Bottega Veneta VS Common Projects Chelsea Boots

hello friends it’s your host Sully in the backend now for those beautiful so inclined please follow me on Instagram the Gospel according to Sully link is in the description as well as where you can purchase these items from now for today I have a comparison between common projects

and Bottega Veneta both to the Chelsea boots um I thought this was gonna actually be a more detailed video but this actually was pretty easy so I’m going to do this a little bit differently than what I said I was into before bow take your blue this one

out the park so I’m gonna talk about is it worth the extra 300 so basically let’s jump right that into that right now timing projects retails for five hundred twenty dollars and I believe the Bottega is eight twenty so there’s a three hundred dollar price discrepancy now as

you guys can see with the Bottega on the screen right there they look very similar but there are some key differences and we’ll get into that in a second the first difference I would like to talk about is sizing both of these are a forty-three and that should

be a US 10 as you guys can see the bow take is a little bit bigger just a tiny bit um I would recommend sizing down at Bottega but for common projects you can go true to size and you’ll be fine I have subscribers that size down too

so definitely know you have to size down and Bottega if you want to I didn’t because I could put in the insult and it’s fun in terms of quality look at the quality for the common projects and look at the quality for the bow take it now for

most of you guys that may seem like it’s a there’s not a discrepancy but once you get in handy you feel it the bottega’s suede is just much better the pull-tab we have a cheap pull tab right here Bottega gasps a nice leather pull tab really sturdy great

structural integrity both have leather interiors but as the trend that’s going on particular it’s just better the inside just feel way better than on what is expected and this is something that I have a love-hate relationship and I always mention this anytime I talk about CREP soles I

personally don’t like creps soles way down over time the common projects though the crepes holes alright it’s not horrible but it’s not really good Bottega I’m not sure you I haven’t got enough wares and yet but it seems to be a little bit uh better sturdy your soul

Tommy projects they have the serial number on the side and we’ll take it as and feature that Bottega features a different design as you can see right there nothing on the side but what’s unique for them and I see other of our Chelsea boots copy and they put

they have this some stitching line coming down the middle as you see at this in the L shape or right angle also you don’t see really get to see the stitching lines for the common project some people will like that some people won’t because you can see it

more clearly on the rotated that’s really up to personal preference there’s really not much the difference in stitching it seems like we’ll take you’re the heaviest this was used and actually it but look guys this is really easy um you have to decide for yourself if it’s worth

the extra three hundred personally if you’re asking me would I pay the extra three hundred in order to get the bow take advantage over the common projects and the answer is it’s a yes but depending on the situation you’re in if you can’t for cup that extra three

hundred common projects is definitely a great alternative brand and sometimes you have to really look at the price point and think what’s best for you and what’s best for your wallet but we’ll take your phonetic is the top of the top when it comes to chelsea boots and

I may do a comparison against a different brand or in the future whatnot this very easy video I’ll come up with another one soon thank you guys for watching thank you guys for supporting drop a like drop a comment and I’ll be back again next week peace guys