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hi it’s Petra Nemcova and I’m here with my friend Rocco and you’re watching fashion used live now if you click on me button here subscribe for fashion use life and you will get amazing news from the best hottest fashion shows and fashion events and much more so you’re

on the cover of Sports Illustrated right yeah so let’s talk about nutrition because you were just about naked on the cover I was it’s all about the skin you know nutrition um well what do you want to know it’s all boring I want to know what you do

to keep this figure that you can be half naked on the cover I’m again first of all second of all except for all the models out there suck in your stomach crop top situation has to stop the trend has to end cuz this is you have one let’s

look at her stomach she s is sucking her did you just have pizza and hamburgers or something no out of smoothie okay yeah okay so it’s all about you know what do you say moderation lean proteins a lot of vegetables a lot of raw foods not too much

junk but always remember to live a little okay what do you do to live I eat a burger and a drink a beer Oh kind of beer I love a president day where are you from I’m from Denmark so i should say calls burg but i love a

person down back all right we won’t tell the people of Denmark how do you say in Denmark I love you I can’t say that not to me to my cameraman II don’t throw that out there and dem I remember we were served I don’t know if you have

noticed yes so so what agency are you with Billy model management worldwide or just new york city um New York Paris Stockholm Copenhagen Barcelona how old are you 22 years old too what’s your astrology sign my what astrology sign I’m an Aquarius Brandon’s a Scorpio you’re an air

sign Oh started to read about this good I don’t ask anything else cuz I don’t know anything else I’m an Aries so I’m fire you’re gonna so air and fire and then Scorpio our camera I feel like a three-way connection going on here what is that lamb time

animal sign oh she’s a water so he will destroy her leg good together vile water how it light you up so you’re getting all this behind-the-scenes action of supermodel right here on the cover of Sports Illustrated what’s sure we have what sure are you about to watch what

what what show are we at surveiller sure show on what are you wearing her veil is sure I’m gonna twirl you go slow miss your hand I’m gonna make you a little ballerina let’s do a pan up and down gonna get in ticket it suck it in suck

it in suck it and suck it in suck it in well one more time one more time one words bummer it’s alright so come back over here okay okay so what advice would you give to all the aspiring models out there that are trying to follow in your

footsteps because so many people all over the world go look at Sports Illustrated right it’s a Sports Illustrated cover you were a model on the cover of Sports Illustrated and you’re absolutely beautiful greats can use gotta follow your dreams you know if you have a dream go get

it and when you were born you knew that you wanted to be a model no I wanted to be an auto mechanic but that was me see your hands do you have no my hats that’s like the one thing that makes me insecure don’t look at that are

you gonna go be a mechanic one day um maybe you know one thing I can promise you what is that mechanics are looking at you on the cover of Sports Illustrated I love that what do you wanna say to all your fans out there that support you by

looking at your magazine just thank you and you guys are awesome and I’m just one of you guys thank you so much give me have five thank you absolutely nice meeting you too thank you for watching fashion news live and stay tuned as we continue showcasing the best

of the best right here at mercedes-benz Fashion Week spring summer 2015 this presentation has been brought to you by our LG productions


Necessary Realness: 2019 Emmys Fashion Forecast | E! News

it is and these week what what Morgan will be in a mini shift like pink feathered Valentino moment just for the cheap seats in the back row what I don’t know what I’m doing for shoes these I don’t know if I’m gonna be doing like a turquoise like

hump to make it be like oh really 1960 Samantha bee which really want to get down on that or if I’m doing like bow and hair like oh and pouty and like island vibe I don’t know which 60s bitch god I hate this so Kylie kendall and Kim

are gonna be presenting at this Sunday’s Emmys can’t play Nora I’m thinking for one of them I’m seeing light blue for one of them it’s just my fashion crystal ball it might be on Kylie kendall blonde you know what fun fact everybody says I look like Kendall’s another

blonde hair just class it’s kind of sick it’s this it’s here right I think Kim is gonna wear something neutral I don’t think it’s gonna go to cry cries she likes her neutral colors she loves the blush she loves a nude she knows the flash goes away and

then Kylie’s maybe like glam puss doll which was glamour puss doll but then ladies a glam plus it sounds like a glamorous vagina which like nobody’s mad at Sara Falls it had last year’s Atma’s for black Heather she gave us a little more tisha Adams meets someone that

is not her I would love to see her in like a bright coral power suit just like giving us something with like I’m really short for involving I’m a fan of her and general she’s good in everything you see hers Marcia Clark it gave us a vulnerability side

Miller looks great last year at the Emmys she really did it right I think this is one of the best dresses I’ve ever seen her and I love the sort of like black brown gold sequins I like the shape of the dress I think it fits her body

beautifully I love the plunging neckline it’s not too much I like the first drop kind of go outward the hair is great this is her look I like Mandy when she takes risks I like when she’s a little sexy I like when she wears things that are fitted

so I could see her and like something really fitted or she could do a poofy high neck with a big bow Mandy you never know what you’re gonna get you know it’s not like you’re asking me about Sophie ever I got where we’re like bitch we know what

you’re wearing don’t even worry about it so we haven’t seen sophie Turner on the Emmys carpet since 2016 so we’re really excited to see what she’s gonna show up I think sophie Turner was one of those people that can model many different looks so she could totally actually

comment like a suit you can come in with skirts coming short she could do like a play on menswear like I could see that girl rocking some stuff I do see a smokey eye and slicked back hair though progression has come up a bit it’s called being more

famous goe King Zac Posen that very delicious dress I just think that that’s too much dress for her it’s just too like fairy princess meets like mother of the bride I want to see her something him young and fresh and bright I mean that’s like I’m this age

and I’m nominated because I was in the act Oh Billy Porter is nominated for pose which is my favorite show the only thing I feel bad about for Billy Porter is that he has got to top it every year and when you wear a velvet gown with the

tuxedo blazer over it what else are you doing wearing a rhinestone thong mmm just laying you can come in a bullfighter uniform oh he’s go to a mix either that’s fabulous that’s exactly what you should wear with the pink socks and the mm-hmm I died for zendaya that

bitch can’t handle it we’ve never seen her Emmys carpet which I can’t believe last year she wore this incredible thing to the Oscars she were the sort of like chocolate brown Grecian over-the-shoulder dress that was just perfection her stylist LaRoche is no joke that man knows clothes like

nobody else she always killed it she has the body for it the face for oh my God look Vern she can wear a dress right the dress never wears Laverne I would love to see her than something like champagne color beads really played up to short hair big

hair Emilia Clarke who is the mother of dragons any fans in the room okay so last year I wasn’t a huge fan of her dress something about the lace top and the bottom it looks like this game I let me violet I play it as a kid it

has like those weird florals from the Swiss Alps trust me google it I like Emilia in a pop of color I like her monochrome I like her bright red it’s bright girls bright pinks and she can match any lip color to whatever she wears because she had that

mouth and smile and those teeth that are all just like we’re so excited that we have to be in the melee of Clark’s mouth you know nummy they all gathered together were mines I kind of like Captain Hook came by hers he’s like oh we’re here for the

ball what am I saying there’s a new episode of necessary realness every single week so make sure you subscribe to keep up with all of our new videos plus all of the videos that enews post cuz those are also really good and you should make sure to check

out all of the playlists on necessary list to see all the episodes bye

Fashion News: Most Iconic Golden Globe Looks Of All Time

hello and welcome back to fashion news this week I’m joined by a very special guest Alex Leanna gay of the very stylish Instagram style of macaroni thank you for joining us today thank you for having me so the Golden Globes are kicking off very soon and we are

here to round up some of our best and worst dressed most iconic looks that have walked the Golden Globes red carpet so let’s get into it so Lady Gaga Lady Gaga star is born in a beautiful movie touch diving hearts of many people though I went and I

was like I cried I came out and I was like oh she’s nominated for Best Actress so it’s gonna be a big outfit but I think she’ll keep it classy I do think she yeah because she last year she wore a beautiful black dress it was simple it

was just Hollywood glamour gorgeous yeah so in this was 2016 she wore Atelier Versace and she she kind of channeled Marilyn Monroe a bit with the hair so our next celebrity is Nicole Kidman who is also nominated this year for Best Actress for the destroyer so last year

Nicole wore a Givenchy Couture black dress she was obviously one of many many women last year who wore a black dress in support of times up and me too so what do we think about this dress and do we think there are going to be any more political

statements on the red carpet this year I think there will be with like everything in the climate that’s going on there will be I’m not sure I like this dress I’m a bit yeah I think it’s because she’s obviously very pale very light yeah and I just kind

of think it washes her out a bit yeah I agree and I just yeah it doesn’t work for her I don’t TV bits I don’t know I kind of like the little ruffles on the sleeve I think it saves the dress if they weren’t there I would have

just I would have been yeah yeah sure okay and then we’ve got Emma Stone who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the favorite another thing I haven’t seen yet okay so Emma back in 2015 wore a jumpsuit from lawn fawn what do we think about the jumpsuits

okay it’s different it’s daring if something golden globes haven’t seen it’s just wow because they’re used to dresses they used to you know what I love this I do as well and I think with that kind of satin sash that hangs down and like the beaded crystal bodice

going on that kind of dresses it up a little bit more because I like you reassured here oh yeah it’s beautifully yeah she was ahead of the trends with with that short hair because that’s everywhere now okay so let’s talk about Arab designers obviously so Hemi ride is

a huge red carpet yeah a red carpet name he’s always worn by the top celebrities and one of our favorite celebrities as always wearing so Hemi rad Jennifer Lopez she’s stunning oh she’s gorgeous can she pull anything off I think she can I actually genuinely think she can

do I mean anything she worries people are like hey so this dress she wore in 2013 hmm so the kind of nude underlay sort of blends in with her skin yeah I like it but it looks like you know those the lace curtains I don’t know I mean

I like it but I just think it’s like whoa it’s a bit too daring it’s very daring yeah I think for the shape of the silhouette kind of saves it though because some I do agree there is a fine line between lace going that way yeah but she

still looks gorgeous I mean okay and then we’ve got Jennifer Lopez in 2015 and a whole sentence a Hemi right what do we think of this one I love this it’s like Mordor caftan boarded Rises and marry is beautiful yeah it’s like making it almost like a caftan

turning it into a gown appropriate for a black-tie event okay so now I want to talk a little bit about the more unusual accessories that you might find on the red carpet so back in 2015 Amal Clooney who we love walked the Golden Globes red carpet wearing a

Dior Couture number with white gloves I think she looks like Morticia Addams I don’t know where did she Islands with the touch of white clothes I don’t know it’s a little bit Cruella de Vil for me yeah so one of the other strange accessories on the red carpet

last year was Blake Lively’s Versace number with the tiny pockets yeah she’s a beautiful lady Asian this is really really well she doesn’t have a stylist she’s stunning in all her outfits it’s just this dress and those little pockets were just a little bit ridiculous I know do

you think she put anything in this kisser like a little snack no yeah they kind of barely come over her fingertips yeah I do think they’re a bit random but I also think is Blake Lively and she always tries to make a statement somehow on the red carpet

and she always trips or tries to make a dress her own and how many of you were to remove those pockets we just do like that dress you know I think I would I like how the gold kind of ties in what’s going on around the top but

I do think the pockets were a bit kind of slapped on thank you for watching fashion news and we’ll see you again next week and don’t forget to subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar Rabia on TIN THOI TRANG

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 27th September 2019 | Mumma Goth

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Jamaica Tour | City Showcase:| Rocco Leo Gaglioti Fashion News Live

welcome to fashion errs live I’m your host Rocco and we are here in Kingston Jamaica come with me as i showcase Kingston Jamaica I’m standing in for anna devon house and norma is waiting to give us an exclusive tour of the devon house after that i’m going to stop in and get some of their world-famous ice cream i am super excited to try it and I’m even more excited to show you let’s go inside hi my name is Norma I’m a tour guide at Devon house I’ve been working here for 24 years I like to take you on a historical journey to Devon great house this is a photograph of mr.

