m seeing mother of pearl, I�m seeing well-stitched, well-put-together.

These are small details removable shirt stays, you, guys, know I�ve talked about these details how important they are and when I see a companybuilding out classic pieces and delivering this for the man who�s 5�7�, 5�4�and building it exactly for him.

I get excited for you, guys, being able to dress better and become theman you know yourself to be.

That�s it, guys.

See you in the next video.


Short and Sweet Guide to Chicago Citation Style

Hi, my name is Nicki Lerczak.

I'm the Instructional Services Librarian, and hopefully this video will help you understand how to do Chicago citation for your Historypaper for Mr.

Palmer's class.

We're going to move kind of quickly, so stickwith me.

First thing we want to do is talk about howdo we know what Chicago looks like?From the library's website we do have a link to ourcitation guides, and Chicago is one of those.

We have a PDF document.

Here it is.

We cover a lot of ground in this, dependingon what type of sources, just like MLA and APA, depending on what you're citing, you wantto look at examples for that type of material.

Just like MLA and APA, Chicago breaks up intobasically that back page of your paper, in this case, the Bibliography, and in the textof your paper, is the parenthetical or in-text, but Chicago, likes Footnotes.

So it's the same concept, only they are downat the bottom of the page, and they are numbered.

Same idea, different look.

You'll see how we turn one of those thingsinto the other, they go back and forth pretty easily.

If you've got one, you can pretty easily makethe other, and vice versa.

There is also a shortened version, we'll talkabout that.

So, we're going to bounce back and forth alittle bit.

First things first, if I go back to the library'shomepage, and I go to the History databases, so Databases A – Z.

Here are my History databases, and they arein a ranked order, so that the ones we think are best are at the top.

You can see that JSTOR is one of those databaseswe use a lot.

The JSTOR database is a little tough to workwith, but it has good stuff.

So here you can see my search for “unitedstates”(in quotes), and “civil war” (in quotes), that's to keep those 2 phrases together.

United States together and civil war together, and the term industrialization.

The limits that I will place on this are AmericanStudies, because that's my topic, and absolutely for this class, History.

Now let's search it.

All right, so I get a number of articles andthere are mixed in with those articles, book chapters.

Sometimes, a good book chapter is worth it'sweight in gold.

I came across one that I thought looked interesting, Industrialization, Immigration, and Urbanization:The Post-Civil War Years.

It's from something called, Envisioning NewJersey: An Illustrated History of the Garden State, written by Maxine Lurie and RichardVeit, published by Rutgers University Press in 2016.

So it's an academic press, it's relativelyrecent, it sounds like an interesting book.

If I wanted to read it, I can click on ithere.

It's a little challenging to read it in herebecause the font is pretty small.

I could try making that a bit bigger, it'sstill a little challenging, so in this case you might consider the Download the PDF option.

Which I have right here.

So here is what I get: a cover page with thedetails we had looked at a moment ago.

And then I've got my book, and this is a littlebit easier to see.

So you can see it goes on.

The other benefit to having a PDF is thatI will see those different page numbers, because for in text or footnote citations, I'm goingto want to know where that's coming from.

So let's talk about how we would cite this.

The databases all have tools to help you withthe citation.

In this case, there's a button called CiteThis Item, and it gives me the MLA, APA, and Chicago.

The thing to note, all my citationtools are giving you that back page of your paper, they're giving you the Bibliographyentry.

They're not giving you a footnote.

So you will have to basically take those Bibliographyentries and convert them into footnotes.

But like I said, it is easy to do.

So, we're going to copy this, and I'm goingto come to my Google Doc that I've been writing.

It's not a very good Google Doc.

You can see that I have US History paper forPalmer, some sentences, I hope you write a much better paper than I do.

And here is where I have my Bibliography.

Now, the Bibliography for this you can seeI've already created this, so let's go find them.

There they are.

Let's reveal them.

OK, so here's what I just got from JSTOR.

As I review this, and I compare it to my Chicagoentry for a part of a book.

Specifically what I'd like to see is a partof an online book.

So when I come to my Part of a book, I cansee Chapter or Part of a Book, all of my examples in this section are for print books.

So I'm going to keep looking, and here's eBooks.

And here's a part, this one that starts, Countryman, Edward.

This is a part of an eBook.

So I can see that I need an author.

I need a title.

I need to know what book this came from, ifthere is an editor listed, which I didn't see, you would include it, if you don't haveit, you can't put it.

The page range for the section.

This one happens to have a volume.

Publisher – where, who, and when, and then, either a link or the name of the publisher/source.

So if I go back to what I have.

I've got my authors.

I've got my title.

I can see what part of a book this is from.

Like I said, there's no editor and I don'thave a volume.

There's my page range.

I've got my publisher information.

I am lacking a location, and I think I'm missinga little more link, yes I am, let's bring that out as well.

But so you are missing a location here.

Is it hard to find in this case? Not really, because if I come back to JSTOR, and I come looking over here for information about my book, I can see there's a link tothe Rutgers University Press page inside the database, and I can see right here that thisis from New Brunswick, NJ, so I'm going to take that little detail.

This is common – all of my databases willusually have the right level of information but they won't always put it in the citation.

Do NOT blindly trust any citation tool – ALWAYSdouble check.

See if you're missing something that's readilyavailable.

So now I've got all of my information, noticethat I've already formatted this correctly.

So this is hanging indent, it is also single spaced.

So now, if I come up here and I want to turnthat into a footnote.

The way to put footnotes in, is you can seeI already have my numbers up here, these are footnotes.

So what you would do, is you would put yourmouse where you want the footnote to be.

I'm in Google Docs, but the same holds truefor Word, and I'm going to come up here to Insert Footnote, in Word it's References, but it's the same idea, and here's the footnote.

So it will put the little number 1 and I'mgoing to come down here and reveal my first footnote.

There it is.

And how do I convert from one to the other? Well, if you can look back here you can seethat this started off with Last name, First name, and then the second author got to benormal, and then I have a period.

I've got my title, and then I have a period.

I have what book it was in, and after thepage numbers, I have a period.

So I have all these periods that I need toconvert to make a footnote.

So I flip people's names, because footnotesbecome normal order of your name, and where I had a period, I put a comma.

I have a comma here now, so which means wherethis used to be capital “I, ” for “In, ” it's now lower case “i” for “in.

” I put my publisher location, date, name ofpublisher, all of that goes inside parentheses, and now I only want the specific page number, and then I end with that citation link, or what I have from the database, a stable webaddress.

So that's how I turn a Bibliography entryinto a Footnote.

Names flip, periods become commas, publicationinformation moves inside the parentheses.

All right, let's do this again, but now let'sdo it with an article.

So from my History page, this time I wouldcome to the New York Times Historical, which is a really great source, and the NY TimesHistorical you can see I'm going to do a search for “civil war”again keeping that phrase insidequotes to keep it together, and industry, and the cool thing about NY Times, is thatI can limit to a specific date range, and I'm going to limit this to the years of thecivil war, and do my search.

And now, I've got an interesting looking article, The Effects of the Civil War in America.

My browser doesn't want to display it correctly, I get a big blank spot down here, but I do have a Download PDF option, so if I ran intotrouble I could get it a different way.

Here is my article.

So I've got, Effects of the Civil War in America.

It's not very long article, it's a NY Timescolumn article.

Let's say I want to cite it.

I have a citation option, again, I am goingto get a Bibliography entry, but you can see that there are a lot of citation styles here, so we are using the latest edition of Chicago, the notes and bibliography entry.

So I would take all this, copy it and pasteit.

Let's go take a look in my doc.

So now, it is the middle entry, there it is, let's reveal it.

So here's what I just got, and again I'm goingto double check this against what I have in my citation guide.

This is a Newspaper article, you can see Ieven have an example of a NY Times article.

So I would love ideally an author's Last namecomma First name period.

The name of the title, period.

The name of the source, a comma, the date, a comma, I don't have an edition, and then the link to the thing.

So what do I have? Well, I have a title, period.

I have the source, comma.

The date, period, and then a link.

What I do have also though is a title that'sall in caps, which is not going to fly.

So let's format that and turn that into Titlecase which is a cool tool, if you don't know about it.

Now I'm happy with this.

So how do I take my Bibliography entry forthis and turn it into a footnote? Again, I would have come up here and put mymouse where I wanted the footnote to be, although this is counting for me, so this is number2.

That's perfect.

So my second footnote, there you are, is revealed.

Same order, but comma, oops, missed my comma.

NY Times, and I believe oops, comma.

All right.

So I'm good.

Notice there's a space between those, again, the first line is indented here, it's the opposite of the hanging indent at the end.

Right now I've got a space between these, so single spaced, lines between.

Single spaced, lines between, but the indentsflip from Footnotes, to Bibliography.

All right, we've got one more source.

Let's say we've got a good web page, becausethe web is a great place, and I did a search for “united states”(in quotes) and “civil war”(inquotes) and industrialization, and I saw a really great website coming from the NationalPark Service, and I thought, “all right, let's take a look at that.

” So here's my great thing.

Now websites have no citation tool, so I'vegot to pull out the bits and pieces as best I can.

What do I need for a web page citation? All the basic stuff, author's name if I canhave it.

Title, who sponsored or owns the web site.

Date, some kind of date, publication, revision, modification, and if they don't have one, when did I look at it? And then a web address.

Putting all of that together, what do I createfor this? This guy is my third, and he comes in firsthere, because you'll notice I have organized this alphabetically.

He, my author, Benjamin T.

Arrington, is upat the top, but for my Bibliography, he's Arrington comma Benjamin.

So he's “A, ” that's “E, ” that's “L.

” So alphabetical, myauthor, period.

The title of the page, period.

The National Park Service is the one sponsoringit.

I had a last updated, so I went all the waythrough this and there was no date at the top, but all the way down at the bottom, luckilyfor me, in the corner, there's a last updated.

So I was able to grab that piece of information, and you'll see that I've included “last updated” to say what that date was, and then I've gotthe link.

How do I turn that into.



? Well, again, I put my mouse here, insert myfootnote, this is my third footnote, so let's go find it.

There it is, let's reveal it.

OK, turning this from a Bibliography, LastName comma First Name, becomes normal order name, comma, web page title, comma, NationalPark Service, comma.

Just like up here where I had to after I putthe comma in I had to make this a lower case “i, ” this becomes a lower case “l” becausethere's not a period before it now, and a comma goes before it, and a period at theend of it.

Lastly, short notes.

Each of these items will tell you, Bibliographyentry, Footnote entry, and then most of them will have a section about the short notes.

After you've cited your source one time, youdon't do that full citation again.

Only the first time you cite a source, youput all of these details in.

So if I had another one that I wanted to grab.

Let's say from that book, that first citationhere, the Lurie Veit book, and I said, “ah, I want to use that again.

” Well, what does that look like? A short note in this case, let me reveal it, you can see becomes just their last names, a shortened title (it's in quotation markshere, it stays in quotation marks), a page number, remember I knew the page numbers becauseI had that PDF, so that's handy.

What about a web page or an article? Well, let's say I wanted to use somethingelse from that one web page by Benjamin Arrington.

What would I to to him? Well, I'd insert my footnote, let me revealhim, so he's just last name, shortened title, there's no page numbers with the web, so Ican't put one.

