Bottega Veneta Camel Chelsea Boots – Complete Collection + F.A.Q

Joe would obey hey guys my name is Serge in today’s video I’m going to be showing you my final pair of Chelsea boots that I caught to finally finish complete my TV that is by takeover net so Chelsea boot collection and we just pick them all up at

once and see if this is gonna work boom alright done BV connection done and your boy Fitness the plug laughing okay so seeing as I’ve already spoken about these two pairs in my channel I’m not gonna dabble on them because I’ve reviewed this really there isn’t really need

for me to show off the camel pair although it’s a new is from the new season soft water but ever so slightly on it this video is more so to answer some of the questions that you guys may have give you guys my honest opinion on Chelsea boots

in general but definitely the ones from BV and Gemma so sorry had to drop them off and pick up these bangers let me talk to you about the camel colorway which is a recent most recent one that I picked up from them this was released as part of

their spring/summer 16 colorway the two new colors that came out where this camel one and a red burgundy one I believe it was called borrow or Toro basically burgundy color way let me just answer the first question in regards to babies that everyone seems to have sizing me

personally along with a lot of other people size down by one so I’m normally a forty one I went down to size forty I have heard people of sizing down by two if not by one and a half me personally one size is good and for the majority

of people as well I’d say one size is more than enough now specifics about the Chelsea boot I mean you have the elasticated part which is in a tonal color way to the boot itself so it’s not going to screen that you’re not jumping at you which is

in my opinion essential for Chelsea boot I like it when it’s tonal if it’s black to be a black elastic if it’s brown to be a brown elastic if it’s blue to be a realistic I can take a slightly different shade of the same color what bugs me

and it’s not even a bugging she’s personal preference but what I don’t like is when for you I’ll be over a black Chelsea boot and the elastic to be read the contours just too much more for me and I’ve seen that happen a lot if it’s like any

I don’t know like a light brown with a dark brown that’s cool because it’s still within the same color just a different shade so that’s the first detail about the boots now what Bottega are known for is their crepes or I believe that’s how you pronounce it crap

okay whatever I mean I really like it because it feels good like you walk it all soft is great however what people don’t like is this part right here so I’ve worn these three times now and they’re void getting quite dirty and genuinely man there’s nothing you can

do about it unfortunately it’s just yeah wear it and that that’s all there is to say so yeah they do get dirty but it’s cool I’m taking you to a cobbler once it gets too dirty I think what happens is they sand this bit down but then it

goes back to that clean but if you do that man genuinely like there’s no need for it unless the soul is completely beaten up in which I presumed it will replace the crepes all in its entirety or you could go to bodega and hopefully they will be able

to do something about it now moving on to the third detail and what is most common with Bottega is this little panel right here I don’t know to be honest I don’t know if they’ve started it but I definitely know that they’re one that made it more prominent

now we have seen this very feature come across it in various other manufacturers smaller scale brands that have tried to replicate this look now me personally I don’t know if there is a function for this bit of stitching here however what my friend told me and he works

a lot with shoes is that this supposedly it just makes it cheaper which is interesting because obviously you’re paying premium price for this but supposedly this whole panel thing well the way he says it anyway is the fact that it cheapens the production of the boot which is

great for the manufacturers and great for the company I think what they’ve done is they achieved end of their production while also adding an aesthetic value and they’ve smashed it because me personally I really love the way this feels being said though I do like it when it’s

clean to my church was Chelsea boots the black one they’re just clean they look and say that yeah this detail is prominent across all three cha Cebu so they have the camel the elbows and the espresso okay moving on from that the next detail that I have in

my personal opinion but a given into Chelsea boots – suede is of a lot higher quality than the Sun or suede it might be personal preference but I’m pretty sure this is also backed up with a lot of other people I don’t know where this was it from

but it’s incredibly soft not so much on the camel because I don’t know if you’re able to see that the it’s not that thick the suede isn’t that thick but on the underwater on the mmm espresso I’m trying to say not on yes press oh it’s super soft

so yeah I ended up getting the camel pair for sick price and I loved it it’s not like a substitution to your toffee it definitely is a different color and I was after a pair of camel jockey boots so this came in right bang on time vinyl bit

of detailing that I wish to touch upon with Bottega is I often get asked how I feel about the shape itself and for some odd reason it gets compared to Tucson or which I mean I understand you could obviously they’re both high-end designer producing Footwear they both are

amazing at it however Sanna wash is going for a completely different silhouette in my opinion they’re very slick and narrow in comparison to this very pointy better heel is often higher it’s just more of a night-out boot in my opinion this is more of a daytime chilling walk

around town boot while still looking fresh that’s not to say that the other is better than Nestle this is better than the other I just think they serve a different function all together that is that I’ll show you guys on feet of the camel Nell slight white lie

either sound completed it and it’s true however if BB brings out the shadow grades in the Chelsea boots that’s definitely another one that we clock it’s just so sick the suede is incredible on it because it’s not like a soft suede it’s more like a neckpiece way it

looks insane I’ve seen it warn of seeing people have them and I’m like oh my god that era so sick so those which I find interesting anyway oh good how-how-how Sanj how are you speaking about one pair of shoes for about 10 minutes boy so that is that

for this pair of boots and here’s how they look on feet and that concludes this video thank you very much for watching I really appreciate your support I think we’re nearly pushing on to 12,000 subs which is geekiest number man thank you ever so much for watching for

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that joke was from someone else so I’m going to use it but I just used it but yeah that is it and before I close off in this video I often get asked about what I’m wearing so this is a hydro acumen t-shirt from one of their spring/summer

collections not this one I believe last one so it’s spring/summer 15 their hat is from Gorham Bros and then all my jewelry details are in my jewelry video thank you very much have a beautiful day take care piece size extra-large super oversized I think in general anyway they

fit oversized so even if I got is a floral shirt from a sausage McLain vintage I don’t know how many times we would say