George stable his father was from Germany his mother a Jamaican and he was born in 1821 and he built his house and Devon Penh in 1881 cost him only 10, 000 pounds lived here for 15 years died 1896 and then in 1967 the government bought it 68 they had the National Gallery 1982 they refurbished – it’s already to my left on the wall is a picture of his wife Madeleine we’re in the Masters bedroom the four-poster bed is originally complete with a canopy the small bed is a daybed they would sleep on the small bed during the day this is the hand sewing machine that was made by Wilcox and given to 150 years you just want him to spin the other to guide the material there’s a spindle used in funding to train the property was 53 acres of line is now don’t really occurs there’s a picture of the daughter Teresa Sybil Jackson it’s the German mice chandelier it’s made from porcelain and that’s over 150 years devon house ice cream is made here and it’s the best ice cream in Jamaica and I think it’s a third best ice cream in the world so you can’t come to Devon house and not having an ice cream cone oh you nice to see you again tell me a bit about the Devon house when when was the Devon house established okay it was build by Jamaican first black millionaire George stable we got shipwreck on end up in Venezuela so that’s really got his wealth by taking a chance and this abandoned gold mine and he found gold and came back and invest in properties you know what he bought 99 properties at that time you couldn’t own a hundred or more no right right you couldn’t and he chose the property that was known as Devon pin when he finished built the house in 1881 he called the house Devon house oh wow it’s Devon after someone on the area was known as Devon pen you have animals it was like most time you hear pen it’s where you have animals right now when I was looking up the Devon house online they said that ice cream was very popular here yeah is that correct yes well I’m gonna go grab some ice tray thank you so much and Italy we kiss like this I don’t know if they do it in your makeup but yeah we do it three times or two times two times okay you more all right you can’t come to the Devin house in Kingston Jamaica and not have some ice cream so I’m gonna be right back I’ll eat some ice cream I’m super excited to get it a little Miss Williams Howard thank you my favorite let’s try this mmm that’s amazing ice cream here is to die for so I’m gonna enjoy this ice room thank you so much my next stop is the Bob Marley museum so come join me mon we’re gonna go to visit Bob Marley museum welcome back to fashion news live as we’re showcasing Kingston Jamaica I’m standing in front of the Bob Marley Museum we’re gonna go inside and really try to get a flavour of Bob Marley come inside come on look we have Bob Marley paintings here this is the main courtyard of the bum Merlin’s name you’re gonna see all different types of images here on the wall we have Bob Marley and his children this is like a little miniature soccer field you know he like to play soccer so these are two little goals here we’re not going to be able to film inside the house because you’re really protective of who they let him out so we’re not going to be able to actually bring the cameras in the house but I wanted to give you guys an outside perspective so you get the vibe of Bob Marley I’m here with Alexi at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston Jamaica welcome to the Walmart Museum and this is the house that Bob Marley was living before he passed on what marty was born in nine mile stream time but Marta moved to Kingston in his teenage years he was living in trenchtown and that’s where his musical career started well how far away is Trenchtown trench stone is like 25 minutes away from the museum here Wow so how long did he live in this home okay well this house in 1975 from Chris Blackwell who was his manager at the time and he died in 1981 Wow and then how did but Marley died exactly okay Bob Marley died from cancer lungs liver and brain cancer my gosh is that because of actually it is said that Bob Marley was playing football football was his favorite sport he was playing football he got his Victo injured when he got his big toe injured he didn’t take it really serious and when he went to the doctor the doctor told him that he had a form of melanoma cancer oh all right and when he went to the doctor the doctor advised him to cut the toe off but Bob Marley didn’t believe in cutting off any part of his body because of his religious way of life and he did not call the tour off and the cancer spread in his entire body and what Marley died at age of 36 that’s young yes pretty young Wow when I listened to Bob Marley it seems like he has such a strong message in maybe living life and there’s a lot of political things there about maybe not going to war or whatever it seemed like he had such a passion just for Humanity that’d be a good person to live a good way of life and I guess this was Rudy from his religion is that right well that is true because the rest of our way of life is to speak about loving or love is the ultimate and without love there’s love conquers all love is the greatest gift to life thank you so much for your time and I hope you guys when you come to Kingston Jamaica that you definitely come visit the Bob Marley museum we’re about to go inside and get a private tour looking forward to it and continue watching fashion news live as we continue to showcase the best of the best right here we are here in bagua on our way to Altos repos to go to Dolphin Cove and look at some really beautiful things that you make an offer we stopped by the side of the road taking some fresh coconut and some cane come on come with me can I have a coconut perfect so for a hundred Jamaican dollars you can get a freshly cut coconut and then you drink out the juice hmm and this was a hydrate you a lot more than water and then they chopped it up and you can eat the meat inside what David’s done here is he’s actually made a spoon out of the coconut so you can open the coconut and then with this organic all-natural spoon you can actually scoop out the coconut really good fresh cold soap or onward and out you guys in a bit there’s two miles of fern there’s about 500 species here and if you look up you’ll see that they’re kind of casting over the road and it’s quite a beautiful spectacle where are we now Fern Gully Fern Gully the rainforest we caught the rainy forest the rain shower Kirk Lambeth yeah and you’re jacking the first jack in the bush jack in the bush jack in the bushes yeah so you’re just you know a chin-up mile away from which arise from you know so I’m gone how did you make this it’s bamboo it’s made from bamboo lot of wire and string and simple Jack the ferns the flowers yeah it takes me a lot of time but I do it for my living so I did for when I’m tired I just write it down and links different little wild in our fiction again my god this is the thing this is nothing we can never just can’t another fix it will spoil okay right how do I know it but it’ll still spoil you can never do it in haste yeah might take me four hours to do it my god yeah what’s your name Jackie jack in the bush otherwise Michael jack in the bush aka Michael thank you for your time Wow we’re at Dunn’s River waterfalls art and it’s absolutely amazing here we’re hiking up the waterfalls is refreshing is so hot here in Jamaica the water is so crisp cleans well even drink it it actually lets out in the ocean so I’m going to keep climbing up so we’re here at 2 sisters caves and elshire right next to the beach welcome officially to two sisters games in order to go in the caves we need to have this hair hen net hair net and at my adds is too small oh thank you bend down I don’t know woman oh so now I’m ready to do two sisters caves and elshire come on let’s go hiking we’re actually inside of the cave the two sisters actually died down here so it is said that your spirit still wander or linger inside the caves what you’re looking is the actual formation of limestone you actually see soulful that is formulated on top of the surface there’s actually three main surviving marine life forms with this phone down there in the cave so you have your crabs crayfish and of course your freshwater fish these caves were actually used by the slaves but they’re actually over one hundred and thirty nine case which is actually phone here in L shop so this is just one of the 139 caves that is actually here this has always been part of our culture so most of what we are practicing know from but then this is what it has been caring from generation to generation this side there are carvings dating between the time of the Tainos which was actually discovered by our very own archaeologist here in Jamaica so guess what I’m going to show you one of the carvings now if you look directly down there inside the box to your bottom right-hand corner there’s an actual carving of a face this sort of carving is known as a petroglyph when you’re in Jamaica don’t hesitate to come to two sisters games I really appreciated your time here showing the caves thank you so much gimme and thank you very much absolutely when I come back to Jamaica which I hope to come often I will make sure to come here every time and continue looking in this frame to see if I can see additional things I am here at the entrance of Elle Shore beach Kingston is a big city like New York now we’re on the countryside where the beautiful beaches are come with me as we discover hellshire beach now we’re inside Hillshire and as you see you can get some fish here some fresh fried fish let’s go experience Hillshire beach come on what’s your name Alaska men yeah let us look into taming absolutely some Street entertainment right here and hell Shire Beach yeah show me show me we’re in the coastline of Hillshire Beach and as you see it’s very festive a bit windy my hair is a little bit cray-cray but that’s okay we are here in Jamaica and he’ll shark Beach all these people having an amazing time these are all cuts as I say in Jamaica which means Hut’s they drop the H so it’s huts where you can buy food drink relax hang out the water is absolutely stunningly gorgeous I heard that there’s a guy that finds lobsters out here and cook some scenes them fresh right in front of you so you can eat them right on the beach you’ll see this gentleman is cleaning the fish that just got caught hi what’s your name Len run so what type of fish is this Red’s up so they catch it now on the Sun the ocean and a kid you clean it here and then you serve in the restaurant so I’m sitting here and I’m really excited about eating this fish they’re gonna cook up right now and hey hey man how are you nice Lobster you get a grill up eat let me see just come from the sea fresh in life wow this is a couple pounds so this is a lobster just came from the ocean right now so how you how you gonna cook it you got it grill or deep fry with garlic and butter sauce oh my gosh look at this Lobster look how big it is it’s probably 2 or 3 pounds I would love to have a couple of these all right I said okay thank you so much man so not only am I gonna have the fish but I’m also gonna eat lobster I’m really excited the lobsters coming the fish is coming I’m at Harold’s and Donna one stop right here in here shallowed beach in Jamaica Wow Wow oh my gosh it smells good and look at the fish wow it’s really good this is the best lobster I’ve had in my entire life I’ll catch up with you guys when we get back to Kingston for fashion block tonight ciao hey guys so we’re here at Jamaica style week as you see everyone’s having a great time if we look over to your right people are dancing drinking people are dressed in white everyone looks absolutely stunning I am here with the man himself the white Peter is the CEO of sands international and creator of Jamaica style week how do you feel that this events coming together so amazing life interview Tyson Beckford and a lot of other celebrities here and everyone just loves you so much you’re the man of the evening but I think way more than that the man of the year you’re a staple in Jamaica well I mean we have always tried to create an experience that people can relate to across the world sorry Jamaica represents a platform for young Jamaican talent showcasing their exceptional skills you know most of whom would have gone on the wreck unrecognized so we do feel that there’s a responsibility to showcase to the world that there are exceptionally talented designers here in the country why thank you so much for your time if don’t we are in New Kingston Jamaica one of the things you have to check out when you guys come to Jamaica is the street vendors this gentleman is making jerk chicken fresh right here and it’s amazing and it’s about 400 Jamaican dollars so what’s your name sir I’m David David nice to meet you so can i would like to have some spicy jerk chicken yes you can have you got a breast and you got a leg and tight thank you so much money thank you dick this is so good somebody eat it I don’t hear my mic dirty this presentation has been brought to you by our LG productions. By TIN THOI TRANG

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hi guys welcome up in fashion TV news I’m your host and Laurie Laurent let’s trust your heart happy holidays because I show the anima ho oh I did enjoy myself at the village because it was will go to villages that we have and have a wonderful time with

family and friends linking up and from there you don’t like someone a village of course I have a village but no this time I didn’t travel but I had a pleasure meeting your friends linking up with old friends and of course in places on today’s newest African fashion

is going in and out of Africa and 2018 have skipped over one of the most successful year in the history of African fashion 2018 African fashion has been done on us in 2018 it was a major deal-breaker for African fashion it sauce explored the African fashion brand to

the international scene and also housed international brands here in Africa definitely and recently African fashion has actually set up 40 to 45 percent increase in patronage and which has seen Africans better protein eyes and support their own and of course this hasn’t gone unnoticed as a Nigerian struck

its textile import ban stirring up recognitions and interest from the international fashion war finished on you put it in place and would give you positive results I’m going to place a ban on textile input then you better appreciate the African ban and wear your own stuff of course

we take you straight to bomba a tribe in Zambia where we tell you about how they do the traditional images these little bad boys traditional marriages you know where they do pub wine this actually starts with a secret counseling session for the bride I do not know why

it’s called a secret counseling session but they make its if I mean it sounds really we took the BAI the boom and counsel what about the black person in the counseling I swear to God I didn’t know about that and Lane cheering but ceremony and celebrations I don’t

understand why it’s secret though why don’t the groom and I brought together sure but after that we merge the room in the night and with them fellow well on newer which is the southern Sudan a tribe in South and today DeNooyer this makes this fun anytime I talk

about it the girl is required to pay twenty to forty cows and that is not the end of the celebrations and the ceremony the wife has to give birth to four should right oh sure rather I think it’s to three children yes and that if you spent two

one there is a problem when the husband asked for divorce then he’s required to choose between his cows and because there is child this is really really complicated I will put the money me position or has a children cows and a child many of them the man of

course I will be tempted to Tim the cows I mean twenty cows is a whole lot today why would you what why would you choose I mean how over those Toyota cars you could actually use this to me cows to get married to me no matter from bacon

go on and only that night as much as many times as possible this is fascinating I’m proud to be an Indian originally we had our beautiful music chain Rihanna everybody knows her brand to be fancy though right sure of course y’all know offensive she struck a deal with

the Senegalese top model a very beautiful Milan and later you know that right please don’t do that don’t ever sit X Milani and recently you know you know the reason why she struck that deal it’s because individuals has been complaining about the fact that when they go on

said I want to go to the market they have a problem picking up the skin makeup so right now all we needs East fancy gear by cost need fancy fancy Sharon Oster John we’re all a bit normal combat this through African fashion news is a lot to talk

about we don’t go anywhere [Music] welcome back from a beautiful break you’re still watching African fashion TV we have a first California 2019 congratulations to miss dandiya Vega on reading the missed West African International crown for the year 2019 the beautiful little model from Cape Verde do you

do Ella there you said Miss yes I knew well that I do not call her name are you doing that ah let me check on Miss it doesn’t matter for the Navy everything because you have a crown does not wear counts yes there’s no where counts I’m sorry

to disappoint you 14 other persons before them in our County was a tough wish for her but eventually she did what to tell you that means Andrea came faster up and you’re all very Nigeria came second up I think I have to take out a cow now on

African news we’re talking about our Nigerian rule has condensed so much and contributed immensely to the growth of African fashion and it should be really really rude and incomplete not to mention our Nigerian designers like my attack oh yes that’s awesome man like me orange culture cousin quarters

these wonderful is an amazing young talented designer yeah I like this outfit though I don’t know it’s a moment that’s cool that’s gonna learn that too I don’t of course I’ll pretty lady Larry the silver oh she’s she’s sexy yes and of course y’all know since 18 was

a glamorous an amazing air force for the African fashion wits and you all know African fashion TV with their to experience them like and you don’t want to mix what 2019 has for us next of course we’re promising you not 2019 oh and bring you all the beauties

of African fashion weeks as they come and be sure to stay tuned because African fashion need we’ll be sure to be there live until then I certainly your host Ella Laurie and I am hope Lawrence keep watching African fashion TV keep being African keep supporting the African grant

thank you then see you next time backing off [TIN THOI TRANG]

Lagos Fashion Week Nigeria,Street Style & Fashion News | Page 3

TIN THOI TRANG – today on page three it’s all about the fashion week Lagos Fashion Week Nigeria 2018 street styles bill for pieces on the runway and the importance of accessorizing all these and more on page three [Music] [Music] hi guys Bridget here and you’re welcome to another interesting episode of page three your official hub of fashion now of course you’ve heard from it teaser will be focusing on the latest fashion week Nigeria beautiful styles beautiful pieces hot Couture on the runway in Lagos Nigeria it’s spectacular but first let’s head off to what we have for you on fashion news making the headlines for this week Burberry and Vivienne Westwood unveil a first Luke from collaboration mock Jacob reproduces highly-publicized spring/summer 1993 grunge collection for Perry Ellis for his resorts 2019 collection right down to the accessories including knitted beanies shoemaker crocks Rockettes 27% as demand for clogs drives surprise profit Alessandra Michelle’s team has gucci fide the retail hot spot Selfridges Kona shop with millennial pink now that is what we have for you on fashion news it’s making the headlines and I’m sure you can guess that I’m very excited not because we are about to go to our favorite part of Fashion Week street styles and so far so good we had our co-hosts tolu represent us at the Lakers Fashion Week Nigerian it was interesting interviews beautiful Luke’s photograph we can see Kelly Chi I saw – Lu she was having a lot of fun but don’t worry little city to enjoy every bit of street style on lega special week Nigeria 2018 don’t go anywhere enjoy the show [Applause] [Music] [Music] of course guys I have to be dressed right ready for Fashion Week is Lagos Fashion Design Week of course I’m excited there’s so much fashion fashion fashion great moments that will be going down today and with every year comes something very new and very different the designers who’ll be giving us the best of their collection and of course the best of trends of 2018 I can’t wait to see what has happened and not just that the models will be strutting their stuff on the runway giving us the best poses and the swag on the runway so guys it is like a fashion and design week through my eyes up to use realistic peek what people are wearing what is happening on the runway how people are feeling about Lakers Fashion Design Week of course because it gets better every single gear so let’s see what is happening come along guys it’s Tolu 4 page 3 hi Nick despite this ho black and symbol Oh yesterday I was like full of colors today I decided to like go a different way and then do like all black black is kind of like a sophisticated [Music] ah hi Xena I’m good you looking really nice in like the what are you wearing I’m Wayne turned girl it’s one of her assets you may recognize it cuz Beyonce wore it a few weeks ago liked winning will be on sale right now exactly that’s the vibe burger in for so street style you know I just want to be comfortable look nice Anton gorev shooting tonight as well yes hi Jennifer hello nice to meet you we was in for tonight it’s mofo I like her collection I’ve had a look at her stuff and I really appreciate it I’ve been following her on Instagram so it’s nice to be in Lagos to be able to see her stuff on the runway so it’d be great to see her stuff [Music] I’ve been by le oh I’m great to yourself look lovely what inspired this who are you wearing um this is Bello I do she’s a Gunny and designer and what she sent it to me as a gift and I put it together and I thought it was a sturdy beautiful I love the color I love the structure I feel ladylike but you know still playful yeah I put the sneakers on so I still feel a bit playful and young Hye won thank you what are you wearing first my friend shimmer and balance joggers Trina’s and then just that’s it it’s really I don’t know there’s a word I’m trying to use what it’s really nice so it’s fashion we call you it’s in for who do you want to see on the runway for style ten pushes my best fashion designer so I’m really rooting for her 200% she’s everything [Music] all right so guys have with me the brand name behind move file I love the collection la palabra collection of America I love this so how you got here thank you how are you I’m good so every year you opted again what are we expecting a sneak peek of your collection this year for this year is about like the funky CEO so the collection is about your alter ego I mean from your 95 you’re quite different than from about after were like 7 to 4 him you’re totally different so it’s about auto ego like a proper businesswoman boss lady and the woman I know the onion is the collection is about the sort of woman hi Vanessa hello nice to meet you I love this sequence this is really shining through what inspired this thank you well it’s a designer a Nigerian designer which is like my design I don’t know if you know it yes and obviously I’m from Paris but I’m so thrilled to be in Lagos each year like this is my second time in the Fashion Week and I just wanted to honor Nigerians designer so here I am [Music] oh well I know what I do is I create this unique kind of setup that speaks to luxury and design and the idea is to take some of the the guests and some of the designers and some of the prominent people and make a portrait shoot of them within they sell a lot of times it creates something memorable for them to take home you know and it also creates an opportunity for to document some of that street fashion but within my own unique environment think is different about this year’s Vegas fashion and Design Week from your point of view as a photographer oh well I think there’s so much maturity I think this is the fifth one or the seventh one you know but I mean I I watched some of the shows yesterday and I was looking at TK stuff amazing you know even a caliche and so it there’s a maturity that has come in with our designers they find themselves exhibiting now not just in Nigeria but all over the world so when you sell world-class I think we’ve come to that place but again this is yet another new venue so you can see when I forget in the venue in a different way so it’s a kind of novelty that we see [Music] I’m looking out for any trends because the way I consume fashion is just like you know every time there’s anything I just if I if I like it I go for it but the good thing I like about coming from Fashion Week if I would have to say that would be just having to see how much what designers have puts into putting out another collection and just seeing how they are transitioning from each season you know because it’s not easy and I just come to see what the what each designer has a stuff for us and just take it all in [Applause] I’m so excited as you can see designers well it I love the fact that the prints are getting heavier I don’t know the styles against the SGI fashion is generally getting better and gorgeous from MOFA to style temple to google money and in lots of other design as a showcase today it was a really really exciting model font i’m still new for page three beautiful pieces being showcased on the streets of a lego special week like this year was spectacular lots of people with features and vogue and all that talking about the kind of pieces the wear fabric accessories talking about accessories the next segment on fashion-forward will be talking to award-winning entrepreneur that actually focuses on that aspect of styling looking beautiful on the streets and on the runway so guys don’t go anywhere stay tuned as Petry continues for fashion-forward segments each week we give one lucky person a chance to be part of the biggest events in the country a mix of interviews red carpet back stage performances music and everything in between [Music] catch main events every Saturday 6 p.


to 7 p.


