3 Rules On Wearing Dress Shoes With Jeans | Pairing Different Pieces of Your Wardrobe Seamlessly

23hi I’m Antonio Centeno I’m the founder of real men real style today I’m going to be speaking about the three rules on wearing dress shoes with jeans yes guys wearing dress shoes with jeans it’s possible but you need to follow a few rules I’m going to try to lay that out pretty simply so that in various situations you can apply these rules and you can make the right decision now this is brought to you by Lee jeans I’m going to be using some of their jeans as examples and they’re a great premium sponsor that have been with me for about a year now and I’ve been really impressed with the way that one you can find these jeans all over the world and the way that they have been going from you know let’s just say a type of Jean that I remember as a kid but I always thought actually was more geared towards women however they have reinvented themselves you oughtta go check out their new modern series this is a company with a storied history almost a hundred years I’m really impressed in fact I’m wearing a pair right now and this salvaged denim that they’re making right here very impressed with it but let me get let me get into those rules so number one gentleman is you need to wear the right type of jeans and there are various types of jeans out there various out believe it or not all jeans are casual but there are dressier jeans and there are really ultra casual jeans so if it’s distressed if it has holes if it’s a lighter shade most likely you’re not going to want to wear it with dress shoes however you get that fit right and what do I mean by good fit okay I’m going to link to an article but you want it to fit well in the waist area and the hips the length is very important so don’t let those jeans get too long especially if you’re getting fraying in the back guys that is a no-no those are way too long make sure to get them hemmed you don’t want to go with bootcut you want to go with something that’s a bit more tapered at the bottom do not go with the baggy fit go again with a slimmer too a trim to a regular cut that’s going to work with dress shoes the best in addition I was talking about dressy so what do I mean by dressy well I have those selvage this is a great example of a very dark indigo now this color right here again salvaged denim dark denim this is what you’re shooting for with your jeans it’s going to have a little bit more of a dressier look and I highly recommend now there’s a couple other things you can do with jeans and so on this black pair of jeans again made by Lee jeans and black is isn’t something I’m going to recommend for all men but if you’re comfortable with this if you’ve got the right complexion usually going to be a little bit darker colored you can possibly pull this off especially if you wanting to wear black dress shoes this actually will work I will also work if you possibly dark gray suede chuckers or something like that you could also possibly wear with black now color denim dark color denim especially you can find a way to pull this off and this actually can work possibly with black with dark Browns with other colors that you don’t want to get too close and try to be too we don’t want to make it match but I think there’s a number of shades of brown that will actually work with this okay so we’ve talked about the jeans and just giving so I’m going to move in to num rule number two and that’s actually wearing the right type of dress shoe so what do I mean by this okay let’s look at if this was all dress shoes from the most dressy to the least dressy down here and these were jeans over here from the most dressy jeans to the least dressy you see how there’s a bit of overlap right here that’s the area that we’re shooting for and so when I’m talking about dress shoes we’re going to be going for more casual dress shoes now let’s talk about some examples of dress shoes that you most likely would not want to try to wear with jeans they’re just going to be too formal and that’s going to be basically Oxford’s they’re going to have clothes dishing I’ve got two examples right here and what do I mean by clothes stitching so look right over here notice how this part right here goes right underneath the vamp up they’re going to have very very smooth darker colors usually black burgundy it’s probably gonna be a bit too dark although I did mention and if you are wearing black jeans you can wear sometimes a bit more casual maybe a black loafer or something like that but the style right here the Oxford the bow more this is not what you want to go for instead you want to go for what’s called a blue Chur or a derby and this is where it has the lacing basically is out here so notice how this leather is like slapped on top of the vamp this is the type of shoe you’re looking for also notice the color it’s a lighter colored Brown Tan’s loafers are going to work as well a wide aarti of boots choucas slip-ons all of those are going to be options when you’re looking at dress shoes that you can wear with jeans so rule number three is to remember when you’re pairing dress shoes with jeans even though it is a casual look it’s a dressier casual look so you’re going to want to make sure that you accompany with a collared shirt that you look at the accessories you keep them to a minimum you keep them simple possibly if you know you’re a fashionable stylish guy maybe you can pull off some type of a hat with that but you want to make sure you’re bringing in everything you bring with it actually matches with a dress you want one of the thing with dress shoes in jeans you’ve got to think about is it the dress shoe makes your foot look a little bit smaller unlike large boots or any other type of Footwear out there it’s a bit clunky er it can actually cause it makes you feel look a tad smaller proportion wise you want to be careful of this combination if you’re a large man so if you have a pretty big midsection guys be very careful about this combination and in fact if you have a big midsection I would highly recommend you look to throw on a jacket and that is a great accessory to really finish off the look I think sports jackets go really well you can even possibly possibly bring in a blazer but you really need to know what you’re doing alright guys hopefully you found this video useful again go check out the support article I have images and I’ve got that little info graphic that kind of shows the overlap and I go into a lot more detail there so got any more questions go check out realmenrealstyle.

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