Good to go.

My formatting says these should also be probablybe smaller, so you might come in and also tweak these.

There is a guide in the Chicago stylesheetthat we have that does talk to you about page formatting, so I'm going to make this allsmaller.

Usually your footnotes are smaller and that'swhat I thought, there was some inconsistency, some of these are the right size and someof these are bigger.

So yeah, your footnotes are usually smaller.

If you have questions, Ask a Librarian, Mondayto Friday 9 to 5, we can answer your questions, please reach out.


How To Style A Lob | Hairstyles For Short Hair

today we're gonna do something different welcome back to my channel I'm gonna show you today how to style a bob here's a log yours is a love a lob a chop like I don't know what the right verbage is okay I guess it's a lob we're gonna show

you in style a lob and Shawn my hairstylist knows how to do it she has it down to a science and she's gonna show you exactly what she does to get the perfect log something glass with the champagne glass with the wine [Music] okay so we have a

ponytail right now that you styled yes and we put extensions in it yes and we're gonna take it all out on camera we are and then we're gonna be adding shorter extensions in just for some fullness and style these I like to call this my rat tail I

carry it around it's in my purse sometimes sometimes ones hanging out of Michaels briefcase they're in his car sometimes any sleeping I even click one to a shirt sometimes they look like roadkill so we're gonna start with a blank canvas take her extensions out and then start from

there so obviously the biggest trend is everyone cutting their hair into a lob it's super chic and cute but what people don't know is shorter hair is actually harder to style them longer hair I feel like people do know that though because me styling shorter hair is like

it's not pretty it's like yeah like I need to watch this my own video like I plant it come in a dryer bars are super happy about their new cut and then go they wash it once and says shit I don't know how to style this it looks

great when you leave the salon yeah but then a few days in you're like a lot of people regret it but you shouldn't because it's actually easy to learn how to do okay it's just the right tools right product is key so you're taking out my extensions so

we can show everyone what we're working with oh I saw that one more I wouldn't have noticed one time I had a fake eyelash in my hair for like six weeks and then I like knew it was there but then I didn't take it out for like four

more days so this was dry shampoo this is by how do you say this honey gotta it's one of my new favorite ones I wanted to mix it up if they always used to dry bar one detox which I love but I bought this just to keep in

my first a little trouble one cuz I'm never washing my hair and I'm always leaving dry shampoo it smells good mm-hmm I'm a little trick for clip-ins if you do it yourself I don't know if you know this but teasing your root before you put this in because

otherwise if you just put it in its gonna pull on your hair and that's why people think that they lose hair from clippings is because you're not giving it like a foundation to go on and you're not overly teasing it just giving it just a little grip and

you can spray with hairspray or not but use a rat tail comb you just go like four or five times I love a rat tail comb it's everything um I actually have a question so I am NOT a fan of well as you notice of tape and extensions

I like clippings don't you feel that extensions need to be tailored to your lifestyle yeah like I would have never suggested tape ins for you because you know don't do your hair I've had tapings for four years and yeah I do get blowouts a dry bar once a

week but I also brush out my hair sleep up with my hair up every night it just what's the brush yeah I guess it so I'm gonna add cocoons to this side now um you don't have to be super specific where you put them but enough where they're

not gonna bug you and then not too high where you're gonna see them and I would suggest clippings for anyone whose hair does not hold a curl extensions will help hold the curl or wave so much better than your real hair and your real hair almost like blends

in and like morphs to the texture of the equipment it's it's weird and see she doesn't need the back to she has plenty of fullness back there anyways and good layers for it do you like the way my finn's match to here yeah they're perfect and pretty common

like you did the result right first because our hair is clean I'm gonna be using the ARB a dry texture spray to give the hair a little grit before we weave it so you can just literally just take your hair this and spray it fear doesn't have to

do this specific spot but kind of everywhere sometimes I like like I just got fucked looks oh you know always like sex on the beach yeah you know and that's why I tell my clients to like I don't do a very polished hair you want polish no bridal

curls here that I always say there's three sections one two and three you want to start with section one and that starts from the occipital bone which is your bone right the back of your head right here down okay I'm starting to feel like I could do this

myself I mean you know I might wash my own you tell her that and then just put the rest up so it's out of the way so today we're using the three day bender by dry bar it's one and a quarter inch curling iron if you go any

smaller you're gonna most likely get those ringlet curls which so don't go smaller yeah okay we're not going for that no tease this one okay okay so this is the part where like I feel I mess up I almost want to like turn around to show them exactly

what you're doing because this is like an art it's like a flick of the wrist you know okay so obviously you're not gonna be able to get the angle I get but what I suggest for you is splitting it down the middle and then pulling those pieces forward

and always curl away from the face so you want to take section like that and you can either curl it in the barrel or you can wrap it around I'm gonna do kind of a little bit of both because it doesn't have to be super uniformed I just

kind of like rock it back and forth tap it with your finger just feel how hot it's getting and I always count to like ten seconds and then I always feel like they hold a little bit better if you let it cool in your hand in that cold

position if you just drop it the heat wants to pull the curl out I'll do it on this one to this one I'll do a little different I'll just wrapped around the entire barrel that's the thing with waves they don't have to be perfect you can do them

in different directions different technique and that takes that curl out because that's not what we're going for going for a wave I think it's interesting how you hold your hand playing that like meaning like you don't hold the hands like perpendicular to the scalp you hold it parallel

so yeah it's all – like I doing it in the mirrors kind of hard for yourself because you don't know which direction to go it's really just getting comfortable with the positioning so I was like clients that curl towards their face and it's just it's all just being

super comfortable with the positioning and it's it's hard to do at first but once you know which way to go it really gets easy okay so the next section um is gonna be from the temples down so that would be section two so again take about like an

inch in section and just rock it back and forth and always remember to leave that like last inch even like an inch and a half out and it's okay if you curl your ends too much you can always go over and just tap them with a flat iron

to straighten them out a little bit and a tip with the clip-ins when you curl it make sure you're always having a piece of your hair in there to curl with it so it doesn't look separated so you can't tell that it's a clip in so explain what

a lob is for anyone that doesn't know a lob is a longer bob usually a bob hits like I'd say above the shoulders and a lob can hit anywhere from right above the shoulders to like the collarbone it's for someone that once you go shorter DJ or something

like a knob like don't you think like well yeah I mean like a long-ball okay sounds a little like everything I'm doing different techniques because we don't want it super your uniform so your curls aren't going all the same way they're not all the same shape okay so

should tell us about the different techniques you're doing so summer I'm curling in the barrel like this some I'm curling just around like this and then I'll clamp it so I'm I'm throwing just around the whole thing it's like it doesn't have to be perfect okay to achieve

this look we're using three different techniques and the techniques that I'm using are the one you just saw I'll wrap it around the iron away from the face hold that another technique I'll use is curling it in the actual barrel like that curling it in the middle of

the section of hair leaving the root straight and then the ends out too so that's one and then another one all curl inside the barrel but not clamping it and holding it vertical and just kind of rocking it back and forth what is the rock do it um

it just kind of helps heat up the hair without leaving the like heat directly on that section of hair I like a rock do I love a rock arch – the best blow dryer in my opinion honestly is a dry bar one the Buttercup I love it it's

lightweight it protects the hair it's not going to overheat but it still dries in a fast time I honestly I love it never great warranty – okay I like the Buttercup – because Ali Wehbe came on her podcast and she talked about the Buttercup and how amazing it

was so of course I had to try it on my own which is rare and I loved it um other than that you can find me at dry bar on my computer multitasking using the Buttercup not myself but you know similar right the same thing same thing another

tip I want to share is about how high keep your heat should be you don't have to crank it up to 4:30 that especially if you already kind of have you know we all have somewhat damaged hair from coloring and stuff the ideal setting depending on your hair

texture would be I would say from like 360 to like 410 you so we've waived it and now you really want to get your fingers in there I kind of mess it up like this don't you but I wish it was dirty a little bit I mean I

always like a little grit but this will work and then even to like I'll take a piece like this and slide my finger up like that to kind of just make it a little more piece here oh yeah show them not show them not like a hundred times

so you take a section and like push up like pinch your fingers together and push up like this yeah but like in between my fingers and then I'll take the dry texture spray and hold it up like this you want to spray up and this stuff is super

lightweight you it seems like I'm putting in a lot but your hair is not going to be trusted you know so go I am obsessed and it's okay you can get up in your route too so after that I kind of take it and always tell people don't

get afraid to get your hands in there it's okay and a trick to if you like go out at night if you go to the bathroom flip your head upside down and mess it up more and I know you'll come out from the bathroom looking false so now

we're gonna finish it with the unite strong hold hairspray just put them in the front the low goes a long way you can even just if you wanted your bang a little more peace out split in half that was easy I just sources down hard oh let me

wipe the sweat off my brow if you have any questions for Shawn about how to style your hair you want to see other tutorials make sure you ask her below and she will be answering all your questions no but that was such a great tutorial on how to

style a lob you guys I hope you love Shawn make sure you follow her on instagram it's at Shawn K style and we will see you next week champagne glass with the fine notes you know I never got that bottle service man I brought

How to Style Short Punk Hair | Short Hairstyles

so I'm going to show you how to do kind of a short punk rock set so we're going to take careers really smooth and natural and we're going to Punk it up we're going to give it some height one of the best ways that you can do that

with short hair would be a flat iron so you're going to take the hair you're going to hold it straight up and you're gonna flood iron up and as you can see it helps it to stand straight up so we're going to do that all throughout and it's

going to look a little crazy at first but then we're going to mess it up put some product in there texturize it a bit now I'd like to use a comb when I'm using a flat iron it just helps it stay a little bit better so what you're

going to do is use the comb to hold the hair flying it straight up and then let it cool in that position it's giving you a little lift at the root and you'll notice when we go to our next step it really helps to lift it up okay

so now I flat ironed all throughout everything so all of my pieces are very very straight only a couple are standing up so we're going to really amp that up I'm going to take section by section the same way that I did before and I'm going to use

this this is tease it's a texturizing root powder there are other kinds like it and this is a powder form so I'm just going to shake it on the roots it really gives the hair the feeling of at ease without actually having to tease it so it gives

you a little bit more lift than you would normally have a good thing to remember too with short hair is that sometimes it's got to look really crazy and messy before it can look really good we're usually trying to get as much texture and movement in short hair

as we can and then taking as a last step and just polishing it up and doing making it do what you want it to do so I always like to groom it so that it's really really big and then pare it down from there you could also use

like a beach spray or another kind of texturizing product to get the the texture in there with the beach spray you might want to spray the beach spray on before you flat iron or you might start if you have really straight hair you can use the beach spray

and a blow-dryer and just blow it straight up so now that you have it so big you're going to start moving in the directions so I think I'm going to start veering everything in this direction so I don't want everything to be straight down the middle I want

it to kind of cascade over to the side so now that I have all that product in the hair and it's texturized it's pretty easy to manipulate and move over to where I want it to be definite rock and roll feel to the hair add a little bit

more tease in the back I think that's one area that gets left behind it really kind of completes the look and then I'm going to take a polishing cream or wax or a paste or something like that and I'm going to add my definition and texture in there

so now I'm just kind of picking up the ends lifting them up pulling them up twisting them I sometimes do this with my hands so I'm just taking it and rubbing it back and forth and just keep playing with it manipulating it until you get it to do

what you want it to do and I always say don't forget about the sides always put a little bit of product in the sides and start manipulating that also you never want the top of your hair to be a texture and the bottom to be a different texture

and that is how you create a punk look on short hair Oh

Short Man Style Tips | How To Dress Taller – RMRS

Dressing Short Body Type[0:00:00] All right, gentlemen.