[Music] welcome back guys is still your efficient home of fashion and in case you just joining us you missed a bit of the street style and all that but don’t worry we’re still talking about the latest fashion week which held here in Lagos Nigeria 2018 and of course we’ll be talking about different pieces and things that make up a complete look on the runway and I kind of give it his own who it was that was going to be talking about that with me so right here we have we the CEO of ambassador 50 hi how are you alright so I’m sure you’ve you a fashion history been following fashion weeks and you’re someone who who specializes in accessories most especially the fascinators so tell us a bit about the importance of accessorizing in general to complete an outfit okay it’s it cannot it’s you know when it comes to accessorize in it’s something that you can overemphasize it’s something that can take an ultra from 10 to 100 you can actually take a simple bright black dress sorry and you know Tony to evolve them just with your head wear or just any add-on because assets reason are limited so earrings and purchasing yeah I was going to come to that because a lot people think is just the earrings and bridges but could you just you know highlight these different ways of accessorizing and different kinds of pieces but for the guys and the ladies okay for the guys it’s the Lord or you know the ties are necessary yeah it says the brooch the lapel pin the pocket square like they’re all accessories even the face cap like a different type the fact it’s ever type of cap had had way for guys they’re all accessories and then for women we have in lots of it so who and now you know they’re like hand fans which is not for bride alone anymore now the wedding guests everyone now wants to carry one it’s an add-on so they’re brooches your earring your necklaces and everything watch and everything but then the head way is more of a statement piece it takes its it’s like I can’t see Venice and that’s where you really focus on me notice that lots of photo shoots now they actually use these headways as a theme for photo shoots weddings you know apartment finally so use it then for the the bridal train you know but even on the runway you see a lot of the designers use this how does this really pass a message on the runway when you’re trying to create a story it’s always good so crazy from like from the beginning to the end so and most of the designers now they’re beginning to come back to the Edna come embrace the ending fashions no longer the Western tried to create rip or create like something like the Western world so BC they’re coming back they’re not trying to regular African woman uses the head we’re starting from the ash okay dig a leaf or even the ebo like everyone woman supposed to cover hair just regularly so now they’re trying to bring that into and that you know bring that into fashion and that seeks your outfits or your collection it takes it to another level I noticed let’s talk about the the evolution of you know you said you know from ashy okay this class and I you you brought something here which is very spectacular this looks like it’s a ghillie in a yes exactly now putting these things together when it comes to all those geometric kind of headgear that you can wear with the English wear and even transcend to the night evening outfits how should be the choices be should there be any kind of limitation when it comes to head gears or fascinators there are lot of limitations because what you’re going to put on your head depends on the clothes the clothes first it’s a means what’s your grants away if the clothes are ready to dramatic I don’t think you should go for anything drama you should just go for something like a little cocktail hat or something very you know minimal but if you’re doing something simpler you can now make a statement with your hair piece you know I think I can just say that I had piece is something that announces you without even speaking you just because it’s up there okay Jose announces your arrival okay so let’s go down to we should I say I’d like to talk about the the feasibility when it comes to an intrapreneur that focuses on fascinators how feasible is that business it wasn’t so feasible because people wearing imprison it’s believed is something for maybe the English people you know I thought basically the English people so but now it’s been like in past period let me just expand last year it’s a new it’s been evolving it’s there’s a good it’s a good like the speech is about twenty percent it there’s a good and then everybody’s beginning to appreciate the fact that this actually helps your appearance or your assemble so people are beginning to appreciate it even people living abroad wants to wear the one made in Nigeria you know they want like this one now it can be a Chevy and oh I don’t want to tie any tiny to something else you know and then you know you’re looking different and unique alright thank you so much for me for joining us on this particular segment especially for what statement of page three I mean look to bring you back here so we could see how you actually you know put things together maybe the simple ones won’t go to the extreme ones thank you so much alright guys that is it from we a CEO ambassador 50 of the head gears so now let’s go to our next segment which is quite interesting because it’s still representing Lagos Fashion Week and won’t be seeing lots of interesting looks on the runway those are rocking head gears and those are you know just looking fabulous with a hair all down the model strutting your stuff on the runway take it I am excited too because like this is the grand finale and with the grand finale comes the best of fashion Mackie oh my at a fall Emmett has bit and a lot of host of designers who will be walking the runway with their amazing collection I can’t wait to see what is happening let’s go inside and take a peek at the runway and the amazing designers and their collection [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I have with me a combination of ovarian and male 11 easily Kwame Kuchar and his pieces were actually fabulous so was it like buddy those pieces together for this year what inspired this year’s collection okay this collection name is rebirth project it’s about all those African young African new generation decide to leave the comfort and come back to Africa to build our continent so I I don’t found the best way that construction feminine or woman construction to make it happen so I moved back eight months ago to ivory coast so I want to show to all my brother and sister to order the word that it’s possible to back and make something happen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s always refreshing when Fashion Week starts with beautiful pieces and trends set on the runway and I’m sure you’ll enjoy to this episode but do not forget you can relieve these interesting episodes by going to our website and our YouTube channel and then us forget to subscribe while you visit or you can send me a message on Instagram and I’ll get right back to you talking about getting things across to you there is a giveaway for this episode of page 3 cut see doll in Nigeria and the question be asking is after the first official Fashion Week the latest fashion week what was the next fashion week that held here in Lagos Nigeria send us a message or the answer the first to send the answer on our Instagram handle or all our social media platform gets to win products cos it darling 90 via shout out to my stylist for the day fab styles and of course my hair cuts Italy Nigeria and the beautiful space cut sea occasions and events till I call me away again I remain yours truly for page 3 your official home of fashion.

Adidas Trash Sneakers, Was Nicki Minaj Hot?! & More Fashion News | BHL’s Fashion 411

you’re tuning into the black Hollywood live Network featuring nose interviews and commentary on all things black Hollywood read the funny from Los Angeles California presented by Maria Menounos and streaming live thanks to Akamai Technologies this is black Hollywood live fashion featuring the week’s roundup of fashion nose and now the host of black Hollywood live fashion for one more everybody out there welcome welcome welcome it’s fashion Friday and you are here at black Hollywood lives fashion for one one I’m your host Courtney Stewart and joining me in the studio this week is the lovely Camilla and we have a very very special guest a very sexy debonair young man sitting next to miss coming up this week like a real good job we have Fallsburg deadly in the house we cannot wait to get your perception on for those of you guys out there make sure if you’re watching us right now just click that little red button on the YouTube that says subscribe so you make sure that we are in your inbox every single week and you don’t have to come looking for us on YouTube and trying to find keywords and what not is just there for you and you get us and we love it and we appreciate it keep your comments coming we love them but now I’m gonna tell you a little bit of gossip this week because we’ve had a little bit going on in the show as we like to call it the hot hot gossip what’s going on so do you guys you hear about miss Chrissy Teigen and Nipplegate on Instagram know those of you who didn’t know MS Chrissy Teigen has a little bit of an issue with Instagram because she posted some pictures she did it just recently did a layout for W Magazine she did a great fashion spread for them and she posted one of her lovely pictures which we are displaying right now in the studio and as you can see there was a little bit of nipple showing Instagram did not appreciate that took her picture down because they have a policy of no nudity on Instagram but this is sort of gonna fight with models and Rihanna even had some macabre last year’s she had a great layout and they’re arguing of course that you know men can take their shirts off on Instagram and show their bodies but we’re shaving women and taking their pictures down because it’s a woman’s nipple how y’all feel about that um I think that you shouldn’t want to really show your nipple but it is artistically nice all around on Instagram I think it’s leaving for the magazine and for us to purchase it to view it but hey I think this is a little bit I see a lot of post expensive fashion or editorial and then they’ll put the little wine yeah and quite frankly I think that does a lot more to drive traffic to the actual magazine to purchase more to really check it out online so I mean I don’t know I got it I guess you got to kind of figure out what is the individuals goal mm-hmm and I know if I’m in a magazine I want the magazine to move I want it to sell I won’t even be interested not just in the images but also the story so I guess the question just would be to miss Teigen is of what your goal seems to be that her nipple should be free to be shown because she fought back once that picture was taken down and she put another picture out she mean a similar picture but she was sitting in a makeup chair she had her hair all done in her makeup as on so she was getting ready for a shoot there was a strategically placed bottle of hairspray covering one nipple and a slightly available other nipple with a piece of fabric and so she was still like showing like I don’t understand why this is such a big deal this is art and Instagram is a photography sort of based thing and this idea of is it art why is she being penalized and I don’t know is nudity really that inappropriate all the time I don’t like to be new don’t get me wrong but it’s I like the picture but is it discrimination though I’m leave that one alone what I will say is it is illegal to be nude in general so in New York City I think you can actually be topless in the park okay so Wow tapas in the park in America it is illegal so be news it’s illegal for a woman to be new not for a man to walk around without his shirt on well um and we’re not you’re not looking at me I don’t know exactly we have different functions that’s the argument yeah we’re not going to see guys just hanging there tanning alcohol out you know come from you know I have nephews and stuff so you maybe that’s it you give it a good nickname you know because it just wants oh you made that up yeah okay Kevin Hart made that up girl good luck to you girl maybe you want to just cover up and give up because they seem to want to keep taking your pictures down so we’re gonna move on real quick to the outfit of the week we all know fourth of July is tomorrow yeah what about the fourth all about the foursome you go on to your pool parties if you like me you want to eat barbecue so our outfit for this week is a comfortable outfit to roll up to your barbecue and okay this we have a blue and white maxi dress from Urban Outfitters for $69 and you can top it off with some Aldo sandals white metallic ankle strap sandals for only 30 bucks they’re on sale right now guys check that out and because we always have to have a little bit of fabulous going on we’re budget friendly but sometimes we want a little fabulous going on we got these Tom Ford Nastasia cat eye metal Sony’s for three hundred and eighty dollars so it’s not too bad guys check it out keep it a little fabulous keep it cool keep it relaxed because we all know we don’t want a waistline really going on when we trying to eat at the barbecue come on Tom for shades punishment I lost memories and like four months I’m like someone person I can’t I’ll concentrate I cannot purchase again I think I got about two more months oh it says on in like a year highs one for you you got to do that man it’s better yeah you can’t just be losing I don’t agree with those shades of that ensemble that’s just my opinion too much for you well I just – wait is this the silver on the silver shoes I mean I get it I just think that there could have been a different moment that’s just my opinion okay I actually would personally wear my red sunglasses because I would make my flag go strong but this is me we all different but already you guys can change it up and do what you want to do with it but that’s there for you so we also have to keep it beautiful so what do you have in beauty beat this week miss Camilla well in beauty beat you know I’m getting older and I don’t want any have the reparent and reject moisturizer broad spectrum SPF 30 it’s a daily wrinkle fighting moisturizer formulated with broad spectrum and it defends your skin against UV and environment so climates any climate weather so this is something that can protect your skin ladies you can wear it at nighttime you can wear it in the day yeah and you need it because I don’t want wrinkles I’m like mine I see my grandmother and I’m like oh you did good grandma because she has this wrinkle cream and everything so I’m all about keeping my finish I’m giving it a try what your grandma was using I think she just always used water in olive oil okay good I’m always interested now because there’s so much coconut oil right now because I’m scared to death of sunscreens because I’ve been reading a lot of articles about chemicals and sunscreen that it’s actually doing more damage to us than it is doing good so I don’t believe any more to that like I don’t want to get cancer for my son but I also don’t want to be like absorbing all that these chemicals into my skin so I’ve been with coconut oil and wondering in the past I don’t know my wife is watching and buying that and having it shipped to her house and I am the guinea pig I mean I have had every product because she’ll try it but then I’m the control no I’ll just be sleeping next thing I know some of them yeah let me just get this under your eyes real quick so love that I will be able to give you a nice report think the price point on this is $89.

