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Hello friends and familiesI am JR LEE and welcome to my channel in this Youtube video I will unbox my Allen EdmondsMcAllister shoes so let’s get to it! Okay guys here’s thebox, so we usually open a door using a key but you can also open this boxusing the same key.

So let’s open it now! So with this delivery I am using my Aramex shop and shop account because Allen Edmonds is from the US and it wasestablished in the year 1922 by its founder and his name is Elbert W.

Allen and right now it is still in the us in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

I will just keep this aside.

So here is the box it says Allen EdmondsPort Washington and established in 1922 and it says here my McAllister walnut.

Alright, so let’s see what is inside.

I will put this down, so I ordered theMcAllister in walnut color so their walnut color is basically in the shade or family of the color brown as you can see and I am gonna be honest with you it reallysmells good smells like genuine no not genuine leather full grain or top grain leather because that is the quality were Allen Edmonds is at and just like I discussed on my previous video and I am gonna leave a link on thedescription of this video that they are using a good year welt so what it means is that you can see a 360 degrees stitch here under the outsole some shoe companies they only actually do 270 degrees they will stop right here in the heel sectionbut for Allen Edmonds they are really committed to high quality that’s whythey do it 360 degrees and their model in McAllister it’s actually in anoxford, in an oxford shoe So an oxford shoe is basically a closed lacing system as you can see from here so the eyelets it’s sawn into the vampjust like this and one of the characteristics that I love about AllenEdmonds is that I’ve learned that they do the patina by hand meaning to saythey hand paint the color of this shoe by hand.

According to their website it takes them 200 steps to make a shoe so imagine that 212 steps just for them to make one shoe.

One of the things that is unique about Allen Edmonds is that they do a they do a six eyelet right here (counting 1 to 6) because unlike other British companies they only do usually five eyelets, that is one thing that separates Allen Edmonds from the rest and likeI said the type of leather that they use is a full grain or top grain leather it is a durable type of leather it will really last for five to ten years but of course it alsodepends on the care and maintenance that you will do with the shoes so right here underneath it says Allen Edmonds Port Washington bench welt 1922.

Okay guys let’s go into the details of the shoe.

This McAllister shoeis like I said it’s an oxford shoe characterized by its closed lacing system and it has a tremendous amount of broguing in it broguing is the design that you see in here or the perforations it is basically the holes on top of the shoe and this right here on top, on the toe box this called the medallion and this called the wingtip shoe simply because you can see the letter W (wings) right here and to bemore specific it is a semi wingtip because as youcan see it ends somewhere on the middle the lines here, it ends, somewhere in the middle and what I really like about this shoe is also the color of course black is a universalcolor you can wear it with almost any type of shade when it comes to yourtrousers or pants, but in my opinion next to that brown is also a versatile colorbecause you can also wear this in any color of your pants or trousers.

Another thing that I would like to share with you and I believe that you’ll be interested is theprice or cost of this shoe.

Allen Edmonds on retail will sell this shoe at 425 USdollars, but since these factory second shoe I got them at 200 hundreddollars.

So there’s like a significant difference between a factory first and a factory second shoe.

So what is a factory second shoe? A factory second shoe of Allen Edmonds it will definitely have defects on it okay.

But don’t be scared when I say defects it’s a small defect so like for theother shoes that I had the usual defect that I see is like there is an excessstitching underneath, but personally for me it’s really negligible because once Iuse them, and I use them I won’t be able to see them so it’s really negligible.

Someother effects will be on the broguing that there might be a certain misalignment and that is also negligible because from a far you won’t be able to notice that.

All of my Allen Edmonds shoes I actually got them and I’ll be honest with you atfactory seconds.

I believe that every gentleman deserves to have a quality shoebecause in my experience in the past I would buy two to three pairs of shoesespecially when they are on sale, but later on what I’ve realized is that just after onetwo years you know those shoes will have a crack on it and it’s really not thesame, but with Allen Edmonds this kind of quality will definitely last five to ten years if properly taken care of.

And what’s really good about Allen Edmonds as well is that they also offer a recrafting program.

So whatis a recrafting program? So say for example you’ve totally worn out the outsole of your shoe so at a $125 what they will do is entirely replace this with a new outsole and they will keepthe upper of the leather exactly the same but they will replace this and the end result will still be a brand new looking shoes and then if you are going to ask me, ifI’m going to pay $125 where in fact I bought them at $200 why would even do that? Now to answer that question because for some people maybe theirshoes have a like sentimental value maybe they’ve worn it on a very special occasion / event and instead of just throwing away those those shoes or that pair of shoe what they do is give it a second life.

For a good year welt, I understand that acobbler can do the recrafting or resoling for three to four times.

And another goodthing about Allen Edmonds is that they offer their shoes in a wide range ofsizes and I’m not just talking about the length of the shoe, but Allen Edmondsoffer a wide range of sizes in terms of width.

Personally I wear a sizeD, so D being a standard width but for other people who have a wider feetAllen Edmonds offer sizes from E, double E and Triple E.

And I guess thenext obvious question is that if I’ve finally decided to buy my first pair ofAllen Edmonds what color should I choose or select? Personally I would suggest the color of walnut or brown because brown is a versatile color and Ican almost guarantee you that it will match any color or dress pants, trouser or jeans and I’m planning to create a new video that will show thewalnut color in different color of pants that I will be wearing so I hope guys thatyou’ve enjoy watching this video.

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So that’s it for todayI hope you like it bye-bye for now.