Today’s video is about dressing sharp forthe short men.

If you’re 5’9” or shorter, this videois for you.

And if you’re taller, well, you’re stillgoing to find some awesome tips in today’s video.

[Music]Let’s start this video off by talking about proportions.

If you’ve ever studied art you know thatproportions are very important when it comes to art, it comes to designs, it comes to thingslooking great.

So, let’s talk about the idealistic bodyshape.

The body shape celebrated throughout timeand history through sculptures through art.

What we see and using the head as the measurementis that he is eight heads high and he is two-and-a-third heads wide.

The reality is the average human being isonly seven-and-a-half heads in height.

And the reality is that shorter men, he’smore like six-and-a-half heads in height.

The issue here for the short men is that ashis proportions skew away from the ideal, all of a sudden it can make him look childlike.


So, we got the basic lesson on proportionsout of the way, let’s talk about the goal of today’s video.

For you to understand fit as a shorter individual, so that you can wear clothing that makes you look great, not clothing that makes you lookshorter than what you actually are.

Now, gentlemen, you may be wondering, Antonio, where did you get that great looking polo? What about all those other ones right thereon the rack? Guys, over at Otero Menswear, the paid sponsorof today’s video.

And, what I love about this company, theyfocus in on the men between 5’4” and 5’9” with their three dimensional proportionalsizing system.

What this means basically is if you’re betweenthose sizes, usually you have two options – small and medium.

Over in Otero you’ve got almost twenty differentsizes.

They do this because they first focus in onyour height.

Then, they go in and they focus in on yourbody type, then they add a third dimension to the sizing by going in are you a small, medium, large, or extra large within those dimensions.

I can tell you guys, this is going to be oneof the most accurate fitting that you will find out there.

Now, another thing I want to talk about isthe fabrics.

You guys know I owned a clothier, I geek outon quality fabrics that actually retain their shape when you wash them again and again.

That’s what they said.

I talked to Stephen, the founder.

We went back and forth, I’m like, okay, send me this clothing, I’m going to wash it a whole bunch of times and it did exactlywhat he said it would do.

It retained it shape.

It actually fit a lot better and it felt betteractually having go – gone through the wash.

So, little things like this just I love itwhen a company pays attention to the small details.

And, speaking of small details, they actuallywent through and they added they made sure the proportions are all correct.

Right here, the pocket size details, havingdifferent fabrics, the stitching and the quality of the buttons right here on the sleeve, thesmall detail like this.

And not a polo guy? Don’t worry.

They’ve got great looking t-shirt as well.

Gentlemen, I’m linking Otero Menswear downin the description of this video with the discount code.

The best you’re going to find.

Guys, use it or lose it.

Awesome company that focuses on the fit forthe guy under 5’9”.

Highly recommended.

Check them out.

I’m linking to them down in the description.

So, first up let’s talk about shirt fit.

Well, what we’re initially looking at isgoing to be the overall length of the shirt.

You don’t want the shirt to extend pastyour hipbones.

Yes, you can actually get that adjusted, butI would say find a brand find a particular style that works for your body type versushaving to spend that extra money on the tailor tax.

Next, you want to go out and look at the shoulderpoints.

If the shoulder points go way beyond yourshoulders, then don’t buy the shirt.

You want to make sure it fits you here.

This is key if you are a bigger guy you’rea muscular guy, but you want a slimmer fit.

So, look for something that has a particulartype of V cut basically accommodates your drop.

Your drop is the difference between your chestmeasurement and your stomach or your waist measurement.

So, depending on your drop, you’re lookingfor a t-shirt that actually fits that style.

Now, let’s say you have almost no drop, you’ve got about a 42-inch midsection and you’ve got about a 42-inch chest.

In that case, you’re going to look for astyle of t-shirt that is more of a rectangle and there are some that just drape straightdown.

Other ones, again, they’re going to havemore of an athletic cut and so they’re going to come in more in the stomach area.

Now, let’s talk about shirt sleeves.

So, instead of looking at the top of the shirtsleeves, look at the bottom of the shirt sleeve and in general you want something that’sgoing to be a bit shorter.

I know you may be worried, oh, I’m goingto look really thin.

Well, guess what? You can’t hide it anyway and it’s betterto look thin than to have stubby short arms because that’s a longer sleeve does fora shorter individual.

So, go for a little bit short of a sleeve, it’s usually going to look better on a short individual.

Now, let’s talk about dress shirts and button-downs.

Very similar to the t-shirt, we want to makesure it fits perfectly in the shoulder point.

If you’re buying it off the rack and itdoesn’t fit you in the shoulder point, then don’t even buy it.

Now, when it comes to the chest when it comesto the rest of the stomach and the torso area, this can be brought in.

For me, with a closer fit with my size andmy proportions, I like to have about two to an inch-and-a-half of extra material in andaround the chest and the stomach area.

Some of you guys may prefer to have a littlebit more have a little bit less, but once you get below an inch, it’s a very formfit and doesn’t give you too much.

You got to have room to breathe there.

[0:04:59]Now, let’s talk about the sleeve length.

So, this is off the rack where I see mostthe mistakes made is that they do not get the sleeves adjusted.

And, if you’re thinner, you can also getthe sleeves slimmed up as well.

That’s going to look a lot better.

Now, with the length of the shirt, becausedress shirts are meant to be tucked in, this is something that if it’s a little bit longer, let’s say you want to wear a shirt untucked that’s going to be a casual button-down.

Then, in that case, you may want to get ittailored at the bottom to be shorter, so that when you wear it, again, you’re only havingit about – go about three inches past the waistline.

Now, the fit of polo is very similar to t-shirts, but, again, you want to make sure that the length is right.

Now, another thing to pay attention to thatkind of goes beyond fit is the proportion.

So, you want to make sure that the collar, look at it in proportion to your face or actually go get a size that’s about four sizes larger.

And if the collar size is the same on themedium or the small as it is on the extra, extra large, you know that this brand is justreusing collars.

Do not buy from them.

You want to find something that is proportionallymade for your built.

All right, gentlemen.

Now, let’s talk about the perfect fit forthe short man when it comes to jeans, shorts, chinos, khakis.

Any type of trousers, guys, it all startsin the crotch area.

And what I’m talking about is your rise.

So, the rise is actually if you want to takea tape measure, you would start right up here at the top here, go all the way down up andaround behind in the buttocks area.

Measure that right there and you are lookingfor a shorter rise.

Why is this beneficial? Because it’s going to make your legs looklonger.

Wearing jeans that actually have a very nicerise they fit you well in the crotch area, it’s just going to make your legs look longer, it’s going to make you look better.

And that’s what you’re shooting for.

Now, on the exact opposite are going to bekhakis that have a very low rise.

And khakis are some of the biggest offendershere.

And what this does is it basically it cutsyour leg line, it makes your legs look shorter than what they already are and it is somethingyou want to avoid.

Also, avoid this in shorts.

When it comes to shorts, you want to makesure not only do you got that really good rise fit, but you want to also make sure righthere on the hips that they hug you that they fit you close.

But, when it comes down to tropical weighttrousers, again, make sure they’ve got really nice slim fit right here in on the hip areabecause it’s going to be that whole crotch area that we want to get an excellent fit.

Next up, let’s talk about trousers taper.

And this is basically going to be the legline and how closely it follows your actual legs.

Now, notice right here I’ve got these chinosright here with these jeans.

I don’t know if you can see this, but thechinos are just slightly wider than the jeans and that’s a good sign because when you’relooking for a pair of chinos or for a pair of khakis whatever you’re going to wear, you want it to be a slimmer cut if you can.

But, what you don’t want to wear is if youhave a thin or you got just a regular body built and you’re wearing something thatreally makes your legs look wider.

Now, let’s talk about hemming your trousers.

And what we’re doing here is we’re goingto shorten the overall length of the trousers and by shortening them half an inch, thiscan make a big difference.

Now, I can’t talk about hemming withouttalking about trouser break.

In general, I think short men are best servedby no break or a quarter break.

No break is basically with the trouser hangand they hang straight.

I think this looks best on most men.

If you want to go for a little bit of a break, well, maybe you’re 5’6” you’re 5’7” you’re 5’9”, okay, you can make it work.

But, if you’re 5’2”, go for no breakand go ahead and show off those shoes.

Next up, let’s talk about shorts.

And I want to give shorts special attentionbecause shorts if worn incorrectly can really mess up your look.

They can make you look shorter they make yourlegs look stubby.

Now, you don’t want to exaggerate this, you don’t want to make your legs look shorter than what they are.

So, you want to make sure to wear a pair ofshorts which is going to do its best to accentuate the length of your legs.

Avoid baggy shorts.

Avoid shorts that have a very low rise.

Those are going to do you no favors and, worsethan pants, they’re going to – they just really can mess up the whole silhouette andthe look of the outfit.

Now, let’s talk about what to look for whenit particularly comes to the length of the shorts.

So, if you are 5’7” you’re 5’8”, nine inches perfectly fine.

If you’re 5’5” you’re 5’4”, lookmore for seven inches.

If you’re 5’4”, 5’3”, 5’2’, five inches on the inseam of your shorts is perfectly fine.

Now, let’s talk jacket fit.

We’re talking sports jackets, suit jackets, blazer jackets.

First up, start with the shoulders, like anyoneelse, if it doesn’t fit you in the shoulders do not buy the jacket, put it back find somethingfirst that fits you in the shoulders.

Then, look in the torso area.

Basically, first the chest, then the stomach.

But here is where as a shorter man you’vegot to be careful and that’s the length of the jacket.

And that’s why you want to make sure, youknow, does that jacket just barely cover the back curvature of your buttocks.

That’s a good sign, that’s exactly thelength it should be.

So when you put your arms down, where doesthe jacket end? Does it end at about your wrist bone or doesit go a little bit longer? If it goes about an inch beyond your wristbone, you may want to be careful.

Again, you’re looking for a little bit shorterof a length than average because that proportionally is going to look best on your body.

[0:10:03]Sports jacket is not your thing? Maybe you like leather jackets, maybe jeanjackets.

In any case, a jacket is going to be buildup the shoulders, it’s going to make you look taller, but make sure you choose theright style for your body type.

The trucker jacket, another one that the overalllength is going to be shorter, this is the right style for you.

All right, gentlemen, now it’s your turn.

I want to hear from you down in the comments.

What are your tips and tricks for dressingsharp for improving the fit of your clothing? I want to hear your tips down in the comments.

And, guys, if you like this video, if youthink it was useful, please share it, give it a thumbs-up, pass it around.

And, guys, go check out Otero Menswear.

I’m going to link to them down in the description, an awesome company.

Go check them out.

I’ve got a discount code down there.