99 find it at norms in the retail store Sephora okay so that means find somebody with a discounted yeah my girlfriend’s work there and percent off you know about the discount okay let me give you guys a little style scoop for the week a little news work going on so we were talking about sunglasses earlier we got some regular glasses in the Numis Warby Parker has a new partnership they have partnered with the cute Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum and they have introduced a pair of limited-edition round specs that were inspired by Andrew Carnegie whose home houses the actual Museum they retail for a hundred and forty five dollars and they are sort of trying to marry the contemporary with a classic style they’re crafted from lightweight Japanese titanium and coil temples and the pair of balance is a scholarly aesthetic with hipster cool so the IRA brand and the museum have also launched this month-long public course for high schoolers along with the funds some of the funds that they’re getting from classes at the cooper-hewitt Design Center in Harlem and basically the students are learning design based problem solving and social entrepreneurship and they are hoping to continue the program I like this company Warby Parker they’ve been around for a little bit and I just like the way they’ve been moving so this is very good a Carnegie type partnership or collaboration as we say very smart and literally in association with the Smithsonian doesn’t that best top chef it’s good there’s always positive when you’re just like socially conscious right companies that are really trying to do something along with making money but making a difference yeah that makes sense and it’s good all right so also somebody being very innovative and doing some very interesting things is the adidas company so you guys in early 2016 you will be able to purchase something that they are calling the trash sneakers now that doesn’t sound super exciting when you hear it but what’s kind of cool about this basically there was a environmental activist group in New York they were doing a presentation they’re called partly for the oceans basically it was a summit to sort of deal with what is going on in the oceans and for those that you don’t know out there there are Island sized amounts of trash in our ocean gusting from plastic and all the horrible things that we are disposing of and it’s literally just like absolutely out to sea and starting landmasses basically of trash and so adidas has come to figure out that they can actually use some of that trash to make sneakers and they did this amazing presentation of the brand’s leader his name’s Eric Lika and he took to the stage announced that the shoe is composed solely of ocean waste primarily recovered plastic and fishing gill net that’s interesting to you net from the fishing and its creation resulted from a partnership with parley and the research and they gathered from collecting trash that the humans dumped in the ocean so they got these shoes they’re gonna be available by February March of 2016 they don’t have a price point listed yet but it’s adidas I’m sure they’re gonna be fairly reasonable so they’re at least trying to do something about the trash problem we have in oceans I won’t buy a pair I was a black sea I would just see and I like adidas in general so because then Tom’s do the same type of thing where they there’s a there they weren’t really reclaiming trash as much but they that mean Tom’s it’s still very socially sort of conscious company giving shoes for everything one shoe that it’s purchased and that kind of thing which is also a Warby Parker does so yeah we appreciate that one thing to note on though so they’re they’re copping my homeboys motif we will alright and wrapping up in style news this week Wimbledon is going on for those guys that are not watching Serena they’re doing their thing and former tennis player Marion Bartoli is seeing her new dream come to light also a twin in Wimbledon she basically has become a jewelry designer and she’s designing everything from bracelets earrings rings to body chains and hand chains with all featuring positive affirmations like carpe diem courage faith that kind of thing and she is looking she’s very inspired by like the colors of Monet’s paintings and that kind of thing so it’s very lots of the jewels are very blues and sort of very calming colors so to speak and she had miss Serena wearing one of her bracelets that said courage on the court so she felt really good about that and her jewelry is just starting to get notice you could see some of the audience members actually sporting some of her necklaces and you can check them out and purchase them on marion bartoli calm and they range from about 80 bucks to up to a thousand dollars American dollars so it’s not bad it’s some really cute positive jewelry to hang out with and do things with courage works for Serena I don’t know if you guys heard about she boycotting the tennis match down south because of the Confederacy did yes she did and she is just serene is everything yes takes your breath away and she’ll beat me up just because she’s amazing congratulations a good luck breena’s anserine are out there still fighting to make it take away because right you just won the French Open if she comes and wins is like okay yeah all right well we have Fonzworth Bentley in house and we actually want to know a little bit more about what’s going on with him right now what’s going on we’re gonna take a little minute and just get a little update what’s been happening in the world of Fonzworth Bentley we know you are you were just everything like I couldn’t even give you on lay down you’re an author you’re a talented musician migrator a great inspirational speaker like you’ve done you do have done everything what haven’t you done and what do you do well what are the things I’ve been doing at home I think the most the thing I’m most proud of right now is being a father oh my wife and I my daughter will be 2 July 30th and it’s the most extraordinary experience her name her name is Zoey yeah and so of any project or opportunity that I’ve had I’ll say that this has been the zenith of my life it is it is everything the zenith of my life I love that and she’s gonna hear that one day every leg Oh own it all right well you obviously have been like a style star since you’ve come into our claim you guys you got a little girl now how much input are you have it in her style a lot but the firt the first thing I realized we were in Atlanta one from my parents house and she was crying kind of just ridiculously and my wife’s like here I’m going down to finish breakfast you got her dadadada and I was just looking at she was just freaking out and she had on this kind of like onesie and it was in this like not the right mouth and so I like just took it off her and she immediately stopped crying and she knew she didn’t like it so she already has such an opinion for some reason she’s she’s gravitate well I like you know bright colors but she’s gravitating to the brighter colors in her wardrobe which tends to be the pajamas the blue shirt in the pink polka dots down here and I’m like yeah mommy don’t like how to go I like that I’m like you coming out with that daddy dress is the daughter cuz they’re like yeah very cool alright well going into summer what for your own personal style yeah what do you do differently during the summer like to keep it fresh and keep it nice but also keep it cool to the size it is well fun one of the things you know I’m really into silly right now and silk is a very breathable permeable fabric like this this is a wall silk and even though you know it’s like a wool silk crepe and then this is a silk shirt and you know it’s something about it that you know it when the wind is going it let’s breathe this given is given the look love shimmer little wink evening thank you I can go right into the evening to that place for sushi for dinner there’s of mine if I’d like but the main thing folks really need to stay focus on the manicures and pedicures yes I think what 11 episodes I host BET’s lift every voice come yeah Sunday at 10 so I shot that last week and then right into the BT Awards with the whole bad boy reunion looking very handsome thank you so I was so busy I didn’t even get a chance to take care of me me me me but you know ladies gentlemen that keep those things fresh thanks fresh guys no seriously you know ladies with your back feet out let’s let’s make sure the back yeah keep back feet scrub that’s a loud enough scrub today no but you know what and I have this on the Atlanta and I think it’s kind of like my under like hipster circuit about the really trend Todd eyes about to happen big it’s gonna it’s gonna happen big I’m going all-in I’m already doing I’m already doing it and it’s actually fun to do do remember that’s what the future is coming guys you heard it here first alright and where can fans like keep tracking you and yeah I’d you and see you at Fonz Bentley on everything Oh everybody’s snapping I’m Graham and I’m a tweet you and then Fonz Bentley comm is the website okay so yeah alright guys make sure you find and check them out keep supporting a brother because he’s doing things and I love having you thank you all right well we’re gonna transition into we were just talking about the bad boy reunion and red carpet at the BT Awards oh we got to talk about some of these looks that were on the record miss Camilla what do you have this first up we have Nicki Minaj aka Nicki she has a chief on she dress on all black with what shoes oh she had the Giuseppe’s on and Giuseppe was like all on the red carpet everybody has that B shoes on yes I’d like Nicki Minaj’s calm look I think that she goes very overboard when she does like the wigs and everything but she’s moved on I could have loved her some color mm-hmm because it’s summertime in Los Angeles it’s beautiful outside it was hot outside and I’ve never seen her in a beautiful colored dress and I thought that oh but I love the dress but I just wanted to see her in some color so I’ll give her a thumbs up but I just wish it was in a different color sideways she looks like what’s that lady Elvira yeah she’s giving me Elvira yeah where you at with them no no you know when you said that I agree it’s funny the Beatty Awards red carpet is a funny one because it’s scorching hot every year so whenever you see anybody in leather they dying dying and losing weight simultaneously but but by the time it ends it is it is evening yes my and it’s cold so it’s a funny one yeah this isn’t my favorite I do like what Nikki’s doing with the dark hair and just really really gorgeous I don’t you know I don’t know I do appreciate her bringing this level to this particular event you know what I mean that level of fashion to this particular event and it’s just not my favorite you know what I mean it’s just not agreed I think we’re all around the table my feelings are sentiments are the same high light color I would have liked it not to look so hot and follow my notice people don’t really get too dressed for Beatty Awards they get it’s kind of casual yeah I get that yeah I don’t think it’s a mess but I just I’m kind of bored yeah it’s a little bit of a snooze for me but we still love you Nikki moving on we have Chris Brown and he was all over the Beauty Awards and this look to me personally knowing Chris he’s all over but I don’t like this for the red carpet with the bomber jacket sleeves with the floral in the t-shirt underneath with the shorts and it’s a lot going on let me tell you what I do understand about it what I understand is if you’re wearing all black good dueces new good so you threw some floor on there so it’s summer but you got shorts so it’s hipster is kind of hipster II and it is high so it’s functional you know the you know the Fedora the Hatter you know that that thing is just very pervasive right now so that kind of throws in the hipster thing so you know I think it feels a bit if the red carpet was an hour and a half later then I would love this look interesting I was I would literally love this look like but I will say this if Pharrell had that on right it would be it would be yeah I think it would be a low I think would be different for us for some reason yeah really definitely been all about the shorts and making the shorts happen but I’m not mad I’m not mad just look he he took a risk you know to me I yeah i’m actually surprised probably because I’m generally would be like slamming this behind not totally mad at it like I wish it wasn’t just like a basic white tee I feel like that white tee with that jacket and those shorts is jarring for me and it just kind of looks like the country doesn’t look purposeful but it looks like he was like oh I’m cold on this jacket and some shorts and then he just was like it’s gonna get chilly let me put the jacket on not that like this is the outfit that I worked out like it didn’t totally so I’m not totally mad at it I actually think the hipstery thing with the head and the glasses is kind of cool and I like that the beauty award see an artist like whatever but I do think that the white t-shirt for me at least is what threw it off believe it or not alright one more what do we got one more and it is Kelly Rowland hey and I just have to say I feel like she looks like a bird like a feather feather mess what kind of bird like this she had on the entire stage and I don’t remember seeing all maybe maybe they were movable so when she was on stage and like in front of the camera she had the sleeves on but was leaves weren’t fair I would I wouldn’t mind the dress with the feathers on the bottom but the feathers on the hands and the dress on the bottom and when you pose it just looks like a fuzzy dog bring it on again pom pom I think she’s gorgeous I just don’t this what I say um because this is what I thought all right so the red carpet look that I actually was gonna wear was like a velvet jacket it had this Bordeaux like detail moment here in the African print pants which is not happening which I very much believe in and want to push things there and the day of I was know the day before I was like my wife was like I think you should just wear the electric blue suit maybe go a little bit safer even though the electric blue suit is still like smacking you in the face I say with all confidence smacking you in the face but something about the Beatty Awards will have you maybe second cast pushing a little bit and so I have to give just a little bit more kudos to any of those who are like no I’m going I’m going you come on we the most judgmental tear you down do we know who made it was rope I had it here bring that right back okay don’t judge our pronunciation is just wonders or was it elaborate guitar yeah alright okay she had on giuseppe shoes as well of course everybody did it entirely I actually love the drop way it was that’s the even check yeah I it looks like she was just running late and could only put on half of her Chewbacca costume she knows better than to pose like that for one mini dress and she’s got great legs so we should have seen the drama of the sleeves hand her legs if the bTW Awards were in February I would be like yes honey do it drama you just I want you to fly out there singing with Patti LaBelle and do amazing things but because it’s freaking June and it was 95 degrees and then she’s posed like it’s hair growing from her lady parts like I can’t do it it’s it’s wrong season wrong not working and of course Steven brought up our very on Dario Kristen who was hosting the BT experience and wearing wore patterned jackets for his two days I believe that he did I ran into him yes that’s true that’s true so are we gonna give burial a hot or a hot mess for his look what in person it looks pretty nice it’s silk okay you look nice – I am go ahead Darren yeah yeah darriel because I can cuz you my brother it’s busy as hell but I’m not mad like he kept it simple underneath and he threw the flash on top I have a question for mr.

Bentley yes what’s the process for you like going into red carpet like to the process of picking an outfit and you know your wife actually helps you so yeah I’m a little different well the what happens is my wife always figures herself out first and then I always choose several different moments I’m not like I’m wearing this on the red carpet I choose different moments because I approach you know style as sort of like you paint up a picture and my body happens to be the canvas so if I plan on wearing electric blue but I wake up feeling lavender hey then you know I need to have that lavender moment so I usually get several different moments around and then you know plug and play and make sure that I compliment my wife because I’m really her accessory accessory for his wife and you do a very good job because you’re fantastic oh you look amazing all right we’re gonna close out real quick with our style watch for the week check out at gentleman’s brim on instagram guys there two guys doing great things over in diesel if you love vintage motorcycles and good-looking men check out their style they’re doing some really cool stuff always looking good at gentleman’s brim on Instagram and where can we find you during the week miss Camila you can find me on Twitter at I am Camila P and you also can find me on instagram at the real Camila P alright and one more time for your fans miss where can they find you on social media at fawns Bentley fo NZ b ENT leye know you better all right guys well you can find me Kourtney at Stuart starlet on Twitter and Instagram and don’t forget to follow us at the HL fashion of for 1-1 on Instagram thank you so much for joining us we hope you have a very happy celebratory and safe 4th of July weekend we look forward and we will see you next week from producers Maria who knows Dario Kristen Keanu Hobson Keven Undergaro in the entire bhl crew we would like to thank you for supporting black Hollywood live the first online broadcast network dedicated to african-american entertainment for questions and comments contact us at info at black Hollywood live.

com like us on Facebook tweet us our instagram @bhl online and i’m your bhi announcer scipio instagram me at planet Scipio thank you for tuning in to lose Express here are those of the whole song and do not necessarily reflect the views of phl or its owners or principals you. By TIN THOI TRANG

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 9th February 2019 | Mumma Goth

[TIN THOI TRANG] q eulogy have a huge new collection comments their website from the 1st of March and at alternative fashion news we are lucky enough to be able to give you an exclusive sneak peek of some of these stunning new designs the first is called the aura the necklace and earring versions they can be customized with over a hundred different combinations giving you the option as to what design goes inside and under the hoop these can include pentagrams moons UNK skulls and more next we have a personal favorite of mine the oeg statement camo the centerpiece will be layered with acrylic and metal with the circles on the chain and the planchette on a chain underneath there will also be a simplified version of the design available as a necklace and earrings the cute Israa moon black cap design will be available as a necklace hair clips earrings a pin badge and a ring a must for any cat lovers and our pin collectors and finally the moon version being another favorite of mine two large planchette designs will also be available as wall mirrors clocks and necklaces and of course this is only a small selection what is to come with over 100 new designs including new crystal sterling silver and layered chain necklaces we will of course keep you updated as soon as the full collection is available to purchase and if you love Curie ology as much as I do make sure you have subscribed to this channel with the notifications turned on as I will be doing a full length feature of this wonderful brand including a review of some of their new collections banned alternatives ss-19 range is now available to purchase from a sauce marketplace however there is limited stock so if you looking to buy make sure you get there quick so you don’t miss out kill star have given us another huge drop just after their teaser video featured in last week’s episode as well as their forceful collection we already had a snake people they have also given us Lilith’s tongue design their new collection includes new accessories such as belts bags and underwear I don’t know how you feel but there is actually nothing from their new collection that I don’t want sitting in my wardrobe right now Kate’s clothing have also had a huge new drop not just with the new Clio star and punk rave collection now been available on their website but also new items from their own brand necessary evil which includes some stunning new designs many adaptions from our older favorites also keep watching as there is a fabulous deal at Kate’s so wait for that before making your order violet mother have added loads of new items to their shop this week including some very sweet now tickles gothic font final prints and new skull art prints and some very cute stickers all of her own design some perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up plus even more from violet moths is coming to this channel soon so make sure you have that notification bell turned on Disturbia have teamed up with photographer Charles Petersen to bring some of his most iconic images to life on a range of screen printed t-shirts available exclusively to disturb us website including images from bands such as pole Jang and Nirvana Valentine’s Day is around the corner and as true clothing are kicking it off with their own range of naughty and funny cards at only two pounds ninety-nine each definitely for someone who is looking for something a little different to give the one they love on the 14th groin store are also ready for Valentine’s Day with their alternative Valentine’s gift selection now available on their website as well as their anti valentines shop which includes quirky crude and funny items to give as an unconventional gift this Valentine’s Day or just as a treat to yourself the Gothic shop have a couple of offers for us this week they currently have 35% of all Herman’s hair products which are a hundred percent vegan and cruelty-free and include a bleach kit toner and semi permanent hair dye which comes in a large range of some beautiful bright colors the Gothic shop have also partnered up with Mama goth to offer 10% off your order at checkout using the code mama goth 10 check out some of their newly added products Kate’s clothing have a massive up to 80 percent of sell in their clearance section and there are some real bargains to be had featuring brands such as kill star Heartless new rock punk rave necessary evil pail bunny collective and so many more remember if you’re not happy with your items they also offer a free return service and as a bonus the beautiful heavy metal mama has teamed up with Kate’s clothing to offer an amazing 15 percent off your order at checkout using the code hmm the code is valid until the 28th of February little boutique have their Tuesday sale running on their Facebook group featuring brands rock rebel alchemy and velvet rose Tuesday and Sunday at 4 p.


also their auction was launched yesterday also on their Facebook group featuring brands dark side crystal band Lindsay Lowe I wear sourpuss and auction ends Monday 8 p.


Brogan wolf have up to 30% off site-wide in their hex education cell ready for Valentine’s Day check out their website to see full reductions available in this offer Oh bunny have a competition running along with their boyfriend checked frock clothing offering a chance to win a Harrington jacket and an item from their Valentines collections to be in a chance to win make sure you are following both Czech rock and hell bunny and tag your Valentine in the comment section winner announced the 12th of February at 10 a.


grain store have their giveaway at now available on their Twitter offering a chance to bring a backpack loaded with pop culture apparel and awesome gifts worth over 100 pounds just retweet and make sure you are following grain store last entry midnight the 10th of February open worldwide as always thank you so much for watching this week’s alternative fashion news to support this channel please ensure you is subscribed with the notifications turned on and if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give it a like remember to check back wednesday for my latest video and next Sunday for even more alternative fashion news until next time bye beauties [Music].

ALTERNATIVE FASHION NEWS 30th December 2018 | Mumma Goth

[TIN THOI TRANG] little boutiques new mystery boxes come in to say the first January and is based around the cult classic film the crow boxes are 30 pounds each and come with a large range of unique products many made in-house boxes are limited and generally sell out on the first day so make sure you purchase quick for more information and to be the first to hear when it has been posted on their website be sure you are part of little boutiques Facebook group hell bunny have given us a sneak peek on their Instagram page showing us a little bit of what is to come some are 2019 and although the summer feels so long away I was eager to see what they had in store for us and of course had to share with you all black craft cults January mystery box is now available to purchase and it’s a batterer Mayfield I cannot lie I am far T tempted by this mumps beam mystery boxes are also now available in women’s sizes and they are priced at 65 u.


dollars each bound alternative have some beautiful new winter arrivals now available on their website including velvet and wet look material clothing backed and skull bags pentagram and harness trousers band alternative also have their 15 percent of code offer site wide using I want 15 at checkout attitude craving has given us a look into the brand new ammonia styles for 2019 which include vegan ever velvet and glitter Footwear making us Damona lovers dreams become a reality check out attitude cravings for demony arrange for even more beauties the awesome punk rave I wanted to refresh your wardrobe with 20% off when you purchase free or more items using the code Anarchy year choose any free or more items with no minimum order and as always free worldwide shipping a regular choice of their end-of-year cell with some absolutely gorgeous items available their lavish shoes bold accessories and the majority of their kids section shoes are also included in the sale as I have said previously even if you’re not looking to purchase is always worth browsing through their website just to admire the fort and work that must go into designing of their shoes he’ll star had a boxing day end of year cell running until Monday the 31st of December 23:59 offering buy one get one half price on all their products site white including the new and clearance section personally though I am waiting for another drop of new products it seems like ages since their last and hoping the new year will bring new prettiness devil Nights currently have their Christmas sale at running with 20% plus off branded clothing additionally free shipping on all orders over 99 pounds using the code Xmas 99 10% off on all orders over 199 pounds using the code Xmas $1.

99 and 15% of all orders over 299 pounds using the code Xmas 299 worldwide shipping is available hell bunny cell is now on with some beautiful and high-quality items available sale items include clothing from the alchemy collection and spin-doctor many items also available in plus sizes there is always something for everyone that love alternative fashion from pinup to rockabilly to gothic I love Hell bunny attitude clothing have their winter cell running with up to fifty percent off selected clothing footwear jewelry and accessories pop and the brands include restyle disturbia hell bunny Serapis t UK shoes black craft cult and more grain store have their post-christmas sale running with thousands of sale products with up to 80% off and starting at just 24 pence head to their website now to indulge in the world of geek pick up your favorite band t-shirt or check out some of their alternative fashion brands available in the sales section including spiral direct and band alternative the MPR having a clear-out sale with up to 50% of selected products and free delivery when you spend 35 pounds or more there are some stunning items available including brands such as spin-doctor jawbreaker vixen disturbia and EMPs alternative brand gothic honor its disturbia s– end-of-season sell with 25 to 75 percent off selected products in their clearance range and even more styles have recently been added free express delivery within the UK for all orders over 75 pounds 150 pounds for the US and for Europe and the rest of the world orders over 200 pounds goodbye 2018 and hello tuk footwear sale with 30 to 50% off on over 100 styles using the code take it off sale items include some very cute classic creepers many vegan friendly boots both flat and platformed Mary Jane’s flats accessories including bags and hats plus many more doles kill end-of-season sell is here with up to 70% of selected stars and an extra 30% off on their clearance section everything from clothes accessories shoes and beauty have been listed in their sale also including items from their Gothic widow range and if you are in England and you have been tempted by some of those kills amazing products then they do free shipping on all UK orders over $75 beauty Vixen have up to 50% off on their sell currently running for our rockabilly and pinup audience including some stunning retro style clothing with bold prints also available in plus sizes free UK shipping on all orders over 20 pounds jawbreaker have up to 50% of sale including some amazing clothing that would be perfect for the more corporate gough wear some classic skulls and occult prints and some more bolder prints are also available plus free UK shipping on all orders over 20 pounds and low shipping costs for Europe and the rest of the world sourpusses end-of-year sell is now running with 35% off everything is in the code blowout running until the second of January discount is not valid on at ammonia and gift vouchers but South has stocked some absolutely awesome products a special mention to their fabulous coffin shells that come in a range of colors as well as sourpusses own brand of products they also stocked kill star creepsville 666 Linda Popp Curie ology and so many more Dracula clothing currently have 15% off their entire online store using the code new year this discount is also available for their clearance section you must be logged in to their website to be able to use this discount Hot Topic currently have 20% off their regular price which is available online only on selected products as an 80s baby I am personally loving their rich TV items especially their beavis and butthead range they also have a fabulous buy one get one free on their clearance section rogon wolf have up to 70% off in their clearance and best sellers have 20% off in their new year sale even more of their exclusive items are also reduced now live at their online store Black Milk have added an extra 20% off on their sell items offer ends Wednesday the 2nd of January 6 a.


over on deaf candies Instagram page she has teamed up with restyle clothing to offer one of her followers a chance to win the lunar dress simply follow both deaf candy and restyle instagram share the image with the stated tag comment and tag free friends in the photo winner will be announced New Year’s Eve Megan mayhem also has a giveaway over on Instagram teamed up with grave reflections to win free items of the winners choosing ensure you are following Megan and grave reflections Instagram page tag a friend under both giveaway posts and share the photo using the relevant hashtag winner will be chosen the 2nd of January finally dark transmission’s Instagram page is running a 13, 000 follower giveaway if you haven’t checked out this artist amazingly creepy and dark work then make sure you check out his page he is offering free prizes featuring his artwork do you enter ensure you are following his page like the image and tag two or more friends additionally welcoming a story shoutout as always thank you so much for watching this week’s alternative fashion news to support this channel please ensure you have subscribed with the notifications turned on and if you enjoyed this video please make sure to give it a like remember to check back Wednesday for my latest video and next Saturday 9 a.


GMT for next week’s episode of alternative fashion news until next time bye beauties.

Beckett Simonon Chelsea Boot Review (Worth the price?) #BeckettGents

hey what's up guys it's Ezra and today we're going to be reviewing a pair of the Becca Simenon black leather chelsea boots so let's get into it so taking a look inside the box you'll first notice a booklet detailing just the materials used and the cleaning process for

the Chelsea boot and after that there are two separate inserts for the Chelsea boot in case the other ones wear down or in case you'd rather have a black insert rather than the tan insert that comes standard with it and finally you'll receive two individual dust bags for

the Chelsea boot that just say Beckett Simenon on them and this is just to maintain the quality of the boot and just keep any dust or any other foreign particles off of it again you get an individual one for each of you and then getting into the actual

boot itself you see I actually got the black color just a matte black there's a slight shine to it nothing too major not looking like tuxedo shoes or anything so that's a plus taking a look at the outside you'll notice that the leather is full grain calfskin leather

and for those of you that don't know full grain leather is leather that is taken from the top of the hide so when they first I get the height of a cow it's just the most the highest quality of leather that you can get from a cow also

adding to that it is a calfskin leather which just means it is softer more buttery and just better to the eye and feels better on the foot moving on from there we'll take a look at the outsole here and you'll notice that this is also a vachetta leather

sole which just adds to the comfort ability of the shoe again and it does get beat up pretty quickly I have had these boots for about 2 or 3 months now and I've worn them and the bottom looks pretty beat up but it doesn't feel that way at

all inside of the shoe it just kind of looks like that but this does increase the comfort ability and then taking a look at the heel cap here it is rubber and that is just to prevent any slipping or yeah pretty much just to prevent slipping and just

to add a good support for your heel there rounding it out to the back here you'll see the leather strip on the heel cap and that leads up to the black pull tab and then going to there going to the sides here you'll notice the rubberized gussets and

that's just to maintain and secure your foot into the boot taking a look on the inside this is also a meketa leather lining and what vachetta leather is is it's kind of just a raw uncured leather that feels better on the skin and just really buttery and just

feels great on your foot popularized by Louboutin I'm sure you guys will know when Louboutin is but they use the same leather on their bags just when they manufacture them yeah so for those of you that don't know the Chelsea boot was originally designed by Queen Victoria's boot

maker back in the 1700s around there and it was popularized later on by the Beatles and Kanye West more recently yeah The Beatles just kind of wore this boot everywhere they went and just became really popular then and then more recently Kanye West kind of brought them back

just because he's Kanye West and you know whatever Kanye whereas people want to wear so that's part of the reason why I decided to pick it up to be honest but really glad that I did finally taking a look at the construction of the boot itself it is

constructed using a lake stitch construction and for those of you that don't know what that means Blake stitching is done by a specialized machine and the people that create the have to use that machine and is stitched here and you'll see the thread out salt here they used

to be waxed rope just to add to the quality and materials and just made in how long the boot lasts so I picked these boots up just because I kind of wanted something that would bridge the gap between a more dressy shoe and something like a standard sneaker

here you know this is pretty full pretty informal pretty casual and this is kind of like a step up between like this and like a more dress shoe kind of like something you'd wear with a suit and which makes it really great because I could wear it with

more casual outfits or a more formal outfit like I said I've had these for about three months now and really enjoyed my experience with this boot itself I'd like to give a lot of all the credit to back and sipping on and creating a quality boot it's been

pretty good so far so initially when I first put the boot on does fit a little tight but it will loosen over time and just become more and more comfortable and just talking about how the boot performed itself I walked around my college campus up at the University

of Utah wore this a lot up there and you know it's walk it's a lot of sidewalks walking up and down so there is some slight creasing beginning to happen because I had to go up and down the streets but it is not a significant amount any pamphlet

Excel I can only really tell because I'm up close to it it was a really comfortable ride for my foot and I have no complaints there and then also I would like to mention that I did get caught in the rain and snow a couple of times in

these boots and they still look pretty brand new if you're worried about these boots just falling apart if you get any water on them I wouldn't because they are pretty they're pretty sturdy and well built so I wouldn't worry about that now that's not to say to just

go out in the rain and just run around in these because that's just not what they're built for there are leather boots so you get too much water on them it will ruin them but I wouldn't worry about a little sprinkle a little sprinkle there these will stay

pretty well built just to maintain the maintain the boot itself I also picked up a pair of just shoe trees either just shoot us these are just cedar shoe trees I just picked up for my local Allen Edmonds store and in the booklet that beckett Simenon gives you

they recommend getting a pair of these just to put in after wear after every time you wear these boots so that just helps to maintain the smell so they smell pretty good and then also just to maintain the interior of the boots so it doesn't fall apart there

so yeah just rounding out the review of the boot itself I've been extremely satisfied with Becket Simenon as a company and then also just the quality of goods that they provide has been excellent so overall I'd give this boot probably probably about 1/8 here just because what you

pay for and what you get are currently worth it you know when you go out to the store and pay $200 for a boot you're probably not going to get the same quality of materials that you will in this and that's just a plot back to Simenon as

a company and what they're offering customers you work through that alright guys so we're just back at the table here just round everything out for those of you that don't know how back it summit on works it is a recently emerging company following a made-to-order business model and

what that means is they run multiple campaigns throughout their web page featuring boots like this and other styles of boots and even bags and belts and they have limited campaigns so they only stock as much as people purchase so once they're sold out they're completely sold out go

through a whole process to fulfill your order and create your item by hand that take some time to source the material and just know that you're getting the highest quality for your money but yeah if you guys like this review feel free to like comment and subscribe down

below I want to give a shout out to Adela over at Becca Simenon and then also Brian for recording this video [Music]

Perfect Business Casual Dress Shoe? | How To Match Semi-Brogue & Half-Brogues Oxfords

gentlemen Antonio here today we're going to talk about the broke and why it is perhaps the perfect dress shoe for your business casual wardrobe now it was very specific there we're talking business casual so I want to be introducing sports jackets we're gonna be talking about dress trousers

and I'm gonna talk about I'm gonna show you quite a few pairs of shoes but I'm gonna focus in on the brogue because I think it's one of those shoes a lot of guys out there they've got the Oxford's that they can wear with their suit perhaps in

black they've got their casual footwear but they don't have anything in-between and that gentleman is the power of the brogue it can be dressed up it can be dressed down it is stylish it's got a pair right here I'm looking at them I mean just look at that

and what I really like about the broke is it's it's very sleek it's very stylish but it's it's not in-your-face stylish you can wear this and people are gonna notice it they'll give you compliments but they're not necessarily going to remember it and why is that important they're

gonna see that he's well-dressed he's well put together because you could wear this multiple days in a row so imagine you're going on a business trip you could wear this on the airplane with your jeans and perhaps sports jacket the next day in the business meeting when you're

wearing perhaps even a suit with a Li tie nice pockets where these same shoes the next day go with a pair of odd trousers odd jacket which is a sports jacket the same shoes and no one notices no one's the wiser because they look great you're gonna get

compliments but they're not going to you know they're not like a derby they're not like a con they don't have a contrasting color they're not like a loafer that's made from suede that's gonna grab attention and be memorable at the same time they're gonna allow you to get

a lot of miles out of them and they're gonna be able to you know that night you want to throw in a jeans with a nice sweater you can wear these now guys I've got an entire another video on how to wear jeans with dress shoes go check

it out good video good article with that but today I want to get into the detail so I told you guys I'm gonna get in this first quickly a little bit of history about the broke comes out of England Scotland Ireland the history is a little bit scattered

but what is know is it these started off as casual shoes the Brogue the design basically the perforations in the leather they were originally put there to allow water to go in and out as men were going through marshes now from that we've gotten about four different styles

they've become a lot dressier since then we've got the quarter broke we've got the semi-pro we have the full broke and we have the long wing broke now this right here is a semi broke if it was a quarter broke then it would only have the cap toe

with the Brogan right here this one also has it over here and the back therefore it is a semi brogue a full brogue also known as a wingtip is going to have the wings right in here and is also going to go around and then the long wing

is actually going to have the wings going all the way around the shoe but let's get back to the semi and that's what I'm gonna refer to the semi brogue and the quarter broke in most of my discussion the monk strap you guys know about my love affair

with the monk strap further down we have loafers also in suede I've created a whole nother video guys go check it out notice I'm looking to a lot of other content out there and then we've got the driving shoe moccasins and very casual so I've talked about all

those but we're gonna go back to the brogue that's where I'm focused on and let's talk about okay so Antonio how is this gonna fit into my business casual wardrobe well this is gonna look great especially in dark brown the oxblood yeah maybe black if it if that's

what you want to keep all your shoes this but I'm gonna go with dark brown and the the oxblood colors those I feel that just gonna work with pretty much every navy that you can think of right in there I guess there's only one variation Navy I met

every variation of blue look at that right doesn't that look beautiful Browns and blues a natural combination really nice huh even with your pair of jeans here indigo jeans looks good doesn't it it's going to stand out they're gonna call attention to themselves but not enough that people

are going to you know you may get someone to say great shoes but most people just gonna look at you they're gonna say he's very well-put-together but great about this I can bring in a wide range of sports jackets what I'm wearing right here I could be if

I know as you guys know I don't wear any pants in my videos but if I was I could be wearing this combination right here I could go with this especially if I had a white colored or lighter colored shirt the brown looks pretty good right that green

what do you think I think it's a pretty good combination guys let me know in the comments what which of those are your favorite I like this you like the gold ish yellow right here did you like the blue did you like the brown did you like the

green would love to hear from you guys down in the comments I'm gonna go ahead and go through a few more again another blue this one with a canvas material Grey's I could go look at that right there grey as we've talked about created a whole nother video

going to that one right here grey we talked about fitting in your interchangeable wardrobe but this is going to go with any gray flannel you've got in there I'm gonna zip through these a little bit quicker but look at that and it's gonna work with any of those

jackets that I just pulled up there now when it comes to Browns it is still going to work we've got very different textures so all Sun I could bring it again any of those jackets I could go simply with a shirt that's going to work lighter tan all

this you see how versatile this is I could keep going here all day Joan the key point this shoe is incredibly versatile you can find a way to work it into your wardrobe it can be dressed up dress down and its stylish without standing out too much so

let me know what you guys think would love to hear from you down in the comments what do you think about the broke is it something that you can fit into your wardrobe and of all those combinations I'm curious which ones did you really like gentlemen take care