It’s the best you’re going to find andthey’re a new up-and-coming company.

That’s it, guys.

Take care.

I will see you in the next video.

So, could you guys tell? It is hotter than heck here in my office.

My A/C apparently just went out and, yeah, I’m sweating here trying to film this video.

I delete every few minutes, go wipe sweatoff of my face.

So, hopefully in the video, I’m not tooshiny, but I have a feeling I’m going to be.

But, hey, what can I do, right? See you guys on next video.

Take care.

[0:11:09] End of Audio.

Women Try A Short Girl Style Box

[Music] hey guys I'm comin Tina I am five one and a half five two on a good day it really just depends hi I'm Michelle I am five three my name is Nina and I'm five three so for me shopping for clothes is kind of weird because when I want to get like a really cute crop top are usually regular-sized shirts on me which is fine but like some days I would really like a crop top that fits me I would say that being a petite person sometimes you just run into like issues when you're shopping for clothes that you wouldn't expect the other thing for me is that I'm petite but I would say like I'm a little bit on the curvier side if I find something that is the right length sometimes you won't actually fit my hips while I don't have a hard time necessarily finding clothes that fit in general I definitely have a more difficult time finding clothes that fit well if I had to describe my style it would probably be trendy modern a little edgy I wear the black I definitely love to be a little glam I love to be a little bit edgy and I like to be a bit feminine I personal style definitely varies on mood it just depends on what I'm like feeling like for the day so today we're gonna try a style box that is made specifically for petite people called short story I've never used a style box before I've always wanted to but I've always kind of been very skeptic about it because yeah you do tell them like what your style is but really accomplish it pretty serious to see what short-story box has real time I got boobs and hips it'd be cool to see if they have like put see clothes that are not just about length but also about fitting different body shapes about you go on to the short story box.

com website and starting by order I guess I am on the short story site right now I wanna check out what Styles they have and I think there's a style quiz I take before I go ahead and order a box so it's asking me how tall I am on a good day I'm like a 5-2 what's my weight rude how do I feel about this style you might not like everything here just pick how you feel overall about that fit I'm gonna put this as I like it oh this is very corporate um like this one is a just okay uh that's okay you think I'm gonna put this as I like it cuz I feel like the style feels a little bit more fun yeah I like this one it feels a little more feminine this one is one that just has your pants the last one I like how do I feel about this style I hate it that don't I get sizes that I typically wear if I'm in between sizes I can pick the one that I wear most often these kind of questions are tricky because it really depends on this store for bottoms I'm gonna go with a size six we want to understand how you dress most days well hmm most days these days I'm at home but I still want to look cool what do I want to receive in the box oh okay I'm gonna go with laid-back and casual because that's what I normally wear I can't be done try some business casual stuff and then maybe like a night out going out type L thing you know what I'm gonna add athletic wear into it too which style of dress do I like to wear fit-and-flare that's the only style I like what Jean styles don't like to wear we love skinny because I can't bend to anything else but I also love boyfriend jeans high-waisted jeans are kind of a hit-or-miss for me because my waist is so small but I don't have a big butt so it doesn't like correlate well colors I just like wearing I don't really like wearing black but I'm done' are there any patterns I dislike wearing nope I love all all patterns okay where do I typically purchase clothes t.


maxx Target Urban Outfitters Nordstrom Rack j.

crew Madewell Roshan Bloomingdale's and sacks each missoura of I feel like yeah I'm gonna put probably Abercrombie & Fitch just because you guys I know we don't like them but these are the only jeans that I ever fit into and I'm talking about the kids sizes so crazy stores I'm like Zara I think they have a good mix of designs that look hard but are also still trendy frequently do you want to try new trends frequently I love being adventurous any pieces I do not want in the box I don't think I need sweaters coats everything else sounds good to me now they're asking if there's anything else that I'd like them to know I'm just gonna be honest because it sounds like a human being reads this so I'm just gonna say that I have a short torso and that's something that I want to be worked around because a lot of the times things hit me strangely because I'm not as tall as a model or mannequin so I want that to be taken into account they asked for my Instagram username so that I can show them my style but which is really cool because if you're gonna invest in a style box you do want someone doing as much research on you as possible yeah okay I'm all done so I just finished filling out everything I'm very very excited to get this box like I said I've never gotten a subscription before it's Ruby here in one to two weeks so I will check back in with you guys once the box is here the day has come short story box all right the box is finally here I'm pretty excited but also opening up the box so we try everything on five days to decide what to keep and bunny an extension just email them make your selections then I have to go online and then check it out and then return any unwanted items ooh something white Lacey the first item is this gorgeous bodysuit the second item is plain white teeth but now it's got this like low back detail oh my god they sent me a pastel purple side next up this is pair of shorts the last item in the mix is this absolutely cute rose so we've got what looks like three dresses and then a top and a few overall things this is all really cute stuff the thing that feels different from what I would normally do is maybe like some of the cuts I usually don't go for such a deep V that's like on this dress or like I've never worn like a jumpsuit like that I'm very interested to try all this stuff and see what it looks like on me medium delicate wire whoo oh it's from Maine well okay this dress adorbs I love the back has like an open back situation kind of thing this dress is definitely something that I have on my pinterest boards so I know that they looked at it it's a doggy organizer puff sleeve mini this is the raw meat I sleep flouse another blouse that you can definitely see on my Pinterest page this is the petit reverie pea coat trim blouse I hope I said that right it's very like vintage chic oh I've got some jeans petite high-waisted go girlfriend jeans dude I'm literally looking for girlfriend jeans for so long I really hope he's fed you know your girl had to try on the lace bodysuit first I saw white I saw lace I saw these like flutter sleeves and my heart I was gone I was sold I gotta say though for real it is probably the best fitting body suit I've ever tried on my only critique of this is that the white material that goes right across my boobs does feel a little bit just like a big broad white Sprite well honestly I'm so in love with the rest of this bodysuit that I kind of do yeah I really really really love this dress but I could not get it on it was so the fabric is like Spanx kind of fabric so it's very very tight very very form-fitting but yeah I can't even like this is the farthest I could like move my legs but you really like this I like how it looks on me I think it definitely works with my haircut – which is why he liked that they went on my Instagram to see kind of what I look like in general because these are the sleeves for this outfit I think it literally looks so cute alright so here's me in this little black dress transferring me and it feels very like feminine flirty with the stuff I have to find a proper bra to go with it just because the ones that I have are visible through this very very deep v or maybe I gotta like pin it or something I don't know one thing that's cool about this is that I love a short dress I like to show my legs but it doesn't feel like so short that my ass is gonna hang out nor does it feel like short for a model which would be at my knees so that's actually really nice I'm not sure that I would keep it just because of the bra situation I would have to let go and find a bra that fit this but I don't know I do think it's cute so for the white shirt with the V cut back I ended up pairing with this like floral skirt I tie my hair up the only thing is that the shirt is kind of sheer and I wore Pacey's underneath it but the Pacey's still showed through so that was kind of a situation but I do think that the shape of the shirt is really flattering for petite bodies because like the length of it is long enough so you can still tuck it into like a high-waisted bottom but it's still short enough where if you wanted to wear it out it would look really cute but I got a lot of white to use in my own closet I don't think I will need this line okay so I like this dress I don't know if I'm in love with it I think the fit is very good for my form the back is very low I feel like but I think it's very cute I get very much like hippie like 70s vibes from it I also pair this with the earrings that they sent me from made well because that's what they said to pair it with definitely a lot easier to move in than the other dress I like it I think it's really cute this is a little black button down dress I'm torn on this one because I really like it from the front and it looks like a little bit cinched in the waist and kind of plugs the curves but then from the side I don't know it feels just very up-and-down if you eat some of that it's just my body maybe it's cuz it's a little big but I feel like it could be doing more for me I will say that maybe the sizing for me wasn't quite accurate cuz like truth be told I'm kind of like between sizes so it's not always like a hundred percent accurate unfortunate I don't think that this one is a keeper for me the blue dress is super sweet super girly I think it's so cute because it's got these like little ribbon tassels on the sleeves and when you troll around in it it definitely feels like a dream the only thing is that it's got ruching around the middle and for some reason like the ruching was actually kind of creeping into my under boob area so it didn't actually hit me on the torso the way that I thought it would I love this outfit I love how this shirt looks on me I paired it with the earrings that they sent me from made well I don't have to wear a belt with these jeans which I love but I feel like I love wearing belts just like accentuate my waist a little bit more I love these jeans so much I love how this top looks this is so comfortable it's very freeing it's a light shirt which it is so useful in the summer time this is a hundred percent yes for me also the detailing in this top the ruffles are so cute so now we have this little yellow top I actually really like this and I didn't think that I was going to I find it to be very cute it feels like it was made for somebody my height she's it's like easy to put on it doesn't feel like I'm really wearing clothes because there's so many holes but it's still like so cute so when I have to pop into a zoom I still look adorable obviously I'm not going out as much anymore but it feels like one of those pieces where this is something that is both comfortable and cute and I could transition back out into the world when we are allowed to live our lives again I am sure this pastel purple set is everything it feels like I was sculpted into this set like it was made for me especially because it's a crop top I wasn't sure I was like oh maybe it's gonna be a little too ah or also it could be too short but no it fits so well this is by far my favorite thing out of an entire box okay I feel like this shirt had a lot of potential that's very loose on me here's a little up close so there's a cute little knot feature up on the front I just kind of wish it was a little bit more cinched up here I mean the sleeves definitely like for the purpose of it and think it looks good loose also these are just so fun these little something in my Barber's right here I would probably give this like five out of ten only because I just want it to be a little bit smaller okay I'll be honest I thought I would hate this dress but now that I have it on I think I actually like it it feels when I'm wearing it very easy and breezy and just kind of free-flowing the fabric is very like light and stretchy and thin which I prefer but because of the shoulders and like the sleeves it has this like detailed structure look that like makes it seem like you put an effort even though all I did was just like put it on to me it says like businesswomen take me seriously but also I'm like fun and flirty you know I really like the blue shorts it kind of surprised me because it's not something that I would have picked out for myself especially because the pockets are on the front I would have thought oh but I know like I kind of hid kind of weird on my body but if it's really well and it's on the shorter side but it's like that perfect length to me 10/10 I really wanted to love this jumpsuit it hits me in the right spot this cinching is where my actual waist is which I have never found before so I'm really excited about that that being said I do think what's unfortunate is the back is just like not super flattering to me and then also this kind of material is something where I feel like I need to wear a bra with it but it's kind of difficult with these straps I think it would just like look weird and uncomfortable and this is already so tight I don't like to wear something else you know I would've wanted to love it keep it keep it I was very pleasantly surprised when I got this box and it was a lot of things that like I really like even the long floral dress which I'm not I'm not a floral person technically I don't think I was really blown away and I think the clothes that they've picked out for me really hit it on the nail with what I want to be looking like what I want to wear nowadays so I definitely will order it again I definitely would recommend this to all of my petite friends because they really have incredible options after trying on my boy everything in the box I was able to put the pieces together with things I already had in my closet and for the most part I thought everything looked really cute my only thing was that one of the tops and one the dry didn't feel like if it very comfortably around my boobs overall I would recommend it to people especially if you can give them a lot of specifics around your style and your measurements they definitely personalize the box for me all right so I've tried on all the clothes and I think out of the five items I would keep – the red dress and I would keep the yellow top even though I only want to keep 2 out of 5 I thought it was really interesting to see why they had sent me each piece somebody like really sat down and thought about all this stuff I would definitely try it again I think they definitely understand like the plight of the short person go short people [Music].