I'll see you in the next video bye you

How to Wear Boots in the Summer | Men’s Fashion | Clarks Desert, Doc Martens, Chelsea Boots

what's up guys my name is Marsha welcome to my youtube channel one dapper Street and today we're going to talk about how to wear boots in the summer this video is a little bit of a mythbuster video because the internet and YouTube will have you believe that you

can't wear boots in the summer well I got four pairs of boots three different styles and a bunch of different style inspirations for you today to prove that wrong let's jump right in the first look first evidence that it actually is just a myth is the desert boot

and with desert boots you can't talk about desert boots without mentioning Clarks in this case I'm wearing the sand suede Clark's originals the medium high ones I absolutely love them they are desert boots best they are boots and absolutely can be worn in the summer one way you

can sell them for example is with a pair of shorts these are from below bows and almost the same color as the boots and up top I'm contrasting it a little bit with a denim shirt that is from Eaton but you can also be wearing this very look

with a white Henley up top which gives it a little bit more of a Legere vibe or if you're going for a more monochrome look even as wear a tan t-shirt like this one right here and you still have a really solid look so this is style of

boots number one desert boots that are proof that you can wear boots in this summer moving on to the next but before we do make sure to subscribe to my channel if you're not already and you're liking what you're seeing so you don't miss out on any of

the content that is coming up but now look number two and style of boots number two we have a pair of Doc Martens Doc Martens yes granted they will have your feet a little bit more sweaty than desert boots and what we're talking about next and then a

pair of sandals or or flip-flops but I still think they're a style of boot that you can wear year-round that's something just so there's I just I love dogs I don't know if you guys haven't seen my Doc Martens video and check that out I love dogs I

wear them in the summer I think you can too and here's how opt for a pair of jeans that's a little bit lighter that's a little bit more natural out for a color of boots that's not necessarily black so that you can maybe bring it up even to

a white oxford shirt like I'm wearing right now so overall the look is feeling very bright and breezy unbuttoned the oxford shirt half way down so you actually get a little bit of flow we have distressed denim ripped denim wear this also a little bit of air circulation

coming in not that rip tenderness all about functionality it's mostly about the aesthetic but you still get the point so this is a way I think you can't wear our docks in the summer and I've worn them in temperatures like around 30 degrees Celsius which is a lot

yes but they look cool enough for me to have my feet a little sweaty with look number three I get to talk about my favorite salads Nets Chelsea boots in this case I'm wearing a pair of uncaring floor celtic boots and a taupe color that are suede and

suede in itself is a very summer and spring material and then the light color is it makes them perfectly acceptable to be worn in the summer for this look I stuck to a very light color palette I'm wearing a floral short sleeve shirt up top brown and white

and underneath I'm wearing a rip tank top I really like the look of I'm buttoning it halfway like really letting that tank top be part of the outfit not as if I'm wearing a suit and accidentally the tech top is showing in that case you always want to

make sure you hide it this is a choice and on the lower body I'm wearing a pair of Zara she knows that I recently picked up they were featured in my haul if you haven't seen it yet make sure to check that out creating an overall really summery

look I think even with the boots and can easily be worn for like drinks or on the weekend for brunch or like a little bit like a Miami type vibe very bright and very very much so a summer look now since I love Chelsea boots I decided to

put a fourth look in and this one's only for New Yorkers or people that only go out after the Sun has set if you live in the desert and this is pretty obvious do not worry the Sun fit especially not in the summer I'm wearing an all black

look with black Chelsea boots and in New York you will see people in the summer wearing all black outfits one of my best friends is that guy and he may be like ditches the jacket and just wears it with a black t-shirt but he wears jeans and chelsea

boots and this can absolutely be a summer look if you one look like poor if you're going out towards the end of the day you're heading out in the afternoon you know you're gonna go out it's a great look to go out and and us for me a

fourth way to really be easily pulling off the boots even in the summertime just make it according to the right time a day with that I want to wrap up today's video thank you guys so so much for watching I hope I could bust that myth just a

little bit for you guys today and maybe you are on your way now to either head to Ankara floors to get your pair of Chelsea boots or maybe head to Clarks and get yourself a pair of desert boots that are perfect for the summer thank you guys one

more time for watching I hope I'll see you very soon with the next video until then as always stayed hacker bag has

Carmina Shoe Review – Chestnut SEMI-BROGUE Oxfords 👞 | Kirby Allison

hi I'm Kirby Allison in today's video we're gonna review the carmina chestnut semi brogue Oxford rescued and their Inca last I'm Kirby Allison and I love helping the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes join me as we explore the world of quality craftsmanship and tradition [Music] as part of our dress shoe review series today we take a look at Spanish shoemaker carmina's number 82 51 chestnut semi brogue Oxford on the beautiful Inka last recognizing us is one of the leading authorities on luxury men's dress shoes worldwide Carmina has graciously agreed to grant us access to their entire collection of shoes to review for you on this YouTube channel the carmina number 80 251 semi brogue Oxford is made with the beautiful chestnut vegetable tan leather on the inca last the shoe feature is broguing on the toe cap vamp and rear quarters I really appreciate carmina's ability to retain all the broguing elements one would expect on a semi brogue without the shoe being overwhelmed or looking too busy this is achieved with several techniques we'll discuss in a bit originally broguing was the prevail of English country shoes but it was adopted by American professionals in the sack suit era as the most conservative of footwear and they made it their own for business this shoe and it's beautiful light brown chestnut color makes it a perfect weekend or more casual shoe it could easily be paired with lighter color trousers and a jacket for a more business casual look based on the Spanish island of Majorca Carmina is best known for their cult-like following amongst shoe aficionados for their ability to combine extraordinary softness and comfort with sturdy Goodyear welted and elegant last designs for those who enjoy the more nuanced elements of shoe making Carmina offers an excellent value with most of their catskin models beginning at just $450 with free shipping in the United States for more information about Carmina take a look at our Carmina brand overview video this shoe has all the traditional elements of a semi brogue with its medallion and broguing elements but without being overwhelming or looking too busy in fact for a semi brogue it's actually quite a clean looking shoe which I really appreciate there is a great balance between the beautiful open leather pieces and the broguing which showcases the natural beauty of the vegetable tanned leather Carmina is able to achieve this balance on the number 80 251 pattern using several techniques first they use single needle stitching along the broguing I've seen this done by other makers using double or even triple stitch essentially creating four or five rows along the broguing and this is not the case on these carmina's they're able to keep the bro gang still looking quite clean second the size of the punching is quite small and tight which further reduces the weight of this visual element of the shoe combined with the single needle stitching it still offers great visual detail but without being heavy or making the shoe seem out of balance lastly the broguing element that arches up the facing of the shoe along the laces and around the neck to the heel is achieved by punching the side quarter pattern piece this is not a separate pattern piece like on the allen edmonds strand again the result is a much lighter look that retains a large smooth leather panel on each side as with all carmina's these shoes have only 5 eyelets which when combined with the tighter broguing pattern in the single needle stitching opens up and along gates the vamp the benefit of a large open vamp is that it allows the shoe to better control creasing and ensures that the shoe does not crease across the cap or other pattern elements this is particularly important if you're producing any higher gloss mirror shine across the medallion because any creasing that is outside the vamp and in the toe cap will always cause that mirror shine to crack the cab features carmina's medallion number 3 which is one of eight medallion designs that can be used through the company's MDO program the shoe also features pinking or gimping which are the small decorative triangular cuts along the pattern pieces the toe shape of the inka last really gives a shoe a beautiful elongated silhouette that still is quite classic without being too old-fashioned in some ways it's contemporary because again the shape of this toe isn't large and round like you would see on older shoes that you may remember from like the 70s or 80s it's round which is still quite traditional without being too large making it old-fashioned you can tell that Carmina really put a lot of thought and work into the design of this semi brogue semi brogues are very easily made too busy with too much going on between the broguing the stitching and various pattern pieces but this shoe again retains all these traditional elements while still being quite clean simple and elegant this particular model is made out of carmina's chestnut vegetable tanned leather vegetable tan leather is tan using vegetable matters like oak bark and spruce bark chestnut wood etc and is a more traditional way of tanning it produces a leather that is yellow or light beige in color and is softer more natural-looking than chrome tanned leathers vegetable tanda letters are most often used for brown colors where a little bit of the finishing is applied at the factory itself the leather is of course open pore and features an even grain structure which is indicative of the quality of leather used by carmina the vegetable tanned leather especially in this light chestnut color is just waiting to be polished and will easily create burnishing or antiquing effects as areas the shoes darken over time as it's polished full leather out soles are used with full leather heel blocks and combination top lifts metal toe taps can be added at an additional charge through their MTO process but you can see that brass tacking is included standard at the tip of the toe on the sides and along the heel one of the things that I absolutely love about carmina shoes is the work that is put into finishing the outsole itself you can see that this outsole is fully dyed and polished to match a beautiful even brown that with this shoe really balances it out one of the things that I love about a high-quality shoe is that just as much work and thought as put into the finishing of the outsole and bottom of the shoe as is put into the upper carmina is so well known among shoe enthusiasts because of how well their shoes are constructed all of the elements of quality and craftsmanship that one would expect on a high-quality pair of factory made Goodyear welted shoes can be found here first the shoe is completely Goodyear welted which is the de rigueur of high-quality factory made shoes this is important because a high quality pair of shoes like these carmina's if cared for properly should easily yield three to five years of regular use however the upper if properly polished and not destroyed by water or snow could last twenty to thirty the Goodyear welted allows for a pair of shoes to be easily resold without disturbing the integrity fit or shape of the shoe the outsole can be easily pulled off and a new one sewn back on by a skilled cobbler like with our Kirby Allison's certified shoe restoration program Carmina uses a 3/4 and not a 360 degree weld which ends right at the heel this is the preferred method on higher quality shoes because it allows the heel to sit more neatly on top of the heel base the outsole features a high stitch density and welt fudging which are the small indentations pressed into the top of the weld using a wheel this is a beautiful design detail that is essential in my opinion for any well-made shoe another element and one that I find very important is that the outsole is stitched to the welt using an invisible channel as opposed to an open channel found on shoes like allen edmonds this creates a much more beautiful outsole that conceals the outsole stitching the upper is also very well lasted which gives the shoe good definition you can tell that a shoe has been quickly lasted by machine if there is little to no shape to the upper however with these carmina's you can see that the shoe indeed has nice shape along the edges of the shoe and especially where the upper meets the waist you can really appreciate just how well lasted these carmina's are by looking on the interior edge of the shoe and how you really see a 3-dimensional roll to the upper this is created through special lasting techniques that pulls the last tight over the last and then allows the upper to sit on the last for several days or weeks so that that shape is memorized by the leather itself one of the ways that you can really test and showcase just how much last shape is built into the shoe is by taking something like a pencil and dropping it straight down right here at this interior edge you have almost a full centimeter built into the arch right here and then it also allows for a much narrower or waist to be cut into the shoe itself now the carmina doesn't have a fiddle backed waist but it still has a nice tight waist that just creates definition and shape to the outsole and the upper itself the construction techniques allow for the beauty of this last really shine through the finished shoe these Carmina Chestnut semi brogues are available stock from the UK size 5 to UK size 14 and in an e width UK sizes are a half size smaller than the equip u.


shoe size so if you're a nine and a half and in American shoes such as an Allen Edmonds you'd want to purchase a UK nine from Carmina the only challenge to Carmina is that they do not have an extensive brick-and-mortar network of stores here in the United States to try on shoes that said Carmina does have a boutique in New York City as well as several boutiques throughout Europe and a very generous flat-rate return shipping policy that costs just thirty five dollars after you know what size shoe you wear from Carmina you should be able to easily purchase shoes from their website I really have to say that I love Carmina and can understand why they have such a strong following amongst budget conscious and quality seeking shoe aficionados Carmina is really able to deliver a shoe at a higher quality than comparably priced shoes from other brands because Carmina is both the factory and the brand and because the majority of their distribution is direct they're able to pack a higher amount of quality into their shoes than what would be commonly found at similar price points Carmina is passionate for shoe making and everything about how these shoes are constructed and finishes superb at $450 they're an incredible value in a shoe that anyone could be proud to wear these Carmina semi brogues are absolutely beautiful shoes especially in this chestnut color which beautifully exemplifies of the semi brogue pattern which is meant to be a more casual shoe this is a great shoe for anyone that enjoys wearing odd trousers and jackets dresses slightly more casually at work or is looking for a beautiful dress shoe to dress up a pair of jeans for America's business casual culture and for the weekends this is a perfect shoe in addition to all the elements of craftsmanship that are here on this shoe I really appreciate how Carmina has been able to balance this semi brogue pattern out without having it appear too busy or too cluttered I hope you've enjoyed our in-depth review of the Carmina Chestnut semi brogue shoes click the link in the video description to view our full playlist of videos from our shoe reviews series and if you have any suggestions of shoes you'd like to see us review please post them in the comment section below if you enjoyed this video please make sure to click the like button below and finally please visit our website hanger project comm where we have collected and curated the finest assortment of luxury garment care and luxury shoe care accessories in the world as well as other products for the well-dressed like this tie I'm wearing today I'm Kirby Allison and we love to help the well-dressed acquire and care for their wardrobes thanks for joining me you [Music].

3 Best Types of Boots for Men | Work Boots, Chukkas and Chelsea Boots

what's up guys my name is Brock you're watching the modest man and today we're talking about the three best types of boots for men huge thanks to today's video sponsor and a longtime friend of the modest man at Thursday boot company what do I say about Thursday boots I mean you know I love them you see me wearing these boots a lot you know my outfit post and other videos you know I've worn more expensive boots I've worn alden boots that cost two or three times as much as these and honestly I think these are more comfortable so you know if you're just looking for not only stylish boots but a lot of value a lot of bang for your buck you know you want good gear well construction I can't recommend Thursday boots highly enough so if you haven't checked them out yet definitely check that link down in the description all right if you're building up your boot collection or maybe you're buying your first pair of boots you might be wondering which type of boots should I buy it's a good question there are a lot of different types of boots from chukkas to Chelsea's different colors different materials and it can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what is the best pair for you now obviously it depends a little bit on the person you know a business professional is gonna have slightly different requirements than a college student but I do think that these three types of boots are great choices very versatile choices for almost any guy you know any age any situation so if I were starting from scratch these are the three types of boots that I would buy first in no particular order okay number one we have the dress work boot this is a great first boot for pretty much anybody now I say dress work boot because while this is styled after a traditional work boot it's not necessarily meant to be used for manual labor and don't get me wrong these boots can take a beating but you know you're probably not gonna wear these to the construction so you're probably gonna use them to create handsome outfits that kind of have a rugged masculine aesthetic in fact if I could think of one word to describe these boots it would be handsome personally I think that this dark brown color is a very versatile choice it's probably a great first choice if you could only own one pair of boots I think this dark brown color would make a lot of sense but if you wear a lot of black and gray and monochromatic colors you know black might make more sense for you so dress work boots like this pair from Thursday boot company they look great jeans they look great with chinos you can even wear them with trousers you know if you do it correctly I probably wouldn't wear these with like really fine wool trousers but you could definitely wear them with thicker materials like flannel or tweed or corduroy stuff like that in fact the only time I wouldn't wear these is with shorts obviously because really no boots look appropriate with shorts and I probably wouldn't wear these with a suit yeah these are a great pair of boots I mean if I could only own one if I could just pick one I'd probably pick these okay next up we have the trucker bud so chukka boots are typically ankle high boots they have open lacing and usually two or three pairs of eyelets chukka and desert boots are kind of used interchangeably these days but really desert boots are a specific type of chalk about desert boots were originally created for British soldiers to wear in northern Africa during World War two now desert boots specifically as opposed to just any chukka boot have an unstructured upper so it's a soft upper they have a crepe soles and they're generally made from suede now because of the soft upper and the crepe sole the desert boot is a casual chauka so there are chukka boots that are much more formal than for example these desert boots which other j.

crew of McCallister's these days the term chukka boots is usually just used to describe any ankle high boot so that's how I'm gonna use it now obviously if you have a structured upper versus a soft upper it's gonna be a little more formal so these are slightly more formal than the dress work boot you can definitely wear these in business casual settings but like the work boot they work really well with jeans chinos and even trousers now of course the level of formality kind of depends on the material so dark brown leather or black leather is gonna be more formal than like a colorful suede but honestly I think chukka boots are a great choice for anybody they're extremely versatile you're gonna get a lot of wear out of them again if you could only have one pair I'd probably go for like dark brown leather or black leather depending on you were you know color palette now if you do go with suede I recommend that look for water resistant suede Thursday boot company uses water resistant suede because you know suede can get damaged by water it can even be ruined if it gets soaked over and over I've worn these both of these pairs actually in the rain and they absolutely hold up you know you can see they still look great so I think that's that's pretty important especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain okay and then last up we have the Chelsea boot round Chelsea boots are super cool and they're definitely trending right now but honestly they've been around for a long time and I don't think they're going anywhere according to Wikipedia Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle high boots with an elastic side panel and they date back to the Victorian era when they were worn by men and women and they still are kind of a unisex style although you'll typically see women's Chelsea boots with a thicker taller heel so yeah they're trendy but they're also classic now of these three Chelsea boots are the most formal and of course it depends a little bit on the color and the material but you can definitely wear these even with the suit you know if you have like a black leather Chelsea boot you can definitely wear that with the suit and they're just a little more formal than the dress work boot and the chukka boot so you know if you're a working professional in a formal business environment or if you just live in a more fashion-forward city like New York City the Chelsea boot actually could be a good first choice for you if you can only have one pair of boots you know the Chelsea boots could be it now I really like this light brown suede Chelsea boot I think they look awesome with a lot of different types of pants especially light wash medium wash jeans you can also wear them with dark wash jeans or black jeans you know if these were my first pair of boots I'd probably go with black leather or dark brown leather but since I already have a couple of other pairs I went with this light tan suede just to change things up a little bit and give myself some more options speaking of options since these three types of boots can it pretty much be used interchangeably for the most part I like to mix up the colors and materials for example if you only wear black and you just want all black Footwear would make sense to have you know black pair of work boots a black pair of Chelsea boots and maybe black suede chauka boots for me since I don't wear a lot of black I like to wear different colors you know I like to vary up my boot collection with different colors and materials so for example I think this is a pretty well-rounded boot collection you know I've got dark brown leather work boots kind of a tan suede Chelsea boot light grey suede desert boots and then this midnight blue suede chukka but you know this is just my collection I mean you could also go with like a black leather work boot a dark brown leather Chelsea and like a tan suede chukka boot but no matter what colors or materials you go with I do think that these three styles are the best styles to choose from especially when you're first just building your boot collection you know if you could only buy one pair I think any of these would be fine my personal choice will be the dress work boot if you could buy three pairs honestly I would start with these three types of boots but I would love to hear from you you know which boots do you prefer how many pairs do you have you know do you like the work boots the chelsea boots the chuckle boots let me know down in the comments and big things one more time to thursday blue company for the continued support definitely check this brand out guys until next time stay style [Music] you.

12 Ways to Style Boots This Fall | Men’s Chelsea, Combat, and Jodhpur Boots | Outfit Ideas

what's going on guys my name is Marcel Flores welcome to my YouTube channel one dapper Street and welcome to today's video looking at four different types of boots we got choppers Chelsea's combat boots and split toe boots starting with look number one I'm gonna have three different looks for each of the four boots all of the four boots are from my own collection on khari floors from the recently launched fall winter drop that is now available at Nordstrom so links are down below if you guys liked any of the shoes the first one I'm starting out with is this espresso colored suede split toe boot one of my absolute favorites I feel like a split toe is not a lot out there in the market I love that style and I wanted to include one and make one in our collection I'm wearing a pair of light colored jeans from H&M which i think is a really solid combo for it kind of playing off the trend that was happening and then we have a sweatshirt that says that's all folks from Zara as well as the Blazer from Zara for a really nice combination of a classy yet very casual and like toned down look look number two we are starting off in Alex Kostas skinny fit I don't really know what to call this color like cream-colored 10 it's like not tan but not cream something in between and obviously in the same boots I know a lot of you guys have been commenting on the price of our boots all of them are priced at $295 which I know is not the most affordable but they're handmade in Italy using Italian leathers and fabrics Blake stitch so they're a high-quality boot and for that I think our value is actually really really fair now up top for this outfit we got a denim shirt to kind of base it a little bit like a as a neutral for all of the earth tones that are happening especially now that I've got this corner right trucker jacket on from H&M so clearly creating a earth tone palette and kind of using denim as a neutral I think works really well for me personally because think about if it were a pair of jeans instead of just wearing a pair of jeans you move it up to the demonstrate and keep the chinos colored and then finish it off with a fedora I don't know when I when I started wearing four doors again but I just thought of I might want to use it for this video and it worked out so that's look number two on to the next one starting off in a pair of suit pants these are plat suit pants from Zara and the boots that's what I love about them like you saw me in a pair jeans and a pair of chinos and now in a pair of suit pants and you'll notice that they work for any and all of the above that's because they're so intrinsically versatile and you've heard me say that word so much because it's so important to me versatility over anything because that really gets you a lot of value for the money you spend now instead of going with a dress shirt and with the suit jacket I went with a dark gray turtleneck and this dark blue denim jacket from unique clothes so made it a lot more casual even though I could have dressed it up if I wore the whole suit with it even just then you know so just push it up a little bit make it a little less dressy and be just a little bit more ready for the Fall moving on to the next pair of boots with look number four a pair of black combat boots now I cannot overemphasize how many of you have asked for this boot because when we first launched this silhouette we only had a dark brown and we had the dark maybe options but we literally received dozens of DMS and texts and comments saying please make them in black so we listened and we did it and they're awesome I'm wearing them here with a pair of skinny jeans from Zara they have a little paint splatter or a little distressed and have a chain that came with it which I really like that look and now again in a turtleneck but a lot more loose a lot more on the lighter side and a finished look off with this hmm leather jacket overall kind of a bad-boy look but it's also refined like with the turtleneck I think you know it's a little bit more of a mature bad-boy look that I personally really really liked always love a nice achromatic outfit look number five we've got the same boots of course because I said three outfits per boots and then we're wearing a pair of black chinos from H&M they're skinny fit and I cut them up a couple times you'll see me if you look close you'll see me lacing all these boots up a little bit differently time to times sometimes they go around the ankle and sometimes I'll just let the laces fly low so that's really up to you what you want to do there but in this case I'm putting on a black oxford shirt which is from Uniqlo looks a little washed out at this point I think it's super black anymore but rather than trying to go for an all-black look I wanted to add in a little pop so I chose this flannel jacket shirt from Alex Casas b.

p collection at Nordstrom a really nice fall look obviously very much outdoorsy inspired as soon as you put the jacket on otherwise it was very straightforward it could have easily been rocked in New York and okay so I know this this hat is very specific clearly the outfit works without it I just wanted to show you guys what it would look like because I thought it worked well with it but you definitely don't need it in there for look number six the last look that we have for these combat boots I'm wearing a pair of light gray jeans from H&M and what I love about the stretch jeans there are ripped up I really like that like simple two slits across the knee because it's a very clean approach to the whole okay let's go do a distressed or ripped up Jean I really like that so in this case I'm not even covering up the pants I'll just let them rest on the throat of the boot and then I got this white and black flannel shirt from Alex Casas BP collection as well now I'll be honest I'm not entirely sure you see me smirking at the camera right now because that's because I know that what I'm putting on is not necessarily the most safe like you know making sure it looks good now looking at it through the camera it's not the worst outfit it's definitely not my favorite either this is where I had the plant and that hat actually planned I think I was kind of just trying to be a little bit experimental and see if I struck a chord with you I'm not sure how much I love this look now you know a little bit after I actually recorded the video look number seven and moving on to a pair of jodhpurs in a sand colored suede I absolutely love jodhpurs they're in the Chelsea like Wyatt boot you know like the harness boot family but definitely have a very unique look a little bit more what should we say a little bit more unique for sure because the buckle adds a lot and they can be a pain to get into across the board but once you're in my god they look good especially with a pair of slim fitting or actually skinny fitting jeans from H&M that I'm wearing here right now a nice light wash a minimally distressed and up top a sweater and Milosh oatmeal sweater also from H&M with this hat now the cap you don't really need to be honest I kind of just wanted to see how close I could get to matching the color of this weight with you know sway from from another company entirely but this weight hat just gave it a little bit more of us 45 as a second alternative for these types of boots you can also wear raw denim jeans because I think Rob denim jeans is probably the easiest thing to wear with every and any boot out there including all colors so I really like them here in contrast to the sand color so we got a nice lighter darker combination and up top I'm picking back up on the earth colored base of the outfit that is the shoes with this plaid shirt from H&M and this way trucker jacket from H&M from their edition collection this shirt kind of reminded me a little bit of a Burberry plaid but toned down so and that sends more wearable and this weight is obviously much darker than the shoes now so when you try and match it either match it as close as possible or go significantly off so it works well together again look number nine and the third one for these jars is starting off with these ripped jeans rip and patched jeans actually from Express so just to show you that they are versatile in that as well and you can wear them a little bit more on the rugged side I think that's definitely how you may have seen them in the past thinking of like YSL and they're you know a thousand dollar version of this boot that's a little bit more stylized with a pointy or toe higher heel but in this case I'm going back for a turtleneck which you guys should know by now I love myself a good turtleneck this one is from H&M and up top the trench coat as well from H&M I love this so basically this outfit is on right and and a little beanie because it is getting colder it's slowly but surely this outfit is basically just to show you guys that you don't have to integrate the color I know I tend to do that I love tying colors in but if you have an all blue outfit with different shades of blue then the tan can be a really nice balance with that Froelich number 10 we are starting to take a look at the fourth pair of boots these are dark forest green suede chelsea boots that we just introduced and i'm wearing a pair of light gray corduroy pants which i think is another corduroy if they're nice and slim fitting I think can be a great great option for all the boots that we've looked at today so clearly I'm getting inspired by the colorway once again the gray is really just a nice neutral tying in those roll colors of green we got a long sleeve from Urban Outfitters and a casual jacket from Zara both in a different green but telling a nice olive green story that definitely is fault appropriate second to last look number 11 we've got a pair of black skinny jeans from Zara now technically the Gor which is a stretchy part on the side of the boot as well as the leather sole are dark brown but they're so dark that you can actually kind of let it pass as a black and it's definitely not going to clash regarding the you know age-old conversation between you know black and brown does it work or doesn't so in this case I think it does I got a long sleeve and rate on and then I don't know if you remember me talking about this bomber jacket in my H&M haul I wished it was a size small they didn't have small as the medium it's low oversize but for this look I actually kind of like it it's refined as Street rally but definitely a little dressed up as well last but not least look number 12 a last look with these chelsea boots and once again in the raw denim jeans from H&M really nice and slim fit man damn I also have that AG nice Sheen I think that that gives it a little bit extra class so up top I'm wearing an essentials long-sleeve and on top of that I'm wearing this casual shirt jacket from Uniqlo once again playing off of that earth tone combination this time not just combining greens but also going in with the tan and up top I'm wearing this doctor hat from Urban Outfitters it's a knit daugher hat which I just really I want to kind of push myself to try something new so there's a hat with the outfit that's it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you soon with the next video until then as always state Africa's.

The Kingsman Were WRONG! "Oxfords Not Brogues" Explained

in the movie Kingsman there's a particular scene where Harry Hart gives eggsy three words to live by Oxford's not brogues so quick question do you know the difference yes no maybe let's find out alright so here we go shoe number one look at this beautiful shoe this thing

looks great but is it an Oxford or a Brogue write it down let's go to the next one now on to shoe number two great looking piece of footwear in a different color but is it an Oxford brogue don't know or do you write it down and let's

pull up our final shoe in today's quiz another great looking pair of shoes what is it going to be guys Oxford brogue and now the results to groans one Oxford maybe two Oxford's one brogue the answer is gentlemen two brokes and two Oxford's what what am I talking

about how can you have four answers with three shoes gentlemen I explained that in today's video so here are the answers to the quiz that first shoe was clearly an Oxford that second shoe was clearly a broke but that third shoe was both an Oxford and a broke

what type of sorcery is this gentlemen understand that an Oxford can be a broke and a broke can be an Oxford then what in the world is Harry Hart talking about guys to do that to explain what he meant I'm gonna have to explain exactly what is an

Oxford and what exactly is a broke so an Oxford by definition is a dress shoe with a closed lacing system it's traditionally free from ornamentation and overall is a very simple shoe occasionally you'll see a cap toe on this but this shoe is meant to be worn with

black tie with business formal clothing with business casual clothing and by that actually I mean a sports jacket with odd trousers maybe a casual suit but it is not something that is made to ever be worn with jeans or something like that now Oxford's come in a wide

variety of colours black is going to be the most common color out there and I think great for a first shoe a workhorse shoe but you're gonna see oxblood out there you're gonna see brown you're gonna see dark brown you're gonna see lighter tans like this and all

of them are Oxford's this has been the go-to shoe for the well-dressed man so what's great about this shoe is you can buy you don't have to worry about it going out of style it is something that has served men for almost 200 years so now that we

know what an Oxford is what is a broke a broke is a shoe or a boot that uses leather ornamentation known as Brogan Brogan is actually where you carved holes into the leather and the history on this we go back again a couple hundred years this was a

very casual shoes actually used to traverse marshes why because they had holes in them and guess what whenever you went on the dry land the water would come right out of the shoes so they had a very functional purpose if you think about it they were like an

early former Crocs yes I know a bit jarring they're thinking about Crocs but understand this is why brogues are considered casual because they have their foundation in sportswear now generally speaking there's four types of brogue shoes you're gonna see out there starting off with the most formal which

is the semi brogue then we're going to go to half brogue which is a little bit more casual then we're going to go to wingtips these are casual shoes and then we go to long winks which are going to be the most casual of all brogue shoes now

if you're on this video you've seen some amazing pictures of shoes right beautiful shoes guys you can grab them all over at Beckett 'cimmanon the sponsor of today's video what I love about this company affordable shoes go look at those prices an amazing price and we're talking this

is high-quality Footwear here these things are stitched together with a blake stitch and I love how they'd actually use a full grain leather right here on the upper whenever I look on the inside of the shoe I can see that they've used a nice little leather lining in

there and it really comes down to comfort I love their shoes this pair of loafers right here this oxblood it's a beautiful shoe and I have put miles on this thing yeah just it is my go to travel shoe now why because I love I can slip it

on slip it off yes it's not an Oxford it's not a broke but I can tell you that this is one versatile shoe and that's what you're going to find when you go over to their website that they've got the shoes that you need to build and complete

your wardrobe and it's not just shoes gentlemen they've got boots as well so go check out their website look at all the options out there look at all the colors all the different styles and let's talk about what Beckett 'cimmanon doesn't have they don't have stores they don't

have a high markup they don't carry inventory why again everything that they sell they're actually building it after you order it by doing this guy's you're able to cut that cost down free shipping free returns and you can cancel your order even after you put it in and