How I style my short hair │F♡

hi guys so come back to the shadows can you guys see any difference today yes I cut my hair and so I think it's a great opportunity for me to show you guys how I sign my short hair and today's I'm going to use this letter shafts and

iron tooth by my hair and this hair is a normal head and I didn't put anything on I just blow dyeing it and this is what I had yeah so without any further ado let's get started bye okay first I'm going to section my hair into two sections

because I didn't have that much more hair so I will section my hair and I'll clip it here like this okay and then I will left with this here so with this side one I put it on high heat and I just curl you know like don't let

me curl the section of the hair into what you would like okay it's gonna be like this and it is this one it's inward so another one should be awkward but it's depending on my mood so Tennessee like this don't worry if it like too curly because it's

going to like loosen up during the day because my hair doesn't hold that long you know the important step of this one is like to how you are used your ankle and curl here this part of you of your hand you know like it's going to have three

owner is depend on this one and another important thing is you have to concern about how you're picking up the section of the hair if it too much it's going to be like so loose and if it's too less it's going to be in to be too tight

so we have to select the medium medium amount of hair you know yeah and after you finish this section I'm going to use this Lisa super hot hairspray and respect spray lightly on me on my hair just to lock it lock to lock the crown and then repeat

the same step to another side this side of my head doesn't have that partial hair so I didn't put it into sections so let's get started yeah Oh another important thing is I would tend to do this section of hair later because it is going to be what

people see you know so this one is going to be the most important section of hair so I will do the rest first and then I will come back to this later okay he has come the important steps it's very little stressful because it is one shot you

know and another one I can to crow it outward I want my face you know okay like this and then use this this a super hot hairspray again and spray it Lesley and our do this fiction of hair off-camera and I will see you guys when I finish

my okay this part is another important part because it's gonna make my face look like oh so I tend to curl away from my face you know but in the Linda I probably follow my face oh my god so stressful yeah when you finish your spread is hairspray

again on your hair that's a little bit like this and then I tend to do like this I don't know can you guys see it to loosen up the crowd a little bit and then like this and I'll use this comb like they have up very why whistles

I guess and I tend to comb through this to make the curl loosen up more then I use the liquor comb to comb through again and that guy is to finish he'll star and you can put your hair back if you want to but this is what I

prefer and if you liked this video be sure to click like to this video and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and feel free to comment down below if you have a new suggestion you can follow us on both Instagram and Facebook the link will be

down below and hopefully I will see you guys on the next one bye hey guys welcome back to our channel so today I'm come up with this dramatic cut crease and dark purple lips I just got a new lipstick from Ben and Wow it's called rev it up


How I style My Short Hair | Hair Care & Everyday Hairstyles

hey guys so today I wanted to film myhaircare / styling everyday hairstyles that I like to do on my hair and Irecently cut off my hair my hair was getting close to about elbow length Iwant to say it might have been a little bit shorter than that but

I just decidedto chop it off because it's hot and I thought the cell was really really cuteand yeah I also realized I haven't filmed my short hairstyles 4e eyes yetand I've been wanting to film this video for a while now so I finally am and I'mjust going to

go ahead and say that I love my hair the length it is I reallyreally like it at the same time I kind of want to grow it out just a little bitmore like past my shoulders just a little bit I'll put some pictures downbelow so you guys can

see some of the styles that I'm kind of wanting to do onmy hair probably in the next like upcoming months and so like maybe liketowards the fall I'll probably do some of these things with my hair but forright now I'm going to kind of let it grow and

I do love this length but I'mgoing to Duke I'm going to go a little bit longer a little bit longer I'm goingto show you guys some of the products that I like to use and then I'm gonnashow you guys my everyday hairstyles so new hair new products so

I've been usingthis shampoo and conditioner and these are amazing and these are three newproducts from the visco this range is actually intended for women who want tohave thicker and fuller looking hair and this is actually the viscount gorgeousgrowth densifying range so I've been using these and I've noticed

that myhair just looks a little bit healthier and it looks shinier bouncier fullerthicker and I really really like that Plus these smell amazing these are whothey smell so good like I put this in my hair and I was like oh my gosh likelet's just imagine your favorite scent

and I'll amplify that put that in yourhair I really like using the densifying elixir because it leaves my hair lookingreally shiny and smooth and healthier and the active ingredient that makes thenew range unique from other products is ANATEL a blend of pea sproutsplus they have biotin zinc and

keratin and you can use this product on damphair you can also use this product on dry hair I like touse it on my dry hair because it kind of tames the frizzies which i tend to havelike frizzies like right by my part and then it also leaves my

hair lookingshiny it's just a great styling aid on top of the combination of body boostingand also leaving your hair looking really healthy plus thicker and fullerhair so definitely check it out again I'll put a link down below so you guyscan but I want to show you guys how

I actually style my hair so when I wash myhair I tend to like to let it naturally dry sometimes if I'm in a rushI'll use my blow-dryer but my hair is naturally like kind of wavy and curlyand big and it tends to get pretty frizzy so that's another

reason why Ilike using this densifying elixir but when I first style my hair sometimeswhat I like to do if it's a workout day and my hair is already kind of raggedythis is what my hair looks like when it's totally on its own so when I do aworkout I

like to pull up my hair just so it doesn't get in my face cuz whenI'm doing like push-ups or something like I don't want this happening so yeahthis is what my hair does on its own and I'm just going to grab a hair tie andtie up the top

part of my hair and I love doing this when I do workouts Ialso love doing this again when my hair is straight or a little bit wavy or inits natural state because I think it looks kind of cute and it's just up andout of my face so this

is like my first go-to style if I do tie up my hair atall so the next thing I'm going to do is just kind of blow dry any damp areaswith my blow-dryer and this is when it gets a little bit frizzy err but I usemy products to tame

that mess so moving on again I'm going to tie up my hairagain kind of like ariana grande style just to get it out of the way because Ilike to work with my hair by sections I think that's much easier because I dohave a lot of hair I did

chop it off recently but I still have a lot of hairfun fact my mom and I don't know how many of her friends or family membersactually named me the orangutan when I was adopted when I was little because Ihad so much hair when I was adopted anywho fun

fact moving on to thetutorial so I'm just grabbing my flat iron and I'm smoothing out the bottomsections because again I have a lot of hair and I'm really going to focus onjust waving the top outer sections on my hairbecause that's what you're going to see more of anyway

and so yeah I'm justgoing to grab my flat iron and I like to rotate my curls away from my faceso again just working from section to section I like to work starting from thebottom of my head and working up to the sides and then I like to do

the top partof my head last and all I'm doing is just waving the curls away from my faceand then I like to run my fingers through it just to make it a little lessGoldilocks Goldilocks really isn't the right name but you know I want it tolook a little

bit more relaxed so again running the densifying elixir through myhair that's going to help calm down my curls just a little bit and I reallylove this style especially doing this the first day because it just stays inyour hair for the next like day or two the curls last

I think and then whenthey start to fall out this is what I like to do the last few days before Idecide to wash my hair again is I will just run a flatiron through my hair andleave my hair nice and slick and a little bit straighter so that's

it formy everyday Styles I hope you guys liked this video and let me know whichhairstyle you guys liked best yeah that's it for my hair care and stylingvideo I hope you guys liked this video let me know which hairstyle you likedthe most and let me know how long

your hair is because I love my shorter hairI'm kind of I'm are I can I get bored easily with hair I think I like toswitch it up more often than I have been so I'm on to growing it out a little bitmore just a couple inches like I

kind of want it about here but I'll put somepictures down below so you guys can check out what I've been looking at I'vekind of been looking at like old school Miley Cyrus photos like when her hairwas about here before she cut it off into her like pixie cut

kind of thing soI don't know if you called a pixie cut anyway now I'm rambling I hope you guysare having an awesome day and I'll see you guys on the next one alright bye

3 Tips To Dress Taller | Style Advice For Short Men

3 Tips To Dress Taller Style Advice For ShortMen [0:00:00]Antonio: I get it, gents.

You’re 5’5”, 5’6”, 5’2”, youwant to dress taller.

And it’s not just that, you want to be ableto walk into a store and find clothing that fits your body type.

How to do this? In today’s video, gents, three tips so thatyou can dress taller.

[Music]All right, gentlemen, are you ready? Tip number one.

Brock: Whoa! Antonio.


Listen, I love you man, no disrespect, butwhat are you like 5’9”? 5’10”? I don’t think you fully understand and appreciatethe struggle that it is to dress well as a shorter man.

I, on the other hand, I’m 5’6” in shoes, okay? So, I’m intimately familiar with how hardit is to find clothes that fit and flatter the man of modest height is this subtle littlethings that are going to maximize your perceived height or at the very least avoid making youlook, you know, shorter than you really are or making you look like, you know, a littlekid.

So, I want to share three very quick and dirtytips, things that you can start to doing today to not only dress well, but also actuallymaximize your perceived height.

I remember at the end of the day, it’s notabout dressing taller, it’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, but why notput your best foot forward in terms of appearance.

So, tip number one and I know you’ve heardthis a million times, you got to make sure your clothes fit well.

For most guys, this simply means sizing down.

I mean I see a lot of shorter guys out therewearing size medium shirts when they’d look a lot better in a small or even in extra small.

But, even if you size down, the fact of thematter is that most major clothing brands don’t actually make clothes for men under5’8”.

So, the answer of course is to get your clothestailored.

If you don’t have a good tailor, if youdon’t take your clothes to the tailor regularly, that is the number one thing you can do rightnow to improve your appearance.

If you start getting your clothes tailoredregularly, you’re going to look better than 90% of men out there regardless of height.

The most common alterations I see that shortermen need are first of all getting your pants hemmed, getting your sleeves shortened ondone button-up shirts and jackets, getting your pants tapered, so getting the leg openingnarrowed down, and then also getting your shirt taken in.

That’s more for the slimmer skinny guysout there.

But seriously, if you’ve never done it, I urge you after watching this video today, just take one pair of pants from your closetthat needs to be shortened and maybe tapered, take it to the tailor and just see what happens.

Trust me, you’re going to be hooked.

Now, if you’re a smaller guy, you want tokeep your accessories smaller too because you want them to look proportionate to yourbuild.

So, for example, I’m going to wear a relativelyslim ties and I’m going to tie them using smaller knots.

So, my tie might be 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 incheswide at the widest point and I’m going to use a four-in-hand or a double four-in-handknot and that’s going to look proportional to my build.


Tip number two has to do with color.

Now, it doesn’t really matter which colorsyou like to wear, it’s more about how you combine them.

So, for example if you’re wearing a whiteshirt and black pants, that creates this stark horizontal contrast that cuts you in halfvisually.

It creates a top and a bottom half.

Visually, this does not do any favors forthe shorter build.

So, instead what you want to do is minimizecontrast by wearing clothes in the top and bottom that are more closely related in termsof color.