they've already started making the chute guess what you can still cancel use the link down in the description with that discount code get the best deal out there I'm proud to support and go check them out these are amazing shoes and a great price so now you know

what an Oxford is now you know what a brogue is but how can a brogue be in Oxford how can an Oxford to be a broke and what the hell was Harry Hart talking about when he said Oxford's not brogues to be honest I think the writers made

a mistake they should have said Oxford's not derbies what what's a Derby what am I talking about let's talk about derbies a Derby is a more casual dress shoe with an open lacing system so what's the difference between a closed and open lacing system let me show you

so on the upper part of a shoe of an Oxford we're gonna see the back of the shoe the quarter is going to go under the front part of the shoe which is known as the vamp this is going to give it a sleeker look and this is

a closed lacing system now when we go over and we look at a derby also known as a Blue Cheer what we see right here is an open lacing system and that is where the back of the shoe actually is slapped on top of the front of the

shoe so why than our open lacing system is more casual why our derbies wire polluters more casual shoes it has to do with history and the design of the shoe so we go back and field marshal von blücher this guy discovered about 200 years ago that soldiers will

go from one point to another if they've got great footwear they will do it faster so he designed a boot known as the blue tur they took the back corner of that shoe threw it on top of the vamp and guess what this was an ugly shoe it

was a fast manufactured shoe but it was an effective boot that his soldiers used in combat and it was named after to compare that to again the closed lacing system this took longer to manufacture and that was much more elegant any well-dressed man who understands that difference knows

that those are casual shoes that those are more formal shoes and they can spot the difference so now that you understand Oxford's now that you understand Derby's and now that you understand him brokes we can actually talk about this and it's going to make sense so with Oxford's

those have a closed lacing system Derby open lacing system brogue doesn't refer it all to the lacing system it simply refers to the ornamentation now the vast majority of Oxford's they're not going to have much broken why because when you add Brogan it makes the shoe less formal

versus when we see over here with derbies we're gonna see tons of Brogan in general because it's just gonna work with a more casual shoe that's not saying though that you can't have Oxford's that have slight broguing on them maybe a medallion on the toe these are great

looks and actually I think if you're gonna own multiple pairs of shoes then you know why not why not actually bring in a little bit of design but historically we've seen the Brogan over on the Blue Chair over on the Derby side so after all of this if

you're exiting you have gotten that advice Oxford's not brogues what is Harry Hart actually say to me it wasn't so much literally but figuratively what he was saying pay attention to the details because these small details knowing your history and understanding things that's actually what makes what a

great secret agent or anyone that's going to be successful in life paying attention to the situation looking at the details knowing where you come from and understanding where other people are coming from and why these rules exist because if you understand this well you can occasionally break the

rules when you understand that there's no reason for it or you can respect the rule and you can work within the system when you understand why it's there now what video to watch next how about how to dress like a Kingsman oh yeah one of my favorite videos

I just loved this one and if you follow the advice here yeah you're gonna be looking good

Beckett Simonon Review: 4 Signs of a Quality Dress Shoe

hey guys I'm Kyle from the Distilled man and up next I'm gonna share my experience with Beckett Simenon shoes plus I'm gonna tell you about four things to look for in a quality dress shoe every man needs a good quality pair of dress shoes but how do you

tell the signs of quality if you don't know what you're looking for chances are you're probably just gonna be using price as an indicator and if that's all you're looking at chances are you're gonna overpay recently I had a chance to try a pair of shoes from a

company called Beckett Simenon and full disclosure Beckett Simenon did sponsor this video but they had no input on the content and frankly they didn't even know what I was gonna say but fortunately for them actually really liked their shoes in fact I think that Beckett saman shoes are

a great example of the four things you need to look for in a great dress shoe the first thing to look for in a great dress shoe is quality leather upper now not surprisingly the material that your shoe is made out of is pretty important but you probably

also notice that there's all different types of leather there's a top grain there's full grain there's genuine leather what do these even mean genuine leather is basically third-class leather so it is leather but as this great graphic from real men real style shows sort of on the right

it's the what's left after they split off the top layers of the better quality leather and a lot of times it's actually spray painted to look like higher quality leather next there's top grain leather and this is what's left over after they sand down the outer layer of

the hide to get rid of imperfections and well the one advantage of this is that it is a little more uniform in terms of look so it's great for sort of mass-market products but it's not as durable and it doesn't have as much character finally the best leathers

look for is full grain leather and this literally comes from the very top layer of the hide so it's going to have more imperfections and nuances from the outside of the animal but it's also going to have more character it also will develop more of that rich patina

character that we we look for in really high quality leather and incidentally it's also the strongest and most moisture resistant of all the leathers so the shoe that I received from Beck Simenon is the cane oxfords and these are really elegant shoe they're essentially remind me of just

a classic cap toed Boxford which is just a very timeless shoe and these are full-grain calf skin and they've also been vegetable tanned and they're chrome free so your skin and also the workers who are making them aren't being exposed to harsh chemicals the next thing to look

for in a good-quality dress shoe is a stitched leather sole now the construction of the dress shoe is obviously very important some people say the most important thing and in shoes in general there are basically three types there's the cemented or glued type there's Goodyear welted and then

there's Blake construction as you might guess cemented or glued shoes are more common and better for those sort of like mass-produced casual shoes and sneakers right for dress shoes you really want to invest in Goodyear welted or Blake construction because one they're gonna be stronger and they're gonna

last longer and two you can replace the soles so think about it it's you know if you spend a lot of money on a dress shoe it'd be kind of ashamed to throw them away just because the sole wears out right it's almost like spending a bunch of

money on a car and then sending it to the scrap heap just because the tires will wear out if your shoes are made with Goodyear welding or Blake construction you can give them a second life or maybe even a third or fourth buy resoling them with Goodyear an

extra layer of leather is sandwiched in between the upper and the sole and everything is sewn together usually you can tell a Goodyear shoe because they're stitching around the outside that's visible by the way thanks to Andrew over at primer for letting me use these images and this

is probably the most sturdy type of construction but it's also the least flexible and because of the extra steps and material involved it's usually the most expensive these cane Oxford's have a durable leather sole and they use the other main type of construction resole Belleek construction with blade

construction or the Blake stitch as it's sometimes called the this upper is sewn directly to the insole and the sole so the stitching is actually inside the shoe which means that you can have a slightly narrower profile because the welt is not actually sticking out on the edge

and because it's usually less complicated than Goodyear welting and there's fewer steps it's generally less expensive the third thing to look for in a great dress shoe is leather lining having a natural fiber like leather goes a long way in terms of comfort and also in terms of

preventing odor these cane Oxford's actually have a full grain leather lining that makes them extremely comfortable and breathable and the final thing to look for in a quality dress shoe at least in my opinion is affordability and this may seem counterintuitive to you if you don't know the

signs of a quality dress shoe because again you might just be using price as your only judgment while there's some correlation between you know cost and quality in general at retail you're going to be paying a two hundred to three hundred percent markup and so that extra cost

that you're paying isn't necessarily going towards the quality of the shoe what you're actually paying for is the cost of carrying inventory paying rent in the store and to hedge against risk because think about it if your mass producing a bunch of shoes at once and you don't

know how many you're going to sell or what colors are going to sell you have to price each shoe and in such a way that it makes up for that potential waste beckett Simenon keeps their shoes extremely affordable because they don't have these other extra layers of cost

so most of their shoes average between around 160 to 199 dollars for shoes that would easily cost upwards of $300 in a normal retail environment they can do this because all their shoes are made to order so they don't carry any inventory they're not paying rent in the

store and they don't have that kind of waste that you see with mass-producing shoes so here's how it works each month they release about eight to twelve styles of been designed in-house you select the style you want you select your size and you place your order the hard

part is you do have to wait so it takes about six to eight weeks for the shoes to be finished so if you've got a wedding to go to in the next three days and you need a pair of shoes in the best it's probably not gonna work

out your best head to Nordstrom or something I know what you're thinking there are other crowdfunding and pre-order models out there and usually they have some challenges one of the biggest ones is that they usually have minimums so if not enough people order then they won't do the

production run but Beckett 'cimmanon doesn't have any minimums because they actually own and operate their own factories and also unlike other pre-order arrangements they offer free extry exchanges and for returns which is pretty generous if you think about it especially since you custom ordered the product the other

really interesting thing Beckett seminole does is they actually involve you in the process as Nicola Sturgeon Hurtado one of the cofounders told me they like to call this backstage access so you don't just wait six to eight weeks and you don't hear anything they actually send you periodic

updates along the way to tell you what stage your shoes are at they'll send you videos so you get a sense of where the shoot how the shoes are progressing and also you even get to see the faces of the people who are actually making your shoes which

is pretty cool so you've known about Beckett Simenon for a few years there may be an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed when I started researching Beckett Simenon I noticed a handful of reviews and forum threads around 2014 or so where people seem to be

less than satisfied with the shoes and frankly the overall experience but then I noticed something else some of the reviewers who initially had critical things to say a few years ago about Beckett Simenon we're starting to update their reviews for the positive like my friend Justin over at

fine young gentleman who incidentally knows a lot more about shoes than I do because he actually runs his own shoe company when I spoke with one of the cofounders Nicholas he explained that back then they had a different model and set up they were actually outsourcing the production

of their shoes to a vendor in India and ultimately the quality didn't end up being – up to their standards since they were still outsourcing the creation of shoes like most brands do as Nicholas said they lost control of the most important part of the product and personally

I think they also just weren't set up to properly handle the influx of initial orders that they receive so they couldn't quite maintain the quality and and customer service level that they would have wanted to but now their process and their business model are entirely different as I

mentioned earlier they actually own and operate the factories now so they're responsible for all aspects of the creation of the shoe so in many ways they're an entirely different company now and now instead of focusing on quantity and speed they're more focused on quality and value as Nicholas

told me we have less sales volume overall now but I like to think we have better customers if you're interested in experiencing Beckett Simenon for yourself I do have a discount code for you if you enter distilled at check out you can save 15% off and I'll go

ahead and leave that discount code and the link in the description as well well I hope you found that helpful if you liked the video please do me a favor and hit that like button below also if you want to see more videos like this you can subscribe

to my channel and you can do that now by hitting the Distilled man logo that should be right about here so thanks again for watching and I'll see you soon

Represent Clothing Chelsea Boot in Depth Review + On Feet!

my name is Brian coming at you again with another video and for today's video I will be reviewing these represent clothing in Chelsea boots yep got them right here very very dope shoot I really like it I got a nice lot of good shots with it the shoe

is just really nice I definitely suggest picking this up if you can find it under $250 I'm sure you can I pick these up for about thanks to forty two hundred forty dollars off for reselling on Grails this she was just really versatile you can wear it with

jeans you can dress it up dress it down the only thing you really can't do is wear it with shorts but I think it's very versatile on a staple piece for anyone's wardrobe and collection I just think that dope shoe and everyone should have the Chelsea boot and

this one in particular is a great one so now that you have my thoughts on the shoe how about we get in to the review ours I know keep it 100 you know how I do it so jumping right into the review we're going to start off with

the accessories and to start off this is the box it is just an all black cardboard box pretty sturdy pretty well made on the top the lid does pop right off and on the front it has represent in these bold lettering then what side is it and on

this side for the label you just have what type of tells to be you have I have the wolf gray you have the size in both US and European have no clue I don't even know what what size and that is then you take this box off there

and then you get to dust bags with it you get to black dust bags and I'm pretty sure yeah I'm the dust bag you have represent in black again I know you probably can't see that but I promise you if it's there I'm not lying to dust bags

one two throw it out of the way since you have black tissue paper to wrap around yo sexy cakes so without further accessories and anything else that comes with the shoe let's actually get in to the shoes so getting into the shoe here it is the represent clothing

Chelsea boot and yeah this is a really nice shoe so let's get right into it starting out with the outer portion of the shoe you have this nice very nice suede running all around except for right here where you have this kind of elastic that um helps you

put your foot in and keeps the back part and the front part together and then I wish I had that gold riding right here shout out if you know what that is but if you don't it's just the common project chelsea boots those I really wish I had

but these are dope nonetheless go into the back you have represent running down the back collar with this nice pull tab this helps you put in your foot as well but I'm scared that this will rip off if I do that so I'm gonna try not to do

that on the bottom of the shoe you have this nice wooden sole and this is like like you to knock someone out with this like you just took off your shoe and give them a good old chump like ah so and hit him right in the jaw done

out on the bottom of the shoe you also you have the wood and this thing about this is the would just kind of like it's like gets messed up really easily I I haven't even worn these like I wasn't for the video and that's it yeah that's it

I've only won them for the video and I've tried them on in my house a few times and the soul is already like like look at that like it's a little yeah but I don't really care about the bottom anyway you have represent that Oakley should have made

in Italy you know you know that means represent it doesn't on the bottom you have 42 everyone's will be different depending on the size on the inner portion of the shoe it's pretty much the same but yeah it's pretty much the same then on the front of the

shoe you have this kind of stitching that kind of looks like an L and it's a nice stitching I'm pretty sure the bodega Bottega Chelsea boots have that as well or look similar to that so I'm probably that's why they did it a little sneaker hack or shoe

hack in this case I put these eggs not only because they were too big but because of comfort I put these in if you have a pair of Converse shoes that have this insole this is probably some of the be like most cushion insole the softest insole I

mean boots doesn't have an insult so I can say this but you put this in any shoe and it would be so comfortable I have these in my black converse I wear for work because I'm on my feet all day and never in any pain so if a

shoe doesn't fit you throw one of these and I'd suggest a converse – either way but they're one of these in and you will not be disappointed it came with this black tissue paper on the inside that I forgot to show you guys and then on the insole

I can't even see honestly I don't even know if it says alright so after like five minutes of searching and like different lighting to find this out because it's super dark in here because the ankle is so tall it says represent obviously I should have guessed that but

I just found out too that the insole is kind of like halfway I can't really explain it but it's like the insole stops right here and then it's like kind of hard and wooden right around here which is kind of weird but to solve that throw one of

those these in there and you'll be good so yeah that's pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed the detailed shots and of course it'll be overlay of things that I really didn't get to in detail with but yeah that's pretty much it oh look already right here

so it's like chit it's like chipped already right here like this up I don't even know if you could see that but it's literally like chipped right here and this is like weird I mean it's a good quality shoe and I hope the wood maintains itself I guess

I'll do update after aware of these a few times but like I'm not I'm not really okay with that to be honest but anyway now you know this happens if you don't have a pair and that will stop you from buying it I'm glad that I was able

to inform you before you bought one and we're disappointed and if you liked the video and you liked everything about the shoe and this doesn't bother you then I'm glad I was able to inform you and eat you and your purchase I guess but anyways yeah that's it

for my review on the represent chelsea boots these are super clean definitely going to be heavy in my rotation if this wooden sole keeps up with me but white in the stupid glare yeah that is the end of my video almost drop them if you guys enjoyed the

video hit that thumbs up button subscribe for more content I will be posting two videos a week maybe three times if how many videos I have thought up in my head and the lineup but subscribe for more content comment comment down below anything you enjoyed about the video

links are down in the description so you can follow me on all types of social media and yeah guys this is BCF tuning out hope you enjoy alright guys so really quick I only got 20 minutes before I gotta get to work but I really wanted to thank

all of you guys who stuck around and watch the whole video to the end I know that I was rambling on like crazy in that video but I wanted it to be a little less scripted and I wanted to be a little more real and show you guys

my real self so if you did enjoy and watch all the way to the end I really appreciate it and I also wanted to give a shout out to my boy always showing love a Nicholas Ferber I'm gonna leave a link to his channel in the description guys

check him out he makes really nice really good videos and he seems like a really good guy just wanted to shot him out show him some love like he's been showing me and yeah guys that's it I'll see you guys next time