So, instead of a white shirt and black pants, wear a gray shirt and navy blue pants.

I promise this makes a whole world of difference.

So, if you haven’t tried that, give it ashot.

You can still include contrast elsewhere onyour outfit like you can wear a contrasting pocket square or a tie or in the pattern ofyour shirt, but just avoid that horizontal contrast that cuts you in half visually.

It tends to make you look shorter than youactually are.

Tip number three is to change where you shop.

So, there are handfuls of specialty brandsout there that believe it or not make clothes specifically for shorter men.

Now, I keep a running list on a page on mywebsite that lists all of these different brands.

Some of them are online, some of them arebrick and mortar, some of them are both.

So, definitely check those out if you haven’talready.

The other option is to go custom.

So, this especially applies to like dressshirts and suiting and blazers.

All of the suits on my closet are made tomeasure.

And, once you go custom, you know, you can’tgo back.

I mean it just fits so much better than anythingoff the rack.

So, whether you do full bespoke with a localtailor or if you go online made to measure, I highly recommend giving custom a chanceif you’ve been frustrated with what you’re finding off the rack ready-to-wear.

Guys, if you have any questions, let me knowI’ll be down there in the comments.

Antonio, back to you.

Antonio: All right, gents.

Now, go check out Brock’s channel.

I’m linking to ten of my favorite videosover at the Modest Man down in the description of this video, guys.

Go check them out, great channel.

And if you’re 5’9”, 5’11”, you stillwant to dress a bit taller, his tips are going to apply to you.

It’s not just for the short individual whois shorter than 5’9”, 5’8”.

Brock’s tips actually can be applied toanybody out there.

So, guys, go check it out, great channel, great guy.

` And, if you want to meet him, meet otherpeople in person, consider coming out to Menfluential, guys, February 23rd, 24th, Atlanta, Georgia.

I’m putting the links down to that conferencedown to that motivational event down in the description as well.

Guys, I appreciate you, I appreciate whatwe built here at Real Men Real Style.

And, let me know in the comments what youthink of videos like this, what you would like to see, who you would like to see medo a collab with in the future.

Let me know, guys down in the comments.

Take care.

See you in ne – see you in the next video.

I almost forgot my famous lines, right? [0:05:30] End of Audio.

Short Takes on Jane Austen “Austen and the Book-It Style”

[applause] Okay, Hi.

So yeah, So, Book-It has produced four of Jane Austen's novels.

Pride and Prejudice three times.

Emma, Persuasion and Sense and Sensibility.

And, book-its love affair with putting Austen onstage began fifteen years ago.

When writer/director Marcus Goodwin who is a British transplant in Seattle approached me and Jane asking if hecould adapt and direct Pride and Prejudice.

I'd never read it and when I did I thought who cares.

These girls, all they talk about is who they're going to marry and how rich they are going to get.

and is nineteenth century, elite soap opera.

But Marcus brought such an authenticunderstanding of the material and the process of adapting a novel to the stage in the Book-It style requireshundreds of hours and many weeks.

Literally living inside the text.

Paying attention to the many different points of view.

So, Austen novels are easily translated to the stage.

You could justlift her dialogue and boom.

But what we like is to preserve and celebrate the author's original voice.

And Austen's voice reallylives in her narrative.

I mean her, herobservations and wit, that's where the goods are.

So, for instance, Pride and Prejudice the opening line is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man.



[laughter] Jen Austen.

A single man in possesion of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.

And instead of having a narrator say that line we have all five sisters divide that line while the running around intheir petticoats getting ready for the ball.

So, our raison d'être is to do that and and to what you will see in here in looking at adaptation is not just the dialogue, but the characters talking about themselves and each other in the third person.

So, I have Jen here and she's going to share with us alittle bit from Pride and Prejudice.

She's just received a letter from Mr.


Elizabeth's feelings are scarcely to be defined.

She began again the mortifying perusal of all that related to Wickam.

She could see him instantly before her and every charm of air and address.

Many of his expressions were still fresh in her memory.

Despicably I have acted.

I, who have prided myself on my discernment.

I'm not [inaudible].

How humiliating is this discovery.

And yet, how just the humiliation.

Until this moment, I never knew myself.

Elizabeth decided to draw her stay at Huntsford to a close.

So, I also asked Jen to come up to talk a little bit about what that is to be an actor and an adapter.

So take us to the next slide.

I was afraid to come up here and just talk about my love for Jane Austen because that seems superfluous tonight.

As I said, I love her it sort of means to say I bought my ticket to come here to be with you.

I go back over those books over and overand over again.


adapting, acting and adapting her work allowed me to process appreciate her words in adifferent way.

As an actor, to become a part of that from the very, from the inside and examine it in that way.

And as an, and roll those words around in your mouth which arevery difficult to say.

I challenge you to go home and read aloud any chapter it's almost like Shakespeare.

It's difficult.

As an adapter, to look at it to arrange her words in a way not only to getthe dialogue and the language across because it's so beautiful, but as to, Meyer says, allow her voice to come forward.

Who do we choose to say this line.

Who do we choose to say this narrative, this part of the narrative.

Because that is what it does and what is important and allows us to hear Jane Austen's voice.

So quiet characters.

We do this by using as you saw, as you heard narrativedescriptors of descriptions of people, of places, scene changes.

We use, we give them to different characters.

So, somebody like an Elliot who's quiet in the book can become very verbose in a book at least.

I totally, before I directed Persuasion, Jane's adaptation, I watched on ABC version of it.

And I was amazed at how timid she is portrayed in that version.

Because, of course, everything she says, everything that exposes her, her fiery passion is in the narrative.

So, on stage when you have an Elliot around with other people in the scene, she doesn't say very much.

But as soon as they leave and Elliot comes forward with all of her thoughts and feelings and observations.

Yeah, so let's bring a little bit of that.

We're gonna read a scene between Anne and Mary.

Which starts out with a description of Anne leaving Cellench.

And the reason I gave this line to her was to show not only her sadness and disappointment but her shame as well.

It was painful to look upon the deserted grounds.

And still worse to anticipate the new hands they were to fall into.

To escape the melancholy of so altered a village their removal was made together and Anne was set down at upper cross cottage in the first stage of Lady Russel's journey.

So, you have come at last.

I began to think I should never see you.

I am so ill.

I can hardly speak.

I've not seen a creature the whole morning.

Having inherited a considerable share of the Elliot self-importance and being prone to fancying herself neglected and ill-used, Mary's being out of spirits was almost a matter of course.

I'm sorry to find you so unwell.

I do not think I ever was so ill in my life as I have been all this morning.

Anne said what was proper and inquired after her husband.

Charles is out shooting.

I told him how ill I was I assure you.

Well soon you will be better now.

You know I always tell you when I come.

How are your neighbors at the Great House.

I can give you no account of the the miss Muskgroves.

Not one of them have been near me, it did not happen to suit them.




A little further perseverance and patience and forced cheerfulness on Anne's side, produced nearly a cure in Mary's.

She could soon sit up right on the sofa.

And began to hope she might be able to leave it by dinnertime.

Then, forgetting to think of it, she was at the other end of the room.

Oh beautiful little nosegay then she ate her cold meat.

And then she was well enough to propose a little walk.

Where shall we go? I suppose you will not like to call at the great house before they've been to see you.

I am so often appalled by their bad manners.

I have not the smallest objection on that account.

I should never think of standing on such ceremony with people I know so well as the Mrs and the Mr.


To the great house accordingly they went.


Chicago Citation Style: Short Notes

Hi, my name is Nicki Lerczak.

I'm the instructionalservices librarian at Genesee Community College and this is Chicago citation styleshort notes what are short notes? short notes are what you use formultiple citations from the same source only after your source has been fully citedthe first time you use it then you can use a short note each time after that that you refer backto that same source again so the first time out you've always gotto do a full footnote there's our full footnote if you'vewatched the other chicago citation style tutorial you'll recognize that first one and there is a short note for that book the author's name is shortened to justher last name.

even though this is a note we're not reversing the last name with thefirst name instead all we're going with is our last name the shortened title: you'll notice that ourbook title was the Columbia Guide to American Indiansof the Northeast when you make a shortened title youremove those initial articles like a, and, or the and you just go with what is enough to identify your item.

if you hadmore than one book that started “columbia guide” you would have to include as many wordsas were necessary so that you knew which columbia guide you were referring to and finally for a footnote you include the specificlocation or the page number that your note comes from short notes have this other thingthat comes with, the ibid so what is an ibid ibid is a Latin word meaning in the same placeit's from the larger word ibidem and you cannot only use ibid whenwhat you are doing is referring to the source that came immediatelybefore so if I want to include afootnote and use the word ibid then ibid is going to point to myimmediately preceding note and if it is exactly from the same placelike even the same page than all you need is that word ibid if it helps maybe you want to think of itthis way first comes your full citation and then if you want to use an ibid and yoursecond note is pointing to that first note then you can use ibid, so ibidfollows behind let's take a look at a footnote list using a combinationof short notes, ibid and, of course, full notes for books these are all going to be book examples we're gonna start off, our very firstnote is always a full note, here is my book the first time I am goingto refer to it I have a choice and I could use a short note as the next note after my item, I have achoice, I could do a short note, I could do an ibid in this case I chose to go with a short noteso you'll notice it's not all the details of thefirst but it refers back to it if I wanted to I could include an ibid as my third note asit is in this case is still coming from the Bragdon book so I'mstill using the same resource here and in fact this third noteit is even coming from the same page page twenty five I'm just going to say ibid because this is the same resource.

now I'm going to introduce something new, here's a second book written by Boatwright, Gargola and Talbertalbert this is a new resource at this point when my fifth note also refers exactly to my fourth note same page everything I'm just gonna hopstraight to an ibid.

I could have done a short note like number two with just last name and the shortened title but I chose ibid, it is a choice you can do either the short noteor ibid, it's whatever you prefer my next two quotes, you'll notice I'mbouncing back and forth and this often happens in a paper, you find yourself bouncing between your various resources be careful.

because I interrupted theBragdon book, right, I cited or made a note from my Bragdon book fornumber one for number two and number three but then number 4 came from a new book I can't just take number six and make it an ibid and have thatrefer back to the Bragdon book because ibid only ever points back tothat previous most recent previous full note or short note so ibid on number six would refer backto the Boatwright, Gargola, and Talbert book so I have to use a short note to sayspecifically which item I am referring to and then because now I've interruptedthe Boatwright book I have to do a short note for itbecause I've noted it from my seventh footnote that's what that means the short notes are necessary if youare gonna hop back and forth so that we can keep things straight.

you can't just ibideverybody you need to make sure that the ibidpoints to the right place my 8th footnote here refers back tothe Boatwright, Gargola, and Talbert book since that was number seven my ibid pointsto that from number eight when you're doing articles they areslightly different and you have some choices so you can see that number one on this list is a full footnote for a journal article for an articlethat was found through jstor the short note if you choose to use ashort note for your article you have a choice just like the book you still have to dothe author's last name so we start with Kaiser and that you can choose either to do ashortened title like the book this case because it's an article it hasto be in quotation marks and again I'm capitalizing the wordsthere so Austrian Committee then the page number of my note or, you could instead of the title, use thejournal title and the volume number with a colon before the page number.

youhave a choice when you're doing a short note for an article, both of them willinclude an author and both of them will include a page number but it's yourchoice if you want to go with the shortened article title or if you'd like to use the name of thejournal and the volume number now we're going to take a look at a list full of short notes, full notesand ibids for some articles I start off, my first article on my listis a full note, it's the first time I've used it and the first time you use anythingit always has to be a full note number 2 refers back to the Cohn article so, and it's on a different page, so I need to include a page number, my first articlenote comes from seven sixteen my second one from the next page so I have toinclude the page number and now I have a different article so again I've got to do a full citationor a full note for that article and it is your choice remember you canchoose to use an ibid or you can choose to use a short note here is a short note for the thirdfootnote using the shortened article titleversion here is short note for the firstarticle on my list using the journal title and volume version even though I'm showing them here fordemonstration purposes you should not mix and match between using shortened titles or using journal names and volumes pick one format and just stick with it for yourentire paper so that it's not confusing to someone who's trying to understandwhat you're doing number six and seven are notes that refer back to the Cohnthe article remember the ibid is going to point to the one directly before itso since they are both ibids they have to refer to number five inthis case I hope you have a better understandingof using full short notes and ibids when you are doing your footnotes inChicago style if you have any questions about usingshort notes and ibids or creating footnotes for books and articles pleasedo not hesitate to get in touch with the librarian either in person or through our resources on the ask alibrarian page of the library's home page.

style brades for short hair

hey guys desi here deafening whatever you want to call me okay so today I'm going to show you how to do a break from like the side on how to do a braid it just keeps going like that and it's actually really easy so yeah I'm going to

show you how to do it with short hair and my next video would be for long okay so first thing you're going to do as you can see she has bangs if you don't have banks ill prolly be easier and faster if you do have bangs it's just

going to be you could do anything with it like you can put it to the back to the side I wouldn't really recommend the side because the side is like it's where you're going to do your braids so I would just pull it back that's my ideal if

you want to do it on the side that's fine so yeah you're going to pull it back like this well if you want you could do anything but this is how we will do my sister sir just to make things faster I'm gonna use a clip if you

don't if you want to make it look nice it really is a bobby pin the bobby pin is just to make it look like you won't see the clip so yeah this is just like if you're not leaving let's say you're leaving somewhere but not right away I'll

be good so what you're going to do is just get her hair some like right here sorry you're going to get her hair from like right here and you're just going to comb it not a lot of hair but not too little pair it's just like a medium

size of hair so as you're going to go and make the braid you're going to turn your head like this you're going to try to pull your hair back I looked nicer it'll be like look nicer from right here and it'll be easier so let's go this like

a stainless in sideways make sure they do stay looking sideways or you're doing it to yourself um I'll show you how to do that and my next so yes so you're just gonna do it right here if you can see you want to go one two three okay

so when you go two three you're just going to get like a piece of hair from your from right here not a lot just like very little of it like this much it's like gonna tie your hair so you're just going to get it and put it right

there and it just makes your hair state so you're just going to keep going and again you're going to you're just going to keep doing that to diss her too if you're gonna use like a little more than you on your hair on accident it might be a

little better it depends on what kind of hair you have her hair is like a little soft so if you have softer it's going to be a little hard so when you're done with that you're just going to like to all your hair down and you're going to

use a clip to make it safe and then you're going to use a bobby pin okay if her has a little softer than it usually is so I'm actually going to use to kips clips from here just so I could stay okay so you're all done with that

as you can see on the side of my hair is a brace and you're going to being here is going to call me down like this just looks nice and no hairs are like you could make it obvious that you today to braid be careful on how you

do it though because you might accidentally from the brace so you're just going to do that and then when you're done with that you're going to just go do it to the other side it's like really simple and eating and all you have to do is just use

it on the other side and yeah I will do it but you are in saw the first side so if you want to stop the video that's fine but I'm going to show you how to do it on both sides just in case for people who are really

not really getting it so let's do it again so as you can see i'm going to grab her hair like this not too much but not too little i'm going to comb it out just like just till you put i take it to the side so as you

take it to the side you're going to braid it out so you're going to go have two braids and just make one two three so when you're done with that one you're going to get look to the side you're going to get like a piece of strip of

hair from like you're not using not too long not too little and you're just going to put it through one of the holes and yeah so one two three then you're going to do it again get another piece of hair and it don't go to go through a

hole and just keep tying it tighter every time you do that one two three so as you can see some parents may be a little messy just with you comb it out go one to say so from her hair she has like soft hair as i was saying

so you're going to use if you have like really soft aaron is very hard to put up or stuff like that you're going to use two clips i'm using one clip I'm getting two clips on her because her hair's a little yeah I'm not sofa it's also Oh

stay longer there you go her bangs you could do whatever I say you could do whatever to the veins and when you're done just comb it out again just one just make sure those hair sticking out and if there is are picking up you could try to do

anything just like make sure it's not hair spray gel whatever you use you to use I'm not gonna do nothing right now so yeah but it'll be best if you do so what you're going to do is just comb it out turn around so when she turns around

as you can see look straight up her hair dinner from the sides and they're just going like connecting so when they connect is just going to show her braids like that and that's it so that's how you do um just like side braids i guess you could say

and yeah well subscribe and thank you for watching

How to Curl Short Inverted Bob How to Curl Short Hair Style Short Hair

hey there thanks for visiting mylauriePOP channel where ideas pop today I'm going to show you how i curl myinverted bob so that the curls are loose everything is messy everything is uneven its jagged themain thing i do is buy bamboo mousse and I get that from Northern Virginia

from myoriginal hairstyle lady who actually achieved this look for me Amanda she's now at jenny's salon andCharlotte goes to her now I love this hairstyle it took me 42 years to getit and I'm going to show you how to achieve that short inverted bob look ok the back

of my hair I just curl likeyou would a regular hairstyle i just curl it straight down giving it somevolume I hold it for about four seconds and a take it right back out it's just straight down rolling it underand then I reach and get the ends right down

there as they're starting to getlonger you can see how they're kind of hanging down in that area soover here i'm starting with the top and if I curl this top layer too tight it isgoing to look like I have totally curled my hair and it's too tight so

this toplayer i want to be kind of loose i wanted to just kind of hang right so I'mgetting that much probably going to go thinner on more humid days and I letthat much stick out and I just want to work on the volume on top 1234 and I

letit go and see how it pulled forward that's what you want to do because if you letit hang out its gonna look a little jagged ok then i go down and do you cantell the different lengths 1234 and I drag it out to the end and drop it

okaythat didn't curl too good so I'm going to do it again 1234 ok I'll do this one one two three andfour you can see a little bit sticking out and then if it needs help Curlin I just twist it like that takenumber three I had to move my

curling iron to where i could keep it plugged in you can tell these fell really easilyand that's because it wasn't plugged in ok so the top one is fine ok because its way in the back and thisone is fine because it's curled enough but i'm going to do

this begin 1234 1234 1234 seeit's a little straight can you see that so on I want to curl that more tightlyso that it will stay more curled instead of loose down there it's ok to have underneath pieces reallytight and curly right look at that whoa came up like

a whole inch at least andit is too tight just while it's really hot pull it down and that will help loosenup okay so then I'm going on this top layer again and i'm just doing a quickit might help if i go thinner it is super humid here today

believe that so Iam leaving about 2 inches out but I'm rolling it so that those two inchesstick out straight and hold it for four seconds and then I bring it so that theends curl a little bit i just kind of slide out and loosen my curling iron sotighten

that with the two inches out come down to that in and bring it down 1234 and then I'm going to bring it tothe end because it's an underneath piece and it can be curlier and then the verybottom okay now that makes pieces right by myhead and those I

totally do not want to be super tightyou can see my cow lick goes right there ok so I'm taking just a piece and seehow that mousse is in there so it's kind of stiff but i can go through it with myfingers it's not it's kind of like beach

hairdon't care okay so I want to work on the volumeright there and then drag real quick okay when I had long straight hair I looked like an Afghan hound and my hairwould never hold a curl I can't tell you how many box perms my mom put in my

hairas i was bent over the sink dying of fumes and it never was this it neverwould stay this curly without aquanet extra super strong hold or somethingwith purple lid alright so now i just kind of brushed itI want it messy right now because it's going to fall ok

if i was in Northern Virginia where itis super dry and on a rainy day you can still shock yourself if you touch your wet car door I'd have to pull out these curls a little bit so this side ofmy hair does it performs totally differently so this back

side i just goall the way under with each curl and hardly ever comes forward but it does add a little volume and I have to holdit a little longer than four seconds because this like i said this side isjust harder alright so I'm going for kind i kind

of have likethat football helmet look but I'm not pulling out the curls so that it willfall on its own and be kind of messy okay I can do this without even lookingin the mirror and that's when it looks the best because it's so uneven andunplanned ok so now

right here you see this section I have a good two or threeinches all the way to right here at the very bottom only have like one strip andthis piece does not curl well like if I don't under it looks like a football helmet that onecurl under here but

it does not it is not flattering so that bottom curl ihave to curl up with this top layer I'm taking it all into a very thin very thinlayer of hair I want to work on volume ok it's still scraggly looking my hairis then it's fine and it is

thick in places and if your hair person and see that'sa little tight so I'm going to pull it down and make it kind of straight but Iwant that in still stick out okay and then this little bitty piece right here Amanda told me to make this littlebitty piece

go back just a little bit and then pull it in ok and look how straight it is righthere that's ok alright so let's get these pieces out of the way and go athin layer under leading to three inches out and then pull it outand tighten up okay and

then i'll do it going to do this one more layer goingdown so you can try is going down or up depending on the thickness of your hair oh I'm more strange looks like see howit's kind of sticking straight at the very in that would be so great my

frienddonation oh my gosh used to do her hair like this and it's so it looks so goodon her alright this is the messy look ok nowthe back the back i just washed out and it helps me if I pull stuff forward likeI do not do this immediately but

after about 30 minutes i'm going to gosomewhere that's when I start just to kind of do this i want it to be messy and Ikind of bring out those underneath pieces that were tighter curls that heldfor a little longer and now they're they're going ok and it doesn't

looklike this everyday everyday it is completely different but anyway like Isaid it should be 42 years to find this hairstyle just tell your person if youdon't like it go back at the most important helpful hints i can give youis to take a picture of what you want the

end product to look like and justkeep going back this says behaves differently than thisside whatever it takes and have fun in your skin god made you the way he wantedyou I said I would never color my hair and i color my hair this is just for fun ok

i'm still content withwho i am but i want my hair to be colored and speaking of color i do mylady Jana did lowlights and highlights andthis is called chunky colors okay i don't know if that will help yourperson but anyway love yourself no matter what you look like

and have funwith the fun stuff that you can do something about thanks for poppin over

How I Style My Short Hair! (Very Easy) | Maiah Ocando [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

Mmm .



What is femininity? Femininity: quality of feminine Pretty ambiguous isn't it? So what is feminine? Feminine: belonging or related to women Relative to women, or that has characteristics attributed to her.

But if we all have hair, and it grows for all How is it that long hair is supposedly female and short hair is supposedly male? Although the pixie cut has been with us for a long time back in the fifties Audrey Hepburn popularized it in the movie Roman Holiday In this movie, Audrey is a princess who escapes for a day to go unnoticed and live a normal life.

In an act of rebellion she decides to enter a barber shop to get a radical haircut In the scene the stylist does not want to cut it, and Audrey insists and in the end makes it happen! It was like yelling at the world:“this is me, my hair is short, I’m renewed and freed from everything that others expect of me”.

We are in 2019 and the story remains the same.

One of the biggest fears that girls who want to cut their hair, but do not dare It is exactly that: losing your femininity.

But no.

Femininity does not lie solely in hair.

But just in case, here I’ll share 5 tricks to rock the pixie cut Each pixie has its own style Each style tells a story before you even say a word Choose yours and play with it.

Depending on the distribution of the hair, your type of nose or your jaw, your lips, or your eyes, they will stand out more .



The type of hair, how much you have and what’s the texture will also determine how it looks on you Don’t look at it as something negative.

On the contrary: this makes your hairstyle unique and perfectly designed for you only.

When we have short hair we also have nothing to hide.

It's like being .




Yes, long hair helps hide and drive attention off from many things So getting it can be a little bit scary for those who use their long traditional hair as a shield.

With short hair everything is exposed.

That's why it's so important to focus.

In my case, my focus is on the eyes, my eyebrows, and my neck.

These are attributes that I can take advantage of to highlight my femininity.

But not necessarily these should be your attributes.

In your case it could be your chin, your lips, your eyelashes .



Something on your face has extra delicate features to help you balance your short hairstyle.

If you are one of those who does not feel comfortable without makeup with short hair you will feel even more uncomfortable.

I'm in the middle.

I don't need a lot of makeup but I'm not going to go outside without at least fixing my eyebrows or without working to match my skin tone.

Those two basic things are vital for me to feel fresh and safe.

Although the natural look is my favorite, having short hair has an incredible advantage It allows you to have super dramatic makeup without being too over the top.

By contrast it also balance out the extra femininity of the mega makeup with the masculinity of your hair.

With long hair, women play with their hairdo, freeing it, waving it, smoothing it .



With short hair there is not much to do, actually.

We don't have so many options, but that's why accessories make everything much more fun.

The bigger they are, the better! It helps me highlight how delicate my features are.

It's like: “look how small my head, compared to this gigantic headband” ¡Oh that’s cute! Accessories give you a playful touch.

Like if you actually don't take anything to seriously.

As it should be with everything fashion related, because .



Come on .



it's fashion .



we're not curing cancer or something! The great question.

Should I change the way I dress if I have short hair? Mmmm .



Somehow, yes.

This haircut, although not unique, continues to cause a shock in some cultures.

And if you do not have a style strong and defined, and you get a haircut like this Well, you could feel lost Like “Why did I even get this haircut? I look weird! ” But the truth is that whether your style is super sexy Super feminine and delicate Or tomboy This hairstyle goes perfectly with all wardrobe styles.

It doesn't matter the style itself, but having one.

So do you need a style to wear short hair? I think so, because if not, short hair will end up owning you instead of you embracing it.

And that brings me to the most important point we have to address.

Absolutely nothing looks good without the attitude of embracing your hairstyle.

When people say: she looks good because she has the attitude for it .



It is true.

It is literally the only thing you need.

For rocking a short hairstyle and for anything else.

Attitude can be much more than any rule of harmony, features, or hair type.

The attitude transcends because it is not even tangible.

It's something that everyone sees Without even being able to touch it.

It’s that strong and fundamental.

If you are one of those who have dreamed of having short hair all her life, but she has not dared.

Scared of .



I don't know what What are you waiting for?.

How to Style Short Hair – Flat Iron Curls

Hi everybody, today I’m going to show youa tutorial on how I curl my pixie hair.

To get started, there’s a few things you’llneed.

I curl my hair with a flatiron, you can also use a one or one and a half inch curling iron, and it willwork just fine.

I prefer to curl my hair when it’s 2 to3 days dirty.

When myhair is just a little bit dirty, I do use just a dry shampoo.

Ive just beenusing the Sauvé dry shampoo because I’ve heard a lot of people like it.

And I dolike it in the terms that it works, I don’t like that it dries your hair our somuch.

Just so you know, I prefer Dirty Secret byBed Head over this Sauvé.

So I’mgoing to use a little bit of the dry shampoo on the roots, especially when I needa retouch as bad as I do right now, it just helps disguise the regrowth alittle bit and absorb some of that oil that takes place after not washing itfor 2 to 3 days.

More importantly than the dry shampoo to meis this Spoil Me by Bed Head, and it’s basically a defrizzerand a smoothing hairspray.

Itrehydrates the hair and gives it kind of a nice clean feeling to it.

So after Iuse a dry shampoo I definitely follow up with this just because that dryshampoo dries out the hair so much and this just brings back some of thathydration.

So the dry shampoo on the roots, and the SpoilMe on the ends.

Andyou can just let it sit for a second while it absorbs and dries off for alittle bit.

Another thing you can do if you don’t haveSpoil me, is a gloss drop, one of my favorites is Shine Blasterby Bed Head.

So it’s basically likea serum and it adds a little protection from the heat of the flat iron orcurling iron, and it also brings back hydration as well.

Another thing you’llwant or need is a clip, to kind of section off the hair, and a comb if you wantto smooth it before you curl it.

So I’m going to go ahead a comb all theproduct through my hair.

And then I’m going to go ahead and partit.

I like to style myhair coming forward, just so it frames my face, and also, that’s kind of justthe way my hair grows.

So for a better style, I always recommendgoing with the growth pattern of your hair, cause then you’refighting less against your hair and it’s fighting less against you.

So I’m going to curl my hair towards myface, so you’ll see me pulling the flat iron towards my face as well.

So take asection, and the key is to always turn your flat iron and not hold it there becauseyou will get a crease.

And also, place the flat iron right at thebase of your scalp.

That’s where you’re going to pull themost intensely, and then you’re just going to pull straight down, so thatyou’re not creating a really intense ringlet, you’re keeping the ends just alittle bit straight.

And then im goingto curl the next piece of hair the other way.

So again, right at the base of myhead, and pull down like that.

And you can see this hair a little bit, howit just has a little bit of straightness at theend.

And when I’m curling my hair, now that it’s a pixie, I don’t worry about including every single hair becausethen you’re going to get basically like a helmet shape.

But it’s okay, like I missedsome of this underneath but its fine because you don’t have to curl everysingle piece of hair because it will create more volume than you want.

So I havethis hair going that way, I’m going to go ahead and do this one going forward.

Andwith the bottom layer especially, I don’t pull it up and I don’t over extendit, when you overextend it, you’re going to create a lot of volume.

I don’t wanta lot of volume underneath cause that’s basically going to shorten the look andthe length of my hair.

So holding it downwards, I’m just goingto curl tightly at the roots and pull straight down.

And you just repeat that on the secondlayer, but going the opposite.

So for example, in the back on the bottomlayer I originally curled my hair going forward, I’mgoing to go ahead and curl it backwards and basically alternate what I just did withthe first layer.

But again, I’mangling the flat iron towards my face.

And then you’ll just continue to repeatthat up the side until this side is done and then you’ll start over on thisside from the bottom.

And actually I do a pretty dramatic part soI’m going to leave it right there for now.

And switch to the other side.

So here’s anotherexample of how the ends aren’t curled like a tight curl, their barely curledunder.

So this front part is kind of where the stylingcomes into play, because the direction that you curl your hair is basicallygoing to be the look of the whole hairstyle.

So I start in the back, back here, and I takea little section from the back left.

And I’m going to curl it tightly going towardsmy face, and straightening out those ends.

Then I’m going to come from the oppositeway on the right side of my hair and curl it towardsthe other curl, keeping those ends, again, kind of straight.

And then I just kind of keep repeating thattowards the front.

And this is where I do like to overextendbecause I like a lot of the volume of my hair to be at the top.

So again, I’m overextending right here, and I’m holding the flat iron, or curling iron, just flat against my head, right at the roots, and getting it really tight in there.

And then start topull it towards you.

And then in here, this is the tricky partbecause everybody’s hair is different and everybody’s hairlineis different.

I find for myself thatthe best thing to do is to actually reverse the curl, and instead of curling towardsmy face, I curl it going backwards.

So I’m going to take this piece right hereand overextend it going this way, and again, I’m going to curl my hair goingbackwards.

And I only do this on the front part becauseI like the way the finished curl looks when I do pull it forward.

The direction of the curl basically impactsthe type of wave you’re going to get.

And I might actually do a barrel curl andhave this one go the same way.

But I’m going to have it angled differently.

So, before I had the curling iron going straight like that.

This time I’m going to haveit go this way, just at a slight diagonal.

I just want to make sure I have allof my hair over directed.

Right at the roots, and curl it going backwardsright at the ends and curl it so they’re a littlestraight.

And if you’re using adryer shampoo that dries out your hair, you just went over it with a flat iron, which is going to dry it out anymore.

So I definitely recommend going over itwith a shine spray, this is called Head Rush and it’s also by Bed Head.

And you’rejust going to hit your ends with that.

And I would do this while your hair isjust a little bit warm so your hair can absorb it.

And this just puts, again, alittle bit of hydration back into your hair.

The back of my hair cut is a lotshorter, so I’m basically going just to attempt to do the same technique, whichis curling it at the base only and then pulling it straight, and alternatingthe direction of the curl I do.

So just curl the back the bet that you cansee, use a mirror if you have one.

And for this top layer I can kind of see whatI’m doing so I’m going to go ahead and facefront.

And just starting at the base ofthe hair and curling towards my face.

Sweet, so now all my hair on my head shouldbe curled.

I’m using my new favorite spray wax.

Everybody, the Wonza spray waxhas been discontinued so it’s really hard to find, but I like Play Dirty spraywax, it’s by Sexy Hair.

The key to this is that it’s very gritty, and you don’t want to spray it in your roots, you want tospray it on the ends.

So like this, and you can kind of lift a little bit so you’re getting underneath it as well.

Sothe great thing about spray wax is it doesn’t get crispy or hard, so it’sreally pliable and you can play with it a lot, but it still holds pretty well.

Then, you can use a tiny bit of hairspray, I don’t like to use a lot cause I don’t likemy hair to be crispy cause I touch it so much.

And I know that with hairspray, if you run your fingers through it, it’s basically undoing the hairspray, itonly has hold one time.

So I’m just going to do a tiny bit.

And a lot of timeswhen you mix this with the spray wax it kind of makes a perfect in between concoction.

It will give it a little bit more hold andflexibility when you mix it with the spray wax.

And that my friends is basically how you domy little so-called curled hairstyle.

And I really like it because I can sleep onit and it looks somewhat the same, it’s a little bit messy and tussled.

My bangs to get flatter quicker, so if they are the next day I can just kind of twist it, and put a pin in it, and then you have a little rock belle hairstyle as well, or like a fohawk.

So it’sa fun hairstyle, its really playful I think, and I really like it for summer.

But like I said, I like to use it to get moredays out of my hair before I have to wash it again.

Hopefully it’s what you guys wanted andif you guys have any questions, you can email me and share this video with a friend, orsubscribe to see more of my other videos.

Thanks so much for watching!.